16 to 14 Result in Barbados General Election

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

Tonight is shaping up to be a victory for the people and for Barbados. I am pleasantly surprised and quietly proud. We have defied all polls, expectations and political/election stereotypes. BU has been a great conduit for it to begin. Let us move ever closer towards that much needed tipping point and let’s hope that those who lead us wake up and realise that this is a wake call to do better for all of us

– Observing(…)

A result which the most ardent of DLP and BLP supporter did not predict. Barbadians have witnessed a 16:14 result in favour of the Democratic Labour Party. The result also blew the Wickham CADRES model to smithereens, made all the more interesting that Wickham performed two polls leading up to the general election. BUs one regret is that even as the country faces unprecedented challenges – posed by the global economic landscape – we have a parliament which will struggle to do business given the result.

Here is an opportunity for earth changing decisions to be made to the current system. BU hopes the actors in  our democracy do not allow this moment to slip. This is a victory for Barbadians.

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  1. Stupid questions about polls by CBC News Anchor

    A poll cannot predict emotions
    A poll is a snapshot
    A poll is not gospel
    A poll gives you an idea of a result

    Stop trying to destroy Peter and stop bashing the polls
    Another thing –No Bank-holiday Please
    Saturday and Sunday are already holidays
    Schools have had enough time off
    No need for a Bank Holiday—None

  2. Barebacked Rider
    What goes around comes around
    Your words and attitude here on this Blog are not necessary
    Steer yuhself !
    …And stop calling people names
    ..You do not know what the future holds
    Cast your mind back to 2008 and more specifically 2010

  3. what i would like to see is strong financial support from govt to help entrepreneur in building industry which would create jobs and set us on a path toward self reliance. AS it is now we rely mostly on the knowledge and expertise of outsiders which in the end becomes burdensome and costly.

  4. .’I posit the view that Stuart might be a lameduck Prime Minister this session.He will not achieve anything without looking over his shoulder and looking at the opposition benches too!’
    I think it is time we all stop underestimating Mr Stuart. He has confounded his critics. It was a very constructive move when he brought urban under his wing and was able to deliver the spoils to those disgruntled constituents who told him in no uncertain terms tht he would not get their vote. A word to the wise as enough notwithstanding his opponent wascarrying substantial baggage this time round particularly his public abandonment of the constituency after his defeat last time around.
    What i would respectfully posit is that Mr Stuart needs to assert himself by assigning himself a portfolio in either the ministryof finance or economics to establish his profile in the eyes of the public.
    Clearly, he is not a dunce and could learn with Mr Estwick playing a more prominent role in either of these ministries as well. Mr Estwick was again the star player for the DLP in the campaign and ought to be rewarded with the positon of Deputy Prime Minister.
    The election again saw the DLP galvanising the goodwill of a very understanding or seriously ignorant or forgiving electorate given the unnecessary draconian tax measures imposed on an already overburdened public during thei term of office.
    It would be helpful if the DLP would use some of the fuel charge money hoarded by the BNOC from the Light and Power to ease some of the burdens they placed on a compliant public by offering them some of the goodies promised by the BLP.
    That said, congratulations must be in order for the DEMs strategists who ran a masterful campaign and prove they can win an election minus kingmaker Hartley Henry.
    On the contrary, the BLPs campain floundered in the home stretch and none more so than the last night where with the exception of Kerrie Symnonds The speeches were lacklustre to say the least and offered nothing to attract the attention of the floating vote whereas Mr Estwick was in independence square convincing the undecided and thoughtess that owen arthur had sold Barbados to Trinidad.

  5. Bajans got to b suckers for punishment , n the say we r some of the most Educated ppl in the Caribbean. YEA RITE , but as the saying goes life is what u make it

    Your advice is appreciated and accepted but these people had me vex. Now that I got certain things off my chest ya dont have to worry bout me but people have to learn to accept defeat graciously and move on. I did it for years, election after election and I still here. Elections finished and these people still posting all this negative bullshit about the PM and the party. One even talking about government imploding. When will it end

  7. Rate This

    Musing | February 20, 2013 at 8:27 AM |
    Wickham’s second poll in two days is a puzzle here is why. Wickham posits that the swing remains at 7% against the DLP where it climbed to a long time ago. If this is the case we can draw the conclusion that the entire three week campaign by the DLP had no impact whatsoever. In other words despite government’s excellent performance in five years in the face of history’s worst recesssion the swing needle did not move.

    Despite outstanding articulation of solid creative proposals by the DLP to take Barbados forward during the campaign nothing registered with the public. Wickham’s second poll in two days “to right the wobble” and “the outlier” means there was no push back from the extensive hard fought battle of ideas coming from the DLP.

