Call For Barbadians To Boycott The Next General Election

Submitted by People’s Democratic Congress (PDC)

The People’s Democratic Congress (PDC) will NOT be running candidates in the next general election in Barbados. As a matter of fact, the PDC has decided to BOYCOTT the next general election over the continual destruction degradation of many of our political social material and financial affairs by these ossie moore jack o lantern BLP and DLP factions.

Furthermore, what this means also is that we will NOT be VOTING in the next elections either, and we will NOT be entertaining many conversations with many people on any political electoral issues related to which party is going to so-called win the next general election; which DLP/BLP candidates are going to so-called win constituency elections either; or which numbers of seats any of those two old joke parties are going to get.

Whilst it was our intentions up to recently – some weeks ago – to run candidates in the upcoming general election, we must say that – after careful study of three (3) particular situations in Barbados – we have recently most definitively come to the above described fundamental positions, and thus have so far been letting many potential/voters know the facts surrounding these circumstances. To this end, many of them have been in agreement with our positions.

We have instead decided – from here onwards right up to the next general election – to concentrate our political efforts on strengthening the party’s political foundations politically, socially, intellectually, etc., and to focus our own abilities our dispositions on continuing to prepare for the following general election in 2016 in this country, wherefore it will be our expectation to be running a full slate of candidates. But, the fact that we will not be running candidates and voting in this upcoming election does not mean that we will not ourselves during this period be greater planning for and greater carrying out  political activity in this country. For, it is an inescapable political duty of ours – as a political party – to bring about other non-electoral political events and activities within the context of what is expected to be a heightened state and level of politics and electioneering in the country over the next couple of months.

As a result of such strategic thinking, the PDC will be holding a number of nocturnal platform meetings at various times in various places in Barbados. We will also be making sure that we continue with our public education program of making many people in Barbados become so very aware and knowledgeable of the PDC’s core political ideological objectives (the Abolition of TAXATION, Interest Rates, etc), that many of them will definitely be certifying that these kinds of objectives are implemented in this country. As well, we will be ensuring that we continue to canvass and inform many Barbadians – and of course expecting that we are canvassed and informed ourselves by some of these same people – about many of those very burning critically important issues that are in need of being addressed and resolved in this country. And furthermore we will continue to play an increasing role in raising the political ideological consciousness of many people in Barbados, among other things. So, it is very clear that our political approach to the next general election period in Barbados will involve the greater promoting, marketing and publicizing of such people centered efforts.

So, we have decided that it is far better to free ourselves for the time being from the electoral process and to instead primarily focus our political responsibilities on having greater interaction and dialogue with the people on some very fundamental issues, than be so distracted by an electoral process that NOT ONLY will see these two older outdated idiotic factions pretending to fight against each other on many absolutely frivolous and unimportant partisan issues, BUT that will  ALSO see them helping to inappropriately reduce the vast majority of people of this country to the statuses of mere bystanders and cheerleaders in a process that ought to have been involving them far more centrally profoundly intellectually politically.

Nevertheless, we are confident that by the time the next national election after this upcoming one (constitutionally due in 2017) comes about in this country, many of the facets of the ideological, political and mobilization consciousness and praxis on the part of the broad masses and middle classes would have been increased and enhanced so much so that these effects would serve to facilitate our becoming again involved in the electoral process in Barbados.

Moreover, we feel safe in the knowledge that with the DLP/BLP expected in the foreseeable future to continue celebrating and glorifying much more of the degradation, degeneration and misery that they and their cohorts have so cruelly brought to the lives of the broad masses and middle classes of people of this country, that therefore such higher levels of consciousness and praxis of these masses and middle classes will definitely emerge as a consequence thereof.

Indeed, the upcoming general election period, and the manner and mode in which the PDC will approach it politically, will be – for us – more of a test as to whether many thousands of Barbadian voters will come up with the amount of   wisdom and understanding that is necessary to demonstrate that they are able to overcome these two morally intellectually political bankrupt groups and their now accustomed adverse some incorrigible behaviors in the next 6 years, than more be about whether or not the DLP or BLP will win the majority of seats in the House of Assembly.

