Can A Reasoned Case Be Made For The BLP's Return To Government?

Submitted by Yardbroom

Has Arthur’s BLP done enough to be returned after 5 years?

With the requisite hesitation I have headed this submission with a question mark; as it supposes there is merit in a positive or negative response. . . and so it should be.  In addressing a perceived problem – supposed dissatisfaction with the DLP Government – we must look at how we got here, here, being this administration.

The BLP was in government for about 14 years, a very long time in terms of governance for a political party in Barbados.  What caused the electorate’s rejection of them, what made a supposed disgruntled electorate and they must have been, for they overturned a BLP Government and replaced it with a DLP majority.  Were there any “major” initiatives during those 14 years like strategic thinking to re-position the Barbados economy?

I can already feel the toxicity in the air as tempers, taught, tangled and even some taciturn become fully loaded to trade blows; tarry awhile my earnest friends.  I have only asked a question, no doubt answers which are welcome, will be forthcoming.

Is the BLP offering the same as they did in the 2008 election?  Unless we re-examine what we – the electorate – did wrong and the logic would be that we did, “if” the DLP is a disappointment.  We must understand the same action under the same circumstances always gives the same result and the cycle which we abhor will lead to continued dissatisfaction.  If you throw an egg in the air it will fall to the ground, the law of gravity dictates that, but it does not dictate we should “not” catch it before it smashes into the rocks below.

You can also punish the opposition so they will not take you for granted.  They must not believe no change is required just wait 5 years.  That political continuum does not lead to a fundamental change in behaviours, because there is no incentive to change.  The operatives know they can wait, criticize the previous administration for its omissions and presto, they are in government, as sure as night follows day.

So let us drill down in determined detail to a few of the “major” issues.  CLICO, Integrity Legislation, the Economy, and Unemployment.  I will deal with Clico last.  To date they have failed to implement Integrity Legislation that is an undeniable truth.  The BLP as far as I am aware has as yet made no such promise, if they have it might only be a “whisper”.  If the DLP is removed from government, you would have done so because of what they the – DLP – have not done and the BLP will not do, up to now.  In essence the punishment you inflict will still leave us without Integrity Legislation.

Economies world wide are in difficulty , “hard times” have impacted on Governments with the malevolence of a Dickensian character.  Our major tourist market the UK is having difficulties and unless we can diversify we will have hardships until the UK’s economy improves.  We are in for a lean time it matters not BLP or DLP.  A foretaste of possible things to come were pictures of young men lazing under the trees in Brittons Hill, idyllic, but the trust of the article was crime in the area in recent years.

Unemployment has been a problem for successive Governments in Barbados and it is difficult to crack.  Years ago there were avenues to the UK, Canada and the USA, times have changed and these are choked off.  I recall prior to the last general election rumour was that “BUSH WACKERS” were being given to boys on the block; after 14 years in Government, was that the solution to a major problem?

Successive governments have concentrated on the big idea with mega dollars, but no effort is concentrated on a variety of sustainable small ideas that would bring work to the young unemployed in Barbados…a serious failing.  We can see the future through what has happened to St Lawrence Gap, if those in the know are to be believed it has become a tired place, populated in the darkness hours by some who think tourists have travelled thousands of miles to smoke a joint in Barbados, which they are willing to provide.  There is a connection to Brittons Hill.  Young people need to be employed it gives them hope for the future.

CLICO, before the last general election there was talk of Hardwood, The New Prison, Bridge Construction, Bolt, a cheque and numerous other rumoured truths and half truths such as Dollars Barbadian or American.  CLICO it is true is more “concrete” and many have lost money, often those in their evening years, when they can least able to do so.  I cannot with any credibility duck it and I do not intend to do so.  It is a problem that has to and must be solved.  It matters not where it started, the DLP Government must get to grips with it.

When you nail down the issues to some sort of analysis, without using buzz words for effect or to get a reaction the problems become more digestible and easier to understand.

Ultimately some will say they would rather the BLP than the DLP, that is what democracy is about, the freedom to choose as you wish.  However, a valid question is what are you going to change and what do you “expect” this change to bring about in Government behaviours, that would make Barbados a better place for us today.  Perhaps more importantly how will this change impact on the youth of Barbados, in say the next twenty five years and beyond.  It is the youth under the trees in Brittons Hill and other such environs which will decide the type of society we have in Barbados in the future.  The party that has the foresight to tackle that problem head-on will leave a legacy to be cherished by all Barbadians, because failure is not a tenable alternative. . . .please don’t tell me BUSH WACKERS will do it, they will not.

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  1. After 14 years, just before the last election, Arthur invited the media to a pure Public Relations event and talked about planting more food. He did not do that in Sep 1994 but in 2007- Pure politics.

  2. On the point of restructuring agriculture to expand local food production, the fact that Dr. David Estwick now has to lead this fight after Owen Arthur sat on his butt and did nothing for 14 years is proof enough of Arthur’s INERTIA and failure to restructure the economy while he was pocketing cheques.
    The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
    Why is it so hard for BLP yardfowls to admit Arthur’s obvious failings at a time when the global economy was booming?

  3. Somehow and knowingly everyday,
    Good hard earned tax payer’s money…
    Being whittled loosely away.
    While those who ‘don’t really seem to matter’,
    Must work really hard for theirs.

    We hear of pecuniary transfers
    And swaps of the pejorative kind,
    Poor quality drug replacements,
    Escalated fees and taxes, fines,
    We are all but left to wonder,
    For whom next the bell chimes.

  4. @!
    With this all reality, its hard to fake a smile
    Not with gasoline’s escalated prices,
    And we fighting like hell to keep our rides.
    The standard of living in Barbados,
    Has sadly taken a dive,
    No one dare says otherwise.

  5. I would love my BLP party to return to office under the leadership of the Great Owen Arthur.

    However, my major concerns are these :

    1. Why has my leader Mr. Arthur THREATENED to summon a meeting of the PAC on the Bridgetown Marina and backed down after Chris Sinckler told him to walk with the file about start up of the project ?

