Human Remains Discarded Like Trash Around Barbados

A visit to the beautiful St Andrews Parish Church till you spot a burned pile

From St. Lucy to St. Andrew Parish Churches in the North, to St. Philip Church and Bushy Park Cemetery  in the East, Westbury Cemetery on the outskirts of the City, they all have something in common. Take a stroll through any of the cemeteries identified and you are likely to stumble upon the remains of love ones thought to be buried casually strewn across the graveyards.

BU recalls that after seven years a grave site not purchased is reused. What we are not aware of is that the remains of the bodies that occupied the grave should be dumped on the surface of the graveyard without regard to the sensitivity of the matter and the dignity of others.

The following images were captured at the graveyards mentioned, viewer discretion is advised. Among the images to be viewed: the remains of a foot in a stocking, skull, tie from a dead body, femur, ribs and other parts of the human skeleton.

What a disgrace!

BU wishes to thank  a concerned Barbadian who did the leg work to expose this disgusting matter.

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  1. This says a lot about a country that is supposed to be a Christian country. It is clear that the religious bible thumpers are only concerned for the living and that they really don’t give a rat’s behind how the remains of the dead are treated. This tells me all I want to know how Christians treat each other. Bunch of stinking lying hypocrites!

  2. This is how the sons and daughters who have contributed to the building of this nation are treated. The common man and the ones who have not gone down on history’s pages is discarded like they are nothing. My dogs have had better burials than these people. Even Animals have more dignity than the hypocrites who call themselves Christians. And we want to call ourselves first world? This is a National Disgrace!

  3. I am so incensed by this but then….

    Unfortunately those who ‘look after’ burial grounds seem not to care one iota about the dead…and island gal246 you are so very right this is an abomination…but there is so much more that goes on at our cemeteries and nobody seems to care. I went to a funeral the other day and was shocked at how the gravediggers scooped up huge concrete chunks obviously taken from a previous grave on the same spot… shoveling same into the ‘new’ grave hitting the casket with enormous loud thumps…so dyamned horrible with every crush of the casket…I felt for the son of the deceased who obviously was so overwrought he could not speak to them. Thank God that was not a relative of mine ’cause my voice would have been heard loud and clear!!!! A bit of earth first might surely have been a good idea but then…I am not a gravedigger!

    Sometimes I look around and wonder what is really happening to our island. This new wave of horror-type behaviour seems to have really only started in the last 20/30 years…or am I wrong…was I just blind to the beauty of my homeland? But there is a huge change ah happening…a could-not-care-less attitude purvails. Perhaps it is lack of oxygen in the birth canal, or a mixture of that and GMO foods/pesticides/chemical water, chicken filled with hormones + all the fast food we are ingesting…’cause there is no doubt that brain matter seems to be deteriorating from top to bottom.

  4. Regardless who the insensitive culprits are, those that oversee the Cemetery are the ones that should take full responsibility for such an unwelcoming scenery.
    It tells me they are just as uncouth as the offender(s).

  5. @ Carson C. Cadogan | October 30, 2012 at 12:16 PM |

    Aren’t you just one sick mother fu**ker blaming the BLP for such macabre acts showing total disrespect for our dear departed and insensitive to a fate that awaits us all.

    So you are admitting that the photos above were recently taken. Now which party is in charge of the cemeteries; The BLP? Next time, it would not be beyond you to blame the BLP for creating the super storm Sandy.
    This nothing to politicize and shows a total lack of both sensitivity and sensibilities on your part.
    Your arrant nonsense knows no bounds. You are just one crass collection of crap, you are CCC!

  6. But wait Casron, you pull dah idiot chain? I mussee blind cause I can’t see nuh part where you blame nuffin pon de BLP.
    Kerrie Symmonds, uh mean Miller, Carson mek a simple statement. I know de BLP sins pon you conscience but tek it light. Leave out my dear-heart Carson fuh me!

    Pon a different note, may all de deads rest in peace and rise in glory. Amen!

  7. Imagine if you can being dead and after a few years your ‘remains’ are unearthed by barefoot sods who without regard to your memory tosses your ‘remains’ on a heap. And that is that!

    What an uncouth people we have become.

  8. @ Perlixin Pearlie | October 30, 2012 at 1:25 PM |

    Listen Pearlie, I was referring and responding to the contribution from Carson that David Bu redacted (deleted this time):- @ Carson C. Cadogan | October 30, 2012 at 12:16 PM |

    My contribution was posted while David was deleting Carson’s scandalous charge against the BLP.
    David can confirm. So get with the programme, malcious Pearlie!

  9. So keerry simmons, uh mean, Miller, since I malicous lemme ask you someting. When you pon hear cursing my late PM, you dont be one sick m** f** showing total disrespect for our dear departed and insensitive to a fate that awaits us all too. That dont be a total lack of both sensitivity and sensibilities on your part too. That dont make you just one crass collection of crap too? Aaah? Or only BLP duppies deserve respeck. Or duppies in BLP cemetries. You really want praying fuh.

