Waiting For Tourism Flight Plan to be Filed

Adrian Loveridge - Owner of Peach & Quiet Hotel

Adrian Loveridge – Owner of Peach & Quiet Hotel

First in the interests of establishing impartiality, I think its important that I point out that I have never been a member of a political party during my sixty two years. I vote, whenever practical, because it is seemingly my only tiny contribution to maintaining anything close to a democratic system and consider it both a right and a civic obligation.

When the current administration swept into office just a month short of five year ago, while observing entirely from a tourism perspective, a number of stated objectives were contained within their manifesto. Included in these were to ‘restructure and strengthen the Barbados Tourism Authority’. At the time I remember asking the then Chairman, what was the time frame for this re-organisation. His reply still resonates in my ears. ‘Six months’ he confidently responded.

We all realise now that it wasn’t to be. And that has left me asking the same question over and over again. If a private sector entity, spent hundreds of million of dollars, employed upwards of 150 full and part time employees, consultants, contracted the services of advertising agencies, public relations companies etc., and didn’t produce any real growth for nearly five years, would it be deemed a failed business model?

  • Is it not overdue that the mandate of the BTA is revisited, to see if it can play a greater role in generating increased visitors, extending average stay and influencing a higher per-capita spend?
  • Has in fact, any administration sufficient will and determination to address this issue and implement meaningful change?
  • We are told that the much vaunted Tourism White Paper will appear during the first quarter of next year. But is this yet another woefully optimistic promise and how close to reality is this statement?

Only the Prime Minister can call an election and if the information contained on various Government websites is accurate, that requires a timeframe of a minimum of three weeks and a maximum of six.

Presumably, any draft white paper will have to be debated in both sections of Parliament and then circulated throughout the industry for comment. Is it therefore even feasible or practical that this can be done, bearing in mind Parliament’s seasonal recess and that constitutionally, a general election must be held by April 2013. Once the ‘bell is rung’, the House of Assembly will be dissolved.

So not only are ‘we’ not likely to view even a draft document on where this industry is going, but the probability of enacting a Tourism Master Plan appears almost as remote now, as it was half a decade ago. Many within the industry, whether currently employed or victims of the downturn, want to see in which direction we are heading and ascertain if there is a future for them in tourism.

Those who have dedicated years of study at university, perhaps enticed by the constant message that this sector is our main foreign currency earner, want to know their time has not been wasted and ultimately there will be career opportunities.

The dismal failure to restructure the BTA cannot be one of the many issues blamed on the global recession. In fact, if anything, it was even more critical to ensure that our national tourism marketing agency effectiveness and performance was dramatically enhanced. This may prove to be one of the biggest lost opportunities in any period of governance.

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  1. balance

    “mr carson did you hold the same myopic views when the white canadian mr peter morgan was critical of the blp’s tourism policy ”

    Mr. Morgan was a gentleman and a scholar.

  2. hants

    “You can show Adrian Loveridge your superior knowledge and intellect by proving his attacks on the BTA and his vision of Tourism is wrong.”

    I am sorry for you.

    well if adrian does not know that by now, then I am sorry for him.

    Adrian is about adrian.

  3. balance

    Mr. Morgan was one of the most sensible people around.

    you can tell that simply by the Political party that he was associated with.

    Also K.R. Hunte.

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    this is under Portia

  5. The Bitish government is preparing more cuts.

    Why doesnt adrian return and help out the english people, he being so wise and all.

  6. George Osborne today ordered a fresh round of Whitehall spending cuts worth almost £3.5billion as he grappled with how to balance the nation’s books.

    The Chancellor announced £5billion to invest in schools, transport and skills projects.

    But the spending will be paid for by deeper cuts in government departments, though health and international aid will not be affected.

    A senior source said: ‘There is crunch to this. It is going to mean proper spending cuts.’

    Mr Osborne will deliver his Autumn Statement to the Commons tomorrow when he is expected to admit that borrowing will be higher than planned as a result of slower than expected growth.

    Hopes of meeting a target to be cutting Britain’s debt by 2015 are fading.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2242742/Autumn-Statement-Osborne-orders-fresh-round-3-5billion-cuts-pay-schools-transport-links.html#ixzz2E888zDFh
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    England needs your help adrian. Fly up and help your brothers.

  7. “Also K.R. Hunte”

  8. Based on the times recorded for the posts yesterday, it looks like CCC spent most of the afternoon, from 12:30 am to 7:40 pm spewing his racist trash on this blog.

    My question is – Who is doing his Controller’s job at Accra while CCC blogs?

  9. @ Carson C. Cadogan | December 4, 2012 at 7:09 PM |
    “millertheanunnaki | December 4, 2012 at 6:17 PM |
    You BLP people are just a bunch of hypocrites.”

    This DLP administration is not only a bunch of hypocrites but also a bunch of lying cowards.
    Why did this government NOT support the recent UN resolution on the vexed Palestinian situation?
    All of this racist talk against Adrian and here you are, a black mother fc*ker, supporting an administration who refuses to stand up for the dispossessed and downtrodden.
    Was this “blackened” administration forced to abstain and by whom?
    What has become of that bold and independent stance echoed by the great EWB: “Friend of all and Satellite of none”? Don’t you think that as a supposedly ‘Christian’ nation that the story of the Good Samaritan should inform our attitude and position on the Palestinian problem? Or does the offer of aid or threats from Israel the overriding factor in this country’s voting outcome?
    Surely a red letter day in the history of “Independent” Barbados. A once proud nation punching above its own weight has now become a threadbare fallen puny titan with a leader barely able to command 10 % admiration from its own population far less respect in the regional and the international arenas.

