Investigation Needed At The National Union Of Public Workers – Transparency, Accountability And Leadership The Watch Words

Dennis Clarke, General Secretary (l) Walter Maloney, President (r) NUPW Big Boys

To those who would query why Barbadians who are not members of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) have a right to be concerned about alleged indiscretions and mismanagement at the Dalkeith based union, here is one good reason. Members in any registered union in Barbados are allowed to claim as a tax deduction up to a maximum of $240.00. In other words Barbadian taxpayers are subsidizing union business.

Walter Maloney was recently re-elected President of the NUPW for a fourth term and he conceded it was a campaign where there was a fair bit of mud-slinging. At the centre of the controversy is a substantial cellphone bill of $6,000.00 which was racked up by Maloney. He is on record admitting he is willing to pay for those calls which are personal. One wonders why it would have taken the Personnel Department at the NUPW so long to resolve a routine matter. Does it speak to inefficiency or cover up?

The matter becomes interesting with the intervention from Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Trade Union, who stated that President Maloney’s use of a cellphone is (was) not authorized by the NUPW’s National Council. The saga as it continues to play out begs the question, what urgent union matters were on the boil that would provoke a holidaying Maloney to saddle the NUPW with significant cellphone cost incurred over two months. In any event BU understands an acting president was available to attend to union business. Again the question why then would Maloney have to incur significant overseas calls while on holiday on an unauthorized cellphone.

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In light of the Maloney cellphone controversy one would have thought Maloney’s re-election would have been in jeopardy. Why did the membership show disinterest? Perhaps the membership is not enough attuned to union business? Is there a lethargy which has taken root in the membership ranks that readily accepts mediocrity? Some believe local media – the Nation newspaper in particular –  conspired to give Maloney along with a supportive General Secretary a ready platform for him to deliver his message. Why would the Nation newspaper not have taken the opportunity to ask Maloney why the NUPW has not delivered financials in the last two years? Instead on the day of the NUPW election the Nation newspaper gave incumbent Maloney the opportunity to deliver an unchallenged message. Perhaps the time has come to make those cellphone calls by Maloney public. The public has a right to know the truth about this sordid matter. A membership of 20,000 who contribute monthly dues of $26.00 per head is a lot of moolah. Transparency and accountability should be a priority by the leadership of the NUPW reasonable minds would believe.

Given all we have read in the weeks leading up to the election there was the issue of how the General Secretary managed his car procurement. That seems to be another story for which there is merit in follow up. One wonders what is the role of the National Council. One wonders what is the role of the general body? One wonders what is the role of government who subsidizes the NUPW with scarce tax dollars. One wonders the role of the media in Barbados as far as investigative journalism goes. Is there a rule book which should guide the National Council?

It seems the management of too many of our local organizations have allowed them to descend into the depths of mediocrity.

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  1. Please forgive me Manasseh for taking so long to respond to your aforementioned nonsense on April 16th, 2011 about the YOUTH COMMITTEE.

    Manassah U King I am surprised that you are so interested in what YOUTH have to offer. Indeed, when you were asked to pass a resolution at GENERAL CONFERENCE to remove the 3 month wait that young temporary public servants have to through before there are paid; you sat down and said “LET IT GO THROUGH ITS COURSE”. Is this what young people have to expect if ever you are to become president? YOU CANNOT EVEN DEFEND THE RIGHTS OF YOUNG PEOPLE BUT WANT TO CONDEMN WHAT YOUNG PEOPLE ARE DOING.

    The YOUTH LEAGUE came up with a concept of free cell phones to encourage young people into the union, so that once you become a member you can be given information. Also, once a member they can enjoy the benefits that the NUPW currently has to offer. You see you need to understand how young people think and function before you make comments.

    In addition, the technology offered all senior members in the union a way to improve their technological abilities. By extension, improving efficiency and effectiveness among public servants such as yourself. But clearly you did not take advantage of the package.
    So far the project has been one of the most successful projects that the NUPW ever had to encourage young people into the union. It saw in excess of 150 persons in one month.


    The YOUTH LEAUGE has been functioning extremely well over the past 2 years. Sandy Lane Gold Cup Parking, Fish Fry’s etc. What do you mean that this is the only project?


    I will not be subjected to this back and forth nonsense on BU (I am beyond that). All I would say is that I hope the young people will continue to perform and expose the membership to the best benefits they can receive.

  2. Please forgive me Manasseh for taking so long to respond to your aforementioned nonsense on April 16th, 2011 about the YOUTH COMMITTEE.
    Manassah U King I am surprised that you are so interested in what YOUTH have to offer. Indeed, when you were asked to pass a resolution at GENERAL CONFERENCE to remove the 3 month wait that young temporary public servants have to through before there are paid; you sat down and said “LET IT GO THROUGH ITS COURSE”. Is this what young people have to expect if ever you are to become president? YOU CANNOT EVEN DEFEND THE RIGHTS OF YOUNG PEOPLE BUT WANT TO CONDEMN WHAT YOUNG PEOPLE ARE DOING.
    The YOUTH LEAGUE came up with a concept of free cell phones to encourage young people into the union, so that once you become a member you can be given information. Also, once a member they can enjoy the benefits that the NUPW currently has to offer. You see you need to understand how young people think and function before you make comments.
    In addition, the technology offered all senior members in the union a way to improve their technological abilities. By extension, improving efficiency and effectiveness among public servants such as yourself. But clearly you did not take advantage of the package.
    So far the project has been one of the most successful projects that the NUPW ever had to encourage young people into the union. It saw in excess of 150 persons in one month.
    The YOUTH LEAUGE has been functioning extremely well over the past 2 years. Sandy Lane Gold Cup Parking, Fish Fry’s etc. What do you mean that this is the only project?
    I will not be subjected to this back and forth nonsense on BU (I am beyond that). All I would say is that I hope the young people will continue to perform and expose the membership to the best benefits they can receive.

  3. NUPW Youth Member

    Referring to a comment by Manasseh King, you wrote,

    Indeed, when you were asked to pass a resolution at GENERAL CONFERENCE to remove the 3 month wait that young temporary public servants have to through before there are paid; you sat down and said “LET IT GO THROUGH ITS COURSE”.

    I hate to be getting between You and Manasseh but I feel that I must inform you that that resolution would have been nonsense. There is no three month requirement to wait before any person gets paid. This problem arose because senior public officers have manipulated the system in order to make sure that they are in control of who get jobs in the Public Service.

    The former Administration was deceived into passing the 2007 Public Service Act. When I pointed out that there was no such requirement in the law. These same people tricked the new Administration into making amendments to restore their control.

