Will David Estwick FINALLY Emerge?

David Estwick – Minister of Agriculture

Last week the Nation newspaper ran the results of a poll which promotes that Barbadians prefer Sinckler and Mottley to be named as deputies. BU is against opinion journalism. Conduct a poll which addresses the need to amend to party constitutions. How about how Barbadians feel about campaign financing reform legislation.  The list is long about worthwhile issues which could have been polled. However we appreciate such topics will not ‘sell’ newspapers.

We all know that it is the person who commands the confidence and support of the parliamentary majority in parliament that count NOT the public. Currently the Barbados Labour Party has named Dale Marshall as deputy and what? It is in name only if one were to judge by job assignments. Mottley appears to be acting out the role as deputy. But who will get the nod as Prime Minister on the morning after? Does anyone believe Arthur will appoint the George Walton Chambers man as deputy prime minister were he to win the next general election? Who knows, Mottley may emerge, AGAIN! Another BU belief is that leaders emerge. There seem to be an unholy haste to elevate Sinckler et al to the top post.

Getting back to the Nation/Cadres poll last week. How is it possible for the public to prefer Ronald Jones over someone like David Estwick? Jones has been at the centre of the Alexandra School dispute and has been fingered as the person who by sitting on the King Report exacerbated the matter. His tenure as President of the Barbados Football Association should does not recommend him as a leader of any merit. The analysis is not to promote Estwick over Jones but to examine the folly of the opinion poll in this instance.

BU believes that David Estwick is the person who can make or break the DLP in the coming general election. He is a dynamic platform speaker, appears to command a level of intelligence which is superior to many of the 30 candidates on offer. All are aware of his brusque behaviour which has run him afoul of the late Prime Minister David Thompson – and Dale Marshall –  which many believe banished him to peripheral ministries. It has continued under Stuart. The Letter leaked which instructed BWA personnel not to attend meeting convened by Minister Sinckler is an example of Estwick’s ‘maverick’ ways.

It is a few months to go before a general election is constitutionally due in Barbados and BU continues to observe David Estwick to see how the famous pronouncement by him ‘time longer than twine’ will unravel. One wonders if a lot of the agro in the party does not stem from the period during the the last government when Dr. Estwick was the Secretary of the DLP and the Deputy Opposition leader to then Leader of the Opposition Clyde Mascoll and an attempt was made by then David Thompson and his cohorts to take over all the leadership positions of the party (Leader of the Opposition, Political Leader, President). The alienation of Estwick in the DLP maybe explained against this background. It is interesting to note the work rate of Estwick when he was Minister of Economic Affairs, Empowerment, Innovation, Trade, Industry and Commerce.

BU recently reread the statement Estwick delivered after the final reshuffle by the late PM Thompson. In light of the government’s economic policy AND recent events it makes for compelling reading:

Statement by Dr. David Estwick, October 1, 2010

Let me first thank the people of St Philip West for electing me as their Representative for two consecutive terms in the House of Assembly. Let me also thank Prime Minister Thompson for the opportunity to have served as Minister of Health between January 2008 to December 2008 and from December 2009 to October 4th as the Minister of Economic Affairs, Empowerment, Innovation, Trade, Industry and Commerce.

I would like to assure Barbadians that I hold no animosity to anyone, and I would like to clear up any misconceptions which might be at this time in the public domain.

Although it might seem that I have been given the bad end of the stick it is my belief that I have been chosen by the Almighty, and my constituents of St Phillip West to work on behalf of this country.  My mother always said: time longer than twine and that the race is not for the swift but is for he that endureth. I am resilient and will endure. However, under these circumstances I hereby tender my resignation from the Chair of the Cabinet Committee on Economic policy to allow for the Prime Minister to so appoint a new Chair.

Well-wishers, constituents of St Philip West, and people of Barbados I would like to thank you for your continued support. I would like to tell you that no person is bigger than the Democratic Labour Party, and no party is bigger than our beloved country, Barbados.

Hence, I would like to thank the Right Honourable Prime Minister David Thompson for all the opportunities he has given me to serve, and under any circumstances, I am willing to serve the people of Barbados in whatever capacity as a member of cabinet under his leadership. I would like to inform him that with great humility, I accept the position given to me at this time of Minister of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries, Industry and Small Business. Before I demit the office of the Minister of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Empowerment, Trade, Industry and Commerce. I would like to give an account of my stewardship to the people of Barbados in the capacity of Minister of Economic affairs and as the Chair of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Policy which advised the Cabinet on all economic policy matters.

This has become necessary after some misguided political pundits questioned the output of the Ministry of Economic Affairs recently in the public domain and I think that it is my duty to defend my stewardship in the same domain.

During my tenure as Minister of Economic Affairs, I was asked to undertake duties in addition to the normal economic activities of the Ministry.

