Stuart Not Getting The Job Done

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

On reflection there have not been many blogs which were written by BU (David) when the laptop keys were banged in anger – consider this blog the exception. Of all the issues which have challenged Barbados and the government since it assumed office, it is the Alexandra matter (AX) which continues to provoke the ire of the BU household. A lot has been written in the last decade about this matter. The bottomline, Barbadians brag about how wonderfully educated we are, and how socially and politically stable we are, and how the Social Partnership has worked for Barbados and is viewed as a beacon of success for others to admire and emulate. Yet despite our many achievements we find ourselves where we are today; unable to solve a 10-year dispute which came to a head in recent months.

After 4-months of the AX matter having been escalated to the Prime Minister of Barbados Fruendel Stuart, and his early success to get the teachers back to school there was great expectation amongst the population that the matter would be resolved soon after. The Prime Minister by his language coupled with a public demonstration of confidence by the BSTU arising from meetings with Stuart, Barbadians rightly in our view perceived that the matter was being thrashed out, the fact that it is known to be a complex issue notwithstanding.

On Thursday when the Prime Minister held a press conference to announce on the matter, honestly, whatever expectation and admiration existed for Stuart was deflated when the solution approved by the Cabinet of Barbados was aired. BU has recorded in earlier blogs our concern that Stuart has demonstrated a tendency to ignore the political dimension to the many issues he has had to battle albeit during a difficult stewardship. The fact that he is a politician whether he considers himself one should make such an observation moot anyway. Barbadians are stark raving mad at the decision by the government of Barbados to establish a Commission of Inquiry as the means to solve the problem. It is not that constituting it is was not well intentioned however the perception of Barbadians is that the matter requires the urgency of now.  Whatever the level of the political stock Stuart and his government enjoyed before the press conference it has significantly fallen since.

Perhaps what this issue will do is to revisit the issue whether Stuart is the best man to lead the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) into the next general election which beacons. Truth be told the Eager 11 matter remains outstanding in the minds of many and is perceived as yet another matter which Stuart has not adequately addressed. Barbados is a small place and the underground buzz on that issue remains. If Stuart is the one who will lead the party into the next election he needs a political strategist onboard tomorrow. He is simply making too many errors which have devastating political implications for the party managing in a difficult time. In the meantime Arthur and the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) hardly needs to address any of the important issues.

On the question of leadership in DLP, if we subtract Stuart, there is not much left to chose from. Sinckler is a neophyte and his role in the Eager 11 matter would make his elevation too polarizing for the party. Also the perception by many that he is/was too close to Leroy Parris is not an asset. Kellman is too grassroots with a maverick approach to be able to garner the support he needs. The fact that he believes he can be leader is irrelevant. Estwick is perceived and many times has supported the belief that he is a loose cannon. Sealy has a passive public image and at this late stage in the game it is hard to imagine he has what it takes to carry the party on his back at a difficult time.  Innis has been quietly grooming his image, greasing the media and working the Who is Who Class since the death of Thompson. Incredibly he seems to be the one who stands out from a weak pack. The saying that in the land of the blind a one eye man is king is most apt. Of course the x-factor is who has the coattail to bring home the bacon going into an a general election which will require swimming against a strong current flowing from the other direction.

For many Barbadians, should they chose to exercise their civic duty by voting in the next election, it will require the ability to hold the nose to avoid the permeating stench currently emanating from our political system.

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  1. Oh give of leave, those begrudge, forsaked
    All seems a wasted effort fore
    Your cause twisted, never investigated
    Now thrown to the infinity moors to spore
    Transfer or transferred til your delight
    Lark dogs of self gloat,wit infested,
    Til none accompany Jim Jones and moe.

    • @checkit-out

      Your last comment, a serious one for what it confirms, is one which it is hard to challenge. It is also funny at the same time 🙂

  2. All guns are pointed at Broomes.

    Aren’t teachers working that offended Broomes as well. So, the Commission will send home Broomes with ‘dispatch’ and not those teachers.

    This entire scenario appears one sided now as was from the beginning.

    They teachers at AX that behave as though they are without reprimand it just cannot be the Principal solely that will be required to leave pending investigation (if of course he is suspended).

    Another note, isn’t Mary aware that the PM cannot suspend a Principal. She did not say – so why imply following discussions with PM she expects Broomes to be released as is precedence. there is implication that the PM conveyed such.

    Also, Mary et al did not consider not one child at AX placed under their care regardless of how she tries show concern, compassion now. THEIR ACTIONS SPOKE MUCH LOUDER than these current words.

  3. Wonder who headed d classes in trickery
    When classes at CCFS were in session
    Commando Nute….?
    Login Sarge…..or Tank ?

  4. Hear Hoyos on Brass Tacks VOB 929 (now)……….Chris Sinckler is the brightest of them all”…Hoyos tell me more… who now is the dummest ?How bright is bright when you don’t SHINE….or can’t

  5. Brief

    You are confusing the issues when you asked if there weren’t teachers that offended Broomes. From his administrative actions, the answer must be no or not to the extent that they should have been punished. According to the Public Service Act, Broomes is a head of department and if the teachers had committed a punishable offence he , as a head of department has the power to suspend the offender from the performance of their duties and report the matter to the Public Servicle Commission. Why has he not done so if the teachers were in breach of the rules?

  6. I have tried to stay out of this AX affair as much as possible.

    I have been thinking though if I was (I am just saying) that for the good of the children, put me in Jeff Broomes’ shoes, I would walk away. That would not be conceding defeat but to be the bigger person. Let a new Principal go into AX not the deputy and take over. Have the person report to the MOE on the teachers’ actions. If there are no major hiccups, then we would know that JB was the problem. If there are continuing problems then the whole of Barbados would see that the teachers were the problem all along. Just a thought!

    But right now, I know that JB will not go and were I him, bearing in mind what Mary Redman now wants to happen, I would have my lawyers wired up for the government’s next move.

  7. David; and any others with access to the relevant info.

    I’ve been wondering about the validity or otherwise of the talking point that the Alexandra problem started during Owen Arthur’s regime and therefore his regime is more culpable than the current one for the lack of a lasting resolution of the AX problem up to the present time. It seems to me that a lot depends on the actions taken each time it broke out and if there was an valid expectation that the actions then taken should have solved the problem at that time. To get a reasonable fix on this it seems as if information should be compiled in one place on such matters as:- dates when the outbreaks occurred; the nature of the problem(s) that resulted in strike action; the actions taken; if the matter was referred to the PM of the time; the nature of the (temporary) solution; if any action was concomitantly taken to improve resolution of Public service problems in general; which ministries or bodies were involved in the solution; any formal connections between the protagonists (both) and members of the regulatory bodies charged with solving problems of this type; etc. etc.

    I’ve not been very successful so far in getting the relevant data. Anyone has any info that could assist in setting up such a database?

    • @checkit-out

      The database or repository of information you inquired about would be with the BSTU. You are correct that it is not available online.If an AX functionary could give a chronology of key activities in the dispute no doubt it would be welcomed. As a result of searching Google a moment ago it seems BU is very high on the list of sites co0ming back on the issue of AX.

