16 to 14 Result in Barbados General Election

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

Tonight is shaping up to be a victory for the people and for Barbados. I am pleasantly surprised and quietly proud. We have defied all polls, expectations and political/election stereotypes. BU has been a great conduit for it to begin. Let us move ever closer towards that much needed tipping point and let’s hope that those who lead us wake up and realise that this is a wake call to do better for all of us

– Observing(…)

A result which the most ardent of DLP and BLP supporter did not predict. Barbadians have witnessed a 16:14 result in favour of the Democratic Labour Party. The result also blew the Wickham CADRES model to smithereens, made all the more interesting that Wickham performed two polls leading up to the general election. BUs one regret is that even as the country faces unprecedented challenges – posed by the global economic landscape – we have a parliament which will struggle to do business given the result.

Here is an opportunity for earth changing decisions to be made to the current system. BU hopes the actors in  our democracy do not allow this moment to slip. This is a victory for Barbadians.

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  1. During the election campaign I bought into the BLP narrative that things were really bad in Barbados especially since I was personally disadvantaged by a number of elements in CS’ strategies against pensioners over the last 4 years or so.

    Today, I really have to wonder where Bajans are getting money from. The huge crowds and big trollies at Cost U less, Pricesmart and Supercentre and the traffic Jams at the roundabouts connecting these business places had to be seen to be believed. Did the people all get some of the money that the politicians were alleged to have been giving away in the last week or so? Nah, Impossible! Relief at the outcome of the elections? or buying goods now for the coming storm when the DLP have to cut expenditures of 150 Million from April? orsomething else?

    Bush Tea or Observing or best yet Wickham; One of you could probably explain this very noticeable uptick in economic activity. Pay day is still a few days away afaiK.

  2. Political Perspectives – The people have spoken and while ordinarily the rest of us should shut up, there are a number of issues which really warrant discussion in both the Bee and Dee camps. Both Parties now have to say the S-Word, Succession. The BLP can be proud of their performance. They increased their numbers in Parliament which now include some fresh young faces and names, amongst whom are two women, who will be part of the political future of the Party and country. The BLP received the majority of the votes cast in the election but are still in Opposition. This raises the question of whether it is time to consider changing the first past the post system for some kind of proportional representation. On the Dee side there is much to worry about. The DLP’s numbers have now been reduced to an unworkable parliamentary majority. They lost seats including those of 2 Ministers and a parliamentary secretary. A second parl sec who lost narrowly last time and was expected to win, was soundly beaten. Freundel does not now have the elbow room to deal with the eager 11. The question here is whether we should have 31 seats to reduce any possibility of an even split in seats between the 2 parties and to allow for a larger majority?

  3. @Kevin
    For preferred leader in the Cadres poll (before it was proven wrong), Mascoll was at 2-3% while Dale Marshall was at 2%.

  4. princess red.

    Neither party or its leaders want an election right away.

    If any of these politicians think they have a choice other than to solidy their parties and get back to working for the people of Barbados they will pay a huge price next time at the polls.

    The eager 11 better be the eager 16 and the BLP must focus on quality representation on the opposition benches in parliament.

    This is not the time to experiment with any drastic changes to our political system.

    The focus must be on creating jobs and import substitution.

  5. @Princess Red
    The BLP received the majority of the votes cast in the election but are still in Opposition
    That statement is incorrect, the DLP received the majority of the votes cast 525 to 48% .

  6. It took a simple majority among the BLP members for Owen to be elected as LOO. If Owen resigns could a simple majority drop a bombshell and elect someone like Kerri Symmonds?

    • @Sargeant

      It took a simple majority among the BLP members for Owen to be elected as LOO. If Owen resigns could a simple majority drop a bombshell and elect someone like Kerri Symmonds?

      Well somebody seems to be monitoring FB. If Symmonds is appointed leader then we can resign ourselves to the fact there is no morality in politics.

