Polls Apart: Arthur Now LEADS Stuart in New CADRES Poll

Peter Wickham, Head of CADRES

Peter Wickham, Head of CADRES

The most recent CADRES poll which surprised many that DLP leader Fruendel Stuart had eased pass Arthur has been reversed. Under pressure to explain the weekend poll which bucked a trend, Head of CADRES Peter Wickham took the sensible decision to redo the poll. The euphoria displayed by the DLPites has been short lived because the new poll has Arthur leading Stuart 37% to 32% with a 7% swing in play.

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  1. @Oilman

    You missed my point it is not about qualifications it is just an observation I have noted, we as a people are not analyse situations we get very emotional and see everything as either black or white.

  2. Ha ha But looka mah crosses, DEMS wanna for real? Wickham like he trick nuh.
    Wanna really thought waana did IN THE LEAD?…..But if DEm say is so , is SO don’t always work. REALITY DOES SOMETIMES STEP IN

  3. @ Oilman | February 19, 2013 at 1:33 PM |

    “Oilman | February 19, 2013 at 12:46 PM |: But does anyone with sane mind expect Wickham to admit on national radio or anywhere else that this whole poll data debacle is part of some scam to influence public opinion?”

    Now oil slick man, tell us what you mean by the above statement.
    Why would Wickham be part of a scam to influence public opinion?
    Who are the others making up the scam? Who is Wickham working for this time?

    You are just a lubricator of character assassination and peddler of vicious attacks on a professional man. Watching has got you correct in his sights.

    Polling is not an exact science and there will always be mistakes and professional glitches. It’s just an indication of the leanings of a sample of the electorate. You can take it or leave it?
    Do you own polls and prove Wickham wrong, then?
    But next time you visit your doctor just make sure it is not Wickham. Let us agree the boy would make a fine Lawyer, what do you think, Oily?

    Like one Tubby Liard, (ably aided and abetted) by one twitchy Ariel, who say DEM din provoke a fellow Dugid to call tubby a scunt ( with apology) in Parliament.“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    And like one low Dung beetle who say DEM ain’t swap no 19.9 acres of Bagatelle dump lands for 9.9 acres of River Bay fertile and “whey my cut” .“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a certain Serta Slumberer who say the Deloitte Report WAS LOST, in which was clearly shown $3.3 million passing thru a company called D T Thomps Associates.“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a(once) Fresh Milk Cartoon which say that if the expiry date of certain milk did long pass, it should soon be gone. “If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a certain martial Lucian who say Thomps Associates din involve in no passage of $ 3.3 million to nobody on her watch.“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a certain Tourist Seale who say no family and friends connections din fly on GOL Airline to Brazil on largess and do the samba.“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like one Jonesing Minister who say he din see no King Report on Alexandra school on his desk and he din know what was going on.“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like one Molassesy fellow who say he forgive and forget his once ‘eagerly compatriots’ and all is well in Aire D Campe..and that this had no influence on the school bell calling late nor no connections to the heads, tails and seats SOON rolling ALL bout in nuff school yards .“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like ole flunking Geese who Quixs to scandalize people but was accustomed getting nuff poorakey marks and is still last in ‘class’ to this day. “If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a miss Lashley boy chile, who was accompanied by certain unknowns first class en route to the Olympics costing tax payers $17,865.89 and he din the only one either. “If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like one Ivy fellow who some how come upon a law degree but still having nuff problems handling the Queen’s English. “If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a certain Cowboy Dan who din learn NOT to carry his guns to town, however now buy a pink poodle to accompany him to Brambly Cross, even though a pitt bull is his preferred canine of choice..“If DEM say is so, is so“.. But wait wha about the five John Deere tractors?

    IS LIKE ALL A DEM WANNA DO AS DEY LIKE… but not for AS LONG as dey like.. MARSHAL OWEN GIVE DEM 2 1 2 MORE DAYS….to pack up and get outta town

  5. @ Miller
    Well if you go to a doctor and you always take what he or she says as gospel that is a matter for you. You can try your very best to make this debate about us the public questioning professionals as much as you want but we got an educated public for the most part. This situation is clearly not ideal and raises many questions which I as a citizen have a right to ask. And I shall continue to do so!