  8. @check-it-out
    You’d have a difficult time putting the pieces together, since the BSTU has lumped all of the previous issues into an “untenable management situation.” Past grievances were dealt with “to some extent” and a return to the classroom in each case by the BSTU would bear this out. The latest drama is (should have been) specific to the refusal of the MOE to act on the inspection report which in and of itself was a result of the resolution of a previous grievance. Where past others may have failed is not addressing the “root problem”, but in their small defence, the BSTU never brought the “root problem” to the table, simply a sequence of issues. Now as for the “root problem” I suspect and surmise that it does not lie with one man only…and, even if we take the most recent speech day comments in context, the BSTU and their members will have to suffer some collateral damage as well. It is their unwillingness to accept this and to take responsibility for their mangling of the issue (starting with returning to work years ago even though they were not satisfied with the outcome given) that complicates their case. Added to that they have now taken the fight to Broome, to the Chief Educaiton Officer, the the Chief Personnel Officer and now the Prime Minister. One is unsure then who the “grievance” is with…that’s of course assuming we’re still operating in law. In my mind it still is primarily a labour and Public Service issue. PM Stuart is the one that brought it back to the realm of the political. If we go back to Broome’s appointment then we an argue that it always was in that realm, but again, an astute or aware union would know this and act accordingly.

    You’d have to determine which historical lens you want to look at the issue through.. ministerial, political, industrial etc. Each of them would glean a slightly different picture.

    • Whither Sir Leroy Trotman who earlier through his backing to the BSTU. What are his comments since the post Stuart ruling on the matter?

  9. Hi David and Observing; Thanks for the feedback. The BSTU website does not help much although I did get from it that they condemned the Inspection report last year yet seemed to have endorsed the PM’s prospective use of it in the finalisation of stage 1 to justify having no discussions with Broomes.

    BU is the news provider with the large overwhelming majority of the hits. Take a bow David.

    Unless some documents fall off a BSTU or MOE truck it looks as if we will not be able to emulate the system of fact checking of political pronouncements in this matter. But I live in hope.

  10. Onions prose-ing….not jones-ing for those Ax darlings….thanks for going back.Nuff people in hay don’t know the truth….but who does respect you..You truly are a rare breed….accost my darlings accost

    Oh give of leave, those begrudge, forsaked
    All seems a wasted effort fore
    Your cause twisted, never investigated
    Now thrown to the infinity moors to spore
    Transfer or transferred til your delight
    Lark dogs of self gloat,wit infested,
    Til none accompany Jim Jones and moe.

  11. @ Old onions
    Hoyos needs to go off the radio as it now appears that he’s been emasculated since describing Kellman as having a bout of verbal diarrhoea.

  12. @ Enuff
    I was sayin the same thing…..seems like he want D job real bad….
    He tek up where Kellman leff off……GEESE ?

  13. I believe that there is too much emotionalism and political bias where comments on this issue are concerned. The sad reality is that BSTU acted poorly from the outset. The law has always been there as have the conditions of Mr. Broomes’ appointment. As Priesent of the BSTU, Mrs. Redman should have known that separation was an unlikely outcome. This is not an industrial matter, but a human relations issue. In the ten years of complaints, the BSTU HAS NEVER ONCE laid a charge against Mr. Broomes. As a manager he may very well be as loud,as insulting, as unapproachable as they have described. if true, that makes him a poor human being but NOT A CRIMINAL. There are managers and employees who fit that description in every profession. Mrs. Redman and the public should not have expected anything different from the PM. Cursory knowledge of the Public Service Act and conditions of service would have been enough to understand that the PM could have only acted in accordance with the law. He does not have the power to fire any teacher nor send any teacher on special leave. HE IS NOT ABOVE the law, nor can he change the law to satisfy the demands of y any union’s demands, no matter how sympathetic to their cause he may appear to be. Ms. Redman’s handling of this issue has caused the BSTU to lose considerable credibility. Even now, she continues to make statements that are flawed and misleading in an attempt to save face. Case in point her recent remark that Mr. Broomes will be sent on special leave when the warrant of the commission is granted is an blatant attempt to give the impression that the BSTU would have gotten what it wanted and therefore would have some sort of victory. Mr. Broomes’ leave with full pay would only start when the actual hearing begins and is a legal requirement. He must be present throughout the proceedings. That leave therefore has absolutely nothing to do with the BSTU’s demands.

  14. Just wondering; Do the main protagonist teachers also have to be put on special full pay leave as well when the Inquiry starts? Seems to me it would be somewhat unfair for only Mr. Broomes to be put on leave and his accusers, against whom he has some concerns, not.

    • Checkit-Out

      You seem to be misleading yourself. The question about placing teachers
      on special leave does not arise. If Mr Broomes had found any fault in any of the teachers that would have required separation, he had it in his power to suspend the offending teachers. Since Mr. Broomes did not suspend any of the teachers from the performance of their duties, I could only assume that he saw no reason why any teacher should have been disciplined. On the other hand, the teachers, through their union, reported his conduct to the relevant authorities many times over the years but the authorities failed to follow through for whatever reason.

  15. If one wants to get a feel for dates when significant events may have occurred one needs only to consult the list of correspondence after the Interview with the Principal in the link to the reoport given earlier by David.

    For example, here is some of the correspondence the Principal deemed relevant to the reporting process.

    • Letter from Principal to Staff (not named) – 06/11/03 re: Attendance at BSTU activity.
    • Letter from Principal to Chief Education Officer – 07/06/27 re: School incident.
    • Letter from Principal to Mrs. Margo Clarke – 07/10/03 re: leaving class
    • Memo from Principal to Mrs. Amaida Greaves – 08/10/14 re: Absence from Duty
    • Memo from the Principal to Mrs. Amaida Greaves – 08/10/18
    • Letter from Principal to Chief Education Officer – June 26, 2009 re: BSTU matters
    • Comments in Response to meeting of July 13, 2009 between two (2) members of the Board of Management with Senior Teaching Staff of Alexandra. Written July 17, 2009.
    • Letter from Principal to Chairman, Board of Management – 09/01/06
    re: Dereliction of duty by Library Assistant

  16. @John
    That 2006 letter is what started it all. BSTU’s insistence that their teachers go to their Professional Day and not give account of their absence from the school’s organised activity.

    @just wondering
    could you expand on the “legal requirement” for Broome to go on leave once the hearing starts?

    @check it out
    The BSTU site will not help much because they do not have a consistent argument or train of thought.

  17. John

    I cannot let you get away with just listing a series of letters and memoranda. What makes you think that the contents of these pieces of correspondence were factual. I can assure you that the last letter that you listed concerning the Library Assistant was purely a figment of the Broomes’ imagination. Charges were brought against the lady by the Board of Management arising out of his complaints, all of which were disproved. She was ably represented by one industrial relations officer called CASWELL FRANKLYN. That was the day that I lost all respect for Mr. Broomes.

  18. @Old Onions

    Wonder who headed d classes in trickery
    When classes at CCFS were in session

    That is an anachcronism, there was no CCFS in those days there was a BFS and a GFS. “Trickery” wasn’t part of the curriculum but the cream has a habit of rising to the top.

