Prime Minister of St. Lucia Kenny Anthony

Prime Minister of St. Lucia Kenny Anthony

A couple couple news items today has given the BU household reason for pause. President of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) stated that his union will hold the government to its promise not to engage in privatization that will result in public workers going home. One wonders how any government can guarantee anything in a global market which is challenging for service-based economies. Again, one wonders how the NUPW can be so simplistic in their expectations, we shall see. BU’s disclosure is that we wish no public servant to be sent home to suffer the same fate of thousands in the private sector.

The second news item was that the government of St. Lucia has agreed to pay a 4% wage hike to public servants instead of 6% which dropped from 16%. The punch line came from Prime Minister Kenny Anthony when he explained, “As I have explained before, the returns from VAT are below expectations and will not cover the increase in expenditure. We have no option but to borrow this money”.

What are missing here? At a time governments are borrowing monthly to pay wages yet our governments agree to wage increases and guarantee public sector jobs? Is this an ironclad promise that government will protect public workers until NIS funds run dry. If these economies do not improve what are the options?

BU has deliberately not mentioned the IMF restructure of  USD750.00 agreed with Jamaica this month. Why do Barbadians believe that our rampant consumption lifestyle is not threatened by the current state of play? What must be clear is that to maintain government’s Medium Fiscal Strategy (MTFS) program it has to also find a way to grow the economy.

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  1. Crooks looking to fill their own pocket , by way of selling out the people like slaves, Different master and new slaves same game , Whats in it for me mental ?

  2. one can only imagine if the BLP had taken control of the Treasury and implement those cuzillion giveaways what would have happen to this country, i meaning with govt struggling to pay debt and contain forex at a decent level. the questions that enters one mind is HOW could have the BLP pull off such a monumental task without sinking the ship.

  3. @David:

    Why are you so hard on the Union for insisting that the DLP administration live up to its promise?
    Wasn’t this also a form of vote buying in advance of the E-Day? (LOL!!)
    People with a modicum of commonsense or an iota of intellectual graft would have known that the previous DLP administration’s promise of not privatizing public sector entities or functions or retrenching workers in the public sector was totally untenable given the hemorrhaging taking place in the private sector that provides the tax revenues that sustain the very public sector.

    But as the saying goes a promise is a comfort to a fool and it seems there are enough in Bim to fill Christendom.

    The next big bad wolf to arrive at Bim’s doorstep will not yet be the Privatization bogeyman but the “invitation” of the IMF to be used as a façade to really privatize but this time right to the heart of the social services starting with tertiary education.

    But please, BU, don’t be surprised. The Guv of the Central Bank warned us in mid-January that this winter tourist season will be ‘make or break’ for the Bajan economy. Now you decide: Made or Broken.

  4. @ ac | February 28, 2013 at 7:35 PM |

    Ac, you can take a step forward, or should we say, backward and blame OSA for the current state of affairs. Yes, ac, go back to 14 years of mismanagement to get this government off the hook to abdicate its responsibilities.
    Ac, neither OSA nor the BLP won the elections. The DLP was given a second chance by the people.
    Now govern and take full responsibility.
    No more lying excuses.

  5. thanks for that David because i was starting to wonder if the BLP was the govt after ac’s comments.

    i’m sorry David i will have to disagree with you on the what the NUPW said. the questions should be ask of the govt. NOT the NUPW who is asking govt to keep their promise.

    why did the DLP say they will when they knew they can’t?

  6. Barbados at moment is chiaotic, its just a mess but was chiaotic before 2008. Three S&P downgrades proved this. There were lots of theft, Violet Beckes and her estate proved this. Bajans in January 2008 did the right thing, kicking Arthur and the BLP to the curb. Bajans in February 2013 again did the right thing, stopped Arthur and the BLP from comin back. They broke things and left them broke, started fires that are still burning [Violet Beckles and maybe Al Barack].

  7. David

    When people speak of sending home public servants, they do not realise how devastating it is, even more so than sending home private sector workers. Persons who are appointed to permanent post, in the Public Service and at statutory boards that are pensionable under the Statutory Boards Pensions, are not entitled to severance pay or unemployment benefits.

