FA Cup: Barbadian Emmerson Boyce’s Wigam Athletic v Manchester City

In less than an hour Barbadians will get a chance to support the Barbadian led Wigam go up against Manchester City. A classic David Goliath match up.

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  1. Thank you David. Should be a great match with everything to play for.
    FOX 170 if you have Direct TV.

  2. Carzy upset indeed. Real defeat for MAN C!
    Congratulations, Wigam Athlectic! Credit to the underdog!

    • @Hants

      Actually the moment is gone. As a country we should have been riding this train from the semis. Did you read the bitter sentiments expressed by Boyce in the Nation earlier this week?

  3. BU bloggers let us force the Government and the BTA to do the obvious.

    Congratulatory messages to Emmerson Boyce.

    Emmerson Boyce can help tourism.Look at him walking up the steps.Big smile. A face filled with pride.

    Yet another Bajan making us proud.

  4. David too bad you are not on the BTA board. Clearly you understand the concept of “seizing the moment”.lol

    Hopefully the BTA will follow your lead.

  5. David wrote “Did you read the bitter sentiments expressed by Boyce in the Nation earlier this week?”

    Yes I did. Very unfortunate.

    He could inspire a lot of young Bajans

  6. Great game and truly worthy winners. Thanks David and special thanks also to Terry Bent for let us know that it was going to be on Fox. I know that some ‘big ups’ from the BTA were at Wembley watching the match and live in eternal hope that we will size the moment and capitalise on this Barbados connection. Dave Whelan (Wigan’s chairman) has promised to bring the team (and their families) to Barbados if they are NOT relegated. We need everything we can get to help restore arrival numbers.

    • We should all pray that Whelan is able to deliver on his promise. It is not about the team and family BUT the publicity and news it will create in a key source market. Well Petra was at the game so let us see what comes out of it.


    It good to have fun when possible , and you all seem to be having that , have a great day

  8. Congratulations again to Wigan Athletic!
    Wishing them further success in their attempt to stave off relegation in the other league since they are sitting at No. 18; 3 up from the bottom of the table.
    Yesterday’s victory will certainly act as a spur to avoid relegation and hopefully leading to an uplifting feeling as they look forward to their visit to Barbados.

    What is of interest is a lovely photo of Emmerson Boyce proudly displaying on the BBC- while holding the winner’s cup aloft -his colourful wristband with the Barbados flag for everyone to see.
    It would be interesting to see him being interviewed on the television with that Bajan wristband on display just to show we still have a presence and can make a mark wherever we go, even though we are only 166 sq. miles of coral stone.

    Hope he is not put in the background like that other fella of Bajan heritage (Mark Alleyne I believe is his name) who used to captain Gloucestershire County Cricket Club which won the County Championship under his captaincy during the early 2000’s.
    The BTA should mount a more aggressive campaign in the UK especially among Football supporters to promote Bim as a sports / recreational destination as JCA is doing successfully with regard Athletics.

  9. The magnitude of this win by Wigam is epic. If one considers the $$$ spent by Man U City on its clipboard of players and the nett worth of the Club. Wigam was just a nobody…..BIG UP WIGAM ….BIG UP!

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