Barbados DLP is Nothing Like Obama’s Democratic Party: Sell Foolish Somewhere Else



In light of last night U.S State of the Union speech given by President Obama, the DLP again today attempted to draw parallels between the U.S Democratic Party and the failed Barbados DLP administration, which as I have said before on BU is “COMPLETELY LAUGHABLE” and here are (3) more key reasons why:

(1) On Deficit Reduction:
–       The U.S Democratic Party has made sure that deficit reduction measures did NOT fall unfairly on poor and middle class Americans.
In comparison.
–       The Barbados DLP has “COMPLETELY” placed deficit reduction measures on poor and middle class Bajans … raising the overall cost of living to new levels of “pain and sufferation” for poor and middle class Bajans.
(2)  Leadership
–       PRES. Obama has “FACED” a wide range of national challenges and has effectively harnessed best of breed public and private sector talent and innovative thinkers, to meet each challenge which has worked in large part and is a testimony to effective leadership in tough times.
In comparison:

–       PM Stuart has been “MISSGING IN ACTION” in a strange, hermit style type of way on a range of key challenges facing Barbados, and when he does emerge adds NO value to the issue as PM.  He has convinced his DLP cabinet to use the “LET’S JUST WAIT AND SEE” overall strategy which accounts for the poor DLP ministerial performance and lack of significant accomplishments in the last (5) years.
3)  Industry Preservation
–       One of the highlights of Obama’s first term was his leadership in saving of the U.S Auto industry as a key sector of the US overall economy.

In comparison:
–       PM Stuart and the DLP have done “NOTHING” of any significance to reform our crippled Tourism Industry.  What the DLP “has” done in Tourism is waste millions of advertising and marketing dollars doing the same thing but expecting a different result, which by the way is the definition of “ INSANITY ”.  The global recession should not have stopped us from innovative thinking and reforms much needed in the Barbados tourism industry.  The DLP’s poor performance in leading the Tourism industry has had a significant and adverse “multiplier” affect on the impact of the global recession. The Bajans people are  not buying the global recession excuse for everything wrong in Barbados … “we are not buying it”

The DLP has simply failed to find SOLUTIONS to a wide range of national challenges; they have been so focused on the “We are not just building an economy, We are building a society” slogan they have ironically  completely forgotten about the economy part of the slogan.  At a time when government dollars are tight and our economy shrinking by leaps and bounds due to DLP poor leadership … why has the DLP not abandoned the “we are building a society” non-sense” is beyond me.
The DLP slogan may sound good on a DLP stage but Bajans are NOT FOOLISH  …  “Bajans know that you CANNOT BUILD A SOCIETY WITHOUT JOBS, WITHOUT LEADERSHIP, WITHOUT VISION, WITHOUT A STABLE ECONOMY – All things the DLP have lacked for (5) long years”

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  1. Indeed they are; both are spending huge amounts money; both have large debts that they are continuing to add too, both presided over downgrades of their economy, both have had to deal with private economy leaders that are not friendly; both have to face hostile oppositions parties who relish a hurting economy and people to better their chances of re-election. Both are currently presiding over slowly improving economies, and the people of Barbados should do as the Americans did and re-elect the government the presided over the worst of the 2007-2008 fallout.

    I have a question for Mascoll on the brilliant slide presentation he just gave. At what point during the last five years did the financial reserves of Barbados improve to the point that he can now say he will use it to pay for the easing of the economy if elected come Feb 21st? At what point Mascoll? There was massive uncertainty as to when the world economy and the Barbados economy would start to rebound, saving money made sense then, and it is easy to say otherwise in hindsight. Tell us Mascoll.

