Commissioner Darwin Dottin Leaves…

Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin

Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin

News reaching BU indicates that Commissioner Darwin Dottin has been sent on administrative leave. Given the recent development that a Deputy Commissioner was being selected without the input from Dottin provided a clue that sanction against Dottin was in the offing. A few weeks ago we also learned that Dottin had to return from vacation because his recommendation of the person to act while he was on leave was declined by the Public Service Commission.

Stay tuned!

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  1. A LETTER WRITTEN and sent to a certain person has created near panic among a select group.It appears the group was not informed, as should have been the case, that the letter was being written and sent. So when the action was initiated, none of these noted people had a clue, and were caught on the back foot.And because the letter was structured in a manner that was not consistent with how these pieces of correspondence would normally be done, it left them in an even greater quandary to defend.
    According to usually reliable sources, this is why to this date there has not really been a sensible response to the noise created by this letter.
    Cou Cou was told high-level meetings had been held since then to manage the uproar created by this letter, but the situation is difficult, given the wording of the letter and the implications it can have on someone who is normally not included in any controversy. One insider said the situation was a real mess which those who matter could do well without, given all their other pressing problems.However, some others close to the situation suggest that the letter put to an end a long-running battle whose conclusion was long overdue. The person said that as eggs have to be cracked to make omelettes, there is never an easy way to end a mortal struggle without blood being spilt. So now the chips will have to fall where they may.

    Fact or fiction?

  2. I am impressed that “Amused” has been working as a professional liar ooops lawyer since the days when Colin Rocheford was Registrar. That would be going back to the late 60’s and mid 70’s,

    Congratulations “Amused” I hope that you have received the appropriate recognition where you could argue your cases at the inner Bar.

  3. did I hear MIA asking for guy Myerson head to be cracked,,,,on TV tonight,,,her exuse being that he was a junior office given the PSC job overlooking veteran officers . is that a reason to ask one to resign . in the PS Act. MIA needs to watch her P/s and Q”S realizing that her days as leader might be numbered,

  4. @ ac
    Can you for one minute take off your narrow-minded and biased blinkers and just ask yourself if there could possibly be merit to Mia’s argument. Certainly, if one now adds Mayers’ statement that he is “not political” and yet has been consistently writing in the printed media a column that comes across as almost being 100 % diametrically opesed to anything the BLP did or does in government or opposition, then one may reasonably consider that there ought to be grounds for further investigation and perhaps firing in the absence of resignation. Quite frankly, Ronald Jones and Guyson Mayers are now standing on quich sand but in their favour is a boss that that repeatedly demonstrated an unwillingness to act even if it is the prudent thing to do. We all need to stop playing personalities and examine the damage that is being done to the institutions in Barbados; all of them and at least for the past two to three years appear to be collapsing. Barbadians and especially well-wishers of the DLP need to demand leadership, and demand that we address what has become an obvious institutional disintegration in Barbados’ affairs.

  5. wuh bossman GB I cud give u one hundred reasons that Dottin was removed . now u telling me that because Myerson oppose the BLP in print media he should be fired from the PSC wud kind-a jackass reason is that. wuh happen to freedom of the press. does that only apply to the Nation and their political attack dogs with salivating jugulars , fuh peat sake dottin left a pile of horse shit;; behind neva mind the embarrassment he brought to this govt with his outrageous respond concerning the british rape issues, wud wrong wid u maybe u wearing ur blinkers upside down.

  6. @ ac
    I guess then by your flowery statement that it is right and ethically appropriate for Mayers to write and appear in a weekly column supportive of the DLP as a party and as leading the government, and then sit as Chairman while wearing an ‘independent’ hat to set policy for, hire, and ajudicate in disciplinary matters over agents of the state.
    I can only assume that it is possible that the gentleman can wear these two disparate hats simultaneously and objectively. Perhaps so, but that means we have to trust his judgement beyond the reasonable.
    Certainly, there is a twist in your tongue, because less than 72 hours ago I was being chastised by you for setting out to be an academic, and advocate, and a Barbadian first and foremost in my approach to pressing issues while acknowledging my party affiliation. Seriously, do you think that Mayers’ position is tenable while mine is not?
    Please do not respond because you will more than likely incriminate yourself and reveal your forked-tongue.

  7. firstly u you have revealed yourself by your word of mouth as a card carrying member of the BLPand on such relevation I made a conclusion about your advocate movement , on the other hand u have come to a conclusion subjected to your opinion not fact that Myerson is a DLP only based on his articles and so deemed it necessary for him to resigned oblivious of hardened or concert reasons or fact .maybe my tongue is forked but not twisted.,

  8. @ ac
    “…..wud kind-a jackass reason is that. ”
    You are hopeless ac
    You are speaking about George….
    What other kind of reason did you expect?

  9. @ac you are either out of touch or you choose to be deliberately difficult. I do not have a beef with Mayers, simply dealing with facts. Am I incorrect that as a member of the DLP he had rightly positioned himself to gain the nomination but the choice went to Holder? Aha. Nevertheless, I shall not go where you may wish to lead me since my contentions are not ad hominem but related to the institutional decay that is driving Barbados downwards.

