Polls Apart: Arthur Now LEADS Stuart in New CADRES Poll

Peter Wickham, Head of CADRES

Peter Wickham, Head of CADRES

The most recent CADRES poll which surprised many that DLP leader Fruendel Stuart had eased pass Arthur has been reversed. Under pressure to explain the weekend poll which bucked a trend, Head of CADRES Peter Wickham took the sensible decision to redo the poll. The euphoria displayed by the DLPites has been short lived because the new poll has Arthur leading Stuart 37% to 32% with a 7% swing in play.

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  1. psychological warfare. Truth being the first casualty. hence the revision of the POLLS. barbadians would not be fooled. VOTING DEMS

  2. Since the BLP is trying to run from the privatisation debate, you have nearly one billion in giveaways – and ZERO specifics on major spending cuts, where is the money going to come from?
    This is not 1994 and the world economy is in a different place, tourists do not care about BLP or DLP and our major source market is in recession but lying Owen Arthur is going to increase consumption spending in that environment?
    Owen Arthur and the BLP are clearly lying to get votes. You can curse Freundel Stuart all you like but he has resisted the lying approach of wild Santa Klaus vote catching promises.That is a man I can support.

  3. the BLP cannot run from the PRIVITISATION debate . The people understand that The BLP has always favoured big business and knows what side of the fence the BLP yardflows lean on. PRIVITASTION would be the undoing of the BLP on THURSDAY. bajans not Stupid. THe momentum given by the POLL yesterday would be shortlived as REALITY takes over when people go to VOTE on THURSDAY . ONLY a Fool would gamble away their livelihood for empty and unrealistic promises by the BLP.The crumbs falling from the masters table would not be sufficient .

  4. @david re. Perception

    Haven’t we been telling them this for over 26 months??

    @ac. And !
    Talk what you want, regardlless of policy, feeling, emotion or history…only one action/result counts now. That’s tomorrow. Even you two have to admit, the DLP did not run the superior campaign.


    Stomach curdling isn’t it? Who would have thunk? Stupse. If tomorrow goes as most people expect then some of the losers should be strung and quartered for putting us back in those hands. This election wasn’t won. It was lost, big time.

    Just observing

  5. DAVID WAKE UP! the controlling forces have taken over. the revision of the poll says it ALL. Barbados is being sold to the highest bidder. THe beast are roaming the island inflitrating the minds of the people. BAJANS WAKE UP.VOTING DEMS is the only way to rid BARBADOS of this animal.

  6. @ac
    Let’s forget the polls and the campaign for a moment.

    Any comment from you or any other DLP supporter on OSA’s revelations about the 3.3 million on an unauthorised invoice going to an unknown bank account and back to Parris while CLICO assets were supposedly frozen and people were (are still) sucking salt???

    Just Observing

    • JO you need to give ac and the others a little more time to disgust this bitter pill. That information send shock-waves through the massive crowd last night. It is my belief that this will now put a number of those close seats in the BLP column.
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  7. @CC

    why would the leader of the oppsition to into the nation and brewse like a pirate because of the sunday pools? Becasue there was an agreement that the pools would not have been released and a new one done to get the results that b’s wanted, but unfortunatley they had to be printed, becasue barbados today had a copy of the pools and it would have been embarrassing if the nation did not print theirs, abd barbados today did.

  8. TELL OSA to come clean on the 75thousand check he got from CLICO. before anybody would take him seriously about anything to do with CLICO>

  9. @David
    “DLPites you just don’t get it do you? Perception is everything in politics.”
    In other words, the BLP is lying but they make it look believable.The BLP manifesto promises will not happen but at least we should congratulate them on their effort at deception and creating a false perception.

  10. Wickham’s second poll in two days is a puzzle here is why. Wickham posits that the swing remains at 7% against the DLP where it climbed to a long time ago. If this is the case we can draw the conclusion that the entire three week campaign by the DLP had no impact whatsoever. In other words despite government’s excellent performance in five years in the face of history’s worst recesssion the swing needle did not move.

    Despite outstanding articulation of solid creative proposals by the DLP to take Barbados forward during the campaign nothing registered with the public. Wickham’s second poll in two days “to right the wobble” and “the outlier” means there was no push back from the extensive hard fought battle of ideas coming from the DLP.