    The long hard grind of the election campaign based on Wickham’s poll was absolutely unecessary. Producing manifestos was a waste of time.The people of Barbados according to Wickham’s poll are dense. Nothing from the DLP influenced Barbadians despite more than half of them being mass based DLP supporters. The swing needle did not flutter by even one percentage point in the three campaign although the PM moved from single digits in popularity to draw even with Owen Arthur.

    Wicham’s poll postulates that in the face of a multitude of revelations which umasked and showed the BLP as a disunited discredited institution they marched serenly onward. The obvious in fighting in the BLP, Mia Mottley’s destruction by Arthur and cronies, the condemnation of the BLP economic proposals by respected neutral economic analysts counted for nothing says Wickham’s second poll.

    As a humble university graduate I find Wickham’s second poll in two days hard to believe. It is an affront to my intelligence. Wickham’s second poll is a puzzle. The mother of all polls is Thursday 21 February. I will accept the results of Feb 21st poll not Wickham’s.

    Prohetic word indeed. BTw any sightings of miller, onions, prodigal, just asking, at least observing popped in after the whipping with a few assinine posts. Congratulations to Fruendel’s team you worked hard for a victory you truly deserve.

  8. As the saying goes “father forgive them they know not what they do”

    Whatever happens now, whether good or bad, tax increase or not, (no decreases will come) The persons who wanted to give them another try, the ones who follow a party blindly and the one who sold their votes for a few grantleys, well they all now have the future of Barbados on their conscience. Lets all hope they made the correct choice.

  9. “The record will show that on the weekend we analyse the manifestos of both parties and took the opportunity to make the point that the electorate was very apprehensive about the return of Arthur which BU agreed. ”

    The logic of this comment escapes me Mr David. Please forgive me but i cannot understand how analysing the manifestoes of the two parties could enable one to conclude that “the electorate was very apprehensive about the return of Mr Arthur” paritcularly when, “polls” conducted over the past year up to this week have consistently placed Mr Arthur ahead of the pack where leadership is concerned. In addition, an analysis of the election period could lead one to suggest that had not for Mr Arthur’s privatisation gaffe inter alia which the DLP used to place a seemingly surging BLP on the backfoot and the sudden increase in the Government payroll by strategically inundating marginal constituencies with casual employment, Mr Arthur would probably have been returned to office.

  10. @balance

    your logic always mystifies me. What emperical can u produce that the manifesto could not have made an impact. if the blp was leading up to the paoint and suddenly the manifestos were produced , the gospel of both parties, why could it not have made an impact? Just thinking aloud.

  11. “Public Officers could not bear the thought of owing arthur returning to the political stage to cause them pain and sufferings and give him his exit visa”


  12. Firstly, let me congratulate the DLP for a nerve shattering win. But before I delve further, I don’t see why we should be pointing accusing fingers at Peter Wickham. This election was unpredictable, just like a hurricane lingering to the east of Barbados and suddenly turn right sparing Barbados. I listened to VOB 92.9 and even the seasoned strategist Hartley Henry had started to give up the ghost. The other panelist even projected a 17-13 in favour of the BLP. However, the laws of uncertainty crept in and spun the election in favor of the DLP. That’s reality and Peter should not be faulted. However, let stop the blame game and put our heads together so that the estimates and the budget be successfully passed so that life can return to normal. Barbados is in excellent hands with a stronger opposition which will keep the government on their toes. We must also bear in mind that voting for additional monies will now be transparent

  13. Thank you Yardbroom for your congratulatory message to all DLPites on BU. My thanks goes out ac , ccc , adrian hinds and others for robustly putting the DLP view in public domain.

    Dems…….Now. Dems ……..Again

    A pity old onions ……has LOST his flavour !

  14. The Democratic Labour Party has now been turned into a fundamentalist right wing bastion of conservatism and it is difficult to see them implementing any thing that will propel this country forward. Certainly this is not the philosophy that Errol Walton Barrow espoused .The Party has gone too far right and the influence of christian fundamentalists is to be noted at this time.
    Is this a positive development or not ?

    The tendency to sit and wait and do nothing until the world does something is characteristic of its present leader Freundel Jerome Stuart.

    Where is Barbados heading ?


    let me tell you what i saw when my head was in the sand, Peter Wickham has nothing to be ashamed about. he was right one the money with his call. what he did not factor in is 1+ millions reasons that could move 3 seats in St. Michael. maybe he should have gotten the precast company to build that into his data the day before the poll comes.

    i lol my ass of when i hear the joker of a PM tonight talking about election laws and how he plans to enforce them. tell him start by investigating his own who stupidly was seen in this day and age handing out.

    now before you run off the trap and attack me, i should warn you…….

    you were warned.

