QEH on Death Bed

John Boyce, Minister of Health

John Boyce, Minister of Health

It has come as no surprise to many tthe Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) continues to be affected by shortages of critical medical supplies. Despite assurances from Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners (BAMP) officials that  care to the critically ill will not be compromised by the current state, BU remains stoutly sceptical and pray to the gods members of the BU household do not become afflicted by any serious malady in the near future.   To listen to Minister John Boyce condescendingly advising Barbadians not to panic in the Lower House has done nothing to dissuade our view.

Who in their right mind believed that a 35 million dollar cut to the health budget 2013 would not have adversely affected healthcare delivery in Barbados? Explaining the cuts last year Minister John Boyce also gave an assurance , “ … that cost reduction measures at QEH were being taken in consultation with the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners, the Medical Staff Committee, and the Barbados Registered Nurses Association” – see  Boyce lists QEH cuts. BU is willing to be corrected but it seems the government through its agent Minister Boyce picked a number, in this case it was  $35 million, with the unrealistic expectation to be able to find budget heads to cut to achieve the target. Bear in mind the CEO Dexter James was quoted in the media in 2012 confirming that the QEH required $200 million to finance the current hospital model and had received a budget of $154 million, a shortfall of 46 million.

The idiocy!

Is this the same John Boyce who was transferred from the Ministry of Public Works and who literally added to the woes of the Transport Board by requesting the biggest subsidy in its existence? What confidence therefore can he command as head of the Ministry of Health, one of the biggest ministries?

The Barbados Labour Party (BLP) is not blameless, before being booted from office in 2008 Barbadians were promised a change from a QEH managed as a government department to an autonomous Statutory Board. And that it would have resulted in better days for the QEH.

You be the judge!

The health of a nation is the wealth of a nation.


  • David

    Yes David, unfortunately we have had police officers beaten, stabbed, shot and in some rare instances killed on duty in Barbados. I remembered when my good friend Marlon Moore an ex- mounted police was shot in the leg at the National Stadium in the 1980’s; and when Senior Superintendent Jasper Watson was shot by Barbados the notorious criminal Doctor- rat; in the 1970’s; and when the former CID dectective Track Suit Top was shot in the foot etc David. And when many of my police friends feared one of the ruthless youth in the Bush Hall area at the time, Pack-Rat. This youth thought little of violently harming a police officer at the time, until he was shot several times by police. So yes David, as a youth who grew up around police, I can state unequivocally, that police officers were violently attacked by the public in the past.


  • Igorance surely knows no bounds.


  • David

    You ought to know that at one point police men in Barbados feared traversing the New Orleans and the Bush Hall Yard Gap areas because of the enomous criminal element there? David, where were you raised in Barbados?


  • No David, we should never underestimate the power of stupidity in your case because you’re comment on a topic that you obviously have little or no knowledge of. Come on man, police have been beaten before in Barbados and it isn’t a big deal David.


  • Dompey | July 10, 2014 at 5:49 AM |

    “Artax: If AC is bias in her support for the DLP, how should we describe your comments regarding the BLP? It looks like the pot is calling the cattle black here Artax? Just a little something to chew on for now Mr. Impartial. lol…..”

    Mr. Dompey, it seems as though the definition of being balanced and impartial to you, is to blindly and stupidly support or post comments in favour of the DLP.

    My friend, unlike you and AC, I have no allegiance to, or blindly supports any political party in Barbados. And the contents of contributions from both you and Ac, has deterred me from doing so.
    My contributions to this blog are always substantiated by facts and I quote the sources of my information. It is also important to note that none of the sources of my information comes from any documents produced by the Barbados Labour Party.
    Lest you forget, the BLP is not the party that forms the government, it’s the DLP. As such, when the DEMS do shiite, or when you and AC write shiite, as you usually do, it’s my right to highlight it and bring information to prove you wrong.

    Most importantly, Mr. Dompey, you do not live in Barbados nor are you experiencing any hardship as most of us are under this administration, and as such, you are not qualified to make any comments on the state of our economy, just as much as I cannot comment on the state of the USA economy.
    Yes, you will say that there are news reports, but reports are always edited and do not give full facts. You will also say that you read and will get information from relatives and friends. But judging from your posts, obviously you will associate yourself with comments coming from those who support the DLP, and your source of reading will more than likely be the Barbados Advocate.


  • @ Artax
    Most importantly, Mr. Dompey, you do not live in Barbados nor are you experiencing any hardship
    What are you talking about Artax…?
    You think it is easy being an idiot?


  • Steve greenidge

    Do not confuse the cost of running QEH with the allocation to QEH. In 1994 and just prior the hospital was seriously underfunded in that period of austerity. The spiral started then, there was significant shortages, capital equipment was not maintained and the plant became obsolete. We have been playing catchup since then, requiring significant amounts to recapitalize plus increasing operating cost. The QEH has significant debt which is its major problem, so whatever 20 million is useless if there is an outstanding 30 million debt. Hence the cash flow issue, because if you are allocated 120 Mill which Is disbursed quarterly, if you service your debt, there is nothing left for operating expense. If you don’t service your debt then you get no credit. Hence current situation.


  • Artaxerxes | July 10, 2014 at 7:34 AM

    Excellent post. As David said, ignorance knows no bounds.