    2. Why has my leader Mr. Arthur BOASTED about chasing the IMF from around him in 1994 , but now in 2012 tell the DEMS to bring back the IMF ?

    3. Why has my leader Mr. Arthur REFUSED to call on the DEMS to pay Al Barack his money ?

    4. Why has my leader Mr. Arthur KEPT SILENT on the fact that Mr. Cozier was given commercial land at a price that would paid for agricultural land, during the last BLP administration ?

  6. People can stop wondering if QE3, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s latest effort to “do more”, will work. It has already failed.

    The futility of QE3 was made clear by the financial markets’ reaction to the Fed’s announcement. The Real Dow, which is the Dow Jones Industrial Average divided by the price of gold, actually fell by 0.65% on September 13, the day that QE3 was announced. While the Dow gained 1.6% on the day, gold went up by 2.2%. In real terms, QE3 made the economic outlook worse, not better.
    The historical record is clear. Prosperity (including strong growth in real GDP, total employment, and real wages) occurs only during periods when the Real Dow is rising.

    The Real Dow rose during the 1950s and 1960s, plunged during the 1970s, soared during the 1980s and 1990s, and plunged again in the 2000s. It has fallen even further recently, including by 16.0% since the start of President Obama’s so-called “economic recovery”.

    The fact that good times are always accompanied by a rising Real Dow is no coincidence. Prosperity results from rising real capital employed per capita and per worker. The Real Dow is a measure of the relative attractiveness of investing in productive, “risk” assets vs. capital-preserving “safe” assets. Let now monkey lackeys in Barbados, tell you otherwise……

  7. Promises Promises Promises
    This DLP party is full of unkept promise, I don’t even want to think that they were just wanted to fool the voting public. One does not have to go back through the number of unkept, unrealistic promises, the DLP brought in 2008, just look how they have raised the stake on this type of promise. A new hospital ($800 million) a new waste disposal dump ( $ 800 million) a new sugar factory ($ 400 miliom a new cruise terminal U S $ stage one $ 200 million ) Bajans will be very stupid to be folled a second time.

  8. Many forget how Owen Osseymore Authur helped destroy jamaica, the average bajan voter is easily conned hopefully not this time. Fuh gudness sake, sardines and sodabix!?!And they let him run this country for fifteen years, my saviour, come for yah world!

    The man rode on sandifords responsible decision to send home government workers. It was painful for those workers yes, but it saved barbados from a devaluation, a devalued dollar would have made barbados even worst than those sackings. Only export heavy countries benifit from a monetary devaluation, like what trinidad did that under Eric Williams in the late 60’s and eighties to keep parity with trade partners. Guess what folks from the sandiford era till now Barbados is not a big export country.

    Owen Authur is a showman , a cheap magician. What was his legacy as Chief Economic Planner in jamaica in the seventies? Poverty. Jamaica has a huge endemic problem of poverty , which leads to social breakdown thus you have it’s drug culture and wutless dancehall culture which is fed with mothers milk to our youth. The man almost Jamaicanize Barbados and that isn’t a funny thing.

    Selling strategic assets, setting up a poor rakey stock market where local companies are picked off by outside competitors, subsidising failiure and mediocrity, heavy borrowing, decline of QEH, GEMS debacle. Stupes

    The man presided over three downgrades in his 14 cursed years as a blight on the seat of Prime Minister of Barbados and cheers with glee when DLP inflicts another one on we, but he cyan do nuh betta. Those 14 years were akin to the roaring 20’s before the great depression, boom years. Authur had nothing to do with it , we now realise. Yet 3 downgrades occured under authur in those boom years , three!!

    People got jobs but how, by swelling the public sector, with freinds, family and girlfriends or boyfriends(gay or hetero).

    Then to pay for all of that he VAT we. Every smart economist knows a country with VAT is a red flag. A government that impliments VAT is essentially taxing sales, why cause they have a revenue problem. Without VAT they cannot pay their bills. VAT is an extortionary tax which is so evil children and ol granns don’t escape it,
    everyone has to pay it everytime they make a purchase. That VAT was also the other thing that saved Owen it has put millions in governments coffers , and as alluded by others corrupt politicians and businesses pockets who horde it instead of paying it in.

    So Nuhbody cyan get me to vote fuh Osseymore, de man has done a number on ignorant bajans who only see the glitter but don’t ask who and how will it be paid. Barbados prosperity in his rule was a lucky coincidence. What really did it was we bajan people hard work and our tourism product. If we cyan open we eyes and see and remember de wickedness this man is capable of and vote fuh a Blp lead by him, we deserve to suck salt.

    Niether is the Dlp deserving either, emagin they took the goodwill of the
    people and trample all over it in the 4 years 9 months they were in office.CLICO, community councils, more VAT. The list goes on but I’ve run out OF time

    Niether party deserves a vote! Whole bunch of lawyers!! My advice to people, stop looking to politicians to do any good and try and do it yourself, or even get involved in politics yourself and try to make a difference, love thy neighbour as you love thyself, cause alot ah them politicians certainly don’t love we, they just like to teif from we.

  9. @ Mr. Professional
    Niether party deserves a vote! Whole bunch of lawyers!! My advice to people, stop looking to politicians to do any good and try and do it yourself, or even get involved in politics yourself and try to make a difference,
    Having read your sub. I wonder what your are professional at….”No. 1 in the … Cherry business” comes to mind. However, suppose we took your fugue advise to task….how will we form a Govt? How will we go forward? Think of these things Mr.Ms. Professional before doing a Sandi Shuffle down the Parliament steps due to a Rambo legerdemain and being katspraddled.

  10. Hi David of BU,

    The picture of the gentle next to the article at the top of this page….is that the Owen Arthur who is known to depositing the BLP campaign funds into his personal bank accounts ?