  16. ‘your logic always mystifies me. What emperical can u produce that the manifesto could not have made an impact. if the blp was leading up to the paoint and suddenly the manifestos were produced , the gospel of both parties, why could it not have made an impact? Just thinking aloud’


  17. He is not popular throughout Barbados”

  18. @Balance

    u could do better than that. The Stuart administration was destined to lose the elections, according to people like u, onions, David bu and not BU, onions, prodical, ,miller the fluke, just asking, smooth chocolate, white corporate barbados, the nation newspaper, the manipulated cadre polls, among others.

    There was a sustained attack on the Stuart administration to create doubt in the minds of Barbadians that this administration did not have the goods to hold the ship through these difficult times. The white corporate barbados, because it could not influence his thinking, and because they could not manipulate him through their inviting him to dine with him, have invested so heavily in the blp administration, similarly to the Republicans in the USA with the expectations that the Blp would have been returned to office. The electorate said, no way Jose, Go and come again. The DLP had a master strategy. How do u account for Stuart surpassing Arthur in the polls as regards your preferrd choice. Do u and others think that Barbadins just woke up and saw Stuart as a leader. They recognized that he could not be bought, and that he has the interest of this country at heart, and not a slelect few, GO FIGURE THAT OUT, YAH HEAR. THE POINT IS THAT HE WON AND HE BUCK THE TREND WHICH YOU AND OTHERS PREDICTED THAT WOULD HAVE OCCURED. DID YOU REALIZED THAT THE ADMINISTRATION IS NOT A ONE TERM GOVT. THAT ADMINISTRATION ASLO GOT ANOTHER CHNAE . GI FIGURE THAT OUT TOO.

    The amount of money that I heard that was shared away in the marginal seast, no doubt influenceds those young punks to go and vote, Lord have mercy, is thIS what elections is about? lIZ THOMPSON, ARTHUR SHOULD HVE BEEN CAOUGHT AND PROSECUTED, AMONNG OTHERS, I HOPE THOSE PERSONS WHO GOT ARRESTED FOR BREAKING THE ELECTORAL AND BOUNDARIES LAW ARE PROSECUTED.




    u forget that i was a around taking the on slaught from the blp free reign chickens. Congratulations. U kept ur faith. When the Lord is with u, no man stands against u.

  21. wait, i seeing some new blogging names here all of a sudden, do we have the old bloggers disguisng themselves?


    What has happened to Scott?

  22. Can’t you DLP people show empathy by recognising that BLP supporters are still smarting? It is still an admirable human quality.

    @Miller et al (BLPites)

    All are still welcome to contribute on BU, feel free to continue to share your views.

  23. Hate to break it to the party faithfuls but it appears that the 16-14 win has now been reduced to 15-14. Told yall don’t celebrate so soon.

  24. David I agree wid you we should show empathy so I thinking bout gine and visit miller, prodigal and dem down in Jinkins. All I speak ta dem and warn dem before de election dem won’t listen. Cuh-dear.

    TTP, dear-heart, you in see I got a new name too since election night? How ya like ma? Murda!

  25. As I said the win was really for the taxpayers showing who really and truly holds the power in Bim, the politicians were all only allowed to barely slide into their seats. If they were not so embarassed by the shock delivered to their systems by the voters, they would man-up and admit the smack down delivered to both parties by the electorate.

  26. THURSDAY was voting day and by now all would have seen and heard the results whih would have been embtaed by some hopefully the majority and not welcomed by others .
    friday was gloating day a time for the DEMS to feel free in a democracy to celebrate their victory wether it be by small or large gains cause it was a victory for which they fought long and hartd for against the mover and shakers that are bound and determined to take over this . A victory no mater how small is stil a VICTORY and adeserves a time for celebration. An athelte after long hours of hard work does endorse his winning with enthusiam and gusto and the same reasoning should apply with good reason for the outburst of emotion felt by the victory on FRIDAY.

    • @ac

      Here is what gloating means:

      Contemplate or dwell on one’s own success or another’s misfortune with malignant pleasure: “his enemies gloated over his death”.

      You just don’t get it. One can celebrate with ‘class’.

      You as always can have the last say.

  27. I can’t for the life of me understand why Adriel brathwaite has the nerve to talk about selling votes and not about the candidates who bought the votes with taxpayers dollars. Adriel might want to tell us exactly how many votes were bought in St. james as well as in his parish. What a nerve!!! It’s also about time the candidates who PAID FOR the votes be arrested and exposed.

  28. @pearlie

    i did miss yah even though i stayed a way for a few days. How yah did like my preiction or 17-13. Ah did nearly accurate . I betta get a new name and call myself that fah lick yuh. How yah like dah.