    I suggest that you try to understand the law before you pass resolutions to fix things that you don’t understand. Please don’t interpret this as a defence of Manasseh

  4. @ Youth Committee

    Section 7 (d)- Resolutions,Motions, Questions, Other Business and the Agenda states inter alia, that:

    Resolutions, Motions, Questions and other Business for discussion at General Conference must reach the General Secretary not later than 14 days before the date of the General Conference.

    Surely the gentleman and his Youth Committee should read the Rules and Standing Orders instead of following a leader blindly who don’t even know that resoultions need 14 days notice to be on the Agenda. Had he known that, he surely would not have embarassed himself by inviting me to pass an illegal resoltion on the subject which the Youth Commiitte blogged about in irgnorance.

    My point about wise investment still stands, where there is no vision the people will perish.

    I gone

  5. @me

    I solve the other part of the puzzle and now know that Lopey has been involved in the blogging as well. He should pay the Union the money for those cell phone calls before there is further embarassment.

  6. I found the comments by Caswell as pointed in that they introduced the issue of deceit. Clearly any union worth its salt and the dues the members pay would have raised objection to the act then to the amendment. Where was the union and what happened to the General Secretary. Did he say anything? Was a meeting called what were the positions offered and what happened?

  7. From the time my work mate introduced me to this blog I wanted two things, a new president and Maloney to pay the cell phone bill. I did not get the 1st one but be christ I will do all possible to get the money for the cell phone. I worked out that at $26.00 every month I could get over 250 months in dues, meaning I would not have to pay again till i retire
    Please let us all get this focus right make maloney bpayback the money

  8. @Maxine

    Guess what I discoved today. That the person who owes the hughe cell phone bill was part of the three man/woman teamteam blogging under different names.

    I wonder if the young laid from whom US1800 was borrewd at the CPSA meeting has been repaid as yet.

    I gone

  9. @Maxine

    There has been strenous objections to some of features of the Public Service Act 2007, in fact we in the Union fought the Government on changing some aspect of the Constitution when the Act WAS TO BE PASSED. the Governent relented as we were prepared to mobilise against any tampering with the constituion for expediency.

    I think that we also wanted that even if a person was dismissed from the Public Service that his/her rights not be lost. My mind is hazy on some of the others things that we were concerned about, but the then administration was prepared to have it passsed quickly and that is why it turned out to be a piece of legislation that leave a lot to be desired,

    I support any eeffort by the Union to revisit it.

    I gone

  10. Manasseh

    Your mind is indeed hazy so let me help you.
    You should recall that in 2007 the union commissioned me to conduct a one day seminar, on the proposed Public Service Act, for staff and members of the National Council. You were one of the participants.
    I also made recommendations for changes and asked to be included on the delegation to negotiate with Government. The then Deputy General Secretary, Dennis Clarke, informed me that there was objection to my inclusion on the negotiating team. Instead, he took my notes to the meeting but could not articulate them and the union was therefore out-gunned since they could not explain their objections.

    The resulting Public Service Act has wreak havoc on the careers of qualified public officers. The 2009 amendments did nothing to rectify the damage caused by the original act. It made matters worse, but I believe that was deliberate. Many of the provisions that would benefit sitting public officers are not enforced.

    The old Public Service Regulations were not perfect but were far better than the Public Service Act that was intended to improve conditions, what a joke!

  11. @caswell
    I am not differing with you, yes I was on the Committee and I forcefully made my points known as well as you, but as I said I am a bit hazy about some of the other objections we have put forward, but again i am sure you will forgive me on this one.

    Dont forget I was taking a low profile for a while so I would have to find my notes. What I glad you have just let some of those jokers know on this blog is that my involvement in the union has always been active and not merely a spectator.

    I gone

  12. @caswell

    Boy you have a real good memory and research skills. You dont forget a thing. A just went and check mah notes and you know wah ah find. I aint telling yah what ah find in them, but keep on educating the bloggers especially the one who likes to borrow and dont pay back, the man with the gold chain and the bad english and the fast typer and the youth upstart.

    Hope I have not given a knock out punch to anyone, else I can be charged for solving the riddle and you know it has been solved.

    @Maxene and @Pearlie wunnah gone and lef mah now. a like wunah blogs that real sweet. Now that riddle has been solves a gin tell bloogers if dah want to blog under dfferent names use diffent computers.

    Have to get to work early so I gone. Every one have a pleasant day.

  13. What is the union doing about these difficulties with the legislation. I guess the big ups there concerned with money for wellness centre, buying club and of course running up large cell phone bills. At the same time, the public service Act needs scrutinizing. I know Air Trffic has problems and the airport staff always have issues yet the executive and the General Secretary busy looking to leave some trade mark and trying to lure votes. The wrong issues are to the forefront and as long as maloney is there it will not chnage. I watch him last week and he is on cloud nine I hope they take away that phone.

  14. Maxine
    The problems with the Public Service Act are way over the heads of Maloney and Clarke. Both are intimidated by intellectual people and have great difficulty articulating their positions around them.

    When I was on staff at NUPW all the senior staff would complain among themselves about how Clarke would go to negotiations and embarass them because he clearly did not understand much. We always hoped that he would not assist us when we we making presentations. I would not say that the man is an idiot that would be insulting to idiots.

  15. Interested Bloggers Solve this riddle

    Who is the person that borrowed US1800.oo from the female who had attended the CPSA conference two years ago and still has the oustanding debt?:

    Who is the Person that borrowed money from the immediate past first VICE PRESIDENT and would not settle the debt?

    Who is the person that borrowed $500 from a former Union employee and would not settle the debt?

    Who is the person that acknowledge owing a huge phone bill over $6500 and has not started to pay it back?

    Who is the person that horned the watchman and was involved in a cussing out over the horn?

    Who is the person that was involved with someone and that person had to keep thing under lock and key?

    Who accompanied the person to the work place on Satureday and immedaitely started to blog with him, and the time logged in at the office coincide with the start time of the vicious blogging on that day?

  16. If union members think the $6,000 phone bill is unusual, they should ask the General Secretary for a breakdown of the earlier bills. $6,000 would then appear to be chicken feed.

    Last month bills also had overseas calls, don’t take my word for it check for yourselves: you have the right in accordance with Rule 20 of the union’s rules. The rules are available on Barbados Underground.

    • BU made the point on the weekend that an action plan needs to be fleshed out.

      It starts with educating your membership to raise and numbers to mobilize the necessary petitions etc.

      BU and others serve a purpose to generate ideas and bear in mind the local media and politicians troll the blog so there is a point to it all.

