Shanice and Mickell’s Antarctic Dream

Mickell Als,Shanice Holder

Mickell Als,Shanice Holder

Barbados Underground encourages members of the public to visit Shanice and Mickell’s blog and give generously to help them achieve their dream.

Shanice is a 17 year old girl who attends Harrison College and is currently in lower sixth studying chemistry , physics and biology. Shanice aspires to be a neurosurgeon who is just as famous as Dr. Benjamin Solomon “Ben” Carson. She is the President of her school’s environmental club.

Mickell is also 17 and attends Harrison College and is also currently in lower six studying physics, environmental science and geography. Mickell aspires to be a climatologist focusing on the impacts of climate change on cyclones globally. Shanice and Mickell are both members of the Caribbean Youth Environment Network(CYEN) the Barbados chapter, The Youth Think Tank (YTTE) that is currently being hosted by the CYEN.

The Mission Which They Have Been Chosen For:

Shanice and Mickell have been selected to be team members on the International Antarctic Expedition (IAE) 2015 and the Antarctic Youth Ambassador Programme, which will be held at a later date to be established but the expedition lasts two weeks. With the carefully selected team, Shanice and Mickell will explore the Antarctic Peninsula with onboard experts and gain firsthand knowledge of the continent’s fragile ecosystem. They will also experience the unique Antarctic wildlife and observe its magnificent landscape, all while learning about climate change, sustainability and what we can do to protect this last great wilderness on Earth.

The mission for the IAE Expeditions is to engage and inspire the next generation of leaders to take responsibility, be sustainable, and know that now is the time for action in policy development, sustainable business generation through the promotion of recycling, renewable energy and sustainability. The problem is this mission is not a cheap one as you can see by the cost below.

As a team member you will be fully responsible for all costs of the expedition at the rate of $22,000 USD. This price includes the following:

  • Three nights pre-expedition hotel accommodation with breakfast
  • Transfers from the airport to the hotel
  • Transfers from the hotel to the ship on embarkation day
  • Transfers from the ship to the airport on disembarkation day
  • Shipboard accommodation with daily housekeeping
  • All breakfasts, lunches and dinners on board
  • Coffee, tea and cocoa available around the clock on board
  • All shore landings per the daily program
  • Leadership program throughout the voyage by our experienced Expedition Leader, including shore landings and other activities.
  • Formal and informal presentations by our Expedition Team and guest speakers as scheduled.
  • Photographic journal and video on jump drive documenting the voyage
  • A pair of waterproof expedition boots on loan for shore landings
  • Hair dryer and bathrobes in every cabin
  • Comprehensive pre-departure materials
  • All miscellaneous service taxes and port charges throughout the program
  • All luggage handling aboard ship.

Not included in your costs:

  • Any airfare
  • Passport and visa expenses
  • Government arrival and departure taxes
  • Any meals ashore not specified in itinerary
  • Baggage, cancellation and medical travel insurance
  • Excess baggage charges
  • Laundry, bar, beverage and other personal charges·
  • All clothing and equipment needed for the expedition

This is where the first problem came, trying to raise enough money for the both of them and as you can see it’s a little more than pocket change. We are glad that we can receive some publicity about our mission and our plight so thank you so much in advance for your help in promoting our project.

Shanice Holder
President Of The Harrison College Environmental Club

77 thoughts on “Shanice and Mickell’s Antarctic Dream

  1. they expect poor suffering Bajans to ante up $44,000 Barbados to send them on a glory trip that they OBVIOUSLY APPLIED FOR? Seventeen years old and already looking for handouts.

    I would prefer send my money to Piece of the Rock Year Right, to help his wife and the sisters in the church feed the indigents.

  2. @ Pat & Georgie Porgie.

    Whu wunna trying to do? Get me kill?

    Doan sen nuh money to de church causing i gine get read out and me wife gine dun wid me one time.

    She already suspicious dat me cuntputer got a password dat she ent know yet and dat I does be bunning up de food when she lef me home to cook en ting.

    To Shanice and Mickell.

    I commend your noble cause per the environment but i would ask you two this single thing.

    Barbados has a serious problem with regards to its landfill practices for tyres, glass, plastics and biodegradables, why would you both wish to leave this Rock in the ocean to head on this exotic mission to dis cold place (dat place cold in summer) to go see an environment, not solve, any environmental problems?

    I am the first person to support wunna younguns but tell me, outside this Don Quixotic mission what is in it for my country?

    Wunna ent see dat dis site wrestling wid bigger problems wid government spending money foolishly and tekking dem girlfriends pun trips to Canada, Florida en Washington fuh US$5,000 en wunna wants we to spend $22,000 pun eash uh wunna?

    Because wunna you I gine be respectful uh each uh de two uh you but stop fuh a second and juxtapose this request with the timbre of this website and tell me if wunna really tinking right?

    THis is precisely the same issue that we are grappling with throughout this country, people presenting hare-brained ideas as wisdom and expecting the general populace to accept it as commonsense.

    Humour this old fogey, tell me what your interest in the environment has done in a practical way in BIM?

    I am not seeking to daunt your youthful enthusiasm, I am asking you to direct it to more meaningful and pertinent things, like the young people who, after drinking a snow cone does trow de empty container into de street from a moving bus!!

    Rethink this and come back with something meaningful young turks

  3. have they thoght of self help, and what abot the school body and cant the school think obout a concert to raise funds, among other things.

    • You guys are too harsh. What is wrong with these youngsters thinking big? Let them follow their dreams.

  4. Wunna better start washing cars, cleaning people’s yards, babysitting, selling cakes and making fruit drinks to sell. I could offer you a weekend job in my garden paying 60.00 a day weeding. Interested?

  5. You are two bright young people as is evidenced by your sterling bios.

    David has confidence in you and I too think that you are to be encouraged

    Just weighing in to say this to you both.

