Need For The Government To Communicate

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

One issue which has arisen from the Alexandra impasse is how it has exposed an inadequate public relations strategy of the Prime Minister Stuart and his government.  It is one obvious difference in the approach of Stuart and the late Prime Minister. Prime Minister Stuart’s public profile can be described as taciturn, aloof, introverted and a few other character traits which are not normally associated with successful politicians. In fact his style is often compared to Sir Lloyd’s which history records did not serve him well politically.

There is a political reality which Prime Minister Stuart and his handlers incredulously continue to ignore. He leads a political party whose objective is always to accrue public support. As the leader he has the task to implement public policy, unpopular sometimes, and at the same time assuage public support, in the prevailing climate not an enviable task.  It behoves the Prime Minister – who some on BU have accused of lacking emotional intelligence – to bolster his inner circle with the requisite training to assist his government to manage its public relations strategy. It is clearly a deficiency of the DLP government since the late Prime Minister died and Hartley Henry was booted to the curb.

There is the saying that one should be careful not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. It is no secret the late David Thompson and his political strategist Hartley Henry at the time held admiration for Obama’s campaign, particularly his communications strategy. The Internet is populated with case studies of how Black Obama, the underdog, combined technology with a relevant message as one example. When Obama entered the Whitehouse he was guided by an official communications structure: weekly radio broadcasts, White House press briefings triggered by events affecting the government as well as routine, State of the Union, periodic press conferences with the several networks to name a few. A look at the UK government shows a commitment to adhering to an effective communications plan. Needless to say leading private sector companies regard an effective public relations as important to the success of the business.

It is obvious a key requirement of any democratically elected government concerned with good governance is an effective communications strategy. Prime Minister Stuart’s willingness to relegate a lucid public relations approach to the backburner will not recommend his government to an already impatient electorate. The fact that a general election beckons makes the current approach a mystifying one.  Of course an effective PR strategy does not obviate the need for relevant and effective policies.

This government rode into office on the back of an agenda of change and a pressing need to promote transparency in government. Now in the twilight of its tenure, the Stuart government cannot lay claim to differentiating itself in a significant way to the former Barbados Labour Party government on issue of transparency.

Is there time to turn it around? Time will be the judge.

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  1. WHY am I not surprise that the PM say elections would be in April 2013???

    //// I am not surprised because I predicted it right here on this blog
    Because I understand the kind of enigma Stuart is.

    WHY did I predict it and how I knew???

    ////// Because I am a GENIUS AND i GET IT RIGHT EVERYTIME


    WHY is Stuart still Prime Minister???


  2. Observing; Perhaps (as the americans say) I misspoke re. documents but whizzy whizzying by BSTU / teachers in anger as their objectives / assurances seem to be manifesting heels and disappearing fast. The PM seems to be both very smart and very simple. I seem to recall there was a word for such individuals from my 6th form days but never encountered since then.

  3. Hi Amused and thanks for your welcome back. Only just noticed ur post of yesterday n still getting used to this new, ‘Rate This’ business. Still finding it a bit confusing at this time. Hope uv all been taking good care of Bim, while I’ve been away!! 🙂

  4. I know wunna sleeping now, but what does anybody think uh dah Hal Austin! Firse, e face too fat! Looka, anybody whose face is so fat has had a far too comfortable life, and has little idea of life ‘at the grinding stone’! I can tell u what life is like for the ordinary Barbadian in the UK, n it isn’t pleaant. Now he’s writing for u, and confusing YOUR minds as well. All that Bim needs is for me to take the reins, and all will be happy in Bim again!

  5. PORTER POTTY……When people tell you that you came through a pooch at birth you didn’t believe them!

  6. @ Islandgal
    Do you reflect on why you feel the need to be so personal and insulting to bloggers who simply have different views to yours…?

    Were you the object of bullying as a child? Or is it that YOU are a bully who need to have all those around concur with you ….or else?

    …or is Porter hitting a nerve with you?

    You owe us all an apology……
    But Bushie is NOT holding his breath 🙂

  7. @ bushie why do you find it necessary to be defensive of Porter after all his comments were demeaning and set out to make women seem deranged islan gal comments were mild when compared to his anger and his stereotyping of women. he ought to be ashamed of his anti woman bashing it is beyond me how any one can read his comments and come to his defense

  8. @ ac
    Bushie do not expect you to understand this. But even if Porter is misguided in his accusations, how does it help the effort to bring him to Christian understanding by lambasting him with abuse too? That only makes the abuser equally misguided.

    Why not just politely point out where Porter is wrong?