  8. @ David (not BU) | February 28, 2013 at 7:56 PM |

    The miller has taken a lot of flak for rejecting the claim of Integrity being attached to this administration. The miller knows different from what was being peddled.
    We shall soon see who is a man of Integrity or who is really indeed a bold-faced deceitful liar.

    • @Caswell

      Many are sympathetic to your argument but when the government reaches a point it cannot pay what next?

    • from February 28, 2013


      Prime Minister, Minister of National Security,

      The Public Service and Urban Development.


      Minister of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Water Resource Management


      Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation


      Minister of Transport and Works


      Minister of Tourism and International Transport


      Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and

      Community Development


      Minister of Health


      Minister of the Environment and Drainage


      Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs


      Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and

      Small Business Development


      Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs


      Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth


      Minister of Housing, Lands and Rural Development


      Minister of Labour, Social Security and

      Human Resource Development


      Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade


      Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister


      Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office

      I propose that the following persons should serve as Parliamentary Secretaries:


      Tourism and International Transport


      Economic Affairs


      Education, Science, Technology and Innovation

      I take this opportunity also to name the following persons for appointment to the Senate:














    • More interesting is that Donville has been move from Health to International business and Sinckler and Estwick maintain ministries.

  9. All the rejected once again dumped in the Senate …! Oh what a system of Government … Maxene You are required to submit your passport for scrutiny before you take up office so that the Barbadian public will have an understanding of the amount of traveling that will take place over the next four and a half years

  10. no long term borrowing is not good ,however i maintain there is good debt and bad debt. for one if the govt borrow from nis to pay civil workers the money borrowed filters right back into the economy by way of the purchasing power of the wage earner .in a way that nis money in itself is a stimulant and it serves itself in more ways than one . the taxes alone generated from that money cannot be overlooked . look at the socia economic benefits derived. all in all robbing peter to pay paul is not a bad thing in this instance, the alternative could be worse, jobs are being kept and the socioeconomic bread basket is being kept at a minimum and taxpayers does not have to foot the cost. most importantly the taxes generated from that money through income tax or purchases should not be overlooked cause it does to help keep govt functioning.

  11. no surprises again the BEES credibilty or lack of has been shot downward, any one who have listened to the PM on the campaign trail would have realised that he was happy with his cabinet Ministers and the work they were doing .BEES continue to talk hogwash and keep shooting themselves in the mouth at the rate the BEES are going the DEms would deservingly so be returned to office in 2018

  12. Boyce, Jepter Ince and Husbands still got picks as either Ministers or Parl Secs but I ain’ hear ’bout no Benn … Wonder if DaCosta Mannings still got space ,,,?

  13. @ BAFBFP | February 28, 2013 at 8:28 PM |

    Probably the reason Haynesly was dropped from both the Cabinet and the Senate is because he could have cussed off Freundel for destroying the legacy and psyche of his first cousin Owen. OSA complained to the St. Peter clan.

    Freundel a so-called man of integrity and decency treated OSA really too bad even though OSA tried to shield him from the Eager 11. Politicians are just one set of dirty mother f**kers.

    Maybe Benn has been offered a diplomatic posting.

  14. Tonight, Caricom’s greatest Statesman and Prime Minister , Hon. Freundel Stuart addressed Barbadians and shared with them his perspectives on the way forward – on the pathways to further progress.

    PM Stuart also took the opportunity to name the Cabinet of Barbados and list his appointments to the Senate.

    Most Barbadians would agree they were no surprises. That is the measure of astute leadership…….something OSA never gave to us !!!

  15. Miller I do believe that blood is thicker than water, but leaving Haynesly out will only make sense as you say, there is a Dip posting awaiting. Diplomacy is after all Haynesly forte …!

  16. Tonight, Caricom’s greatest Statesman and Prime Minister , Hon. Freundel Stuart addressed Barbadians and shared

    REALLY !!!

  17. Prime Minister, Minister of National Security,The Public Service and Urban Development.

    SENATOR DARCY WILTON BOYCE: Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister

    Can some one explain this fit or most obvious mismatch given Boyce’s background and training? What will he do all day? Twiddle his thumbs and keep awake the PM?

    Why has he been retained as a Senator at the expense of Benn who is no sojourner but a long-in-the-tooth hard worker for the DLP and the last administration?