    • David

      There is indeed no morality in Barbados politics when a known pornographer could be elected and with so many votes.

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    • @CAswell

      Obviously you don’t subscribe to the view that if a representative is good at getting street lights, cleaning vacant lots, and is generally perceived as a good representative, – in this case if Donville use to or his wife manages questionable companies – that it should make a difference to being elected to parliament?

  7. David
    You asked the DLP supporters to cut down on the rhetoric but since the elections the BLP Doom and Gloomers have ben bombarding the blog with bare negativity and must be responded to.

    Princess red like she did not read the papers with the stats or she could have gotten a calculator and add up all of the votes and see that the DLP won the popular vote.

    There was never an eager 11 but a concerned group who wanted the PM to become more visible. He did and nearly half kill Owen Arthur. He said that you never pull a sleeping lion tail (lol)

    Now I agree with you that they should be 31 seats. My proposal would be create a new seat by removing Orange Hill and Diamond Corner from St. Andrew because they are in St. James and St.Peter. Place the new constituency in St. Philip between North and South and call it St Philip central.

    Check it out Barbadians were shopping like that since the DLP came into power. If Barbadians would just share some of their wealth with their poorer relative we could survive any world recession. They are living way beyond what is required in serious economic times.

    Most of Cost U less products will suck up foreign exchange.

    BU family must put their thoughts together on what are the things the government should do to cut back on unnecessary expenses without hurting the most vulnerable in the society

    Mr. Stuart Please go back to having a monthly or quarterly press conference to keep the public inform of what is going on and your government will get its third term

    Become creative go into villages and hear the opinions of the average citizen and how to get this society living in a sustainable way until the recession breaks.

    There was young lady on Brass tacks with David Ellis talking about getting Agriculture going. Invite her in for a chat, place her in the Senate and make her Minister of Agriculture.

    • @Clone

      Agree 99% with your last comment. You know that there is a difference between gloating and being negative or pessimistic.

  8. @clone

    while i agree with most of what u said, be careful, we have some smooth talkers and when it come to putting the talk into action, they are helpless.

  9. @David
    Sorry I don’t have Facebook (call me a Luddite),there is a ABM (anybody but Mia) group in the BLP. BTW what’s going on on Facebook?

    • @Sargeant

      There is comment making the rounds on FB that Kerri got 6 votes to Mia 5 for leader of the opposition with Owen backing Kerri :=0)

  10. Tpp
    I am not an active farmer but has an interest in agriculture and must tell you that all of the Ministers of Agriculture in Barbados for the past twenty years were bare talk.

    There is too much idle land right now in Barbados. A creative policy would be to take half of the NCC workers and retrain them in agricultural production. Place them to work on acquire the plantation lands that are idle and waiting for sub division which they should not get.
    Crops of lettuce, cabbage, sweet peppers, beans, onions, carrots, sweet potatoes and yams would be planted and none imported.

    Scotland district should be replanted with fruit trees such as breadfruit, mangoes, golden apples and cherries. I think that the defense force would also have to shoot a large percentage of monkeys because they are affecting our food security

    A follow up policy would be set up an agricultural protection wing in the Defense force to guard these lands from praedial larceny at night. This is like a war for our food security

  11. ‎This is a rumour on facebook
    48 hours after the bees were rejected by the Barbadian public and the fighting start for leadership of the Opposition already .Roebuck Street was in a uproar today .With Mottley getting 6 votes ,Kerry Symmonds 5, Dale Marshall 3, and the outgoing leader Arthur is backing Symmonds to be leader as he plans to step down on Monday .Cynthia Forde is contemplating sitting as an Independent as she does not support Arthur’s move to back Kerry . Thank god these pack of wolves not leading Barbados . We all know there was no unity just a put on show to get in Bay Street. More fighting to come ,stay tune to PARO!!!!!