  10. as for institutionalize decay. ,,,,,, now that is the only comment you said that makes sense or is truthful. reason Dottin lost his job an attempt by govt to remove the cancerous growth .

  11. Look George
    Why don’t you, Dale and Mia stop embarrassing wunna selves nuh…? The PAC did the right thing in sending Dottin packing….their only error was in the 5 year delay.

    Wunna would be doing the BLP a great favour by dropping the matter… is coming across like wunna got clothes hang out and looking for rain…

    What the BLP needs is a brand new image……not this nonsense of trying to defend the indefensible, or to prove that Bajans erred in the last two elections….

    On 7/24/2011 in a Barbados Advocate column titled A Guy’s View, the writer stated: “It was long believed that certain media houses in Barbados have monitored police communication channels in an effort to be ahead of the competition as well as to be able to report matters which they probably believed the police may not have been ready to make public. If an individual or an entity is willing to behave like this, one could well imagine that, were the know-how available, they would be willing to hack telephones or computers to gain access to confidential information.”
    Just understand that George Brathwaite was not the writer of that column.

  13. Bush Tea I take my hat off to you. you hit the nail on the head, these BLP people would have people believe that they are the only persons qualified to run the affairs of the island.
    A group that as demonstrated in parliament when PM Stuart and Minister Sinckler attacked Arthur on the prison, none of the BLP knew which of the jokers issued the VECO contract to build Dodds nor if they contracted a debt in US dollars or Barbados dollars, a prison which if built by a local group would have costed Barbadian taxpayers US $ 65 Mil instead because the local group refused to pay the 7 % bribe and fixing fee to Hallam Nicholls who acted on Behalf Of Owen Arthur the contract went where they could much easier source that fee with the attached increase in cost and a higher to cost taxpayers $ 400 Mil instead, and these profess to be good managers of Barbados ????

    Have no fear the paperwork that was needed to be signed by those local contractors who were vying for the work which clearly states the need to pay Nicholls this 7 % fee has not disappeared it is in safe keeping at the law Firm of which Ms Lyn Marie Symmonds is associated, so it will not go away.

  14. Brathwaite this is not earth shattering is it you seem to think that it is,

    Dottin himself confessed that he had tapes of Sgt Bowen’s conversations he Dottin was a puppet of Mottley and acted on her instructions and recorded private conversations of ordinary Barbadians and you want to come here defending both Dottin and Mottley as if they a virtues of honesty and decency ????

    In other places in the world both Dottin and Mottley would be in a holding cell somewhere awaiting a long sentence and were it in the Middle East a beheading, these actions are not actions you or anyone should try to defend, in the name of freedom and our rights as a people we need to defend free speech and freedom of association not Hitler styled control of our thoughts and our minds.

    It can never be allowed ever again that a Mottley and a Dottin are allowed that freedom to intrude into the private space of Barbadians and read their email, listen to their phone calls, read their text messages, this is not a police state nor are we under Military Rule we are Barbadians and we deserve better from people who are placed in control as Mottley was and we do not expect she or Dottin to be fed recordings on a daily basis of our communications.

    If you suspect people of being involved in the drug trade or some serious matter the correct route is thru the courts to a Judge and lay your case and seek his or her decision to approve the Wire Tapping NEVER AGAIN CAN IT BE FOR SOMEONE LIKE DOOTIN TO BE INSTRUCTED BY MOTTLEY WHO SHE NEEDS TO LISTEN WITH THEIR CALL, TEXT AND EMAIL.


  15. @ ac and Bush Tea

    Only sharing because I think you may like the excerpt.
    A Guy’s View 2 days after PM Stuart was sworn in as PM after the February 21st DLP victory. You guess as to the writer who in a few months since claims not to be political.
    “Good governance demands, therefore, that the days of restraint will be extended a little longer. Many of you have demonstrated the capacity to think, so I know you understand where we are and what we have to do,” and one can only think ‘we’ is the DLP administration because this is precisley the group praised in the column.

  16. @ Give us a break

    Aha! Thanks for enlightening me. So the Chairman of the PSC’s letter to Dottin was inaccurate? Are you suggesting that he was fired or sent on leave because he was found guilty of tapping phones?
    I am glad that I am not defending Dottin but institutions and good governance. Cheers and thanks.

  17. Good Governance ??????? You and the BLP ????? Don’t crack me up
    if Good Governance were knock you guys down you would not know what it was that hit you.

  18. could somebody tell MAM her comments or suggestions in reference to guy Mayerson . are clumsy and borders on ignorance,, as a leader and wunnabe PM she should be presenting her self in a more diplomatic way and demonstrating a clear and definite leadership style one that does not pander to yardfowlism ! emotionalism ! and sensationalism ! .

  19. Guyson Mayers as head of the PSC should be perceived as being independent. Clearly from his columns he is attached to the DLP and therefore decisions emanating from the PSC which he chairs will be viewed with healthy suspicion.