    People back winners and those who have shown their commitment in a visible and practical way.

    For the pragmatist who in one breath is saying that my country is going no where real fast, i would have to be impressed by what you have done in this specific sphere BEFORE i moved to the next level here.

    Kimberley in Nelson Street has a bullet from the gun of a policeman lodged in her brain in a place where it is seemingly inoperable, Fumble, Mia, Dale Smiley Teets and now Adriel cant find the time or money to assist her to get that bullet out.

    So i juxtapose the two, in terms of critical path, dreams against expediency and it is not too hard to decide which one i support.

    I will promise you both this, I will ehquire further and see if …..

  6. Pieceuhderockyeahright!!!

    Those who decide education policy in Barbados take pride in educating Barbadians (with tax payers money) to serve the world at large.

  7. @ Pieceuhderockyeahright!!! | June 30, 2013 at 5:18 PM |
    “She already suspicious dat me cuntputer got a password dat she ent know yet and dat I does be bunning up de food when she lef me home to cook en ting.”

    “Cuntputer.” What a word!
    In the beginning was the Word and the word ‘cuntputer’ was with PODRYR.
    They say laughter is the best medicine and you PODRYR are simply the best doctor of humour on this blog. You are the BU’s Imhotep sworn to the Hippocratic oath of surgical humour who in just one word of laser like utterance can take 10 clean years off an aging Scrooge of a stoic temperament to become a born again Thalia Chaplain.

    By coining that word in the style of another veteran of intellectual wit and literary humour ,Colonel Buggy, you have disproved the theory that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

    We fogeys from yesteryear still have a role to play in teaching the young and even the old stiff upper lips of the Bajan literary class like the snooty by privately friendly Carl More a thing or two about literary devices that can be used to rib our fellow frail humans while making a joke of it all in this silly game of life.

    “Cuntputer” like “Dottined”! Another one for Baffy’s library of copyright rejects!

    “All the world’s a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players:
    They have their exits and their entrances;
    And one man in his time plays many parts,
    His acts being seven ages.”

  8. We all have our dreams. Mine is to sail the Galapagos.

    Thanks Islandgal, the youths up here do such odd jobs when they want to raise money for their private projects. You forgot walking dogs – and scooping the poop too. Would these two Harrisonians do that? Doubt it.

    School closed last week, soon the kids will come knocking on the door asking to clean our windows or mow the lawn. These kids are enterprising, just like Jamaicans.. No cap in hand.

  9. Wunnah rough on these children dough!
    Wunnah can see dat duh tryng to do something different re. fund raising.

    I suspect some of the comments here are more knee jerk anti-HC than otherwise.

    I also suspect that many of us jaded regulars on BU don’t realize that for the youngsters the world is their oyster and that the experience gained in the enterprise they seek may well redound to Barbados’ gain in the future, even if it is a rare insight into how the mechanics of the environment are intertwined on a global basis.

    Wunnah know how many bajans and other Caribbean youngsters are out there outcompeting their peers in the developed countries in fields just as or even more abstruse than the ones that Shanice and Mickell want to break into. Wunnah know dat we have top motorcar designers, just to mention one? Shanice and Mickell might just need this start to get to the top eventually in professions that could help Barbados in our dire situation when global warmimg comes a calling.

    We should not throw out the baby with the bathwater. Approaching BU is innovative for HC students. At least grant them that.

    Shanice and Mickell, I wish you well in your fund raising efforts and hope that you do raise enough funds to follow your dreams.

  10. to say the least the response here was harsh ! rude! cruel! and uncalled for. these might be harsh economic times for everybody granted but sometimes a little word of encouragement might be suffice what one might not have to give monetary, after all these are kids with hope and dreams for a better future.

  11. Shanice and Mickell;

    I went to your web page ( Avery nice one, I must say) to make a small donation and found that the donation thingee doesn’t allow one to contribute from Barbados. It does for Jamaica and St Lucia however. You need to get that changed urgently to include Barbados on the drop down selection list for Credit card or Pay Pal donations.

    Let us know when you have changed it.

  12. It makes a change from the usual “please for a donation” to go to Disneyland . $44,000 is a lot of money at any time . ( Travel House would probably, arrange this for less). But it would not surprise me if the Government does not back raise these ,youngsters,and send someone from the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, namely the Photo op Minister himself. But I am sure that one of our still profit- making companies, may consider taking on these two on their pay roll during the long summer holiday, so that they are able to contribute to their own coffers.

  13. the promotion drive that they have started is a good one,,as it gets the message out there and so far people are responding with other ideas that they might not have thought about. they will be successful in their attempt .hopefully they wouldn/t have to pull weeds or cut any body backyards to accomplish their dream. Good luck kids I am with you all the way, llaro court gives access to their grounds for fund raising . maybe the school can get in touch and see what can be done to help

  14. I can bet each person responding negatively is not doing a job they love..or doing their dream job…..and probably struggle to make ends meet—-

    hence- they wont be able to understand the true depth of “dreams”
    and its not even your fault life just has a way of “teaching us out of dreaming” so its being practical over dreaming for most adults- completely forgetting that being practical most often than not leads you to being MEDIOCRE…anways

    If you cant/wont help STHU (thats shut the hell up- for you OLD FOLK) and ignore this blog….harsh talk will only discourage them..if you cant/wont help no need to come here and talk about the current economy or whatever….we read about that enough in the newspaper and see it on tv….

    Those who will help will help…. why is it that if people dont like something they hide behind blogs and talk this junk and probably deter other people from helping……….BAJANS ARE DOCILE AND THE THINGS WE SHOULD BE LIGHTING UP… WE DONT……why do we have such a destructive mindset if this is what the kids want to do…then okay….