    On a serious note, we have to hold hands and when we de party doing foolishness give them some lashed too. I hope that foremost on our PM mind is a strategy to communicate often with the Nation. If estwick wants the Ministry of Finance, I would give it to him. Chris does not cut out for Fianace, I would like to see Donville remain as Minister of health. I will give Dennis Lowe Labour. I will put Sincler as Minister of Tourism. I would put Richard Sealy as Minister of International Business. Kellie will be my choice for environment. Maclean for FX Affairs.

  29. We have 6 more years of Freundel now.
    Owen should remain at the helm of the Opposition for 3 years and if the country seems to be on even keel, he can hand over to Mia and allow Clyde Mascoll to canvass in the St Peter constituency. The BLP needs a top economist in their camp at all times.

    Two factors which have had more impact than people are admitting are:
    1.) That old lady transportation/privatisation advertisement/LIE which the BLP was UNABLE to definitively REBUT.

    Each day CBC started with that LIE and was highlighted throughout the News.It shows that there is still considerable influence of traditional TV media on the people of Barbados regardless of how good your Internet media campaigns are.

    2.)THE DLP had more effective speakers. They can entertain you for an entire night. Freundel, David Estwick, Chris Sinckler, Verla, Michael Lashley in his nasty remarks, whereas the BLP only had Owen and Mia who was hoarse and was rather reserved in her attacks.

    Well the next 6 months will be very important and we will see what this DLP administration can do.

  30. @David

    shouldnt u be asking those adversaries to accept their defeat and give credit where it is due, instead of finding all excuses for the dlp’s success. for every action, there is a reaction.

  31. @Fed Up

    u can migrate and u would not have to live under the DLP for the nest five years. U migh have ten and not five, depending on how we manage the economy over the next five years.

  32. THURSDAY was voting day and by now all would have seen and heard the results which would have been embraced by some hopefully the majority and not welcomed by .
    Friday was gloating day a time for the DEMS to feel free in a democracy to celebrate their victory wether it be by small or large gains cause it was a victory for which they fought long and hard for against the mover and shakers that are bound and determined to take over this country taking all and giving little in return.and i point my finger to the BHTA which received millions upon millions of dollars from the past administration and under these hard and stressful economic times still pressure the govt to do more YES i am highly suspicious of those who would put self interest above the interest of COUNTRY. . A victory no mater how small is still a VICTORY and deserves a time for celebration. An athlete after long hours of hard work does endorse his winning with enthusiasm and gusto and the same reasoning should apply with good reason for the outburst of emotion felt by those who work hard to the victory on FRIDAY ……………………………………………………………………………………… Now today as reality sinks in we as a people must face our challenges together and look at our government with roving eyes and called upon them to move with haste with policies that would be beneficial to all and not to the few who think that they have a right to ownership and the working stiff and unemployed deserves what they get..

  33. From past-performance of the DLP, no one will migrate. This country is in a very precarious position and Stuart does not inspire confidence in businesses nor in the people of Barbados. He must become a new man.

    Mia MUST be named Deputy Opposition leader and then if Stuart holds the country she should be allowed to take over as Leader in 3 years. I LOVE YOU Mia but this country needs the top economists and experience PM just in case thing start to go awry.


    Interesting suggestions, but knowing the perlious state of tourism industry,
    having ‘lost’ over 100,000 long stay visitors during the last five years and 92,000 plus cruise ship passengers last year alone, don’t you think there should be some radical changes on how this sector is treated?
    Why not appoint a new Senator with proven success in the industry and who becomes the new Minister of Tourism.
    It may not please the cronies, but it just might inject some new hope in the tourism industry.

  35. On the subject of election management and legitimacy, the rules do not need changing, no doubt from what I am hearing bth parties have their issues to answer.

    What we need for the next election is international observers to witness the election. THAT would be the single most effective and VALID overview control.

    And please dont give me nonsense about us ‘managing our own election is fine, we dont need outside observers’.

    On the subject of the result, have effectively a stalemate governement. Yes, day to day things can be done, but no significant legislation unless the DLP administration works with the BLP.

    In the circumstances, I think this a win for voters and the citizens.

  36. @David
    Can anyone explain what happened in St Philip South?
    How is it that a ballot box was not counted and went missing. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE.

    Wood declared winner and then said to have lost by 400 votes.

  37. Balance you political traitor -you wore RED to the FRONT and YELLOW to the back ,you cannot be trusted any where you go not even your crooked friends Walter Maloney and Denis Clarke trust you .The only person that will trust you is Dr.Maynard -and that is because he knows that you will deceive him again -do you recll the six thousand dollars you and your

  38. I must admit that i am one of those who did not believe that Fumble Stuart would have won.

    Yes you will note that i have not recanted in my use of the derogatory moniker Fumble and i will tell you why.

    I am not one of the rank and file who blindly believes that there was a comprehensive strategy that was centrally administered by the current PM of Barbados

    I am not an official pollster in fact barring being an official pensioner and a certified Bajan i am nothing at all.