  • Bush Tea

    It’s quite clear to those here on BU, that you’re obviously short on the supply brains Bushie. Now, must I continue to insult what appears to be your limited intelligence? Georgie Porgie, haven’t the connected brain cells one would have hope an intelligent man would possessed but he gets it Bushie, so what must I do to inculcate this message across to an egotistical like you?


  • Prodigal Son

    Ignorance can be cured but in Bush Tea, David and your case, stupidity is forever.


  • Prodigal Son | July 10, 2014 at 8:50 AM |
    “Excellent post. As David said, ignorance knows no bounds.”

    Thanks Prodigal.

    Bush Tea | July 10, 2014 at 8:09 AM |
    “What are you talking about Artax…? You think it is easy being an idiot?”

    Hahahahahahaha…….. Good one Bushie.


  • The PM said that the QEH is not in crisis.

    The Dems have proven over and over again that they cannot be trusted to tell the truth. They lie even when it is not necessary. Even with the evidence in the public eyes, they lie. What are we going to do with these lying inept incompetent wild boys?

    This bold faced lying reminds me when the CLICO scandal broke.

    Out came the thiefing CEO and then the crooked dead king…………
    CLICO Barbados has nothing to do with CLICO Trinidad. CLICO Barbados is well managed and well run and then proceeded to take up TEN MILLION taxpayers dollars and put it into the empty coffers of CLICO. And the rest is history, we then found out how “well run” this company was.

    Fellow, Barbadians, what are we going to do to rid ourselves of this government which is oppressing us? Barbados has never had a government that has so lied and dis-respected its citizens. I mean these brutes lie with impunity!

    Yet idiots like dompey and ac say the DLP is for poor people…….well good thing there are otherwise I dont know how much further down the pit we would be now!


  • Prodigal Son

    The members of the DLP are imperfect people, operating in an imperfect system of government. Must I insult what’s left of your intelligence to convey such a simplistic point? Now,shouldn’t you be stupid some way else? The morning is yet young!


  • Guys and gals;take a leaf out of David’s book and just completely ignore the poop dropped by the braying Donkey.From hereon in,do not mention or comment on the Donkey’s poop.
    On another topic,did I not hear the MoF Sinckler(the moderator kept addressing a Sinclair,but I assume he refers to Sinckler)say that all land in Barbados is Crown land?To quote David,ignorance knows no bounds!Another howler from this lowlife Garsun boy.You just can’t make silk of a sow’s ear.


  • If the PM (using the the term loosely) received his education by way of the UWI, that would be proof perfect for the government to cease funding education through that institution. Based on the current level of disconnect with reality and aversion to the truth, how many would be willing to place their legal business with him once he returns to practicing at the Bar? Would you let any of these pretenders run a rum shop for you? And yet, we (some of us) returned them to Parliament to ru(i)n this country!


  • Bu has become a hot bed of blp malicious political pimps..where truth and fact no longer exist.but where spite and envy has become the norm..it is only fair accurate view be represented which would give a fair and balanced perspective pertaining to issues that affect all .


  • @ Gabriel
    Well if the MOF say all land is crown land…who the hell is a simple bushman to dispute him….?
    Presumably he has been advised by the AG, CJ, DPP, PM and GG….

    Bushie says if um is crown land …let the damn crown pay the shiite tax fuh um….
    The bushman was going to pay …least the crown took the land….but if um is THEIRS already …what the hell?…. 🙂

    Brass bowls….


  • sorry guys the horse bolted out the stable long ago ..and no amount of blp political salvo induced with slim and disdain at present govt is going to erase the fact that barbados has inherited severe structual problems because of instituionalised policies implemented by the BLp meant to keepthe rich busy and happy and the poor now having to carry the burden


  • We all agree that the Barbados Labour Party must take some of the blame for the deterioration of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. I also believe the BLP should be ashamed to criticize the government’s efforts, especially knowing they [the BLP] had enough funds at the time to fix problems at the hospital.

    The DLP took note of various issues at the QEH and highlighted them in their 2008 manifesto. For example, I refer you to caption 3: “Health Care For All”: page 3, paragraph 1, of the DLP 2008 manifesto:

    “It is an open secret that our health care facilities, especially the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, are in chaos. There is serious deterioration of the physical plant, and the management systems are failing. These could be
    rectified by a government that is committed to providing decent health services to the average Barbadian. However, what is of most concern is the poor service that is meted out by some caregivers.”

    This indicates the DEMS were actually staying abreast of Barbados’ health issues, and promised to rectify ALL problems at the QEH, as outlined in the manifesto, some which are listed below:

    “We will implement a “Rescue the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Plan” which will include:
    Increasing the number of trained medical personnel; Moving swiftly to effect change, including reduced waiting times, at the Accident & Emergency Department of the QEH; Constructing a new Accident & Emergency wing and providing more beds and equipment; Setting up a General Practitioner service as an adjunct to the A&E unit to streamline patients entering it, thereby alleviating the long waits; Upgrading the geriatric hospitals to treat the elderly for emergencies thereby taking the strain off of the A&E unit and freeing beds; Upgrading and opening selected polyclinics on 24 hr/7days a week basis. Making the latest treatment options available to ordinary Barbadians at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.”

    What has become of the rescue plan? I know supporters will talk about finance, but the same way the shadow minister of health and his team were able to identify problems at the QEH, surely a competent and informed shadow finance minister and his team would have recognized the signs of the then pending economic recession (which Owen Arthur referred to in 2007), and should have cautioned his colleagues about making grandeur promises.