    Fact remains that there is enough circumstantial evidence for the discerning public to point to a possible scam being perpetrated upon the ppl of Barbados. It is only the die hard Barbados Labour Party Supporter who would wish to deny that how these two last polls have come into being leaves ,many questions unanswered and a lot to be wary of.

    De real poll is Thursday and if this makes you feel better, Miller and you partisan yard fowls- I have it 20 BLP 10 DLP !

  6. Dat wuz like pulling teet?
    Poll or nuh poll people minds did mek up eva since.

    I for one believe the previous poll was a scam of sorts, but Peter was not involved. I think he pointed out somethings to the people at the Nation but they would have none of it and publish it. (ask Plastic Bag).

    If the headline said “Arthur still leading Stuart” how many papers that would sell? People would say that is stale news, the paper ain’t got it nothing. I ain’t buying none. Uh lie?

    Now imagine how many more papers were sold on Sunday because of the headline. If wunna did reading carefully between the lines, wunna wudda see that, Peter was warning wunna to tek de poll wid a lil salt.

  7. @ Raw Bake

    You are a knucklehead, you realise this don’t you? The Nation newspaper makes less than 20% of its revenue from the sale of the newspaper. 85% of the revenue is made from advertising etc, this is not dependant on what is the headline on a particular day.

    Peter Wickham did not like the result of his own poll but given it was paid for and commissioned by the Nation, its the property of the Nation and CADRES could not withhold it from them without being sued.

    Carrying on with his well established hatred for Fruendel Stuart, he decided to do another poll for himself, one where he could manipulate the data and produce the result he desire, all without the fear of being sued by anyone.

    Peter Wickham is a remarkably simple and insignificant person, so once Fruendel Stuart decided, much like he did with Hartley, that he did not need Peter Wickham or CADRES to become Prime Minister, remain Prime Minister or to win re-election, Peter Wickham got his panties in a knot.

    Thursday will be a routing for the BLP and if you need any evidence that is why come tomorrow morning the Nation newspaper is going to call the election in favour of the DLP.

  8. Just as controversial the polls are so would be the election.the writing is on the wall. ……………suggestion to all use a pen to mark your X.tampering most likely to occur

  9. @crystal lantern
    I hope you return tomorrow morning to say “I told you so” or “I’m sorry, I lied.”

    Just observing

  10. Imagine this ting though. Wickham said it is a clear win for de BLP but if de DLP organise well on election day them can pull a win. Now what is Wickham definition of a clear win? If it is a clear win then de dems should not got a chance at all. Man I certain that Wickham credibility gone!

  11. @ Crystal Lantern | February 19, 2013 at 2:40 PM |
    “Thursday will be a routing for the BLP and if you need any evidence that is why come tomorrow morning the Nation newspaper is going to call the election in favour of the DLP.”

    You must have received prior clearance from that gaggle of yardfowl propagandists like BLPNationNewspaper, Fractured BLP, “!” and TPP before making such a profound statement of support for this lying anti-DLP scandalous rag sheet which hates Stuart with a passion and with its fifth columnists who have not one shred of good to say about this beleaguered administration that keeps lying on its last knees and about to make local history as being the first one-term government since adult suffrage.

  12. The DEMS had a political meeting at Fitts Village on Sunday night.While driving along Highway 1 yesterday,I was offered some DLP manifestoes by a group of 5 youngsters.Seem they have a lot of leftovers.On the other hand the BLP manifesto is so scarce they tell you go on the net for it.
    Btw,remember the scene at St Michael West when Brandford lost the nomination and DT thanked all the oldsters for their contribution and suggest they move on?There would appear to be last rites coming up soon, in more ways than one.

  13. @Gabriel Tackle
    Now in trying to bring balance, is it not possible that the Dems printed more manifestos than the BLP? LOL, you partisans are too funny. So you come to this forum to tell big people that cause these 5 youngsters had what you call ‘left over manifestos’ in hard copy, that that is proof of a BLP win. LOL. LMAO. SMFH.