As well, this political election period must be seen as affording the opportunities for many a Barbadian citizen to take some steps back, have some looks at (free of active participation), reflect on and then come to the conclusions as to whether the current political electoral process is what it ought to be. Many a citizen must also see it as a time when many thousands of voters in Barbados must begin to rediscover their political souls and their inner political selves, and with greater political salvation and reinvigoration seek to free themselves from these two political monsters within the next six years. So, it is for these kinds of reasons that the PDC has started to invite such a process of national renewal and regeneration for Barbados. Certainly we hope that thousands of others in the country will do the same. For,  such a process is absolutely necessary for greater growth and development of our country.

Anyhow, the three situations that the PDC has carefully studied and that have informed our positions NOT to run candidates or vote in the next elections are:

  1. The realization that – for too long in this country – there have been political electoral recessions and reclines backwards in relationship to political campaigns about VOTING for both these corrupt BLP/DLP gangs. Such reversions, we dare say, too, are movements that have been financed by some financial corporate oligarchs in this country (by some others too from outside of Barbados too) and that have been based on the old colonial practice of encouraging greater unnecessary party tribalism and cannibalism among a rather homogenous people to the detriment of the further progress and development of this country. To counter such we have decided that from here onwards there shall be greater movement made on the PDC’s part towards building a movement of people’s support across the country for a NO VOTE CAMPAIGN UNTIL BETTER PARTIES BECOME AT THE CENTER OF MAINSTREAM POLITICS IN BARBADOS.
  2. The realization that – for too long in Barbados – minor parties have been providing candidates in an electoral voting system that has been deliberately made to disfavor the chances of these minor parties winning/getting seats in the House of Assembly, whilst tremendously favoring opportunities for the dishing out of House of Assembly seats among these two factions. Thus, each and every candidate of each and every minor party must have by now been prepared to have as a fundamental part of their and their parties political electoral campaigns and policies, firm and credible pledges and commitments made to the electorate to remove this first past the post electoral system and to replace it with a variant of the proportional representation system.
  3. The realization that – over the last 25 years or so in Barbados – each and every succeeding general election has been followed by the political financial relationships between the political oligarchs, the middle classes and the broad masses becoming worse and worse politically. Thus, general election periods in Barbados have been becoming less and less effectual and relevant as critical environments/events for dealing with serious national issues and have thus been stupidly substantially reduced to political  by the constant barrages of blatant political mind controlling hype, razzmatazz, tomfoolery, music, concerts, rumor-mongering, gossip , and by the hidden hand of political personal, corporate and familial greed, conniving, and treachery.

Minor parties must therefore in response to such declivities in the importances of general elections on the political calendar, put forward strong coherent policies and programs that will directly give greater power and authority to the broad masses and middle classes to greater determine their own material financial affairs. Minor parties must also encourage as many serious politically conscious people in Barbados to form their own people centered parties here in the country.


24 thoughts on “Call For Barbadians To Boycott The Next General Election

  1. PDC the first three sentences would have suffice it. that is where the article starts and should have ended. see you in2017 Good LUCK!

  2. If bajans reject both DLP and DLP would it mean the PDC would come to govern Barbados. We already got two evil parties, PLEASE don’t introduce more foolishness. What Barbados need is a genuine third party who will have integrity and honesty about their administration of this country, not a fantasy party like the PDC.

  3. @ PDC
    For you to have said this shows the foolishness of a “PVC”… seems like foolish talk will never end and this movement will never go anywhere….Have you not ever heard of how the democratic process ? What would you have us do ? to show your stupidity… Suppose just.suppose (extreme thinking ).. that there was to be a Collation your advice….your party could not even be considered per you all have not even the minute sense to field BUT ONE candidate…….go free Garcia….

  4. Some maybe confusing the PDC and the PEP.

    PDC is led by Mark Adamson.

    PEP is led by David Commisiong.

    Ironically the recent Cadres Poll reflects the position of PDC. There is a large group of voters who have switched off from politics and ominously are prepared to withhold their X in protest.

  5. Thanks for the clarity David..apologies to PEP.
    Seems like we have yet another cloak…sounds rather fish too… Commission.

  6. Thanks for the clarity David..apologies to PEP.
    Seems like we have yet another cloak…sounds rather fishy too… Mr. Comissiong.

  7. Ask David
    Why is the Blog dropping my letters ? Its happening tooooo regular now..and its not my keyboard….this is another computer.

    • Had a scan of the Sunday Sun today. Read Peter Simmons, Ezra Alleyne, Albert Brandford and the Big Interview which featured Redjet principals. One has to query the obvious partisan positions taken by the columnists. Let BU be hasty and suggest the Sunday Sun can recruit columnists they prefer but the public has a right to question in the same way we question the CBC and the Advocate. Even Peter Wickham served up some hogwash devoid of decent analysis. How can you say one presentation is better than the other without doing a decent comparative analysis? Remember Peter’s vocation is about quantitative analysis.