      Some of you need to do some work in the field with the membership and bring the thing together now!

      Stop talking.

  17. Good night!!
    Again I ask what are the objectives of the JO jOs and the lot!
    good investigative work if Manasseh and Caswell have locaeted the mystery bloggers. if whay uall saying is true then god save the persons.
    to the informal grouping i think i have the answer to the riddle. you all made it so difficult. wunna have nuff info.
    how wunna really plan to have this issues raised ion a more meaningful forum cause the BU has limited viewership. think about it manasseh. wunna talikng but where is the action. in a few years history will not acknowledge your work you need to move this to a diffeernt level. THINK!!

  18. David you sound like an action man! time for the ppl like Manasseh to get cracking and do so f-ing work. Blogging will do little as it has proven. meaning Maloney has been returend with Clarke. Clarke needs to answere for his inaction and Maloney for too much action on the phone!!

    Do ppl really undertsnd how much $6000 + is > in a f-ing phone bill> you alll have to make him pay pay pay

    Forget about who Maloney fuping or robbing them matters is personal matters>>consenting adults I am sure that he did not handcuff anybody and drag them into his office after hours or during the day. or he did not put anybody at gunpoint and take away money..

    he raping the Union becuase he is allowed to do so because the GS has a hands-off to his ‘brother” maybe u bloggeerrs have to break the anonymity and make Clarke answer for the finances of the union and how these abuses can continue and what measures put in place to make sure it cant happen again.

  19. The people in the service aint care bout the NUPW and about fighting for nothing.

    which gender thinks like that ?

    there are more females than before . Adventists and Muslims –Christians too( but them sell out ) believe that men should take the lead but in these last days everything down side up–women on top and women bosses aint easy to women

  20. this blog soon run cold act now!!forget the personal assaults> we dealing with issues
    i like to ask questions?????????
    What is the latest with the buying club and medical centre??
    think about it ppl.

  21. @Magnum and @ David

    I agree with both of u, but dont underestimate the movement for reform. I had never visited this blog until I became involved in the Union’s elections.

    I visted the Union on Monday and started to review the minutes concering the the debate on the intoduction of the Cell Phone package and will continue to do so until I have all the facts.

    I want to urge members to play specail interest in the functioning of their union, and do not only attend meetings when there is the issue of salary increases. This union must pass on to future generations well structured and respected by all.

    David, I dont know your age, but in the 1980’s after it was recognized theat then Barbados Mutual needed to be reformed, I was one of those persons in the forefront in that movement and the result was, for the first time a black was publicly elected to the Board. The movement forced the call for a poll; I think that that was the first time in the history of the company .

    Guest what, as a consequence, mutual was fundamentally transformed and blacks move up the laddr reaching the top. At the time those who had a vested interest to protect fought us, we did not have the money to match their public relations, but a number of small businesses contributed financially to help us in our campaign.

    Dont despair, the objective is not sully anybody’s character, but to have meaningful discussions and educate members on the value of such a movement, as well as invlove them in the reform process. I can assure you that members are listening from the many calls I am receiving or persons and walking up to you and telling you” boy I tried to make a change but it did not work”,some are calling you and offering you suggestion and some are even telling you about the salacious behavour of some top executive.

    But again, I am not interested in character assaination, but I have enough weapons to use if any body continue to attempt to domonise me.

    @MAXINE are you still my sister, you were labelled my sister, but the blogger should remember that in the Union we refer to each other as broter or sister.

    @ Pearlie we must meet, maxine dont forget you promised to introduce yourself.

    I gone.

  22. It is a union practice to use the term sister and I am good with that and saw you driving into FRank Walcott building and honk and then I enjoyed the laugh as you slowed and stared at the car LOl. Well I am glad that some of us recognize that action is needed to ensure there is no repeat of these acts. I hope all of us who blog can get 10 friends to sign any petition to have these matters checked out and new systems put in place. Most of all some controls will have to be put in place to stop Maloney from abusing the funds. I have already said that $6500.00 represent a lietime in contributions for a member and for it to be just used to talk to friends both male and female all over the world is just not good enough. It eats me out every time it crosses my mind and i not letting it drop. I do not care. Any persons who feel like I do let us start rhe petition on this blog by getting a message.
    All who want a petition should just sign in and say petition on the cell phone money then we can print it and circulate it and set the real thing on the way
    Come on let us take action now. I feel like in the old days when the union used to fight issues. The only thing is that back then we used to be fighting the employer or head of the ministry or even a politician, now we have to fight we own member that we elect. It is sorry business and it makes me feel very sick but also very angry

  23. Petition ==yes
    Waste of time -yes
    Action–direct and forceful should be taken. Petition is a coward thing !

  24. How do we get direct action. Members must get involved this is the only direct action I know. The executive new and and has the same president and a General Secretary that has not hidden the fact he was canvassing for Maloney and his group and against Dash, King, Jones and Murrell. Now that Murrel and Jones are on the Executive and two new ones, a Maloney follower and a female from Audit I think the executive will need some help from the members. I may be wrong but what is wrong with help any how

  25. @maxine

    I have formally written the GS about the cell phone issue, sugeesting that two meetings be convened to look at the Buying Clubr and the Medical Centre. When it is convened I hope members will do their civic duty.

    I gone

  26. MannassehWell I am getting ready for work and will come back to this later today but what are you expecting from CLarke? The Executive will have to force the President to call any meetings cause Clarke will not want any discussion on his lack of management. We all have to put pressure on the Executive. I hear Murrell gone way and I waiting for him here at the airport. As soon as I see him I will tell him he has to clean up all that bad blood; the cell phone, buying club; medical centre, web site, trips to Spain and Italy. All these things can add to the cost of the union and as you know to the members. I read early in this nasty business one of the bloggers cannot remember which one saying that letters sent to the GS are never acknowledged far less answered so waiting on him is a waste of time, but it is good that you write cause when the petition comes it will have more cause . People will see that he is a main cause of the state at the NUPW. In my mind he does not have the slightest clue bout management. I remember he comimg to the airport on the change to the Board and messing it up. The manual that he claim he did left workers who had serve before short on holiday and there was not to be a chnage in conditions of service if you sign with the Board. What i am saying people who had worked ten years ended up with three weeks holiday rather than 4 I did done with him but still stayed in the union. When I was at Conference last year he promissed the general staff and the guards to do something about appointments, holiday and a whole set of things he treated them like second class members and some of them joined with Caswell. I not a reactive person so I syaed but he would make people run from around the union. Then Maloney came up there with him last year and say one thing and then another and cused confusion. Although Caswell was right he acted hastily and Clarke and Maloney squeezed him. If Caswell was smarter he would have kept his mouth shut and keep his job and be in there to help the workers. I also think the UNion should make sue that Alleyne comes back. I saw him on tv doing a good job at the UDC. They say he cannot take Clarke and Clarke cannot take him so if he comes back Clarke would leave I hope so and it would be good. At least Maloney would not be able to do the kind of things he gets away with. Have to get in for 6 so later.