    The older generation 35+ have this stinking nasty mentality – and that is why most of them haven’t achieved nothing more than broken dreams etc ….and they are trying to pass it on the other generation- thats why kids grow up and those who fight off negativity LEAVE HERE AND DONT COME BACK taking whatever knowledge and skill with them…thats why a WHOLE BUNCH OF THINGS HERE (eg in medicine) cant be done here….but you can be sure overseas you can find bajans qualified to do it but refuse to live here….

    Because you broke your back/had to miss school the younger generation has to as well….??

    Mannnnn TWO TEARS AND A BLASTED BUCKET booo hooo

    you call it ” looking for handouts” when we expect help from you older folk??????huhhhh
    Im sorry i was under the impression that the older generation should always be trying to make it easier for the younger generation……….(within reason- i have to say that because some people will try/WILL take that out of context and be like …”so i is suppose to help everybody that want to do something”……..

    Bajans always ready to tear down…… pride……and we ruin EVERY INDUSTRY….. but thats a post for another time

    I wish these dudes the best and if its only $2 i could afford i will pitch in because i learnt growing up 1+1=2
    Some from me and you and everybody will eat

    and major respect to those who even are just posting I WISH I COULD HELP…that shows some type of POSITIVE interest

    Thanks to all the negative people like pat and so on…..rough words like that and tearing down make for a better success story at the end of the day… and will drive them harder to push and get that trip

    and anybody that decides to respond to this harshly….
    please go and get your favorite cup
    Get ice some ice
    pour some bleach on in it and drink it slowly
    And think on these things

    here ends this evenings reading


    go and get your favorite cup
    Get ice some ice
    pour some bleach on in it and drink it slowly

  16. Really;
    a bit harsh, but in the main sentiments that needed to be ventilated.

    I hope you are aware that not all the old codgers here were negative and failed to appreciate the novelty and importance of the appeal. I suspect that most of us have lost touch with the changes in our society that make such a global appeal on Facebook almost a necessity and do not realize that it really does not label the appellants as lazy or devious’, just being kids doing the bob-a-job of today.

    We need some more like you to put us straight.

  17. @ Really? | July 1, 2013 at 11:48 AM |

    {The mission for the IAE Expeditions is to engage and inspire the next generation of leaders to take responsibility, be sustainable, and know that now is the time for action in policy development, sustainable business generation through the promotion of recycling, renewable energy and sustainability. The problem is this mission is not a cheap one as you can see by the cost below.}

    First let me first say that the dreams and aspirations expressed by the two young people seeking financial assistance are extremely laudable and altruistically appealing and attract the miller’s support in principle. And further to this moral support a reasonable financial contribution could be in the offing but a little piece of advice to refine your youthful exuberance to make your worthwhile enterprise more practically achievable.

    There is an old Chinese proverb which suggests that ‘the longest journey begins with the first step’. Or more precisely: “The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet”. And you have indeed made that first baby step.

    Now let us take Lao-tzu’s advice a bit further as you try to make your second step along the way to tarry and ponder on the meaning of the phrase: “Home Drums Beat First”.

    Why not get your young local environmental activists at the Harrison College to undertake a trek around Bridgetown and up Bay Street and conduct an audit to form the basis of a petition to get the officials in charge of the local environment to do something quickly to save this country from further degradation or to be confronted with the great possibility of losing its status as a World Heritage site?

    Even if you manage only to get them to remove the detritus left for weeks in the gutters and on the pavements after weeding only to end up blocking the drains your highlighting and representation of this worthy and easily solved problem would be for a worthy cause and deserving of great recognition and financial assistance for you guys to go on to greater things and achieve your goals.

    In you battle to save the environment and by extension future generations of vulnerable human take comfort in the words of support Bajans are known for: ‘Go ahead Great Britain, Little England is behind you!’
    Now go and show the world that the miller along with a wealthy rich band of fogeys would back you to achieve your goals!
    Those who can do, who “cant” teach, right Bushie?

  18. @ Check-it out
    You are misleading those young people.
    What they need to do is to learn to listen to all of the various advice and opinions offered and to seek to learn from them all. If any arrogant attitude is demonstrated, it is the one which suggest that anyone who does not support their pet project is evil or misguided.

    In fact, the main problem with our youth is this idea that things should be made as easy as possible for them to reach the stars….
    Bushie’s grands tried that one too…

    The PRIMARY value to be gained during youth is learning to meet and overcome challenges by dint of hard work and personal sacrifice. Seeking to sail by with a silver spoon in the mouth is a sure way to becoming a mendicant adult expecting someone to willingly provide your every need.
    One virtue NOT NEEDED in this place in more mendicancy.

    The reaction from “REALLY” says it all.
    Even if Bushie had intended to support such a venture, the Bushman’s initial response would have been similar to Pat’s …even if only to soliciit the young people’s response to a challenging position or view……
    ….it is ofter easier to know someone’s mind when they are in a position of some discomfort…..

  19. @Really

    Really? I think you exist beyond reality. I have no broken dreams. I can go where ever I want, when ever I want, at my own expense. This from having very satisfying jobs and loyal hard working subordinates.

  20. @ Anunnaki and Pat,

    I as leader of the old fogeys, sine dreams, and broken aspirations sometimes I pause in the middle of my mumblings and go back to read the dribble i have written trying to see if I have written something that was insensitive.

    1. I was very explicit when i commended these two students for their laudable efforts and the fact that they are doing what one would want any of one’s offspring to do, work hard at school and get good grades.

    2. I went on to say, like the sage Anunnaki, show me that this is for real and skin deep and not the two of you galivanting all over the globe, let me see the two of you as stalwarts on the local front, walking through Bim’s byways, doing real meaningful stuff before i even pledge to give you a cent of mine.

    3. I went on to put that in context to say that the operation to remove the bullet from the head of the young woman shot by the policeman’s gun will cost as much as that $44 K and i had a serious problem putting my broken dreams $$ into two unproven youth as opposed to Kimberley.