  8. The Nation newspaper will find it very hard to defend their obvious bias for the BLP. If anyone had any doubt that the Nation newspaper is part of the BLP campaign , that position is confirmed by today’s Sunday Sun.
    Even CBC after the debate had Lynette Eastmond on to give the BLP perspective. But not the Nation, the Trinidadian owned BLP newspaper: it has unleashed three partisans : Peter Simmons, Ezra Alleyne and Albert Brandford to savage the DLP presentation and praise the opposition while refusing to offer a column to anyone affiliated with the government. This is clearly a policy position. A newspaper does not create the news but it can choose to sway public opinion by using “columnists” to promote one side over the other.This is the Nation’s blatant strategy – Use their columnists to try to sway public opinion.

    The Nation newspaper has clearly taken a side in the politics of this country and Kaymar Jordan, Sanka Price and Vivian Ann Gittens are clearly putting party before country. I would like to see them come this blog and defend this obvious lack of balance.

  9. David
    An “inalienable right to vote” if it is indeed that, or an “inalienable right” to do something that is detrimental to your health or at best does nothing to your benefit, is an offer to participate in the “continuance” and by extension the “validation” of that exercise which you know to be of NO value to you. By keeping your ass at home is saying to all and sundry that a percentage of the population has finally become aware of this…

    It is a statement that NEEDS to be made and by refusing to vote in numbers is effective way of making that statement clear to the whole world.

  10. The BLP journalistic prostitute commonly called The Nation newspaper is hard at work on Sundays.
    The Nation’s policy of using BLP columnists every day for the last 4 years to criticise everything the government does while refusing to hire any columnists who might speak favourably towards government initiatives is clearly reminiscent of the NAZI propoganda machine.
    This newspaper is now in a race to the gutter and is as predictable in its support of the BLP as the fact that Tuesday will follow Monday.
    Stetson Babb tried to defend the people at the Nation recently on Brasstacks but Stetson, even a blind man on a trotting horse having the Nation read to him can tell that it is a paper that promotes the BLP especially the Sunday Sun.
    That is not by accident or coincidence, that is intentional.

    • Newspapers have to curry favour with governments and deep pocket advertisers because their revenues from traditional sales is shrinking. Read Kaymar’s column in todays Sun. What will happen is that the principals at the media houses will align with those who can add to revenues either by their popularity or …

  11. I agree with ac’s comments,
    By not putting candidates up the PDC has saved its candidates losing their deposits.These people live in Lala land.

  12. For once I can agree with the PDC on something. The title made it all (thus disregarding my need to read the piece); and I believe that Bajans should boycott the elections to demonstrate their absolute frustrations with the outright corruption and ineptness that currently plagues the nation’s democratic process to a point that it is dangerously crippling our ability to SALVAGE OUR NATION”S ECONOMIC SECURITY AND FUTURE!

  13. Brudah-Bim wrote “Bajans should boycott the elections to demonstrate their absolute frustrations with the outright corruption.”

    Well intentioned Brudah but too many people benefit from political alliances in Barbados.

    The elections will come, Bajans will collect their piece a change and even stoves, fridges, clothes and some will drink de rum wid corn beef an biscuits when de minasta stop by de rum shop.

    Then they will vote and de after parties will begin.

    same old same old.

  14. Have decided not to run or can’t find anyone who wants to stand?
    I am afraid we are left with the usual D v B election.
    When I was having a moan about corruption in politics the other day someone said to me that you can either elect the corrupt politicians who can’t run the country, or the corrupt politicians who can run the country.
    I was impressed by that comment until I realized I could not work out which party was which.

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  16. If YOU do not vote, then YOU are not allowed to have any complaints with whoever is elected by the rest of us.

    NOT VOTING is a lack of action which defaults the leadership and actions of those who win the election to everybody else.

    NOT VOTING actually achieves NEGATIVE results for YOU.

    In the past, hundreds of millions of people died so that you could exercise YOUR personal single individual democratic right. Don’t let ANY politician manipulate you into believing that NOT VOTING is either a good or honourable thing to do.

    VOTE. It is your right, and it is your duty to all of your fellow citizens to maintain the democracy you live in and take for granted daily.

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