Jack Warner Matter: Another Blog Being Given the Squeeze

Jack Warner BEFORE he resigned from FIFA

Jack Warner BEFORE he resigned from FIFA

BU stated in its recent blog when attacked by Ontario counsel for Barbados resident, Eugene Melnyk:

“BU will unhesitatingly side with any blog on which bully boy tactics are attempted, even if it is Barbados Free Press (BFP) – indeed, on the sole occasion that BU did take up cudgels on this issue – it was on behalf of BFP, believe it or not. Reciprocation is, of course, not anticipated.”

BU understands that such an attack has been made on BFP in relation to the FIFA and other issues involving Jack Warner and that BFP has been ordered to remove its reporting on Jack Warner by WordPress.

BU has also carried reporting on Jack Warner and therefore considers the instruction to BFP to remove its reporting to be completely out of order and has no problem with BFP providing the link to this blog to WordPress as being BU’s condemnation of their instructions and its support for BFP in these circumstances only.

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Given the fact that Jack Warner is a high-up in the government of T&T, a neighbour of Barbados and a member of Caricom and the country that houses our highest court the CCJ is of NATIONAL AND REGIONAL IMPORTANCE and WordPress is out of line in seeking the suppression of the BFP reports. BU expresses to WordPress its hope and desire that it revisit and vacate its instructions to BFP.

Once again, BU states that any thanks and reciprocation on the part of BFP is neither anticipated nor required.

6 thoughts on “Jack Warner Matter: Another Blog Being Given the Squeeze

  1. BU/David I commend and respect your stance for not holding animosity against BFP who in the past willfully made many negative publications about your site.

    However, I would suggest that BU let BFP fight their battles and BU stay out of it.

    • @Candid

      You are wrong, this is not a BFP battle. This is a strike against purveyors of freedom of expression. Do you know what happens when good men do nothing?

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