    Isn’t he Boyce more suited to a Ministry dealing with finance and economics given these hard trying economic times? Why waste the little talent, even if bogus ,at your disposal Mr. PM?
    You mean to tell us that Mr. Physical Deficit Jepter Ince is a kingpin in those areas when compared to a man who has academic qualifications and professional designations in economics and finance?

    What really is going on here? Something stinks in George Street. Freundel is still really not his own man.

  18. David,
    Moving Michael Lashley elsewhere in this case to Transport is a good move. We should recall that Michael Lashley was shadow Minister for Housing since 2003 – and proved himself a thorn in Liz Thompson side when she was Minister. When the DEMs won is 2008 Lashley became the Minister – and one of the few who moved from shadow Minister to become the actual minister in 2008.

    Minister Lashley acquited himself well over those 10 years – he deserves the break to prove himself elsewhere.

    Masterstroke !

  19. Teachers and ministry of education employees who are not, and was not part of the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) put on your battle gear, Pastor, Friend and Brother Ronald ” spiteful” Jones is back. I will always remmember you all in my prayers.

    To the business community of Barbados, I fear for you all as well as once again have to deal with Christopher “Dudus” Sinkliar, Lord have mercy.Gird your lions with sack-cloth. Keep your money in your businesses and, or overseas. Do not allow Sinckliar/”Dudus” to place any demands on you all. He and the DLP has people power, but you all have economic power.

  20. @ David | February 28, 2013 at 8:48 PM |
    “Dropping Benn is an early sign that PM Stuart is preparing to take St. Peter.”

    You got to be kidding or misreading the political tea leaves after sipping some of Bushie’s brew.

    St. Peter is both Arthur and Benn territory not DLP territory. Who would be sent down there to replace Benn? Peter Gilkes or George Hutson?

    The miller sees it more of a deal to get Mascoll who is both a friend of the PM and an adopted son of Arthur to be in the House rather soon via a by-election. He may even cross the floor once more and replace Sincklair whose nose will start to fester gangrene and drop off

    Haynesly is just the sacrificial lamb in this horse trading political exercise.

  21. David

    I really did not notice his voice but he looked unwell.

    Moving Donville Inniss and placing him in a nondescript ministry is a slap in the face and it has now given credence to the conflict of interest that the BLP alluded to in campaign about the purchase of Bay View. If I were Donville, I would be offended and go back to my other business interest.

  22. Carrington should return as speaker. Will need a deputy. That leaves one out in the cold. No Best nor Benn. No parliament for hutson nor tannis.

    Feels like a minor cabinet reshuffle while playing with less cards. I could have sworn I read today that Suckoo said she’s eager to head back to Africa. Guess she didn’t get the memo.

    Was there a Ministry of Innovation before? Did I miss the Ministry of (renewable) Energy?

    Just Observing

  23. The miller wants to see the Pinocchio fella Sinckliar pay a heavy political price by remaining as MOF&EA. However, he is some what disappointed in Estwick for taking such shabby treatment lying down.
    They say barking dogs seldom bite and it seems as if this pit bull went secretly to Dentist Duguid or Agard to have his teeth filed right down to a baby’s bite. Or maybe it’s the gun slinging affair that still hangs over him.
    Dr. D we will be tuning in only when you speak on Agricultural issues but will be tuned off when you deal in economic and finance matters above your pay grade. Only fools tread where angels fear to go.

  24. Now under whose ministerial portfolio will the strategic economic transformational programmes of renewable energy (RE) and imported energy fall?

    Dr. Lowes’s or Dr. Estwick’s or under Econmic Affairs?
    Or will the PM take lead responsibility for this major plank of economic transformation to give Darcy Boyce something to do?

  25. millertheanunnaki, I agree with you. The business community must stand up to the bad wolf Sinkliar. Do not let him bully you all for any taxes, Having his hands on the government’s money will entice him to “tief” more to give away in the mendicant areas of St. Michael North West such as areas of Black Rock, and the Farm. This is a Tivoli Gardens in the making.

    • @can’t wait

      The business community and government must work together, simple.There is no wriggle room for the partisan nonsense which has framed the conversations between the BCCI, BHTA etc. Let us go back to the thrust of this blog, how can we pay increases and continue to borrow to pay public sector wages?

