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  1. Almond has been purchased by the government, so “nuff “tourist will start to come next year to revive the economy. (LOL) Economic problem solved. AMEN When VOB’s Stetson Babb caused Maurice Norville to stop one of MADD song he was playing this morning to announce that the government signaled its intention to purchase Almond, I stups………e. He could have waited for the 12:30pm news to bring that. I don’t know how that announcement can help us get in some forex that is so badly needed .

    • The opening salvo of the document paints a current state. Is it fair to say that the graphs/data show as at 1st quarter 2013? Would it not have been more informative to include/wait for Q2 numbers?

    • The SWOT on page.20 looks impressive. Guess we will need some money to realize these opportunities.

      Surprised that in the SWOT on p.20 as a weakness there is no mention of Barbados heavy debt profile unless BU missed it.

  2. ..and if Mr. Babb had read it at 12:30 you would be asking ‘how long Dem knew bout this’? Damn if you do and damn if you don’t. Bajans are a NATION OF COMPLAINERS.

  3. Purchase Almond? Why I stood here on this very spot and heard many a tourism adviser like Ralph Taylor and Sue Springer warned of the importance of Almond to the industry and the jobs up north ….that Govt should have done all to make sure it never closes…but no shut it down..NOW..what it is I hearing? Who plan to buy it?….wait whey gine on doah?

  4. Almond deal should signal to Bajans that this govt does not have a clue what is it doing. the question is will bajans take note.

  5. Money was seen better sunk in Four Seasons.(D bird in D Bush) rather than to refurbish a going concern…..now what I hearing? Stupess…foul up bleeps and who again?….

  6. Ralph Taylor very words..I can hear them now….Closing Almond will bring about a reduction in air carriers and with them air-lift…..Did anyone take them serious? Now we hearing what again?….Sealy boi what is really going on?

  7. The miller is all for the compulsory acquisition of the Almond Beach. It must be acquired if Barbados is to have enough room stock to fulfill any plans to revive the industry given that many plants are still in a most dilapidated state along the South and West Coast.

    The question is this: Would the government seek to operate it as if it is another GEMS acquisition or would it seek to lease it on a management operation basis to the Crane outfit using a secluded beach cum casino approach?

    Would the current owners have to wait in line for compensation just like the others whose properties have been compulsorily acquired or who are owed money like Al Barrack, UWI or even the publicly promised CLICO policyholders?

  8. David;

    When yuh getting de latest CLICO forensic report?

    The Almond purchase seems like a good idea to me. However I wonder where the money is coming from. The NIS? Are we sure the NIS is still solvent? Where else, given the dribs and drabs coming out of the Consultation, could the Government be getting the money from? Doesn’t this affect Expenditure? Does this make it even more necessary for the Government to extract even more money from Public Servant emoluments than was thought likely? Could a spinoff of the Almond purchase be more Public service jobs gine trugh de eddoes or deeper salary cuts?

    Anyone has more details?

  9. David; re. your 8.09 pm comment;
    The Governor knows. He keeping dem figures close to he chess for now but dey must be bad.

  10. This so called Almond purchase is just hot air to give Bajans some hope that REALLY does NOT exist. Just like Byer-Suckoo lamenting about productivity in the work place just to distract Bajans for a while, while they figure out what to do with the dire economic situation that the country is in.

  11. ……….Ronald Jones telling the new teacher to buck up or else……D Green light on eva nite spotting up to the heavens, fooling people them mining intelligence……puppy spinning round biting at he tail…den

  12. So let me see if I have this equation right.The BLP built Arawak and Heywoods.
    Arawak was subsequently sold to the Trinis for a song and the Heywoods sold to BS&T for a song.BS&T got taken over lock,stock and barrell by a Trini company called Neal and Massy.Since Trinis seem to have little interest in things Tourism(after all, of the 10 Most Unfriendly Countries in the World,Trinidad ranks no 8 and Venezuela no 1)they could not manage succesfully two of Barbados’s formerly top performing hotels and closed them down both.Coming full circle,the DLP is said to be planning to acquire Almond.We await details .