  10. The solution to this is to educate Barbadians that it is more hygienic to dispose of the dead by cremation.When cremation was introduced to the UK,most folk did not accept it but gradually everyone came to accept it to the extent that it is the norm today.The Barbados Government might encourage cremation by decreasing the funeral grant for conventional burials and increasing the grant for cremations.The benefits are many besides the obvious sanitary disposal of human remains.
    When people work in this type of business,they develop an insensitivity beyond belief.A colleague once told of a scene he witnessed at a funeral home at which workers were casually stepping over bodies lying on the concrete floor of the funeral home, like you step over a concrete block.They were acting like its an everyday occurrence .”Sceptre and crown,must tumble down and in the dust be equal made with the poor crooked scythe and spade”(GKC.)

  11. “They were acting like its an everyday occurrence”
    …It is!

    ….and except for the unhygienic component, there is no story here. How can a dead body 7 years on its way to returning to dust be disrespected by being treated like dirt? ….should it be 14 years? 400?

    From the unhygienic perspective, why should these soil technicians be any more concerned about hygiene than the hoards of big-ups ’bout here who casually dump garbage all over the place? ….some more toxic than a 7-year-old hip bone.

    We should remove the beam from our own eyes before trying to clean the mote from the eyes of those who have one of the most difficult jobs to do in the society….

  12. Miller this is so funny … Now Carson admit that his post was deleted … Well well well. I really hope that you is NOT Kerrie … seriously …!

    Gabriel Tackle

    I wd you …! But what the heck, these are only po’ people remains so who should care …? Rich people buy their plots or have their remains cooked. If po’ people want to stick with tradition and slavishly support the undertaker industry, well surely they would deserve what they get …

  13. How DO we define ourselves David? … our physical assets? Our wealth? ….our physical remains?

    Don’t you think that this mores needs to be seriously reviewed and discarded? Some of the very best people who EVER lived have had their remains treated in the worse possible way and some of the WORST human beings to have breathed on this planet have had theirs immortalized and preserved in perpetuity.

    From a practical point of view, if we insist on continuing with burials in a small island, it is only obvious that there must be a recycling process with a relatively short turnaround time.
    You try suggesting that incinerators be purchased – and wait for the financial, ecological, moral and other complaints.

    …..perhaps a pulverization machine to accelerate the return of bodies to dust after 7 years…..?
    We can’t eat our cake AND also have it….

    • Bush Tea

      The issue here is that what is happening is not right and as a sensible people we should discuss and agree to what is acceptable. It is what civilized people are expected to do.

  14. @ David
    “…what is happening is not right ….”
    LOL…. Seriously David, who determines what is “Right”?
    What you mean is that you and Islandgal feels squeamish about the treatment of human remains….fair enough, but what resources are you prepared to invest in addressing the practical problem in a small island where you and Islandgal ALSO insist on burials rather than cremation, burial at sea, or woodland burials as BAFBFP suggests.

    Can’t eat the cake AND have it David.

  15. “Is there room for the idea that desecration conjures in this instance?”
    Lots of room. Desecration is not always a bad thing. Some of the most stupid and pervasive traditions that we slavishly follow are the results of us respecting some long entrenched and misguided notions that were and remain without any sound basis.

    The human body, when alive, is deserving of much respect because it is a marvelous piece of engineering; because it is build in the very image of BBE; and because it plays host to an individual CHARACTER which possesses unbelievable potentialities.

    On death, the only issue is the hygienic disposal of the organic remains in such a manner as to not cause dangerous pollution of the environment as the various elements disintegrate back into inert soil.

    We disrespect each other when we are alive and then seek to show all kinds of ‘respect’ to our organic remains.

    What desecration what?

    “Let the dead bury their dead” speaks to this very point. The enlightened knows better than to place too much import on such purely administrative details, as opposed to seeking the TRUE and ultimate PURPOSE of LIVING in the first place.

    The REAL desecration therefore occurs when we chose to live our lives meaninglessly accumulating “things”, and focusing on physical attributes THAT WILL ALL TURN TO DUST.
    Instead, we should seek NOT to desecrate the opportunity that living provides us to build and refine the kind of character that will qualify us to accumulate things of value, that cannot corrode.

    • @Bush Tea

      Are you not being a caustic?

      As human beings we define ourselves through customs and symbols. It is part of the emotional intelligence sphere and how we support our existence. Yes if we isolate the dead body the sterile consideration should be to dispose of the body with only hygiene in mind. However sentiment (emotional factors) separate us humans from animals.

  16. @ Bush Tea | October 31, 2012 at 12:14 PM |
    “The human body, when alive, is deserving of much respect because it is a marvelous piece of engineering; because it is build in the very image of BBE;”

    This is a seriously profound claim. For the purpose of enlightenment the miller- in his keenness to learn and to receive spiritual guidance from the Bush Tea- would wish you to elaborate on this most incisive comment from you.
    I was all along of the view that your BBE was not of physical form and flesh like the Vitruvian man but an invisible spirit incapable of being seen by human eyes.