  • I was asked to join the Central Bank’s Committee of Chief Economic planners, that meets at the Central Bank Governor’s home every two weeks.
  • Implement and Monitoring of the Short term Response to the Economic Crisis developed by the Special Working Group headed by Winston Cox.
  • To create, implement and monitor the Medium Term Fiscal Strategy.
  • Resurrect the Natural Gas Pipe Line project between Barbados and Trinidad which was stalled since 2002.  We are now in our 7th negotiating meeting.
  • To create and implement an Early Warning Economic System that was a Budget proposal of 2009.  The Early Warning System was launched on the 27th of September 2010.
  • The Cabinet Committee on Economic Policy advances the output of the Joint Economic Committee Group established by Prime Minister Thompson in response to the economic crisis.
  • The Cabinet Committee on Economic Policy advances the output of the Council of Economic Advisors.
  • To create and devise a strategy for the implementation of the 40% procurement policy to Small Business as a Manifesto pledge.  This strategy was approved by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Policy and Approved by the Cabinet and is now with the Solicitor General’s office for final adjustment.
  • To take responsibility for the Barbados Port Inc’s Cruise Ship Project.  The project is at the stage of RFPs.
  • The Cabinet Committee on Economic policy created and piloted through Cabinet the NIS Jobs stabilization strategy.
  • The Cabinet Committee on Economic policy created and piloted through Cabinet the extensions to the unemployment benefit strategy.
  • The Cabinet Committee on Economic Policy created and piloted through Cabinet the Job Retraining Strategy.
  • The Budget of 2009 required me to create a State Trading Enterprise, the final draft is completed.
  • To develop an integrated cotton industry. The Ministry of Economic Affairs piloted through the Cabinet Committee on Economic Policy and to the Cabinet an agreement to enter a joint venture with producers and marketers of Barbados’ Sea Island Cotton.
  • Let me also note that the Cabinet Committee on Economic Policy has approved more than 150 economic papers since December 2009.  For edification purposes: let me inform you that any policies that have impact on the productive sectors of the economy are referred to the Cabinet Committee on economic policy.

The above record is proof of the output from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and I want to take this opportunity to thank the Permanent Secretaries in Trade and Economic Affairs and all the staff of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Empowerment, Innovation, Trade, Industry and Commerce for their hard work and their commitment to working with me.

Four weeks ago, as Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs I presented a paper to cabinet to make adjustments to the medium term fiscal strategy in light of the prolonged recession in Europe and the slow growth in the United States.  The thrust of the Cabinet paper was to high-light that the strategy of expenditure cuts and revenue gains through increased efficiency, would not be enough to have the Medium Term Fiscal Strategy (MTFS) achieve its macroeconomic targets and that further cuts in the Current Account Expenditure in the areas of goods and services would be counter productive.

Barbados has a very heavy debt burden. We now pay $981 million BDS per year from a-revenue of $2.4 billion BDS. This is the key to the continued underdevelopment of the country. I suggested that we introduce a debt restructuring program to take advantage of the very low international interest rates being offered on Country to Country loans and Private Sector Loans. The proposal from Economic Affairs highlighted that we could realize a savings of $541 million dollars per year for 25 years if my recommendation is followed by interest rate savings as well as principle savings.  This Strategy would achieve the targets in the MTFS by 2012 and show a healthy surplus on the fiscal balance by 2014 and reduce the Debt/GDP ratio to 66% of GDP by 2014.

I would like to wish my colleague Minister Sinckler, all that is good, and that he in his new capacity of Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, adopt the measures which I have presented to cabinet…for these measures I am sure would restore Barbados’ economic balance and reestablish Barbados’ international investment grade to A instead of a negative outlook.

My constituents have sent me to parliament to look after their interests, especially, and I take this opportunity to restate my commitment to St. Phillip West and to all Barbadians.

105 thoughts on “Will David Estwick FINALLY Emerge?

  1. there is no doubt that mr estwick has proven himself to be a parliamentarian of merit both as an opposition member and as a member of cabinet and i continue to wish him well.mr sandiford once said that politics is no sunday school and the spiteful ostracization of mr estwick by the partybeginning with the attempt to remove him from the st philp west constituency is an indication of the nature of the beast which reinforces my belief that party politics has outlived its usefulness.

  2. The PitBull is the man to lead. Sinckler is all style no substance. And Bajans have been fooled into accepting that he is some intelligent saviour. the man is a good regurgitator with the backing of Peter “the Pole-Man” Wickham and others. Have you ever heard any answer he has coughed up when he has not prepared? he is reduced to the status of a babbling babe.

  3. Which politician would have a gun charge over him against a Member of Parliament and would make anyone believe it is trivia?
    Which politician would throw away a speech and then lambaste his own party and cabinet and threaten to resign and people believe this is trivia?
    Which politician would on the death of his PM wear a red shirt on the morning the mourning and people think this is trivia?
    Which politician would describe a policy by the cabinet and the PM that even Gearbox would know that this policy is wrong and some people see it as trivia?
    Some politicans who believe they are stars have been change at every cabinet reshuffle.Name one.
    Which politician would write a letter to his senior staff insisting that they shoulld not attend meetings with the Minister of Finance ?
    Which politican whose name was on a special list was the only member on that list to gain a promotion ?.
    I would conclude that if any other politican had the same claims against him/her no one but no one would make any suggestion of unfairness or would see him/her as a candidate for higher service. We are bound to much by emotions and not by reality Because of his conduct, if Estwick was in a muture demoracy his resignation from office would have automatic. But such is the case here now We need to do better for ourselves and this country. Think on these things

  4. The Spaniards had a saying that when God wants to punish us, He answers our prayers. There are those who were praying to see the sleeping giant of the Democratic Labour Party awakened. That giant has now been awakened,” the Prime Minister said to loud applause after the canvass had culminated in Durants Village.