  13. Kudos to Gov’t for buying Almond, it’s a step in the right direction. Just turn it over to competent management team. The naysayers would prefer the Gov’t to “stand pat” while they fill the blogs with criticism about Gov’t inaction.

  14. There they go again, flying kites! The NIS fund is in dire straits so I would like to know where this money will come from. The Stinkliar even raided the Severance Fund so if they ever lay off public workers, where will they get money to pay them.This is what the unions should concern themselves with.

    Where is this money to buy Almond to come from????

    From the same source of promise money that Al Barrack, the many people this government owe like me, haven’t got my tax refund from 2011 yet or to build the new hospital???

    Isn’t it strange that this same DLP government (mind you, they did not build Heywoods as it then was), sold the property for less than it was worth is now buying it back and I am sure the Trinis will want full price.

    I have a thought…….is the government fronting for some other company???? Hummm…………………I wonder!

  15. onions,.
    Dems laughed at a slogan the BLP coined……………..Rescue, Restore, Rebuild. Now look at the slogan on this document……………Adjustment, Reform, Recovery, Stability.

    Tell me what is the difference! The logic of Dems…mind boggling.

  16. @ Prodi
    Did I ever tell you about Rommel the desert fox? How he emptied out all the petrol from the Panzer tanks and went about setting mine as the Germans retreated….. hoping to snagg the foreign forces … sure that the battle was lost? Such as. ….Only difference it back fired. Now Rommel left holding the shitty end of his own stick..brek brek and like ac dealing in perceptive propaganda…..

    @ Sarge
    We put it to you again…..whey D money will come from?.Bajans vexx and awake nowadays hear bredds….

  17. Read it. Nonsense. A fancy pretty document leading to a lot of public servants going home. The MoF and Governor of CD are clueless, the blind leading the blind.

  18. @old onion bag, you have me brekking down with the laugh ’bout Jonesie
    Jonesie don’t even know if water erodes, OR corrodes. No wonder he could not even teach in a secondary school.

    Watch out teachers, Hurricane Jonesie is due to make landfall in September. Stay tune to the next bulletin on Radio Physical Deficit 640 fm.

  19. It is unfortunate key stakeholders who were invited to the consultation at Sherbourne did not get a chance to feedback on the document. The 20 objectives listed are laudable but a stretch. Achieving 7% unemployment for example in such an aggressive timeline…

    The world market has changed, what we proposed to achieve the 20 objectives is it fundamental enough in scope?

  20. David, I think I have asked already. If you wanted the fullest co-operation and understanding on what Government is trying to achieve, wouldn’t you put this document online as a public record to reach the thousands of people NOT invited to the ‘consultation’?

  21. @Adrian

    Agree with you 100%. BU is willing to be corrected but so far we find no evidence that the document has been posted online even at this late stage. The media houses and other NGOs who received a copy appear not to see the need to convert their hardcopies to electronic format and post online.

    What is happening in Barbados though?

  22. I reading a lot of items being identified as strategies that are really goals …
    I see arguments being developed for the employment of even more academics, in “research” (now wah dah is), legal drafting, marking …
    I wonder how this document compares to the two previous documents that were prepared for the same reason

    • Pages 35 and 36 of the document is instructive as to how the government will be tackling debt reduction and it will impact jobs.

      Because of the lack of debate/discussion abut the document just a couple weeks before budget it gives the feeling that it is top down which is unfortunate.

  23. “Establish a frame work ..”Create an enabling environment …”, “Develop and implement strategies …” .. Yes I am frustrated with the language.

  24. “Develop a chain of Barbadian retail shops in diaspora communities” Not new, but useful. Maybe it is time to allow for the more effective use of the overseas agencies in the “selling and marketing of” Barbadiana and in the seeking out of potential opportunities in overseas markets for locals to exploit. This would require the employment of specialist agents of course who would be paid through incentives and a base salary

  25. Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprise Develop “Conduct research that will inform the development of a national strategy”
    BLATANT TIME WASTING. Windfall from some lucky academic, and I arlready know who it is likely to be…. THIS HAS TO STOP! Please

    • @Baffy

      Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprise Develop “Conduct research that will inform the development of a national strategy”
      BLATANT TIME WASTING. Windfall from some lucky academic, and I arlready know who it is likely to be…. THIS HAS TO STOP! Please

      Have to agree with you. Surely there is enough primary data/info to inform a strategy to drive MICRO/Small business resposited at Fund Access, EGL, SBA and others?