    Why does he want to be PM again….to continue doing the same ?

    Well i was told Barbadians are 99% LITERATE…..thank goodness for that !

  11. @ old onion bags
    Don’t get me wrong, I know there has to be a government. But neither party deserves it. The electorate will decide one way or another, most people are fed up.

  12. You DLP monikers that changing name so readily, in full view of David, not fooling a soul….What would be really nice… is for you to TELL your Cmdr. Chief to put this county’s future FOREMOST…Can’t you see the chaos and breaking down of law and order (cutlass attck, Transport Board, attmpt bank robberies) being occasioned…as people see the country is drifting aimlessly…CALL THE ELECTIONS man,…. and put the country’s welfare FIRST….this is not about holding on til the last tether and sinew anymore…not about the DLP of past…ITS TIME

  13. The people who are fed up are mostly people who allowed the DLP to fool them and now in shame they are saying that neither party deserves the vote–Nonsense !!! These people are just shame and to balance themselves they display a kind of behaviour, Bite the bullet , admit that you made a mistake in (19-2008 ) yes (19-2008) and correct the mistake in 2013. Dont pretend , it is either the BLP or the DLP to select from–simple—VOTE BLP

  14. Corr; not about the DLP or BLP…..ITS TIME TO LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE…..Ac the now “visitor”. what will it take? This is not what we are accustomed….Barbados is known international for its DEMOCRACY…..not a BEN HUR.

  15. OSA “just a poor rakey politician looking to build a legacy one which he was incapable of accomplishing while as leader leaving parliament a bitter and defeated man. now his main intent is to regain leadership and recapture the glory days hopingto leave office with a stamp of appprval by all and prove his dissedents wrong here is a man who lied when he said that he was done with political life but now gunho on getting a second bite at the apple to prove others wrong LIAR

  16. @ ac
    You don’t mind all your hallucination and visions…just tell bossman to CALL ELECTIONS and LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE…This is not about YOU…

    on another matter are we not to hear something from the Waterman Inq, tomorrow the 21st ?…just digressing…lol

  17. I still insist that this westminster style form of government which we have adopted is now failing Barbados and our Caricom brethren.Take a look at whats happening in Trinidad and Guyana in particular.You want more naked power grabbing and corruption than what passes for governance in these 2 caricom states?These caricom states are becoming breeding grounds for revolutionary changes in our system of governance, and for accountability of the people’s taxes.It seems to me we have more brain dead leaders than this time last year.

  18. @ Royalrumble
    No Lot of long talk, just call the election.
    Man the D’s in hay so frighten…they rather talk bout anything….anything else ..but dat……and nuff long talk…LOL

  19. The Cabinet is inept, ignorant (or both). After 4+ years in government it is unthinkable that they would approve that ‘land swap’ Cabinet Paper absent of comments from the TPD and EPD. What is even worse is that the Minister responsible for Planning (often referred to as bright) does not understand what constitutes development under the Town Planning Act. This is not just about bad policy, but also a lack of understanding of how government functions and the responsibility of departments under Ministers’ portfolios.

    • Enuff

      You keep coming back to what I have been saying for a long time: the DLP had a plan to win the election, but had absolutely no plan how to govern this country once they had taken over. They did not equip themselves by learning what and how to do things even after they had been elected. They make too many elementary mistakes.

  20. @ Enuff | September 21, 2012 at 3:12 PM |

    Your comments are understood and noted. However, you have not mentioned the role of the senior technocrats and PS who would have had to make significant input into the preparation of the Cabinet paper for such a major sensitive decision.

    Or should we conclude that these professionals and senior bureaucrats behaved like timid mice and allowed the Minister to ride rough shod over all technical considerations?

    • Miller

      You are spot on with your question. As soon as some of them become responsible for a particular portfolio, they become experts and do not seek advice. Somehow they become all-knowing.

      Within Weekes of being assigned to a minister, a permanent secretary was transferred, at the request of the minister, simply because the PS tried to explain the boundaries to the minister.

  21. I shall chuck Yardie’s question in reverse and challenge any DLP ant or stalwart to provide ( or list )all those things the DLP has done on record to deserve a SECOND TERM…..Can a case be made for the DLP to deserve another FIVE YEARS???…..Show us !…

  22. @Enuff
    It was no guess work that EWB’s mantra was the development of Barbados and Barbadians.How many know that in 1986 EWB had employed a High Performance Manager and gave him an office at Bay Street and that his duties included training ministers and setting standards of performance for them and further, 6 of them failed to reach the desired standard and were summoned to see the skipper on the way forward and out of the cabinet,but death laid his icy hand on the skipper and those under performers got away to serve the next lord who did not fit the bill of giving and taking but became of the lord of the rings and lost the toss in ’94 only to be banished to the court of mao tse tung.
    Did not a blogger suggest a financial controller of billions of dollars only able to muster 26 in maths in an exam?

  23. @ Gabriel Tackle
    Come cleaner than dat…..ya Sinkin er too early…only 26? Ya mean only 16 cuz you duz get 10 marks for spelling your name write….

  24. @ Miller
    Wasn’t it said that they frustrated many Permanent Secretaries with their know-it-all attitude? If true one can understand the foul ups, bleeps and blunders.

    @ Gabriel
    I am sure I heard Dr. Don Marshall on radio this week arguing that he now understands in hindsight the value and purpose of Arthur’s politics of inclusion and use of Consultants. He said that this government depends too heavily on PS and civil servants for the implementation of their policies, whilst OSA used a cadre of professionals (consultants?) within the PM’s office to focus on policy implementation. This reliance he noted was experienced while Chairman of both the SSA and BIDC.

    Whether true or not, there is a need for business facilitation and policy implementation units at the heart of government activity. Public sector reform will not happen overnight and therefore the government must be creative and find ways to avoid relying on civil servants.