    I am the eternal dreamer and would never dissuade any person from having such currency fuel who they are or become but i will not be a fool to say that because these two have this IAE dream in their sights that i am to give them carte blanche access to my $44K because it sounds sexy.

    Frankly this i no different to Sinckliar making an impassioned plea to the private sector to lend him $400M causing he have a dreamn to fix the economy of Barbados.

    They have done nothing but espouse a desire to travel to a cold continent and that does not make them any type of leader, through osmosis.

    Unless i am missing something about the inoculations that environmentalists will be required to take when they go to this continent, this championing of this fickle cause, in such an antagonising fashion is becoming a really tiring thing.

    One other thing Really (and the rest of you) it appears that you believe that we ole farts need to shut the hell up, and hand over the money.

    None of you in your precarious financial situations can frighten us ole fogeys out of the hard earned pensions we have acquired in our dreamless existences.

    “He who pays the piper calls the tune” and you are either retarded or mentally challenged (six equals half dozen) especially when you come into a blogosphere and seek to frighten, coerce or cajole us old farts to shut the hell up AND GIVE you the f***ing money for your expedition to lalala land.

    Secondly, IF this were in fact a serious exercise, one or both of the parties seeking the money would have come here and spoken out in their own defence to plead a case why they as two unknowns, without any bonafides, should get a cent from any person here.

    If they are aspiring leaders like this plea claims, they will fight their own fights, sine the coercion, kind sir.

    If we slumbers have offended, think but this and all be mended, that we have but slumbered here, while these visions did appear…..

  21. Leave the young people alone..these are two adventerous young people looking to have their self esteem and confidence built and right away the old foggies decided they notgoing help …what advice ?there is no constructive advice in telling people to get lost don,t bother me especially for a good cause. go figure it for yourself.Adults u ought to be ashamed of yourself and your arrogant and dissmissive attitude towards these two young people. you ought to apologise. Shame on YOU adults.

  22. @pat oh geeeez that makes it even worseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    so you got your dont like/ support this cause so you put it on blast???????

    and are you uncomfortable?? thats all you could see in what i wrote…”oh this person must know about me and know that my dreams werent crushed”..-____- (thats a squint in case you didnt know) ..ego much…come on blast what i said …correct me….if anything… one cares about your achievements you know… shake/wipe you private parts this pissing competition is over……

    thats my issue – unnecessary responses that will tear down rather than build up

    I aint saying/havent said HARD WORK IS NOT IMPORTANT…i would never say that…..bed at 3 up at 7-8…….thats my world….

    but thats not what im speaking on…why do we assume they are looking for hand outs and other stuff…because they asked for help and it seems like a luxury to you people…….

    Hard work is between you and you!

    people here talking and dont know IF these kids ain’t already break them back or anything…..who says they havent set up some stuff to raise money….but are like “ahh lets appeal to bajans and see if they could help!” …because they clearly dont know about MOST YOU PEOPLE …who would see that as laziness………..

    if you can give a child a head start …why not do it???…….

    hence for the 1932948 time…why be negative… must be already hard to have dreams like those

    If anything tell them to try hard…..push ……..everybody wont help but dont mind chase your dreams…if you dont go this time …DONT LOSE IT….keep at it…..we are behind you

    oh and to the bush person…did you clearly juk a hole in a cover and peep through it and read what i said……

    so let me type in caps for you


    they expect poor suffering Bajans to ante up $44,000 Barbados to send them on a glory trip( look out)

    “DONT THEY HAVE PARENTS?” (yeah so if they parents can afford they should abandon it right..what if god forbid their parents died…nice way to remind them.and this is a thought that cause kids not to achieve more than what their parents did…..smh)

    he youths up here do such odd jobs when they want to raise money for their private projects. You forgot walking dogs – and scooping the poop too. Would these two Harrisonians do that? Doubt it ( well well well well)

    Anyways ..
    no one can sit down and justify negative responses like the ones above

    life is a game of inches
    so if what we say isn’t something they can go through and get some type of ideas or encouragement then we shouldn’t say anything…

    Shame on yall adults

  23. Oh and to the bush person….. did your really juk a hole in a cover and peek through it and read what i said………………………………………………………………………………………………..HA! HA! HA! LMAOF


    then you would hear …WHY YALL DONT GO AND TRY AND WORK FOR IT

    EXCUSE ME……you born in a stable or horse is your natural language

    no i seriously waiting on you to answer


    allllright gran gran alllllllllright

    you caught me….you caught me trying to make you give up your money…….
    i wasnt talking about how people need to be positive and if not being positive …SHUT UP……..( sarcasm btw…… sarcasm)

    And if you aint say nothing wrong…why you replying….you bored???

    aint nobody that can put down talk like a bajan ….sound fancy while talking nothing more meaningful that a dog that barking at leaves

    I want you guys SHUT UP….if you aint building up

    if you going to talk and build up SPEAK

    Running and Reading- i learnt are the two things you should do that can help you become sucessful

    Running—– cause you learn how to beat “yourself”…that voice like no ..stop here….but you have to push past that

    you learn to do that …you learn hard work and you get power over yourself ( and the biggest battle up the hill of success is YOURSELF)

    Reading- MILLIONS OF PEOPLE lived before and have written blogs and books so you can learn anything and avoid the problems of the older generation faced and just gain knowledge

    this taught me the benefits of having older people around…

    apply this to your life as a young person..YOUR GOING TO BE GOOD

    so here folks we see …i believe in hard work and value older people…

    anyways days of our lives soon start so go watch it and hit me back ( since you embracing being called old)…..


    roman still alive??

  25. Contact the Minister of International Business. He sell porn which rakes in “nuff” money. He has a child at HC and one going there in September. Worth the venture

  26. Some unlucky blows to the herniated area by a younger man to be sure LOL

    Vacillating between the right thing and the wrong thing, precariously…. but just left of the line.