  26. Facilitating start up businesses “Consult with the Central bank to ensure that the criteria to access the facility is not too stringent” … LATE. Should have been done ages ago. Plus the use of private concerns to retail government’s monies to productive enterprises is JUST WRONG…!

    I mean something as straight forward as the setting aside of 2% of the national insurance money for the development of new untested enterprises with global appeal is not difficult to envisage and implement

  27. David,

    You are “investing” in Barbadians. .. better than just paying them salaries. NIS has already placed money in the Enterprise Gr Fund and Fund Access and have got it all back.

    BOTH FUNDS need to be redesigned … They should should be mandated to show a profit of ZERO each year, and their executive should be on contract … instead of the two dinosaurs that currently occupy the positions

    • @Baffy

      Have no problem with what you are suggesting but the NIS investment rules call for a guaranteed return to satisfy a yield position.

  28. Any designs on developing “Cultural Industries” will in effect be still born as a result of the two dinosaurs that are presently in charge of the two last remaining funds, dinosaurs that the respective boards DO NOT CHALLENGE

  29. Here is a parable….
    There was once a bushman who found himself on the famous Titanic voyage. Being a bushman, he became interested in the concept of the “unsinkability” of this great ship…but was soon drawing attention to various structural flaws and possible scenarios which could cause doom. ….of course he was punished with laughter from the ac and Onions of that time… 🙂
    On the trip, he raised concerns about the route being taken and even challenged the captain….again to be punishment with laughter and scorn…

    On reaching the actual iceberg area, Bushie called for a reduction of speed and for Caswell (a man well skilled in spotting icebergs) to volunteer to steer the ship….
    …..more punishment from ac et al and silence from Caswelll

    When the impact occurred, Bushie suggested a systematic plan to maximize the effectiveness of the lifeboats….REAL PUNISHMENT …especially from the BU David (of that time) who was fully focussed on the steps needed for “righting the stricken ship”

    …….then when the vessel is listing to port and the top deck is already under water, The Baffy of Titanic times complaining about the flawed design of the superstructure and the fact that the captain is busy with theoretical designs for a new hull….. Even as his brass bowl is filling up with the ocean….

    …meanwhile, the Bushman had long secured his seat up front in the biggest lifeboat while Observing ( 🙂 ) the chaotic and frantic panic of those passengers who are now up to their necks in water…

    ….but that is only a parable, and as GP now knows, the PURPOSE of parables is to confuse the listeners and make it difficult to grasp the very simple message being sent…..

  30. We need development funding. The NIS is in the business of building structures for the housing of public servants. If a rule or two has to be adjusted, well so be it.

    Djokovic is down a set, I gotta join the action and cheer my man on … Talk to you later

  31. BTW,

    The only people that were allowed on the life boats were the women … One man did get onto the life boat, the owner of the Titanic … and he disguised himself as a woman … HA HA HA

  32. Bushie I was sitting next to an elderly woman in a red dress? Tell me dat wasn’t you in drag???

  33. @ David
    Look Boss, this is a VERY SIMPLE MATTER.
    Our brass bowls are goners. It is going to be ROUGH.

    The governments HAVE NO CLUE
    The oppositions HAVE NO CLUE
    The experts HAVE NO CLUE

    ….the countries that HAVE A HISTORY of succeeding in the kind of ideas wunna proposing HAVE BEEN AT A LOSS….so pray tell us how we, who could not even sell Sea Island Cotton (the best in the world) when everyone had money and wanted the product…… How can we execute these complex strategies in these times when NO ONE HAS MONEY? And every country is breaking for themselves?

    What we should do now (before TOO LATE) is to get our communities together and PLAN FOR HARD TIMES.