  • David words: “Have we ever had policemen beaten by citizens in Barbados before.” Yes David, but then again, you must have been sheltered in the secured arms of your love one?

    Gabriel, you’re quite right… You ought not to underestimate the power of imbecility and stupidity, which David has done here this morning. A group of ignorant knuckled- heads physically assaulted two police officers, BIG DEAL. It has happened in the past and will continue to happen in the future David. (It is the human condition brother) That problem with your analysis is the fact you seem to associate this one isolated incident with the current state of affair in Barbados. And perhaps, you’re correct, but what a cheap shot to use in your failing efforts to give voice to the current state of affairs in Barbados. It was nice to see that the entire Barbadian community agreed with you on the fact that this insolated assaulted on these two law men signed things to come. (lol) You see where I am going with this David? You gave voice on an issue where you had little or no knowledge of and expected those who knew better to accept it at face value.
    David, you ought not to let the persons who wore the uniform hear you make such a ridiculous statement because there were many instances where entire communities turned on the police in Barbados. There were instances that I recalled: where police had to run in order to save their own lives. There were instances I recalled: where police were beaten, stabbed, shot and as I have said above: murdered in very rare cases in Barbados David. David, you may not have heard some of this incidences growing up in Barbados because of your proximity, or association with the police. But I was privileged to have been born and bred just behind one of the major police stations in Barbados and therefore, I was subjected to such incidences. I was present when some of the men and women who wore the uniform were beaten, stabbed shot, and in some very rare case murdered by members of the public.


  • The DLP yard-fowls will take solace in highlighting the ills of the QEH during the Arthur administration, and they have all rights to do so. They are suggesting the BLP’s policies are the blame for the DLP not being able to rectify QEH problems.

    In that case, why are we continuing to experience problems similar to those experienced under the BLP administration, when, according to the caption “Health” on page 9 of the DLP 2013 manifesto, the DLP indicated they were able to rectify MANY of the problems at the QEH.

    “In just five years, the DLP has rescued the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH); and the QEH is well on its way to being restored as a premier health care institution in the Caribbean. In just five years, much progress has been made in resolving many of the problems that impacted adversely on the delivery of health care. In the area of primary health care the Democratic Labour Party Administration implemented corrective measures which have reduced the burden experienced by the public during the period of neglect, 1994-2008.”


  • I agree with you ac, these political yardfowls from the BLP are spiteful and envy the good work these loyal servants are doing.

    Could you believe BLP operatives walking about telling lies on this administration:-
    – constant lies about the use of NIS monies like an ATM
    – telling lies about taxpayers monies spent on Four Season
    – lies about the 60% increase on water bills
    – lies QEH in crisis and shortage of drugs etc
    – lies about the real reason of imposing a solid waste tax
    – lies about an addition 2.5% on VAT for 18 months
    – lies about a small allowance to Sandals
    – lies of buying Sam Lord’s Castle to give to Almond
    – lies regarding this administration purchasing Almond Beach.
    – lies from Estwick that the administration that he is a member is
    responsible for this crisis
    – lies pertaining to investors fighting to invest in Barbados
    – lies about the intention of fees to be paid by students
    – lies about our PM having the dropsy
    – lies that all these association have no problem paying the solid waste tax.

    I am asking all BLP operatives to ease up with these lies on the ruling DLP.
    ac and Dompey, let me know who are the trouble makers. BTW, I need someone wake me up from this horrible dream.

    I leave you with this quote:
    People like to say that the conflict is between good and evil. The real conflict is between truth and lies.


  • Artax

    Did you hit your head when you were a child? You don’t seem to get it that we’re still in a recession.


  • If the death knell is being rung for the QEH, then we may as well extend that to another well entrenched Barbados institution, the Boys Scout Association.
    It seems as if this administration has very little regards for its Pensioners as well as its Youth.


  • Tell Me Why

    But in this case it seems as though the BLP lies have got a stranglehold on the DLP Truths.lol


  • Caswell Franklyn

    I am now convinced beyond all reasonable doubt that our MPs are out of touch with reality. Earlier today, I heard in the news Michael Carrington recommending that the buildings of the now defunct Louis Lynch Secondary School as a shelter for fire victims.

    Former students and teachers of that school are dropping down like flies because of suspected environmental problems, and he wants kill a few more. A former teacher of that school is being buried on Saturday.


  • Lemuel said;
    “it is rather disturbing to think one person is so political bias and that they perceive the 16 DLP members of parliament are much more intelligent than other Barbadians, having all the solutions to our problems.”

    Yet they cannot implement one workable solution to the crisis they helped create in Barbados, just goes to show that both political parties DLP/BLP are useless to the taxpayers.


  • Again, my question is, are these politicians working hand in hand with the undertakers in Barbados……death and dead bodies are BIG BUSINESS, they generate a lot of paper money.


  • David, because the DLP is the new face of government these days, this doesn’t give you or anyone the right to attributed total blame on them for any of the country existing problems. Now one could understand if these problems were exacerbated by the policies implemented to address such concerns. But by Artax own on admission, “These problems existed before the DLP took power “. Now, I’ll leave you with this food for thought: “The past with its good and evil lives in the present.”


  • Dompey | July 10, 2014 at 12:38 PM |

    “Artax: Did you hit your head when you were a child? You don’t seem to get it that we’re still in a recession.”

