Social Media and Protecting the Right to Freedom of Expression by Ordinary People

Submitted by William Skinner
Social Commentators Carl Moore and Peter Wickham have been critical of "the blogs"

Social Commentators Carl Moore and Peter Wickham have been critical of “the blogs”

Barbados Underground and all locally based blog operators should resist the attempts to silence them, by the so called guardians, of what is acceptable media and by extension acceptable journalism. The simple truth, is that the growth of what is called the new media, has given expression to those, who were once systematically barred from national discourse.

While I will never subscribe to the use of excessive vulgarity in any form, written or oral, I believe that this is being used as a red herring to censor the freedom of expression that blogs such as Barbados Underground are now in the vanguard of ensuring.

Barbados is steeped in intellectual snobbery and I suggest it pains those who always thought that they alone will be the chosen ones to see their names in print, pontificating on all matters, while the rest of the population, worship their superior academic and intellectual skills. They were entrenched as the fountains of all knowledge. That class status has now been forever discarded.

Another red herring these so called guardians of our society are relying upon is the use of the English language. They are saying that levels of grammatical perfection have been abandoned. They are furious that it is no longer necessary to have a degree in English to express an opinion. I remind them that Barbados was built on the backs of those who never mastered subject and verb. Those who now have their noses up in the air should remember their parents and grandparents, who never entered a high school but whose DNA produced the same elites that are masquerading in our fair land.

It is ironic that none of the under educated Members of Parliament, ever had to apologise for suggesting that his colleagues kiss/haul any part their mothers’ anatomy. Is it not even more ironic, that a scholar trained to prevent oral disease, is himself apologizing for being foul mouthed? Wonders never cease!

Those of us committed to real independence and freedom of speech have to remain on guard. I encourage all citizens to use all media to voice their concerns and to support the political party and system of their choice. We are reaching a stage in our island state, where it will be soon like Animal Farm. Daily, it is becoming impossible to tell the differences between the pigs and the humans.

Do not allow these spineless sycophants to determine what is acceptable. They must first clean up their pathetic act of ruining our country before they can have any moral authority to set standards. Gone are the days when we were totally dependent on these sophisticated yard fowls and their political masters (BLP/DLP) for information.

Long live the blogs, long live Barbados Underground and long live all those who express themselves without fear!

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  1. This one is for Pachamama, before I take my morning snooze: I don’t want you to reveal your identity to me. I know who everyone of you anonymice on the blog is. That’s why I have so much fun jousting with you. This is Barbados. Have you forgotten that?

    By the way, Pachamama is such a silly-sounding nom-de-plume. I don’t like it so I now christen you “Patches”.

  2. @ Amazing !!!. | December 10, 2012 at 7:16 AM |
    “It is amazing how you keep taking pot shots at Prime Minister Stuart because he admitted on the floor of Parliament that Leroy Parris is his friend . You seem to have some particular dislike for Mr Parris. ”

    Not only the miller because Mr. Parris is an alleged lawbreaker and crook but 30,000 policyholders in Barbados and other thousands in the East Caribbean must have particular dislike for this scamp and ponzi scheme liar.
    You remember him appearing on the CBC TV just after the collapse of the Trinidad parent company telling all of Barbados that the CLICO Barbados operations were safe and everything under his control was well managed and we can expect massive investment in the very near future starting with the Sam Lord Castle redevelopment?
    You for get that too? But not the people of Barbados.

    It is because of his public lies and deceit that he is disliked and not because of any ‘private’ idiosyncrasies.

    So any man that claims to be the friend of such a man must, by moral automation, be brought under the integrity radar. In addition his unreserved and consistent adulation of Leroy’s business competence and acumen is clear evidence that the man you seek to defend is an exceedingly poor judge of characters with integrity, honesty and management skills and success.

    Let us see if your man will live up to his promise of returning the principal component of the aggrieved policyholders investment. Or can we expect this promise to be treated like the Eager Eleven; just ignored?

  3. @ Mmiller
    What say’st thou of the man who PERSONALLY benefits from his company’s money spoken of above ? Deal with that question .We have heard enough from you on the relationship with the Prime Minister .