  14. Instead of that loser arrogant Sandra Husbands trying to prove herself to residents, she imports the disgraced William Duguid to come into St. James South to spout all kind of innuendo and vitriol. If Duguid has something personal against Donville Inniss,let him go to the law courts or a psychiatrist. Sandra Husbads is a coward, calling herself a Christian but encouraging her campaign team to pull down posters, stuff people’s letter boxes with all kinds of innuendo and then has loud trucks blaring music from Lil Ric and Crimeson in suburban districts – The residents are not pleased and she is doing herself no favours. I know the BLP is throwing everything at Mr. Inniss but in Barbados when you have a good hatrdworking MP like Donville Inniss – you back him and the nasty tactics of Loser Husbands will backfire and ensure her demise. Cannot wait until Thursday when she is rejected and can return to doing what she does – Talk and no action.
    St. James south supporting Donville Innis.

  15. Bu David, is me Pearlie. Look I know I say I was tekking a break from posting pon youre internet till election night, but wunna like wunna cant see de fella at Barbados Today was too glad to get a new poll to boost up he old Coridge and Perry school buddy Affah. David, you rememba when he used to work at de Nation and every monday he got a exclusive story or a big scoop wid Affah he old school buddy? So de fella pushing Affah and de Bees cause if Affah get back in power he got a hotline tuh Affah so he paper could get de scoop pon de Nation fuh de next 5 years. Study it. Ah gone! Wait, no, ah come back. Wuh become a he rape case doh? Ah gone now!

    • @Perlixin Pearlie

      Nothing surprising there, Barbados is a incestuous pool of relationships.

      Believe that case as dropped.

  16. The BLP brings this young fella Akil something to speak at their meeting in St. James South and I listen from my residence and hear him say on the speaker “many other small countries are doing so much better than Barbados” – so I hear waiting to hear this list of Caribbean countries and the joker says “countries like Singapore”. Hello – does he know anything about the government structure in Singapore ,if he did ,he would shut to hell up.up.Anyway, it is good that Duguid can drive his big ride on the sweet roads in West Terrace completed since Donville Inniss became MP and when they canvass in Haynesville, he will also traverse on the new well paved roads that Donville Inniss fought for and the debushing of overgrown lots which has reduced the rodent population, Sounds like an MP I can support on Thursday. St. James south voting for Donville Inniss – the right choice.

  17. @DAvid 5:01 pm
    NO he doesn’t!!! He’ll do it for free! lol

    Where did Peter say “it is a clear win for de BLP but if de DLP organise well on election day them can pull a win?”

    Just Observing

  18. @David
    “Duguid doesn’t need any help to go after Inniss.”
    However, He thinks that he is doing Husbands a favour. I predict it is hurting her and it will be proven on Thursday in a big way. Residents have been complaining to each other and she is being seen as an instigator engaging in typical dirty tricks.She is a coward for hiding behind Duguid(which is easy) and hoping that his invective can help her failing campaign.
    The residents are seeing the attacks as being endorsed by her and when you resort to paying people to stuff things in people’s mailboxes, it turns off quite a few voters and it casts her in the mould of a desperate woman trying any cheap trick for an advantage.She is not sincere.

  19. ac | February 19, 2013 at 2:47 PM |

    Just as controversial the polls are so would be the election.the writing is on the wall. ……………suggestion to all use a pen to mark your X.tampering most likely to occur

    you stinking nasty people are amazing. i heard FS make that same comment at 1.00am this morning but if fly over my head only to get it now you ac repeat the lie.

    that you would put this country electoral process on the line with stupid fucking comments show what the power really mean to you all. OSA like him or not said last night Barbados was a shining light when it comes to its electoral process and he is 100% right but you jackasses would seek to pull that down with your stupid comments which does not pass the smell test.

    Jones made some stupid comments as well about the BLP have $1.7 million to give out on election day. i don’t know if they do but how would he know that?

    the Jones link: http://www.barbadostoday.bb/2013/02/18/paying-for-the-votes/

    they say all politics is local. i bet Jones would not repeat that crap in his hometown?

    but the god news is talking and listening to most of Barbadian talk, no polls need, DEM gone.

  20. @
    Crystal Lantern | February 19, 2013 at 2:40 PM |
    @ Raw Bake

    You are a knucklehead, you realise this don’t you?