  19. @Just Wondering

    u r on the ball. According to Scout the Red woman dont have a clue about industrial relations and continues to predujice the case. Her latest rambling is a clear indication. She and the former teacher of the year strategy has failed.

    I still dont understand who was advising the union, one of my teacher friends told me that the unionist on this blog misled them. It is quite amazing that this unionist has argued that Mr. Broomes could be retird early, yet he is in assocaion with a lawyer fighting the case for Nos Taylor who was sent home from MTW of what a tangle web. Double standards.

    @Check it out

    I too visited BSTU websute where they condemned the report and now support the PM use of the said report to make an infomed decision. I want to know who was also advising the PM as he has blundered by referencing a report where the parties concerned did not have a chance to refute the allegations. There is something named due process. I think that BSTU is now a wounded lamb and I hope that those members who went on strike last week salaries are docked. Last term Mary said the Union has built up enuff strike funds to pay their members and she was prepared for a long fight. I alos hope that their pay from last tem is docked. the PM has no authority to insist that they be paid.


    A lot of people on this blog has lsot faith in you as well. You must recognize that u dont always lose a case on facts, but also on procedures. I have seen it happened in the workplace when I was an employee.

    To All
    Mr. Broomes will be victorious and the Union can now go and fight with CXC. It needs to hire a pr consultant to work on its damaged image. MISS Redman needs to get on with teaching the nation’s children. I am told that she hardly turns up for class. The final nail in the Unuon’s coffin, was that strategy letter which was written by one of the protaganist and which was leaked to the politcal directoate and make availabe to the twenty dlp politicians with the signature of the letter writer.

    • Blogger2012

      I don’t usually respond to anything that you have to say, since I realize that you have some personal dislike for me and I avoid vexations to the spirit like you. I do not have to get dirty and personal to make a point on this blog. However, I will respond this time because you are deliberately trying to mislead to make your point.

      You are correct that I am actively fighting in association with a lawyer fighting for the rights of Nos Taylor, but that is as far as your truth has gone. His case is not remotely anything like Broomes’. He was taken of his job and hustled to the Psychiatric Hospital because there was a rumour that that he was detained there while he was on sick leave a few weeks earlier. As it turned out, someone with his name was detained there. The only difference is that Nos’ middle name is Wesley while the actual mental patient’s middle name is Lesley. They had the wrong man and subsequently retired the wrong man. How is that anything like Jeff Broomes’ case unless you are saying that Jeff is mad. You are just a liar, doing so by selectively taking out some facts that would assist in your argument and leaving out facts that would not assist your position.

    • @Caswell

      Was Minister Jones referring to you when he spoke to this matter in parliament yesterday?

      Something about talking heads and people needing to bang the table because of their desire to remain married to old ways?

    • David

      I did not hear the Minister’s speech. However, from what I saw reported in the Barbados Today it is obvious that either he did not read the Public Service Act or he did not understand what he read.

    • @Caswell

      If that were true it would be an indictment on a man who was BUT head for years no?

      Interesting in Jones delivery yesterday was his call for an Industrial Relations Court.

  20. @ Sarge
    By cream….in the event of taking what is not yours…you mean froth(pee) right ?….Cawmeere …..Ole Noot…..Crumpton St….ole Tank …never upheld frothing as a means to the top..did they ?

  21. @ Enuff
    Hoyos needs to go off the radio as it now appears that he’s been emasculated since describing Kellman as having a bout of verbal
    Least we forget StarCom is Trinidadian owned….Ole Nook roots near Couva Junction…….time may come a days whn sleeping dogs maybe req for a purpose.

    • Checkit-out

      In trying to dismiss my argument, you have proven my point. The alleged problem with Mrs. Amaida Greaves that precipitated the strike occurred in 2011 so Broomes could have interdicted her since as you said, he had that power from 2010.


      I Just heard part of Mr. Ronald Jones’s contribution in Parliament and I am convinced now more than ever that he just likes to hear himself talk. I would challenge him to deny that the problem with Broomes had more to do with politicians, who had personal friendships with Broomes, intervening to frustrate the complaints of the staff at Alexandra over the years. They did not allow the same processes that he spoke of to work .

  22. Hear Blow Hard Jonesy….’washing ee mout’ in Parliament, ..why the hell , he don’t speak the truth and tell the people why the PM found it fit to shelve him from refereeing the Ax matter…..Why he also had to shelve him in preference for Sealy…deputizing as PM….Oh hush do… all the gesticulating and horn blowing will fool no one..Why the hell you don’t tell Parliament why you decided to shelve The King Report and had it on your desk catching dust….talking about getting on with others…..ask the people at MOE ..and take stock…….man they doing D dog..Bare Lip Service…….!

  23. John; Re. your post of last night 11.05 pm;

    Thanks! As you doubtless know, I saw that information sometime ago having commented on it on this blog over three months ago. It does give some indication of roughly when some of the main events occurred but nothing more. However, by referring to the dates one can essentially throw out Caswell’s arguments that Mr. Broomes could have realistically used the new education act to himself interdict the offending teachers since such power was only specifically given to Principals in 2010 with the passing of the Amendment to the Act. In addition the list seems to suggest that the spin re. OSA’s exposure to the AX decline was egregious and perhaps even more egregious than FS’, might be a bit flawed since the original matter seems to have been in 2006 from the list and appeared to have been resolved in a normal way also the Amaida Greaves event seems to have been in late 2008 well within the interregnum of the current administration.

    Your list is a start, however, in inferring the rough timeline of the eruptive events.

  24. Old Onions

    By cream….in the event of taking what is not yours…you mean froth(pee) right ?….Cawmeere …..Ole Noot…..Crumpton St….ole Tank …never upheld frothing as a means to the top..did they ?

    How did we get caught up in this web of yours? If it is guilt by association then you have to build two more Dodds complete with BLP and DLP wings.

    Judging by the frequency of posts you seem to have a lot of time on your hands (just waiting ‘till the BLP gets back in) In the meanwhile why don’t you start the Barbados Chapter of the Dead Poets Society? And speaking of froth “ Life is mostly froth and bubble, Two things stand like stone, Kindness in another’s trouble, Courage in your own” From another dead poet

  25. Caswell

    My post was not to ascribe any factual content to the list of correspondence as I do no know what was actually in them.

    It was merely to show that the Principal’s selected correspondence which he has put on the table seems to show that this episode has been going on for years and straddles both administrations.

    I find it surprising that apparently missing from the list is a letter to the Chief Education Officer regarding the complaint against Ms Greaves. This letter is alleged to have been sent by the Principal to the Chief Education Officer who has denied receiveing it.

    The Principal can only add to this list before the Commission of Enquiry ….. and no doubt the BSTU, Teachers and MOE can rebut.

  26. @ Sarge

    You seems like others to think
    Wit be wit and
    Onions a nothing but shallow…….
    Sorry to disappoint Ole friend, that piece AX
    Was but of my own construct,
    And not of one entombed in stone…..

    (yet another Onions.orig )

  27. @David
    more interesting was the NUPW and BSTU stance against the IRC.