  2. Why didn’t the BLP use the reserves to pay Al Barack? Why didn’t they use the reserves to pay for the Prison rather than settle the country with 30 million

  3. @Adrian Hinds

    Think of it this way, would you sit on your savings while your children starved? Would you tell them you didn’t know what tomorrow will bring so don’t eat, starve and hope instead? Barbadians are drawing down their own personal reserves to cope with the economy but you are frightened about foreign reserves. What is the point of having a reserve if you cannot use it in an emergency?
    Also, he is not talking about walking to the central bank, opening the vault and handing hand-fulls of US dollars to barbadians who some seem to think are stupid and will go crazy buying up a storm of goods they don’t actually need or want.
    He is suggesting the government take less taxes from people’s hard earned salaries. These barbadians will have more of their money to spend in the economy. True some of that spending will use up foreign reserves, but it will most likely flow through the hands of the vendors, merchants, car mechanics, hairdressers and barbers, tradesmen, workers etc who will all get their cut before the remainder eventually leaves. Some of it may not need to go at all, how much foreign exchange is used up on a haircut or a night out in Oistins, for example.
    The same Obama made sure he left money in the pockets of the US middle class. Not only did they have a massive stimulus program but he extended unemployment, he cut payroll taxes for everyone and only raised taxes on americans earning more than 1 million dollars, he made it easier for kids to go to college, brouhgt down the cost of heathcare for millions and offered incentives that have the US manufacturing sector growing for the first time in years. Please tell me the equivalent to that when you are making your comparisons.
    Austerity and tax rises were the way Europe chose to deal wth the economic downturn and look at their economies now.
    You guys need to drop this silly argument, just because some bajans live in chattel houses in villages don’t assume they are stupid and can’t read a newspaper and follow what is going on in the world.
    The biggest problem I have with this government is the amount of time it wastes. Money is important but money something that comes and goes but time wasted is lost forever. All the time this country stands still and makes no changes or improvements is time gone that we will never get back.

  4. Why is Jerome Walcott readily admitting that these are dire times and so the BLP may not be able to committ anytime soon to a new Hospital? These times? like right now? Dire?????? really Jerome???

  5. Jepter Ince has just convinced me that I must vote for the DLP on Thursday neck week.
    He is systematically showing that Owen Arthur plundered the NIS funds during his time in office and most the projects were not carried out. He brought the facts and should be place in the paper for people to see.
    For example the 17.3 million for a mains laying program at BWA and not a main was laid and no account of the money

  6. I have no idea why you would think it is necessary to suggest that I could possibly be thinking that Barbadians are not informed. Let your comments stand on their own without the need to confer nonsense on me. I had a computer and access to foreign news while living in Barbados, and I was not alone then. chupse!

    Economist are split as to the impact the payroll tax break of 2011 have had. It is widely believe that they had little or no impact as intended, so much so that little or no impact is being felt now that they have expired. It was a gimmick, but Americans nevertheless understood the where, why, and who, for the economic fallout that was experience for most of Obama’s first term, and gave him a second one. Barbadians should do the same, the similarities are very striking. Time wasting, not engaged, in above his head, were some of the many things said about Obama. Nobody but David Axelrod, his re-election team and two non-traditional pollsters expected Obama to win by the electoral college margins that he did. Not one of the 11-12 toss up states did Rommey carry, and he was by far the better polling candidate. There is not a good case for Barbadians to dismiss the current government after 5 years. But from a larger view point and for bigger more important reasons it would not be a bad thing for it to occur.

  7. …Yes Clone; the same Clyde Mascoll as DLP LOTO broke it down for us about Debt to GDP ratio; he later attempted to soften his rhetoric as the BLP junior spokeman on or of Finance that the same Debt to GDP ratio was manageable, because the marjority of it was held locally- held by the NIS.

  8. @ Adrian Hinds
    You could as well say both leaders are male and had a black father, both had to deal with a bad economy (like every other world leader in the past 5 years) and were incumbents, both still have hair therefore they are ‘startlingly’ similar and because of that this government will keep power, because that how elections work.
    You suggest Obama’s approach to taxation was just a gimmick, why has the US economy grown and why has Europe whose approach is strikingly equal to this governments shrunk just like ours? What do ‘Trained Economists’ say about that? You guys are interested in borrowing from the romance of the Obama presidency you think his policy decisions are wrong? That’s rich.
    Nobody ever accused Obama of wasting time, in fact the other side were hysterical about the speed at which he was changing the US. He didn’t sit there and wait for somebody else to come and solve his problems, he didn’t wait until things got better to start to tackling the major issues like healthcare even though it cost him politically. It is interesting when you think back on how the republican campaign went; they were ranting on about a whole heap of issues that did not matter to the public like ending abortion, vilifying an ordinary woman who questioned their stance on an issue affecting her to the point where Obama needed to intervene, expecting to get votes by just saying their candidate was a better yet gave no details on what he would do to improve the economy. You should just trust him, he’s a good man they said.
    If you want to talk ‘startling’ similarities you can find them where ever you want to look, apart from the performance of the US economy which was growing before their election day.