  27. @NUPW Youth Member | April 18, 2011 at 8:25 PM |

    read ur blog again. it sounds retarded. i am young too and did not and would not sign up for one of those bbs. join the union just to get a bb? stupessssssssssssssssssss. i believe when Manasseh was ur age, he had more intelligence than u and was able to articulate his points. ur rambling suggest ur high lack of intelligence to the issues he is trying to enlighten us about. i have worked with manasseh and have found him to be extremely insightful. God bless people like him. ur may attempt to ridicule me for this blog but i will not respond, so don’t waste ur time.

    • Wondered when someone would question the idiocy of using a cellphone offer to attract membership.

      More likely what happened is Digicel and or LIME approached the union with the offer and sweetened by offering free phones to seniors of the company and or based on number of phones sold.

      The union’s best bet to growing sustainable membership is through good representation and education, the other stuff is just icing on the cake.

  28. @ David
    The union’s best bet to growing sustainable membership is through good representation and education, the other stuff is just icing on the cake.
    What is good Union representation? I left Barbados at the tender age of 19+ for the UK and after 2 months of applications/ interviews
    I got a private sector job where I was encouraged to join a union.
    I was introduced to my shop steward on the first day at work and I discovered from talking to him that to keep the job, I had
    to socialize. That was a smart way of telling me that they operated on a quid pro quo basis. On Friday evenings and if you bought the steward a pint of lager, you were guaranteed the best on-the-job representation, some overtime and the shift duty that suited you best. That was right up my street. I worked nights and studied during the day. You better believe that that bloke was elected every year for the 4 years that I worked for the company. The councilman for the Brent Borough where I lived, was returned year after year because he was the man who visited the pubs, bingo halls and other places where people socialized and bought them drinks of their choice etc. The same thing happened in the church when it came to electing officers for the church council. The parent teachers association was no different. As a matter of fact every association of human beings operated the same way in the UK. When I returned to Barbados on my many holidays over years, I realized that we weren’t called Little England for fun. All organizations here operate similarly to the ones in the UK. Manasseh, I know you not. Think about what you are doing that isn’t interesting the members of the union. Ponder on what Tina told you .

    Tina Roach | April 20, 2011 at 10:25 PM |

    Petition ==yes
    Waste of time -yes
    Action–direct and forceful should be taken. Petition is a coward thing !

    Accept the verdict of the members and try again next year.

  29. somehow i believe if Manasseh and caswell franklyn pulled together they would come up with a plan to get rid if those immature bastards that are leading the NUPW. imagine everything thing that could go up has gone up, and public servants has not gotten an increase in 2 years. if u look at it, we have gotten a reduction in salary. when arthur was in power, yes he did crap but u could bet ur bottom dollar the he still took account of the public workers. we still could look for an increase, however small. now this. when will we get an increase mr clarke?

  30. @smooth chocolate | April 21, 2011 at 6:51 AM |

    I agree with u. i did not buy a bb either, i found it utterly stupid. not getting an increase for 2 yrs necessitated me not buying it. i’m sick of the whole lot of them

  31. me

    You were probably not following BU for a while, otherwise you would have found the answer to your question about an increase in salary for public workers. Check an article entitled, “Are Public Workers Being Sold Out?”written by me on BU.

    In that article I clearly stated that Mr. Clarke wrote to the Government and told them that the NUPW would not ask for a salary increase if they give the union a building at Newton, Christ Church for use as a buyers’ club.

    I found it really strange that Maloney’s phone bill of $6,500 received so much attention, and that Clarke’s letter produced merely a whimper from among the membership.

  32. @chukles

    I get your point loud and clear. I have always have difficulty in not telling you when I don’t agree with you. I give you my point of view and I believe that a person is entitled to his as well. What I would not agree with if for you make decsions based on personality or bend the rules for expediency.

    Decisions should be based on principle. I am quite cognisant of the fact that where there is leeway for a decision to be made, people will favour the ones who socailise with them, but it does not mean the person might be the best person chosen based on ability to get the job done etc.. Nevetheless, that is life. Sometimes when you do not tell people what they want to hear you will be branded, but again all the world a stage and all the men and women merely players.

    I will cite some examples, someone I know very well on four occasions was not obeying the rules about due process in dealing with some of his staff. This is something the Union preached about over and over. When I took my position on those matters, I considered that I had a good relationship with that person. The person was shocked when I opposed him on all four occasions, in fact it might have caused a litte coldness, but I could not have supported him when I know in all conscience that the matter was handled badly. On each occasion, big men and women kept quiet until I interjected.

    If I tell you that I am without flaw that would be the understatement of the year. What I find discomforting in organisations, people having concerns and refusing to put a point of view when opportunities present themselve to do so, but subsequently have a lot to say after the opporunities are no longer there. Those are the people I fear most in life.

    A few years ago, my former Headteacher visited where I was working and we were chatting and one of the staff members said to her, what was he like at school and her response was for the seven years he was there he always had a mind of his own.

    Thanks for the advice and I wish you and all the Bloggers a Blessed Easter and will try to attend churh and I will pray for my
    fellow bloggers.

    Gentlemen I did not reaslise that blogging is so sweet and I have already been addicted, when a bllod test is ordered I shall be charged for blogging addiction.

  33. @ Manasseh
    I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Blessed Easter . Blogging is sweet indeed. I read every posting under every caption but I avoid commenting on matters, on which I can’t hold my own . Yes, you know the incumbents’ weaknesses. I want you to think about their strengths. You have a year to plan strategy for the next election of officers. Ignore the people with boulders on their shoulders otherwise you will end up with hypertension if you listen to their complaints on a daily basis. Better luck next time.

  34. @Chuckles and others

    Elections are held every two years. Over the next two years I will be concentrating on joining up as many people as possible, especially the young ones. There are too many young people not joining the Union , and, psrticularly our Meicare plan. The more young people joining the plan, the cheaper the cost of the plan.

    Most of the people in the plan are reasonably advanced in age and if there is not much young healthy blood coming into the plan on a regular, we would constantly see an increases in the cost, as the older you get, the more there is a need to seek medical care. For example, I had a colonoscopy done and my glasses changed and the cost of those two activities was over three thousand dollars. At my age you should ensure that a colonoscopy is done at least every 3-5 years. I took that precaution because my mun died of cancer at a very early age.