    What i do know is that every single seat was fought for INDIVIDUALLY and all the chanting bout integrity and leadership, barring the old bembers like me who are the party faithfuls, and the young giddy head generation Z first time voters, the new electorate, that band of in-betweeners, voted because of the individual and what they were/are seen to do/be doing/propose doing in the constituency.

    It is the foot soldiers of the DLP who are to be commended on this victory and not Fumble nor for that matter Owen See Thru.

    It is the tireless canvassing by the gents and ladies who once again have toiled in the trenches that brought home the INDIVIDUAL wins.

    Two more terms and all that DLP Errol Barrow for the people tripe and Grantley Adams ignorance is going to be gone into the grave and it going be ev’ry man fuh heself.

    That is what de fellows like Wickham doan unnerstan. This is not about any of the esoteric ramblings that Fumble does espouse, nor is it about his infantile obeah man speech on becoming the leader of this country.

    If the BLP had put a man to contest his Fumble’s seat, he would be moving out of Llaro Court.

    I would even suggest this that if Mia had run for Fumble’s seat he would have lost, that is the popularity of the person Mottley.

    That should inform the BLP and DLP candidate selection process to (i) get good footsoldiers who are respected in the community and (ii) select people based on their competencies and not longevity this is what the electorate is looking for. We going wid Owen is a dead thing.

    Had Mia Mottley been the BLP campaign manager, instead of that dimwit Jerome and Serrao, dumb and dumber, the BLP would have won. Mia, irrespective of her lifestyle, understands people and can sit down with princes, (or princesses) and de man pun de block.

    Fitzherbert and Alcazar nor Jerome cannot think furthermore they cant move “in the trenches”. Both men have disdain for the common man and woman that shows in how they operate. John Boyce is an arrogant assh**e but, when pitched against Jerome, well the people have spoken and this should inform the BLP high ups.

    Owen has now lead the BLP troops into two general election failures, it is time to retire him like me.

    When we old men start to hobble around, dribbling, wetting our pants, cant hold our liquor, sleeping on political platforms, it is time to be put out to pasture, one has to gracefully acknowledge when “the daughters of music cease their toil”.

    At 81, I am not saying that we should crawl home, and like old elephants, leave the herd and go out alone to die, such is not the nature of man, but if you are not part of the solution then you become part of the problem.

  39. Look Adrien. The tourism industry is in a depressed state throughout the Carribbean no sense in beating a dead horse. People worldwide wide are spending money where it would be beneficial to themselves. the cruise industry is taking a beating dropping prices at rapid pace to get business. with high unemployment the Tourist industry would continue to decline and it is also the job of those who own these hotels to help pull the wagon and not look on govt to do all.
    THe restructuring of Barbados should be most importance and not throwing millions of dollars into an industry that is suffering not because of lack of funding but because through no fault of one people or persons have being giving a hit caused by stagnation in the world economy.
    The govt would continue to do all it can to help the industry in bringing the tourist here .However there are equally bigger problems of importance that govt have to tackle which would rejuvenate manufacturing and industry and bring jobs to the country.All must look at a bigger picture and not only that which would benefit a few.

  40. @ Fed up.

    The Commissioner of Police should be immediately summoned to arrest and interrogate the Head of the Electoral and Boundaries Commission, the Chief Returning Officer and every one of the clerical personnel at that Counting Station.

    Balls in the drawer and plastic bags with Baygon should be employed as usual to get admissions as to how one complete ballot box could go missing.

    You mean to tell me that the Returning Officer or whoever is responsible for making a determination that ALL of the ballot boxes are at the counting station BEFORE the counting starts did not notice that a box was missing!!

    That man or woman is a functional illiterate and the Nation, or should i say, the We Going Wid Owen Newspaper should use the first page of the newspaper to show that ignoramus’ face on Sunday’s issue.

    In fact, if any of you know the editor Vivianne Gittens, (yes i said the Editor causing she does write Hoyte newspaper now) i would call her and get her put a pictice of dat national idiot pun them yellow sticky tings, de tings she use in dis general election to decry de DLP, dem yellow stickers dat does have a habit of dislodging from my newspaper and enn’ing up all bout my house.

    Whoever that clown is, should be carried out early at dawn and Jerome should be set upon him until sundown. I could see Jerome counting away dem passion stroke up in he pooch. I apologise oh Miller for this imagery, (Baffy would identify wid dis) but how you could miss a ballot box wid 400 hunred votes?

  41. TO THE POINT | February 23, 2013 at 2:13 AM |


    u could do better than that. The Stuart administration was destined to lose the elections, according to people like u, onions, David bu and not BU, onions, prodical, ,miller the fluke, just asking, smooth chocolate, white corporate barbados, the nation newspaper, the manipulated cadre polls, among others.