    My friend, I will not debate on any issue pertaining to the economy with you, simply because you can never critique or replay to the contributions of others without being sanctimonious, and you do not live in Barbados. To do so in the future will obviously prove that I “hit my head as a child”.


  • In today Nation we read that the MOH is going after persons who pissed in the streets and alley ways in Bridgetown. The fine for doing such, could be as high as $5000 . Now if Sinkler and Stuart had placed a Wee Wee Tax on such offenders , we could understand,and island wide, they stand to rake in a lot of money.
    As the Health Inspector said to the man, ” You cant piss here, it’s against the law? Skipper the man replied, ” This is against de pailing.”


  • Well Well | July 10, 2014 at 1:04 PM |

    “Lemuel said;it is rather disturbing to think one person is so political bias and that they perceive the 16 DLP members of parliament are much more intelligent than other Barbadians, having all the solutions to our problems.”

    Correction, Well Well…. that quote above was not made by Lemuel.


  • Let us critically analyse the issue of finance. I am of the opinion the DLP was aware of the pending economic crisis, but went ahead to make some ill-advised promises in hopes of winning an election. Their back-up plan was to blame the BLP and the recession if certain or all initiatives failed.

    It is even more ludicrous for the DLP to recognize the island presently has a problem with revenue, but still went ahead to make more grandeur promises outlined on page 9 of their 2013 manifesto, some of which are listed below:

    Construct a new General Hospital; Expand community based health programmes, including the delivery of Community Mental Health care; Expand the range of services at Polyclinics e.g. Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Diabetes, Gerontology; Strive to achieve a more patient-friendly health care system; Provide for improved access to diagnostic services at Polyclinics; Improve physical facilities at all polyclinics; Expand training programmes for Polyclinic staff; Provide for a fully functioning St. John Polyclinic; Restructure the management system for polyclinics; Provide for the full operationalization of Health Information Systems, including a Digital Patient Record System at the QEH, Psychiatric and Geriatric Hospitals and polyclinics.”


  • Donkey, the major problem with your party is they did NOT take advice from the persons who know, political alliances aside. (Just so block heads like you know, if it were the BLP doing this foolishness, we would feel the same as we do now so IT IS NOT ABOUT POLITICS.) The Private sector cried out, offered suggestions, as did the medical fraternity when the problems were first drawn to our attention in Parliament by the Professor, even the no good unions came up with a plan to aid the situation. Even, one of their own ministers offered an alternate, only to be ignored. In the long run they did not heed anyone, now MUST bow to the IMF.

    Barbadians will always try to do what is best for our country, however, when we are faced with persons who only seem to look out for their own interest and who act so high and mighty that their noses touching clouds, not to mention squeezing the working class, trampling the most disadvantaged and looking to kill the pensioners earlier, WE BAJANS, will not allow this disrespect and lack of basic common sense to continue on. It might seem so to them but mark my words it just a short matter of time before this government will decide that they HAVE to listen and follow what WE the public say. It is not about BLP or DLP any more- IT IS ABOUT WHAT OUR GRANDPARENTS WORK HARD FOR AND THE LEGACIES WE WANT TO LEAVE FOR OUR CHILDREN. WE WILL NO LONGER SIT BACK!!!


  • @ Artax
    My friend, I will not debate on any issue pertaining to the economy with you,
    At last – you are beginning to get it…..

    When you finally get it, you will say…
    BB Idiot, I will not debate on any issue AT ALL with you….! 🙂


  • well at least progress by way of fair and balanced dialogue has started with at least one comment admitting that theBLp should be shouldering part of the blame for thedespicable affairs of the QEH..a positive move forward that can remove all of the hostilty. and division between both parties bringing us closer where we all can agree that WE are all in this together.No one should be so obstinate that their single welfare is more important than the overall well being of a country and its people.


  • Artax, It often slip my grasp that Bush Tea is a toothless old man with a strong halitosis.


  • TO Dr. Chase ad BAMP, I would like you all to take out a full page advertisement in the Nation stating all the basic things that are short at the hospital, specifically so because of the response from the “sleeping giant” Fruedel.

    “As the Right Honourable Prime Minister so verbosely outlined yesterday, shortages at the QEH are not new. However, these shortages are more severe and more frequent than ever and are definitely compromising the standard of care at our only tertiary care institution,” Dr Chase said.


  • @Can’t wait | July 10, 2014 at 3:34 PM

    I agree with you.

    Earlier this year, nurses were being asked to recycle gloves, that is to wash their hands with the gloves on for the next patient. The nurses refused.

    Can you even begin to imagine the danger this practice would present……the germs and bacteria that could be have been transferred from patient to patient? I would have to believe that this suggestion was not made to nurses dealing with HIV positive patients.

    ac, can your pea size brain comprehend what dangers your government’s incompetence are heaping on its citizens? Think of what could have happened if nurses did not object.

    The man Arthur on Brasstacks thinks just like ac and dompey, the DLP is never wrong, it is always the BLP’s fault. Newsflash!!!!! The DLP has been the government for six years now having stolen the last election by buying votes. Arthur said this week the doctors should donate gloves to the QEH.

    What is needed is for this inept incompetent government to resign as it has not been spending our money wisely. Anyone want to bet that in a few weeks time we are going to start hearing about David Thompson football!


  • Prodigal:
    When I heard Arthur speaking on Brass Tacks, I could not believe what he was saying. It is as if he is AC incarnate!! Yet, David Ellis allows Arthur to spew volumes of foolishness on each program!!


