You Are Never a Little Dishonest

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

On March 23, 2012, I received a telephone call from my mother who informed me that the postman had just delivered a letter addressed to me from Parliament. I could not imagine why Parliament would be sending me mail. At first, I thought that it could have been my invitation to the joint sitting of Parliament, for the recent royal visit, that had been lost in the mail.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the envelope to find two pieces of correspondence: one of which was an invitation to a meeting of the St. Thomas Branch of the Barbados Labour Party scheduled for April 15, 2012. I was surprised and disappointed all rolled into one. Firstly, I have not attended nor have I been invited to a branch meeting since 2002, and I have no intention of attending one now or in the foreseeable future. So I really don’t understand why they would even consider sending me an invitation in an “On Service” envelope to boot. I could only surmise that they wanted me to share it with the readers on Barbados Underground since this is now the medium that I use to complain about what I believe to be wrong doing.

As far as I am aware, a public officer who sends out his personal mail using the free service provided to Government institutions would be committing an offence. Why should parliamentarians use the free mail service, provided to Government and its institutions, to send out what is essentially their party’s mail? Is this a case of one law for the Medes and another for the Persians?

In a more mature democracy the Member of Parliament concerned would be called upon, at the very least, to explain such a transgression or even pay for the service that was used. I wonder how widespread is this practice, and how much revenue the Post Office would have lost.

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  1. @Caswell

    Did you not use your wide network to ascertain if there is some reasonable explanation for the piece of mail on an On Service envelope?

  2. David

    It was an attempt to save the postage by piggy-backing on legitimate correspondence. In these tough economic times every cent counts, or rather every 65 cents count.

  3. @ Caswell
    Suppose somebody did want to trick the ole boy… test thee……and reading you like a blog….put you on a wild geese chase ? Don’t swipe now like Peter and cut off nabody ear now ……..cuz it is 4.00 am and D cock gine soon crow thrice.

  4. @Caswell Franklyn

    Your comments immediately brought to mind a group of persons whom i shall refer to as the “Holy Hands Crew”.

    I once got into a conversation with them over sin and if someone kills a man and another covets a man’s wife whether there were degrees of sin and incredibly, i was told yes.

    While i do not want to turn your remarks into a philosophical discourse about how the weight of the sins is based on the order of the commandments and “if GOD had not intended to give them each a different weight in His judgement day, they would all have been stated in one paragraph”

    I committed the cardinal sin when i asked said “Holy Hands Crew member” to explain the rationale of that statement since, and i must admit that i have never spoken in tongues, speech as we lesser mortals know it, would still mean that the commandments would have to be enunciated one word after the other, even in a condensed paragraph.

    I am made to understand that when you “speak in tongues” that that limitation of having to say one word after the other does not apply. overcome)

    But i digress with this point of “comparative sin” and your point about “a little dishonest” Mr. Franklyn, or do i?

    The psyche of that person who thought nothing about taking de government envelopes, franking them and sending them to you, is no different than that of the other government employee who submitted multiple entries to Courts’ house and land competition some Xmas’ ago.

    Neither is it any different to the several instances where (government) workers tek home a ream of paper fud de dawta homewuk, a Canon printer ink cartridge from wuk at de ministry, causing de boy gots to do he english SBA, de 5 pens from de *** to gi way to de church womens’ fellowship folk and de chalk fuh de PTA lil chilrun’s after school lessons.

    We have become “a-cultured” to this “small form teiffism” and because the acts are not as socially offensive nor as disturbing as the robbery at Automotive Art, nor de great pork tail robbery of recent years, it is overlooked because these acts do not “exceed the threshold” in this new Barbadus.

    This “small form teiffing” is now part of the genetic make-up of Bajan workers all across de island. – de messenger you give a driving job to who siphoning of de company gas, fuh he car, de school chilrun who does rob wool worth uh dem pens every evening aftah school, de cooks who know dat 50 lbs uh food needed to feed de chilrun at * but does order 55 en cook 50, or cook all 55 use de government gas en carry home dat 5 lbs. .

    A Time for Change

  5. It is simply put by God this way:

    “Man’s HEART ( seat of desires, intent) IS* DECEITFULL above ALL things, and DESPERATELY WICKED, who can KNOW it?( Jer 17;9) Only GOD!