  42. ac, you see that is why we struggle to progress in tourism on Barbados. While I appreciate your comments, they are totally inaccurate.
    Tourism in the Caribbean grew by almost 6 per cent, ‘a growth rate that outpaced the rest of the world’. Hotel occupancy across the Caribbean was UP 7 per cent and tourism spending UP by 3.6 per cent.
    It is on Barbados that WE have the problem and very little to do with ANY recession or global economic situation. Its a convenient excuse.
    May I suggest you READ my Tourism MATTERS column tomorrow.

  43. The above comments apply to 2012, when Barbados long stay visitors fell by 5.5 per cent and we ‘lost’ over 92,000 cruise ship passengers.
    So a more than 11 per cent differential with the Caribbean generally.

  44. my point adrein that tourism growth is slow and tedious in this economy and very costly .it is not as if the govt has not thrown support behind the industry and stood back and did nothing,but given this hostile economic climate the govt must look at other avenues that would re energise and rejuvenate and redevelop barbados preference finances in those areas.
    Not to be misunderstood i understand that Tourism is a vital to our economy cause it on from their wher we have been able to develop much as a a country,however our country must look and invest in our own those who have a vision and knowledge to bring growth by manufacturing and other industry

  45. Someone in North America was asking me two days ago why the political lineup of both parties was so riddled with lawyers, we counted at least 20 or 21. They wanted to know why they were not more accountants and business people, as well as architects, scientists, and all round professionals.Now that is a very good question, given that lawyers in Barbados are now so closely linked with corruption at every turn. It would be a refreshing change.

  46. adrien. there is a saying “never put all your eggs in one basket” and Barbados has done that over the years. However hopefully a lesson has been learned .

  47. In a way I agree with AC about not putting all your eggs in one basket, you should run ads in foriegn newspapers saying lawyers for sale ….you seem to have a lot of them.

  48. Too many lawyers in politics, giving the island a bad name and leaving a sour taste in the mouth of voters, some of whom have been victims to the same lawyers over a period of many decades.

  49. ac, I don’t disagree with you. I too think its big mistake to be so reliant on tourism, but we have to be realistic. I know its a very little thing, but its the principal – when PineHill unilaterally decided to stop making yogurts at a time when there is a huge milk glut. We have to try and change the mindset and encourage the individuals/companies that are trying to support local industries.

  50. 20 or 21 lawyers in a field of 30 political candidates is very worrying, the more i think about it, particularly when lawyers in Barbados have such horrible reputations in Bim and around the world.

  51. @Well Well

    I will try to answer that question for you and your North Amur’can friend.

    The answer to this quandary could be answered by any Bajan student, aged 7, at one of our primary schools, (probably the equivalent of a 11 year old at a public high school for inner city black youth in Amur’ca).

    THE COMMON DENOMINATOR. Like i said, We learn about this mathematical mechanism at a tender age.

    It is what in biological terms is the crook gene, yes you can tell him that i have conducted a study on this gene, the results of which i am soon to publish, (once Vivianne Gittens publisher and editor at the Nation is done with her dribble on the DLP victory)

    My book is titled “Cloning the Faeces Cell” under the pseudonym Ezra Alleyne.

    For one to be a “politrician”, one has to have that serpentine trait of (i) not having a backbone, or (ii) having a forked tongue, or (iii) being able to say yes to impossible request and, when asked as to the progress on a matter by one’s electorate, pass the buck to one’s Permanent Secretary, or similar subordinate functionary, someone who, because of the general orders, cannot say that the minister, and the parliamentary representative, is a liar.

    I would have used the pseudonym Chris “Buffalo” Sinkliar to publish my book but that name, and that of my favourite alternative Noel “Face Down while being Ravaged” Link is taken by real people. My lawyer has advised me that when my book becomes a best seller that those two scoundrels, who ironically are politricians, though not lawyers, will seek to get the proceeds of my book.

    My lawyer was especially fearful of de las fellow Link, who he say when Obadelle did win de brass medal at de Olympics, when “Face Down” cun tief it, cast aspersions at Oba running style.

    I trying to ge a little pic at de nation to write an article like Lik Mout and Hoad but Vivianne doan like me and i ent know why

  52. PIECE – Thank you for that very real truthful incite into the minds of the culprits and who they all lay facedown with.

  53. We just had problem in the canadian senate which could have been avoided if we had your paper on genetic studies. One of our appointed senators (a reporter) was claiming living expenses for living in another province even though his primary house was in ottawa. When he filled out the forms he found them vague and confusing so he thought he was entitled to 42000 dollars for those living out of province.He has promised to pay it some of it back.This could all have been avoided if he had a legal background, he would of known from the get go how much he was allowed to steal.