  • I am wondering if the government owes the manufacturers of alcohol in Barbados as well since sometime last month the QEH did not have any alcohol, these are basics in a hospital and they should never be without life-saving necessities…….if the hospital does not have basics it’s because the current DLP government is doing something very wrong, hope they get sued..


  • Dompey | July 10, 2014 at 12:44 PM |
    Tell Me Why

    But in this case it seems as though the BLP lies have got a stranglehold on the DLP Truths.lol
    ac | July 10, 2014 at 3:09 PM
    well at least progress by way of fair and balanced dialogue has started with at least one comment admitting that theBLp should be shouldering part of the blame
    You all are so politically dumb that you are unable to analyse the negatives I brought to light with the failures of this administration. I had to jump out of my horrific dream and come back to reality. On a more serious note, why Donville vote with the government when deep down he knew Barbadians will suffer. D. E from the East. Earlier, you admitted the poor performance of your colleagues. How do you feel now this solid waste tax will affect your family, your friends, your agriculture fraternity and your neighbours. can you look them in the face and smile?


  • Prodical
    Arthur is Carson Cadogan. Was or still is associated with the Constituency Councils. Ah wonder how the woodwork cooks associated with the party who fed the campers are fairing since no money available.


  • Let’s so how proactive or not the Opposition is, they have a good case where the DLP government is using extortion and illegal tactics to make people pay this muni tax………yes AC, withholding people’s land tax certificates until they pay the muni tax is EXTORTION, it’s illegal……..Mia needs to get off her ass and do something really soon like file documents in the high court to………….


  • @ Caswell Franklyn
    There is no if about what is happening to the brains of the DLP Ministers all of them are very Sick the M of H awoke Tuesday morning and did not know where he was or his ass from his head and had to seek medical attention, where the machines work ,not at QEH
    That is why he was not in the house for the morning session ,


  • So why did John Boyce not go to QEH since there is no crisis there…..steupss. That is what happens when you are doing wrong things to your own people, selling out your own people and feeling good about yourselves, lying to your own people and feeling good about yourselves..steupss.


  • new and better QEH from the Blp 2003

    We will move immediately in 2003 to enable it to acquire all the equipment necessary to allow this institution to replace obsolete and non-functioning equipment, and to provide for new emergency generators anda new incinerator.

    Upgrading and modernising the entire physical structure.
    Increasing the number of beds to reduce overcrowd- ing on a number of wards.
    //////////////////////////and there is more,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Cancellations and delays of surgical procedures
    unsanitary environment
    outdated surgical machinery
    all this at a time when the country was flowing with milk and honey,,,,



  • A lot of the supplies at the hospital are carted away by common thieves. Food, medicine, supplements, cleaning supplies, toiletries etc. Think not that the theft is isolated to those who allegedly stole money from the accounts department. It is more widespread. The pharmacy wants complete control. Non Barbadians must first pay for medicines at the accounts department before it is dispensed. This rule is being circumvented and thousands of dollars are being eaten away. Some persons are receiving money to assist non nationals in getting medicine via the back door.


  • @Caswell Franklyn | July 10, 2014 at 1:02 PM |

    I am now convinced beyond all reasonable doubt that our MPs are out of touch with reality. Earlier today, I heard in the news Michael Carrington recommending that the buildings of the now defunct Louis Lynch Secondary School as a shelter for fire victims……………………….


    I saw this idiot on my TV last night talking this foolishness.

    Everyday, it is a different set of rubbish coming from these wild boys. You have to let some of the “shiite” go according to Bush Tea otherwise we will all go mad.

    Just a few weeks ago, the Sunday Sun carried an interview with a former teacher who sadly passed away even before the article was published. Another lady was featured a few weeks prior who lost her daughter. In both of the articles, the lady and the deceased man expressed grave concerns about that Louis Lynch compound and said they want answers.

    Now comes the idiot Michael Carrington recommending that the buildings be put to use as the results were not conclusive. Is he for real? That whole compound should be demolished and plant grass and shrubs.

    The man Michael Lashley built a lot of fowl coops all over Barbados, many of them unoccupied to this day, why cannot the fire victims be housed in these fire traps. They are in bed with Mark Maloney, Coverley has hundreds of houses up there unfinished and unoccupied……………..use them as the taxpayers soon have to pay for them.

    We just cannot keep up with these clowns. Look today another clown James Paul all of a sudden is concerned with the effects this solid waste tax will have on farmers……………………….really James Paul, if you did not vote for the bill, the farmers and all Barbados would not be where we are tonight!


  • ac
    I would think that by now you would have gotten beyond 2003. Ok, I believe that Barbadians know by now how politicians operate. Do you know which party is in power? It is unfortunate that you can’t do any better than this. Eventually, most of us will have to depend on the hospital. We could even go way back before 2003, and this will not get us anywhere. All parties make mistakes, but you would not want to accept that yours have made some. Let us remember those who are sick. Those who have to depend on the hospital on a daily basis. Don’t let politics be part of this. This is too CRITICAL.


  • @ Tell me Why | July 10, 2014 at 12:35 PM |

    Sweet! This was one of your best posts! Goood!