  6. Caswell , why are you trying to involve the BU family into a row between you and your political family? As a good christian , especially at this time of the year , you should extend the hand of fellowship . It cannot be so bad that you should consider your differences irreconcilable . Have a happy Easter my brother and PEACE .

  7. Caswell, why are you picking all these little fights? Are you Jesus on his return? But even he was not so picky.!

  8. Observer & JB

    I expected the reaction that I am getting to this post. It is symptomatic of the decline of the standards which set Barbadians apart when I was a younger man. When I was a boy going to school, I could not return with even a pencil that I did not leave home with. You had to explain how you acquired that pencil or it was lashes. Some might have said that it was only a five cent pencil but my parents made sure that we did not start a life of crime by taking little things at first.

    How much of other people’s things do you have to take before it starts to become dishonest? I did not expect the DEMs to jump on this particular bandwagon because the Bees would start to tell them how much of CLICO’s money they took. This is a case of who is without sin let him cast the second stone. I will maintain that this conduct should be frowned upon if for no other reason that a public officer would be in breach of the General Orders if he was caught doing the same.

    Candidates are allowed free postage for their election circular and I do not know of any other time when political circulars are allowed free postage. If some of you do not see something wrong with that then something would have to be wrong with you.

    • @Caswell

      Is there a legal action which John Citizen can bring to challenge what you have brought to light?

    • David

      The matter would have to be dealt with under the Post Office Act. The General Orders require Postmasters to exercise vigilance to prevent abuse, and should report any departure from the rules to the Ministry with responsibility for post office matters through the Head of Department. Additionally, I suppose that the matter could be reported to Parliament where one of those “hardworking” committees would deal with the matter expeditiously. I don’t know of any instance where the average citizen could take action.

    • @Caswell

      So we have John Citizens who though part of a democracy and in the face of a breach in public sector policy are unable to hold the government accountable.

      Is this correct?

  9. Dear Caswell theiving is tief’ing and it looks as though your MP is a thief.

    Or since 2 pieces of correspondence were in the same envelope maybe the MP is acting “green” and trying to save the planet by making one envelope do the work of 2.

  10. @ Caswell….In Bim there is big sin and there is lil sin,dependent upon who is the sinner,and from which perspective you choose.To be serious though there are some who see this as no big thing.Know why? For donkey years money that was allocated as travel,entertainment and other allowances always found its way into personal bank accounts,and this happened on both sides of the political fence.We as a people are so sanitized to this thievery,that we are now inclined to view pilfered postage as pittance when compared to the aforementioned.

  11. Caswell, stop playing God and Christ. May be your MP tried a thing that was in a grey area. I don’t know the circumstances, I recollect, however, that you wanted to run for that constituency and she got the jump on you. Could this be a vendetta?

  12. @Caswell
    Why don’t you tell us what the other piece of mail was? Is it your appointment to the post of Chairman of the National Supervisory Committee to replace the foolish Senate…? 🙂

    What do you expect, most Bajans are just as crooked as the MPs and lawyers. Most of us will just be vexed with you for “telling”.

    …see why Bushie will need you to fill this VITAL role when we get over this current “phase”…..

    • @JB

      Why woulf you attack Caswell instead of critiquing the issue he has posited?

      Was it correct for the MP to ‘piggyback’ on the OB Service mail or not, simple.

  13. O.k David are you asking JOHN Q citizen to pursue legal action. Are you serious and long would it take the legal system to recoup the money for the stamp or stamps not counting the legal fees encountered? as Barrack. exhibit A

    • @ac

      Can you fathom in this instance that we are tackling a principle and the quantum is not the pertinent issue?

  14. but seriously Cawell as a citizen of Barbados you do have a right to publicly have ‘a citizens arrest exercised of that thief: for using taxpayers money for sole purposes . or you can form a watch dog committe which oversees the way govt use the taxpayers money for personnal use.

  15. …and David can YOU fathom that you are talking to BAJANS?
    What principles what?

    LOL – as an example, Onions is so anti principles that he is anti principal….

    Everyone routinely steals from the employer, the neighbor, the spouse, ……stupsssss.. . It is who we have become.
    Caswell is just a freak.

  16. NO ! David i am trying to figure out how JOHN Q going exercise legal means to recoup money for a stamp or stamps that you must address first without throwing ideas out like paper kites .These kind of issues can be easily resolved at voting a message well sent to all politicians that when caught the punishment would be harsh!