    BLP = 29 SEATS
    DLP = 0 SEATS

    How are you going to deal with this result Freundel Stuart ?
    Will you fantasize it away ?
    Have you fortgotten that the DLP is bad for Barbados ?
    Have you forgotten what the DLP did to Barbados 1986-1994 ?
    Have you forgotten that that was Barbados’s darkest hour and that the DLP was responsible ?
    WHY did Richie Haynes leave the DLP?
    DO you believe Barbados can take five more years of your nonsense Freundel Stuart ??


  5. @ David BU:

    Do you know if and when the Governor of the Central Bank is scheduled to give his speech on the performance of the Barbados economy for the 9 months of the year?

    Is it also true that Minister of Finance Sinckler is away from office for 3 weeks? If so this might determine the timing of the Governor’s delivery

    • @Miller

      It is due about now, usually second week of the month. Given an election on the horizon no doubt some care will be taken.

  6. Will Pittance o Pitfull be strongly featured this evening at Queens College?
    Now that is a question all should be watching?

  7. Onions
    You are going too fast. The election will be next year. Your troops will be tired by that time. I am convince that Mr. Stuart is more politically savvy than most of you BLP supporters want to accept. He is moving like the greatest boxer of all time Mohammad Ali using the Ropa dope technique.

    I always knew you were one of those persons who missed the government contracts and chomping at the bit to get them back. I hope you can keep writing for another five years in opposition.

  8. @ David | October 14, 2012 at 9:27 AM |
    .” Given an election on the horizon no doubt some care will be taken”

    Like what? Embellishing the facts? Putting a governor (pun intended) on the bottle so that the Truth genie does not jump out at this time?

    The late third quarter and fourth quarter are always hard periods on the forex of this country especially in outflows to finance the Xmas consumption orgy. Any cover up of the third quarter drain will only exacerbate the situation in the January 2013 reporting.

  9. @ Clone
    I hope you can keep writing for another five years in opposition.
    LOL…you are too unkind !

  10. @ David

    In the by-election in St. John, Dr Estwick spoke on many of the platforms in support of the DLP and more importantly Mara Thompson during that time. Surely this demonstrates that Dr. Estwick does not hold grudges nor was he bent on revenge for the snub by the late Prime Minister, David Thompson.

    At Coach Hill in St. John I watched carefully the reaction of the crowd to the following speakers:

    1. Michael Lashley
    2. Richard Sealy
    3. Donville Inniss
    4. Chris Sinckler
    5. Mara Thompson
    6. David Estwick, and,
    7. Freundel Stuart

    Let me tell you, I have been watching polical platforms, both BLP and DLP for nearly 30 years. I like to think I am sufficiently experienced and knowedgeable in matters politic to note what I observe at political rallies and what they mean not only for the party but also the implication nationally.

    The clearly partisan crowd at Coach Hill in St. John responded well to all of the persons listed above and Derek Alleyne, the MC, kept the crowd whipped up into a state of frenzy for the late night and main speakers, Sinckler, Estwick, Mara and Stuart.

    When the people in the crowd became aware that Dr. Estwick was soon to speak there was an evident buzz in the crowd and that buzz became louder and louder especially as David Estwick mounted the stage, being fashionably late and joining his party members in a arranged seating. The crowd also did a very unique thing, they all moved all simultanously to the front of the stage to get within ear shot of Dr. Estwick.

    Virtual mayhem broke out as Dr. Estwick took the podium and started to deliver mixute of commentary on serious national issues and a bit of what I call gutter politics, which mainly made a mockery of the opposition and in particular, Owen Arthur.

    In short, what I witnessed was a DLP crowd who clearly responded to David Estwick and neither Sinckler, Mara or Stuart were able to extract a reaction from the crowd equal to or surpass what Dr. Estwick did effortlessly.

    In my opinion Dr. Estwick will be one of the keys to victory for the DLP in the coming elections and recent developments seem to suggest that PM Stuart recognises this fact.

    • @ Huckleberry Bajan

      You are correct there is a kind of cachet associated with Estwick. Not sure if you read Harold Hoyte in today’s paper.

  11. I am asking the question in my mind so now I put out to you – who made or what made Chris Sinckler the probable Deputy and anticipated expected leader of the DLP?

    When Chris was GS how many approved of his leadership style and qualities?

    You guys need to do your home work and stop following Wickham and the Nation Newspaper desires.

    Chris Sinckler, Cleaton Coppin, Evette king et al are not favoured among the team because of whom they are and how they perform tasks plus results.