    The point I want to make it that it should be incumbent on all of us to market the medicare scheme. I only started making meaningful claims on the scheme in the last five years. I would want to see the marketing of the Medicare scheme as a pull strategy to the union, not free black berry cell phones. Young people are spending too much money on cell phones and yet they will complain about the cost of this and that is high. I am in agreement that the cost of living is high, but we have to develop our counter strategy. Two years ago road tax increased and I took off my caller ID and determined the saving could assist in covering the cost of the said increase.
    I dont want anybody to get the idea that I am crying over spilt milk, I just want my money optimunally utilised for the well being of its members and the community, for example help people in the immediate environs who have genuinely needs. Another example is offering schorlarships in the names of some of the past leaders of the movement etc.

    @chukles my major focus in this year’s election was not being elceted, it was to ensure that no one was returned unopposed. As i said in an earlier blog, I had entered to contest the election in every category with the intention to withdraw if all the positions were being contested. When I was about to withdraw I got a message not to do so and to leave in my name for President. Three of the then current Executive members were interested in partnering with me and I obliged.

    I gone, again I am saying that I am taking to blogging like a duck to water.

    I GONE.

  35. It has been three weeks since the Maloney circus came back ito office and after three weeks nothing has changed. The General Secretary is off on holiday and turning up at the office every day as though he has so mething he does not want anyone else to see. The international traveller is off on an escapade and the Presient is lying low. IN the meantime the NUPW is drifting and drifting.

    One can only hope that the new executive can find the courage and the commitment to get the NUPW cleaned up and the members business on the agenda. The 1st issue is a new two year contract with the government for terms and conditions then a revisit to the Public Service Act, a rationalization of the outstanding appointments, a look at the salary scales, special examination of some agencies: air traffic, customs, immigration, inland revenue, education officers, and the entire security section. There is also a need to decide on the future of Community College and the amalgamation of the three post secondary institutions. The NUPW must meet with government to look at the outstanding car loans and also the student loans before the govenment acts hastily and suspend ether or both of them. Finally theNUPW should with the assistance of the CTUSAB insist on a new training and study leave policy and have it updated and published in one volume.
    There has been some effort to improve the physical conditions but the union will also need to push to have the Health and Safety Bill come to Act.

    The executive will have to quickly restore confidence in the secretariat by cleaning up the secretariat, that will mean putting in controls on expenditure, making Walter Maloney pay his cell phone, having a special committee or committees review the webb site, wellness centre and buying club and most of all doing an audit of the staff at the secretariat.

    Special focus must be placed on the General Secretary for it is through him that all decision making is given action and his record has been very poor and in my view has been at the personal level. In discussions with both staff and the Executive he has been the problem and if Caswell is to be believe he is totally incompetgent and it is surprising that he could have reacxhed the level of General Secretary. But he os there and some effort must be made to ensure that the Union gets value or part of it for its money.
    The General Secretary must bring a report to Executive every month on decisions and actions taken. A finacial report must be included that gives the cash flow situation and highlighting any major or unsual spending. In addition, projections on spending through the budget must be given at least three months before the project becomes due.

    These clean ips can only take place and catch root if the committees are made to function. I have been told that the Division 1 and the CETO did not meet once during the last two years. That is a shame because these two committee constitute the management and technical levels of the Service and can provide serious counsel for the union and support fr the secretariat.

    The job will not be easy but the Executive must move early to demand respect and to place the president in his place. He is but 1st among equals anonly chairs the Executive not bosses it. Secondly the Executive and the Council employ Clarke, the GS and not the other way around and that relationship must be cemented so that the staff can feel comfortable that victimization, favouritism and spitefullness have come to an end.

    The task may appear daunting but it MUST be done otherwise the membership will get fed up and if they do not leave will grow more distant using only the fringe benefits. GOOD LUCK YOU WILL NEED IT

    • @Donald White

      There is a good reason why well run organizations institute a rule in the company manual that all employees should take leave/vacation for a minimum number of days.

      Someone should inform GS Clarke if he is not aware.

      Does the NUPW have such a requirement? If not it is something which should be introduced.

  36. Donald White

    You were going along nicely, and I was with you until you wrote, “if Caswell is to be believed”. I choose not to be anonymous on this blog for that very same reason, I wanted to be believed.

    Let me assure you that everything that I have written on the Barbados Underground is the truth. I have some little understanding of the law as it relates to defamation and libel, so I tread cautiously. You see, Dennis is always boasting about his lodge brothers and I don’t want to end up before any of them in court.

    In 2002 the Australian high court ruled that Joseph Gutnick could sue publisher Dow Jones under Australian law for alleged libel online. In the ruling, the judge said that the web was no different from newspapers and television. Since Barbados is a common law jurisdiction, Australian decisions would be persuasive in our courts. (David, I could not resist that)

    Most if not all of your input is accurate, and while reading, I was saying that you should be General Secretary. You claimed that there were no meetings of Division 1 and CETO (Division 2) in the last two years. I cannot speak to reasons for not having a meeting of CETO, but I have intimate knowledge why there was no meeting of Division 1.

    Word spread around the union that Derek Alleyne was planning to come to the meeting and seek to be elected as Chairman and one of the division’s representatives on the National Council. The General Secretary decided to thwart Derek’s ambitions by not holding the annual meeting of that division.

    I tried to explain to Mr. Clarke that Derek would nor be eligible for election since he is still staff as members of staff are forbidden, by the rules to hold office. Even though he is on leave: he is still staff and would have to resign to hold elective office in the union. I even offered to service the meeting but Dennis could not be pursuaded. Again Donald, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  37. Donald White

    You wrote,
    “There is a good reason why well run organizations institute a rule in the company manual that all employees should take leave/vacation for a minimum number of days”.

    There is absolutely no need for this provision in any company manual. Since 1961, the Holidays with Pay Act provided at Section 3(4), “The annual holiday shall be given and taken in one period or, if the employer and employee so agree, in two separate periods and not otherwise”. Subsection 6 goes on to forbid an employer from delaying an employee’s annual holiday beyond 6 months after the date upon which the right to such holiday accrues.
    Section 9 imposes a fine of $100 or to imprisonment for three months or both if the employer is convicted of breaching those provisions.
    Let me stress that the Holidays with Pay Act does not apply to the Crown so public officers can take their leave differently.
    YOU CANNOT LEGALLY ACCUMULATE LEAVE IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR and you would think that a general secretary of a trade union of all people should know that.