  20. @George

    was the commissioner fired? Hasnt he got a specified time to respond to the concerns and were those concerns sent as an attachment to the letter. Wait Geroge u still in England or in Barbados ?

    George the PSC comprise of more than Mayers? Am I correct and can he make a decision withot the other members?

  21. @Amsed

    as i said in an earlier post Ms. Clarke was leaaving, it it stated in today;s nation that she leaves in september. I am told that she is leaving because the CJ told her that as long as he was there she wold not have been promoted.

  22. @newblood

    Based on this week’s press hasn’t Dottin and his lawyer filed to the Court to seek redress with Madame Justice Reifer slated to hear the matter?

  23. Mr Dottin I know you and many of the officers in your Force.During your tenure many of you did well from constable to your present rank.
    Esprit de Corp was encouraged then and it was good.However at times this same attribute has caused many leaders to make some errors in judgement in the discharge of their duties and where their alliances fall
    .Remember perception is ninety percent actuality is ten percent. In many cases the ninety percent will outway the ten. As commissioner you are in the hot seat and everyone else is looking at you or to you for leadership and direction. You are scrutinized more and it cannot be avoided. Unfortunately a decision has been made without your input. You may have to suck it up and drive on. Remember you and many others who sat in that seat has made an impact on many lives in Barbados. If you remember in the early days commissioners were appointed from the motherland. We have come a long way .

  24. Shite man….what is the going price for brass? Barbados may be richer than we all think. If we could melt down all the bowls in this place we would probably be richer than Qatar.

    George….serious now. You are beginning to embarrass even Onions with the childish ignorance you are posting. What point are you making with the post @ 12.14 a.m. from Mayer’s article about the ambulance chasing press?
    Why the brass you don’t go long sleep at night nuh? Your bedtime should be around 8:30….
    ANYONE can see the man is talking about the tactics of the press in trying to be sensational…. Wuh Bushie knows for a FACT that a certain ambulance driver is a secret Nation photographer…
    What the hell has that to do with being too political for the job of chairman of the PAC?

    @ David
    So what foolishness you letting this George joker get you into now? Why would the DLP install any BUT a DLP sympathizer in key positions in their government? You would put Miller there? …so that he could sabotage your government?

    IT IS ONLY OBVIOUS! Bushie would put someone that he TRUST in critical positions too. Beside who you going bring? Trickydadians? Every Bajan is either B or D. (Except the 3 PDP’s 🙂 )

    The ONLY questions to be asked are these:
    Has the PAC acted according to law and done so fairly and in the interest of the country?
    Was the COP accorded due process?
    Is the action taken within the scope of the PAC

    All the other shiite questions such as George, Dale and Mia are pushing deserved to be flushed….totally irrelevant.

    • @Bush Tea

      By you fuzzy logic David Simmons should NOT have been appointed CJ with such a short cooling off period.

  25. David like tumbleweed wherever the wind blows he goes along……all that matters is wether Mayerson follow the rules and guidelines as stated in the removal of an officer. that other buffaoon wan=nne bee activist GB has a political axe to grind even to the point of irrelevancy.

    • @ac

      You are so political partisan that BU has long come to the conclusion that to debate with you is to throw water in the sea.

  26. David wrote,”Guyson Mayers as head of the PSC should be perceived as being independent.”

    “should be perceived”
    Therein lies the hypocrisy. All Barbadians are tainted by incestuous political association.

    I am sure Elliot Mottley is an honourable competent Lawyer and is independent from his daughter in representing Dottin.

    But the “perception” would not suggest the “independence”.

    The hypocrisy is that all of you participate in these incestuous political relationships while hiding behind political partisanship to protect your turn at the trough.

    • @Hants

      A perception is given currency by the actions/decisions/behaviours exhibited over time by the person in question. There is therefore merit in believing that a person who have cultivated a good rep over time deserves the label of being fair/independent. Instead if we go with the lawyers we have a PSC who has made a decision which is very ‘challengeable’ in court and may result is more tax dollars leaking into the river. There is some credence in your point that Barbados is an incestuous pit which is as a result of our size and interwoven relationships.

  27. Bush Tea wrote “Every Bajan is either B or D”

    Yes Bushie but some like Mascoll move from one to the other.

  28. David wrote “Barbados is an incestuous pit”

    That is one of the reasons why Barbados needs an FOI act and and Integrity legislation.

    • @Hants

      Of course if BU continues to ask why the anti corruption Bill has not been proclaimed months after its passage through parliament and why we have not seen the FOIA laid in parliament, we will be attacked by the yardfowl brigade. It is a no win.

  29. Skeletons in closets.

    That is why it is taking so long.

    I remain a DLP and BU supporter who lives in a country that has an FOIA act.
    We also have true investigative reporters even though they sometimes engage in “witch hunts”

  30. DAVID there are millions of US out there on both sides of the political divide it makes for healthy debate and a recognition that both parties would be watch with an weary eye in spite of political leanings .now what is really needed is a counter response to political partisanship ,that is a movement that is apolitical having no strings attached to any one or political party , that in itself would help to dilute all the political banter and give people and incentive upon which to act in a real democracy, as along as there is no other alternative people would continue to say and do things for their best interest, !

