NUPW In The News Again

Submitted by Anthony Almeyda

NUPW's Acting General General Secretary, Roslyn Smith

There is a storm brewing at the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW). With the General Secretary [Dennis Clarke] on sick leave the General Secretary (ag) Ms. Smith is on a mission to stamp her authority in the most distasteful way at the institution. Threats of layoffs and dismissals have been hurled at the employees who wont comply with her way of doing things. To make matters worse she is caught with minor issues at the secretariat such as energy saving measures at the union rather than focusing her attention on the plight of the public sector workers.

She has managed to garner the support of a few Hench-women who on a good day can’t tell her when she is doing wrong (blind leading the blind). Sources have confirmed that she has moved in to the office of the ailing General Secretary and made her business to start undoing the efforts he has put in over the years.

One union member reported that a recently held Valentines event was a total flop with only the staff of the secretariat and a handful of members in attendance. Ms. Smith was left holding a bunch of tickets and the food had to be discarded.

There is also the issue of the internal audit currently being conducted with the accountant being sent on special leave. (something smells fishy). Apparently the accounts are in shambles and the acting General Secretary has no idea as to the way forward for the Union.

Do we need this type of leadership? Its time for new blood to step in and save the NUPW.

As for Mamoney (Maloney), it’s his every intention to see how much he can milk the NUPW to fatten him self (cell phone bill issue). Apparently he speaks out of turn and meddles in affairs that does not concern him (NUPW Medical Centre). Sources have confirmed his recent bid to find an investor for the project, if successful, could possibly find himself pocketing over ($800,000) finders fee.

Wake up Union members and speak out against this corruption.

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  1. Time something came out of the Alexandra fiasco….remember the one foot swords man to the rescue ?I wonder how a woman going stand up to two good drinking buddies ?

  2. David

    This post is rather unfortunate and totally misleading. I should not really be seeking to defend anyone at NUPW, rather some would expect that I should be capitalizing on their misfortune. The truth would scare you. NUPW is almost broke because the last executive was spending money like a drunken sailor and when the former Treasurer tried to restrict spending, he was suspended from office long enough for the General Secretary and President to access the funds with the assistance of a willing Deputy Treasurer. Also there are a number of employees at NUPW who were employed not to do any specific work but simply because they were friends of the General Secretary who are paid in excess of $5,000 per month just for turning up.

    This is just a hatchet job by supporters of Clarke who are trying to discredit Roslyn Smith. Since Clarke’s illness Roslyn has virtually inundated by all the matters that Clarke started and have not concluded. Some of them are years old and because Clarke does not leave notes, she is seeing hell. In addition, the industrial relations section is suffering because there are at least two incompetent officers who can only handle minor matters.

    Give Roslyn a break she is asked to build with only straw, and then some of the straw has been stolen.

  3. @Caswell

    Thanks for the clarification. The good thing is that on BU the truth will trump lies.

    It also serves to alert GM Smith what lurks in the wings.

  4. Thanks Caswell
    Only hope all bloggers read this FIRST……always knew a one foot swords man ( limping sick ) and a punch drunk machete man… co– would be up to no good !
    They should go get friend Jeff and a EASF white keep co.

    Ac come and tag.

  5. it is amazing the lengths people will go to , so as to undermine workers and their organizations. From what i understand Mr. Clarke is currently on vacation leave and due to return at the end of that leave. Please in these tough economic times with the trade union movement under attack worldwide with “corporatization” or “globalization” whatever classification you want to use, let us not create strife and division in our own little nation, remembering that it is the trade union movement in large measure that has brought us to where we are today

  6. @David & redcarrake
    The trade union movement took an uppercut, a belly searcher and two solid jabs to the ribs when the year open. Time will tell if it’s capable of recovering.
    BSTU -> BUT
    BWU -> UCAL
    NUPW -> NUPW

    At the time when positive, objective and strong workers’ representation (and accountability) is needed, this is the state we find ourselves in. Go figure.

  7. @ Observer
    In the sugar boiler pan the mud always falls to the bottom and is scooped away….

    there are many other good trade unions….what the NUPW exhibited during AX was not a good example (sick leavebuddy-ism) of professionalism.

  8. I believe this is a malicious action to divert attention from the union’s near bankruptcy. This article was perhaps submitted by either Maloney or Clarke’s henchperson. what i am told, a lot is being discovered from the poor accounting system, for exsmple, my investigation revelaled that the accounts for 2009 has not been completed and it has been discovered that the union was spending money without proper accounting systems. I heard that almost 1/2 million dollars have been spent on the medical centre and there is nothing to show except a lot of long talk.

    I am told that Miss Smith is doing a good job in discovering the inffelicities in the union. I wonder what the Executive is receiving those hefty allowances for doing. Clearly, the expense are greater than the revenue if the union is faltering. Heard that people were given increases just becasue thay are dennis or the president’s friend, like the lady in charge of the medicare saction who dont have any qualifications.

    What a shame that such a great union has been deceived by clarke and the president. Heard the president is now talking about the buying club as he plans to use it again as a selling point for his re-ellection.

  9. @The Scout

    The Nation newspaper has reported that Jeff Broome apologized to parents in the presence of the Chief Education Officer for given instruction to cut the hair of two students.

  10. thanks Caswell for speaking up Roslyn. when i read David’s post, i knew right away that it was gossip and could have only gotten that crap from someone who is out to pull down roslyn. she is trying her best i agree with the junk that Clarke left there.

  11. Dear friends clearly this is all politics. Mr Clarke has his followers and Ms. Smith has hers. So we should not expect any different. The fact still remains that the NUPW has lost its way.
    I recommend anyone to take a look at the office of the secretariat. It’s an interior designer’s nightmare. Plenty old files, flyers, out of date furniture. The place is not conducive to conducting business.Workers are complaining of respiratory problems and the GS is doing nothing about it. Reliable sources have indicated that the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION DEPARTMENT had made specific recommendations for the improvement of the Union’s Headquarters but this has some how fallen on death ears.
    I somewhat agree with Anthony because it has been confirmed that she is operating like a chicken without a head, she also has her favorites. One staff member recently confessed that at a recently held staff meeting Ms. Smith was reported to have threatened to cut pay and fire staff who don’t comply.
    Mr. Clarke never had the full support of Ms. Smith and her deputy. His ideas were branded as archaic and out of touch with the modern world, so it doesn’t surprise me that she is taking this chance to make her self look good.

    More will be revealed as we get closer to this year’s General Conference.

  12. Mr. Clarke is a stalwart in the trade union movement. All the best to him. He gets little or no support from his deputy. Enough said. It’s time to let incompetent people step aside and let the show go on

  13. Mr Clarke, for years you have led many of us to believe that you had our interest at heart. We trusted you without fail until 5 years down the road we saw the evidence on files where you had lied to us about discussing our issue with the PSc on Mondays. You never did so. Cosmic law has paid you a visit. Remember to call those of us whom you deceived time and again and ask for pardon but just remember, we are not like Jesus, we do not forgive sins. One of your close friends will soon get her visit from the Cosmic because like you, she deceived about 10 of us.

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