Darcy Boyce Please COMMUNICATE, You Are The Servant

Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office, Senator Darcy Boyce

Glaring examples of a lackadaisical communications policy of the government continues to manifest itself to even the least discerning. Today’s headline story in the Sunday Express of Trinidad reveals Barbados also has an interest in oil blocks which Trinidad is seeking to exploit yet only Grenada is defending their interest. Is Senator Darcy Boyce who has responsibility for the ministry with responsibility for offshore oil resources asleep?

BU takes the opportunity to entreat Boyce to come clean on matters related to the Pierhead Marina Project. Didn’t Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler signal in a ministerial statement last year the project would be mobilized in January 2012? What about the clean up of the oil Mobil site as Needhams Point which is likely to see court action brought against the Government. What the hell is going on? Can OUR government (Boyce) please COMMUNICATE with us? We should also ask leader of the opposition whither PAC action on this matter as promised?

The lack of communication cannot be the preserve of mere servants who mistakenly see these roles as Kings would their fiefdoms!

A copy of the Express article is pasted below for easy access:


Dispute over offshore blocks between T&T, Grenada

By Asha Javeed asha.javeed@trinidadexpress.com

Story Created: Apr 28, 2012 at 11:01 PM ECT

Story Updated: Apr 28, 2012 at 11:01 PM ECT

The spoils of exploration for two of the country’s deep water blocks, which were put up for bid just last week, are threatening a conflict between Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada.

The two offshore acreage blocks- TTDAA 28 and TTDAA 29- which are North-East of T&T border this country’s international boundary with Grenada.

Energy technocrats told the Sunday Express there remains unresolved issues with those two blocks and raised concern that Trinidad’s former director of resource management at the Ministry of Energy, Helena Inniss-King, is now consulting with the counterpart entity in the Grenadian government.

Judge of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, Justice Anthony Lucky, told the Sunday Express yesterday that former prime minister Patrick Manning “in his wisdom” had entered into an agreement which delineated the common continental shelf in 2008 between Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada.

Justice Lucky said it could affect the blocks if they were outside the boundaries that Manning agreed to.

But recognising this possible cross-border conflict last year, a three-member team—Stephen Jagdeo, Joyce Lynch and Louise Poi Wing—were appointed to deal with the issue. Two of them have since left the Ministry of Energy.

Energy Minister Kevin Ramnarine told the Sunday Express that those two blocks were “very prospective blocks”.

He explained yesterday that it followed a geological trend, of prospective oil, which runs straight through TTDAA 28 and TTDAA 29 which extends straight up to Barbados.

“Those blocks do lie on the border of Grenada,” he confirmed last night by phone.

While not in a position to say anything more, Ramnarine said negotiations with the Grenadian Government were done in April 2010 before his time.

But Energy technocrats explained to the Sunday Express the issue of Trinidad and Tobago’s continental shelf is now in question again.

For reference, they pointed to the maritime boundary dispute between T&T and Barbados, in which a judgement was delivered in 2006, which in technical terms, went in Barbados’ favour.

Barbados had initiated arbitration proceedings at the Hague-based International Dispute Resolution Centre, on February 16, 2004 under the provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea after a public row between both countries over the rights of Barbadian fisherfolk to fish in waters off Tobago.

The judgement had dismissed Trinidad and Tobago’s right to almost 30,000 square nautical miles as near as 40 miles off Oistins and had only ceded a mere 315 nautical miles. The five-member arbitration panel had also established a median line representing the halfway point between Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados and affirmed Barbados’ right to a 200-nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) as well as its right to exploit hydrocarbon resources beneath the sea bed as far as 150 nautical miles beyond the 200-nautical mile EEZ.

The technocrats have expressed concern about Grenada pursuing a similar action like that of Barbados.

Not only are they concerned about the two blocks up for bid but they’re worried about the implications of this country’s continental shelf as it relates to Guyana (which at the moment is pursing exploration) and Venezuela.

Only last week, Energy Minister Ramnarine announced that the government has already received 20 nominations for the six deep water blocks up (inclusive of the TTDAA 28 and TTDAA 29) for bid at this year’s Deepwater Competitive Bidding Round. The other blocks include TTDAA 1, TTDAA 5, TTDAA 6 and Block 25 (a).

Ramnarine had expressed optimism that the interest expressed should result in a very successful attempt to explore the country’s deepwater acreages. The bidding ends on July 30.

However, officials at the Energy Ministry are concerned that the bid round may be doomed for failure.