    • Enuff

      If what you are saying about Dr. Don Marshall is correct, I can only come to the conclusion that he is too simplistic in his analysis. Arthur’s appointment of consultants was merely a way of rewarding his friends and supporters and paying them out of public funds.

      This Government’s reliance on permanent secretaries and civil servants is the appropriate thing to do. Unfortunately, the quality of advice coming from the civil service is suspect because of political interference in the appointment of the same civil servants. The politicians manoeuvre their friends and supporters into senior post in the civil service who can’t get the job done.

      We now have a cabinet of mostly square pegs who facilitate the appointment of more square pegs in the round holes of civil service posts. That is the main reason for the poor state of governance in this country.

      Arthur’s politics of inclusion did not enhance the civil service in any way nor was it so intended: his intentions were solely to decimate the ranks of the DLP. He gave them offers that they found hard to refuse because most of them were in financial difficulties. Put another way, he bought them but they only stayed bought as long as he was in power.

  25. Caswell,
    The impression I get is that most of these PS’ are fed up with the DLP know it all ministers. They do not listen to the advice given and so the impression i get is that the PS’ have left them to their own devices.

    • Prodigal Son

      You are speaking of the few competent ones who merited their appointments. The other political ones would love to help the Government but they were not appointed for their ability to do the job so they are not much help if any.

  26. Can anyone tell me what really is the role of these constituency councils?

    I saw Peter Barrow (I thought he was no longer a Dem) on my TV on Thursday night giving money to a primary school to buy school items for children. I have no problem with helping out schools. I worked tiredlessly for PTA’s whilst my children were in school raising funds for the less privileged.

    But how can they justify taking taxpayers money and just using it willy nilly? Now I am hearing that the football tournament in the name of the dead king is going on again? My goodness! There was also a report that a constituency council paid funeral expences for someone.

    We all knew that these councils were going to be slush funds for the Dems to do as they like, accountable to no man and it has come true!

  27. The people on this blog know too mcuh and talk too much. They all should be out there doing what Eric Sealy used to do but No !!!!!
    They are all realted to TC (the calypsonian)
    They are Cowards.
    Caswell Coward
    Onions Coward
    Prodigal Coward
    Gabrielle Coward
    ………………………………and all the rest
    No BAFBFP, you did not make the cut this time

  28. @ Just Askin
    What ails you laddy?…..Time to put down D white rum man…..drink coke


    I shall chuck Yardie’s SUBMISSION question IN REVERSE and challenge any DLP rant or stalwart to provide to us all those things the DLP has done on record to deserve a SECOND TERM…..”Can a case be made for the DLP to deserve another FIVE YEARS???”…..COME FORWARD ac, clone ! ccc ….( seeing you are not members of TC family)…….WHAT HAS THIS NOBEL GOVT DONE TO DESERVE A SECOND TERM?

  30. onions i have challenged you to tell me what will the BLP do to correct all the damage inflicted on the economy during their reign btw many stalwarts have answered your repeated challenges already ..

  31. @ ac
    “onions i have challenged you to tell me what will the BLP do…”
    ….and I have told you time and time again, we are not in the business “of selling guns to indians”……IF YOU HAVE NO ANSWER ..just say so because we all know the answer…lol

  32. Hi old onion bags,
    In making a FAIR assessment of performance when judging a Government of 14 plus years and one of 4 years. It does not take any serious analysis to deduce that the former had an opportunity to build a firm foundation, consolidate, then implement strategic plans for the future.

    If the BLP did that and handed to this DLP Government a surplus in reserves with no indebtedness; then you could say they handed over success.

    However, if the DLP has to lay a foundation at a time of international economic turmoil, most fair minded citizens would say they deserve another term. I say this without wearing a Party hat.

    It is not enough to just critize a government, you should be able to explain what you did in the recent past and what you hope to do for the future; which is different from your last term in office, because after that term, you were soundly rejected.

    Repeating “mantra” like, call the election! makes no sense, because it is “hollow”. You should know the DLP Government like other governments before, will call an election when they believe the time is right for them. . . . that is how our democracy works.

  33. “Hi old onion bags,
    In making a FAIR assessment of performance when judging a Government of 14 plus years and one of 4 years. It does ”
    The first 5 years were spent reparing the DAMAGE done by the Sandiford Government and DLP foolishness particulary between 1987 and 1994—-7 years of nonsense from the DLP who should have remained in opposition for 30 years minimum.

    Owen Arthur and the BLP had to RESCUE Barbados from the deepest and darkest hole in the political history of this country.

    There was simply no reason to change the Government in 2008—NONE whatsoever. For a man to fufill his boyhood dreams of becoming Prime Minister, the DLP told lies on top of lies , got in bed (literally) with CLICO who financed their campaign with full paid ads and concerts , broke the law with respect to the Billboards and convinced those who felt that to allow Owen Arthur a fourth term would make him stastically better than Errol Barrow that the Government should be changed. People like Harold Hoyte!

    Owen Arthur a man who gets things done and who is a man of the people has been accused of all sorts of things but when Owen was Prime Minister, things worked but people who are blinded by naked greed and seeing their political party the DLP in power regardless of what happens to the country continue to talk crap altjough that they know within their hearts the truth and that this DLP Government is headless and bottomless.

    BLP = 29 SEATS
    DLP = 0 SEATS

  34. Please note that I am not a member of any politcal party . I am an independent who supports an opinion formed from observation and sensitivity to the issues around me.

    For me to see things the way as an independent actually says a lot about the situation. I have no axe to grind so what I am saying would have to be true!-Simple !

  35. @ Yardbroom
    Noble Knight without a party hat indeed!….To come first up.. to accept the gauntlet occasions a manly bow deserving of a Sir Lancenot. But with all brevity…. TRUE though we cannot compare 14 years to 5..still (mantra or none), one would expect some startling (signs) of progress…..Has the DLP for instance, anything to show in the ways of capital assets, ma Laud? Surely after a spend of $5 billion…is deserving of at least a few? Reality is, we hear of a ‘medley’ road works of the round-a-bout kind….a $245,000 stainless steel sign….How can one account for these monies spent? Where is their strategic overall plan? Don’t tell me about MTFP….that been pillared by international agencies as non engaging…. A hard ask indeed.