    Government Recovery plan Bushie’s behind…..
    Our best bet is to COMPLETELY IGNORE ALL POLITICIANS and to form family/ community/ Work networks to support each other.

    …but don’t mind Bushie….listen to ac and Onions 🙂

  34. Bushie

    There is only problem with you analogy between Barbados today and your Titanic parable and; that is the captain of the Titanic did not save himself. This is more of a Costa Concordia situation where the captain went ashore first and refused to go back and assist his crew and passengers.

    • @Bushie

      Agree with you to the point that after 5 years of treading the problems at least all of us should have exercised cmmonsense by now and be reading from the same page.

  35. @ Islandgal
    “Bushie I was sitting next to an elderly woman in a red dress”
    That was you who beat that old woman in the green blouse on the head with a spanner and threw her overboard to take her seat…?
    ….you ain’t change at all…. 🙂

  36. @ Caswell
    The truth is that most “Captains” nowadays are just as clueless as the ordinary folks who follow them….and often more cowardly and unenlightened….
    ….yet we continue to put our faith in them to come up with strategy to save us….even though they have failed and failed and failed and failed…
    …what does that make us…..if not brass bowls?

  37. Has he not described this strategy as patently wrong and like to destroy both the economy and the society?

  38. @ The Dummy @ Dumo | July 7, 2013 at 11:00 AM |
    & The Dummy @ Dumo | July 7, 2013 at 11:02 AM |

    “Yes, we speak of things that matter,
    With words that must be said,
    Can analysis be worthwhile?
    Is the theater really dead?
    And how the room is softly faded
    And I only kiss your shadow,
    I cannot feel your hand,
    You’re a stranger now unto me
    Lost in the dangling conversation.
    And the superficial sighs,
    In the borders of our lives.”

    Simon & Garkfunkel, “The Dangling Conversation”

    Is this the same Dummy that almost killed the miller with the destructive stones of lies hurled from the George St. Fortress of confusion and fist fights with the PM receiving ‘superficial’ blows to the body from a barking pit bull for a mad doctor-at-large?

    Any such move by the now sedated toothlessly silenced gun slinging pit bull of a monkey shooting agriculturalist will only result in a 15-14-1 ratio draw of a dead heat.

    Such a shoot out at the OK corral in the Palmetto Square will certainly trigger very early elections given these trying and perilous times.

  39. What’s with all thIs debate re: growth development strategies, and parables of titanic talk about problems we red devils have dealt with before?…..Who could forget the state of Barbados back in 1994?. WAS IT NOT FIXED ? Ye men of little faith and amply partisan-ly blinded.

    I would venture my last dollar that if these moojans had allowed due process to occur without all the dollar drama…..Barbados would be seeing signs of improvement by now. Sadly they don’t have a clue…The Almond proffer is ample proof. They were told of the better choice to save Almond ( a going concern) than to pump more dollars in dieing Four Seasons.Did they reconsider NO…it is like we started this and we finishing it ..come what may…..

    What seems paramount here is Adrian’s observation. This administration’s stance is clear. No involvement , no feed back no nuttin by anybody else but them…Dems are in to bat this innings and is they who calling the shots..How d ask you could call big able business people to discuss the way forward and give them this dogma booklet (BDGS) the SAME DAY?..a total disrespect to say the least…..But this is how they do things and nobody, nobody not even a pink musseled poodle steaming at the ears or a hushed Kung Fu Wanda can sway them….sad part is given Jones’ philosophy and Blackette’s foresight… nuff hard workin Bajans in for some flack ..but then again it all seems calculated..mining for intelligence in galaxies above…..unna sure that ain’t the saving bean stalk?

    It is FINAL…. wanna hear Donville ..the CR UN funds being targeted…

  40. David wrote
    “Agree with you 100%. BU is willing to be corrected but so far we find no evidence that the document has been posted online even at this late stage. The media houses and other NGOs who received a copy appear not to see the need to convert their hardcopies to electronic format and post online”.

    What is happening in Barbados though?