    Why not convince us that his (or her) assessments are wrong.

    For example, Porter alleges that when women gain their degree at university, they no longer want a lesser qualified man – even one that paid for the degree….

    Why not put some licks in those arguments with facts and reasoned logic instead of abusing the man and thereby proving his point?

  9. @ bushie why do you feel it necessary to point out island gals lambasting of Porter while condoning much of what he says i do not hear you so far crticise any thing of what he said about women while spouting his angry rheortic althought it seems clearly obviuos that you have had no problem with porters antiverbal diahrea attack on the female. as for christian understanding i won;t be surprised if he is a devout and faithful member of a church.

    • @Bush Tea

      Guess what you are saying is to remember what the grandmother use to advise the fold “always try to overcome evil with good’.

      Not to suggest Porter is evil of course 🙂

  10. Good morning Bushy,
    I see that you have come down from the hills and peeping in on my business AGAIN. You are now the Bush lawyer defending Porter Potty and claiming that I am insulting to bloggers who have different views from me. And that I might have been a victim of bullying or was a bully as a child. I would like to inform you that I was neither. It seems that you are also a Bush Psychologist. Porter Potty has been obviously been a victim of a razor blade. Whilst shaving his private parts, he shaved too close to his cojones and shaved them off by mistake. He is now blaming women for all this world’s problems and YOU have also supported this view as well. Bushy I don’t give one r@$$ and I will not be NICE to those who insult and attack women. If they insult us I will retaliate. So take your Bushy cojones back up the hill and vamoose! Hasta la vista Bushy!

  11. @islandgal

    Reading Bush Tea’s comment is about trying to enlighten where there is ignorance. It is an approach which BU has used from inception. Being aggressive only results in a hardening of positions.

  12. Oh give of leave, those begrudge, forsaked
    All seems a wasted effort fore
    Your cause twisted, never investigated
    Now thrown to the infinity moors to spore
    Transfer or transferred til your delight
    Lark dogs of self gloat,wit infested,
    Til none accompany Jim Jones and moe.

    “Trickery and treachery are the practices of those that have not the wits enought to be honest”
    Benjamin Franklyn

  13. David …….where ignorance is bliss t’is folly to be wise! I did try to educate Porter Potty about the inventions of women, I think it was Brief who tried a more gentle christian approach and it seems that had gotten nowhere. If Porter Potty dislikes women so much as he had stated, my enlightening words would have fallen on deaf ears. Some people will only understand a language when you speak theirs.

  14. Onions good morning…what is it with you and this poetry this early morn? You seem to have slept with the book on the same page and woke up quoting the same poem in these blogs. Turn the page and look for another one cause I am tired hearing you bleat the same thing over and over again.

  15. @islandgal

    The suggested approach is borne out of a philosophy more so than ‘oneoff’. It has its anchor in the view that we should not allow others to influence how we behave. However we you will win some and lose some 🙂

  16. sometimes it hard to teach an old dog new tricks . this person whoever they are have a deep rooted resentment of woman in general and maybe be need physchiatric help their comments speak as one who only sees woman as being no good. .Porter has used this forum on more than one ocassion to demoralise and dehumanise woman.And that is unacceptable.

  17. Isn’t the purpose of this blog … allow everyone ..freedom to express their views ? If Onions feel the teachers got a rotten deal and his method of protest is different from Potter’s whose anti-action….has a root somewhere some others cannot understand…..should be seek out to attack that individual ?If music be the food of love….didn’t THE S …say play on….why if it urks your eyes…..(I agree with Bushie)…by pass the article ….surely there are others more meaty to your suit…..come on people…we are allowing our own wakeup problems (aint gettin none ) to manifest on David’s BU blog….

  18. @ Checkit-Out | April 24, 2012 at 8:58 PM |

    The Scout; I think you were misled by the headline. I think he actually said sometime between now and mid-april 2013. However you might indeed be right as the PM normally does things at the very latest opportunity possible so he might well be indicating that it will be in april 2013. ………………………………………..

    The hand of fate may yet set in to force him to call elections well before he thinks he has to. Yes he has all the aces but the one before him also thought he had all the aces as well. The OM may think he is all powerful now….. I will call elections in my own time, he may well have to eat his words. The GANG of 11 may yet rise up. Jones certainly is in a foul mood these days!

    • @Prodigal Son

      On the mention of Ronald Jones can he please communicate to Barbadians why the Barbados Football Association has refused to allow local teams to use the spanking practice facility at Wildey? Can anyone guess what is the reason given?

      There needs to be an official opening!