  9. Owen Arthur was booed at his party manifesto launch when he told the BLP faithful that he engaged in ” light ” banter with PM Stuart about Mia Mottley .

    I wonder what will be their reaction when they see for themselves that the DESPOT OSA …..actually committed this ” banter ” in writing !

    Wuhloss !

  10. That is as close that the hypocrite OSA going to come on telling the truth about what he said to PM stuart about MIA. he ought to be ashamed of himself and follow CHris lead and issued a public apology to MIA and all the woman past and present he has insulted with his sharp sword of a poisionous tongue

  11. Adrian it has to be dire times when one looks at the state the DEMS have left the country in. Now these DEMs are using every available fear and scare tactic to get back power.

  12. I don’t know why these politicians in Bim keep trying to bring Obama down to their level, they certainly cannot reach the heights of his level. By the way, Bim only started feeling the effects of the recession in the last 6-7 years, the recession was in full swing in most large countries since 2002-2003, I was in NY and could attest to this, both parties had ample warning and ample time to come up with intelligent, workable strategies to cushion some of the fallout now being experienced, both parties had other agendas and now they both have no workable plans, if you do not recognize this, you will only keep going around and around with arguments without end.

  13. @ ac | February 15, 2013 at 8:39 AM |
    .. he ought to be ashamed of himself and follow CHris lead and issued a public apology to MIA”.

    It would be a show magnanimity should the Christ of Lies were to public apologize to the BIPA representative. And while the lying scalper is at it he can skin two “poochie-pokey” cats and also apologize on behalf of his PM for making false promises to the policyholders of guaranteeing the return of the principal amounts of their investments.
    After all the PM is a man of principle and high integrity.

    The public of Barbados would also welcome another lying apology for the state of the Four Seasons project. We were promised a restart date since September 2009 and the public have been like sitting ducks against a moving target of deadlines for the project restart. Don’t you think it’s time the Boss Liar admits that there are no immediate plans to salvage the rusting steel and moss gathering concrete?

  14. “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt ……..I now see why we in dire times …..SMALL MINDS…..

  15. Miller and Observing,

    We on BU recognise you two , in particular , as the masters of describing phenomenal photographs.

    That being the case, can you two give us your unvarnished comments about the photograph and questions that appear on page 40 of the Weekend Nation of 15 February, 2013.

    We wait with……bated breath !

  16. Miller you bald head skunk .whyshould sinckler apolgise for CLICO .wasn.T it under OSA that Clico was established and he did nothing to ensure that CLICO was well supervised.which lead to the policyholders losing their investments now comes along trying to fool the policyholders that he has the answer to solving CLICO.. OSA should be hogtied andwhip for trying to put such a blantant untruth in the public domain solely for attracting votes.

  17. @ tired of this
    The similarities between Obama white house and the DLP stands inspite of your willingness to ignore them. Both approach to the downturn were keyesian in nature. The US having the world’s trading currency, printed money (increase the monetary base) Barbados not having that ability relied on traditional government revenue (taxes). The results in the US were that people spent less, saved more due to the uncertainty of the times the net results being the US economy grew very slowly and employment stagnated; a classic jobless recovery. In Barbados, because government revenues had to come from somewhere -unlike the US out of thin air- the economy strunk, and people spent less, and saved less. But strunk by how much? what was the value of the Barbados economy in 2007 and what is it today? How much money did Barbadians had saved in 2007 and how much do they have to day? This was the right approach at the time. Today with the benefit of hindsight we can all say diffrently. It is still no good reason to remove the government.

    Look, the one thing that Americans wanted during the Obama first term he did not deliver on. Americans wanted Jobs, he gave them healthcare, and other things that are nice but not what they wanted, and this alone had many Democrats thinking that people would abandon the dream, and they did not blame him for the eonomy, they knew it was bad before he came to office. The same dynamics apply to Barbados, but the question is, will Barbadians take the same view as Americans?

  18. What was the unemployment rate in 2000 and what is it today? How do the global and local economies during the same time period compare?