  31. @ David

    Bush Tea
    By you fuzzy logic David Simmons should NOT have been appointed CJ with such a short cooling off period.
    Bossman, you like you drink some George Braffit juice yuh!

    Simmons should Not have been appointed CJ PERIOD….cooling off or not…
    He did not have the management skills, experience, or competence for such a critical role.

    If Arthur had been REALLY BRIGHT, he would have appointed Sleepy Smith, an out and out D, but an unquestioned Bajan who was willing to stand up for the right things….OVER AND ABOVE ANY PARTISAN LEANINGS.

    …Wuh Hants is a D too…but he know shiite when he smell um… 🙂

  32. @David

    then the court will decide. We must be balanced in our reasoning.

    Mia should be careful how she become involved in this matter. she should remeber how dotting was cataplted ahead of bertie and from then the force went down hill.

  33. Mia Mottley’s continued palaver on the Guyson Mayers appointment to chair the PSC really bogles the mind.

    She says Guyson Mayers as PSC chairman (and former policeman) is junior to Darwin Dottin. Mia Mottley pronouncement is so pathetic. Guyson Mayers is no longer a policeman (hence the issue of rank has no place in his duty as PSC chair). Guyson Mayers sit as chair of the PSC as an Attorney at Law. That is what Mia Mottley need to be honest about.

    When Mia Mottley and Owen Arthur appointed the same Guyson Mayers as the first Head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). Did their appointment of Mr. Mayers at the time supersede anyone ?

    I know the real concern for Mia Mottley and the BLP about this Darwin Dottin saga is the fact that a lot of the BLP obnoxious garbage may now find its way in the public domain.

    Mia Mottley knows only too well that Guyson Mayers have a trove of information.

    Hence, the spurious attack on Guyson Mayers.

    Even the Sunday Sun of 23 June 2013 on page 3 states, Guyson Mayers does allow politics to influence his decisions”

    Well Vivianne Gittens can look forward for a lawsuit on that palaver that she continually allow to be printed.

    • Fractured BLP

      I must concur with the first two paragraphs of your comment at 3:53:

      Mia Mottley’s continued palaver on the Guyson Mayers appointment to chair the PSC really bogles the mind.

      She says Guyson Mayers as PSC chairman (and former policeman) is junior to Darwin Dottin. Mia Mottley pronouncement is so pathetic. Guyson Mayers is no longer a policeman (hence the issue of rank has no place in his duty as PSC chair). Guyson Mayers sit as chair of the PSC as an Attorney at Law. That is what Mia Mottley need to be honest about.

      Unfortunately though, I must tell you that she is right about his resignation as Chairman, PSC but not for the reasons stated. Mayers recent political activity is not consistent with what is expected of a chairman of any service commission. I have known Guyson for years and I thought that he had more sense than to allow himself to be used in such a crass way by politicians of any political hue.

      Like you, Mia is a politician and being honest is sometimes difficult. It would have made more sense if she questioned the relationship between the two while Mayers was still a policeman.

  34. You Dems are priceless, it is always about you and the DLP.

    I have more or less stayed out of this most unfortunate episode in our history. Those against Mr Dottin have come out and cast all kinds of aspersions on his character and painted him in the worse way, all the while praising the top DLP policemen.

    The new acting Commissioner is no paragon of virtue either, In addition to the car racket in which he was involved, he was also involved in letting his nephew go after a police stop and search with immigration at the time when the dead king was hunting down Guyanese nationals. This nephew who is also an immigration officer was stopped and in the car were drugs and ammunition shells. The acting man was so shocked. What happen? The disgusting boy was allowed to go free as you see the chief immigration officer is his aunt, who also happens to be the new top cop’s sister.

    By the way, what is a man nearly 90 years old, Keith Whittaker who himself was a thorn in Orville Durant’s side doing on the PSC?

    If Mr Dottin’s sin is that he talked to Mia and the Nation, I hope he sues and gets millions!

    My good Lord!

  35. Prodigal

    That is the dilemna for you, Dottin and Mottley the case against Dottin is so compelling that he do not have chance to dispute.

    So the only recourse he had was to ask the same corrupt Mottley family to stand as his legal representative. What else did we expect from Dottin. There is no other law firm or lawyer in Barbados he would be prepared to peruse over his information….other than being a member of the corrupt Mottley clan.

  36. @Prod

    he might end p like r favourite al barrack and how about that. Can substantiate ur claims as above?

  37. The removal of the CoP should serve as a wake up call for other public officers.

    Some weeks ago I read somewhere on BU that the Director of Public Sector Reform, Michael Archer, was spending Gov’t funds for questionable purposes as though the money is his personal funds.

    Since that story appeared a female staff from Mr. Archer’s office complained to the Ombudsman that Mr. Archer constantly makes sexual advances to her. Being the wimp he is, Mr. Archer , I am told has gone on ” sick leave ”

    So much for productivity in the public service.