    David, there about 300 persons at the consultation and if there 200 copies, there were ’nuff and the documents were brought there the morning…must have been a reason not to have them circulated. I heard David Ellis saying that he managed to get one which “off the back of the truck”.

    This government has the mind set that Barbadians are passive people and will take everything they dish out to them!

  41. Okay Murray becomes the first in 73 years British born to win Wimbledon .. right … and people ’bout here forming the ass whether than discuss the contents of the draft … and somebody actually call’ David Ellis’ name. Stuppse, I gone

  42. Miller

    But less you forget the Speaker only votes in the event of a tie:

    16 less the Speaker = 15 less 1MP = 14

    14 plus 1MP = 15

    You understand.

    • BU received by email:
      Perhaps if you share this article from Forbes Magazine it may help GOB

      http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikaandersen/2012/06/05/courageous-leaders-dont-make-excuses-they-apologize/I’ve been thinking about the power of apology lately.  I’ve been noticing that the people for whom I have the most respect don’t hesitate to say “I was wrong,” or “I’m sorry I…”  On the other hand, the people I have the hardest time respecting seem constitutionally unable to take responsibility for their own mistakes.  Even when they try, it comes out sounding like “I may have been partly at fault, but…” or “It may seem that I was wrong, but…”  They just can’t do it.

  43. Look I come back … Stupse.

    Absolutely no mention of fish farming … none. No mention of a Development Bank .. none. No mention of a curriculum shift at the UWI away from the EXPENSIVE medical sciences and the USELESS law facultie towards Industrial design, Plastics Tech, Nano Tech, Metallurgy, Prelim Robotics, Moulding and Casting tech, Food Tech, Top end Programing, Specialized Agriculture and Aquaculture and so on. Grads could always go on to do Post Grad in Law and Acc and the usual stuff if they so desire

  44. LOL @ Baffy
    Excellent ideas, good strategic thinking, clear focus…
    …if only it was 20 years ago……and..
    ….if only there were people in control who could actually EXECUTE these ideas (within budget)
    ….and if only it would have made any major difference…

    ..ALAS NOT!

    Face it Baffy…stop fretting ya self…
    OUR TIME IS UP! …..its time for phase 2.

    What do you think would happen if a baby after nine months tried everything possible to retain the warm, comforting peaceful environment of its mother’s womb?… Would that child ever experience REAL life?
    Why not look forward to that new birth into a bright new wonderful world ……..(LOL or bright new HOT world…. 🙂 …depending on which side you qualify….)

  45. Baffy and Bushie,
    Much to my immense horror wunna actually meking nuff sense here!

    Now when I am forced into to such a position it amply explains the DIRE PREDICAMENT in which BIM is ensconced!

    It is absolutely scary that these proposals are now seeing the light of day when many should have been implemented already. How did these AMATEURS get re-elected? The Dipper and Cammie mussa spininng like a combination of a Top and a Cruise missile trying to escape their graves!

    • @Prodigal Son

      This is the problem in Barbados, the taxpayer is made to ‘beg’ for information which he/she has a right to. Let us hope by the time your party regains government some lessons would have been learned because Arthur was not very forthcoming to the media either.

      In the document and Pat Hoyos mentioned it in his columnn today, forex reserves has likely slipped by 500 million or 13 weeks import cover. Not good!

  46. Money
    You always agreeing with me .. Wah shite you talkin’ …. HA HA HA.

    Look, let’s talk about business travel. Every year millions of dollars are set aside for government and political administration personnel to travel on Government’s business. The Gov of the Central bank referred to the amount as inconsequential. Fine.

    I propose that ONE HALF of that amount be allocated to those desirous in participating in Trade Missions where no fewer than four of these exercises be executed yearly to different destinations around the world.

  47. “……forex reserves has likely slipped by 500 million or 13 weeks import cover. Not good”
    Man David what forex what?!
    Much of our forex is a result of loans that were negotiated for various nice-sounding causes…..like Alternative Energy projects;
    Educational development projects; infrastructural development;
    Arts and Cultural industries etc…..
    ..or the unsustainable sale of assets like the power company, BS&T etc…

    You know the game…..
    ….a big splash with PR
    ….set up an ” office”
    …pass a meaningless law or two…
    ….hire a friend to do a study
    ….in six months everyone (except BU) forgets about the intended project and the loan is simply repayable by some future government….easy forex.