  19. The similarities continues. So Americans wanted jobs, Rommey promise 12 million jobs in his first term. Barbadians want an ease on consumer prices -something that they had been call for during the Arthur years- the BLP now says it will ease the prices. Americans did not go for Rommey’s promise will Barbadians go for Arthur’s on easing the burden of consumer prices? something he did not deliver on in his last term?

  20. Mascoll’s and the BLP economic give away -in part- hinges on drawing down the foreign reserves. He says this is not a problem because the foreign are higher now than at anytime. Did he say that the cost of paying our way internationaly has stayed the same? gotten lower, or higher? How does he knows that? Wouldn’t the buying power of BDS/USD dollar then and now have to be factored into his analysis? was it?

  21. @Adrian
    All the stuff you write cannot compensate for the lack of confidence in this non performing admin led by a pm who did nothing for 90% of his alloted time.Investors local and foreign will give Bdos a pass and invest where they will get a relatively hassle free roi.Confidence is key in any relationship.Aggression and distrust as portrayed in the body language of the pm will turn off investors

  22. I know I promised to stay away, but could someone please tell me wtf Adrian Hinds is saying? How on God’s earth could anyone argue that the DLP adopted a Keynesian approach in addressing the economy?
    The major plank of Keynesian economics is STIMULATION including tax cuts as Obama did. Persons living in Barbados know very well that the DLP was and still is against stimulating the economy and increased taxes from bicycles to professional fees and VAT. The government’s fiscal deficit is not a a result of capital projects/stimulation but hiring and fetes.
    Secondly, jobs were not an issue when Obama was first elected as the unemployment rate was 4.6%!!! Healthcare, immigration and education reform, alternative energy and ending the wars amongst other issues dominated Obama’s platform. Under Obama, 2.17m private sector jobs were created in 2012 alone which was better than seven of Bush/Cheney 8 years yet over 600,000 public sector jobs have been lost. What has happened in Barbados?

  23. Enuff,

    You just like Owen Arthur…… could always be counted on to tell a big lie !

    You stated you finished with BU until 21 Feb 2013.
    But we suspected after your mind internalised the contents on page 40 of the Weekend Nation of 15 Feb 2013…….you had to crawl out yuh rat hole ! Take care you don,t get trapped in a trap !

  24. @Adrian
    “The similarities between Obama white house and the DLP stands

    The challenge is that the personal, political and communication similarities between Obama and Freundel are non-existent . That’s where the real difficulty for the DLP lies.

    you’ve been braying the entire day about page 40. Let’s attempt a discussion. Can you inform us in one or two succinct and clear statements the political implications of page 40? IF you are able to then I’ll respond.

    “he did nothing to ensure that CLICO was well supervised.which lead to the policyholders losing their investments”

    Is CLICO only a supervisory issue?

    Just Observing

  25. @fractured
    Actually, let me save you the headache and go through page 40 for you point by point. I might not be here much tonight so you can have a ball with it.

    1.Who had responsibility for CLICO between 2008 and 2010 when it was melting down, when the crisis was fully in train, and when it was ordered not to sell any more policies (which it still continued to do) and when the intra company transactions were still going on? While you are at it who was the chief lawyer for CLICO throughout the entire saga??

    2. Who declared that CLICO was soundly managed, that all was well, that it was insulated from Trinidad, that we could keep putting in our money, that the Central Bank would “loan” 10 million, that there was no need for Judicial Management and then later, that Parris was an esteemable gentleman and that we would get our money back?

    3. Who took 3.3 million dollars, signed for by Parris as legal and miscellaneous fees, and then turned around and returned it to Parris as a gratuity, even though the company was under Oversight and no one else could get a red cent from them? I won’t even bother to get into the missing assets.

    The DLP is well advised to let CLICO rest and cut their losses. Trying to make it something they can exploit politically is a huge mistake. It is probably the ultimate albatross that can weigh them down silently in those many boxes on the 21st.

    Just Observing.

  26. Observing,

    Let me save you all the palaver. The short man on page 40 cannot resolve the CLICO issue he is perpetually TAINTED and CHEQUERED !

    So you can remain in hiding………like the rat you are !

  27. Why is it that the DLP from its leaders down to its yardfowls, must resort to cussing somebody because they don’t agree with them? I thought this was a democratic country headed by a democratically elected DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY government. We complained in the last term of the BLP, people were afraid to speak, are you not now protraying the same thing after just ONE term in office?