    Today Chris wants tomorrow he doesn’t – a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

    I was shock when the crowd gravitated to Estwick especially since some were trying their utmost to tarnish him and put him down after the reshuffle by the late Thompson on his sick bed. That evening proved that David Estwick is still loved by Barbadians and highly, highly respected. The DLP cannot go into this campaign with Chris Sinckler as Finance speaker because Barbadians don’t want to hear him on those issues – the DLP has got to put it in Estwick ON FINANCE sooner rather than later if they will get the hearing ear of the public.

    What the late DT did after the last Elections pushing aside Estwick for Finance Minister was grossly wrong and uncalled for – but hey I don’t know personal issues. Those issues will have to be burnt to death now if the DLP expects to be heard. One thing in scheduling meetings but you want the audience to hear both actively and passively and ESTWICK IS THE MAN AND ONLY MAN FOR THAT JOB.

  12. @ Brief | October 14, 2012 at 12:44 PM |

    I want to ‘briefly’ for the time being agree with you on your analysis and conclusion regarding the Sinckliar vs Estwick choice for chief spokesman on finance and economic matters.

    The fella Sinckliar is way out of his depth and most uncomfortable in that role he has been catapulted into. Hence he resorts to bullshit, empty promises, cussing the rating agencies and IMF and in some cases abuse of statistics and lying where it suit his political agenda knowing full well few would be able or keen to confront this bully.

  13. @true to form | October 14, 2012 at 8:25 AM |
    “Which politician would on the death of his PM wear a red shirt on the morning the mourning and people think this is trivia?’

    i had occasion to work with both Estwick and Sinckler and i can say that Dr Estwick is a man of class and total respect for those he works along side. it is the little things that count. i have NEVER seen a minister choose to use his lunch hour to spend in a lunch room with his employees rather than at some restaurant but ask any employee of Dr. Estwick where he eats his lunch on afternoons when he is in office. he knows how to treat and respect people.

    why do black people still let the slave masters dictate to u 400 years after slavery that red clothing is for restricted conditions?. during slavery days, an outfit in the colour red was like getting gold. it could only be worn on special occasions and when slaves did really good, the master presented them with a red shirt. because Dr. Estwick wore red when Thompson died signifies what? that David Thompson was in his grave crying?, that he disrespected his family? grow up. he is man that will not be control by such utter trivial and silly things as the colour of clothing. u would have to be someone over 50 years old to talk about colour. u still have the slave mentality handed down to u in in mind…STUPES. there is something called colour blocking ask the young people what it means

  14. @ David BU:

    Do you know if there will be a live streaming of the DLP joint St. James constituencies’ meeting scheduled for QC school this evening? Now here is an ideal opportunity for Donville to put into corrective action his concern about the poor communications strategy of the DLP.
    But are they going to be found lagging behind the BLP when it comes to effectively exploiting modern information technology.
    The DLP website and the Advocate website can be portals for such communication. Even CBC can prostitute itself and argue it is being done because the PM will be there and it can be considered a ‘National’ event.

  15. @ David

    I read Harold Hoyte today and it seems to me to be a piece designed to make something which is not a fact become a fact by proceeding like if it is a fact. Nothing more.

    Chris Sinckler does NOT have broad national appeal in Barbados nor does he have any support in the Parliamentary Group.

    Let ask you a question David and don’t insult my intellegence by dodging the question, here it is ;

    1. Assuming you were PM Stuart and that you had a date in mine for elections and having every intention to contesting the election to get your own mandate, who would you choose from amongst the other DLP candidates to help you shoulden that burden?

  16. Huckleberry

    You are spot on to the crowd’s reaction to David Estwick and in this regard he seems to be pulling ahead of chris sinckler.

    He is also an asset in any cabinet.A very thoughtful and intelligent man.

    • @Huckleberry Bajan

      Given the relative unpopularity of Stuart he needs a ‘deputy’ to carry the weight.

      Looking at his parliamentary group his short list is very short, Sinckler, Inniss and Estwick.

      Innis cannot afford to spend time away from his riding, Husbands is chasing him.

      The choice is between Sinckler and Estwick. Who he chooses must settle to variables not in the public domain.

      Reading the tea leaves Sinckler has not been allowed to act as deputy in Stuart’s absence and Estwick perhaps once.

      Of the two Estwick because of his relative safe seat, no disrespect to Eastmond, maybe the one but the gun matter needs to be resolved satisfactorily.

  17. I just read the full statement – I was only responding to the headline and part of Huckle’s posting.

    David Estwick has left a blazing trail wherever he went and not even Michael Lashley in Housing can stand shoulder to shoulder next to him. I am sure that Stuart knows the quality person that David Estwick is and would work with him accordingly. I have no doubt.

  18. stuart has confused the oposition he allowed them to get out of the starting gate, knowing full well that by the home stretch they will be tired and about to give up,

  19. @ mash up and buy back | October 14, 2012 at 1:46 PM |

    The question is: How does FS achieve that? By reshuffling the Cabinet and putting Dr. David as Minister of Finance & Economic Affairs and transfer Sink the unclear to Garbage & Drainage thereby a forcing Sinckliar to resign and go into the ministry of ecclesiastical affairs at Codrington College as his lying wish. At least he would be close to his partner(s) in CLICOism.