  17. In a perfect world, we should all be upset and outraged that someone in authority would misuse their authority so blatantly. We would reason that this suggests that we could not trust them to be clean with the millions if they would be so loose with the 65 cents.

    In reality, most of us think “so what. that is all they took?” …and would be green with envy for such an opportunity…

    This is why we are where we are – BECAUSE a people ALWAYS get EXACTLY what they deserve….

  18. @ Bushie!

    In a perfect world we would not be having this conversation. Although your point is well taken i still feel a sense of discomfort on an issue such as this which could have been handle differently or pursued in another way. i am always a bit taken back when a person embarked on the method of embarrassment to resolve an issue rather than find discreet and tactful ways of seeking resolve. as a wise man once said “Those without sin cast the first stone”

  19. Caswell you posted “Imagine my surprise when I opened the envelope to find two pieces of correspondence: one of which was an invitation to a meeting of the St. Thomas Branch of the Barbados Labour Party”

    Your lead story and three other responses, yet you refuse to state what is the secrecy with the other correspondence. Do let us know my friend.

  20. Caswell, after posting the above. I realise that this story is questionable. Firstly: Was the invitation on the party’s letterhead? Was the invitation affixed with the member of Parliament signature? Until you speak about the other piece of correspondence, I will say this is a non-issue.

  21. @ac
    In a perfect world this would be HEADLINE NEWS.
    You just don’t get it do you?
    What you want to do is to protect the guilty. minimize the transgression and pretend that all is well….

    WHERE WILL IT END…? at what point do you deal with the problem? when it is in the thousands? millions? when someone dies?

    …besides in a perfect world the follow-up story would be something like “Bushman KO’s old onions with a series of vicious blogs that have the oldster reeling… – onions resort to obscure poetry for solace”
    What else would there be to rant about in a perfect world? drugs and crime?

    @ Caswell
    You can be wicked sometimes you know!! Bushie would call you a ‘gallows bait’….
    …passing strange that TWO letters in one envelope and you can only tell the BU family about one….or is the next one a summons from Fruendel and Chris for cussing them on BU?
    …two in one?…..that sound like the kind of thing that old onions would do…and we all know he is….

    • @Bush Tea

      You captured the point well which is being missed.

      How can one dippy doodle in a scenario where corruption and flouting of financial rules is rampant?

      Wrong is wrong.

      Have a check of the Auditor General’s Report.

  22. No ! what i dont get is where is the solution ? a solution could be found by confronting the perpetrator of the crime however i find it suspicious that the there seems to be a little bit of self aggrandising in posting the article not against calling people out for misdeeds but the way in which it is done agenda or vendetta. now lets call a spade a spade. it would be worth more an effort and highly appreciative if JOHN Q public could form a committee which serves the public in general interest in overseeing that Govt officials are held to the high standards that they swore to. This way does not cut it! it seems only selserving

  23. @ ac
    it would be worth more an effort and highly appreciative if JOHN Q public could form a committee which serves the public in general interest in overseeing that Govt officials are held to the high standards that they swore to.
    This is the most logical thing you have ever said ac……
    Unfortunately, it is plagiarized from Bushie’s proposal for a new system of governance for Barbados… 🙁

    The Committee is called the National Supervisory Committee and they will have the power to immediately suspend ANY OFFICIAL so clearly breaching the rules.
    Bushie done pick Caswell as chairman so don’t even bother to ask…. and We don’t want your b/f onions either!!

  24. @BUSH TEA

    in the article one bad apple has cast aspersions on the whole Bunch. So in the name of fairness to protect the innocent the name of the person who committed this ghastly act should have been given.