    He like he looking through my window from de breadfruit tree at six oclock causing he see me watching Days en ting…

    Athletic, (by proxy??) because he knows of the endorphins that act as drugs in the system of runners that causes one to push a little further.

    Young, because he has yet to experience father time and to understand that we too used to run 3 miles in 17 minutes in our heyday.

    Borderline disciplined – sarcasm intertwined with quasi reason, representative of some parental instruction per respect of some of his seniors.

    Ability to extrapolate, as presented in the retort per lack of parents, lost a few point re the impact of being ophaned could have on these aspiring leaders. As if ambition should not be made of sterner stuff. Would that we all could have fathers and mothers still alive yes!!

    Not a Freud by any means yet, but the point had potential. It was a left side observation of some worth.

    Skewed reasoning skills, failed to acknowledge that Shanice and Mickell should be monitoring THEIR submission to this website. The way that submissions work i.e. the blog master does not hunt down content, the submitters hunt him down and it in is their interest to monitor its success.

    Persons with balls would have engaged the old fogeys after all they are asking for something here. Pardon me, the submission was solely for your benefit, to come with your faithful steed Silver, Lancelot of the Lake,

    Really, you certainly have charged in, with some vehemence, so i will assume that you are a friend of one of the two. Probably the girl, the macho thing for a man is an anachronism for us from Dr. Horton days..

    Definitely male, the alpha gene showing,

    Read, yes, well read, unsure since the subject matter is too inconsequential to sound out his depth. Will monitor and see if he is able to run with the wolves in other submissions.

    Litmus test – not applicable since there is no means to have him give a worthwhile suggestion on this begging for money exercise. Unless he proposes to do a Dick Turpin and rouse us all from our sleep to releive us of the $44K. .

    And yes, as a pensioner, sometimes all we ole fogeys have is borrowed time, borrowed from our Benevolent Maker, to come here in this space, so full of care, and stop for a while and stare….

    Dont worry young turk, two blinks of the eye and, IF GOD SO WILL IT, you going be like us too…

    Baptism by Fire, Welcome to the blog. Nothing here is so sacrosanct and none of us so glorified that you cannot be attacked.

    At least you did not call me Piece of Faeces yet but that too will come,

    We will agree to disagree Kimberley will still get my money before these newcomers, when the bullet moves in her skull her face swells like a calabash.

    It is in my will

  27. Bush tea; What misleading those young people, what?

    You are misleading them if you are suggesting from your seat on high near the BBE, that they should ONLY follow the “old time” ways of fund raising such as doing some agricultural work in Island Girl’s “farm” etc. etc. That might get them perhaps 1K. Parents’ support and other fund raising by groups, School activities, activities such as the ones AC and others suggested will all together net perhaps 7 to 8K. This can’t be an easy season for fund raising of any type.

    So you think they should just give up and resign themselves to failure? If not how do you suggest they close the deficit? Beg Bjerkhamm for a job in this guava season? Why do you have to assume that the approach that David has posted on BU is the ONLY string in their quiver? The GLOBAL face book type approach might have the potential to close the gap if we in Barbados show, by donating our mites, that we support them. (When I looked at their webpage there was not one donation so far. They need some donations from Barbados to start the ball rolling).

    But perhaps, you and others think it is an exercise in futility and a waste of time for two bajans to aspire to be among the global elites in an enterprise such as this one. Or perhaps it is a way to fire some rocks at those elitist Harrison College students. Who knows?

    David; Your thoughts on this matter and why you put it up would be useful.

    PS. I don’t know the youngsters. I just think it is an opportunity that would be a pity for them to miss and commend the youngsters for the time and effort that they have taken to develop their website. You Bushtea and you Island Girl know that there must have been serious work involved in the development of the website and yet you are promoting the idea that the youngsters are only begging and doing nothing to work for the costs of their hoped for research trip which will certainly not be a joyride as several seem to think.

  28. I could understand if these young people came here asking for jobs to do in order to raise funds for this expedition. Many young people today feel that they are entitled and that the world owes them something. Yes it is an ambitious and exciting expedition they are attempting to execute. However the first thing in life they must learn is that it will not come on a silver platter. So if they really want to EARN some money to fund their expedition they should be willing to work for it. If it is donations they want well good luck to them.

    • @checkit-out

      There is no mystery as far as BU is concerned. It is a worthy cause, it is alot of money which will not be raised by traditional approached like sponsored walks, cake sales etc. With the advent of social media this is an avenue to get their message out so that those in a position to support have the opportunity to do so. As far as BU is concerned you support or you don’t which is the choice of any individual.

  29. Check it out ….why are you linking me with the Bushman???? I am a free bird these days flying solo and loving it! LOLLL

  30. Check it out …these youngsters need to have a marketing plan not a begging plan. They need to come up with some ideas, services or items they can sell to the public. How about making some items to sell? If we can see that they have made an effort to make some money and have a shortfall then some of us might be willing to help them.

  31. blink

    man noooooooo you lost it there man

    that…….was your response??? reallyyyyyyyy …chhhhh..Making assumptions lol.. I know people are going to read that and ask…but what does that have to do with anything

    you are so OFF TOPIC …but thanks…you have proven my point that bajans can talk so fancy and SAY NOTHING…………………….like how did that push the conversation forward or be a response to what i said……

    And if you read what i said before …THOSE WHO WILL HELP WILL HELP
    (this means they wont or would not have to waste time arguing with people on a blog or shouldnt have to)

    and you guys shouldnt be negative cause you can make potential givers change theirs minds at the same time too ( your negativity could if you dont like it read and move on)

    come on….You now grabbing at straws …and i cant even say good attempt

    and nahhhhhhhhhhhh i wont call you “Piece of Faeces” that would would only stir up a dumb convo ( and you doing a good job of that already)…….those who cant express themselves gotta curse!… i aint gonna curse ya at all (OUT LOUD)…

    And i dont even know these kids…prolly never even seen them..but this aint about me..this is about negative responses to what these kids are asking
    And reply to me based on my points ( not on assumptions that lead to a donkey pooch…cause you assume all the way to nothingness …im actually depressed that i read that and googled a few words cause i didnt know what i they meant..ONLY TO FIND OUT ……. YOU SAYING LESS THAN FREUNDEL STUART ABOUT THE ECONOMY (prior to a few days ago)

    well this is my submission and i prefer not to run with the wolves i gonna stick with the common breed dogs thanks….