    But then again a compromise can be worked out with Sinckliar being offered Foreign Affairs where bullshit and daily social events and gatherings with loads of food and drink for him to swallow down his big guts to create crap for his verbal diarrhoea mill to recycle.

  20. eveywhich way but loose it seems the BLP would conjure up any story to show anomosity and division in the DLP while pretending that their house is fully repaired i read this article and it comes across as a distraction given the timing of the PM article in todays paper . one can”t helpbut wonder.

    • @ac

      What animosity what? This blog explains how the DLP has sidelined Estwick going back to Thompson and discusses how he can emerge to help the party win the next election. Is it possible for you to distil issues without examining through narrow partisan lens? Why is the Nation newspaper et al pushing Sinckler and Inniss when Estwick can easily enter the conversation? The DLP needs to find a way to harness all its potential and Estwick is a big part of it. Why is he being sidelined? Is it because he was #2 when Mascoll led the party?


      Why do BLPites supporting Estwick and DLPites support Mottley? Some of us are not stupid.

    • @ac

      Maybe you have not been following the news but Estwick has said and done enough in the last year to show he is not a happy camper. Many close to the DLP knew he had to be strongly persuaded not to resign when he was transferred to Agriculture. When you discuss what Arthur and the Gang of 5 allegedly did to Mia then it becomes ok? As usual you will stick to your point without even trying to understand. This is something we have all come to appreciate about you but you are entitled on BU to do so. This blog is actually complimentary to Estwick.

  21. Personally, I cannot stand Dr. Estwick’s style of presentation, especially in parliamentary contributions. He tends to be loud (almost barking) and pauses and holds on to his jacket lapels as if waiting for applause. Then he starts up again.

    However, when you listen to what he is saying, it is clear that he is by far the most fluent among the DLP parliamentarians on matters of the economy and finance. He is the only one that can hold a candle to Owen Arthur and Mia Mottley.

    Chris Sinckler is mainly bluster and bullshit, and is clearly out of his depths. And the others, especially the PM, don’t have a clue.

    It is a pity that internal party politics have sidelined Dr. Estwick. I am sure Barbados would have been better off under his watch, were he Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs.

  22. all this political grandstanding and pontificating about who shoud what when and where is nothing more than all out attempt to cause friction. first it was the eager 11 which was to case havoc death and destruction in the DLP with heads rolling all over the parliament bldg, now a year later everybody still seems to have their head attached to their body so the next amo is to tug a a few limbs meaning that estwick was not treated this and that so the BLP operatives gonna make things right fuh Estwick. last time i check Estwick was still in Parliament doing the job as minister of agri. and not asking BLP operatives and others to speak on his behalf , Knowing estwick if he got something to say he wil say or do it so far he has said many things done alot of things and is still the minster of agri, the BLP operatives need to mind their own business and watch whose backside OSA might kick in his Party before the election in a moment of hallucination

  23. @ac | October 14, 2012 at 1:54 PM |
    stuart has confused the oposition he allowed them to get out of the starting gate, knowing full well that by the home stretch they will be tired and about to give up,
    What you need to understand is that most people who are neither staunch BLP or DLP supporters have already made up their minds how they will vote come election day…I am one of those people. There are very few undecideds left out there for Freundel to convince. All that’s left to do is just ring de blasted bell…the outcome is inevitable.

  24. @ David
    If you recall, even from the days of the BLP in government – Bushie had always identified the Doc as a Bushman top pick among ALL of them.
    The man just sweet then!!

    Sorry DavidB, but Bushie ESPECIALLY like the jacket pulling, the long pauses AND the dramatic changes in tempo…. De man just sweet!!!!……reminds one of Lammie Craig in his heyday.

  25. True DavidB
    …but perhaps you take them a bit too seriously. One of the very best speeches Bushie ever heard was in Speakers Corner in Hyde Park London one Sunday morning many years ago, by what was clearly and unemployed bum ……and the topic was “Move along people, I have nothing to say to you”.

    Sweet! Bushie stood there for about two hours waiting to see if he would repeat himself….and relishing the language, antics, crowd interaction, and his sharp wit.

  26. Bush Tea,
    I enjoy theatrics in the proper setting. Wish I could’ve witnessed the Hyde Park bum. I think, though, that in Parliament, sincere and simple presentations (like Mia Mottley’s, for example) come across much better.

  27. @ Carson C. Cadogan | October 14, 2012 at 6:37 PM |

    Queen’s College BURST!

    And exactly what did you expect?

  28. @ David

    I can report that the DLP joint St. James branch meeting at Queens College has had a turn out which is not only very impressive but might be cause for concern for the BLP. The crowd is massive and is growing by the minute and police have been dispatched to direct the thongs of traffic at the junction where Queens College is located.

    The hall at the School is full with approximately 1,000 people and there is standing room only outside for and with another 500 people. The car park has been completely full since 5.30 this afternnon and cars are parked pass Husbands and down towards Holders Hill

    • An interesting titbit by the PM was that after the lecture on Wednesday night he pick a lime at a karaoke hangout with Speaker Michael Carrington and David Estwick.

