Put Up and Shut Up!

Submitted by Napolean Bonaparte
Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler says "we all have to find ways in which to ensure that we adumbrate our ambitions".

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler says “we all have to find ways in which to ensure that we adumbrate our ambitions”.

Listening to the call in programs nowadays, one oft can hear much bickering about fraught economic policies and the resulting businesses closures and even homes going up for sale. In one instance, one caller has gone as far as to suggest, that the landlords need to lower their rents and adopt a more lenient and humane attitude towards their tenants’ predicaments.

By the way, have some forgotten that (just as with their situations)landlords have similar financial obligations such as mortgage and maintenance cost to the premises. Besides what is all the harangue and cantanker about? Was it not some of these now philanthropic callers who some eight weeks ago voted (while in a much less belligerent temperament) to retain the status quo? So what is all the noise about? Why then if you were one of those who so aptly fell into that belladonna, you need to put up and shut up!

What’s more give thanks that due to all bewitched-ness and sad pensioners’ bus rides jabber, that things this early are not worse. Besides have you not heard things are in safe hands and working to plan, even if there is the occasional drainage worker two weeks behind on wages? These are but minions in the spheres of gleanings. Have faith my good man. While you are at it, must you be reminded of the need to re-embrace your long lost frugal amplitudes and stop complaining to the beleaguered regardless of how fuddled things may seem.
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  1. From Grammar School days we were taught when we read always have the dictionary handy.Have a note book for vocabs and learn the meaning of English,French and Latin words.Expand your horizon in this way.
    I checked my lexicon as my Dad (7th standard Wesley Hall taught)of blessed memory would call it and tried to understand the idea the Honourable Finance Minister would want to convey to me.I found the following:-to represent in outline;faintly indicate;typify;foreshadow;overshadow.Next I substituted each of these examples and got:-
    We all have to find ways in which to ensure that we
    represent in outline our ambitions…???
    faintly indicate our ambitions………..???
    typify our ambitions……………………..???
    foreshadow our ambitions………………???
    overshadow our ambitions………………???

  2. the landlords need to lower their rents and adopt a more lenient and humane attitude towards their tenants’ predicaments.@

    Well most of them are not the real land lords , so they will ripe you off ,
    We willing to cut rents 25 to 50 percent if they would hire more people. Ask to see deeds and ask the banks also for clear title, in most cases the bank dont have to be paid if it fraud.

  3. When will the media really scrutinize the mouthings of Chris Stinkliar since he became MOF. When he isnt lying about other Caribbean governments lining up to invest in Four Seasons, or paying Al Barrack or changing his mouth at every news conference on the economy, or diverting from the MTFS but still using it (oxymoron aka a LIE), he is looking at or working on some policy that the cliched “BLP aint do in 14 years”.

    My gosh, I dont think we have had a worst MOF in Barbados’ history. Call it as u see it. He is a FAILURE. BUT what else to expect when Freundel is leading? Not one of them seems to be able to inspire confidence in Barbados.

    Alot can be done at the domestic level, it is just we have the wrong people leading. Dont all of you feel like we are on the edge of being in the hands of the IMF?

    • Would like someone to clarify. Didn’t the MoF state late last year that Barbados was close to an Almond deal with three buyers shortlisted? In fact BU posted a blog about it. Last week the head of retail at Neal & Massy stated that it will be about two months before they can update on this matter. What is going on? It is not that BU is asking government to force a deal but we need better communication. If the government is NOT involved then shut the hell up.


    • @David Ellis

      We need you to bring some wider focus on our damn social security fund. It affects all of us. it would have been useful if we could have asked our ‘Independent’ Senator Tony Marshall. They continue to bull the people.

    • And why the hell is MAM and the Opposition so silent n these matters? Call the talk shows, submit articles to social media and the blogs, do your jobs for heavensakes!

  4. haha10……………….on the edge you say, just waiting now to hear what date the PM and or Sinckler has to meet with IMF, they cannot try to lie or deceive these people, different ball game.

  5. @David
    Just a bunch of lies every time he opens his mouth. Investigative journalism is needed. These journalists in Barbados are poor-rakey. Imagine at a Press conference no one remembered to ask him about Almond, Four Seasons investment from other Caribbean govts, CLICO nor none of the myriad lies he has told us before.

    We will prosecute him here at BU!

  6. David,
    From the mouth of the General General himself in the throne speech. He said that his government will reopen Almond and create 1000 jobs, dont remember the time frame now but it was soon!