Trinidad and Tobago has faced several challenges with selling its deep water blocks. In 2006, eight blocks were put out for bids and there was only one bid. In 2011, only three out of 11 blocks attracted bids.

The technocrats pointed out that while Ramnarine boasted of reprocessed seismic data which improves technical confidence and interpretations of the basins, that many of the technical data was recycled.

“This is the third bid round this government is pursuing and it carries with it tremendous hope for the future of the national energy sector,” said Ramnarine.

In order to increase deepwater exploration the government introduced incentives for international companies to invest in the sector by reducing the petroleum profits tax to 35 per cent, from 50 per cent.

0 thoughts on “Darcy Boyce Please COMMUNICATE, You Are The Servant

    • Guyana, Suriname, Grenada, Trinidad, Bahamas all trying to find oil to secure our future. Agree we have environmental issues to resolve but let us hear a damn plan for crissakes.

  1. @David. We all know where the oil is likely to be. All we have to do is look at the testing done in the 1920s. The details are all on the records at the Archives. But trouble is that the “powers that be” want it as cheaply as possible. I will have a look at the records and see if I cannot come up with some details that will suggest why certain people in eminently suitable development areas cannot manage to obtain permissions to develope their land. Because without the permissions, they might sell the land cheaply for a fraction of its worth. By the way, I am speculating based on certain inconsistencies. But those inconsistencies in Barbados usually add up to a scam.

  2. @David, you should start by asking, is there a plan?

    i would of like to believe that given the fact that things are so “tight”, this would be something the government of Barbados would move with great pace on AND keep the public inform every step of the way.

    • @Amused

      We all know where the oil is likely to be. All we have to do is look at the testing done in the 1920s. The details are all on the records at the Archives.

      You need to tell us more, first hearing about this angle.

  3. @david
    This government (except DI) has not will not and cannot communicate expeditiously on matters of national concerns. Fear of criticism, being called to account and being questioned by the public paralyzes them. I guarantee that darcy boyce “aint gine unpick he teet on nutten” outside of the senate walls anytime soon.

    Just observing

    • @observing

      Perhaps it explains why Sir Brandford felt constrained to issue a statement in defense of Stuart and the AX Commission of Inquiry today.

  4. Darcy is a thinker of superior intellect. Communicating with lesser mortals is not one of his strong points.

    These squabbles over eezs and fishing rights tells me CSME/Caricom/West Indies have little real meaning.

    How can you call yourself my friend and try to put up your paling cross my backyard.

    40 miles from Oistins?

    • @Hants

      The government’s policy on this matter should not be framed by one man. There is a Cabinet for godsakes!

      Barbados spent alot of money under the BLP to defend our rights in the matter of our boundary. We need to seriously look at the new TT blocks and defend our boundaries and our economic interests. Mia did it under Arthur and who the hell under Stuart will do it? Barbadians were told that the blocks in our exclusive economic zone which adjoins Trinidad show a high degree of potential.

      Who will defend our interest? Frankly BU is tired with the taciturn modus operandi of this government.

      @An Observer

      What say you?

  5. David the Nationnews did not publish the entire interview with Branford Taitt.
    They still trying to sell the deadtree papers by teasing on the net.

    • @Hants

      It was a very interesting interview, he blamed Jones for not acting.

      He came close to blaming Stuart as well but agreed that an Inquiry is the best way to go.

      He suggested that Broomes should try to mend fences with those teachers.

      He suggested the teachers were wrong to ask for Broomes head.

      He believes given the warrant that will be issued i.e. from the GG the government will be forced to act unlike other useless Inquires.

      Remember that link posted earlier where you can read the Nation online for a small fee:-)

  6. @David
    Note that no sitting member has issued similar statement of defense. lol. The broadside at Jones was a bit unexpected and rough, but then again, it’s Brandford.

    your last two thread said the same thing though. As Barbadians we find out too much about our affairs from international or regional papers. It’s time soem of our ministers man(woman) up on matters under their ministries and speak to them one way or the other. Ironically Jones is one who does such at every opportunity…though some may prefer to have him shut up. lol.

  7. Now that we are discussing the Trinis, I noticed that RBC (caribbean) merged with RBTT.

    wha gine on dey? De canadians tekkin ova?

  8. I think it will take more than these pieces of legislation to give the government an edge going into the coming elections since few of these pieces of legislation are likely to affect the perceived causes of the suffering of most eligible voters. The uptick in legislation may help to sway a very few voters but not enough to give the government an edge.