  38. @ Caswell
    Don’t be petty……and don’t ascribe motives to Guyson without any basis of fact.
    Are you suggesting that Mayers does not have the capacity and maturity to act professionally in the position of Chairman DESPITE any previous relationships?
    This is just the way the cookie crumbles…
    Are you aware of any instances where Dottin appears to have acted In a manner against other officers that could have been affected by “previous relationships”?
    Have YOU ever acted against anyone where your motives could have been ascribed to previous relationships? ….remember this is Bushie asking…. Lol
    …but you were professional right?

    Dottin lived by the sword and he was retired by the sword. Nobody ever said that life was to be fair….at least nobody who understands life… 🙂

    • Bushie

      You are starting to sound like AC, and believe me that is no compliment.

      You should know the maxim: Justice must not only be done but must manifestly be seen to be done.

      How can I be considered petty? From 2008 the Dems were on a mission to remove Dottin by any means necessary. Of course you in your over exuberance, without looking at the bigger picture continue with your biased crap about Dottin.

      It is not what Mayers has done but how it looks and, it looks like he is responding to the dictates of his political masters. The Chairman of the PSC must appear to be independent of politics: how can he appear to be independent when he writes a weekly column in support of the DLP and just a few month ago, he was on the platform in support of the DLP candidate for St. Joseph.

      If I were you, would take a break: your comments are becoming irrational. You don’t have to like Dottin, just be fair.

  39. I have to agree with MAM and her position of a former policeman chairing a sensitive board such as the Police Service Commission.It’s the most stupid thing to do and the PM has further confirmned that he is an insensitive and thoughtless politician.Jobs for de boys.No former policeman has any right on any PSC unless you want to scuttle discipline in the Force.Neither Mayers,who spoke yesterday like a typical policemen,stabbing at words,like he is speaking to a prisoner,nor Whittaker,notorious for, among other disgraceful pronouncements in the 70’s claimed that there were no gangs in Buhbaydus,
    should be on the PSC for reasons that are obvious.
    Verla Depeiza speaks just as Mayers does.Whether you liked Commissioner Dottin or not,you have to admit that the man shows a lot of class.Speaks clearly and in even tone,just as one would expect of a man exposed to good and exemplary company.Either you have it or you do not.As for the Dean Marshall also a member of the PSC,you should remember these words”Give him humility,that he may use his authority to HEAL,not to HURT;to BUILD UP not to destroy.Dean Marshall what sayest thou?Are you not a clerk in holy orders?Are you rendering to Caesar or are you rendering to God.Whom do you serve Dean Marshall?God or Freundel!

  40. LOL @ this talk about having a former policeman on a PSC.

    No former lawyers on legal boards
    No former doctors on the medical board
    No former soldiers on the Defence Board
    No former priest on church boards
    No former teachers as MOE
    No former carpenters on the floor boards…. 🙂

    How silly!

  41. Police often complain of civilian oversight, but Mia has taken it one step further in her argument that a civilian shouldn’t be in a position of authority on any Police Board because in their previous life as a Police Officer they were junior to Officers whom they may have some authority over.

    Mia!! This is why “Silent George” has such difficulty with your leadership, he has recognized that you are not quite ready for “Prime Time”.

  42. @Caswell
    . I thought that the COP was given his instruments by the GG, how then is his dismissal letter signed by someone who is not even a public official? Does this means that these committees or boards can usurp the authority of the GG?.

    • Watching

      The COP would have been appointed by the GG, acting on the advice of the Police Service Commission after it had consulted with the PM. Under normal circumstances, his appointment letter would have been signed by the Chief Personnel Officer. It is highly unusual, if not unheard of for a chairman to communicate directly with a public officer in writing.

      The letter that I saw was not even written on the Government’s letterhead. It appeared as though that Mayers hurriedly put something together without the benefit of the experience of the CPO and wrote a silly letter that will come back to haunt several people to Dottin’s benefit.

  43. @ Caswell

    Thank you. Mr Dottin on his way to the bank then. Shall we say square pegs in round holes again?

  44. David, My two cents worth on this topic.
    Dottin, having clearly been telegraphed that the DLP was out to get him, was somewhat foolhardy in apparently aligning himself with the other side or at least giving the impression that he was so aligned. That was a red flag for the powers that be.

    Seems to me that if one reads the tea leaves, Dottin was therefore freundelled. The modus operandi reads like a script fashioned on the non-standard, couldn’t care less, operating from the shadows, tradition of the freundel modus operandi as exhibited in several areas over the past 3 or so years. The most obvious of which was the way in which the Broome AX affair was handled.

    The model seems to be characterized by a prime ministerial determination for a particular outcome re. solving a particular problem for the DLP or even country. The word having gone out as to what the objective outcome was (eg. Dottin must be go) Operatives are left to do the job in whatever manner they see fit, usually with little consideration of, or reasonable regard for, customary practice but most likely with an unwritten assurance that the ends justify the means. The PM withdraws almost totally from the situation and leaves the operatives to take the praise or blame for any resultant outcome.