  28. @ islandgal246 | February 15, 2013 at 7:14 PM |

    FracturedBLP is singing his own swansong. Let him “piss parade” for the few more days of whistling in the wind.
    He will not be back after February 21st as he and his ilk will be subject to an electoral sonic boom brought on by a meteor of voters’ disgust that would shatter all the DLP glass of lies leaving just shards the size of sand grains that would totally decimate that once proud and powerful party bequeathed as a revered institution by EWB.

  29. @Enuff
    Stuart has made so many micalculations it ain’t funny no more.
    1.Miscalculated the electoral temperature of Barbados and called the election much too late.
    2.No estimates for fiscal 13 to 14 tabled in the House as yet,canes cannot be reaped and the Agricultural Expo opening date clashing with post election fever.
    3.Nobody investing in a govt that’s not credible
    4.Loss of income from Tourism and International Business Co’s.
    5.Flight of IBC’s and closure of hotels
    6.Wasting money on too much freeness:bus fares,summer camps,Almond for employees funded by taxpayers,free houses,free fetes and free food events every week.
    7.The constant revelations of previous promises which ring hollow and have returned to haunt the DEMS .
    8.Abuse of people who do not share the views of the DEMS.

  30. Fed up

    Listening to the streaming for the second night of DLP meetings Owen Arthur economics has been rudely exposed by Jepter Ince and tonight David Estwick.
    If Barbadians want to go back to that then let them go ahead.

    The economic society and other educated commentators are all hypocrites in that they just settle for this perception that Owen is this great economist and not one does any serious analysis.
    A manifesto presented with bare giveaways and you telling me we are in fiscal difficulties

    Most of the supporters at the higher end will get your contracts but the poor people will suffer like is happening right now in Jamaica. Portia had all the answers and won by a landslide. Only this week 16 billion dollars of taxes to get the IMF agreement sign today.

  31. @ Clone

    You actually listening to Jepter Ince, Mr. Physical Deficit, and think he is credible?

    Are you a clone ore a drone?

  32. @enuff
    A major plank does not a flooring make.Several planks all equal in lenght and importance are needed. An equally important plank in keynesian theory is fiscal restriction, and it comes in many forms whether we choose to call it a “cess” or a tax. So that fiscal stimulation or fiscal restriction are tools to be use in the core approach to John Maynard Keynes fundamental approach to economic management. The REAL MAJOR PLANK IS COUNTER FISCAL POLICY.

    A simple google yield the following.
    Keynes developed a theory which suggested that active government policy could be effective in managing the economy. Rather than seeing unbalanced government budgets as wrong, Keynes advocated what has been called countercyclical fiscal policies, that is, policies that acted against the tide of the business cycle: deficit spending when a nation’s economy suffers from recession or when recovery is long-delayed and unemployment is persistently high—and the suppression of inflation in boom times by either increasing taxes or cutting back on government outlays.

    In 2009 the DLP implimented a fiscal stimulous package -the BLP- said wasn’t enough. We watch as the US did the same with little or no effect, and without the ability to “print” money like them, and with no clear indicators in sight as to when things would rebound, the GOB tought it best to restrict “boom” years economic activity in a retracting economy facing the uncertainty of the 2007 global fall out. In hindsight it was the best approach. The foreign reserves that Mascoll and the BLP intends to use to stimulate the economy in 2013 should they regain the reigns of government, would not have available now, had they followed the same BLP in 2009 and continued to stimulate the economy from then -2009- to now 2013.

    I await your reply Enuff or anyone.

  33. So both the US and the GOB use keynesian tools to manage their respective economies during the last 4-5 years.

    The US stimulated by given a tax break on the payroll tax, by keeping the Bush era tax breaks in place, by giving money to private companies to save jobs. They give tax breaks and raised revenue by printing money, and raising the debt ceiling

    The GOB stimulated by Free bus rides, building schools, road works program, building houses, and keeping people employed. No ability to print money, taxes were raised to keep the all important foreign reserves in good shape.

    The fallout from both approaches are; in the US Unemployment remain high and as a result more people more people became eligible food stamps – those living in poverty increase dramatically.