    I wuz going to ansa you but den I read de res o yuh comment and came to de same conclusion dat Peter came to, when he first heard Ronnie Clarke song last year… you singing talking bare… ahmm ahmm, ask Rihanna. 😉

  21. david BU you are the last one to talk about PM stuart makin f…king comments. no one surpasses OSA on ignorant comments like the one he made on the night of the manifeto when he read that dumb poem and at the end stated that when the women asked him who w rote it he would say he did what a f,,,king liar,,, Any how what is so wrong with protecting one’s vote from fraud .. stupid!

  22. Pearlie

    Yah Jack Ass … Affah is generations older than the fella at Barbados Today so how the hell could they be school buddies .. and so you know, the girl that had accused him of rape ain’ nah sweet bread nider … The man get set up fair and square. Now that having been said, Affah gun need some proper opposition and the likes ah you ain’ gun cut it… The comin’ fight gun be brutal so … no room fah light weights …!

  23. @Observing(…)
    Wickham was fielding questions from David Ellis pon Brass tacks and said just what I said he said. He made it clear that he can now call the election for the BLP and then he provided a condition LOL . He said that the DLP can still pull it back if them organise well pon election day and get them supporters out. I kid you not. If you doubt me, call VOB.

  24. Baffy Pearlie is not a Jack ass she is a Jenny Ass….sorry Pearlie dahling. Pearlie ah having a election nite party and I inviting yuh an yuh mister to it. Yuh gots to bring yuh own food and drink because times hard and dread. BUT we will celebrate the winners wid sum Mauby pon ice.

  25. Cawel made the most provocative comment today on his usual theme of campaign violations and was returned to the abyss by Ellis who favored commenting on a position held by one of the Parties on media house operations. Well well well … Imagine two entities with NO legal personality vying for control of the countries LARGEST purse and the issue of operating within the relevant laws is not to be considered seriously …

    And when it is all over some of these criminally accused will be demanding that they be referred to as “honorable men” …!

  26. @AC

    Please go ahead and encourage as many of your people as possible to mark their X with a pen.

    Just like the jingle encourages people to vote DLP in the nighttime.

  27. BLP Meeting at Greens St. George at 7:30PM for the St. George South Constituency.

    I visited the site some minutes to 7PM briefly before that time I decided to come home. I was there too early.

  28. Dear Peter:

    Proverbs 22:1-6 (King James Version)

    A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.

    Enough said.

    The DLP now has to focus on empathizing with the average man in the street at their final campaigns, as a man who might be feeling the pinch just want to know their leaders understand what they are going thru.

  29. This last poll was done to maintain credibilty at two levels. At the level of Peter’s accuracy as a pollster because the Sunday poll was against what Peter was saying before in that things would get worse for the DLP. And also at the level of accuracy of polls and sample in themselves and the nature of polling. To be fair to Peter, any pollster or statistician having conducted a series of polls, finding the polls trending one way then to find one poll going against a trend is going to ask himself “is the last poll just a freak result or is this a new trend”. I think people more have a problem with Peter being a political commentator and a pollster at the same time. I think that whether you like what his polls say or not Peter can claim that they are accurate most of the time

  30. @concerned
    This should have bEen happening a long time ago

    Waaaait, dem got anudda bald pooch cat in Bim?!?

    I’ll take your word for it. He’s not incorrect though. Votes wise it’s a close election. Seatwise is another story.

    Just Observing

  31. When all is said and done,it’s Sleepy that’s proving to be the best ad of the campaign.In clear and distinct tones,in his inimitable way,as only Sleepy can it,the well known octogenarian who won’t shut up, says ‘Ef you doan like how the DLP perform in the five years that they in power,KICK DEM OUT.And for good measure he repeats it KICK OUT de DEMS ef dey doan perform.Well I following Sleepy advice because as the late Kurleigh King would say ‘on balance’ the DEMS have failed miserably, in my opinion and do not deserve another chance.They blew it big time.Good riddance you fatted calf crowd.