  32. How about asking firms to donate $1.00 for a particular product sold with them doing the promotion? Food sells how about promoting some food brands for some firms? I got a better one …buy some hair and sell people tiefing it nowadays to resell so there must be some money in that. Ask people to donate items and have a garage sale. Have several people organizing fund raising activities around the island.

  33. Des young children want Camp counselor jobs..quixs where Carson…

    Young boy….get some work pleasssseee!…foolishness ain’t sport, havent you heard…

  34. Are these two youngsters not in Sixth Form? If yes are they not busy at the moment? Why don’t we give the youngsters credit that they are pursuing other avenues to raise the huge sum. For heaven sakes, their Bios show that are good students which suggest to BU that they deserve to be given some leeway.

  35. David; Thanks for your explanation. It is as I thought.

    I can’t, for the life of me, see why this approach should have attracted the apparent ire of so many BU posters, especially ones who can normally be depended on for well reasoned arguments.

    I know that some of you thought that the youngsters were asking each of the self proclaimed rich BU people like Bushtea and Miller and Alvin Cummins to band together and contribute the whole 40K but that wasn’t how I read it.

    I think POTRYR has seen the light however and has backed away from his earlier stance after clearly examining Really?’s submission.

  36. @ David

    So wait …..and got so much lip? Man I won’t give them one ass….Go raise pigeons and stocks…listen to your MOF

  37. @Pieceoftherockyeahright

    You hit the nail on the head in many respects. I also thought that “Really” was a close friend or family.

    Here is hoping they live to be ole fogeys.

    If Really feels so badly about it, he knows what to do! Give them the $44,000 out of his pocket.

  38. Back in the day students asked to be sponsored when travelling overseas as part of a group. If the individual or company solicited bought into the cause they gave what the budget allowed. This is no different with the HC students. It is a large sum and they have obviously come to the conclusion they need help to raise the money. BU applauds them for the courage to reach for a loft goal.

  39. @ Check-it out
    Man begging is begging.
    Whether it is ninja man begging 100 tourist each for $1, or two sophisticated youths begging 40,000 bloggers for $1 each via pay pal. The only difference is the www, …it is not philosophically different.

    Young people who are on the path to become leaders of this country owe it to themselves and to Barbados to:
    1 – be mature enough to appreciate the different views that have been expressed here to their initiative.

    2 – come up with much more creative ways to encourage others to support such an initiative that just plain begging…

    3 – understand that having ac in their corner immediately suggest that they are on the wrong track…

    Why not conceptualize a vision for a clean “garden like” Barbados, an environment- friendly model island?
    Why not lead an environmental drive to challenge and reverse our national nasty bad habits?

    This particular project could then become one of the milestones in their overall proposal and may then even include additional youths…

    This way, they could EASILY attract funding from a number of international agencies and also some local entities with special interests in such environmental objectives. Many individuals would also WANT to be part of a movement like that…
    LOL…. Bushie may even contribute a few blenzers if a serious focused initiative had been conceptualized…The bushman has made some quite significant contributions to good projects in the past.. 🙂

    @Check-it out
    Man leave the begging to those who can do no better….Like Old Onions. – What HC students begging what?!?
    No one expects them to wash cars or weed Islandgal’s thorny bush either…. LOL. Our best young brains should be exercised to conceptualize CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE marketing schemes to raise even MORE than a measly $50,000
    Wuh Bushie can think of 10 different ways to do that offhand….

  40. Shame on all of you critics! The world should be our generation’s to explore and enhance. To think that you on this website who parade as being enlightened citizens could be so harsh and down right negative towards these brilliant young minds who are so full of potential. In ten years time and they had to earn noble prizes in these fields then you same persons would be singing praises but right now in your eyes these are just two young glory seeking youngsters. Shame on all of you! To the youngsters be not discouraged where there is a will there is a way. I am incensed at these comments. Listen to all of you bloggers the youth read this blog daily for I myself am the tender age of nineteen but let me just take a moment out to say most of you comments except for those of Jeff Cumberbatch, ac, Cazwell and David (BU) are the laughing stock of university and schools at lunch.

  41. @Pieceuhderockyeahright!!! | July 1, 2013 at 6:34 PM |
    “Some unlucky blows to the herniated area by a younger man to be sure LOL”.

    Man Piece, don’t let that whippersnapper jump-up calling himself “Really?” and behaving like a smart ass Bob Geldoff run you off this blog.

    Get back on the “cuntputer” and suggest to those two lads that looking to raise funds to travel overseas on an environmental awareness expedition to be a bit more imaginative and Christian in outlook in order to raise the necessary money.

    Put a proposal to them that would involve them doing some voluntary work in distributing food to the needy and indigent. You know that Christ-like project you and the missus and the other old folks get up to?
    If they take up your offer they can invite “Really?” and they would receive in turn blessings in abundance, financial and otherwise, in return for their show of compassion worthy of good Samaritans.

    BTW, ask the young fella “Really”? if he knows what a “cuntputer” is since he might be of the view that the technology was invented by his generation and old idiots like Bill Gates (over 50) ain’t got a clue. LOL!!