    Now, if they institute a Commission of Enquiry into CLICO and follow the leads coming out of that enquiry to their logical conclusions, that might help, if DT is shown conclusively not to have salted away 30 million dollars or so of ill gotten gains from CLICO and not to have been involved in the “laundering” of the 3.3 million dollars for Parris..

    Of course, the above is totally impossible to contemplate the Government doing.

  9. “How can you call yourself my friend and try to put up your paling cross my backyard.”
    you must be joking. have you never heard of family squabbles to the point of violence over rights to property?

  10. “Perhaps it explains why Sir Branford felt constrained to issue a statement of defense of Stuart and Commission of Inquiry today”
    sir brandford was particularly scatrhing of mr jones and less than charitable about some of his colleagues holding ministerial responsibilty. AC, CCC AND OTHERS OF LIKE ILK, DEFEND YOUR PARTY.the comments came from one of your own. it has not gone unnnoticed also that there has not been one comment from certain commentators when former prime minister sandiford criticised his party for extending the car park at sherbourne rather than completing the building and his recent criticism of certain actions/inactions by the government as well.

  11. can anyone point me to this report that exonerated sir brandford? where is this mysterious report of which i keep hearing and fbout which reference is constantly made but which neither political side has seen fit to make available for public scrutiny? did the report really exonerate sir brandford?

  12. My limited understanding is that, while not exonerating Sir Brandford, it did not recommend further action. However, since David (BU) has amply demonstrated that he is very good at finding reports and posting them here, perhaps he could find and post a copy for us to look at and dissect here.

    • @Checkit-out

      BU has used what little resources it has to get that report which the taxpayers paid for and which was laid in parliament and leaked to the Nations. Sorry to say the DLP after bleating about Arthur withholding the report they have done the same.

  13. The matter is worthy of pursuing insofar as another Commission of Inquiry is in the works. There seems to be lots of stories on the findings of the commission on the web, as well as a ministerial statement on the matter by Donville Inniss in 2008 (Sir Brandford’s name does not figure in that statement but the costs of the commission are listed (over 3 million dollars). There is also some sort of interim judgement on the web by the judges. It all makes for some interesting reading and could perhaps be summarized for us laymen by Amused and Robert Ross, eg.

  14. WILL passing legislation help DLP Government ??

    NO it will not . The people in Barbados done make up their minds that they are not voting DLP and that they do not five more years of Stuart. That is the word on the ground for some time now, even before Stuart became Prime Minister and that word has gotten louder and stronger since Stuart became PM. There is absolutely nothing Stuart can do now. He is branded for life because he has failed on first impression and Bajans dont forget or forgive you if your first impression turns them of. You are forever branded as whatever that first impression indicates. Sorry Stuart Sir, not enough time for you to recover. The image that you have put forth is one of being slow and indecisive and that my friend has done you in. I expect that as things get closer to elections and the Eager 11+ (plus) begin to get nervous and their collective blood begin to boil, your ass will be on fire. Enjoy the PM position for as long as you can legally and call elections at the last moment –if you survive that long. The stars are in alignment, the writing is on the wall and surely as night follows day, this DLP GOVERNMENT MUST FALL.
    Change in Jamaica
    Change in St Lucia
    Change in Barbados
    BLP =29 seats; DLP = 0 seats
    1 seat =Spoilt ( first time in history)


  15. WILL there be change in Barbados ???
    YES there will be change and it aint nothing to do with Belize or Valise, nor anywhere else for that matter
    The only reference to Belize is that Stuart look like if he from Bellyze—Belly gettin bigger than a mountain, He and his ministers seem to be all from Bellyze–Big BELLY unfit physically. They think they too old to exercise. I hear irene on TV talking about exercising–obviously Dem aint listening ! Ronald Reagan used to lift weights and he was old as a President –older than them–Stuart and his Overweight Crew

  16. I dont think that the Dems will say or do anything about this. Remember the dead king said when he assumed power that the BLP only fooled Barbadians. Dont you remember him saying ………..what oil what? The BLP fooled Barbadians. That was only a waste of money. So Darcy will say nothing and do nothing as usual. His only interest is the marina and that aint going nowhere.

    After Freundel and Esther Byer Suckoo, he is next in line of worst performing ministers. My God and then we have the likes of David Estwick, George Hutson, Joky Kellman, Haynesley Benn, Chris Sinckler etc, etc.

  17. Surely it can’t be too much to ask a BU family to visit the Archives to share what this exploration business from the 1920s was all about?

  18. Sorry to say the DLP after bleating about Arthur withholding the report they have done the same.

    well balanced mr david vry well balanced statement

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