  25. @ Caswell .
    You have failed to capture the relevance of my question to you : why are you seeking to have the BU family embroiled in what is essentially a quarrel between you and your political party ? You have rather sought to raise the issue of dishonesty and have therefore forced me to respond in support of my stand .
    As written , the central focus of your posting is this : you received a letter in the post INVITING YOU TO A CONSTITUENCY MEETING OF THE ST THOMAS BRANCH OF THE BLP ; THIS WAS THE FIRST INVITATION YOU HAVE RECEIVED FROM YOUR BRANCH TO ATTEND A MEETING SINCE 2002 ; YOU HAVE NO INTENTION OF GOING TO THAT MEETING OR EVER GOING TO ANY MEETING OF THAT BRANCH ANY TIME IN THE FUTURE . In my view the matter of the method by what means you were invited to attend that meeting is only collateral to the main POLITICAL FOCUS : YOUR PRESENT RELATIONSHIP WITH THE ST THOMAS CONSTITUENCY BRANCH OF THE BLP OF WHICH YOU ARE A REGISTERED MEMBER ; my post was never meant to downplay the issue of the indiscriminate use of the postal services by the St Thomas branch and / or its constituency representative . It cannot be gainsaid that that is not an important legal issue worthy of discussion leading to the condemnation of those responsible for breaking the law but the manner by which you have raised it , in my view makes it SUBSIDIARY to the other issue .
    I should now like to hear you on my analysis of your piece . Until then Peace my brother .

  26. @ David .
    I am not saying that he can separate the two ; what I have demonstrated is that the mode of communicating the POLITICAL event is SUBSIDIARY to the event itself and Caswell’s relationship with his party . Certainly you must be able to appreciate the fact that the unlawful act was given birth through the necessity for Caswell’s party to invite him to its meeting . Let me hear you on that David , but I STILL WANT TO HEAR CASWELL EVEN IF YOU WOULD WISH TO BE THE REFEREE . Peace my brother.

    • Observer

      You are over-reaching trying to attribute a motive to me for this post. I am not seeking to embroil anyone in any conflict between them and me: I am just reporting what I consider to be an abuse of office. I criticize the DEMS all the time and believe me, I have nothing but goodwill for a number of them, including the PM, but that will not prevent me from criticizing him or any of the others. That goodwill does not extend to the Minister of Finance, I think he is an idiot, But I digress.

      I was a member of the BLP between 1980 and 2002. My sojourn in the BLP was never easy because I was always the one to point out any perceived wrongdoing. That endeared me to the rank and file members but I was often considered a thorn in the side of the hierarchy with the exception of David Simmons who embrace that aspect of my personality and used it to keep himself on track. As a matter of fact, Simmons often intervened to protect me and even made me his personal assistant against the objection of many.

      Even after Simmons retired, I continued to be the voice of conscience in the party but some of them thought it was time to neutralize me and ensured that I was removed from the National Council. They probably thought that they would not have to listen to me anymore, but I told them that I had things to say and since they did not want to hear them in private: they would hear them in a public forum. If memory serves you correctly, you should recall that it was around that time that I started to criticize the leadership of the BLP on the call-in programmes.

      My criticisms reach the point, just before the 2008 general election, where one Minister came to my home and offered me my pick of jobs just to silence me. I was unemployed at the time but I declined. I have experienced some difficulty with the know-it-all moderators on the call-in programmes so I use this medium to speak out. So far, I have not libeled anyone as I write only the truth.

      By the way, you keep saying my party: I do not have a party. I have not taken any blood oath. I do not believe in once a Bee always a Bee. That does not mean that I am now a DEM. All it means is that I am free to criticize any or all of them. I hope that addressed your concerns.

  27. @ David.
    Caswell has a case to answer . Let him put in his defence ; you must call on him to do so . Peace.

  28. It is no secret Caswell has had a long association with the BLP which probably crowned when he became PA to then David Simmons MP.

  29. @ David .
    That may be known . But why does he wish to make public the fact that he has no intention of associating with his party now or at anytime in the future?

  30. An Observer

    I did not see you comment at 10:07 before I commented above, To be absolutely clear, I have no intention of associating with either party now or in the foreseeable future. Party politics is behind me and I intend that it will stay there. By the way, that does not mean that I will not vote like BAFBFP: if my life is spared for the next election I will be going to the polls to vote for Dr. Hinds.

  31. @ Caswell.
    I refer to the BLP as ” your Party ” because they invited you to the regular monthly meeting . You have now clarified your position . In fact you have put in a successful defence of your position . I rest my case . LOL . A blessed Easter to you and peace my brother .
    @ David .
    You may have the last word .. LOL …

  32. “I have experienced some difficulty with the know-it-all moderators on the call-in programmes so I use this medium to speak out.”

    its funny how you attack persons who you don’t see eye to with, its sad really.