  32. i not even concerned bout that poll .cause i think barbadians got more sense than to put a orrupt govt into offfice again. most of the ones calling fuh BLP are the greedy hand to mout types who throw the poor a bone like a house and car and ridiclous promises,but the educated bajan not going that route. the DEMS going to WIN. VOTEDEMS. Affa ass is grass and MIA gets the last laugh and she is the WInner!

  33. Good night all,

    News coming from Grenada……projected clean sweep…..Fruendel boi…you next….Sorry Hammie but you going loss your dollar bill.

  34. @Observing
    So you don’t see the nonsense in saying it is a sure win for the BLP and then in another breath saying but the dems can win it with good organisation on polling day? So what is really a sure win? This is de silly season so I know many apply their own logic and reasoning to get the result they want.

    I never referred to ’…. He’s not incorrect though. Votes wise it’s a close election. Seatwise is another story.”

    I talking bout this sure win statement and then de cop out line: but de dems can win it if them got good organisation.

  35. Ac
    How you luv? Who could want a more corrupt Govt than this one sweets…we got pornography and QEH monies to middle men Co which belong to …,bribes and cuts, land swaps, $3.3 Milion transfers, mis appropriations NIS Funds misuse…. and you want more sweets?

  36. Onions

    Who do Liz doh, she look like she eat a truck load of hamburgers and she sweating like a pot cover. A coarse woman if they ever the good Lord ever made one. Hair falling out like a dingy ole rat.

    This stupid COW is the one who saddle this country with 100 million dollar landfill in Greenland and not a piece of garbage ever went it.

  37. I feel the DEMs should have done like the BLPites and said screw Barack, let the cost overruns continue, weed out or attack anybody who don’t agree with who in charge or tek over charge, and let the whole damn country get sell off while they fatten their own pockets, and then move to Canada like Duguid and leave everybody else to catch dey tail. Perhaps then the flickering poll would be in their favour.
    How arrogant can Owing After be to think that he cannot condescend to a debate, especially if the Freundel Stuart government has failed. Armed with his all these of wrong doings I would think that he would revel in a debate.
    Well all I hope is that my Barbados dollar don’t devalue like Jamaica did with the same Owing After. Otherwise I looking to move into Ilaro court wid he if he win come Thursday (cause he tell me pon tv to vote for he, not he party).

  38. onions i see you “DREAMING” good night sweetheart cause after THURSDAY yuh gonna have many restless nites. don’t forget to VOTE DEMS. WUNNA could use PETER WICKHAM fuh wunna POSTER BOY after thursday nite. LOSERS!

    • @de hood

      If you read about Obama going back to college, what stands out is that he managed his life then and when he was elected to the Chicago legislature to ensure his slate was ‘clean’. Local politicians (and those aspiring) should take note, we life in different times.

  39. In truth I was very surprised by Sunday’s poll.

    The DLP should not have been celebrating. They should have been out working real real hard.

    And now looka now Tuesday.

    From where I live and move it looks like the BLP have a slight edge.

    But maybe not.

  40. I think no one paid any attention to the fine print in the Poll released on Sunday. It read “we believe the results to be accurate within a margin of error of 10-15%”.

  41. ac
    You are a dyed in the wool dem.You are no doubt of the catholic faith.The pope always right,he’s infallible..You dems just can’t think for yourself.You just accept any crap that Stuart and his equally dumb poor raky ministers throw out.Stuart’s management of the economy has been sick,feeble,undynamic,
    uninspiring,and incompetent.Good riddance to you lot

  42. @GABRIEL WRONG ! no catholic FAITH. you see you can be wrong. HOWEVER the DEMS going keep wunna BLP yardflows on the back bench cause after today we know who backing wunna and it is the PRIVITISATION JUNKIES who want to take control of the country. the thought of FS And DLP winning scare the sh..te out of them. cause they want to go back to the days when OSA handed them the treasury to do whatever they please leaving OSA to givave the peasants the crumbs. DEMS know what is going on and DEMS WILL WIN. now you go vote DEMS save the country from corporate greed , Barbadians deserve better NOT BITTER!