    The long hard grind of the election campaign based on Wickham’s poll was absolutely unecessary. Producing manifestos was a waste of time.The people of Barbados according to Wickham’s poll are dense. Nothing from the DLP influenced Barbadians despite more than half of them being mass based DLP supporters. The swing needle did not flutter by even one percentage point in the three campaign although the PM moved from single digits in popularity to draw even with Owen Arthur.

    Wicham’s poll postulates that in the face of a multitude of revelations which umasked and showed the BLP as a disunited discredited institution they marched serenly onward. The obvious in fighting in the BLP, Mia Mottley’s destruction by Arthur and cronies, the condemnation of the BLP economic proposals by respected neutral economic analysts counted for nothing says Wickham’s second poll.

    As a humble university graduate I find Wickham’s second poll in two days hard to believe. It is an affront to my intelligence. Wickham’s second poll is a puzzle. The mother of all polls is Thursday 21 February. I will accept the results of Feb 21st poll not Wickham’s.

  11. Well, in case you did not recognize The Barbados Advocate is now once again the biggest promoter of the BLP. Where is Millertheannunaki ? I told you so.
    The Advocate, Nation and by extension Starcom are in the BLP pocket.We are looking at total domination of the media by one political party.Is that good for our democracy, you decide.
    David of BU – I hope that you are not selling out too because we would never have known that Owen Arthur boycotted parliament for 5 years if we did not read it here. The Nation newspaper will never print anything negative about Owen Arthur. Ask Kaymar Jordan who met with Arthur and decided how to create the name “Eager 11”. Barbados’ media is at an all time low and possibly it could get worse after this election.Back to the days of intimidation and abuse of Prime Ministerial power ?Is that good for Barbados. We will find out on Thursday night.

  12. TTP; Your story above has a solid ring of truth to it. But I think that when the full truth comes out about the poll reported on last sunday it will probably be realised that Wickham was acting professionally in calling for a second poll. The BT’s possession of the poll results and their decision / likelihood of publishing it would explain why the Nation’s hand was forced into publishing it on Sunday. But the elephant in the room that Wickham has to pretend wasn’t there (for the sake of his business) is the incompetence or venality of some one or ones in his organization who (against all his political polling protocols) went into a number of DLP strongholds for their polling when Wickham was absent and so skewed the results to give the false results reported on Sunday. I think wickham recognized that from very early after he returned to Barbados and that is why he suggested and was willing to pay for a second, properly done, poll.

    But recent events have overtaken the poll story. What is your take on the seriousness to the DLP’s cause, of the disclosures on the porn kingdom of Donville Inniss and the publication of the CLICO cheques and invoice and their links, via signatures etc., to David / Mara Thompson and that FS must have been aware of that situation even while he first denied it and then when he was officially informed remained true to form and did nothing about it.

  13. I have never in the history of Barbados seen such one sided and biased journalism as I have seen in the Nation newspaper over the last 5 years culminating in three socalled “independent” Nation writers calling for a change of government. The campaign against the DLP was not a three week campaign. It was started on January 16 2008 by Albert Brandford and the six other BLP supporters that wrote weekly in the newspaper savaging the DLP and by an editor (Kaymar) who saw herself as Owen Arthur’s press secretary. The Nation newspaper was an active part of the BLP campaign over the last 5 years. Shameful.
    They put party before country and Barbados journalism standards have suffered a near fatal blow.

  14. Musing; As another humble UWI graduate I have some sympathy with your analysis above. But why did you make it so one sided. According to you the DLP platform made a number of telling points that should have been captured in the poll results but you appear to have completely discounted the impression that the BLP campaign would have made.

    Indeed, in my view, the BLP campaign was by far a superior one to the DLP’s and would therefore have pushed the poll further into the BLP’s column. That it didn’t, suggests that the interpretations from Wickham were very conservative and that the result could be even closer to the Grenada situation than the latest poll suggests.

  15. Obbey

    Preconco arrangements with the GoB over the last three years were nothing short of scandalous.. These arrangements were never reviewed by the opposition campaigners now were they … If Preconco is not mentioned in the campaigning season there is an obvious reason.