  4. @ Observing
    Mr Moore’s lifetime issue is anonymity.
    It just peeves him to have persons without standard names tossing ideas, accusations, criticism and invective around the place.
    It seems to escape him that the name “Carl Moore” could just as well be “new Onions” or “Karl Less” for all we care.

    Bushie would have thought that after a lifetime in Journalism a fellow would be able to offer a unique and informed perspective on issues of the day…. Like education, governance, the economy, health ….even if not on the more challenging areas such as the purpose of life and the overall intent of the Universe’s Big Boss Engineers.

    All we get from Moore is a lotta noise about anonymous bloggers and a one man campaign against noise….. 🙂

    LOL we will call him “New Onions” cause he also seems unable to keep his promises to STAY AWAY from BU ..

    Islandgal’s new Man-to-be
    Mr. Beau Brommell Bush III

  5. To The Point | December 9, 2012 at 11:07 PM |
    “@Miller: I hope you have seen the advertisements that BNOCL have placed in the Nation. ”

    No! I have taken the advice of Fractured BLP and BLPNationNewspaper, CCC and ac; so refuse to subject my eyes to the filth you told us that rag sheet publishes.

    Unlike you a disloyal hypocrite who stoutly condemns that newspaper but has the unashamed gall to read the same shit printed day in day out. Now what does that say about you?

    But be of some value and use your quisling skill and tell us what lie was advertised.

  6. @ Amazing !!!. | December 10, 2012 at 8:48 AM |
    ” Mmiller: What say’st thou of the man who PERSONALLY benefits from his company’s money spoken of above ?”

    That man was dealt with by the electorate of Barbados in January 2008 because of the lies told by the dead thieving king.
    He was exonerated last week along with all honourable members by the same man whose character you seek to defend.
    Are you, nincompoop and yardfowl, telling us here that the PM and your party’s leader was wrong in his pronouncements in Parliament last Tuesday September 4, 2012?

  7. @ Miller
    So let us get this right!
    The Miller is suggesting that one should not admit to friendship with anyone who is an “ALLEGED lawbreaker and crook”….and this is your beef with Stuart?

    Skippa…. You may wish to reconsider that position hear? Otherwise you will be forced to renounce ALL of your friends and heroes.

    You ever heard about VECO and allegations?
    You ever hears about 3S and allegations
    You ever heard about $75,000 cheques and alligators? 🙂

    Wuh if we were to follow your line, which politician Onions could cozy up to…?
    …And Bushie would have to disown Old Onions, BAFBFP, Caswell…. Shoot, only David, GP, Zoe and Hants would be left (and Islandgal of course….)

  8. Wuhloss Carl Moore paying attention to something I wrote he mussee missed the part where I wrote “insignicant” about my contributions.

    Carl go back to sleep that will be the most productive thing you will do today

  9. @Observing (…)

    Hear Hear!!!

    It is disappointing like Bushie stated that Carl Moore has the opportunity to add ideas to the blogosphere and he continues to flog an issue which is off no value. Use the opportunity to pregnate BU with idea and by his action positively influence others.

    He has BU permission to promote the books of Sir Carlisle and Harold Hoyte. Regarding Harold Hoyte would love to hear his view about why the BAJ has never become vibrant.

  10. @ Bush Tea | December 10, 2012 at 9:08 AM |

    We are talking about the Prime Minister of a country.
    Not some two-bit bushman living in the hills with the potential to be a rapist like BAF. Neither are we talking about a stupid miller with a chip on his shoulder because he knows the man Leroy to be what he is both publicly and privately.
    You are an obeah man so you could go up St. John and read up the dead. Then you will believe what is written in the CLICO reports.

    Loookie and hear Bushie! Listen to the PM speaks: Jeff Broomes is my friend and not any leper as Mary would want to prove. He is the most competent and successful school principal this country ever had. Long may Jeff remain at Alexandra.
    Would you say the PM is politically savvy to make such a pronouncement to reinforce his unending friendship and love of JB (not scotch whisky).

  11. @ Observing. I am thoroughly enjoying you taking on that idiot Carl Moore. Let me know if you want me to weigh in at any time, but you are doing beautifully. And you have our friend “Islandgal’s new Man-to-be Mr. Beau Brommell Bush III” to assist. To be honest, I always wondered if CM was a stupid as I always thought. Truth is that he isn’t. He is stupider.