    That case sounds like an open and shut. Wrong name, wrong files etc The fact that you have a case to fight says it all about our “proficiency.”
    You are also right that Broome could have acted against Greaves. Unless of course he intimately understands how familial connections blunts any attempts at action and chose not to waste his time as others may have wasted before and against him 🙂

    I believe the “alleged letter” about Greaves post dated the inspection report so ti wouldn’t have been included. That’s assuming it existed prior to the strike 😉

    Jones is speaking as the substantive (and silenced) minister of education who tried (in vain) to resolve an issue (and a Redman) that predated him and clearly was too much for him to handle in the ways which he is familiar (industrial and legal). His stocks have fallen, yes, but Freundel’s handing of the issue, the BSTU’s recalcitrance and intransigence plus the subsequent findings of the Commission may somewhat vindicate him somewhat. Sadly those all of these will come after elections.

    • Minister Jones needs to add to his public outrage why he sat on the King Report. Even if the report was not thorough as checkit-out and other bloggers seem to suggest it could have been used to precipitate further action.

    • @observing and checkit-out

      Is it fair to Jones to question his level of emotional intelligence by lashing out at the BSTU in parliament yesterday?

      Against the background that the PM has intervened with a way forward.

      Why muddy the waters.

  28. @ onions
    …so you is a gutter perk too….?

    You do yourself a disservice to comment so extensively on a matter in which you are so intimately involved.
    LOOK BACK AT THE BUSHMAN’s advice to you with respect to this matter from the very start…..

    It is unprofessional. (and you KNOW Bushie has your interest at heart)

    @ all
    If he was clairvoyant (not saying he is NOT 🙂 ), the bushman would suspect that there may be a level of personal animosity between Mary and Jeff. There is too much illogic in the various equations and the only format that seems to fit – reeks of spiteful vengeance….

    @ David
    The worse possible methodology for solving a simple problem is to use the law or the court system. The only guarantee is that the eventual solution will defy common sense and set untenable precedents

    If we need to sweat and labour over what appears to be nothing more than a glorified lover’s spat, what the hell will we do in the next few months when the shit REALLY hits the fan….?

  29. Observing (and observing) | April 25, 2012 at 9:21 AM |
    I believe the “alleged letter” about Greaves post dated the inspection report so ti wouldn’t have been included. That’s assuming it existed prior to the strike

    I believe you are right given also Caswell’s comment as to the timing.

    I am sure the Commission of Enquiry will get all the facts.

    I was trying to show that even with the very limited facts available it is possible to get a feel for the situation.

    Very often in life we only get limited factual disclosure but even with that it is usually possible to act in such a way as to cover most, if not all the bases.

    All of the facts may prove me wrong but given what facts are available to me at this point in time I just cannot understand why the Principail has not walked.

    He obviously has his reasons.

  30. @ David
    You know looking at that video above ..and what was exhibited on TV last night…..there is a remarkable resemblance…..check it….how apt we set examples.

  31. Bush Tea wrote @ all
    If he was clairvoyant (not saying he is NOT ), the bushman would suspect that there may be a level of personal animosity between Mary and Jeff. There is too much illogic in the various equations and the only format that seems to fit – reeks of spiteful vengeance….

    Before I started to respond on this blog. I told a teacher (friend) that Mary’s behaviour appears more personal than professional she seemed to want to get back at Broomes – only to learn that Mary is still not married and Broomes took a bride. I say no more.

    As professionals we have to know when to say this would be a conflict of interest for me and allow another to lead.

  32. David re. your post of April 25, 2012 at 10:00 AM:
    You asked; observing and checkit-out; Is it fair to Jones to question his level of emotional intelligence by lashing out at the BSTU in parliament yesterday? Against the background that the PM has intervened with a way forward. Why muddy the waters.

    I don’t recall questioning Jones’ emotional intelligence. What I was trying to do in another post, in another discussion, last night, was to make the following points:-

    Mr. Jones was evidently trying to put and justify his side of the handling of the AX matter to his colleagues and to the general public in a forum in which he was comfortable. To the extent that he apparently got hearty applause for his stance from the majority of his colleagues on the DLP side of the house it appeared that they empathized with his statements and did not consider him to be muddying the waters. Since his handling seems to be diametrically opposed to the way how the PM handled it, it begs the question as to if there might be perhaps an exposure of a previously hidden division in the party as to the way how the AX matter was and is being handled.

    Re. the PM’s intervention and provision of a way forward for AX, my take, expressed here on BU, is that such intervention may be a very distant mirage, given the modalities that have been released so far as to how the commission will be implemented. In the interim period the BSTU will apparently not get their wishes fulfilled, if we go by the word of the PM.

    If those interventions constituted a muddying of the waters, then so be it. But I would like to think of my input on BU as an attempt to clarify already muddied waters rather than adding more mud to them.

    • @checkit-out

      The question to you and observing was not accusatory but moreso a genuine interest to get you opinion opinion on the matter forwarded.

  33. David; Sorry for misreading the question. Will respond later after I get some of my afternoon chores done.

  34. @David

    The water was already muddied by the BSTU’s “save face” press conference. Added to that the same tensions that existed pre-January adn all through Term Two still exist. As a trade unionist Jones would have been miffed that the issues couldn’t be resolved procedurally (or at least the BSTU called to account) AND, were snatched from his hands without the decency of a phone call or text. Added to that, the current solution will still be an issue later…anyone with an idea of school culture etc. knows that. AS Check It Out said, the support from the government bench during his contribution was significant. When all is said and done this true soldier and “safe seat” may have more to say “at the right time” and “in the right places”

    As for the PM pointing the way forward, I think it may be more correct to say point the way across. 🙂 Make no bones about it, the commission is a head hunt, disguised as bird watching. Just a matter of time before the BSTU snaps and decided to tell “all” when they realise they are not getting thier way as quickly as they would like. Think on this….

    BSTU – over 800 members (Freundel’s margin of victory in 2008)
    BAPPSS – 23 members (James Paul’s margin of victory in 2008)
    CLICO policy holders – 20,000+ (1 third of DLP’s overall margin in 2008)
    Almond – 500 workers (more than the margin of victory in TEN DLP constituencies)

    Stuart may be getting some jobs done, but the most critical one(s) may be left wanting. Jones et. al know this erll.

  35. any body who is trying to save face is Jones with is ridiculous proposal of an industrial Court ! shhh!

    the Bstu have more than ten years of grievances some of which they can address in a court of Law! the political wheels which have supported Broomes over the years are spread far and wide across Barbados and themselves would be made up of the so-called Industrial Court i say to BSTU throw caution to the wind and help yourself because no commission inquiry going to help you!

  36. Worthy of a revisit os the argument that until Jeff Broomes tried to ring the changes at AX it was a school that was stable and respected. Is the problem Broomes or the teaches? To answer the question we need to separate the toxic IR climate from what is bad management, unprofessionalism and poor interpersonal relationships.

  37. Most of those teachers are former AX students and just want to see things go as when they were at school, many moons ago. If the NEW labour act is passed before the enquiry starts, then they can only deal with matters at happened, a year ago. Plus there was a settlement between the two paries, Red wo MAN and Broome in 2010, therefore that matter was resolved and cannot be discussed again. Therefore according to Bushie, it seem like it is a woman’s spite to a lost pessonal matter. I hope Broome and his lovely wife are enjoying their marriage.