  43. the DEMS know that corporate barbados were the ones running scared calling WickHAM and demanding he take a new poll on that alone the DEMS have become reenergise come FIRE! RAIN! or STORM! evey living breathing DEM gonna VOTE on THURSDAY ! Barbados belongs to BARBADIANS not outside INTEREST > ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! BETTER NOT BITTER! DEMS ALL THE WAY.

  44. Oh and by the way I understand in Grenada NNP 15, NDC 0 – so Old Onions – I think I agreeing with your predictions!!!

  45. @ac
    You gine look big men and women in the face and tell dem that you expected. 15-0 clean sweep???? Fa trute trute?

    Timing is indeed everything. Platform performances tonight will seal / break the deals. Tomorrow’s rallies will not move a single vote. Whatever gets the media cycle between tonight and 5 pm tomorrow will be the last hopes of swaying undecideds.

    After that the ground game beigns!!!

    Just Observing

  46. right now as we get closer to elections WICKHaM is talking out both sides of his mouth.HE knows this is a tough one to call. not grenada . like i say even my DOG got that right self taught mut he is . NEITHER B OR D.

  47. @ David

    How could a PM of Barbados allow a cabinet minister to be involved in such vile activity as taking advantage of minor children. Such a PM should never be allowed to regain his seat in Parliament if for no other reason than that!

  48. stuepse! liz all talk and no substance . right now she doing wuh she does best being a comedien. nobody take she seriously. tell me wuh she gonna do for the health system .she party the BLP had fourteen years and did nutting don’t mek me laugh. i give she a A fuh foolishness! thursday nite Donville get the last laugh and an A+

    • Let us get serious ac, those were serious statements made on morals. This is no little slip of paper. How will donville respond.

  49. @ firefox I think you are mistaken.

    The average Bajan as seen at cropover and every fete in Barbados is chronically sexualised so nobody cares that Donville represented a company that owns websites.

    The voters that count are the fornicators we see in everyday Bajan life.

    He may lose his seat but not because the majority of Bajans have high moral standards. They don’t.

    • You may be right but when children are involved its a different matter. If you are a parent you would be concerned with this type of behaviour. What says you?
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  50. firefox when will OSA responds to FS Stuart NOTE! and wunna giving OSA a pass. Why should DOnville respond to anything about morality coming from the BLP . The BLP have ABSOLUTELY NO MORAL AUTHORITY to question anybody on MORALS. dont mek me laugh!

  51. It is interesting that the BLP yardfowls now want to throw everything at Donville Inniss and are lead by the most morally bankrupt poor excuse for a man in Owen Arthur at the top of the ticket, on every billboard and on the cover of the BLP manifesto.
    If the BLP want to make morals a debate in this campaign, then they should have asked Owen Arthur and Kerrie Symmonds not to speak tonight. That cuss fest in West Terrace by the cantakeous , ungrateful Liz Thompson will not move one vote. The people at the meeting are mostly BLP yardfowls anyway. I went down there and had a look myself.

  52. and did not OSA have a child while being married. the BLP preachimg morals should be punishable by laughter. TAKE a lOOK at YOUR LEADERSHIP then tell me about morals.

    • @ac

      About the note the Prime Minister needs to respond to Arthur. If he does not want to respond he should make the other part of the note public.

  53. West Terrace Resident

    Sandra Husbands your placing of flyers all over the driveway of residents is both annoying and tacky. After the election do you expect to be seen as a professional. Think again! Donville Inniss is the Better Choice”

  54. DAVID he did! but that does not remove the stench of vindictiveness from him.. TOO little too late to cover he ass, calm down i am as cool as a cumcumber!

  55. you see you david you have a beef with INNIs. no problem. but it beehooves me when a Corrupt party preaches about moral. it is like the devil preaching about the truth1 Panic ! hell no! just being REAL.

  56. David
    More and more lashes for Donville down in West Terrace.

    @ ac How yuh likin’ um, huh ac? De DEMS gone fuh six! Out de grounds! DEMS lick out to the Atlantic ocean! Yuh hear ac?

  57. ac,

    But ac, where is your other yardfowl sidekick called CCC? I haven’t seen any comments from him since the campaign started.

  58. David is it possible to access porno websites on the Internet in Barbados?

    Since the answer will be yes does it not make the Government of Barbados and the employees of all Internet service providers complicit in the delivery of pornography?