    @Miller. Do me a favour and throw some licks in Carl Moore’s backside for me instead of rising to that stupid bait. Everybody knows that it is NOT O$A you are backing, but our golden girl MAM.

  12. OK Miller
    …so now you are saying that pawns like Bushmen and millers can have friends who are ALLEGED lawbreakers and crooks, but big-ups are required to disown and remove themselves from anyone so accused…?

    As man Miller, you are going further and further out on this limb…. Indeed um looking more and more like a branch to Bushie yuh….!

    The other branch that you taking a risk on is the thing about the PM stating in parliament that politicians are generally devout servants working in the people’s interest.
    What would you have said in his place? You ever heard a manager stand up at a function and say that his employees are a bunch of donkey holes?
    ….yet he does cuss them next day, fire some and refuse to give bonuses to most…..
    IT IS CALLED TACT Miller…get with the program….the PM then went on to say that there are lots of rumors about graft with politicians and “where there is rumor all is not necessarily untrue…” (Or some fancier version of that quote…)

    You better get back on some solid ground…..and careful with the “rape talk” and Bushie….bushmen don’t play that…. You may be next blogger before the ABC Bu Court…. 🙂

  13. Yea David, but when things reach the point at the company where everyone and his cousin’s pets know the facts, even the most tactful manager would be an idiot to stray from the truth.
    That situation has become so ridiculous that all bets related to good management practice are now off….
    It is now an open war….where normally the nastiest and most tactical is the winner….

    Normal management practice would now call for firings at the very highest levels and then swift corrective actions at all levels….
    In Barbados we will probably discipline the groundsman and a maid or secretary….

  14. Long live the blogs, long live Barbados Underground and long live all those who express themselves without fear!

    BU got it own little game going so,you all aint fooling a soul……freedom of expression what…..Tell that to Onions

  15. Hear this Poorakey. The only reason your comment is not being deleted is because we all know the author. Onions has submitted more than anyone on BU in the last year. The fact you submit stuff using multiple monikers and comments make you (Onions) high maintenance. BU takes a lot of time to manage and we just don’t have the time to play your games.

  16. Lemme tell wunna right now that if Amused jump in I gun switch sides and join with Carl Moore, hear …! I ain’ gun be caught pun the same side as Amused … even iffen he pun the right side …!

    Look my ego is as big as it gets.. even Bush tell me tah tone down and I pass the advice onto Miller. I believe myself purpose built and will attach my name to something that is fundamental and significant, should an act of God not intervene. Criticizing what I see as wrong doing is for me a way of coping with the level and character of shite that I as a Barbadian consumer, have to experience on a daily basis. Therapeutic, get it off your chess, what ever the term, the act of blasting those that I find offensive keeps me focused on the things that I think important to me, and the things that I do and will attach my name.

    Attaching your name to comments in public are for those seeking to boost their public image. I have no such desire.


    Cut mah some slack nah … I only helping my friend … HA HA HA

  17. @ Bush Tea | December 10, 2012 at 11:15 AM |
    “What would you have said in his place? You ever heard a manager stand up at a function and say that his employees are a bunch of donkey holes?”

    There is one other option available instead of lying:
    KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. As he was doing while asleep for sometime previously.
    Foot-in-mouth disease is a serious political cancer.

    BTW, I said “potential” rapist. Hence Island gal wariness of visiting you; and quite rightly for health and safety reasons. Not even ac should come up your Bush hill.
    But you can put the miller in court any day since the miller is his own lawyer and most of those on the bench are his friends in high places. Even Amused would come along as his amicus curiae.

  18. LOL @ Miller
    What keep what mouth shut what?!?
    That is the problem with these big shots…..THEY HAVE TO TALK …unless of course they feel the parliament is Poorrakey and refuse to attend….

    … ain’t see Bushie had to issue a stern warning to Caswell…? Ever since he start wearing that suit he play he writing a column every week like he is Lowdown or Bushie…..