  38. David; Re your question about muddying the waters. I think Observing covered all the angles and answered your query much better than I could. I agree totally with his post on the matter.

    Caswell; I had mistakenly thought all along that the Amaida Greaves incident was in 2008 or thereabouts. I suspect that since it was actually in 2011, that Broomes made discretion the better part of valour and did not try what was essentially a new and untried process when powerful forces in the MOEHR might have had a chance to frustrate any such action of interdiction. An MOEHR connection could also explain why the “alleged” letter on the matter was not found by the new CEO at MOEHR on assuming the substantive office when the Principal would appear to have been the sort of person given to writing copious memos and claimed that he had indeed submitted the letter to the MOEHR.

    John; I think the tide might be turning from buttressing the BSTU towards doing the same for the principal, at least in the interim. Thus Broomes has no good reason not to stick it out, unless you have knowledge of very good evidence, not in the public domain, that should cause him to capitulate at this time. I suspect that insofar as he has been able to stick to his guns and possibly resist the inducements as well as the brickbats to make him go so far, that he knows that he has a good case and that he has a good chance of withstanding anything that the commissioner can eventually throw at him. I think that the Commissioner’s history so far suggests that he is a fair man, even if given to the typical slow pace of operations in our Court system, and that he will eventually (after elections) come down on the side of fairness and what is the law in this matter. Between now and then there are many scenarios that can unfold, particularly of an Eager ?? complexion.

  39. @Scout
    “Plus there was a settlement between the two paries, Red wo MAN and Broome in 2010”

    Alot of us might overlook this. As I said, that shake hand and return to work signalled the end of that (those) particular grievance. BSTU needs to deal with what currently obtains rather than lump 4-5 years into one “bad management” basket and attempt to use it to “evict” an appointed person. I’ll say again, they have a case and they have grounds, but their prosecution and public relations is piss poor pathetic.

    80% of people are difficult to work with. What’s your point?

    The big question is, when was Jeff Broome appointed to Alexandra? When was the first BSTU issue (grievance) raised? What was that first issue and why? Was it dealt with by the respective agents ? How have things been since then? Backtracking as I have highlighted will signal the genesis of all this malcontent and shine some light on the darkness that has enveloped the school and some of the actors in this play.

    Bare in mind too that the BSTU needs to remain “relevant” and of importance to its members. Erego a possible ulterior motive.

  40. @Caswell
    u dont normally respond to this dunce because u know that this dunce know that u have double standards. . u also know that u r arguing that the cpo should not have retired him as he could have worked for a longer period

    u should be the last personto say someon has an axe to grind with you when i hav seen u being disrespectul to fellow bloggers. it is ur way or the high way.

  41. @ Observing

    Your comment is irrelevant. Broomes is the bone of contention not the other 79% whose issue might not be comparable to Broomes who over the past years has had numerable complaints from others in the teaching profession who had found him difficult to work with. so how would the79% be of any significant to Ax and Broomes is beyond that only a Broomes apologist would find of any relative significance

  42. @Caswell

    Has Veronica Mcfarland lodged a case whereby it is stated that Nos should not have been retired?

  43. @ac
    U missed my point, which simply is, difficulty to work with is not a prerequisite for industrial action, grudges and grievances, or requests for separation. Also, most managers can be considered difficult to work with by some/most employees in some way or the other. Professionalism, commitment to task and maturity should be the order of the day generally, but most definitely when it reaches the level of industrial relations. If things are too rough or all else fails, all parties always have the option to go or request to be sent elsewhere. And for the record I am most definitely NOT a Broome apologist. I’m just observing.

  44. If Mr Broome is said to be so bad, even when he was teaching at St Lucy’s Sec and St. Michael’s, why was he then appointed to AX, especially in a situation where it is difficult to remove him? From my investigation from teachers from both of these other schools, Mr Broome was well liked by most teachers and students. This is just like many of you saying Arthur did nothing for Barbados, yet he was given three terms; we need to dwell on the positive and stop just looking at the negative. He that is without sin, cast the first stone.

  45. Observing
    Proper question, I’ll be surprise if for so many years, any for these striking teachers ever ask for a transfer. The reason Mr Broome and Mrs. Greaves both it seem, when for an interview for the position of principal of AX. Maybe Mrs Greaves, having been an old scholar and teaching there for many years, plus the fact that her husband works at the MOE, figured that the interview was just a formality, therefore she didn’t present herself as good as she is capable of. Mr Broome on the other hand went FULY prepared and presented himself well, therefore he got the job. Mrs Greaves and her followers, therefore decided to give the man HELL from day ONE, to try to prove he was the wrong choice.I can see this coming out of this situation

    • @The Scout

      You do not want to admit but there is enough blame to go around at the AX. What is clear now is that the school will never be the same again and it will not improve either by removing Broomes and or the striking teachers. The authorities sat back allow the school to implode.

  46. Mary RED woMAN, on the other hand, seems to have a personal vendetta against Mr Broome, for whatever reason, therefore with the support of Mrs Greaves and her group, she is hell bent on pulling down Mr Broome. Maybe, just maybe, she had an eye for Jeff but he choose someone else. Mary look into the mirror and ask yourself, why at this stage you can’t get a man

  47. David

    I say no more on relationships – Scout has a ‘maybe’ and I take the ‘maybe’ in Bajan dialect to mean ‘yes’ my interpretation. These folks were in teaching service for years and know each other very well including Jones who should not have been given the MOE to oversee – in my opinion that too was a conflict of interest.

    Ask Jones about his relationship to Broomes? what kind of buddies? why Mary did not want to see Jones and grossly disrespected him when he called a meeting by no show and sending someone from off the streets?

    The Commission of Enquiry will bring alot to the fore including relationships.

    Unlike scout who appears to paint a beautiful portrait of Broomes I have heard that Broomes has many many breaches of contract including hiring of personnel. I await the facts and trust that it will be in open ‘court.’

  48. With Jones asking for Industrial Relations Court it suggests that he was definitely not the right person to head Human Resources in the teaching service. He should be ashamed.

    Human Resources seeks to uphold equal employment opportunity, emotional intelligence, effective communication, conducive working environment, timely resolution of grievances, hearing of the aggrieved and all other parties, building strong relations among board, management and staff.

    Min. Jones showed in Parliament that his evaluation of himself is below the required pass mark of 50% as HE provoked, agitated and pushed beyond the boundary of good industrial relations the BSTU when he refused to respond to the Report of 2011 in the AX matter.

    Jones should have been removed as Min of MOE with dispatch. Everyone looked to the PM because the BSTU requested the PM. After the PM dealt with the Union he should have removed Jones forthwith.

    BSTU did not have the authority to request the removal of the Head of Department in the civil service and Jones did not direct nor influence the Union to follow the ‘rule of law’ instead we all saw the total break down of negotiations under his leadership and management.

    Fair is fair – the BSTU was wrong and so was Jones he should also be assessed in his handling of this matter. No doubt that Jones can become PM because we all make mistakes. We are to tell men when they are wrong and let them develop with the truth in their belt and integrity will look good on them. We would not turn up our noses when we hear their names or see them.