    You speak of
    “If the BLP did that and handed to this DLP Government a surplus in reserves with no indebtedness; then you could say they handed over success.”……

    Now Knight you have overshot the rampart by a length and landed if I may dear say in our Oubliette. How could you ask be reasonable? Debt for Capital Assets…..worth more in time than presently paid..when applying present valves and amortization schedules. Have you never heard”it is wise to occasion smart debt.” Principles engaged while building The Mecca
    the ABC Highway, Dodds, and the metropolitan our Supreme Law Courts. Surely now we can disregard this jesty ask.

    {snip}….”However, if the DLP has to lay a foundation at a time of international economic turmoil, most fair minded citizens would say they deserve another term. I say this without wearing a Party hat.”…….

    Are you here saying the BLP never found themselves in a recession? I hope not. The BLP saw its way thru two recessions and at both times came out magnanimous….We did not used the opportunity to wine n dine…and then’ wine’ about how hard times were… and the now overused word “Global Recession “. No Sir Lance…we got down in the trenches and fought off the enemy from the crenelations… and the country came out the better for it.

    You see Sir Lance…we mean business and not Latin words of macrame multifarious….or boggling teachers to oblivium…to waste time or wind.

    Good Knight I fore bade you..

  36. @ Yardbroom | September 22, 2012 at 8:08 AM |

    So the electorate should give the DLP another term? To do what?
    Implement Integrity legislation & FOI Act within 100 days of returning to office?
    Resuscitate the sugar industry within 100 days before it breathes it last breath?
    Cut down on the food import bill by 50 % within 100 days of return to office?
    Stop the sale of land to foreigners within 100 days?
    Restart the Four Seasons within 5 days?
    Reopen the 36 hotels closed within the last 2 years?
    Build a hospital, the Pierhead marina, the cruise terminal and a WTE plant within 1 year of returning to office?

    The DLP claimed that the economy under the BLP was badly managed and in dire straits and sorely in need of DLP tender loving care. So how can they expect to be handed a government firing on all cylinders, free of debt with the Treasury overflowing with money and foreign reserves to make Singapore look like Barbados of 1992.
    Why make those promises in the DLP January 2008 DLP manifesto of lies to the electorate if the country was in such a bad social and economic shape.
    Liars, Yardbroom, hardly change (ask ac) and the electorate is not prepared to take that chance in these very challenging times. We would rather deal with the little crooks than the big liars.

    “One Bad Term Does Not Deserve Another”!

  37. Oh Yes Good Knight ……I forgot to add that one ac…she is bare jettison ..deserving of The Rack…..a true harangue…I dare say….should be thrown from the Crenels or Donjons ….for the crocodiles… a nuttin meal indeed……lol

  38. It is about time to ignore onions he keeps spinning his wheels and chasing his tail like a dog taken to full flight redundancy at best perception at worst unable to get the job done he was sent to do in getting the PM to call the election nothing that the DLP has done in four years he would acknoweldge too busy spinning upside down while he tries to catch his tail

  39. Hi old onion bags
    First, ac is woman enough to defend “her” corner and I am sure in due course she will do just that. In the same way that JUST ASKING will, after he asserts the electorate was wrong to vote against the BLP in 2008. You/he can blame the electorate as much as you wish, tell them how wrong they were but that is the system we have “DEMOCRACY”. Perhaps they will be wrong again in the next election but that is the reality of our system. . . . sorry but the common people can exercise their rights.

    Some, perhaps not you find it difficult to believe that someone could at a given time support one party over another without being a member in my instance that is true but you will not believe it.
    There are “major” problems in the governance of Barbados that both partys have failed to tackle because of a lack of will. There is a permanent under-class that is never noticed until elections it is that underclass that will eventually flip the cake over.

  40. @Miller
    Amen to that.Lies,deceit,rumour mongering,dishonesty,contemptuousness and all such improper motives have followed the dead king and will be his legacy.EWB was an admirable leader and so one thought his successor would follow in his footsteps.How disappointing after hearing his constant reference to a St John development plan in 1987 time and again and to this day,no such plan has seen the light of day.Again all and sundry were invited to Queens Park to hear the content of the secret document OSA signed with the IMF.We still waiting for that ammunition.So the dead king has gone and a buffoon has taken his place carrying on the same lies,deceit,rumour mongering,dishonesty and contempt for the electorate.The DLP seem hell bent on destroying itself by its current non stellar performance.

  41. Come on Onions , cut the crap
    Talk Bajan
    what crap is this ?
    Oh Yes Good Knight ……I forgot to add that one ac…she is bare jettison ..deserving of The Rack…..a true harangue…I

  42. The people on this blog know too much and talk too much. They all should be out there doing what Eric Sealy used to do but No !!!!!
    They are all realted to TC (the calypsonian)
    They are Cowards.
    Caswell Coward
    Onions Coward
    Prodigal Coward
    Gabrielle Coward
    Yard ‘Broom’ Coward
    Miller ‘Ann’ Coward
    A C = A. Coward
    Simon Coward
    Sargeant Coward
    Bush ‘Tea’ Coward
    E ‘Nuff’ Coward
    and the biggest of them all, the king of them all and of all he surveys-hiding behind a Blog
    ‘King’ of the Cowards
    David ‘King’ Coward
    LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LO LO lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lo lo lo l l l l – – – -. . . .