  54. That particular crowd has been embedded in the political landscape for over two decades and see what they have done to the taxpayers as an entitlement, unfortunately again, there is no legislation in place to lock them up. I have been saying for the last 10 years that no political party should be giving more than one term to be allowed to take root. Regarding Donville, all of these guys are colleagues and friends and we do not even know if they are business partners, I would not go painting Donville as a victim until we hear he is free from any writs or indictments that may very well be served on him.

  55. The next 6 weeks will be crltical. The composition of the cabinet. The estimates. The continuing rollout of current projects. The fight to tackle the economy. The willingness of Parliament to work together. How long Owen takes to step down.

    Vote buying is worrying and should be publicly and constantly denounced by all candidates and each party prior to the next elections. The DLP supporters should pray for their leader. Leading in this climate with a razor thin majority will not be easy, even for the best leader. The BLP would do well to quickly regroup, consolidate the new candidates and start a 3-5 year plan. These 14 in Opposition have more “power” than we may want to admit and can easily “create” conditions to shorten the 5 year cycle. We ewill see..

    Just Observing

  56. @Observing(…) | February 23, 2013 at 11:06 AM |
    Your posts are all the same you start off sounding fair and forward looking then degenerate to scolding the Dees and wishing failure upon them.

  57. I keep saying that, if the opposition genuinely has the country’s welfare as a top priority and not only self-serving interest, this would go down in history as the election with the wobble to topple. we shall see.

  58. Adrien i suspect that they are those who believe that the govt has abandon them and feels a sense of real threat that “-IF” govt diversify by manufacturing and industry the movers and shakers within the hotel industry would lose the control and power which they once enjoyed in the control of barbados economy. However that feeling should be well spent in helping govt moved forward in a positive way including the Cultural iindustry by way of their views and entertainment. Those days of exclusion are over.

  59. While we DEMs have all the right to celebrate our glorious victory at the polls – because in a tight election race – we won the:

    # popular vote of the Barbadian electorate
    # all of our winning candidates were able to increase their margin of victory over their 2008 showing

    Let us spare a thought and our fervent prayers for Dale Marshall and the BLP that they would be able to:
    # sell enough SUGAR CAKES , SWEET BREAD and PONE

    To pay back their ‘ CORPORATE’ sponsors for the $$$15 million they got to try and BRIBE the electorate !!!!

    Oh what a tangle web they weave ….when at first they try to DECEIVE !!

  60. @Clone | February 22, 2013 at 5:48 PM |
    A person could be popular in a positive way or a negative way. So to say that Arthur is not popular is incorrect

  61. @musing
    You would have to be really musing (or dreaming) to see where I criticised the DLP or wished failure on them in that last post. I just call things as I observe them. Both good and bad. Both B and D. Country first.

    The new “philosophy” and focus of the Opposition will depend on who emerges as leader. In a 2 party state both parties need to be strong for reasonable governance so I would personally prefer if that were resolved soon. DLP supporters should accept the reality that it would only take 2 by-elections or crossovers to be sent to the opposition benches. Celebration is justified. Over confidence and exuberation is ill advised.

    Time to govern, oppose, lead and communicate in the interest of the PEOPLE. The people have spoken. We wait to see how our leaders perform now that they have heard our voices

    Just Observing

  62. @musing………………………that is observing way of wanting to see failurem. his postings have been pretentious with hidden bias which were as observant and obvious as his monkier

    • @Observing(…)

      We have an example in Guyana where the Executive has bee hamstrung because the opposition forms the majority in the House. Stuart will obviously have to make decisions which fact his parties tenuous majority in parliament. It will test his leadership. As you have stated the type of government we get will depend on the position which a strong Opposition takes.

  63. What about Irene Garner as a Senator, that is if she so desires? I really thought she would have pulled through as the night progress.

  64. @Piece…………….maybe you can bribe gittens wid one yuh book and she might fall face down then yuh get yuh pick at the nation. your satire is hysterical.

  65. So if in good times, with overwhelming government majorities and clear mandates, … our governments have been unable to lead any kind of serious meaningful restructuring of ANYTHING…..

    What nonsense are you people talking about achieving anything now…. with a worldwide depression, high energy costs, high unemployment and unrealistic expectations from our idiot sheeple who seem to be blissfully ignorant of their predicament?


    Our ass is grass! SIMPLE.

    The good thing about PM Fruendel’s election is that he will take long and do nothing…..which may well be the best available tactic. With our options limited and dim prospects, the last thing we need is some idiot talking about CSME and importing Guyanese in droves…..or bringing the clown Clyde Mascott with his moronic research theories to accelerate our demise.