  59. lokk de hood all the joker liz smith doing wuh she does best being a clown fuh she party but she better watch she back. but nun uh dat talk gonna mek she win. the sixes he got produce is how she gonna do better than donville .

  60. Hant I ent too interested in Grenada elections ….I interested in the one here where I gine vote. If the Grenadians clean out the house lawd I wunder what de Bajans gine do? Annuder clean sweep?

  61. AC ….will you stop behaving like a bald pooch pussy?…..Hush yuh mouth girl frien and tek a drink yuh babbling all over de place.

  62. @ David

    Are you by any chance listening to the live stream coming from West Terrace? OSA is revealing all the fraud pertaining to CLICO & Thompson Associates.

  63. @ac | February 19, 2013 at 10:45 PM |
    firefox when will OSA responds to FS Stuart NOTE! and wunna giving OSA a pass. Why should DOnville respond to anything about morality coming from the BLP

    no wonder this country where it is at, mature adults such as urself is utterly proud to know that a minister is owner of a porn site etc, yet u feel comfortable and I daresay proud to support him because in ur narrow thinking, his porn site has nothing to do with u nor ur kids…

  64. @ David
    The DEMS were saying that they coming with a big BANG to blow the Bees out the campaign but what do the DEMS have to say now about the NUCLEAR explosion that Owen Arthur just let go in West Terrace!!!!

  65. All the DEMS party are now accomplices by association with this great fraud perpetuated on the people of Barbados. It seems to be a conspiracy of silence undertaken by all in the party and cabinet of the DLP Barbados.

  66. The trail of evidence certainly now leads to Mara’s doorstep.

    No person found guilty of a criminal offence would be able to sit in the House of Assembly of Barbados. It seems she would have to resign once the full circle of evidence is revealed.

    People are going to get locked up for this.

  67. Observing(…) summary.

    Parris lock up. Mara lock up and David Thompson (may god rest his thieving soul) is dead.

    Of interest, Chris the jackass aint know what happen at West Terrace. he was just up here defending Parris, AGAIN.

    Lord have mercy on they crooks.

  68. @DAvid not BU
    Just saw an ad outlining it. Could only imagine the platform delivery was more damaging and I noticed that alternative media has already grabbed it. The DLP once again for the umpteenth time have been outmanouevered.

    I said back in 2009 that CLICO was THE albatross that could sink the DLP. I warned DLPites here repeatedly to “leff it out” and stop bringing it up. But noooooooooooo. Add up all the history of the saga to lack of a DLP proposed solution, the recent bald pooch cat comments and Parris’ recent involvement in the DLP campaign and we see the albatross gets heavier.

    Now, in the last 48 hours, some of the 12,000 approx. policyholders will sway BLP (if they hadn’t been already), shocked undecideds will sway or just remain home and, the BLP have regained momentum after what as supposed to be Operation Bang Bang and the knockout punch (or puff).

    In 24 hours we have Donville, the Eager 11 (via the note) and now CLICO. And there’s no more time on the shot clock for the DLP to pull a rabbit out of the hat since their one pillar strategy of leadership is all they have left.

    Thursday will tell.

    Just Observing

  69. Owen Arthur, friend of George Bush Jr, lead on the Free Trade of the Americas agenda, and champion of the land at the highest economic value sell off to foreigners could once again be Prime Minister of Barbados … my God …! Freundal Stuart I wish you a miserable miserable retirement from public life, you and a half dozen others who just simply blew what could have been a really good thing … (the way how Arthur operates however, Freundal could very well be in line for a Knighthood …)

  70. When I ask any BLP supporter a serious policy question such as “where is the money coming from to finance these proposed giveaways?”, you cannot get an answer.
    It seems the six figure consultants that Allan Fields brought it to do “perception management” and optics for the BLP are doing their job. Arthur is promising things that every honest budget analyst in government knows is unrealistic but people are cheering and have not answered that fundamental question.Will anyone be so stupid as to vote for the BLP and do not have a clue where all that money will come from in an economy with a deficit on current account. Wake up Barbados. It could be an even worse tommorrow than today.

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