  43. So wait JUST ASKIN….. you ent a COWARD TOO?…..Unless your real name is Justin Asking…

  44. @ ac
    Don’t mind onions,he was sent in on getting the PM to call the election nothing that the DLP has done in four years he would acknoweldge
    *********************** SUCH AS????? A quien solo….por favor
    You turn babes…tell us what good the DLP has done….39 hotels shut down,…13 entertainment and tourist attractions like Graeme Hall and Sea world, Bajan Helicopters etc gone belly up…TELL US AC SOME OF THESE TINGS THE DLP DID…we await….artful dodger

  45. Hi Yardbroom
    The reason why the electorate chose to make a change was because they were deceived by this administration into thinking the DLP had a better plan and were spotty-less clean of taking any of CLICO gallows bait money…NOW THEY KNOW DIFFERENT…millions of dollars different…

    Its a case of a Master Plan of Deception which after gaining power were at loss as to what to do, and how to do it… the tides will turn…..and night has turned to day….sweet life don’t last forever…DEM GONE !

  46. ” It does not take any serious analysis to deduce that the former had an opportunity to build a firm foundation, consolidate, then implement strategic plans for the future.If the BLP did that and handed to this DLP Government a surplus in reserves with no indebtedness; then you could say they handed over success.”


  47. onions you just like your leader is a master of deception. By any chance do you remember any of the business that went belly up under OSA in times of plenty and by any chance do you know of any business that never went belly up. andmust the govt be blamed for their management or lack of and how about the many others that are still standing,

  48. @ ac
    Unemployment jumping from 6% to 13 % in four years…..Knights Ltd , Ideal Stationery and many long standing businesses, 42 IBC’s and 2,700 jobs gone a begging….AND THERE IS MORE…

  49. @ onions

    I can remind you of five magnificent things the DLP did during the last four years:

    1. $250,000 for a road sign, and when asked to comment on the cost or whether a sign could not have been done locally at a lower cost, Denis Kellman reminded all and sundry that it is the civil servants (and not cabinet ministers) who are responsible for making such decisions. Therefore, based on that statement, I concluded that all the talk about corruption and cost overruns we heard during the last election campaign, was simply not true.
    2. Outsourcing Transport Board fleet maintenance to Trans-Tech, while owing UCAL millions of dollars.
    3. A $600,000 commission into the Alexandra school.
    4. When confronted with structural issues – blame the BLP
    5. When confronted with economical issues – blame the recession.

  50. @Artaxerxes
    …there is more MUCH MORE
    1. Road Taxes jumping from basic $ 265 – $400….to a max $3,500.
    2.Drivers licenses increase by 100%
    3.Land Taxes increase by 40 -60 %
    4. Water Rates increase by 60%
    5. BL &P sold to EMERA (canada)
    6.Travel and Entertainment Allowance no more..
    7.VAT increase 2.5%
    AND THERE IS MORE…….tag anybody lemme catch ma breath..

  51. The PNP won in Jamaica because of the COKE issue the people were saying that the JLP did not know what they were doing.

    The PNP said they would renegotiate the Debt with the IMF. They were voted in and now the IMF is not interested in renegotiating debt they are about hardships for the people. PNP supporters are saying that things are harder.

    In today’s Nation newspaper the Finance Minister Phillips said he is going to lay off 3000 civil servants in the first instance to cut the wage bill.
    That is the hard reality facing the new government in Jamaica.
    It will be the same thing if the BLP wins.

    Enuff have the gall to say that the BLP will tell the people what mess they found, well that is already known by the people. That lame excuse

  52. @ ac
    Ya gone…doan RUN YET….I now ready with THE BLUNDERS…..Ya ready?
    Whaloss…Let we start wid the most recent and back back…lol
    1. Land for DUMP swap.
    2. UWI back pedal….(ent done yet.)
    3.Blackette owning up of false promises given.
    4.AG. back pedal on overly taking of NIS ded.
    5. Kellman plans to re-activate manuf. in 8 months.
    6. Alexandra fiasco (WIP) huff stages
    7.Deloitte missing document…drop off
    8. MOF plan to payoff Barrack by June 2012
    9.Gymnasium fiasco with the ambassador from China.
    10.Redjet unkept promise..leading to demise
    11. The Myrie mandingo
    AND THERE ARE MORE….WE AINT DONE YET….(tag somebody)

  53. Clone
    You could really go and lie down……you all not tired with that ONE…FEAR TACTICS will not win this elections…BRING ISSUES…….LAY OFF WORKERS WHAT… that really all you got… LIES?

  54. @ Onions

    this blog asks if a reasoned case can be made for the BLP’s return to government. I wonder if the transcript of a public lecture delivered on the 25 February, 2010 to the Young Economist Association of the University of the West Indies might answer the question?

    The lecture was titled “Transforming the Barbados Economy in the Age of Liberalisation”.

  55. @ Ping Pong
    Since then we have FLIPPED the Script…. We now answering.” IS there any Reasonable Case for Re-Electing the DLP.”…..So far the answers point to an RESOUNDING…….No NO No and NO

  56. @ Clone

    You do not have any evidence to support your claim that the BLP will lay-off civil servants if they are elected to office in the next general elections, only what you heard from Sinckler about the secret meeting at the UWI.

    It would be down-right stupidity for any political party who is desirous of wining an election and forming the government, especially in the present economic climate, to go on a campaign trail and suggest that they will lay-off civil servants. Let common-sense prevail Clone, not even the Bridgetown character Ninja man would do it.

    The DLP has been grand standing, while saying that they will not lay-off civil servants, however, the reality of the situation is that have not done so because of their love for people, but because if they did, they will certainly lose the election, as was proven when Sandiford did it. They do not want to go there again, because if they do, they will be in the opposition for at least 20 years.