  29. A real sweet one just up at the meeting.

    The Barbados Labour Party intend to sell everything. One person in the audience called it “parro politics”.

    That is a good one.

    I thank that person for that.


  30. The DLP has always been the spring board for entertainers, and that is what politicians are. My two favorites were the late Harold Blackman and the absent Don Blackman … But the pit bull is my man in the present administration. His public support for Mara is mere window dressing as he would have been close to Leroy McLean for years …!

  31. The Great Pretenders

    Wait you up here too!!!

    They just played the song, “The Great Pretener” for Seethru and MIA

  32. CCC

    The machinery looking well serviced and ready for action. Ring the alarm Freundel and show them what does happen when you pull the lion tail.

  33. “The machinery looking well serviced and ready for action”

    That may be a surprise to you, but not to me.

  34. Carson dear-heart, how you? Parro politics… murdah, yuh gine kill muh! Murdah!! Don’t mind de BLP pimps pon here like old bingo bags and dem. I gine see you at de randy-view of victory dear-heart!

  35. David wrote, ” It is good for the DLP to appear to be energizing the base.”

    The energy levels are rising even here on BU.

  36. David
    I think you jump in too early to defend the Nation Newspaper re the invitation.The Prime Minister story cast a different light on the invitation.Again it looks like Kaymar came up short.

    • @Clone

      We have heard one side. Let us hear how Arthur and Mottley respond. There is nothing wrong with the Talkback Forum. They have had them in the past and Inniss in one instance attended.

  37. The Nation Newspaper is owned by Trinidadians. It is in the interest of Trinidadians that a recession in Barbados coincides with a “friendly” Government.

    The Trinis love Owen.

    Trinidadians will buy up property and businesses at recessionary prices and the BLP leader has stated that land should be put to it’s best use.

    Mansions, Hotels, Golf courses and Banks….oops. uh fuhget. duh en got nuh mo uh dem to sell.

  38. I had a friend who is no longer with us who may have looked boring but get him out of the house and he was fun to be with. The Prime Minister may just be that kind of person

  39. David
    Owen Arthur behavior during his last five years will come back to haunt him. Tonight the DLP showed that he will get licks left, right and center.

    Bajans love bacchanal politics and so all of those polls will not stop them from wanting juicy gossip at every meeting.

  40. if wunna think that i cuss OSA boy the PM didn’t show him no mercy and rightfully so, as for the nation i believe what the PMsays over any thing the nation print the difference is CLASS( PM) and CRASS(NATION) he also was able to give a good account for the four years in office and point to the legacy of other PM in Barbados and with all the time OSA had as PM there is not one piece of legislation that can be attributed to the BLP or OSA that would have a longstanding effect for the nation and its people and can be defined as a legacy to OSA .there are no adjectives that can describe OSA that would define him in the correct manner, this man has brought barbados to the economic doldrums and it is sad to see intelligent people willing to give him another chance to SELL off the few remaining assets of barbados to pay the high debt he placed on this country .

  41. Showmanship appeals only to people who need to be entertained. Our future deserves better than this .. two idiot parties foisting their stupid antics on a (depraved?) public …

  42. @ David

    The tragedy is that after the elections, OSA will have no legacy whatsoever.

    I understand that the PM, Carrington and Estwick are quite comfortable in each others company and have a few drinks quite often.

    Is the plan to have PM Stuart take on Owen and Estwick to take on Mottley?

    Sinckler will not and more importantly cannot match Mottley, they being very good friends.

    • @Mr. Paper-Mate

      It is evident Stuart has some semblance of a strategy and it is a simple one, take out Arthur.

  43. @ David

    Anyone who has met Stuart cannot say he comes across as a fool. Deliberate yes, reserved yes but foolish absolutely not.

    Hence Stuart has done is what all good lawyers do before a case reaches trial. They gather the facts, the evidence,sets the strategy and then prepares, prepares, prepares.

    The danger for PM Stuart and the DLP is not going beyond the tipping point as OSA is after all a elder statesman in Barbados and there is only so much the electorate will be prepared to have put into the public less the whole system be undermined.

  44. “The hall at the School is full with approximately 1,000 people and there is standing room only outside for and with another 500 people. The car park has been completely full since 5.30 this afternnon and cars are parked pass Husbands and down towards Holders Hill”

    that place had no more than 400 people if so much but keep up the good work DLP.

  45. many times the PM said that he was not worried about the BLP having all those meetings and described them to a one horse race. now one can see from the meeting tonight what he meant he knew full well that at some point and time the horse would get tired and when the starting day came the horse would have to run the course all over again bunch of fools . FS not a dummy, Now the time has come and the BLP got to start all over again with another strategy to counteract any and all charges coming forward in the weeks and months against them it will be gruelling and tiresome for them as they have already run the course all by themselves

  46. “OSA is after all a elder statesman in Barbados”

    What elder statesman?