  26. Brilliant cabinet pics by the Hon. Freundel Jerome Stuart, Prime Minister of Barbados and the best Prime Minister in the Caribbean. Go forward and represent this great country like the true patriot that you are, Prime Minister.

  27. @!

    dont u see the trend? After election when the dlp suppoertes were gloating zbout their victory, the blogmaster were up in arms against them, and naturally so, because all those who had wished the fall of the DLP had been proven wrong.

    These said detractors have been calling for the announement of the Cabinet, it has been accounced, They are not satisfied with the allocations and again theat was expected. What do u expect from the doomers and gloomers that masquerade as barbadians, and pretending to have an interest in this country’s survival. What has become of the pledge of allegaince to ur country> That seem to have gone through the window,

    I continue to marvel how these persons who have been preaching the demise of the DLP, since the death of the lat DT, have not recognized that no one man is a party. Paties will have internal conflict, because no one personality is the same, and each perso’s expection is different, to this end, the mettle of the leader is tested in holding a party together. This is where the PM leadership qualities became evident, in both managing conflict and ensuring that his charges kept focused to ensure that we sail through choppy waters,

    I am looking forward to the pathway to progress over the next five years. By that time the four seasons project, among others would have completed.

    I wish the govt aall the best, and wish its detractors a miserable five years in trying to pull it down,

    Well done Me. P M

  28. Seems like each and everyone of them now, including the opposition, will have to work as though they are conjoined twins to see the island over this hump. What will be refreshing is not hearing the blame game of which party did or did not do what over the last five years, it has been played out. Anything at all goes wrong, we would know that they all decided to selfishly not work together.

  29. @! not to mention the level of hatred level at DT. who has been proven right even as he sleeps in enternity. the DT legay lives on . The man PM STUART who he put to lead this country performed admirably, DT must be smiling heavenly.

  30. All the wheels have fallen off the BLP bicycle and they are on the backfoot looking to see what way they can make inroads and win the confidence of the public. lot of noise ! rumour ! and propaganda would be coming from the BEES as they continue in campaign mode. PM STUART once again have spoken and miller is disappointed !

  31. @ ac | March 1, 2013 at 6:40 AM |
    “PM STUART once again have spoken and miller is disappointed!”

    Are you sure you have the right person or state of mind here, ac?
    Disappointed? MAM is where the miller wants her. Stuart can do as he likes with his ‘wooden’ Cabinet. The termites will soon go to work.

    The person who should be most disappointed is Dr. David. It seems that time is indeed longer than twine. He has choked himself with the same piece of twine putting to rest his ambitious dream of MoF. The doctor from now on will be suffering from a permanent case of severe chronic vocal paralysis where matters of the economy and public finance are concerned.

    Should we conclude then that Estwick is really no heavyweight on economic matters but just another bigmouth fella that should be kept where he really belongs in the empty cane fields?

    He can use his miserably frustrating stint in the third gang to shoot at monkeys destroying the fruit and vegs grown by locals. But why bother about crop destruction or depleting sugar production?
    We can always use “Cost-U-The–Same and-Soon-More” to supply our imported needs including sugar.

  32. I cannot believe that self confessed BLP supporter Patrick Hoyos who spent the last 5 years doing everything in his power to bring down the DLP government can be invited to sit in a chair by David Ellis and Stetson Babb and “moderate” a radio programme.
    This man is not only a poor moderator but extremely biased. How will he be able to defend a government he opposes when the opposition operatives like Senator Linton and “Mr. Agriculture” bombard the programme. He will have to say exactly what he said this week- “I agree with you”. Starcom management must hang its head in shame.
    The same Starcom and Nation newspaper management will lambaste the DLP for not coming in the studio or attending their public relations “talkback sessions” but Owen Arthur refuses to attend anything with CBC and that is ok.
    Starcom and the Nation newspaper must realise that we now have a nearly evenly split parliament. How can they justify still having Pat Hoyos, Clyde Mascoll, Albert Brandford, Peter Symmonds, Ezra Alleyne, Harry Russell and Sanka Price as their major columnists? Where is the balance?
    The official campaign is over but the biased Pro BLP campaign by the Nation newspaper continues shamelessly.