    Now that we are largely restricted to borrowing from ourselves (NIS) in local currency the forex levels bound to fall. Why did you think the MOF was off to London begging recently?…..to see the bridge?

    How much of the income from our tourism do you REALLY think contributes to our forex? Is most of it not paid directly into the accounts of the foreign owners UP FRONT?

    Basically we have sold our stuff and have borrowed some $$ which we have put in the Canadian and TRICKIDADIAN banks……and we are making withdrawals daily so that we can maintain our important lifestyles, but we have been making very few deposits…
    The only real question is …will the lenders precipitate our bankruptcy first?…..or will we get to spend till the last available cent before we have to sell ourselves for food and water…?

  48. Frankly why even concern yourself about publishing a document which in the main will NOT be read, in the breach is a tedious read, and given past experience is hardly likely to be followed upon.

  49. Here we go again, another PAC stymied in a procedural quagmire. BLP, DLP what the hell is the difference. Bushie is absolutely correct.

  50. David

    The Chairman of the PAC is refusing to accept the legal advice of the Attorney General and Solicitor General that the PAC cannot and should not operate unless and until the Rules & Procedures of the PAC, as proposed by the Chairman, are consistent with the Standing Orders of Parliament and by extension, the Constitution.

    • @The Dummy

      The public is fedup with the philabusting from both sides. The public may actually be sympathetic to MAM for trying to make the PAC effectual.

  51. David
    They maybe sympathetic MAM but that does take her anywhere in the near future. When the BLP was in power they used the same excuse, even went as far as to get Roger Forde QC and Hal Gollop to render a legal opinion as to why the Leader of the Opposition (David Thompson) could not make the PAC effectual until certain legal issues were resolved consistent with the Standing Orders and the Constitution.

  52. When the Parliament takes corrective action and passes legislation to make the PAC functional with the law and the Standing Orders

  53. @David
    “BLP, DLP what the hell is the difference. Bushie is absolutely correct.”

    Herein lies the problem. We’re not seeing the real problem.

    Just Observing

  54. In light of the downward revision of global growth how does this impact on Barbados forecast in the Barbados Development Growth document 2013-2020?

    IMF Slashes Global Growth ForecastsMatthew Boesler Jul. 9, 2013, 9:37 AM 626 3
    flickr / Steve SnodgrassThe International Monetary Fund is out with its latest quarterly outlook for global GDP growth, and it contains several downward revisions to the estimates published by the Fund in April.
    The IMF lowered its 2013 global GDP growth forecast to 3.1% from 3.3%.
    2013 U.S. GDP growth estimates were revised down to 1.7% from 1.9%.
    The IMF expects euro area GDP to contract 0.6% in 2013, downgraded from the previous estimate of a 0.3% contraction.

  55. In light of the downward revision of global growth how does this impact on Barbados forecast in the Barbados Development Growth document 2013-2020?
    You is something else – ya hear David!

    What Barbados Development Growth document what?!?
    You serious?!?

    You must by now be familiar with these kind of papers presented by academics that read real sweet; gottin nuff big words; print REAL glossy, ….and says not one shoite….
    This is just the latest one….
    It’s purpose is to allow the government to claim that it is working on a plan (especially now that the Medium Term Fiscal thing has been exposed….) LOL….besides the consultants probably need another top-up by now…. 🙂

    …as to the declining outlook for the global economy …..wait a while- you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    Man David….
    Bushie CANNOT understand what you fail to get about this “end game”. The iceberg HAS struck, the vessel is sinking. The glory days of full steam ahead are permanently behind us…..it will be gradual decline until that momentous sinking….

    If Stuart was wise….he would commission a strategy entitled “Barbados Survival Strategies – A new look at BBE and available options”…

    • @Bushie

      Heavy sarcasm to make the point that our success and growth is dependent not on words but many variables which are outside of our control. However, we have some variables which we do have control but which we belief are sacrosanct i.e. cannot be modified.