  57. Speech or no speech….The DLP only knows one way..TAXES…all that is double dutch to these FARMERS of raking in CASH….
    Life on Farmville

    Farmer Brown inherited a thriving farm from a noble benefactor. Brown was elated. His pigs were plump and healthy.Hens laying eggs by the droves.Living in the barn was a wise old owl called Olie.He also had geese, ducks and a team of work horses, he called Taxes. Taxes was a robust five horse team that worked day and night if asked never refusing Farmer Brown’s ask. Farmville was so lovely a sight to see, that it became a tourist attraction, with visitors paying good money to see the geese and sheep n hens do their thing. money was flowing….
    All in all life on Farmville was sweet. Brown was most pleased and one day said “Whatever could ever go wrong on my farm, I say to you come, for you shall be punished with laughter, or your mountain I shall give way to my mice.” Oh what a mistake that turned out to be as the Sun Goddess Ula heard foolish Farmer Brown challenge. So too did wise owl Owlie in the barn and he was astound.

    Next day Ula decided not to look the way of Farmville, instead the Rain Goddess Ravish saw this opportunity to open the flood gates on the fields below. It rained for two days non stop and Farmville turn almost to a sponge. None of the visitors accustomed visiting could no longer make the trip and Farmville was losing money. Farmer Brown knowing this, the next day woke up the team of work horses Taxes, and said somebody got to pay for this, and with that he drove them into the fields to do some most onerous work.
    Wise owl Olie saw what had happened and called Farmer Brown aside and warned him of his follies. ” Brown, what kinda poppet ask you is doa? Like you wanna kill these work horses. Look that ent the problem….working Taxes so hard…you need to apologize to Ula above for your stupid ways…you is a mad man or what? Farmer Brown knowing Olie was right but being the proud pomp he was said..” I have nothing to apologize for….don’t you know who I am? I am Nero….look that up you stupid ass Bird you. With that he resumed over working Taxes, until one day the team could take no more and just so, up and dead like neblett goat..BLAm. Just picture twenty foot up in the air. Farmer Brown could not believe his eyes…sorrowful but unremorseful, he decided to hold til the sinew,… and went a bought a new tether and a accompanying new team of work horses.Wise Olie saw again and stupess…He aint listening to nobody…D same thing gine happen again…Sweet Life duz don’t Last too Long…..when your ears hard….

    You know she was right. By year end the mountain labored and gave birth to a mouse… Farmville was taken over by new owners.As to Farmer Brown, he is retired and drawing windfall cheques, smiling all the way to the bank every month…..says he may even visit China with dat bread…

  58. @ David
    Your argument about ‘boom’ years and unemployment rates in Barbados hold little if any water. Please note that the period 1997-199 saw an Asian crisis that spread to the Americas. While Barbados may have been doing well, several of the countries in the Americas were reeling. Then came the heavy impacts of the WTO and the removal of preferences, again Barbados rode the waves. By 2001 and the immediate years following, there was 9/11 followed up by the war on terror. Several proactive measures had to be taken and yet again Barbados emerged above the troughs. Now in conceding that the recessionary period since 2008 has been lengthy and onerous, it would be fair to say that Barbados has not always responded with the necessary alacrity or timeliness in warding off the negatives. To use unemployment as the pivot, I will contend with you that the trend of low unemployment was enduring throughout the passage of the BLP. Please also note that when the rate did dip under 6.5 % and as you want to say during the boom and the world cup, the DEMS and some Barbadians, and I daresay many of the BU family were complaining of the huge amounts of CARICOM nationals (mostly from Guyana) gaining employment in Barbados. Hence, I shall conclude that your representation of the facts are very misleading and the empirical evidence would not be kind to your arguments or conclusions. The DEMS have failed Barbados and its society and it is fair game to say that in no uncertain terms. Enough said (for the time being)!

    • @George

      Did you read what was written? BU challenges the 6/7% unemployment number which is always used as the key performance indicator. It was driven by CWC, that is a fact. Two years later it was up to 10%. Whether you chose to admit it or not the BLP ruled Barbados in the period which the world has labeled the boom years. That is until 2008.

  59. Onions gone run whay all that chalkboard onsense you put up there don;t frightened the DLP stalwarts we know better fact is that THE BLP left an insurmountable debt which had to be taken care of plus plenty of problems which has caused the present govt plenty of money to resolve. like barrack the debt statred out at around 34 million left unattended and stalled at the hands of the BLP_ the CLICO mess also left unattended and in the end gonna cost the taxpayers millions of dollars when resolved. the AX matter left unattended and has cost the present govt and taxpayers 68 thousand dollars all these fires started and continued under the BLP and motormouth snake oil salesman OSA who tries to hide and distance himself from these problems for sure if govt is a continum this DLP govt has spent four years continually finding ways to CLEAN UP THE BLP MESS> however it also found ways to keep the country from falling off the cliff that it found itself on in 2008. onions you could keep pointing out evry thing but i will continue to place all the negative fall out on the doorsteps of OSA and the BLP government for their squandering of the taxpayers money and their refusal in laying a strong foundation for the economy of barbados so you keep asking and i will keep repeating , The BLP fell SHORT !

  60. and the fact is that with election coming and the BLP asking to “CALL ELECTION NOW” like it is a barnum and bailey circus magician OSA haven’t said a word about how he gonna clean up the mess just believing he gonna get a free pass into parliament as of now oSA history in the past four years of showing up and representing his constituents have been a dismal failure yet he wants to become PM a job that is mandatory this guy his a real joker and knows good well how to distance himself from just about everything even from the job he supposed to do.

  61. My post was used to bring to your attention the predicament Jamaica is now facing after the opposition campaigned that they could have corrected the problems in the economy.

    The BLP is now doing that by promising all this stimulus to get the economy going. The world economy is now responding favorably to all the stimuli it is getting. Therefore Owen Arthur is fooling himself in saying he will borrow money to pay the CLICO policy holders so that they would put that money back into the economy is another fairy tale. He does not have the room to borrow that money or he will again be leaving our great grandchildren in even more debt.

    By the way here is a quote from Dr.Tennyson Joseph from the hill about our university economic graduates taught by the likes of Mascoll et al, “Today’s graduates of economics is typically a quantitative econometrician train to measure, not to think”
    Now you see why the government had to speak about Barbados NOT only an economy but a society and Mascoll can’t understand that.