  49. GONE BUT not forgotten……..

    Oh give of leave, those begrudge, forsaked
    All seems a wasted effort fore
    Your cause twisted, never investigated
    Now thrown to the infinity moors to spore
    Transfer or transferred til your delight
    Lark dogs of self gloat,wit infested,
    Til none accompany Jim Jones and moe.

    “Trickery and treachery are the practices of those that have not the wits enought to be honest”
    Benjamin Franklyn

  50. David

    The authorities did not just sit back and allowed the school to implode, they were active participants in the process. By the authorities, I am referring specifically to the political directorate. They enabled the process by their active interference protecting Broomes whenever he found himself in problems. They did not allow the established procedures in the Public Service to deal with Broomes. Each time he was on trouble, they ensured that he was promoted away from the situation. Broomes was clever, he used both political parties to achieve his goals.

    He was promoted away from St. Lucy Secondary during a conflict to become Deputy Principal at St. James Secondary. Again during another conflict, he was transferred to St. Michael’s School. Yet again, he was promoted to become Principal of Alexandra School during another conflict which resembled all out war.

    His tenure at Alexandra was characterized by continuous conflict with all categories of staff there. The latest round of the conflict broke out when there was a vacancy for the post of Chief Education Officer, and I would leave it up to you to guess who was one of the candidates. If you guessed Broomes, go to the head of the class. Maybe just maybe, the latest round of conflict was designed to get him promoted, after all, it worked twice before.

  51. @Caswell

    Don’t mean to be a doubting Thomas but it boggles the mind that an educator would deliberately create conflict – with children at the centre to pursue selfish goals.

  52. @All

    have u realized the said Caswell has been fired from every job he had, including the politcal pick. What was the reasons he have been fired? Just only asking?

    Every place he has worked he has left a trail of destruction.

  53. @blogger2012

    What do think happens to someone who has to buck the establishment?

    What do you think happens to anyone who insist on the rules the game should be played? A good example is umpire, referee et al.

  54. @Caswell
    On a point of order you are misleading the blog.
    When was the vacancy for Chief announced/advertised? When did the AX issue start?
    Also, for us fact seekers can you attached dates, description or timeline to the “flare ups” and “transfers” which you repeatedly speak about at the other schools?

    An indication of how much the school will never be the same will be the amount of people who choose it for common entrance. Already transfer requests are beginning to trickle out. I would be hard pressed to send my child there as it is right now.

  55. Observing

    I am not misleading anyone. Broomes was interviewed for the post of Chief Education Officer: he did not go to the second round. Then he made the controversial remarks at Speech Day that he knew would inflame passions. This time around, however, that ploy did not work: no one intervened in the process to move him out of the way by promoting him.

  56. Now tell me where would one move a Ole broom like Broomes from WHERE to WHERE…..not MOE ? They made their positin clear from early …where then to China?….already taken sonny boi….WHERE ELSE ?….ask his freind… the MC now PR…. up Wildey ( also worked @AX)….No hay full too….so the only place is HOME….oh boo hoo….

  57. @Old Onions

    “Trickery and treachery are the practices of those that have not the wits enought to be honest”

    One thing I can say is that you got a lot of guts, in fact others may say that you got more guts than sense to post the above quotation. Didn’t you try to mislead/deceive the other Bloggers by posting under the sobriquet “Gutter Perk”?
    Lawd come fuh yuh worl, what next “Flystick”? “Skylark”? “Cubbah”? “Boysie”? Here is a worthwhile suggestion “Stranger” as in “Stranger to the Truth” but since you are all about poetry I’m sure you’ll understand where this is coming from.

    This above all: to thine own self be true,
    And it must follow, as the night the day,
    Thou canst not then be false to any man.

  58. Sarge
    Man ya slippin…..that from you ? Wha eva body in hay duz come in eva now an then unda annuda alias…stupeees…
    Man you think the West Indies gine beat today by TEA ?…We ina bind
    Dun kno Onions is a man of virtue.

    ( I ent know wah wrong wid my friends in hay dis Morning..).

  59. @Caswell
    The names of potential chiefs would have been leaked since January 2011

    The remarks were made on December 2, 2011.

    The new Chief was appointed the week of January 12 2012.

    The PSC would have chosen the new chief and forwarded the name a little while before the actual appointment announcement. .

    the only time I am unaware of is when Broome “failed” the first round. If you can fill that in it may eviscerate my point or buttress yours

    I’ll leave the other bloggers to decide.

    I’m still thirsting for information about Broome’s other infractions and subsequent “shifting” or promotion. Would love to make a comparison.

  60. Caswell Franklyn re. your post at 6:30 AM;
    If we grant you the benefit of the doubt that must surround the “facts” you list above of Broomes progress up the teaching ladder and your conclusion that there was active political collusion in this by both administrations, I think there are better explanations for that progress than the one you suggest.

    a) Why could it not be possible that, like you (or rather the impression you like to give about yourself) Mr. Broomes is a stickler for discipline and doing things the right way by his subordinates, and, granted the contrary attitudes by unionists, teachers, public servants in general, private sector workers in general, etc., such an attitude must always end in conflict. He or you must always find yourselves in conflict situations wherever your work after an indefinite time in any job in Barbados?
    b) Why could it not be possible that in a situation like the one described above that Mr. Broomes could apply for an available job and purely through an ability to present himself better than the other applicants along with a good teaching track record, secure such jobs?
    c) Why would you think that it is only through political influence that Mr. Broomes could have maintained the upward trajectory he’s shown in progressing in his field of teaching?
    d) Why could’nt it be superior recognition of his accomplishments inside and outside the teaching arena and greater ability to sell himself that he would have been successful in getting these posts?
    e) Why must you insist that Mr Broomes only way to have got the jobs was by political collusion? Is that the only way to get senior posts in Government?

    AS for the conclusion that conflict presaged every job advancement for Broomes in the teaching service and that he proactively engineered the latest conflict with BSTU to again use conflict as a mechanism to get the vacant CEO job. I think it could be a total red herring. You’ve stated before an alternative theory that these expression of conflict are linked to the phases of the moon. Now which explanation is it? The moon phases or conflict? How does he choose which moon phase of the numerous moon phases that were available in his teaching career to get involved in conflict?

    re. the Politics of inclusion; Isn’t it true that Owen Arthur always tried to get the best persons, irrespective of their implied political leanings, to fill key posts in the country with the stated objective of moving the country forward at a rapid pace and that forseeably many die hard BLP supporters were up in arms about such appointments if and when they came about. I know personally about one such appointment to a very senior post that had absolutely no political implications where the prospective job holder protested to Owen Arthur when Owen Arthur approached him about taking up a job for which he had not applied. “But you know that me and my family have always been DLP”. And Owen is reported to have said. ” I know you from University days at Mona and I know you are by far the best man for the job. Think about it and let me know if you will take it”. The result was a non political appointment that made Barbados very proud and gave us international recognition. That was what much of the politics of inclusion was about. Broomes’ appointment to AX could have been in similar vein.