  10. hants in my pants trying to talk bajan now?
    what a load of nonsense.this whole segment.love my black people really?
    you is part Indian.tourist come to barbados for the sea and beaches.
    but when they are hassled and conned and robbed when dem come in from the cold for dem rum.it spoils it all.
    simple really.!
    what is the mystery?
    blacks in barbados smile in the white tourist face and then when they turn around they say
    blasted crackers.!
    barbados is a majorly racist society.!
    the tourist dont know this till them get there and get pushed around and talked down to.
    the whites who come back yearly are the ones who want to see the slaves at work and it makes dem feel good about their own useless selves.
    or they come for their yearly serving of the bamboo as no one else will
    touch dem with a10 ft pole.but a bajan will.others go elsewhere.
    happy days dreamers.

  11. @ Harry callihan | December 6, 2012 at 11:46 AM |

    This is the second time I am begging you to do this country a favour by letting the black residents know that the visitors to this Island are really turned off by the amount of garbage and filth piling up on the streets and littering the gutters and pavements. These awful looking sights make the visitors feel as if the personal health and safety might be at serious risk. You can’t expect to beg people to come to your country to spend their hard-earned money and then expose them to filth, garbage, harassment and, on top of it, poor service.

    The miller seemed not to be able to penetrate the sensitivities or sensibilities of the authorities and their apologists on this blog like ac and CCC. They seem to be totally inured to the filth and garbage rotten and smelling for weeks on the streets in a tropical climate but for the visitors would come as extremely unpleasant to the noses and eyes and a shock to their system and negatively impact on the image of the country with lasting negative memories of their holidays in Bim.

    Please, Harry, hurry up and do your civic duty and show some tough love for this once sweet Bim now managed by these indifferent and lackadaisical blacks. Take your camcorder and travel the roads of St. Michael and parts of Christ Church. Record the filth and garbage and the overgrown lots with abandoned derelict vehicles and household waste. Put it on Youtube and see how fast both you and the miller are cussed to high heavens farther than the stinking odors emanation from the garbage uncollected for over 3 weeks now. Start with the Wellington Street and surrounding areas.

    But at least it would shame the authorities into doing something about the situation if only to appease the tourists for the vital dollar that could determine the economic survival of this once proud country with its erstwhile pleasant land like the Little England country side not currently like some West African shanty town.

  12. This is an fyi- Barbados saw the HIGHEST decline in long stay visitor arrivals of the 23 CTO reporting Caribbean destinations in July and August.

    July – DOWN 12 per cent
    August Down 13.6 per cent

  13. I really can’t feel sorry for bajans that they now own nothing in their country. The love of patronizing white, indian, chinese and every other business except their own (very adept at fighting down their own black business peope). Not wanting to enrich each other, has finally come back to bite them in the ass. Too late now to change that embedded crab in the barrel mentality. Majority black country, how many hotels, banks and corpora(ions owned by blacks?? What are the majority leaving for their descendants In the next 500 years? The ability to fight each other down and live in continuous poverty, while someone from another country comes in and think they should be given special treatment while criticizing everything now since all the money they made in bim is now in an account in another country. Ever heard the saying you get what you paid for???

  14. Oh and I totally forgot the black polititians who only pretend to help business people when elections come around, all other times they think a black person is too ambitious when wanting to be successful in Bim, afraid that black person will make more money than them. TRIFLEING PETTY MINDED CRABS.

  15. The declines continue.
    Long stay visitors –
    September – DOWN 6.6 per cent
    October – DOWN 8.4 per cent

    When compared with same periods 2011

    figures released by BBS – 4 December 2012

  16. @ Adrian Loveridge | December 8, 2012 at 11:56 AM |

    Your observation based on statistical fact flies in the face of the MoT upbeat analysis and references to outstanding performances in the industry despite the worst recession in 80 years.

    He paints a picture of success and optimism in the industry in his speech to open Tourism Week.
    He the MoT has promised us exciting times ahead as his government ‘embarks on a plan to evaluate the possibility of introducing some “new” initiatives to push tourism forward with the hope of introducing more attractions to entice visitors’.

    Now let us give him an initiative that is not only doable but an absolute necessity if one of this country’s main attractions is to be properly maintained, improved and guarded with upmost care and concern.

    We are referring to the need for another set of WASHROOMS at the Oistins Bay Garden. This attraction, especially on Friday evenings, is a magnate to visitors especially from the UK. Many locals also take their friends and relatives from overseas to this popular spot that enjoy brisk and profitable trade in food and drink.

    Not only has the sole set of limited washroom facilities outgrown the numbers attending but the excessively abundant use continues to pose a serious maintenance challenge to current resources.

    The hundreds of visitors expect to have access to clean and convenient rest room facilities. The local customers expect similar treatment. But most of all the much talked about Health & Safety Legislation and requirements make it mandatory that proper facilities are in place to properly accommodate such heavy human traffic.


    Please no partisan politics. This our second call for such a needed facility. Please do not let it fall on deaf ears to the detriment of this country. Don’t wait until an extremely embarrassing event takes place and negative comments are in the overseas media before something is done.
    Don’t blame the international recession on this one. The same way the government can find$600, 000 and rising to $1 million to line lawyers pockets in the Ax inquiry the same way it can find money to protect the country’s forex earning streams and VAT revenue generation and collection points.

  17. Miller,

    I agree.
    Its about priorities. Do what you can with what you have.
    A new BWA headquarters before new (and adequate) toilets at Oistins Bay Gardens.
    A new Audi SUV Q5 before a Tourism Master Plan.

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