  7. @David
    I have Deed and pay tax on land in Christ Church.Yet Town Planning,Water Authority and Barbados Light and Power have all approved and authorised buildings on this land without the permission of the owner and after refusing to pay land rent,ran the owner and threaten his surveyor off the property.2 acres of land and the owner paying taxes and can’t get near to levy on the squatters.How fair is that?

  8. Have we had an update on the Integrity Legislation which is still to be proclaimed? Then there is another wait till the bill is operationalized.

  9. By that time they would have been chased out of government and it can be blamed on the other nuisances.

  10. @ haha10

    Being that Sincklisr has purposely used a wrong word and a big word I would suggest that instead of your saying “prosecute him here on BU” that we persecute him instead

    A lot uh wunna doan know dat Cris is both a character assassin as well as a lexiconic murderer.

    He trying to be a Don Blackman but unlike the learned gentleman, he and Kerrie Simmonds are bereft of the baseline subjects of Latin and Greek to tether their literary ineptitude

    Forgive Buffalo Simckliar for he doth aspire to wield his words as competently as Fumble who appointed him and not the more competent Estwick to the MOF post

  11. At the MoF’s press conference was he asked about the status of the NIS Scheme? When can we expect the financials which take on heavy importance give government’s dependence on the fund.

  12. Not a man dared to ask Mr Chris Sinkliar a word about NIS. The media fears his sharp, vicious tongue. I would have like him to be asked if he did ball out the Director of the NIS who told him that he could not move the 100 million out of the Severance Fund.

    And not a word from Dr Justin Robinson.

  13. The present Minister of Finance just like Owen Arthur has many Economists in his Ministry being paid tax payers money to advise him. He has the Central Bank economists and Governor to advise him .He has a special committee of economists to advise him. Why don’t you SOUR GRAPERS chill out and let the man do his work. You said the economy would crash before the election. Now you start up again with your sour bellyaching.

    Sir Courtney Blackman put it mildly by saying that many of the economists who are criticizing the Present governor can’t walk in his shoes. He agrees with the foreign exchange policy but would like to see a tightening of the government expenditure.
    The government can tighten up on expenditure by forcing the statutory agencies to become more efficient.
    Half of NCC workers and drainage unit should be transferred to a special Agricultural agency keeping all their benefits to produce food on all abandoned plantations around the country. As Sir Courtney said like during World War II.
    Bring in a New Minister of Agriculture through the Senate e.g. Richard Hoed because this one like he isn’t bothered.
    Here is an example for the Transport Board to get some more money from a good route. Send out a Speightstown bus from Weymouth to start at the bottom of Government Hill at 6 and 7 am. You see three minibuses start out from Oistins five minutes before the Transport buses leave and get all of the passengers up to Eagle Hall.

    • @Clone

      Given the predilection of politicians B or D we the people have the right to ask question and should not relinquish it.. Why would the DLP be looking to make statutory corporations efficient after 5 years in government?

  14. David
    Because to win elections you have to give people work. I was not surprise at the increase in Government spending because before the elections I saw more people being employed in those Statutory Boards and in Ministries like Drainage and Water Authority. The DLP was trying to win the next election from the time they won in 2008 and more so after David Thompson died.

  15. What questions ! sound more like “mourning birds’ it is almost painful to read the doom and gloom comments, example of a floosih question if ever there was one” Why would the dlp be looking to make statuory corporations effecient after 5 years.
    It seems that said corporations should have been ‘Effecient ” years ago not waiting for any specfic time. but the jaundice eye of a politico always see half way not all the way.

  16. Mr. Intercenine not Internecine Chris Sinkliar is as ignorant as a bald pouch cat. His policies can also be described as such. Seriously, How can we allow this man to tell us lies every press conference and remain silent?

    It is time that he be tried, convicted and sentenced. If Estwick is the better man well get Estwick. we dont have time for this political posturing, We want workers and doers not mere talkers and liars!

    Are the present NIS funds enough to maintain pensioners when they retire or will the pensionable age be forced to be adjusted upwards? These are the things we ought to know.