    Stuart was in politics since the late sixties

  47. The Barbados Labour Labour Party wants to run the country like PARROS.

    Give us twenty dollars fuh de Airport, a ten spot fuh de Transport Board,

    We need to get a fix.

  48. @ Jan Jan

    The Froon come out swinging. He call OSA a political pickpocket and Kerry as political slug repleat with slime.

    This is just the rhetoric but good God have mercy when they unleash the facts and evidence.

  49. Wait David, tell me something cause I am not living in Barbados and my work does not allow me to follow our home politics as much as I would like. This fellow Chris Sinckler, that clearly quite a few of your bloggers do seem to think to much of, is this the same chap that said in the interview with one of your papers that he is not interested in leading his party or bring PM…..now or in the future?

    If that is what he said in a public newspaper, why is there so apparent interest in him on your blog. I rather like the chap Estwick, I think he would be a good leader. Of course I am not there and can only write from what I have observed from this distance, but he seems pretty intelligent. I have not heard about a whole lot he has achieved as a minister, especially in agriculture but I feel he will do well enough in time if given a chance.

    But your bloggers seem overly occupied with someone whom they say is unintelligent, out of his depth, not liked by too many in the country and seems a total clown to them.

    So I am just wondering why a post on Mr. Estwick turns into an attack on the chap Sinckler. Seems rather strange for someone who seems a totally bum. So much so that your bloggers even seem to be saying that the polling guy , Wickham doctored his poll findings to make Sinckler appear more popular than the others. Local politics are weird.

    • @David John

      You should not worry, it is the silly season. Truth be told many of the ministers do not have any significant track record.

  50. @ The Guide | October 15, 2012 at 11:38 AM |
    “This is just the rhetoric but good God have mercy when they unleash the facts and evidence.”

    Instead of engaging in gossip and political grandstanding on the elections platform why not pass the “facts and evidence” to the Police and DPP?

    Any arrest of accused wrongdoers would really put the Integrity cat (in the DLP, case mongoose) among the alleged Corrupt BLP pigeons and yard fowls. You will certainly scatter them and seal your return to government. But just remember the laws are geared to lock up civil servants and not politicians; the same civil servants serving the present administration and even the quisling in the Cabinet.

    While you are gathering the facts and evidence take a look at the CLICO forensic file and see if the DLP leader is not keeping facts and evidence under raps to protect his leper friend and once financial party backer Leroy P from the long arm of the law. This man is known to have a laundry of dirty financial evidence against the DLP and its immediate past leader. We are sure you would not like to see the DLP dirty laundry washed in public. The leper friend might just squeal like a pig when poked in his rear end with a very long hot iron to be branded as a super grass extraordinaire since his days have already been counted just waiting to join his friend like Romeo and Julietta or like a modern day Paul & Paula.

    We don’t expect the likes of Leroy to face man-made justice in Bim but will follow his other intimate pal decomposing in the St. John Parish Church yard along with those who have been rather cosy socially and otherwise including trophy wives make believe spouses.

    From what you have written so far we are sure you won’t want to introduce Cammie Tudor the Tutor and his most favoured student in the early days.

    Word of advice: It will be more beneficial to informed debate to discuss issues like what we have to do to stave off a pending devaluation and the removal of the aspiring middle class from our society. If not, we can continue the discussion in the gutter where you started, rhetorically speaking.

  51. We now know what the PM spends his day doing, instead of doing the people’s business – digging for dirt to use on a political platform.

    But there is a simple defense against scurrilous attacks; just look at Owen’s lifestyle over the years. Nothing has changed much since 1994.

    What’s amusing is that while insinuating that the former PM has benefited from graft and corruption, in the same breath Freundel is suggesting that he (Owen) is/was suffering because his pension is/was too low. Talk about destroying your own argument!

    Fodder for the political yard fowls, indeed.

    Of course, Freundel is really looking out for himself post election – 100% pension.

    More importantly, Bajans will not be distracted from the problems they are facing in their daily lives. It cannot be gainsaid that our economy has been severely buffeted by the “Great Recession”; but neither can it be denied that this government was unprepared, primarily because it chose to believe its own rhetoric about building a society rather than an economy.

    The government was on the back foot from day one; that is why we keep sliding. What an indignity to be forced to agree to “comprehensively restructure” (in plain words, “cut back”) the civil service in order to secure a meagre US $33 million loan. Things looking real brown.

    They have done some good, but on balance, there is just too much suffering with no end in sight. Hopefully, a new BLP government can take some earlier steps to alleviate some of the burden (energy pricing, taxation) as they set about the long, arduous and unenviable task of restoring this country to some semblance of fiscal and economic health.

    But things will continue to be rough for the next three to four years, at least.

  52. DavidB | October 15, 2012 at 5:39 PM |

    Get over it everything that was said was the gospel truth.

    Lot more to come.

  53. @ Carson C. Cadogan | October 15, 2012 at 6:12 PM

    Ask David BU who is the author of that phrase and you can then look into the mirror a see the reflection of a true “paro” parading as a yard fowl.