  • Small things does add up. My sister works in hospital. Some nurses and other personnel take up and take home supplies such as alcohol, disposable gloves, milk, and syringes to name a few. They can get medication for themselves, friends and family without have a prescription. We are stealing from ourselves. This reminds me of when Liz Thompson bemoaned the fact that after these public showers/baths are built, the fixtures from them are stolen by BAJANS. We as a people need to stop doing this.


  • Also I went to the bathroom at QEH at there was no liquid soap. That moment a maid was there and she complained that ‘the men’ that does wash cars and other people does come and steal all the soap. That she just filled up the dispenser only a short time ago.


  • yeap beyond your wildest dreams……what happened in the past is critical to what happen in the future,,you and other blp yardfowls like to jump in the paling day in and night out and sing the praises of a so called great blp govt ..who wunna want EVERybody to believe that it did the whole of BARBADOS and Barbadians a favour for being in office for fourteen years,,but when truth and facts are driven home about the flaws and failures of the fourteen year reign of govt,,all hell broke loose .like it or lump it .there are both sides to a story and unless both sides are told,,the TRUTH would always be exempt,,
    The ongoing saga and the disruptive and problematic issues at the QEH ,,has now reached the boiling point because of an inept BLP govt who had refused to tackle those problems at a time when things were less costly and money and time was in abundance ,,, like they say day runs until night catches,,,,yes night has come…..and in the darkness not one gleam of light can be found,,,,after all those years of plenty,,,


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Animals only kill to eat, carnivores store meat during lean times as part of their survival requirement, squirrels store nuts to carry them through winter, the bear eats, said food is converted to fat for the winter and imminent hibernation.

    Man waste all of the resources as in the decimation of the buffalo, the dodo bird the elephant, the rhinoceros just for sport.

    Bulbados has a special breed of man rather abuser of resources for between throwing our garbade out of moving cars, buses and trucks behaviour (which even the cat, after shiting covers its faeces), the nigger breed that we are goes one step further.

    By an encroaching mechanism we niggers have developed the mentality that 2 reams of paper from the “office” for my chile to do their english homework for the teacher is natural.

    We have taken consolation in Little sin/big sin so the same persons would be the first to call Michael Lashes a tief for stealing the millions of $$ in kickbacks from Maloney scams BUT thinks nothing about tiefing alcohol gauze or liquid soap from the men’s room.

    If we catch them, let them get lock up and this practice will stop…but then again it is near ten oclock and the last insulin shot wearing off and the ole man starting to babble again…


  • @Caswell “I heard in the news Michael Carrington recommending that the buildings of the now defunct Louis Lynch Secondary School as a shelter for fire victims”

    I heard this too and I could not believe it. people who spent 6 hours a day in the Louis Lynch school are dying…and a Cabinet Minister dares to suggest that we compel fire victims to live there. And as always fire victims include infants and very young children.

    And anybody with any sense understands that fetuses and young children are extremely vulnerable to chemical contamination.

    Dear Michael: I can’t believe that after so much of our tax money was used to send you to school you still seem to have no sense.

    Why not house the fire victims at Ilaro Court. I hear that the place is empty for years at a time. It has nice grounds where little children can play.

    The electricity, water and air conditioning are all connected. The beds are made. There is food in the cupboards. And a staff to keep things neat and tidy. The more I think about my idea, the more I like it.

    And we the people have already paid for Ilaro Court.


  • ac
    Wow the more you speak, the more I am amused. Not everyone who disagrees is a BLP member. I am certainly not. But one is entitled to give his or her own opinion whether you like it or not. How do you tolerate yourself. It is very painful reading your comments. It grieves me to see that you are so shallow. To you the BLP was inept and to others the DLP is more inept. Is that a fair statement? We are both winners I hope!


  • I remember when Branford Taitt was Minister of Health the QEH was in crisis also. At the time he wanted staff to wash and reuse gloves. They rightfully refused. In places where that nonsense is done hepatitis is rife.

    This mis-management of the QEH like it is a DLP thing


  • here is another nugget,,,,,this is what BAMP said about the QEH in 2007 when the BLP was in power

    BAMP Wants QEH Board To Resign

    The Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners is calling for the resignation of the entire board of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
    BAMP is warning Barbadians that it’s willing to undertake whatever action it deems necessary to effect change at the hospital.
    This as it accuses the board of failing in its mandate to improve patient care at the premier health care facility.
    In a strongly worded two page letter to the chairman of the QEH’s board, BAMP has called for a response by August 24.
    BAMP is accusing the board of the QEH of failing to correct the many ills plaguing that institution.
    And it says this has occurred despite the Board’s assurances that it has the right medicine for the facility
    BAMP says it has reviewed at length the various problems facing the QEH and has received little attention, if any by the QEH’s board
    BAMP also charges that despite numerous requests from heads of department at the QEH for basic material and equipment Supplies are unavailable on a day to day basis, adding that the hospital owes its suppliers millions of dollars, with some of them not being paid for over four months..

    footnote,,,,,,the BLP govt had fourteen years to take care of such critical issues which have now reoccurred and impacting the health of a nation..YES it was these failure upon which all have to pay the consequence,,,, .


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ AC

    “You have to give Jack his jacket and Tom his coat” as the old bajan saying goes. I will engage on this topic because what you are saying has a modicum of reason.

    Both parties, incompetent as they are, and have been for some time, have been unable to manage the operation(s) of the QEH for several years running.