    Skipper, that is a big foot trap ya hear? One should ONLY talk when one have something to say… And avoid situations where you talk because you HAVE to say something.

    Unfortunately, in bringing the bill them politicians apparently have to say SOMETHING…..
    Lol – you talking bout Frundy, but you hear some of the others…?

    Bushie hereby withdraws the threat of BU legal action. Since you have exposed your hand and declared that Amused in in your corner and that you got strings that you can pull, Bushie concedes. The way things work bout here all of the ABC gang probably in your Lodge, church, and Lions or Rotary club…especially Amused and BU David…. They won’t let Caswell in any Lodge…he don’t keep…

  19. @ Carl Moore:
    Man you are a real softie. How does it look when a man of your linguistic competence is being beaten back and kicked to the intellectual kerb?
    We want to see you take some good turns in Bushie, Pacha and BAF and put them in their inferior place. After all, as a man from your aspiring social mould haughtily exclaimed: “You are up there, they are down there”.

    So let us see you kick some butt, especially Bushie’s. He has been observing you from the time he was a lad and should show greater respect for the old HC boy who had to put up with a lot of racial ostracism in his time and the only way to show those freckled skin bastards who is boss was to adopt an air of social and academic snobbery.

    Carl, these fellas on BU really making a fool out of you and are comparing you to Malcolm Gibbs-Taitt with his one-man consumer organization.
    They say your efforts as a one-man pressure group regarding the elimination of noise and vehicular pollution is as effective as the miller’s drive to get the authorities to clean up the environment if only for health and safety reason or to impress the tourists.

    But there is some hope, Carl, for people like you and miller. Let us form a pressure group for the decriminalization of marijuana so that we can either ‘smoke up’ or sip on some real “Bush” brew while enjoying your beautifully arranged collection of the best jazz music on this melodious earth to take us to higher heights.

  20. @ millerthenunsnookie

    Did I get the name right? Hope so. Well it seems that you do not really like a noise, nah, but really seem to adore a riot. 🙂 Anyway, a peaceful season to you and all the BU fambly, especially my buddy BAFBFP, BU David, Doc GP, bushie, ig246, ac and all the others too many to mention.

  21. The blogs flourish because too many journalists/columnists are closet political party supporters, and that tendency to readily remind us ‘i don’t support one or the other party’ often leads to hypocrisy or capitulation.
    My opinion of the situation was further cemented when I read ‘On Reflection’ in today’s Nation where the writer attempted to advance an argument for the establishment of a third party–I guess the death of his alumnus makes the DLP unworthy.
    Sadly, the writer believes that Barbados could only improve if a third party came to power somehow ignorant of the real third that is needed- a progressive THIRD SECTOR. However, if Ricky Jordan thinks there is a need for another party he should start one….Waterford Political Party? lol

  22. I’m back; had a long snooze. Still no issues to discuss? just personal attacks. Let me answer some of the nonsense. Amused, none of you bozos can “put any lashes” in me until you take off your masks.

    I will present myself to be flogged by anyone of you who can muster the guts to come out from behind your barricade of anonymity like a man. I say like a man because there are few women on this blog … women have more self-respect than what I read from you cowards!

    The reason I stay away for long periods is that you bore me. Except for Caswell Franklyn, Charles Knighton, Adrian Loveridge, William Skinner ,Ms. Parkinson and a few others, there’s nothing of any value to engage people who think. So I go away hoping that when I return there would be some improvement. It doesn’t happen.

    BAFBFP, watch your English round me, boy. I am sending you to the headmaster for a caning for writing: Attaching your name to comments in public ARE for those seeking to boost their public image.


    • It is clear Carl Moore is being deliberately provocative. Be guided accordingly.

      @de Hoodie

      All the best to you and yours bruds 🙂

    • @Carl

      What ever rocks your boat but however one slices and dices your last comment it has to be jettisoned as nonsense but you are entitled. Be sure to mention the name Barbados Underground because like it or not your dinosaurish view is a minority view. One reason why you like your 600 word biweekly column is that ordinary people are unable to strike back.

      Don’t you think your column space an be better spent promoting noise pollution?