    This freundelling appears to me to be a sign of the times and we can expect several more citizens to be freundelled in the coming months and even perhaps years. The justification will be that it was necessary to do things in a certain manner that might not appear to be within the bounds of normal civil or legal or moral practices because of the urgency of the situation, the solution of which would have been deemed impossible if the normal public service or private sector or even industrial checks and balances were applied.

    I note that Bush Tea, to hasten the coming of BBE, is cheer leading this approach. But we should be aware of the resultant chaos that is inevitable before that denouement. Hard done by Public Servants are not all cut in the same cloth as Jeff Broomes. Some will stand up and fight to the bitter end.

  45. There was a time when we knew instinctively or otherwise right from wrong. Today it seems all decisions/positions can be explained with a political view.

  46. what a bunch a nonsense caswell wrote in his above comment….now how in the name of god can a man senority or lack of be enuff reason not to have a job….. and to boot caswell even goes on further to state that the DLP was out to get Dottin.. Caswell what proof do u have of such… Dottin record speaks for itself if .

  47. @ newblood | June 23, 2013 at 7:57 AM | My apologies. I had not checked back on this thread and therefore did not realise that you had addressed two comments to me. I happened to be speaking to a most learned friend and was told by them that Marva Clarke was leaving. Apart from the two of us then raising a celebratory glass (or three) and uttering the words, “Good riddance”, neither of us pursued the matter any further. So, I cannot say what the CJ may or may not have said. I DO know that the fact that Pamela Beckles was brought on to the bench as an acting judge, instead of Marva Clarke, was a clear indication (to me at least) that Marva would never be promoted to the bench. Therefore, I would tend to believe what you have said about the CJ’s position.

    It is well known that I am a great admirer of Madam Justice Pamela Beckles. I am not alone. She has come in for most favourable comment in a CCJ judgement. . She represents the sort of judges that we need on the Bench in Barbados. I refer you to paragraph 50 of the CCJ judgement, which reads:

    “[50] Blackman J’s judgment indicates that counsel appearing on behalf of the Attorney General submitted to the judge that “delays were typical in Barbados and consequently ought to be tolerated” (para 53). The judge also records (para 65) that another counsel had deposed that
    “[w]ith the notable exception of the court presided over by Magistrate Pamela Beckles, a … preliminary inquiry into a charge of murder generally takes between one to four years to commence” and that “the Crown takes a very long time to respond” to requests for disclosure of the statements of witnesses. If these statements are accurate, and there was nothing to suggest that they were not, members of the Barbadian public have every right to be concerned about what may be considered as blots on the criminal justice system.””

    So, if anyone is looking for a court in which the justice system is alive and well, we do actually have one (but only one) such.

  48. All jokes aside…..wunna shoulda let a sleeping Freundy lie…..

    Lie to whom Bushie???…….He has been lying both ways since he has been in office.

  49. The problem in Bim is that there are too many imposters or brass bowls playing political games at the expense of the citizens. A strong dose of castor oil is needed throughout the civil service. I wonder when will Jones get his walking papers?

  50. @ Islandgal
    “A strong dose of castor oil is needed throughout the civil service…,”
    LOL .. Everyone agrees with that prescription, but Caswell and his ilk don’t seem to want to drink…. LOL

    @ Check-it out
    “Freundelling” as you have so well described it, is EXACTLY what a good leader is SUPPOSED to do.
    Make up your mind…. Are you now saying that Freundy in fact HAS a plan and have been executing it slowly but surely so far…?
    …or is he asleep…?

    @ Caswell
    Well Cas, you never managed anything in your life….so Bushie understands your inability to grasp the REQUIREMENTS of leadership. It means DECISIVENESS and ACTION…whether or not professional analysts (like you or George) agree….
    It ALSO means that there is a BIGGER picture than any individual’s perceived “rights”. – it is called the NATIONAL INTEREST…and the PM is elected to safeguard THAT.

    Even if Dottin has the legal right to stay on the job as long as he may personally wish to…..IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST it may well be best to make a change.
    …..Bushie would have done it years ago…and DEFINITELY after the British women’s rape case interview….
    …and the ‘reason’ would have been just UNSATISFACTORY PERFORMANCE as COP.

    …..but then it is such thinking that separates millionaires from paupers….. 🙂

    • Bushie

      I almost said AC. You are completely missing the point. I don’t know if you are old enough to be getting doltish in your old age. Even in the national interest, a public officer has a right to be heard before he is terminated. For Christ sake man, use the little grey matter that The Lord blessed you with, just remember the man who his his talent. In the Public Service, there is also a procedure to retire a person on grounds of inefficiency. In every such procedure, the officer has a right to be heard. How is Dottin any different?

      Please Bushie take a rest: you are sounding like AC more and more.

  51. Bush tea; Both! Freundel has only given the appearance of being asleep. He has been wide awake in a dream of his own intelligence, correctness, infallibility, worth, prescience, etc. etc., ever since he took office. Fortunately or unfortunately, lady luck has been on his side so far. Unfortunately, the quality of implementation of his minions has left a lot to be desired.