      Can’t teams be allowed tom practice on the facility until such time as the BFA can ‘officially’ declare it open?

      Why do we always bow to ceremony instead of what is practical?

  19. Prodigal
    Only Jones ? Wickham on VOB 929 and I hear Tony Marshall like he …cock.. about to fire….In the meantime the school children ‘n lil rick got it right…we jonesing , we jonseing, we jonesing…..we jonesing we jonesing we jonseing…..lip service n prancing.

  20. @ Pringles | April 24, 2012 at 7:55 PM |

    this is the best opposition we had in years. They oppose everything vehemently even if there is no point”…………………………………………

    Honestly, you have a short memory. Were you in Barbados when David Thompson was leader of the Opposition? Things were so bad and with the Press behind them, (the very Press that the “Nation Critic” on this blog likes to pull down every time) the DLP did the “dog” in this country, the BLP could do anything right. You forget that the last thing the dead king did was to march his troops out of Parliament and vowed not to return until after elections were called. Dont worry, the elections were called and the rest is history!

    Take the scales off your eyes and do distort history, oppositions are supposed to oppose constructively, the DLP did it with style. They were so perfect in that role that they did not learn how to govern! Hence the right mess we are in now!

    • @

      Have a reread of your comment, in this case ignoring the comment of Porter if you would rather not enlighten him i.e. a Ghandi like approach is better. Like the old people suggest it is a kind word which will turn away wrath. It is a philosophical position and if you don’t buy into it fine. You are entitled.

  21. David April 26, 2012 at 10:06 AM |

    @Prodigal Son

    On the mention of Ronald Jones can he please communicate to Barbadians why the Barbados Football Association has refused to allow local teams to use the spanking practice facility at Wildey? Can anyone guess what is the reason given? ……………………….

    David, I can only hazzard a guess. Maybe he is waiting until he gets the top post to open in in style. Who knows? Trying to second guess these people is a herculean task!

  22. Also a stitch in time saves nine. All those coloquisms are good when one is dealing with a rational mind and not one who totally irrational .Sometimes the medicine can be harsh but it is all worth the cure. that is my final response

  23. @ac

    There is a reason why the old and wise among us adopted the philosophy manifested in what you refer to as colloquialisms. We should do well to listen and it is not the rational we should focus solely.

  24. @BU.David: “There is a reason why the old and wise among us adopted the philosophy manifested in what you refer to as colloquialisms. We should do well to listen and it is not the rational we should focus solely.

    Wow. Impressive.

    Could we get that in Bajan?

    Because I did not understand what you meant to say, although I understood you intended to appear impressive and knowledgeable….

  25. well Dave, it looks like i’ll soon b on my way again. i in come hay to talk to myself. i fuhget how rude n igrunt Bajees can be at times.

  26. GOVERNMENT IS paying out about $13 million to acquire land to facilitate roadworks on the Warrens, St Michael/Redmans Village, St Thomas stretch of the Ronald Mapp Highway.

    This DLP ABC highway upgrade project must now be more than the flyovers. Anyone knows the figures?

  27. COME CELEBRATE WITH THE CBB…..lets go to the 10th Floor ….see the hills and vales beyond our recall…now not our very own.Down to the bottom floor now……No money ….but you know what let’s go back to the Gran least ..there is a drink to steady you….in every drink is a silver lining..Mount Gay now own by the French…oh well least we alive !

  28. @Enuff
    What was the projected cost of the Fly-overs ? Me thinks it was in the vicinity of $60-100US Mill….( corr if wrong ) back in 2oo7…may have doubled…..

  29. David

    I came across this passage, attributed to Jesus, in the gospel according to St. John which probably explains why the Government is not communicating:

    St. John chapter 3

    19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.
    20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.
    21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be manifest , that they are wrought in God.

  30. WHO or what is the LIGHT ??

    Careful how you extract bible verses and passages. Carnal minds cannot discern spirtual things.

  31. WHY Jones behaving so ???
    He behaving so because Freundel Stewart behaves like a clown who calls a lot of big words and talks a lot of poop and is slow slow slow. He batting like Kraigg Brathwaite and Brathwaite get drop. The team dropped Brathwaite and the DLP team should drop Stuart too–They will still get beat but they should drop him nevertheless AAAAAAAARRRGGGGG AAAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH

    Any man you see calling BIG words has serious problems.

    The list growing-Jones, Marshal T, Marshall.D . Sandy, Wickham, and 300, 000
    bajans against Stuart

  32. @ Caswell
    20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.
    Dark era:
    CLICO.. hoping and hoping.
    Alexandra…….stuck in stages

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