    Or is your BBE more extraterrestrial than is believed?

    Please Bush Tea, we need a cup of knowledge effused from your concoction or brew of wisdom and esoterica to quench our spiritual thirst.

  17. David
    “As human beings we define ourselves through customs and symbols”
    Absolutely true….and mostly to our net detriment.
    In the final analysis, does it matter how “WE DEFINE OURSELVES”, or is the actual question more about how we have been DESIGNED and defined by the ultimate maker?

    @ Miller
    …so are you finally admitting that there are some things that you don’t know after all? 🙂
    What is so profound about being made ‘in the image’ of spiritual beings? How does our inability to see these beings affect THEM being able to made us in their own image? ….or are you saying that if WE can’t see them, then they can’t see themselves either ….or they don’t exist?

    …and what spiritual thirst what?!?
    Your spiritual thirst is somewhat like Bushie’s thirst for shark oil was, on those sunday mornings long ago, when Bushie’s mom decided to exercise her right, as a mother, to indulge in preventative medicine.

  18. @ David

    I am inclined to agree with BT when he said that some of us treat the living amongst us like the very dust from whence we came and then wish to revere the dead bones. Where is the sense in this? Remember, for those “Christians” here on the blog, that Holy Scripture tells us that “the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit”. So should we not treat our living bodies with far more respect that what takes place at present – eg. Kadooment day revelry and other such crass displays? Only “the hood” wondering if we are really using our God given intellect to good purpose.

  19. @David
    We too are animals.We too are wired by the Great Architect.All living creatures are similarly endowed by the Great Architect.Witness recently a horse refused to move from a well into which another horse had fallen,calling attention to the others’ demise.A colleague related an incident in which a monkey was despatched at Pilgrim House.After the sniper had finished his task and the animal lay dead,the other monkeys did a howling march around the body for a considerable time.It was so painful to witness this display of emotion that a decision was taken never to do that ‘culling’ act again.
    We know that ‘dumb’ animals are very intelligent,so without belabouring the point,it is recognised that some apes are quicker at grasping mathematical concepts than are humans.

    • @de hood

      Good to see this topic has lured from the BU periphery 🙂

      Where is the logic in your statement? Because there is hypocrisy by some among us does it negate the argument that we should respect the memory of the departed by treating with their remains in a respectful manner? We intellectualize simple things which should be instinctive.


      Good illustrations!

  20. It would seem to me that having read certain posts above we could as well not bother to inter…perhaps just throw the body out de window somewhere…do same with any animals actually…should be a fine welcome to visitors…and definitely a fine surrounding for us all to live in. No. Really. Big men talking such foolishness…unreal. And then we wonder where the youth is going wrong. It is indeed a sad day in paradise when we believe that it is alright to just dig up and discard remains that have not even gone all the way to dust any ol’ how but then….

  21. @ David

    Is it only some, David? Seems like a whole lot to me. However, I am not supporting the desecration of the final resting place of mortal remains. What I was trying the highlight was the rabid hypocrisy amongst some of us.

    BTW, seems like you have been elevated to the status of “prophet”. 🙂 How come you know so well that I always “on de side” here @ BU? 🙂

    • @de hood

      You have posted you MO several times. Suppose with Zoe not about there is no reason to intervene with regularity…lol.

      On 31 October 2012 22:38, Barbados Underground

  22. @ David
    KInda havta agree wid u on Zoe. 🙂 Something about him that kinda rubs me the wrong way. Seems that u know your bloggers better than they think u do. Cheers.

  23. Many visitors visit churches and cemeteries, how will this scene impact their visit. We are nothing but a bunch of Barbarians!

  24. And yet it is illegal to bury your loved ones on your property but it is ok to have their remains tossed about as garbage. Barbarians!

  25. @ islandgal246 | October 31, 2012 at 7:31 PM |

    Excellent point!
    Only shows the hypocrisy in the “legalized” approach to keep undertakers and cemetery personnel in riches and everyday work.

    Most plantations and other great houses had their own burial plot for the dear departed. What’s wrong with burying our own in our own gardens or backyard once certain conditions are met?

  26. I am not a gravedigger!

    sorry Mrs Parkinson but the persons who dig graves are called soil technicians and not gravediggers.

  27. @ David
    “…….it is like saying perception isn’t reality BUT it is isn’t it?”
    …to the emotional and the uninitiated, yes it is.
    However one of the benefits of wisdom is the ability to see beyond perception and emotion….to REALITY and practicality.

  28. I am hurt how they let the empire theatre go to waste, as for the burnt bodies that was going on for ages now, its only its now coming to light, thats why they dont like this website, because its bringing out the other side of barbados, most people dont want to talk about.

  29. all the parishes should have natural gas, how come only certain places have it and some dont, people need to call out their representatives for the areas that are being neglected.

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