  52. Nobody not minding u caswell u a two faced hypocrite .u get up in here and talk about corruption but only when it serves your purpose. with all the infractions not to mentionm the wire tapping Dottin has been accused of u got the gall to defend him on some kind of special privelge. u acting like Dottin had a constitutional right not to be fired

  53. LOL oh Shirt! ….ac defending Bush Tea…will wonders ever cease? 🙂
    …and against Caswell of all people… LOL …..rotfl

    Morning ac sweetheart….

    Caswell just be patient. You will come to be enlightened. Meantime begin work on a nice little apology for the bushman (it won’t be your first or likely your last… 🙂 )

    BTW…according to Stephen Alleyne…
    Was the COP not sent on leave with instructions to answer a case against him? Who said anything about terminated …but you?

    Generally speaking, Bushie was making the point that a SENSIBLE businessman or leader WILL take WHATEVER steps are needed to safeguard the OVERALL (national) interest.

    If that involved an unorthodox firing …so be it.
    If it involves a sending on retirement … So what?

    ….do you understand that sometimes it can even involve GOING TO WAR…and having thousands of innocents die in the process…?

    Wunna think that leadership is drinking milk…?
    ….but then Caswell, you never MANAGED anything in your life did you…? Perhaps you are beginning to see why….?

    • Bushie

      Please read this slowly. I am not saying that Dottin is a saint and he has done nothing wrong. I am not defending him. All that I am saying is that the GG and PSC breached the procedure and that would allow Dottin to live and fight another day. They do not only have the thing backwards, they are using pieces of two different procedures to deal with Dottin. In other words, they have messed up.

      Bushie, I feel really sorry for you when AC has to come to your defence. That alone should tell you that you are wrong or at least give you cause for concern.

  54. Caswell

    He may live to fight another day but NOT from the chair of Commissioner of Police, that I assure you. Court is full of fools and lawyers, sometimes it difficult to tell who are the fools and who are the lawyers.

    He will suffer the same fate as Broomes. The Court is only the clothes line from which all his dirty linen will be hung for all to see. Wunna keep playing with the PM and see if each and every time wunna coming up on the losing side.

    • Under Scrutiny:The force after Dottin


      By Stephen Alleyne

      In the wake of the decision of the Police Service Commission (PSC) last week to send the Commissioner of Police Mr. Darwin Dottin on administrative leave with almost immediate effect, many eyes today will be glued to this page to see what I’ve to say about this sudden and cataclysmic event, given the extensiveness with which I’ve written in the past on matters pertaining to the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF).

      Since the news broke last Tuesday morning in a Timothy Slinger exclusive article in the Nation Newspape, the PSC has been fair game. Editorial after editorial, call-in programme after call-in programme, the implication is that the PSC has summarily dismissed Mr. Dottin and the public has a right to know why he has been treated so shabbily. The truth is Mr. Dottin hasn’t been dismissed; he is still the substantive holder of the office of Commissioner of Police. The PSC has no power to hire or fire. The sole remit of the PSC under the Constitution of Barbados is to advise the Governor General on the appointment to offices in the force, the removal of police officers from the force and the discipline of police officers. What has really happened therefore can be deduced from the following two excerpts of a letter appearing in Barbados Today purportedly signed by Mr. Guyson Mayers and delivered to Dottin:

  55. @ Caswell Franklyn | June 24, 2013 at 11:53 AM

    Where can we see a copy of that letter from the Chair of the PSC to the CoP advising him of the decision to send him on administrative leave and intention to advise the GG to remove him from office?
    Was there a copy uploaded on this blog? If so which thread was it posted on?

    • @Miller, the letter was captured in the Nation:

      *The following is the letter from the Police Service Commission to Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin. The letter is dated June 17, 2013*

      *Re: Recommendation of retirement of the Commissioner of Police*

      I write to inform you that His Excellency, Sir Elliot Fitzroy Belgrave, GCMC, KA, Governor General of Barbados, has been advised by the Police Service Commission to exercise the power conferred upon him by section 11 (1) (a) of the Pensions Act, Cap, 25, and requested that you, in the public interest be retired from the office of Commissioner of Police.

      His Excellency directed the Police Service Commission to provide you with copies of all statements and other evidence which was considered by the Police Service Commission in reaching its decision that you should be required to retire in the public interest, within 21 days of today’s date, 17 June, 2013.

      His Excellency has further advised that within 28 days thereafter, you may provide him with any statement or other evidence or document which, in your opinion, with cast doubt on, or completely rebut the case presented to His Excellency by the Police Service Commission and which is capable of showing that His Excellency should not act on the advice of the Police Service Commission, that you be should be retired from the office of Commissioner of Police.

      His Excellency expressed the view that when he is fully satisfied that all the rules of natural justice as they apply to your case have been satisfied, he would be in a position to determine whether or not you should be required to retire.

      His Excellency is, however, of the view, that you should be placed on administrative leave with immediate effect, today June 17, 2013, until further notice.