  33. Miller then it behooves me as to why your rantings and ravings about this govt when in reality you should be spending all that time praising your party for having the guts to choose a leader who is highly ranked in popularity with the populace . Even though not so much among her peers

  34. @Redman Feb 28 11.18p
    I thought I was the only one confused by the grammar and the excessive use of parenthesis of Look.

  35. @ ac | March 1, 2013 at 10:12 AM |

    Ac, I owe allegiance to no party. My support for Ms Mottley is borne out of a deep admiration of her intellect and respect for her political skills and commitment to her constituents. As long as this loyal relationship exists and she is charge of the BLP then the miller will continue to vent against the lying deceitful DLP.

    The Privatization ghost is about to leave the closet and haunt you, ac. Two years at the most of ghostly torment and torture from the ‘privatized and layoffs’ ghost of Banquo.

    The IADB has opened the closet to expose the skeleton hiding in the government’s closet.
    Let the CRA femur to be the first to fall out.

    Component II. Strengthening of tax revenues. The objective of this component
    is to strengthen the tax policy and administration system, ensuring more effective
    tax revenue collection. The programme will support the: (i) review of the
    efficiency of the tax system, including tax policy, tax rates and tax administration;
    (ii) establishment of a Central Revenue Authority (CRA) to consolidate revenue
    collection agencies under one umbrella.

    Component III. Improving control and quality of expenditure. The objective
    of this component is to support the GoB efforts to improve the quality and control
    of the allocation of resources to entities of the general government. The
    programme will support measures to control the growth of expenditure, which
    include: (i) containing transfers by rationalising the cost of personal emoluments;
    (ii) increasing the efficiency of the procurement system by strengthening the
    procurement framework and; (iii) reducing levels of spending on goods and services.

  36. The size and make up of the current Cabinet should make for interesting analysis for students of Political Science.
    It seems that this is the first case in Westminster Ministerial form of government where the Cabinet comprises more people than those elected in the House of Assembly for the ruling party. There are 17 ministers of government and if we include the Parliamentary Secs of three we have 20 people overseeing a government that has 16 members sitting in the people’s court of Parliament.
    Can any one here on BU recall such a situation in the English-speaking Commonwealth where the Westminster form of government is practised?

  37. Interesting to listen to PM Stuart last night when he stated that for the MOST part we have come out of the 2013 general election with our democracy intact (words to this effect)

  38. Will Owen Arthur be allowed to attend parliament for the coming five year session less than 24 hours as he did for the past five year session?

  39. @ David
    What kind of development have we achieved within the political system? We don’t even have the ability to form a bi-partisan government in an election where it could be considered that the people saw no difference between the Bees and the Dees although the unvoted won the largest percentage.

  40. News Flash

    The DLP used drug lords, paid them huge sums of money to hire their goons to go to the polls and vote for love of money.

    This so called victory will haunt you for the rest of your lives. You stole an election and is this what you call a victory????

  41. I would suggest to my fellow BLP bloggers to give this government a six months honeymoon period. Let us see how things go by August. I am prepared to give the DLP that! For you know, ill gotten gains dont last too long.

  42. i saw PM STUART today and he looked fit as a fiddle. maybe Caswell need to go get his eyes check too many cataracts growing on them.

  43. Prodigal Son

    “News Flash

    “The DLP used drug lords, paid them huge sums of money to hire their goons to go to the polls and vote for love of money.”

    Stop being so childish.

    You are reminding me of a little child who didnt get the toy that he wanted.

  44. Dont pay caswell any mind. He is not going to get what the BLP promised him now.

    Poor Caswell, back the wrong side. Sang for his supper so often, all to no avail.!

    • Carson

      I am offended by your partisan stupidity. Sing for what supper? Unlike you, I do not depend on any politician for my living by my own deliberate acts. That is why I have resisted numerous invitations from the DLP. Your people see me as a disaffected Bee, well I have news for you: I am neither B nor D even though I would have cast my vote for Dr. Hinds in St. Thomas.