    PS: The miller has a definition for your new toy but would let you know another time once a dose of reality is displayed by young Really?”.

  42. @ youthful blogger

    Why don’t you go fly a kite with them also……As a kid ever Saturday I was as buzy as a bee workin for pocket $$. I remember once I needed a new swim suit costing $5 to swim at the school sports ..(as the ole one had in a hole) and I went in Swan St. and worked for it ..a days work in D indian man shop…why cant they do the same….rich spoil stuckup kidds….Going where Anartica?….musse Jacques Coisteau..LOL ….they should get your support wid friends…send me some too…Black costing $167 a bottle hicup ..and it for a gudd cause…puttin D ole man to sleep

  43. Bushie ….”My thorny bush????” My bush is sought after by many. LOLL You may call it bush but many call it tisane!

  44. some people like dem got big hairy testicles for brains…

    …….but okay i see this is just for kicks now… im done ..i made my point and im leaving it……instead ive been asked if i know what a “cuntputer” is………………..a hamster woulda give me a better responses than what ive seen

    and this is the reason why god coming soon…TO PREVENT TESTICLE BRAIN PEOPLE FROM TALKING SO MUCH NONSENSE……..he gotta shock that big people reasoning like yall…….

    from sensible arguments to this

    dream big and go to a good school and your called …rich spoil stuckup kidds lol

  45. @ old onion bags.
    How could I forget to thank you personally? You provide us with so much stress relief during tense days. You’re yardfowlism, attempts to be analytical and knack for being WRONG all make wonderfully cheap entertainment. Keep up the good work. Btw I think ur mixing up Swan Street with the other street persons of your caliber usually find gainful employment in.

  46. Young people don’t mind ignoramuses like busht tea don’t expect one red cent from the likes of him or OLE MUSTY Rotten ONIONS. the fact is that the world needs more young people like you and less of the likes of bush TEA. stop wasting your time trying to convince these ole farts that the younger generation of tomorrow with hopes and dreams for a better future is “much deserving” take your conversation to those who understand the need and inspiration of a youth trying to make a difference in the world. I promise that I would send an email to the proper source and you would get enough information on how to move forward successfully .In the immortal words of PM Thompson.” Barbados is not only an economy but a society”
    also Hilary Clinton in a similar summation says “it takes a village to raise a child”

  47. I can’t can’t donate much but I will definitely leave a donation, great aspiring kids,all the best.
    I hope you get the payment from Barbados issue solved soon.


  49. I have to give you young people points for gumption. Asking people to donate to a USD$20,000 two week, site-seeing trip round Antarctica. Incredible!
    “The mission for the IAE Expeditions is to engage and inspire the next generation of leaders to take responsibility, be sustainable, and know that now is the time for action in policy development, sustainable business generation through the promotion of recycling, renewable energy and sustainability. ”
    Given the lofty goals of the expedition how can they justify that price tag?!?!?!? $40,000 BDS for a two week trip? Seriously? I mean the future leaders (who are still in school) will all have to be filthy rich or have generous benefactors to afford it.
    On top of that one of you wants to become a neurosurgeon and still got selected?

  50. Look where ac came affa hidin face to find solace from d’s mess… D arms of Kiddies Korner….I hope they find a benefactor and take you ac wid them….climb down a crevasse as well too…..and stay till summer..spoil brat harbourer..,,here have $500 on me…doan cum back

  51. LOL @ Onions
    Ha Ha
    If they promise to take ac (and leave her there “in a crevasse”) Bushie would pay for the two youths and 1/2 for ac 🙂
    …now THAT would be a laugh,
    …ac in Antarctica and Mr. ac in Arizona….

  52. don’t worry about these measly mout two bits selfish bald pooch canarys . BUSH and OLe Onions, I got yuh back. I did my part and sent necessary information regarding your project to the proper source . ignore these “yahoos” nutting more than empty gas bags couldn’t care less about the youth only like to criticize !, guess what with crop over coming they gonna have a field day talking negative about the youth .fuh dem its all in a days work,,. Kids don’t expect nothing from them but shallow talk and empty criticism and you know what they say about empty vessels,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NOISE and more NOISE…

  53. balance | July 1, 2013 at 9:46 PM |
    The same can be said about the millions of dollars that we pour into the university on the hill, turning out Phd’s and Masters, only to find that when we experience a real problem in many a discipline in Barbados we have to turn to overseas ‘consultants’.
    Like the CBC TV programme , many Government departments, and many in the private sector are headed by a Different Accent.
    Barbadians must demand value for money.
    And to the question of some being negative over this otherwise worthwhile venture, probably stems from the Niche Clique practice of some scholars ,past and present in this community.

  54. @ ac | July 1, 2013 at 11:00 PM |
    “I got yuh back. I did my part and sent necessary information regarding your project to the proper source”

    The young people don’t want referrals or information overload but for you rich girl to step up to the plate and donate.
    Get it, honey chile? Now where is the money? The children are starving and dying with a bullet in one.

  55. De missus gone sleep so i sneaking this one out.

    I am going to put a different slant on this one for a moment.

    I will not repeat that $44K for a trip to Antarctica is no different to Minister Sinckliar and Maxine McClean jetting around first class pun tax payers money.

    Nor will i repeat that Kimberley’s brain surgery is more befitting of my support/purse.

    Let me look at this from a third perspective.

    Let us say that, all things being equal, the trip is the single experience that does raise their sensibilities and make them into budding PM material and all of that.

    Help this old fool understand this.

    BU has a readership of 20K people and suppose each of us, in our dastardly effort to make sure that CBB governor Worrell doan get back all he two dollar bills (AC i am sure that this will be consistent with an utterance that you or CCC will soon make) let us suppose that we all make a $2 contribution and reach this $44K on their behalf,

    i would just wish to find out, which crystal Ball AC, CCC or Really are in possession of, through which they will know how much $$ these two young turks,who ent sharing how much money dem has mek already) have mek?