  23. @ Carl Moore | December 10, 2012 at 5:22 PM |

    But Carl, how can you be so dismissive of the contributions made by people using monikers?
    Well if you want to see ‘interesting’ contributions before you put in your two cents worth then here is a question for you:
    What do you think about our government decriminalising the use of marijuana the same way tobacco and alcohol are treated?

    After all, you just can’t dismiss such a topic since it is currently on the lips of the chattering classes and legal luminaries in our ‘Mother’ country, Britain; and even the legal use of ‘weed’ is up for widespread acceptance in many States of our cultural idol and icon the great US of A.
    Now let us hear your views on this topic!
    Your friend and defender on this blog,

  24. Thank you, David. I’m being provocative in the hope than I can extract some substance out of this great technology called the Internet. Too much of it is wasted.

    I’m so strongly against anonymity only when there is no good reason to hide your identity. There is no need for a good 95% of what’s discussed here to be expressed by people behind noms-de-plume.

    David, to me, anonymity is like a cage; you’re shut in; you’re confined to a small space. Isn’t it claustrophobic?

    Nothing excites me, even at 72, like a new idea. That’s why I miss The Cement Man of Barbadian talk radio. He always had a new idea, even when is was a wacky idea.

    Ideas are valuable things; they have owners. People who own them should defend them; value them; share them. Ideas can be the source of great fun. Don’t just throw them away like how some people cast off old clothes.

    That’s all I’m about. I support the blogs. I was one of the first Barbadians with a blog … even before it was called by that name. The technology had not yet developed the facility of immediate talk-back. That was just about 10 years ago.

    So have a Merry Christmas and let’s hope for some new ideas in the New Year.

    God knows, Barbados needs new ideas. We can’t go on like this.

    I’m putting some fresh licks in you in my next Sunday Sun column of December 23, DV, so prepare your bottom. This little exchange of yesterday and today has given me enough material for my 122nd column; so, as the late J.O. Morris of St. Giles Boys’ used to say: “Bend over, boy!”

    Take care.

  25. @Carl
    “I’m so strongly against anonymity only when there is no good reason to hide your identity”

    One man’s reason is another man’s rubbish. One man’s noise is another man’s nonsense.

    “David, to me, anonymity is like a cage; you’re shut in; you’re confined to a small space.”

    166 square miles with closeted and narrow minded thinking along with cronyism, cynicism, position-based respect and smatterings of elitism, selfishness and social snobbery are the things that confine us to a small space and run us to the open anonymous prairies of the blogs.

    “Ideas are valuable things; they have owners. People who own them should defend them; value them; share them.”

    When traditional avenues for idea development (from the average man) and eventual implementation fail (as they have) other avenues must emerge. The ideas debated here escape the vacuum and are free for anyone to implement or explore if they believe they are worth their salt. These bloggers freely give excellent ideas daily on all issues with no desire for credit, mention or accolades. Just for the national good and progress. If only those of other ilks would support instead seeking to stamp, then some of us band of blogging brothers (and sisters) may be encouraged to dialogue and share more openly in the future if the sociopolitical environment were to ever allow it to happen effectively. Looking forward to your article.

    Walk good, travel light…and quietly.

    Just Observing

  26. re “Ideas are valuable things; they have owners. People who own them should defend them; value them; share them.”

    Difficult in Bim. I once suggested to one of my superiors in the MOH in the early 90’s, when Taitt was Min OH that since the postmen tended to visit nearly every home in Barbados, on a daily basis, that it might be a good thing to train them to look in on all the senior citizens as they made their rounds.
    I was laughed to scorn.
    Ten years later a friend doing her MPH came to me for some ideas while doing some project or the other. When I put that idea to her, she told me that she had heard Taitt with it. I had to correct her.

    I have got into lots of trouble in my teaching jobs at offshore medical schools for having “ideas”.

  27. Robin Happy Season to you and yours too …!

    And now to a seventy two year old man who with retirement secured is challenging others to follow his lead. Hmmm. The’ go’ a alotta people who t’ink they know who I or my friend the Anti-Am is, ya see, but whether dey right or wrong will only be known when I, da’s right, me , when I (or Anti-) decide to say who I is or he is… not nah Wickham nor Ellis nor Farley, not none ah de McLeans nor Husbands nor nah udder politician from eider side.