      Pray tell me what in any of my comments would suggest to you that I support any political party. I am critical of both parties and I am fully aware that recently the DLP received the brunt simply because it appeared that they were hurtling from one foolhardy decision to the next. The Bees were spared because they were literally doing nothing because they somehow believed that the Government would have fallen in their laps because of the Dems incompetence. They did not figure in the massive vote buying into their calculations.

      Sent from my iPad

  45. hi miller yuh say yuh wid yuh girl MIA fuh de long haul or is until the Rt Hon change he mind, BTW u going to the races tommorow what yuh pucks fuh de sandy lane gold cup and can yuh give yuh friend ac a few tips . some body tell me that a horse by the name of ” Call ME OWEN” was scratched from the line up,cause he had a tedency to bolt out the starting gate during practice befre the bell ring. Any how please don’t fuh get them tips. help an ole friend out ,any winings i split de purse wid yuh. cause dat middle foot of yours don’t work.Ask me how i know.

  46. @ ac | March 1, 2013 at 7:26 PM |
    “i saw PM STUART today and he looked fit as a fiddle. maybe Caswell need to go get his eyes check too many cataracts growing on them.”

    We also saw David Estwick this afternoon and he looked and sounded just as fit as a fiddle. Just ask his wife.
    Can we rely on such a second opinion from Freundel?
    BTW, we don’t have cataracts or suffer from blurred or double vision.

  47. prodigal behave yuhself do. yuh might have a heart attack trying to reverse the outcome of the election. boy wunna can’t outsmart BOSSMAN STUART. look wuh he did Give donville Innis a promotion after the BEES tried to destry his reputation. Stuart not easy! CHECkMAte,

  48. @ac
    “hi miller yuh say yuh wid yuh girl MIA fuh de long haul or is until the Rt Hon change he mind, BTW u going to the races tommorow what yuh pucks fuh de sandy lane gold cup and can yuh give yuh friend ac a few tips . some body tell me that a horse by the name of ” Call ME OWEN” was scratched from the line up,cause he had a tedency to bolt out the starting gate during practice befre the bell ring. Any how please don’t fuh get them tips. help an ole friend out ,any winings i split de purse wid yuh. cause dat middle foot of yours don’t work.Ask me how i know”

    You are a typical Dem. A nasty piece of work. Cant you let up on Owen Arthur? My God, you have gone past overbearing. No one can say a word about Freundel, right now you and CCC are on Caswell’s back for stating what everybody saw with their two eyes. But you can come on BU for the last two years, morning, noon and night saying the nastiest things about Owen Arthur and you feel good pulling down a man of whom you know nothing.

    He is out of your sight now, continue with your bashing.

  49. @ ac | March 1, 2013 at 8:07 PM |

    Both the miller’s middle foot and OSA’s tongue are peacefully resting in the same mortuary. But it seems both have left a legacy of lifelong impact on you.
    Which one stimulated you more?
    OSA’s hand in your craw or the miller’s foot up yours?

    That is a one-pony race you can bet on ac to keep all the winnings where the monkey stuff the nuts. (LOL!!)

  50. @ac
    “prodigal behave yuhself do. yuh might have a heart attack trying to reverse the outcome of the election. boy wunna can’t outsmart BOSSMAN STUART. look wuh he did Give donville Innis a promotion after the BEES tried to destry his reputation. Stuart not easy! CHECkMAte”

    No,no I am stating facts. The DLP bought this election and we have to live with the consequences, we know that. How can you Dems look yourself in the mirror? Donville promoted??? You think Donville happy? What a hollow victory! Why dont you enjoy it and stop bashing the BLP.

  51. Fruendal Stuart is a TRUE reflection of the majority of the VOTING public. Shun him and you shun a process that is designed to represent the likes of you …. My Gad ….!

  52. I am not Christian … I have NO allegiance to a White Queen… why should Fruendal Stuart believe that he has the right to speak for the like of me …

  53. Jeez, glad no one here knows my personal business………………all this for the corruption that is called politics??

  54. hey since politics is like horse racing. i dare to give my picks here . Unlike David BU a good name for one of Sandy Horses, BTW if i owned horse i would consider David BU for such a name . can’t help but remember his FAMOUS BU ELECTION PICKS.
    Anyhow not to stretch the issue into a furlong. I would give my Picks for the Sandy Gold Cup.

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