    Let me be clear, I am not making any allegations here. I have a little training in fraud detection from the Credit Union National Association Fraud Institute in the USA and one of the things that was stressed in my training is that employees who have responsibility for money should take leave on a regular basis and allow someone to take over while they are away. I am told that this measure discourages fraud. Something to ponder.

  38. Donald Duck you sound good! ya sound like an organised fellow.. u hittiong the nail right on the head. nuff big issues out there but the focus on malooney and Clarke on small issues.

    really dont think Clarke has the intellect to deal with such issues, he caught up with serving himself and getting $$ for himself and son.. he needs help to articulate some serious concerns of tyhe membership. maybe that is where he gets his pleasure.

    malooney about the pomp and big voice on the tv and radio. please some subtance and foresight.. malooney fulfill 1 promise please

    move from this forum i beg of all of thee.. put thses concerns on paper and follow through. i would leave my cushy desk to help the movement.
    manassseh move fast.. get clarity on the buying club and wellness centre.. private/public health projects are very high risk. due diligence on the financiers option 1.. move buying club!! nobody gine newton all of we know that.. shut that dowm.

    is that phone bill dead??members rise
    the medicare plan..hahahahah that contract soon up for renewal. the plan getting older fuh real . more leverage for the insurance company to raise premiums. what ois the strategic plan for that? god save us if that plan fails and we have to use the wellness centre… hahaa manasseh why would you need a colonoscopy when you can hace your hip replaced. bionic hip but a cancerous colon. logic!!

  39. Hold on Caswell I not accusing Clarke about fraud except it is intellectual fraud. The concern I have is that his treks to the Union every day suggests that he cannot allow those acting to do their jobs either because he has no trust in their ability to get the job done or is afraid if they do their job it will show him up. I believe that it is a bit of both, more of the latter and a little of the former. Caswell spoke sometime about Clarke and his treatment of his staff and it has become clear that he does not think much of his acting deputy but even if she is not the brightest, she makes more sense than Clarke. I am sure that if she is allowed to do her job she and the Executive can get bto the bottom of the trip to Italy and Spain and the NUPW would be saved thousands of dollars. Clarke’s pressence at work is to get the new Executive to find the money to pay for the visit of the medicare clerk that he promote to some non-existant job.

    I believe that Caswell’s issue of the leave needs to be followed up and the Executive should send the General Secretary on the accumulated leave he has. It would serve everyone well. He would get the rest he obviously needs after all the travel and canvassing, the Executive will get a chance to settle down without his interference and the Clarke Maloney bond will be broken for a while.
    The acting DEputy and her assistant have bee at the NUPW for over 50 years between them and although time does not equate to management skills they cannot be worse than Clarke. My reccommendation is that Clake be sent on leave. Another bonus is that since he is almost 70 and the DGS not coming back the acting DGS will get a chance to show her goods. It will also put the traveller in her place

  40. Caswell I am not suggesting that I dont believe you mean what you said about Clarke’s comopetence, it is your assessment and after speaking to a friend of mine and yours he agreed that the word competence and Clarke cannot connect even to add in before it does an injustice to its meaning.

    Well if a paid employee can refuse to call meetings of legal institutions that are important to the functioning of the entity then he is guilty of sabotage or at best negligence and is not fit to lead. Why would any leader be afraid of any individual Alleyne Franklyn, Murrell, Maloney or Smith. The rules define roles and responsibilities and their are organs that act as checks and balances. Smart leaders keep threats close to them and give them responsibility. Poor l;eaders and coward surround themselves with dunces and pimps. That is not directed at anyone just a fact, so Caswell do not go saying I say anything lol. But seriously the union needs good men and women to step up and do a rescue act. I know CLarke will not want Caswell around for the same reason he would not want Alleyne but contributions can still be made if the others are willing to eal with them. I hope that we can save our union.

  41. It has to respond to the needs of its members by doing the right thing.

    Without members there will be no union, and falling membership will mean that either union dues would have to increase to maitanin its level of operations, or a reduction in staff. I would not like to see neither happen. To restore trust, the union should have a conversation with its members to ascertain their concerns.
    I gone.

  42. Yes but how is the union to get that conversation with its members. Clarke is not going to call any meeting and neither will this executive.

  43. Manasseh

    You wrote, ” To restore trust, the union should have a conversation with its members to ascertain their concerns”.

    Are you really serious? You articulated many of those concerns during the last union-election campaign. The concerns are known. The problems come because there is no one at senior levels in the management of the Union that is willing to put the interest of the members first. As a result the membership has lost confidence in the NUPW to adequately represent them. I attempted to do my job without fear of favour and people called in favours to get rid of me from NUPW. Below is an extract of a report written on me by the General Secretary just months before they dismissed me without cause,

    “There is no doubt that Mr. Franklyn has brought considerable value to this organization on his employment. He is second to none in the industrial relations arena in Barbados in relation to the legal rights of workers in the public service and the private sector. His vast knowledge of employment law and its application has caused him to be sought after for advice by many an attorney on an almost daily basis.
    To date, the quality and thoroughness of his work has placed him head and shoulders above the industrial relations officers at this institution. He is always ready and willing to give advice and to assist them in their work”.

    Even after that glowing recommendation they got rid of me to please at least one government Minister, that I know of, and two heads of department that were taking advantage of members of the union.

  44. @caswell

    If the Union dont willingly want to talk and listen there are mechanisms that can be used and will be used. Dont undersetimat the determination of some union members now that they are aware about some of the malfeasance going on there.

    I have heard it said in the Union that you have very good research skills. You are quite aware that many times I took reasoned positions on issues and didnt follow the leader blindly. People of that are considered a nuisances. I believe that when u look into the mirror you should see you and not what anybody want you to be.
    Look how I was attacked on this blog, I have gone nowhere, i have identified the persons and deliberatelt switched around the identities. I knew all along who was doing the dirty blogging. You may ask, how did I know, people always left clues in their writings and sayings, I am sure I do.

    Sometime ago, I blogged on an issue on another site and I picked up that a friend of mine was bloggin on the issue and so was I. When we met I callled his blogging name and he laughed and then he called mine.

    Caswell, when God is for you, no man stands against you.

    Enjoy the rest of you Easter.

    I gone.

  45. Caswell you well know that if Clarke wanted you to stay and suggestion or request by any politician or head would not have mattered. You stepped on Clarke’s toes and Maloney was on his side. It is a simple as that. Nothing less or more

  46. Bossman

    Obviously, you do not know Clarke. He opposed giving leave to Derek Alleyne until the then Prime Minister called him. Then his position at Council was ,” I don’t want to put a stumbling block in anybody’s way”.