    Dey gotta lotta Jack Asses out dey who get off on giving the impression that they can expose identities as they are knowledgeable on every damned thing that happens in the country. These citizens should better spend their time exposing the activity that negatively affects development and leave the individual identities out of the picture.

    If a seventy two year old man needs to feel relevant and vital in his evening years who the f#ck am I to try and stand in his way …

  28. people like carl moore are attention grabbers, publicty seekers and media hogs . they are in media heaven when they are being recognized and name recognition gives them a certain air of importance with an added feeling of accomplishment not because of any thing important like finding the cure for cancer or HIV. this urged to be recognized gives people of his kind an orgasmic feeling one of importance because people know who they are . not every yearns for self gratification or loves the spotlight , some people simply like to let their presence known by word or deed not seeking accolades or rewards or notoriety . .the world is full of people like “carlMoore who are self made celebrities using their name for the sole purpose of attention .they are known world wide , publicity hogs and famous for doing or saying nothing of real importance. HI my name is Carl MOORE/ do you know me. to which i reply “I couldn’t care less” Diana Votensburg

  29. @ miller
    you have the ability of trying to find refuge behind a barrage of invective and offensive name calling .. . eg..yardfoul etc . But what are you , a person who can see nothing of merit in the present Government of Barbados but a yardfoul of the lowest kind ? No amount of empty pseudo intellectual rhetoric which does not aid in communicating with anyone who reads what you post on this blog will hide your filthy illogical rantings which appear on here . When you have cleared away the mush you may usefully try to answer the question posed to you ….who in the final analysis displays greater honesty , the man who admits that Mr Parris is his long standing friend or the one who surreptitiously benefits PERSONALLY from the largesse from Mr Parris” company ?

  30. Amazed @miller
    When you have cleared away the mush you may usefully try to answer the question posed to you ….who in the final analysis displays greater honesty , the man who admits that Mr Parris is his long standing friend or the one who surreptitiously benefits PERSONALLY from the largesse from Mr Parris” company ?


    miller answer the question!

  31. Anonyminity can only box one in, if one is about self-promotion and image building.
    If the focus is on discussion, ideas, and consensus building, how is knowing the passport name of a contributor of any value at all?
    In fact it is only likely to DEVALUE the discussion by distracting the focus from the substantive topic….. For example it is becoming clear to Bushie that BAFBFP is correct…..Ossie increasingly appears to have been indeed, THE bright spark In the Moore clan.
    …now if Moore used a pen name he would simple have been generally ignored….like Poorrakey Onions 🙂

  32. @amused & ac
    “who in the final analysis displays greater honesty , the man who admits that Mr Parris is his long standing friend or the one who surreptitiously benefits PERSONALLY from the largesse from Mr Parris” company ”

    I hope you are aware that DT personally benefited largely from the largesse of Parris’ company.

    Just Observing

  33. @ Amazing !!!. | December 10, 2012 at 8:28 PM |

    Sorry, Sir, but I can’t answer that one just yet. I am more than amazed; I am befuddled. You have taken the wind out of my bag of invectives.
    I will walk away like a dog called Carson with tail between legs and at midnight will pay a visit to the oracle of Delphi situated in St. John’s Parish Churchyard for an answer.

    Are you prepared to wait, Sir? In the meantime you can have a read of the CLICO forensic report while I read the Hardwood Housing forensic report.

    Ac, are you coming along to see me raise the dead? You can help raised mine.

  34. miller @ac

    Ac, are you coming along to see me raise the dead? You can help raised mine.

    NO! miller not in the business of Raising DEADWOOD!

  35. @Hants

    The beauty of blogging anoymously is that your identity is not known. The fact of the matter is there is a time and place for standard English? Would you deny such a atatemet.? If you answer is in the negative would you care to state your reasons.

  36. @milller the fake

    Yes I read both papers,yes I only subscibe to the Nationir, Yes I have the ability to be objective, yes you and your party wanted to fool Barbadians that BNOCL was ripping them off, hence the reason why the company had to let people like you, your followers, the BLP and the public know that that is not the case

    You are too shame to admit that the public relation garbage emanating from your mouth and that of the BLP has proven to be false. By the way, you are a blasted liar. I know that you have read the article and you will read the others, but u can take your tail from between your legs as you are accustomed to giving
    barbadains false information like your party. Rest in peace my friend . Your lies are being burried.