  12. HEE! HEE! Donville Inniss must be laughing at What dat woman name that allowed OSA to make a complete nincompoop of herself trying to ridicule Donville Inniss! what a Fool ! donville gets the last laugh!
    i also heard her with some asine comment on CBC Tv the night of the election saying some crazy foolishness about why dennis Kellman not going to regain his seat. Gheez whiz i think i will buy her a leather shoe to chew on. cause she seem to have nuff teet and need something to chew on. Oh! i think she name Lizzie Borden! or something like dat whatever i like the name Borden fuh she.

  13. I do not believe that rumour. That would be pure foolishness.It is ironic that Caswell speaks about a pornographer and not about the women abusers.The difference thou is that one is for pleasure and the other is about inflicting pain

    • Clone

      It is not a rumour. Ask David to point you to point you to the documents filed in the US court. His defence it that he is no longer involved in the business. After getting your tail kicked and then taking out revenge on car seats does not make you a woman abuser.

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  14. i said after the election that the BEES not serious about making MIA leader if not they would have gotten rid of MARSHALL ! PAYNE1 and the others that conspired and had MIA decapitated at the voting booth place this blame on the backs of the BEE voters who for the life of me couldn’t not bring themselves to getting rid of the conspirators. Now if what i am hearing is TRUE Winter and summer going to rolled into one and tornadoes would be expected coming from the BLP camp.
    But No they didn’t want the DEMS to win. so look now who are the losers and two days later in house fighting has begun. Wuhloss!

  15. @David

    Didn’t know that, I was looking at the elected candidates and figured that Symmonds was a candidate that the anti Mia forces could coalesce around. I think I am wasting my time here, I will be returning to Bim to hang out my political advisor shingle 😉 .

  16. lone wrote “There was young lady on Brass tacks with David Ellis talking about getting Agriculture going. Invite her in for a chat, place her in the Senate and make her Minister of Agriculture.”

    I disagree. Help the young lady with the support and financing to develop her ideas.Let her become the matriarch of an Agri business.

    It is time that some of the rich people in Barbados make meaningful investments in young Bajan entrepreneurs.People like Cow,Bizzy and others can invest in some of these young people who are serious about farming.

    And please somebody pay Lowdown Hoad to write a book so that all that goat farming knowledge does not go to waste.

    Sargeant maybe we need a Bajan version of this.


  17. NO! shooting the mokeys is a NO! NO!. setting traps would be alot better Something like cages with food that the monkeys like with a door that falls doward when the mokey enters. i know that the cost might be a factor however the cost to employ those many defense force would be large, eventually those monkeys when kept alive can be sent to countries where the enviroment is similar and return to their natural habitat. i will bet that there are countries who would be respond to having those monkeys in their country quicker than the response for having raul garcia ,

  18. the BEES not going to survive the hand that was dealt them this election and more than that there is too much pettiness ! jealousy! and clanish activityand with a selfcentred leader all this is left is division. not surprised at the rumour if not now the reality is that it will have to happen given the necessary ingredients sooner rather than later.!

  19. The rumour talk was not about Donville but about Kerry Simmons being opposition leader as posted on Facebook.
    I am aware of reports that Donville Inniss was the owner of a server that rents out space to people for different websites and some put up porn. Porn is the highest seller on the net like it or not.

    The great Catholic church is today bog down in gossip that the Pope resign because of a new scandal about homosexual relationship. There is no stopping porn on the internet or in the church.

  20. @Ac

    I have to gree with u bosie, else u gun give me a shoe too. But then again, i agree that she made an ass of herself on we tv. Heard she got on like onw of those Neslon Street persons that u may for a little thing. LOL

  21. @Caswell

    the man has hit his wife, take it from me, i know the family. Look cassie why the hell u dont leave the man alone. He has done w onderful job. I gine an watch a blue movie now? what say ye? That is porn, Have u ever watched a blue.

  22. look we dont want anybody to cross, thats why i had no respect for hammie or clydie. I would like to see reform where u either resign, but not allowed to cross thats making mockery of democracy

  23. The BLP had 30 people contesting the elections, 13 were lawyers which is almost half of them. The present opposition consists of 14 members and half of them are lawyers.. Why do the BLP tend to have so many lawyers running in their party.