  17. DAVID@Is it the banks or Land Registry which approves the title of the land?@
    Well in American ,where i bought land and house sand building for over 20 years. Its the TITLE COMPANY that let the bank know if the title is CLEAR with no liens and give the BANK the go ahead to let the money out for payment.
    As i see in BARBADOS, the buyers lawyer , the sellers lawyer and the BANKs lawyer agree to make the deal , as it appears they agree to let the deal happen so all 3 sides can be paid. The Buyer now gets a note and the BANK holds the title until the NOTE is paid, When the NOTE is paid 10 to 30 years later the BANK can never seem to find the DEED. 20 years in to paying the NOTE , base on the former AG Sir FORD , After 20 years of paying the NOTE , now turns in to a good TITLE and still not a CLEAR TITLE,THE deed for most part is held and not recorded.Maybe still held by the lawyer who wrote the deed? But the Bank making its money and all other are paid.
    Once lawyers are paid and all other now do the same to make money, the lawyer will not go against each other base on the 20 made up rule and not do 70 year title search that was in place.
    We still await the number of land cases in the backlog of cases in the HIGH COURT for more than 10 to 20 years, Lawyer take money for the cases in dispute and all the people say “, Its in court “”
    BARBADOS HAS NO TITLE COMPANY( IES) now think if they did

  18. What was refreshing about the late Prime Minister’s tenure was is willingness to communicated to the people, his willingness to engage the media. Stuart has slam the door shut on making the PM’s Office accessible.

    In the UK they have Question Time which is a part of the Westminster system of bringing government closer to the people. All good leaders will use the power of communication to energize and mobilise those they have to lead.

  19. This government appears to have a lot to hide, they therefore would not want the impotent media or the public asking hard questions.

  20. Well Well @ This government appears to have a lot to hide @When you see what they ate hiding , you will then learn how and why all of them so rich with the Peoples money. Crooks in a Barrel

  21. David,
    I think MAM is saying as much as she thinks needs to be said though like you, I am not comfortable with that. She seems to think that she needs to give the government time.

    However, were roles reversed, the Dems would not give the Bees a minute to breathe. I feel too that MAM believes that if she starts to really speak up, loud mouth Dems like ac, Clone, CCC and their likes would be saying that they win! She cannot win either way!

    • @Prodigal Son

      The leader of the Opposition is given a role under the Constitution of Barbados. MAM is articulate enough to delienate the many issues in a way which needs to resonate with Barbadians. This is her job put simply. Employing a political strategy based on a perception that the political yardfowls will distort the message would suggest she is not the person for the job.

  22. Maybe the economic debate would be helped if we were working with some accurate data. Here is some data on the VAT intake since 2004.

    2004 $598.20
    2005 $682.70
    2006 $674.80
    2007 $789.60
    2008 $800.10
    2009 $697.20
    2010 $782.80
    2011 $938.90
    2012 $872.70

    Just following the discussion you would get the impression that government is collecting less VAT revenue now compared to before they increased the rate from 15 to 17.5. The data does not support that, they collected less than 2011 but around 90ml more than in 2010.

    Is the VAT pulling down growth or is vat lower than last year because we had less growth?

    If vat is lowered back to 15 will merchants bring back down prices?

  23. Observer
    If the VAT was constant in 2004 to 2011 what caused the fluctuations in the revenue. In some cases it seem to be over 50 million dollars.

  24. I would think the fluctuations would come from the level of expenditure in the economy.

    I find it intriguing that OSA speaks of the need to improve the business climate but then defends Sir Roy. I must confess that I think Sir Roy is one of the single largest impediments to economic reform in Bim.

    • @Observer

      The question to the MoF is when he raised the VAT to 17.50% was he being disingenuous by suggesting he would review it in 18 months to evaluate dropping it back to 15%?

  25. Excuse me !!
    My Head Spinning!!
    Are we or are we not in Barbados??
    All these ; IT’s,COULD Be’s MAYBE’s. Should haves, Possiblies!!!
    Please tell me why, we are all talking as tho ANYTHING of any consequence is going to/WILL happen.
    Call me ALICE and say who is the MAD HATTER and POINT me at the door.
    For all of YOU’Se ERUDITE gentlemen.
    Have you not noticed we are in “The land Time Forgot”
    The Land of MAKE BELIEVE, Sinkler Shminkler!! FRaundel Shmendle.
    Lets dance in circles,roll up one trousers leg, repeat the sacred words,DLP .DLP. DLP. Paint our Balls Blue and Yellow.
    Have you not noticed Parliament is now convened in Blackrock??
    Who is hanging on the bars this week??
    Yubba DUBBA DOooo!!!

    Lets pretend we HAVE a capability to EXPORT. (ANYTHING)
    Have UNION BOSSES who are IN the current REAL World.
    LOOK for TRUTH in the Midst of Madness.
    Lets just PRETEND.