  37. @ miller
    I have read a copy of the Report of the Judicial Managers on CLICO . I will challenge you to come back to BU AFTER YOU HAVE READ IT and report where in that Report has the former CLICO CEO , Mr Leroy Parris been condemned . I shall await your return . How long do you reckon it will take for you to get a copy and then to READ that Report ?

  38. @ Amazing !!!. | December 11, 2012 at 7:13 AM |

    So you are the one who “stole” the report from the big man office!

    If you think misappropriating $10 million as a gratuity payment and other “bonus” payments from a financially dying business and ponzi scheme is worthy of praise and exemplary of sound business management of an insurance company having contracted to take utmost care and exercise its fiduciary responsibility for policyholders’ money then by all means keep being in awe of this highly protected conman.
    One thing is known that con man, currently protected by the big man and his cronies, will always lie, cheat and steal until he is brought to justice either by the Court below or the one ABOVE. Time longer than time and an infected man has little on his side.
    There are some who might have been asleep on the job but certainly you, Amazing Grace, can’t say that about your god.

  39. @amazing
    You are correct. One man was not pointed out for condemnation. But, given the report, and its suggestion of an audit, and the unethical (maybe illegal) business practices considering the status of the company at the time, and the pandering and initial pussyfooting by the power(s) that be, let’s start condemning ALL those responsible… Do you care to start? Name for name with a brief reason. 🙂

  40. @ To The Point | December 11, 2012 at 2:54 AM |

    If I were you I would stay away from subjects that are way out of your junior league. Stay far from financial matters; especially management accounting.
    If the politically controlled management of the BNOCL is so bold as to be a propaganda outlet for the DLP politicians let them publish both the management accounts and audited financial statements both in the newspapers ant on their website.

    If the BNOCL is making losses on fuel oil, then who is making the profits? The BL&P? The government through the excise taxes and VAT?

    Are you telling stupid Bajans that fuel oil used to generate electricity is being produced, exported, re-imported and sold to the BL&P at a loss?

    Let me see the management accounts at the contribution line for each class of fuel imported and sold and then the “faked” miller will comment.

    What has been the overall net profit for the same period? So if fuel oil is making such a loss on which class(es) of fuel are the profits coming from?
    Let them publish both set of accounts or you can do like “Amazing” the gullible and steal them for the miller’s analysis and comments.

    Publish and be damned!

  41. @ miller
    This is the problem with you . You like to try to take facts where you can manipulate them . Isn’t it totally asinine to ask me about stealing a report in the month of December 2012 when that said Report has been published in part and referred to in whole for months by whosoeverwill ???? Is there anywhere in that report that the CEO defrauded the company CLICO of ANY MONEY AT ALL ? You are a total intellectual fraud . Until you address the questions posed by me instead of raising other red herrings i am through with you .

  42. @ Amazing !!!. | December 11, 2012 at 8:33 AM |

    The miller doesn’t have to provide you with any answers or prove one damned thing to you concerning CLICO. The Trinidadian investigators have already established evidence.
    It’s the policyholders who will be asking the questions about their money and where it went come the pending elections.

    The miller knows Greenverbs too well to have entrusted even a German mark of the1920’s vintage to this con man and his mentor LD.
    Try convincing the majority of Bajans that the miller’s position is wrong and LP is a saint worthy adulation andeven deification as you have done.

    I WILL NEVER LIE, CHEAT OR STEAL. Even in my grave!

  43. @Miller the fraud

    just for ur information, i understand managment and financial accounting, thats one of the coursest ihave studied on the Hill. The problem with you is your mask is being unveiled and your approach is to attack.

    As I have said to you, over and over, the people of Barbados will decide the outcome of any elections. You can pontificate all you like.

    The more you post, the clearer it is becoming that you are a lonely politician hoping to get back in the house to get at the sweets you and your party used to enjoy. Hope u dont get a heart attack.

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