    The damn Titanic is already on its way to the bottom. Bushie is happy with a Captain who will keep a low profile and let the damn boat sink peacefully – rather than the lotta confusion that the alternative promised….. At least it will be easier to launch the lifeboats when the time comes… 🙂

  66. @Kevin
    The BLP everytime throughout the campaign were claiming they had thousands at their meetings.

    Given that the BLP still finds itself in the opposition……I believe they were photoshopping the crowds from the Grenada elections!!!!.

    By the way, the BLP should never forget PM Stuart 2 famous quips of the 2013 campaign:

    # PM Stuart disclosed that PM Tom Adams after the BLP 1971 General Elections defeat ‘ Tom said the people followed us in their thousands but ONLY voted for us in their….HUNDREDs !!! ( The DEMs won the popular vote )

    # A race horse at the Garrison training by himself looks good…….until another horse join him on RACE DAY !! ( As soon as the DEMs joined the 2013 race…….the BLP looked feeble……..and FORLORN !! )

  67. @ Fractured BLP

    Agreed. As I said on this blog before I knew the BLP were exaggerating their crowd size after I went to their 1st meeting in Bay Street, I would say 7 to 8 thousand were there. And then the next day, I read in Nation the BLP advert: “Thanks to the 20 thousand who showed up in Bay Street”.

  68. It is conceivable in our first past the post system for a Party to retain majority of the seats with a minority percentage of the votes cast but how does one account for the DLP gaining a larger percentage of votes than the BLP when all the Polls showed that it was lagging behind.

    Perhaps Wickham should be asked to explain this, wobble or no wobble.

  69. Well I am here at BLP headquarters following the post 2013 elections development for the Associated Press (AP). It is with much dismay that I now report that the first salvo of the post 2013 debacle for the BLP has been fired.

    The BLP is in caucus trying to elect an opposition leader to inform the GG of Barbados.

    Mia Mottley a few moments ago just held Owen Arthur in a ‘throat hold’ and threatened to out his lights if he tries to stand in her of becoming opposition leader.

    George Payne openly declared, ‘she should kill he…he had no damn right trying to sell she off to the DEMs’. ( By George….Imagine that !)

    Thank goodness fuh Santia Bradshaw…she was able to get Mia to cool down.

    Police were soon summoned to the scene.

    Well I am not surprised…….the FRACTURE widens !!!

  70. Sargeant wrote “Perhaps Wickham should be asked to explain this, wobble or no wobble.”

    There is nothing to explain. Polling is not an exact science. It is not pre programmed robots they are interviewing.

    I think the undecided voters probably did not buy into the BLP thesis that the problems in Barbados have nothing to do with the world wide financial problems.

    Polling should end two weeks before elections.
    Mr. PM …..Hurry up an fix it.

  71. David (befo uh fuhget muh manners) I would like to say thanks for creating and maintaining this blog.

    So far it has given me a forum to communicate with Bajans. I hope we will all continue to blog on BU as Barbados faces very difficult times.

    The new government ministers would be wise to keep track of the views of bloggers.

  72. @ac
    Why you don’t leff me before I bite ya???

    Test of leadership is an understatement. Time will tell and we will see.

    You really think Freundel will “hurry up” and do aything? Lol

    Man why you so pessimistic yet got so much faith in Freundel????

    @brekfoot blp
    Ya win already. Give it a rest nuh!

    Just Observing

  73. Observing(…) wrote”You really think Freundel will “hurry up” and do aything? Lol”.

    Yes I do. It is obvious to me that the PM is smarter that he appears to be.

    I am not fooled by his measured response to problems. I think if he believes a problem requires immediate action he will deal with it promptly.

    Oh shiiiiite .Just saw this.

    from BBC,

    The UK has lost its top AAA credit rating for the first time since 1978 on expectations that growth will “remain sluggish over the next few years”.

  74. @bajantoy
    It is Trevor Prescod. Remember he crossed the floor to join the BLP with Hamiie La. He is a supporter of Mia so he has considerable power in calling the shots of who should be Opposition leader.

    As a pan-Africanist, he may be encouraged to cross and feel more at home with the DLP but rest assured, he will be quartered next election if he does. A double power in Patrick Tannis and Hamilton Lahsley were not enough to defeat Santia Bradshaw.

    As much as I am an Owen-supporter and am of the opinion that this was a serious uphill battle to defeat a party after one-term with so many new candidates and serious propaganda from CBC, I think he should start handing over his St Peter seat to Clyde Mascoll and be shadow minister for Finance. There is no disputing that Clyde Mascoll who is not even a parliamentarian has national appeal. He was even more popular than Dale Marshall who was Deputy Opposition Leader. He is not an outright politician but his handlers can develop him as they did with Owen.

    Kerrie Simmons or Clyde Mascoll WILL NEVER CROSS back. They hate the DLP and the DLP hates them.

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