    I am not a hospital administrator but it would seem to me that they have soooo many problems in sooo many areas that they dont know where to begin

    Given the amount of malpractice suits outstanding against the QEH under both administrations and the amount of surgical scissors and gauze that has been let inside people post operations that have led to sepsis, suffering and death, I would think that it is time that something is done? Dont you?

    A recent blogger made the comment that health should not be seen as a partisan/political thing notwithstanding that it is due to incompetent politicians that we find ourselves where we are today.

    Maybe, as harsh and charlatan as it may seem to say, maybe if more of our family and relatives were to die at the QEH in agony and undesirable circumstances, the collective consciousness of the Bulbadians would be awakened to the simple realization that, if you give a monkey a loaded gun, you really saying that you are tired of living, when it starts to pull the trigger.


  • who would not like to see the problems of any system resolve.my intervention via comments is to inform those who are adamant to seek quick economic resolve to all and every issue that affects barbadian is for them to take a step back and understand that these issues did not happen overnight but were in the making for many years and should have been given the greatest priority information…having to avoid now has become failed policiesand a govt which is short on cash and a society looking for answers and quick resolve..this is a dangerous path which we have followed and the question we must ask ourselves is how do we fix these problems without digging ourselves into more debt.not an easy solutions either way barbadians going to have to pay a heavy price in seeking resolve whether B or D


  • Good to see local media really pushing the cailing QEH and Muni Tax issues.


  • What the public needs is fair and balanced reporting of all the issues , not sensationalism and misplaced party allegiance by media


  • I am an old aged pensioner, went for my diabetic medication this morning which was not available to be dispensed to me, so what am I to do now, Because I am old when my blood sugar go up just lie down & die? are there no rights for us who worked for our country all our lives paid our taxes, NIS, & everything else that was thrown at us. Come on Mia Mottley, & Owen Arthur please work together to better the lives of Barbadians instead of trying Grandiose yourselves. Does it matter who is boss if the lives of Barbadians are being looked after? Old aged pensioners are being compromised when they cannot get their medication, when they cannot buy the things at the supermarket such as fruit & vegetables, do something!!!!!!


  • For an old age pensioner with your medical necessity, I must say your writing skills are amongst the best and your eyes are sharper than eagle.


  • Whoever continues to address my writing with a negative mark cease and desist because it doesn’t in any meaningful way change the force of what I am endeavoring to convey.


  • Okay David, I can take a hint…. I am not one of the favorites here on BU, who acts without any impunity. But, I nonetheless, respect your resolve in stand your ground on issues that are in support of the BLP agenda and those that are contrary to the DLP ones.


  • here is another golden nugget as to what the then bLP minister of health had to say about the sad state of affair in 2007. after fourteen years in office and face with impending disater at the QEH,,

    No A&E Quick Fix

    IT IS IMPOSSIBLE, says Minister of Health Jerome Walcott, for everyone who walks into the Accident & Emergency (A&E) Department of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) to be treated immediately.
    However, he said, to ease some of the pressure on the department which had about 42 000 to 45 000 passing through it last year, from April 1 two polyclinics – Maurice Byer in St Peter and Randal Phillips in Christ Church – would have extended opening hours.
    Walcott made the disclosure ata Barbados Labour Party St Philip West branch meeting at St Patrick’s Primary School last Sunday.
    He said that despite the fast track/walk-in clinic at the Sir Winston Scott Polyclinic which opens up to 10 p.m. on weekdaysand 6 p.m. on Saturdays, people with minor injuries/ailmentswere reluctant to go there.
    There were plans for the “modernisation and expansion”of the A&E, the minister said, noting that a small unit, with a doctor and nurse, would be set up at the QEH to cater to those patients with minor ailments.
    Commenting on stories on the A&E in the last SUNDAY SUN, Walcott said he was “disappointed” with the tone of the articles.
    “No comment was made as to what [the nurses and doctors] were seeing, what sort of cases they were dealing with, what they were doing in the stat room at the same point in time when you were in the waiting room, what was actually happening in there, who was being resuscitated, which stab wound was being dealt with, which asthmatic . . . . No comment as to what was happening in the Accident & Emergency facility. They were just subjective comments.”

    take note blp yardfowls,,what is happening at the QEH today with the flaws and failures are in part due to inefficiencies and ineptness of the OSA administration..


  • dompey don.t pay attention to the yardfowls measuring stick,, at Saturday march..they could not even get fifty of their own to support t,,BU is the only stomping ground where they foolishly believe that any thing they say is of relevance or importance,,,,don;t let these malcontents belive that their nays command or demonstrate any significant contol or power over what u say,,,,,,i see there foolish games and steupse…………


  • here is what the BLP promised in 2003 as for an improved QEH,,,,,,after fourteen years in office,,nothing was done inspite of having a healthy economic environment,,,and sufficient finances to make changes,,yet today the paling cocks expect what was not done by the blp in fourteen years to be accomplished by a cash strapped govt in six years,,,,,
    The entire Hospital will be computerised to improve efficiency, enabling staff to access information, and to provide timely laboratory and X-ray reports
    The BLP will fully support the total recapitalisation of the QEH.


    so folks bLP yardfowls what happened,,,,,,,,,and to think that all the hue and cry in the past days is coming from the bunch of mongrels who did absoluetly nothing about the anemic condition of QEH and could and should have injected the QEH with much needed oxygen in good economic times ,,but instead left it on life support for the new govt to resuscitate,,,,good grief….


  • Eye of the south

    John Boyce again ! Every thing that loud mouth puts his hands on falls flat. He is unable to get teams to work together. He appoints his lackeys to the board wherever he is.

