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To:Adrian Loveridge-We Are Sorry And Be Strong~From:Barbados Underground


Welcome To Barbados – Or Is That Zimbabwe West?

Perhaps it was all a coincidence – or maybe it was a little message from a supporter of a Barbados government that has grown tired of all the accurate and extremely embarrassing criticism from tourism pundit Adrian Loveridge.

Adrian does not say that recent events at his home were politically motivated, but anyone who has heard or read his commentaries would be hard-pressed not to have questions about why a journalist that the government had fired should have such troubles in one day.

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It is no secret that the birth of BU has been influenced greatly by the threat to freedom of expression in recent times. Those of us who have grown-up during the days of apartheid in South Africa and before that the dismantling of the white regime of Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, we have dark memories of the thousands of lives who died for the right to have freedom of expression. At BU we will not make the assertion that we have passed the point of no return, but the indicators are worrying. This attack on Adrian Loveridge based on the report by Barbados Free Press is yet another indicator to add to the list.

We hesitate to connect the dots in the absence of evidence but just like the political analysts will call the outcome of a seat in an election, BU is close to calling this one.

2 thoughts on “To:Adrian Loveridge-We Are Sorry And Be Strong~From:Barbados Underground

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  2. This is only the begining. only those who kiss … will survive in this society that we are creating. We will soon be Venezuela where a Leader can shut down a tv station because it is speaking our against it. Maybe this is why Starcom Network is still waiting for a TV license…. interesting nuh!!!

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