    Your comments are normally very educational and on the ball but re. Broomes, there seems to be a bias. You are not always right.

  61. @ check-it…re friend.. Broomes
    such an attitude must always end in conflict. He or you must always find yourselves in conflict situations wherever your work after an indefinite time in any job in Barbados?
    Stick a thumb tack …right there….. (you are bleeding n bleeding now)…for you have exposed the CRUX of the problem….Broomes cannot get on with ANYBODY……..Though you presented a well executed postings, more and more you are coming around …honestly like us …to reveal the truth..
    Suppose all bosses in the island were a Broomes ? Every one would be on strike……why must those teachers ONLY continue to be stuck with him? And they want them to pay dearly too for speaking out…….not right !

  62. Onions; I must admit to being somewhat intransigent on this matter. I’ve known some colleagues or subordinates in my working life who would have created total chaos if they had achieved senior management positions. Indeed, I am of the firm position that “dey hed din gud” based on a number of things that they did, that people with even half good heads would definitely not do.

    Now, is Broomes cut from the same cloth? I don’t know. Perhaps he was, but there is nothing in the public domain that provides evidence that he was. Caswell has provided uncorroborated hints that he was but we are none the wiser as to if Caswell has his conclusions straight or not as there are other valid explanations of the “facts” that he has provided. My view is that we shouldn’t condemn Broomes or anyone else on the basis of some persons being adamant that he is erratic and giving out unsubstantiated teasers that suggest such. I do not like to see people condemned on the basis of unproven hearsay and I think the PM did that initially and was then convinced to rethink and do the right thing of being seemingly impartial in the end. In that regard the Commission of Enquiry is the best current mechanism to fairly evaluate this situation and ensure justice one way or the other. But, in my opinion, the PM’s original determination exposed a very flawed way of refereeing a dispute and, in its train, a somewhat frightening propensity for throwing some of his colleagues to the dogs in public while declaring his superiority and i-manship in the interests of finding what must have been a short term solution to the problem.

  63. @ check-it
    As Wickham so rightly states this morning…the Commission Inquiry….will but give a report A DECISION will still have to be made…. CI report ..alike maybe less thorough (given time) than the King’s Report…Tell me can an Educator heading a report on the Judicial system as thorough as a Judge….or vice versa….on the Ax matter ? Wasn’t King more apt to be that advisor ? Time wasting or kicking the can, or whatever….we would have hoped for more from a Barbados PM ….as we are accustomed…Sad day indeed and in an election year besides.

  64. Onions; I think any objective reading of the King Inspection of AX Report will see that it was not designed to provide unimpeachable information on, or to answer the question of, who was responsible for the admitted conflict at AX. The report was condemned by BSTU itself on methodological grounds. On technical grounds there is not even an attempt to statistcally prove any of their very few and very loose findings. The report was never intended to be used in the way that Stuart attempted to use it originally and the Minister of Education probably could have told him so if he had sought such advice.

    The CI report will have to be differently focused and better implemented to be of any benefit in identifying causes for the AX situation. It should provide recommendations for the way forward which the political directorate will have to choose from and implement. A major role in this will be by the MOEHR. In the current climate where the PM has telegraphed his displeasure at the early handling of the dispute by the Minister and the Minister has now come out and very volubly intimated what his side of the situation is for all and sundry to see or hear, could you see the PM and the MOEHR Minister coming together for an amicable solution unless we have a different Minister when the final report gets to that Ministry for comments?

  65. @Check it out
    “could you see the PM and the MOEHR Minister coming together for an amicable solution unless we have a different Minister when the final report gets to that Ministry for comments?”

    The plot thickens!!!!!

    • @checkit-out

      A very insightful comment. If we look at the recent relegation of Jones and elevation of Sealy it gives even more credibility to your comment.

  66. @Check-it
    I stand corrected….by the time this Commission is finished the elections will be called …and the good minister will be no more…. the calf would have been further disected …. D.mice ran scattering to old holes…the only losers will be the teachers and the tax payers purse.

  67. @David

    I have no problem wiith someone standing up for whatu he or she believes in, but I have serious difficlty with people like Caswell who behaves as if, he is the fountain of all knowlege, as if he is the only purist about, as if he is the only one that has a value system. As of he is the only one knows how to attack; Further, as a unionist, information gathered during discssuons/representaion should not be dislosed on this blog to discredit one party. If he is going to reference, call all names involve but dont be selectivw as in the case of mr. Broomes who I belive is a sticker for standa\\\\sont selecyivtror used to attcak one party. I hope u get my drift

  68. The Bushman tried to warn Caswell to KEEP OUT of this AX matter.

    Not claiming that Bushie knows everything….(Hants already clarified and qualified that matter…), BUT from the very start Caswell was advised to keep out…

    Bushie cannot believe that Caswell is accusing Jeff of having been unpopular and controversial in the various jobs that he has held….LOLOL talking ’bout pot calling kettle black…. Caswell has been fired, expelled, chased, retired, dismissed, shooed, pushed and sent… would have thought that of everyone on this blog, Caswell would understand how Broomes COULD WELL be just as principled and unbending as HE is…..

    But Bushie is NOT surprised, indeed, this is precisely why Caswell has been tagged by the Bushman for the role of supervisor of the national supervisory committee (senate)
    Caswell is so driven in his focus to see what he considers to be right done, that he would even condemn himself…… As he has done here.

    This is why Bushie had warned him to stay out…..

  69. Onions: Awrite den. But I think that one should not count ones chickens before the hatching. There could be many a slip betwixt the cup and the lip.

  70. What caswell has said about Broomes past controversial history and many tirades and disputes with others in the teaching professions is absolutely true and it not something that caswell has made up for it is well known it boggles the mind how so many smart people can condone broomes behaviour and try to be broomes apologist to the point where an effort of putting Caswell past work history becomes fair play.

  71. @Ac
    Caswell work history as well as Mr. Broomes is fairplay. Mr, Frabklyn must recognize people in glass houses should not throw stones. Mr, Franklyn has made some imprpoer statements as to why Mr. brromes was promoted, among other things.

  72. David; re. blogger 2012 query above, perhaps you may need to split the topic and put up a phase 2. The number of posts (over 441 so far) might be slowing down the refreshing rate especially on older operating systems or computers, amongst other possibilities.

  73. Old Onions

    Man ya slippin…..that from you ? Wha eva body in hay duz come in eva now an then unda annuda alias…stupeees

    Glad to see you taking a principled stand, is this Politics 101 as taught to you political operatives?


    Please let us know about these miscreants

    • Andrew Brathwaite

      Wednesday at 9:45pm ·

      Why doesn’t the Minister of Education speak out to defend teachers against persecution from principals?

      I will speak!

      At a ceremony this morning at Half Moon Fort Primary to honour retired principal Judy Sobers, he made it known that he intended to say what he has to even if he is labelled a “firebrand”.

      Like · ·Unfollow Post · Share

      Lynette Eastmond is that the kernel of the matter then?

      Wednesday at 9:59pm · Like

      Andrew Brathwaite Maybe the kernel of one of the sub-plots.