  62. look onions wunna had fourteen longggggggggggygggg years , in which the streets flood./ water problems . road signs , transportation . school need funding and repair QEH falling in debt govt took over. gems . VESco . Hardwood. three downgrades. and more . i meaning good grief and in times of plenty then left a measly 2billion in the coffers . what de hell the BLP did with all that money can you onions say.

  63. @ Ac
    onions you could keep pointing out evry thing but i will continue to place all the negative fall out on the doorsteps of OSA and the BLP government for their squandering of the taxpayers money and their refusal in laying a strong foundation for the economy of barbados so you keep asking and i will keep repeating.
    You see what we mean……don’t care how hard the mountain labors….the result are the same….a hard ears mouse….You ac..
    ..then I have no recourse but to beckon Owlie in Farmville…..what kinda poppet ask you are?….You will never listen …even on elections morn your ask will be the same…..unchangeable so i ain’t wasting any more time on you… you are a lost cause….

  64. Can A Reasoned Case Be Made For The BLP’s Return To Government? HELL NO!

    Owen calling for election every day but no one else is no one is calling for his return to office either apart from the known BLPee yardfowls.
    Settle down OSA fire a couple grogs you accustom to that.
    To the Dees the aerial cross over by CBC looking big city international you all get an A grade for doing so much with so little.
    Question where does a man known for beating and abusing his wife get the balls to put somebody in court?

  65. @ David
    It turns off those who live in la la land and pretend to be ‘apolitical’. The truth is that the argument is about PERFORMANCE on the whole. You can throw out the economics and the last administration still trumps the current on policy, decision making, confidence, implementation and much more. Just look at the dump fiasco, and everybody latch on to the catch phrase ‘Green Economy’ ignorant to what it fully entails.
    Take a look at the definition by UNEP:
    A green economy as one that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. In its simplest expression, a green economy can be thought of as one which is low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive.
    Here is one of the fundamental pillars of a GE according to IUCN:
    It is imperative that the green economy transition be based on strong governance principles, namely access to information, public participation and horizontal decision making – all of which are essential for a Green Economy to be equitable and effective.

    Yet we have a Cabinet approving an activity with potential environmental and health risks before the conduct of an EIA or the involvement of the community (public participation) or the Town Planning Department (horizontal decision making).

    Someone ought to notify Minister Kellman and the Bynoe man that it can not be ‘green’ if it has the potential to adversely affect the respiratory health of residents.

    • @enuff

      You are changing the argument. The response earlier was to BLPites listing businesses closed in the slow economic period, a nonsense argument to compare to times more favorable to doing business..

  66. now you onions got the nerve to come up with a laundry list of implementations that the DLP took to stop the bleeding all because of OSA high borrowing and out of control spending leaving it up to the taxpayer to repay.look when onions speak it is the same message that OSA delivers alot of soundbites and nothing for back up cause neither one of them got a survival plan never did in fourteen years and never will in this lifetime.there isa only one word OSA knows and that is “BORROWING”

    • Mascoll is given a solution. He has said we have a fiscal problem and one solution is to GROW the economy. The discussion should be, how.

  67. @ Clone
    Do you know why DLP cannot measure the results of any money injected as a stimuli?…they ain’t have none to inject..THEY BROKE as hell..not knowing where the next buck (vat) comin from….people can’t pay their vat..Do you know why?…DLP left NO MONEY TO CIRCULATE within this economy……Hence they cannot measure results of something they cannot implement…But you don’t worry breds..IMF going do you all in …and soon…then watch and see how fast Stuart going call the elections…imagine that forced to action….you tell me which is preferable….are you familiar with the term ….dead man switch? look it up.

  68. @ david

    Who is changing the conversation now? lol
    I am not denying that this is the case, BUT what does the prevailing external economic circumstances have to do with a 4 year old Cabinet getting the process of approving a Cabinet Paper wrong, or illegally appointing Arni Walters yet would want us to believe that to disburse funds to those affected by Hurricane Tomas would have been illegal without amending the Catastrophe Fund Act?

    • @Enuff

      Did the BLP bring any validation orders to parliament? If so what did it signify?

      Did the BLP went ahead with Greenland despite strong opposition?

      Was Rodney Wilkinson – Arthur is the Godfather of his children – forced to resign from HRL Board?

      Who signed the approval which gifted land to Shorey in St. James?

      The point is, we will always have issues in government to debate. This is why none of the parties can throw stones.

      If the Bagatelle deal involved White boys, not a word we would have heard.

  69. @ Anon
    Some Capital Asset that is……we had offerings of $140 Mil flyovers in 2013…lame to be settling for a WALK OVER….But there again….it personifies everything about the DLP…….retards and whimps…walkers not high flyers….Jesse James of the pensioned….Ossie Moore Parade of Blunders……precious pups to be peppered by OSA red rooster,,,go hide your faces do….

  70. Ossie Moore Parade…..bare Blunders Extraordinaire….
    1. Land for DUMP swap.
    2. UWI back pedal….(ent done yet.)
    3.Blackette owning up of false promises given.
    4.AG. back pedal on overly taking of NIS ded.
    5. Kellman plans to re-activate manuf. in 8 months.
    6. Alexandra fiasco (WIP) huff stages
    7.Deloitte missing document…drop off
    8. MOF plan to payoff Barrack by June 2012
    9.Gymnasium fiasco with the ambassador from China.
    10.Redjet unkept promise..leading to demise
    11. The Myrie mandingo
    12. Catastrophe Fund hic up
    13.NIS Fund bail bonds

  71. @ David
    If the Bagatelle deal involved White boys, not a word we would have heard.
    As if you din know who really behind El By No

    • @Onions

      Are you saying this is David Seale? If so come out and say it so that you can be challenged by all and sundry.