    Oh, oh, sorrydem is harsuns College student so dem gine tell all uh we here dat dem achieve dem target and dat we is tuh stop donations.

    Oops sorry, Really already tell me earlier dat dem two young uns ent got de time tuh mek no submissions to dese useless discussions bout dem fund raiser so it would clearly be madness tuh expect dem tuh tell we dat dem exceed dem target and to stop. Whu after all de IAE having a nex tour to de Artic nex year and we is now part uh de neverending Shallice and Mickell Fund raiser.

    I has jes fly in de face uh de earf gods AC, CCC and Really causing we is to abdicate common sense fuh dese two ambassadors who gine place Barbados pun de map of IAE like Rihanna has, or Nobel Co-Prize Winner Dr. Leonard Nurse for his work at the IPCC

    I sure dat Really gine tell me who he? LOL. No AC nor CCC ent know who he is neider.

    Homegrown project fuh Shanice and Mickell.

    Biodegradable material separation from garbage for all the 5th and 6th form students from Harsun college. Collect and create a mulch for organic manure and grow carpet patches pun school property and when unna get enough “carpets” tek dem accross by Haynesville Housing area and Beautify we slum area dwellings.

    I nevah see de two uh wunna no where in de trenches uh Barbados befo’ i see wunna heah hugging up pun BU.

    Whu even de parish ambassadors does at least pretend to be doing sumting in de district dat dem representing

    Shanice you is de president uh de Harsun College Environmental ting, get dat group togeder an at least leh we see you an AC, and CCC and (you) Really (serious) in de paper doing someting heah.

    I is not sending you a cent till i see Vivainne and Sankey and Carl Mo’ (de monkey climb, de more we does see he tail) mentioning de tings dat unna doing in de districts dat need environmentalizing and greening

    Here is the ting.

    Evey day we holding up de politicians to specific standards about mekking a difference and showing we de people whu dem capable of.

    But all of a sudden dese two whippersnappers cum pun scope en all de bleeding hearts get soft and start to say “po’ tings and how we ole people hard pun dem” and all sort uh shite.

    Tings hard heah in Barbados. By the sweat of thy brow shalt thou eat bread, this is not any MegaSix or Lotto, leh me see how wunna does wuk fuh dis money in a way that satisfies me, not AC, nor mamby pamby wish wash CCC.


    I TOO WILL SING SHALL WE GATHER AT THE RIVER wid de rest of the Holy Saints Crew pun a Sunday, but if Ninja or any uh dem welchers do any sh*te wid me at de Feed MY Sheep (translated trying to bribe de Almighty fuh a place in heaven) I gine tek out my cutlass and meat gine pull (yes i know Really, it was purposely misused but i thought it better to say that instead of I gine cut dem throat).

    Doan get tie up, charity and being a bass bowl is two different things.

    Today’s text read by this Piece uh Rock, “wake to f**k up and put out somthing for my country and stop this lip service.

    We are at the doors of devaluation and all this begging that is being dressed up “as building leadership skills” is probably why Bishop Sununnu Sinkliar up pun bay Street breezing in de Audi Quattro, flying bout first class and people all over barbados suffering,

    GO watch Sesame Street, dring deeper from the Pierian Spring, and come back

    Wont re-engage on this one again

  56. @ Pieceahderock….
    “Doan get tie up, charity and being a bass bowl is two different things”

  57. The fact of the matter is, most old folks who have worked hard to save up two pennies will gladly contribute toward a NEED. One should always take care of their WANTS.

  58. a word of advice ! sometimes pointing people in the right direction.would do wonders, money is not the all or end all of our existence. there is nothing wrong with helping others to accomplish. one confidence can be strengthen in may ways by the action of those who give a kind word .

  59. Pat;
    Could there be a temporal continuum between the concept of needs and wants. Could the wants of a previous age be the needs of a current one? Could part of the problem be an inability of Oldsters like us to recognize that the world is changing and that our concept of needs might have long been left behind?

    Yuh have Grandchildren dat spend long quality times wid you? Yuh tink dem needs is the same duh parents? I was one who couldn’t understand why current parents have to use the TV as a babysitter. My wife and I didn’t. But when the Grands come to stay the TV is a now a definite need.

  60. ac; I agree with you again.

    The tenor of many of the comments on this blog was ill tempered and crass and replete with personal attacks, tinged with an overbearing attitude of “I got where I am by the sweat of my brow I ent giving none uh wunnah one red cent. Go and wash some cars like I had tuh do if wunnah want money. Wunnah HC elites need to do community service”.

    None of them recognized that their prescriptions offered NO hope of success while the youngsters’ modern approach offered at least a possibility of success when tried with other fund raising efforts.

    This blog showed up a side of some posters here that is interesting to know.

  61. “IF” for any reasons some had doubts . they were several ways to confirm the legitimacy of these kids objective. then if confirm could have offered support by sending emails to ministry of education as support .nothing about spending ones money or raiding an individual bank account. a small pebble when thrown across the water makes a ripple which eventually helps to make a wave,

  62. I did my own research into the IAE and it turns out that the expedition has over 700 international partners! Also if yall idiot wanna continue this slander keep in your mind these kids simply have to ask one of those companies to invest in us! These are companies aren’t companies people don’t know! These are companies like Shell! Which has tens of billions at its disposal! So if yall want to continue go right ahead but these kids(the first from the caribbean ever to be selected) can bring investment and recognition, they have my vote!

    Trade Mission to Brazil in September and all participants must pay their way
    Gove’ment can’ afford money for participants
    Minister and wife and Ps and wife could travel to China first class pun Gov’ment money
    Every week people traveling pun public purse … Govrment business
    If nah money coming back Govment can’ be doing business
    But Govment can’ find money to prop up trade mission that design to do real real business

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