    In Barbados unemployment now is at the same level it was in 2000, but food prices are higher, cost of goods and services are higher.

  34. @Observing
    who said……The challenge is that the personal, political and communication similarities between Obama and Freundel are non-existent .

    Of course a younger much more handsome Obama with a teleprompter would woo many more than Fruendel. But for me – uh fella who grew up listening to the spoken word -whether it be politics or cricket – rather than watching men perform the same, the benefits of television to an orator have little impact on me. So that when I listen to Fruendel I hear a man who has a deep grasp of the subject he speaks on so much so that he does so without pen or paper, or the aid of a teleprompter. Not only does this show a mastery of the subject, his ability to go out on a tangent to further explain or expound on a point then bring it back to the main point is a great oratorical tool that he has mastered. I love Obama but the man is lost without his teleprompter good at general speeches. I love Fruendel he speaks with clarity, uses history well to drive home points –we know where we are going if we know from whence we came- He is believable compared to the man that wants to replace him.

  35. @ Gabriel Tackle | February 15, 2013 at 3:50 PM | @Adrian
    All the stuff you write cannot compensate for the lack of confidence in this non performing admin led by a pm who did nothing for 90% of his alloted time.

    Gabriel people will see things the way they want, and act according; no skin of my back. However you should be able to prove your point. Do you have evidence to prove your contention of non-performance? There is plenty of proof that a lot was done. Bring yours and I gine bring mine.

  36. It was not my intent to compare Fruendel to Obama; there is no utility in so doing; However, the economic conditions that the US DEMS and the Barbados DEMS encountered, and the responses to them are strikingly similar. And I go further, the similarities between the US grand OLD party and the Oldest political party in Barbados if not the english speaking caribbean are also stricking. Both love red, are favoured by businesses, and sees the society through fiscal lense firstly if not only. LOL!

  37. Where the US DEMS and the Barbados DEMS may depart, is their approach to election management. The Obama team built and kept a database of supporters that they continued to communicate with, build-out and solicit support, volunteering, and money from them all through the first term. It was a master approach to winning the 2012 election by the electoral college landslide that they did. I don’t get the sense that the DLP has a similar machine in place; However if they do then the Feb 21st will be a slam dunk results in their favour. LOL

  38. Roverp | February 15, 2013 at 9:04 AM | Adrian it has to be dire times when one looks at the state the DEMS have left the country in. Now these DEMs are using every available fear and scare tactic to get back power.

    What state Roverp????? The economic give aways that the BLP hopes Barbadian would elect them on are going to be paid for the foreign reserves that the DLP created. What state you say????

  39. @adrian hinds
    Obama’s political, communication and technological prowess coupled with his massive personal appeal and likeability are the key factors to him overcoming the economic issues that would have dragged him down. Unlike you, I (and many many others) did not grow up on the “spoken word”, so as laudible and desirebale as it is, communication is only effective when the message has been received. At least Freundel would have your vote.

    You also concede that the dems do not have the technological strategic advantage that obama has…a glance at their website, social media and publishing forays would confirm this absolutely. This is where they have been outgunned, and probably may have been their only saving grace.

    Stuart may have the edge on likeability (I like him too), but, in the absence of a coherent message, a clear communication strategy and/or an abundance of use of new media and technology, the economic/competence argument will more likely win and the DLP will lose. Couple that with zero “major national impact policy decisions” before the elections and it’s not hard to see why the DLP seems to be struggling to win.

    Just Observing

  40. Jepter Ince financial analyst so called but does not know:-
    The difference in economic terms between FISCAL and(his understanding of it) PHYSICAL and thinks they mean the same.
    The difference in meaning of the words UMBILICAL cord and (his understanding of it)UNBIBLICAL cord.
    And you want me to agree that this dunce evidently, can decide Barbados’ future?Some politicians would view him as no threat to their standing;he is not a David Estwick nor a Kris Sinkliar nor a Pornville Enniss.Why even, he does not know how to spell his name which should have been Jephter(anglicised form of Hebrew Jephthah).Get with it you non performers.The DLP died with Errol Barrow,don’t you know that?

  41. Oh please, Jepter’s butchering of english is no worst than Owen Arthur’s in fact many of todays Bajan politicians have very poor pronunciation skills.