    Don’t they realise that people OTHER than those within the legal profession can contribute to politics.

  24. @FED UP
    “A double power in Patrick Tannis and Hamilton Lahsley were not enough to defeat Santia Bradshaw.”
    Listen, the Tony Hoyos money that was poured into St. Michael Southeast for Santia Bradshaw played a significant role. Hoyos who “lives with” Ms. Bradshaw used all his millions to try to buy votes in that area because despite the threats and thuggery which the Bradshaw supporters engaged in, Tannis aka Tanman had her on the run.She obviously had the name recognition of her father to assist her also and Tannis who was written off by many in the press lost by only10 votes.
    Patrick Tannis should stick around because he is doing a lot to transform and help young and old people in that area and I think he is bringing fresh ideas. Bradshaw will be a typical politician leaning on her rich boyfriend and father to prop her up.

  25. Owen Arthur is not supporting Mia Mottley and that is why he could not bring himself to fully embrace her before the election. He is trying to push Kerry Symmonds who won not because of any special work which he has done but the BLP in St. James Central has a strong canvasser in the community who is quite influential. Owen Arthur seems to have seen some things about Mottley that make him very uncomfortable with her getting power in Barbados.Maybe one day, he will share it publicly but Mottley has only herself to blame because in her quest for power she sacrificed any principle she had.She also seemed to make some blunders as opposition leader which annoyed Arthur leading him to suggest that she mishandled the party’s money.Arthur versus Mottley – the saga and fighting continues.

  26. 16 to 14 is NOT truly a win for the DLP or a lost for the BLP, it means the DLP can’t slip up during their next 5 years in office or ONE resolution defeat in government can mean a defeat for the DLP. goverment; ALL THE DLP M.P’S MUST STICK CLOSE TOGETHER, they must get into parliament even if they are not well, or any extended leave from the government’s side and mean the overthrow of the government.

  27. The BLP should work for the legal overthrow of this UNPOPULAR GOVERNMENT–Regroup and come out slinging
    Attend Parliament and grind the DLP into the DUST.. Contrary to belief , the elections are not OVER.
    They now start.
    Interesting days ahead

    JAMES CROSSING OVER or at least threatens to do so
    A Compromise, make Carrington Attorney General and Paul , speaker of the House.

    • Just Asking

      James Paul could not get re-elected at the credit union where he was president; he received 49 votes from over 250 members present. What did COB members know that his constituency didn’t? Aside from being dictatorial, he was unable to explain how he got $30,000 out of COB without the Board of Director’s approval. If his constituents knew that the outcome of the election might have been different.

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  29. Caswell Franklyn on February 25, 2013 at 3:52 AM
    Just Asking

    James Paul could not get re-elected at the credit union where he was president; he received 49 votes from over 250 members present. What did COB members know that his constituency didn’t? Aside from being dictatorial, he was unable to explain how he got $30,000 out of COB without the Board of Director’s approval. If his constituents knew that the outcome of the election might have been different.

    Hi Caswell,

    You should be the last to make such an accusation above…….without any proof.

    But the Government of barbados have proof of you stealing a car through the Public Officers Vehicle Loan Scheme and refusing to settle the loan on it for the past 12 years.

    You impregnated a young Guyanese girl who was the family babysitter – all the while still being married to your wife , Rhonda .

    I challenge you to produce documentation – to prove otherwise .

  30. AG allready in place

    i would not have answered the question i posed to just silly asking, i would have left him to choke on his vomit.

  31. Instead of the BEES continuous ranting and raving and becoming more and more cantankerous on a daily basis trying to make lite and insignificance of the DLP win it is about time they rally support for the COUNTRY and implore their MP’s to work in harmony with the PM Stuart in fixing our economic problems and giving the COUNTRY back to the rightful owners WE THE PEOPLE!