    Come on ALVIN!!!
    Give us another BOOST of what we can put in a Pretty jar with a HAND made lable and FOIST on the WORLD at a HUGE (RIPOFF) Profit.
    Thus saving the UNIVERSE*(Barbados is AFTER ALL HUB of the UNIVERSE)

    WE ARE PHUCKED PHUCKED PHUCKED, and getting to LIKE the feeling.
    Lets all hold hands and form a circle and sing the National Anthem ,courageously at attention as we disappear beneath the waves (of SHITE.)

  26. Observer…………………it has reached the stage that there is no maybes in the current recession……………….again, large countries do not know IF or WHEN it will ever end AKA, NO END IN SIGHT……………….how could the leaders in Bim still be holding on to hope……….get with the program, necessity is still the mother of invention, that did not change, use innovation (if they still have it and did not chase all the bright people away to the big countries)………DO SOMETHING……………in today’s nation the church is complaining that the LODGE BOYS (from the lodges) who have management positions in the banks are trying to stop the churches from getting loans, if they would do that to the churches, what do you think they are doing to ordinary citizens?…………the country is in a deep,dark hole and these little boys are still being petty.

  27. How in heavens name could Sinckler expect something that he has no control of, will never have any control of and does not thoroughly understand……………again, the Roschilds liquidated all their in investments starting in 2008, five years ago, they just recently jumped out of the gold market, causing a crisis……………i am beginning to feel that the leaders of this administration do not keep up with current international news and are unaware that they themselves will soon be meeting with dreaded IMF………………

  28. @ David
    bushie moves that you ban this new dawn (night turn day) for trying to frig up the blog….and with old information too boot…
    If he can’t respect the topics he should go straight to spam…which he is.

  29. Some months ago we learned that the government is responsible for greater than 60% of energy use eg. GAIA and BWA. What is government’s strategy to address in the short to medium term?

  30. @David,
    Why is it taking so long to add renewable energy to the grid?

    They are factories in Toronto that have solar panels on the roof to supply some of the Electrical power they use.

    There is hope for Barbados.

    Sart with Solar and wind energy and Agriculture.

  31. David on April 29, 2013 at 11:17 AM
    @Prodigal Son

    The leader of the Opposition is given a role under the Constitution of Barbados. MAM is articulate enough to delienate the many issues in a way which needs to resonate with Barbadians. This is her job put simply. Employing a political strategy based on a perception that the political yardfowls will distort the message would suggest she is not the person for the job.
    MAM is not strong on the economic issues. She is strong on stringing a lot of song bites together about economic issues……all devoid of substance and coherence.
    Example : her $ 500 million tourism stimulus package (but yet to tell us where those funds were to come from)

    As we speak MAM is contemplating throwing the BLP leadership towel…..so that either Payne or Hinkson take over the party.

    She is simply tired of how those 2 and others are further $hiting up the BLP chances next time around.

    Another example of the TRUTH : the BLP is connected by GREED and HATRED.

  32. @David
    Your point of renewable energy at GAIA is significant in that GAIA with its open and flat, massive acreage of land can probably generate all its needs and feed the excess ino the grid to supply surrounding households at a profit.You will need an Errol Barrow/Tom Adams benign dictator type approach to get the ball rolling.The technology is available.The will is lacking.Building another school or highrise or some such concrete structure and the opportunity to put a plaque on it and puff out a chest ,is more to the liking of our caprine politicos.

  33. Observer@ cant we truth the VAT numbers?Crooks are at the helm?
    Freedom of Information , or did we forget about that already. In the lower House , in the Higher House and now out the DOOR,more lies

  34. Hants…………….they are waiting to be charged for the use of the sun, that is now free………..can you find a way to charge them for it, it will make you extremely wealthy.

  35. Fractured BLP you have so much venom & hatred for the party that could & would have gotten us out of this morass. Remember it’s your party that won by buying & stealing votes. what our country need now is people with a vision for Barbados to get our country working again, not a homicidal person like you in character assassination just like your MoF. sams@

  36. Bajans need to Put up and Shut Up? Hush man . Did everybody vote for the DEMS? Doan mekk sport .You mean only DEM jokers that were gulliable enough to have fallen for their tricks and $$$ for votes.

  37. Best joke now is that GOC printing New money. Am I hearing right? We musse the US of A.

  38. BTW…some on this blog really need to Put up and Shut up…Fa real !
    16-14…..gimme a break… and they kickin dust…..how worse cud things be when shit hits the fan…

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