    Who is this person that the Barbados today newspaper reported about?
    One politician this week, in attempting to demonstrate that another politician had sought peace with another, said one politician had extended the “oliver blossom” to the other. We are sure, within the context of what he was saying that he meant “olive branch” but his subsequent repetition of “oliver blossom” confirmed there was a language deficiency in that professional.

    Last week at another meeting a relatively seasoned politician spoke with a certain degree of conviction about a political foe casting “aspirations” on his integrity. He repeated his charge on two further occasions but by his own unwitting admission, no wrong had been done him since no “aspersions” had been cast.

  42. @Adrian
    No worst indeed!I would prefer no worse.One of the reasons why Tom Adams was admired locally,regionally and internationally was his wonderful command of the English Language and he used with such aplomb.It’s folk like Tom who made Barbados proud.Where ignorance is b..etc

  43. We are talking about uttered malapropism, not written words; if i had uttered that statement, you would have been none wiser for my use of worst or worse; However, you are correct; I should’ve use worse to compare Jepter to Owen, and worst would have been correct if the comparison was between Jepter and several other persons.

  44. The safe seats:
    St.Lucy: DLP Kellman
    St.Peter: BLP Arthur
    St.John:DLP Thompson
    St.Thomas: BLP Forde
    St.Michael North East: BLP Mottley

    BLP 3 DLP 2

  45. St.James North: BLP Hinkson
    St.James Central: BLP simmonds
    St.James South: DLP Innis
    St.George North: BLP Clarke
    St.George South: DLP Sookoo

    BLP 3 DLP 2

  46. St.Michael North: BLP Toppin
    St.Michael North W: DLP Sinclair
    St.Michael South: DLP Stuart
    St.Michael South E: BLP Bradshaw Santia
    St.Michael South C: DLP Sealy
    St.Michael West C: BLP Edgehill
    St.Michael East: BLP Prescod
    St.Michael Central: DLP Blackett
    St.Michael Bridgetown: DLP Todd
    St.Michael West: BLP Atherly

    BLP 5 DLP 5

  47. Ch Ch South: DLP Boyce
    Ch Ch West: BLP Agard
    Ch Ch West C: DLP Lashley
    Ch Ch East C: DLP Jones
    Ch Ch East: DLP Lowe

    BLP 1 DLP 4

  48. @Adrian
    You are correct,I would not have heard the difference if YOU had spoken worst in place of worse.But it is poor pronunciation and I would insist on hearing the consonant if I were your teacher.I hope you understand the listener must hear the sound ‘t’ if you say the word worst.
    Rumour has it BLP24 DLP6

  49. @adrian hinds

    You have three souths and a town that will go BLP instead of DLP. That makes it 18-12.

    Just observing

  50. Observing, is we are to have a dialog, can I implore you to be more forthcoming than last post? If you are truly confident in your predictions why not state clearly what they are? chupse!

  51. I assume a 7% swing against the DLP is needed for BLP to win the election.
    *Todd won the city in 2008 by 10%
    *Inniss won St.James south by 4% against a very strong opponent; his opponent is new so I give him the edge.
    *Suckoo won St.George south by 16% in 2008.
    *Stuart won St.Michael south by 20% in 2008
    *Sealy won St.Michael south central won by 8% in 2008
    *Boyce won CH CH south won by 8% in 2008
    *Brathwaite won St.Phillip south by 5% in 2008 but I think the fallout of Wood’s behavior after his lost will lead to him being rejected this time.

    What is your assessment Observer? You and Gabriel haven’t brought anything to substantiate opinions given so far.

  52. Adrian, dont tell dem nuffin. Leh dem get shock pon polling day. Tink Bajans stupid? Pearlie tired telling dem Affah in had nuh use. Dah fuh lick de Bees, fuh getting rid a Mia. Lick dem Freundel, lick dem! Murda!

  53. Dat is true Adrian. And I think dem know dat too, at least from wuh people whisper in my ear. Cant talk out all. Not yet. Anyhow, is de final ferlong and it gine be ding dong. I know which horse I betting pon. Look I gine in my bed. Night Adrian dear-heart and everybody else too.

  54. Dems now dems again ,how can the electorate allow a political vampire like Owen run this country again when the first person he destroy was one of his own(sweet girl Mia).

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