      I am further advised that on the advice of the Police Service Commission, after consultation with the Prime Minister, His Excellency has appointed Tyrone Griffith, Assistant Commissioner of Police to act as Commissioner of Police with effect from today, June 17, 2013, until further notice.

      You should conduct yourself accordingly.

  56. @ Powered by Coal | June 24, 2013 at 12:14 PM |
    “Wunna keep playing with the PM and see if each and every time wunna coming up on the losing side.”

    There is going to be an inevitable event coming up very soon when there will be no playing but much crying and weeping.
    Let him battle it out with the IMF. Let him set the terms and conditions for borrowing any money to shore up the fast dwindling forex. We will see on which side he will end up.

    Go ahead and say the miller talking bare shite. Foreign exchange run out what! This country is not ‘powered by coal’ but by forex and we are loaded, right?

  57. The letter is with intent. nowhere in this letter a conclusive decision regarding Dottin firing v has of right now he is on leave mind u at tax payers expense.Now here comes the greatest lawyer on the constituion throwing out advice to the effect that Dottin was railroaded. Caswell u need to zip it something and leave the legalities to the lawyers none of which u are. advisibly.with good reason cause all u do is make matters worse.

  58. Miller u attitude “stinks”i have advised one of my associates who own a shipyard to build a boat large enough so u can pack ur shitt and leave town u seem to be cofined and content to live in misery. Poor soul

  59. Except that there is a thir versionn named “The Cswell Frankly version” upon which all the speculation and confusion has reared its ugly head.

  60. @ac | June 24, 2013 at 12:55 PM

    Captain of the stinking sinking ghost ship, it’s just of matter of time before we set sail heading right to the IMF harbour.

    The miller is just chomping at the bit to hear ac and crew seek to justify every up coming layoff and privatization programme planned for this little place in a few weeks time.

    But remember this, ac, the miller has options as to which ship to sail and where to go, do you? Ask the Bushman if you doubt the miller!

  61. That airport issue with the police and customs is a time bomb waiting to explode…. that is just like the dottin -hinds issue that the Government was fully aware of and wouldn’t do anything to sort it out. Just like the Dottin-Hinds issue that matter engaged the attention of the Government already and nothing is happening to bring some sanity to it.
    Its all about power and if its examined properly by way of the Aviation act they both might be shocked.
    Im wondering if the Customs are allowing the Airport security to go into the arrivals hall as yet or if the cameras were installed in that location.
    We need to stop hiding our heads in the sand and deal with the issues before these small issues turn into major problem even embarrassment.

  62. like Caswell I do believe that the method of parting company with Mr Dottin was tainted and not in keeping with the tenets of natural justice. In addition, the hasty installation of a person to the post of Commissioner who did not even express an interest in the vacant post of deputy smelled and still smells fishy to me. I am sure if such had been done to Mr Hinds or Mr Whittaker under a BLP regime, there would be howls of victimisation from the likes of Ac and CCC. That is why I will continue to posit that the country would continue to slide backward unless the polarisation of the society fuelled by avid and rabid political partisanship is arrested sooner rather than later. No better time than now to press for a movement for change to dismantle political parties and devise a system to place parliamentary governance back in the hands of the people.

    That said, if the allegations against Mr Dottin as posted in Barbados today are indeed true, then Mr Dottin should not only be dismissed using the correct procedures but he should lose his pension too since he was in de facto fired.

  63. @ balance | September 6, 2013 at 10:08 AM |
    “That said, if the allegations against Mr Dottin as posted in Barbados today are indeed true, then Mr Dottin should not only be dismissed using the correct procedures but he should lose his pension too since he was in de facto fired.”

    Darwin Dottin, in order to save his face in this entire case of perceived perversion of authority, should have taken ‘entitled’ retirement much earlier since the fiasco with rape of the two British women and charging of the alleged rapist.

    Be that as it may, Dottin, if indeed the accusations are justified, should feel the same weight of the law he was appointed to uphold and suffer the consequences of his actions just like any other law breaker in the public’s service.

    If only we could get similar treatment meted out to that arch criminal Leroy Greenverbs, oh how the angels would rejoice!

  64. Miller
    The only reason Darwin backpeddling now is cause he knows the evidence against him and because he trying to contain the damage. The Court documents including the affidavits would eventually make their way on BU and he would be exposed for all to see.

  65. It is interesting to read the comments of those who were jumping on the bandwagon and cussing the Police Service Commission.

    What is the difference now as against when the law suit was filed.What changed?

    Everything ended on a wimper rather than a bang and any big pay out as we were told Dottin will get.

    • Until facts are placed in the public domain the vacuum as a result will encourage people to form opinions based on ‘perspectives’.

  66. David of BU,

    Dottin had all opportunity to dispute the allegations contained in the court documents. No doubt given the coward he is , he has chosen to walk.

    A terrible shame !

  67. Technology demands that you do what is good , what is right…. You cant hide and do wrong now, not even in your Bedroom. Big Brother has been here for sometime. Do what is right even when you think nobody is watching because the reality is -They are watching and listening to you–and recording you. That is technology. Do good !

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