      Wednesday at 10:12pm · Like

      Duane Burke The article that more struck a chord was the one that Barbados was no bargain basement. This would probably explain why Sports Tourism appears to be only recently registering on the Richter scale. This tourism segment would support 2, 3, and 4 star hotels. Thus are we to assume that South Coast will phase out as a tourist area when we switch to a 5 star destination?

      Wednesday at 10:33pm via mobile · Like

      Reggie King Perhaps because he believes that the Principal telling the teachers what to do is his job rather than persecution.

      22 hours ago · Like

      Andrew Brathwaite Reggie – that is plantation-style management (masas day done, remember?) and is definitely not how the principal’s job is described in the Education Act and Regulations. So I hope that is not what the Minister of Education believes 🙂

      22 hours ago · Like · 1

      Reggie King No matter how it is written… someone’s got to be the boss.

      19 hours ago · Like

      Andrew Brathwaite If the boss manages to ostracize almost all of his management team (as well as his board chairman) then he might be a great "boss" but a poor "leader" and a poor "manager". His continued employment needs to be re-examined.

      18 hours ago · Like

      Reggie King Sometimes standing for what is right pisses people off.

      17 hours ago · Like

      Andrew Brathwaite Cuddear – poor misunderstood principal, just wants what is best for the children. If only the teachers and the board would just do what he says all would be fine. Why don’t they understand?

      17 hours ago · Like · 2

      Reggie King If not for people like that the world would still be flat.

      10 hours ago · Like

      Leslie P. Lett Lololol. Andrew, why do you even bother?!??

      9 hours ago · Like

      Andrew Brathwaite Must be my nature 🙂

      8 hours ago · Like

      David King Like post 911 things will never be the same at the St. Peter institution for learning. Talk about a reputational hit!

      8 hours ago · Like

      Leslie P. Lett My Bajan grandfather used to say that you should only get upset if and when a donkey BARKED. Made no sense getting bothered when it brayed…that was its nature. Lolol. Can’t argue with Grandpa’s logic, can you? I have made a conscious decision to be much more discriminating with whom I have discussions re Alexandra. Thanks, Grandpa!

      8 hours ago · Like

      Leslie P. Lett

      When others – with quite genuine concern – ask me if things are "back to normal" as if that is a good and desirable thing, I realise the extent to which there is a lack of understanding/knowledge of the environment that exists and has existed for some time at my school. One of my greatest wishes would be that there was a greater appreciation of the inextricable link between that envirionment most conducive to effective teaching and that environment most conducive to effective learning. All the literature establishes this. Whose prime responsibility it is to facilitate, foster and nurture such is also made clear by the literature.

      8 hours ago · Like

      David KingAndrew you are probably too decent to state it but doesn’t it trouble anyone that we have educators whose inability to engage in conflict resolution points to an unacceptable level of ignorance? Whither the children in their charge who ultimately will be influenced by their learning environment?

      8 hours ago · Like

      Leslie P. Lett That "things will never be the same" is not necessarily a bad thing. At this time when we are reflecting upon the lives of our heroes, we would do well to remember that most of them are considered heroes precisely because they acted so that "things [would] never be the same".

      8 hours ago · Like

      David King Nothing wrong with fighting to right wrongs, a pity the public who is an important stakeholder does not have a clue what the struggle is all about. What is evident is that one side understands how to prosecute in the court of public opinion.

      8 hours ago · Like

      Leslie P. Lett

      Indeed, Mr David King, indeed. I could not agree with Mr King more. The uncle’s formidable PR batallion has outgunned everybody. Interesting that it should be noted that some people have nary a clue "what the struggle is about" – I concur again. It hasn’t stopped a lot of them of talking though! (Ahhh. There go grandad’s words again.) Until the concept of justice and public opinion converge the status quo will never ever change. The struggle against apartheid should have brought that home to us. Many of us do not appreciate this. The digital age necessitates a whole new thinking re communication and PR.

      8 hours ago · Like

      Leslie P. Lett Those who adamantly refuse to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

      8 hours ago · Like

      David King ‎"It hasn’t stopped a lot of them of talking though" nature abhors a vacuum.

      a few seconds ago · Like

  74. Caswell has been fired from every job he had, including the
    politcal pick. What was the reasons he have been fired? Just only asking?
    Every place he has worked he has left a trail of destruction.


  75. edison | April 26, 2012 at 11:49 PM |
    You do realize that, in most organizations, simply taking an ethical position will place you at odds with the boss.

  76. Onions prose-ing….not jones-ing for those Ax darlings….thanks for going back.Nuff people in hay don’t know the truth….but who does respect you..You truly are a rare breed….accost my darlings accost

    Oh give of leave, those begrudge, forsaked
    All seems a wasted effort fore
    Your cause twisted, never investigated
    Now thrown to the infinity moors to spore
    Transfer or transferred til your delight
    Lark dogs of self gloat,wit infested,
    Til none accompany Jim Jones and moe.

    • @checkit-out

      By Forte’s admission he is operating on info in the public domain so his article can be middle of the road against that background.

  77. @ Sarge
    Glad to see you taking a principled stand, is this Politics 101 as taught to you political operatives?
    For an overseas cohort… surely wheel a heavy scalpel.
    Least ye forget Onion is but a mellow fellow..PEACE

  78. @Fiscal Deficit Slashed
    Government has slashed the fiscal deficit from 9.1 per cent of GDP in fiscal 2010/2011 to an estimated 5.4 per cent for the fiscal year ended last month.
    Worthy UWI students of econometrics would inform the public…. that the 1st Quarter economic statistics…..should be the BEST FIGURES (highest) as they will included revenues and receipt from the current year’s tourist season.Not only does this paltry decrease spell a disastrous year ahead, but highlights further shortfalls ahead.
    Also, a growth spurt from 0.5 to closer to 1.0, is terrible given the above….

    Econ 304 Sarge..

    • An economic reality, two of our key markets continue to struggle.

      The UK is officially in double dip after .5% decline.

      Hot of the press growth in the US economy has slowed to 2.2%.

  79. @ David
    Isn’t the role of the Central Bank Governor to report on the past and project to the future ? What about factoring the Almond element ? We did not hear any projection on that ? The 500 direct jobs loss…the other 300 indirect….How could we talk about STABLE..? We are on a precipices about to fall over…Is that the definition of stable ? While not just doom n gloom..maybe some travelers can take stock…The NIS FUND is not a bottom-less PIT.

    • @Onions

      The governor is projecting stable based on current information.

      No doubt an analysis now has to be done on Almond impact.

      Whatever happens Almond will have to go offline to improve the plant.

  80. @David

    Question which seems to get ignored …… Is the global recession the reason why:

    1. We have no national debt reduction plan, which should focus on identifying and eliminating wasteful government spending?

    2. Is the global recession why we still have no FIO legistation as promised?

    3. Is the global recession why we have no national fiscal strategy?

    4. Is the global recession why we have a PM totally disengaged from the public.

    5. Is the global recession why we have no innovative thinking on revenue generation efforts.

    and on and on and on … can someone just answer one of these?

    • @Austin

      Some good questions although the government and Governor of trhe CBB will suggest the medium term fiscal strategy is the plan being worked.

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