    I was negotiating with the Urban Development Commission and Clarke approached me after claiming that he got a phone call from the Minister complaining about me cursing at a meeting. My job was in jeopardy until I was able to produce witnesses, including the Chairman, who claimed that there was no truth to report that Clarke claimed that he got from the Minister.

  47. The members of the union aint care nothing about what is said here on this Blog . Some people know nothing of this Blog. Some people dont know what a blog is or how to get on to a Blog. This is well of course, an Undeground thing

    but I think the revelations here are telling !!! and there must be follow through

  48. @Tina Roach

    Let BU expose your last comment.

    Are you suggesting that between King, Gill and a few others who have posted you can’t conference on Tuesday and comment to collecting 50 to 60 names to validate a petition which calls for a meeting to discuss matters of concern?

  49. The answer is YES

    The 50, 60 names but that is 50, 60 out of 10,000

    The rest dont care ! For them the Union is the Medicare Benefits and some dont even care about that. Some people dont even read circulars, News papers, listen to the News nothing –that is why things have degenerated
    They dont even represent their union dues
    They just lazy and content to let people rub that thing in their mouths and call it butter.

    You dont know how ignorant it is in this country not only this but many other issues such as high prices. People throw hands in the air and still purchase things when the price goes up and they feel smart that they can buy and that –you complaining.

    People in the public service solve their individual problems by calling a politician or somebody else and as long as they are okay they dont care about nothing -Union nobody.

    They manipulate the archaic Public Service rules and practices to their and their friends ‘ advantage and as long as them and their cliques are okay–no problem –so what Union what !

    Imagine a Union with 10, 000 members and having problems with being quorate with 50 members at a General Conference .
    Anyhow the faithful few must fight on

  50. ROTFL @ David
    Wanna fellers does listen to wanna selves doh? If de horse dead it dead!! – stop flogging de poor thing nuh.
    What leadership what!!??
    Wanna think that ‘leadership’ does walk bout looking for idiots to assist?
    ABSOLUTELY TRUE! Leadership is our problem – but this is not only so at the level of the Prime Minister, public service, and big companies ….. BUT AT ALL LEVELS. Where are the examples of outstanding leadership at the club, community, school, even family level? If we can’t find outstanding leaders for scouts, community cricket, schools, even families…. where wanna plan to look for these top class political leaders? Trinidad ? Canada? Hingland..?
    …it is a dead horse wanna flogging people…. or should the bushman say – a half dead Granny Earth…

  51. Barbados has done amazingly well without “leaders” Bush Tea.

    I tink wanna looking fuh magicians not leaders.

  52. BajanCanadians should go to this show.
    Support Barbadian Companies.

    Name of Show: Good Food Festival
    Dates: April 29th – May 1st, 2011
    Location: International Centre, 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, Ontario.
    BIDC’s Booth numbers 1231/1233

  53. @Hants
    Any monkey can be a ‘leader’ in good times when bananas are plentiful.
    The problem with ‘leadership’ is that it is difficult to appreciate it when things are easy and the seas are calm. In such times, instead of sound leaders, empty vessels often push themselves forward and take credit for the plentiful bananas and calm seas.

    When the banana season ends, and the waves pick up… THEN we recognize what REAL leadership is; how CRITICAL it is… and how few resources we really have… Like now!

  54. Tina, pearlie, Maxine et al

    please start to gather signatures and ensure that the members are financial.

    I gone

  55. Bush tea your cynicism on the issue of leadership is understandable but remember that leaders do not drop out of the sky or a re born but reflect the geeneral environment. LIke participation and decision making opportunities and practices.
    The 1st thing Clarke has ever led is gthe NUPW and is therefore lost. Add that to his lack of analytical and other skills, absence of a sense of diplomacy and preference to listen to rumour as Caswell has said and you have a perfect misfit at the helm.

    It gets worse when Maloney is the Presdient. Apart from a loud voice his head is as full as Greenland landfill.
    I read that some one earlier referenced joe Goddard and was saying that the union got worse since he left. I agree but would add that it cannot recover unless something is done about Clarke. To get rid of him money the union does not have although by the spending of he and Maloney one would not believe so, but according to King things not so rosy. So the focus has to be to break up he and Maloney who appear to be patting each others back and doing a lot of foolishness. I am sure somebody will say the election done but it has to be corrected. Maloney and Clarke together is BAD NEWS.

    I for gettung signatures and the team who ran and really have the union interest at heart should start the ball rolling. I am sure that the records of the membership are availble to all and I would like a list so I can call some of them. Caswell, Forde, Dash, Gill, Alleyne, Maxine, Pearlie, Burke,King and pass Executives get the list and set up a collection point. See how the members respond and then we shall see.

    THis is not an election but a chance to look and clean up some matters. I not sure what the rules are and how many issues can be put on the agenda but I have these few

    Cell phone bill and limits for users
    Web site
    Wellness centre
    Buying Club
    Travel to Italy and Spain
    My brother a lawyer said if these are too many we could put one issue:
    An examination of the administration of the NUPW including the allocation of its resources, human and finacial and to put in placesystems for its orderly conduct

    I hope I have added to this debate and can get action I have a lot of respect for Murrell but also know that he is soft and get burn before. I heard him say sbut believe that he can play a big part in getting things turn around, so get to him. I will do my best and will call King

  56. @ Tina Roach
    “Bush Tea stop talking crap”
    ….and do what instead..!!?? You try drinking some strong bush tea and see what comes out… Want Bushie to keep the crap inside like other Bajans…? LOL

    @ Bossman
    “Bush tea your cynicism on the issue of leadership is understandable but remember that leaders do not drop out of the sky”
    Wuh Bossman, you saying the same thing as Bush Tea… you only saying um much better and clearer. A whole big union with 10,000 members and wanna can’t name one outstanding leader past, present or future…
    A leader who never run a snow cone cart before, and is a complete idiot, just get RE-ELECTED by a huge majority of the 80 people who voted…… Know why!!??

    Wanna ain’t got nobody better.
    You just said it much better than the Bushman.

  57. When a special meeting is convened, only one issue can be on the Agenda, althught oftentimes I have seen the Union broken the rules in that regard.

    Section 7 (a) 2 states that a Special General Conference/Meeting shall be summoned on wtitten request of at least fifty full members.
    7(b) goes on to say that should the General Secretary fail to summon the meetin.conference within 14 days of the receipt of the request duly signed by the requisite number of memebers, the memebers concerned shall have the power to convene a Speical Genereal Meeting/Conference over their signatures.