    The current board should go and a new competent one appointed. He leave MTW in a total mess and completely demoralized. Minister Lashley fighting hard to bring it together now.

    Michael Lashley repairing all the roads that the ” beast of burden ” started and left in dust. He is collaborating with the Transport Board manager who John did not respect as she is more competent that him.

    He has the management & staff of the QEH totally fed-up and they can’t wait to see the back of him.

    He should be retrenched as part of the cost cutting measures. He brings no value to the ministry and especially one as critical as Health.

    Please dear God save us from the ” beast of burden “.


  • Animals only kill to eat. What a load of crap, the African Lion kill his enemy the leopard to eat?


  • ac is the biggest yard fowl ever to write on this media, This is a pot calling a kettle black, hysterical!!!!


  • Donville Inniss are writing here as Eye On the South!!


  • here is what the BLP promised in 2003 as for an improved QEH,,,,,,after fourteen years in office,,nothing was done inspite of having a healthy economic environment,,,and sufficient finances to make changes,,yet today the paling cocks expect what was not done by the blp in fourteen years to be accomplished by a cash strapped govt in six years,,,,,
    The entire Hospital will be computerised to improve efficiency, enabling staff to access information, and to provide timely laboratory and X-ray reports
    The BLP will fully support the total recapitalisation of the QEH.


  • Not paying for glasses
    Published on: 12/12/07.

    I THINK the people of Barbados need to know what is going on at the Winston Scott Polyclinic.
    My son was sent there, through his school, because his teacher noticed he could not see the chalkboard.
    He was seen by a nice doctor who explained that the youngster was myopic and would need to wear glasses all the time and sit at the front of the class.
    After the eye test, he was given a prescription to get his free glasses, but I was told he could not get them as the polyclinic/Ministry of Health was not paying its bills to the company that was supplying glasses to schoolchildren.
    I was very angry and upset about this as my son is sitting his 11-Plus examination in a few months’ time and cannot see. I was told to complain to the Minister of Health or my MP.
    I went to the company that supplies the glasses and explained that the little boy’s eyes were very bad, he could not see. I begged the company to give him the glasses.
    After the eye test, he was given a prescription to get his free glasses, but I was told he could not get them as the polyclinic/Ministry of Health was not paying its bills to the company that was supplying glasses to schoolchildren.
    I was very angry and upset about this as my son is sitting his 11-Plus examination in a few months’ time and cannot see. I was told to complain to the Minister of Health or my MP.
    I went to the company that supplies the glasses and explained that the little boy’s eyes were very bad, he could not see. I begged the company to give him the glasses.
    It was very understanding but could not help as it said it was not paid for 11 months by the polyclinic and could not pay its suppliers.

    welll all this in a time when the blp was in power and money was flowing like milk and honey….


  • Pingback: Barbados: Haushaltskürzungen lassen Gesundheitssystem nach Luft schnappen · Global Voices auf Deutsch

  • How sad, to see every, yes, EVERY, part of Governmental service falling apart.

    Goodnight, will the last one please turn off the lights.

    It was good while it lasted, this thing we called Independence. There were some good times, some good leaders previously.

    No longer. It is indeed over.



  • wuh took u and others so long to realise that an economy built on debt would sooner or latter fall to the ground,,,a day short and fourteen years too late,,,,,, there is still a little bit of grease left in the old broken down wagon..however everybody got to take time greasing the wheel,,,,,,,even when the belly ache…..ryan straughan and all the monday morning quater backs,,,,,should have been sounding the alarm years ago,,,….not after the horse bolted out the door,,


  • @Crusoe

    For those of us on the rock, we know how bad. May God help us.


    UN warns West Africans to stay away from fruit bats as Ebola spreads
    The UN’s food agency is warning that fruit bats,€“ common in stews in West Africa, are likely to spread the disease
    July 21, 2014 5:01PM ET
    As the death toll from the world’s deadliest-ever Ebola outbreak surged past 600 in West Africa, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned West Africans to stay away from certain popular wildlife species that are thought to carry the disease.

    “We are not suggesting that people stop hunting altogether, which isn’t realistic,” FAO’s chief veterinary officer Juan Lubroth said in a release on Monday. “But communities need clear advice on the need not to touch dead animals or to sell or eat the meat of any animal that they find already dead. They should also avoid hunting animals that are sick or behaving strangely, as this is another red flag.”

    Fruit bats are among the most notorious for spreading disease, according to the FAO. The U.N. organization said West Africa’s current epidemic, which has so far killed at least 604 people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, was probably first transferred from an infected animal, and then began spreading between people. Ebola is transferred by direct contact with the blood or body of infected people or animals.

    Fruit bats are often eaten dried, or as part of a soup in West Africa. Unlike other animals, they may show no signs of having been infected with Ebola, so the U.N. recommends that they be avoided altogether.

    Several African governments have tried to ban the sales of bat and other meats because of their potential to carry disease, but medical pronouncements and medical professionals are often greeted with suspicion in rural parts of West Africa.

    “There is a lot of mistrust to the extent that people are hiding patients rather than getting medical help, and it’s very difficult to control the disease in the midst of many myths and rumors,” said Katinka de Balogh, FAO’s veterinary public health officer.

    Ebola, which can cause organ failure and internal bleeding, is deadly for 90 percent of people who contract it.



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