  16. How can anyone in their intelligent mind respect the latest so-called POLL. it is clear as day that there was political manuerving taking place to confuse and divide I sense a need for urgency coming from the quickness of the poll using the excues of” flaw”

  17. @ NationBLPnewspaper | February 20, 2013 at 8:40 AM |

    The same newspaper is $10 million dollars richer in advertising revenues thanks to the DLP. This will translate into large bonuses and writer’s fees to the same columnists.
    What do you say to that, town crier?

  18. I have listened to the words spoken at West Terrace and since my friend Old Onions has asked by name for me to comment I will.

    I did not hear the name of Freundel Stuart mentioned. Not even by inference, the only charge that any reasonble person could lay against Freundel Stuart is that he knows the person of which many speak and was not willing to jettison the same person on hear say. Why do I say hear say, because it is evident that many people did not know the true story of what is purported to have happened.

    Can I blame Freundel Stuart who said that the first time he entered David Thompson’s office was when he became Prime Minister. I deduce therefore he was not part of the inner circle. I have not as yet heard anything to implicate Freundel Stuart. That does not mean what we heard is good. . .but that is a completely different issue.

  19. Yard broom ignore the BLP yard fowls they teking sticks to build brick houseand look who is the architect. the one and only master of deception and perception OSA. everybody in the right mind knows that DT is dead and FS can.t answer for him. only the BLP like to chase ghost with duppy stick. they really believe that bajans stupid.A 3million dollar cheque and the bearer can,t respond. HA! HA!

  20. @BAFBFP
    Sadly you will never hear anyone bring up Preconco or its major shareholders among others because they will be lining up to get their share whenever the goverment changes.

  21. @ AC
    at the start of the campaign Barney tell we wuh the dead deciever david doing

    at the end of the campaign Owen tell we wuh he did doing before he dead
    electioneering is nuff fun LOL

  22. The Democratic Labour Party is so scared after the Grenada Result.
    Freundel Stuart will retire from politics
    because its all over bar the shouting

  23. An incompetent PM called FUMBLE
    Had a particular penchant to STUMBLE

  24. GP.. yuh like yuh is a poet…yuh miss love and poetry at Illaro Court on the 16th. That poem should be named Ode to Fumble. Good one! LOLL

  25. @Miller
    “The same newspaper is $10 million dollars richer in advertising revenues thanks to the DLP”
    If the DLP spent 10 million , you would admit that the BLP spent about 35 million.
    Listen, a lot of people still read the Nation and therefore , you still need to reach them, In the same way that Owen Arthur lambaste CBC but every night BLP ads are on tv.
    Get real and deal with the issue Miller – We have a situation in Barbados where all the newspapers and the major radio stations which are owned by them are under the influence of the BLP. That is total media domination.Given Arthur’s penchant for putting his hand in the cookie jar to help himself and his “consultants”,where will we get scrutiny of an Arthur government? Certainly not from Albert “Mascoll” Brandford, Sanka Price , Pat Hoyos ,Ezra Alleyne, Harry Russell and Peter Symmonds. All these Nation columnists sing in the BLP choir. Where are the real journalists?

  26. Did I hear that idiot Ian Gooding – Edghill get on the tv and say that other Caribbean countries are doing so much better than Barbados. More Lies. Of course, he did not name any of these countries nor explain why if the other Caribbean countries were doing so much better than Barbados, why are they all seeing a change of government. The global recession and downturn in our source markets are real. The BLP is trying to deceive Bajans and is lying to voters- making unrealistic promises which cannot be fulfilled.

  27. @Check it out

    you got your answer, havnt u? That was a load of rubbish u had written. In polling, you go into a constitunecy and u randomly selcect persons to poll. How would u know who is b or d. Futher, u try not to use people from the ares who would have an idea of people’s political perspective. The same goes for telphone polling.

    as don marshall said, those who have been exposed to survey methods of social investigation, can conduct a poll, as long as the instrument is well constructed and have been tested before being fully implemented, I have done that course over thirty year ago, and it was on of the course that i relally enjoyed,

    That 2nd poll was designed to confuse, even I had some apprehension at first, but after doing my analysis of the situation I had to reassure some of my friends that we were going to still win 17-13.

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