    7(c) states that the only business to be conducted is that on the Agenda.

    7(d) states that the deliberations of, and decision made by such Special General Conferenc/Meeting SHALL BE VALID.

    7(e) states 7 days notice shall be given by public advertisement for a Special General Conferenc/Meeting.

  58. Manasseh

    You wrote, “When a special meeting is convened, only one issue can be on the Agenda,. . .”

    You are mistaken. Only the items on the agenda can be discussed. Rule 8 (c) states, in part: “The only business to be transacted shall be such business as is contained on the Agenda.”

    The advice given is a classic example of one of the major problems of the NUPW. Those who lead and those aspiring to leadership have only a limited knowledge of the Rules and Standing Orders.

    How many of you are aware that the Rules of NUPW limit the duties of the President to chairing, “Conferences/General Meetings and Meetings of the National Council”, [Rule 11 (d)] and to signing cheques and other negotiable instruments, [Rule 11 (f)(iii)]. With such limited responsibility, you must ask could the current President get away with so much.

  59. Bro Franklyn it boggles my mind. You seem to be pregnant with information that only the top brass of the Union ought to be privy of. It appears that you were very special to the GS. It is rumoured that every working day you and the GS would have loooonggggg meetings behind his closed office door. What happened to break the KING’S (not. manasseh’s)bowl. Care to enlighten us

  60. Unsure

    I don’t know how to answer your query about what happened to break the king’s bowl.
    You are correct about daily meetings in the General Secretary’s office. Every morning I would get to the office about 7:30, usually the first or second person there, as a matter of fact I would then allow the night watchman to leave. Those meetings in his office were generally to assist Clarke with his work. I would draft documents for him and correct things that he would have done before they went to the typist. Sometime he would do things without my input and when I saw them I would take them to back to him and suggest corrections which were generally accepted. Also, I would give him advice on how to handle a variety of matters. As a result, I became familiar with all of NUPW’s business.

    Clarke even recommended to the Executive that I should replace Derek Alleyne when he got leave to go to UDC. I declined and told him that it would have been unfair to Roslyn and Delcia. I told him so in the presence of Roslyn, if you care to check.

    The last time that I had one of those early morning meetings with the General Secretary was the morning following the National Council’s initially refusal to pay Clarke’s for this computer nonsense. He told me that he felt so bad that he cried at the meeting and asked me how to proceed.

    I said to him that he should not have allowed himself to get into that position and he should not have allowed his son to be drawn into the union’s problems, and that it looked bad. I also suggested to him that he should prevent his son from doing any further work for the union, and that he should pay his son from his own resources. I forgot the old saying, “when you give honest advice, have one foot out the door”.

    My meetings were never about gossip,even though I must admit that a little would sometimes creep in. I was running NUPW because he couldn’t and honestly it felt good especially being privy to things that none of the other staff was aware of.

  61. Bro Franklyn seeing that you were apprised of such info could you put those on their guard regarding that dangerous man? Suppose lord forbid, something happened to you all that information good or bad would be lost.

  62. I tell you this NUPW business is special. Here is an officer saying that he had more information than the Deputy or the Assistant and that he was running the Union Wow. Clarke want firing. This is serious stuff and cannot go without investigation

  63. Maansseh U King | April 24, 2011 at 11:55 PM | Tina, pearlie, Maxine et al

    please start to gather signatures
    In no position to do that Sir

    I am just a keen Observer of events and a BU commenter

  64. @caswell

    That was a mistake, I though I had taken that out, but oviously i did not. i meant to say that the only issue that should be discussed are those on the Agenda. Please dont jump to conclusions like that, because as you are aware, two of the courses I pursued under the ICSA was Meetins and Company Law.

    Furthermore, I would appreciate if you do not compare me with the President and any other member of the current dispensation. One thing I can tell you is I have the Rules and Stabding orders next to my computer. Continue you to take your digs at who you want, but leave me out the eqaution.

    Just visited the Harrison Cave and it was very relaxing.

    I gone

  65. It is good that persons are calling for the collection of petitioners and I hope that this effort can be sustained. What is needed is a resolution that informs the members of the issues and places the matters in perspective. It should be simple and yet encompassing enough to ensure that all the issues are covered without the General Secretary being able to delay or stall its debate. The rules are clear and once enough people get to it then the matters will reach the debate stage. What is required after the debate is assured are clear outcomes being articulated and leadership at the debate. It should not be an exercise in opportioning blame, that will take care of itself but one where the future of the NUPW will be enhanced through the active participation of members, in heated or whatever debate with a clear conviction that business CANNOT continue as usual.

    The little sniping about who is brightest, right, or has more information or say will not help the NUPW. We are all convinced that the NUPW cannot go forward as it is currently being managed. Changing that environment is the primary aim and how that is achieve must have clear goals with specific objectives. This is not any effort to get into swat or any other anlysis just to say we have to strategize and it can be done here on the blog because it is not a secret. There is no clandstine or covert operation but an effort to look at the NUPW and to clean it up. If Maloney, Clarke or whoever proves to be a stumbling block then that issue will be dealt with. If any new blood is needed then that must be dealt with. If the rules need adjusting then that must be dealt with and if other conferences are needed then they will be called. It is now or never for the NUPW and there seems to be a force let us all use it to make things better, not only for us but for the entire movement. Delay will lead to failure and failure will make this group of members historical vanmpires that sucked the blood from the movement.

  66. I beg a pardon!
    This is addressed to Bossman.
    Today I received a few calls from members of the staff of the NUPW and a few others asking if I had posted a blog on this BU. I replied that I did not and have never before now.

    Why did they ask if I did such? There is an anonymous blogger who just recently started under the alias of ‘Bossman’. (Let me assure all concerned that this blogger is NOT me.) Since 1983 I was given the nickname ‘Boss”, “Bossman”, ‘Boss Hogg’. I have had an email account since 1998,“, and I continue to use that email with contacts that I have had since then. So persons who know me made the connection instantly.

    Bossman (The Blogger), persons who have been making comments in this forum anonymously have been using names that have no immediate connection/reference to any person who is closely associated with the NUPW. Indeed it appears that persons with intimate knowledge of the NUPW have been using aliases along with the persons who choose not to (e.g) former members of staff and members of the NUPW), on this blog.

    I wish to thank those persons who recognised the obvious connection to me and called to inform/warn. Others might have recognised the connection but did not call and might have assumed that it was indeed me. therein lies the potential for ‘victimisation’ and reprisals.


    Richard A. Green
    NUPW- Staff

    • @Richard Green

      To protect you from spam and god knows what else BU has redacted your email address which you inserted in your comment.

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