  56. @David [BU]

    Forgive me as i go a little leftside with this David

    Right in front of us our semi-ignoramus governments, bend over, pull down their pants and grease their pooches for the impending rape and buggery.

    In the midst of so little structural, economic and bilateral aid we have the Chinese reaching out on intelligence gathering missions, well advertised by CARICOM government counterparts, sending so called “film crews”, or in Bajan terms, flim crews, to do videos in Barbados!!

    I will not mention our ingrunt MoT minister smiling with the ambassador and making announcements of the impending film crews.

    Silently entering our country, all of them without any examination by Erine Griffith’s vigilant immigration staff or the Customs people, with two more suitcases than normal, no examinations of luggage, entering our country, and not leaving. Their 20ft containers are given the same carte blanche treatment. 20 ft arsenals. How many of you have seen what the Type 56 does?

    Buying houses and constructing massive buildings, almost said barracks, with reinforced walls, specifically coloured roofs, self contained electrical supplies, always finished by their “internal” contractors.

    We are doomed to repeat history’s mistakes, doomed while led by the Erine’s of this world, doomed small island developing states led by men like Sealy, bringing the proverbial Trojan Horse, into our Troy, incapable of seeing in plain daylight the signs of “the enemy within”

    Say what you will about Castro or Chavez, they employed a wisened strategy of taking what they wanted from the imperialists while safeguarding the interests of their countries, but these are/were men of vision who recognised that sometimes you have to be dance with the nameless one, get what you want, and disengage.

    Tell me, dollar for dollar, what has the PRC done for Barbados for the time that it has been here? Watch and learn.

  57. This is easily one of the most difficult documents I’ve ever had to read. 141 pages to say what we know.

    A) the external environment isn’t improving
    B) our revenues aren’t increasing
    C) major investments aren’t incoming
    D) cuts in expenditure need incurring
    E) the MTFS didn’t work as implemented
    F) see table 6 to understand what we are going to do but can’t actually and explicitly state for obvious political reasons.
    G) see table 1 to understand how much external and central gov’t debt we racked up between 2008/2012.

    Even in the face of “crisis” we can’t get blunt communication.

    Must however commend the authors for delicately and deliberately wrapping the “bad news” in a lot of hifaluting, jargon spouting, forward projecting language.

    Let’s hope the decisions that need to be made work and B’dos awakes from its slumber of comfort.


  58. @ Piece Uh De Rock, Yeah Right!! | July 9, 2013 at 2:24 PM |
    “Tell me, dollar for dollar, what has the PRC done for Barbados for the time that it has been here? Watch and learn.”

    Unless the ambassadorial arm of the PRC- primarily here to sell Chinese manufactured goods and as an escape valve for its burgeoning population especially those that have ran afoul of the regimented system like British criminals shipped in the old days to Barbados and later Australia- can justify its presence by investing in the Sugar Cane revitalization industry or “ac’s” much acclaimed ‘Lowe-down’ WTE plant we should just tell them to piss off.

    Barbados has no natural resources like iron, copper, gold, oil, rare earth minerals or even large tracts of land to grow cereals or palm oil.
    Why are they interested in Bim other than as a retail outlet for its manufactured trinkets and excess population?

  59. I,ve realised that Barack’s Bds $80 million debt has been taken off the government’s backburner, however, it continues to climb, by the time the World Court, or some international court deals with it, We will have to pay out almost Bds $ one billion; up from $ 34 million. What a shame.

  60. This government seems to be in a whirlwind spin. Just after the recent elections we heard of a bds $ 900 million stimulus plan ( remember this same gov,t rejected the other party’s suggestion of a 60 million dollar plan as unaffordable). Recently we now hear of a bds 400 .million dollar debt, yet now a few days ago we hear of buying Almond Beach Village

  61. continued
    Add this to the bds $400million dollar sugar factory that we are planning to build, at a time when sugar is on its way , plus a new cruise terminal. This government is playing with the minds of its citizens and something is going to explode

  62. I need to to thank you for this excellent read!
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