    Which files y u are talking about? The FBI missing files? The Hardwood forensic audit file? The Auditor general files on the BWA fraud perpetuate by an illegally appointed Executive Chairman? The CLICO forensic audit file that costing the policyholders in excess of $15 million? What about the AX Inquiry file costing so far $600,000 but estimated to exceed $1 million?

  54. these are some of the Facts as stated by PM Stuart from last night meeting at Queens College
    the public sector is at work,
    donivile inniss corrected many major problems that had plagued the QEH for years under OSA,
    a continuance of educational programs which started under EWB .
    remains in place in additon programs like CAP have been put in place which affects over 1000 children the continuance of aid for low income children who cannot avail themselves to school supplies summer camp program. the employment act being passed which guarantees a worker right not to be fired without good cause.
    PM also talk about the legacies of many of the past PM all except OSA had any to make mention of.the PM was not hesitant to mention the sense of discomfort he has when mention of Barbados assets to be sold.
    there is a leson in this meeting for OSA that a Captain never sends his soldiers out to war without having the enemy on the battle field for he might win the battle but lose the war..

  55. david B

    don’t worry about how we feel the PM also welcome the sympathisers , i find it repugnant that after last night meeting in which the two faces of OSA was exposed that anybody can wish him upon Barbados . this country deserves better. OSA was in one of hallucination meltdowns when he approached the PM and told him that the TOWN HALL meeting was disrespectful” this man has no bounds . we all await the BIG LIE he is going to revert to to cover his arssssss on this one!

  56. @ ac

    Give it a rest!

    You really think Owen went to Freundel and told him the Talk Back forum was disrespectful? Really, really??!!

  57. “You really think Owen went to Freundel and told him the Talk Back forum was disrespectful? Really, really??!!”

    He said it in front of witnesses.

  58. DavidBYou really think Owen went to Freundel and told him the Talk Back forum was disrespectful? Really, really??!!

    does a leopard change his spot.

  59. DavidB:

    Are you suggesting that only one PM is entitled to 100% of his salary as pension?

    If Owen former PM regulated that he as PM received 100% salary as pension then every worker in Barbados should vote DLP simply because minimum wage was $5.00 per hour from time immemoriam and the well endowed BLP did not even make mention of increasing it.

    Are you one who benefits from the BLP administration so lavishly that you just do not care about the low-income earner?

    Would Freundel be only seeking to get a full salary for pension and not pointing out a despicable wrong for the taxpayers who don’t and won’t get a full salary for pension to be paying ONE former PM that when he reaches pensionable age?

    David of BU is seeking balance here in this forum and yuh all often knock ac, Carson and Onions about their bias and convictions … but DavidB you are the splitting image of ‘do wah ever yuh Owen dat is alright wid we.’ Did you pen that song? Yuh sure singing it over and over and over.

  60. Owen Arthur is the best Prime Minister Barbados ever had
    Name somebody better than Owen Arthur –Name them
    Sandy ?
    Bree ?
    Freundel ?

    Errol Barrow was the greatest; Owen is the Best

  61. Just Asking

    We all respect your views.

    You are very fond of the Best and we respect your views.

    I would just ask Mia Mottley if she thinks that Owen is the ‘best’ PM Barbados ever had. I would Just Ask ing a gentle way as well if:

    Cynthia Forde
    Rawle Eastmond
    Ronald Toppin

    and their following if they name Owen as the ‘best’ PM Barbados ever had.

    Yuh know what Al Barrack should have a say on this as well and even Julie Arthur and former Mrs. Arthur …

    Come on!!! have your convictions but don’t try to convict (incarcerate) others because you are unable to convince the masses about your unwavering belief in Owen.

    Who replaces the best with uncertainty?

    ‘Only a fool breaks his own heart’ that’s a line of a song.

    Tell Arthur to state now what the current measures put in place by DLP have done for the country? Trinidad would not be heavily investing in Barbados if they did not see long term profitability. Had they seen short term collapse they would not stay.

    Do you want to hear after Elections should the BLP win that the same Arthur gets up and say the increase VAT and other measures strengthened our dollar and set us on the path to progress in these tough economic times?

    Tell him (Owen) and yourself to say it now and let the intelligent bajan electorate decide. ‘Cause even if you don’t the electorate gine decide.

  62. @ Brief | October 15, 2012 at 10:13 PM |
    “Tell Arthur to state now what the current measures put in place by DLP have done for the country? Trinidad would not be heavily investing in Barbados if they did not see long term profitability. Had they seen short term collapse they would not stay.”

    But Brief why are you so dishonest? Are you the same person along with ac, CCC and others who vehemently accuse the BLP and OSA of selling out Barbados to foreigners especially Trinidadians?

    Why all of a sudden this volte-face support for selling businesses to Trinidadians?
    Would you be supporting any further divestment of national assets to Trinidadians in the upcoming auction round of ‘distressed’ sales?

    You should consult with ac before responding.

  63. vincent u have a computer google. enviromental issues are one of the drivers of economies world wide issues helping to shape and redefine .across north america business have already adapted .the market for organic foods and related products is exploding leaving behind the days of bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle. unfortunately with such a wide and open market and the potential for growth barbadians insist on keeping old over new…

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