  32. @ Caswell

    That man Fractured throwing seriouly big bombs your way. If you don’t defend your name and reputation them things going to take currency hear?

    • Mark

      I usually ignore Fractured: he wants to give the impression that he knows something salacious about me. Unfortunately, the indiscretions of my youth are widely known, none of which I am ashamed of.

      Since you are concerned about my reputation let me assure you that he is writing pure nonsense. I was separated from my wife in 1997 and our divorce became final in November 1999. My last child was born on September 15, 2000. So much for having a child during my marriage. The next issue about the car: I sued the Government over taking up my car and the court awarded me over $11,000 in damages.

      Don’t worry about me.

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  33. Fractured BLP

    Give it a break. The man has come clean on the car thing on a number of occasions. If Caswell dignifies your asinine comments it would probably be because he has more bait to feed your mischievous ass …!

  34. Caswell,
    Dont be afraid. That is the modus operandi of the DLP yardfowls. As soon as you say something they attack in the most vicious way. Case in point the above attack!

  35. @Fractured BLP | February 25, 2013 at 4:25 AM |
    “James Paul … was unable to explain how he got $30,000 out of COB without the Board of Director’s approval.”

    i was there, they called him every word except ‘thief’ because he could not explain how he did it. he only ‘him-uh-haw’ about people putting him in a bad light etc etc. but he could NEVER explained who gave him the authority to take $30,000 without the Board of Directors approval. in the eyes of those present, he was a THIEF – along with that he was extremely pompous and dictatorial about his ‘thieffing’ actions

    • Can some one post details about this matter to BU? Paul is a public figure and whatever he is said to have done needs to be highlighted.

  36. @Fractured BLP | February 25, 2013 at 4:25 AM |

    “You impregnated a young Guyanese girl who was the family babysitter – all the while still being married to your wife”

    that has nothing to do with anyone here. why would u seek to embarrass his wife here, who cannot defend herself? this malicious attack on his family seems too personal. i believe that u are the very James Paul who he wrote about and the same one who was called a thief at COB’s annual general meeting last year.

  37. Caswell

    You had the fella from CADRES and Harold Hoyte hopping the another nite with your forthright (and right) comments about Mia and Sinckler.

    Harold looked like man with a bias or interest in Mia and Sinckler.

    • Rendered Assistance

      Some people see things as they are but for whatever reason they interpret them as they would like things to be. On the other hand, I call it as I see it. If some people are offended by the truth as I believe it to be then so be it.

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  38. Peter Thorne like he was afraid of you the other night Caswell you were talking a roll of shoite but he didnt step in to tell you to shut the eff up. Hoyte as usual made the most sense you Caswell need to learn manners if I was there I would cut in every time you begin to talk just like you were doing with the other panellists. The so called DLPtv showed its over impartiality that night because there were four BLP yardfowls including you Caswell and one woman representing the DLP. Miss Holder was a poor rep for the Dems. Caswell sooner or later Mia Motttely and her fami;ly will deal with you. You guhlong with you foolishness..

    • Watching

      You clearly were only using the DLP half of your brain. The other two panellist made opening remarks without interruption, and when it was my turn to speak both of them interrupted me because I was not singing in the how great thou art Mia choir. By the way, I think that congratulations are in order: I will not break the news here, I will leave it to the GIS. You try to dumb down but you are not quite making it.

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  39. @Bushie

    u hit the nail on the head. barbados belongs to we. I could not have said it better, People like us might be able to fear ok, but we must stop this myopic thinking and collectively solve what problems we have to solve.

    we should be comcerned that there is an element in out society that is slowly amassing huge fortunes, while the masses are motivated to spend what little money they have on gadgets, fetes, brand name clothes; shoes among other things ,and are not saving for a rainy day.

    • I was not referring to the Cabinet: I was speaking specifically to QCs whose appointments were approved at the 11th hour because they thought that they would have been booted out of office.

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