  33. BU well said. Caswell is a fraud, a hypocrite, who uses these blogs to launch personal and many times unsubstantiated attacks on people of his choosing and dislike. He is a loud mouth know it all who believes tha he is more knowledgeable on law, politics, unionism and any other thing than anybody else on this blog or wider Barbados.

    But can you or anybody else tell you what has he ever really achieved. What has he ever managed in his life? yet he is an expert in management. what law school did he go to and which qualification did he even receive? yet he knows more law than the judges in Barbados and the CCJ put together. What has Caswell ever succeeded at? Seriously, name one thing that he has suceeded at.

    He comes to this blog and try to accuse people of corruption and mis-appropriation of money. Has he paid back the Public Workers Credit Union the money they gave hin to go on a trip tht he never went to but still kept the money? Wasnt he expelled from the same Union for that foolishness?

    Was’nt he banned from the premises of the NIS for entering the building uninvited and beating the shit out of his wife? Who is Caswell Franklyn to be coming anywhere, especially on the blog and attacking people and actually getting serious people to respond to his non-sense.

    He is like the broken down race horse entered in the race to make up the field……… left alone. lets try to lift the quality of the discourse with serious discussion and leave know it all moutta browns like Caswell to do the only thing they know……piss all over people he hardly know, dont understand and will never be able to appreciate.

    • @mission impossible

      Always be weary when the politicos want a citizen to shut up. If what Caswell is saying is so defamatory why is nobody suing?

  34. i am not going to defend what the person did by sending the mail the way they did because that was wrong but Mr. Franklyn’s style makes one (me) question his motives.

    @mission impossible
    are you not doing the same thing you call out Mr. Franklyn on? just asking

    and for your question David for BU: that is why the radio cuts him because they don’t want to get sue and anyone can post on a blog under anyone’s name. you know better David. 😛

    • David (not BU)

      I have no difficulty with you questioning my motives. Have you noticed that I received the letter on March 23, 2012 but I only submitted the post to BU on April 5, 2011? During the interim I was questioning my own motives and consulting with people whose opinion I value to ensure that I was doing the right thing for the right reasons. One of those persons suggested to me that I would be a hypocrite if I did not submit the post.

      By the way, please don’t defend me against the likes of Mission Impossible. I expected that type of character assassination. I have never been banned from NIS or anywhere else for fighting. The last time I fought I was at school. I do my fighting with my mouth, pen and keyboard. Several people have taken me to court for defamation and I do not recall how many lawyers’ letters I have received threatening to sue me. So far none of them have prevailed, and do you want to know why. The answer is simple, I don’t lie, cheat or steal.

  35. I suspect Caswell will have supporters of both Parties riled up with his criticism but more so the BLP because he was an insider. Kudos to Caswell for blogging under his own name while many of us (yours truly included) use sobriquets.

    There is a quote from Voltaire which I will paraphrase: We may not agree with what you say but we will defend your right to say it.

    Or in Bajanese “Talk yuh talk”

  36. There are many who are irked by Caswell and his personality. Perhaps Bushie is sometimes included in that group.
    Mission Impossible ask “what has he ever succeeded at…?”

    Caswell is not a manager or businessman. He will always be poor. he is also not perfect by any means.

    BUT….there is NO ONE ELSE in Caswell’s class when it comes to keeping “hot shots” on their Ps and Qs. He has always been a natural pest in this regard and found himself on the agendas of many during his school days for ‘after school therapy’ for the over liberal use of his mouth.

    Thing is, Caswell is EXACTLY what is needed in a society like ours where there are so many CROOKS and even more sheep who are unwilling to confront dishonesty; afraid to challenge wrong doing or who just don’t have the balls to do anything but grumble under their breath.

    Without People like Caswell, the CROOKS will easily run things.
    Admitedly, it is possible for people like this to go overboard and to see wrong doing where none exist, BUT how can this be anything but an opportunity for such an accused to come and EXPLAIN why Caswell is wrong in his accusation? It is called TRANSPARENCY.

    Caswell is an asset to any organization in which he takes an interest. He is a pest, a nuisance, and a bother. He is paranoid about the intentions of others and he automatically thinks the worst about people in position. Trust Bushie…Such a role is VITAL for the ongoing success of any organization.

    If the BLP had allowed him to continue to cuss them internally, they would not have been exposed to the kind of external cussing they got for 3S, VECO, GEMS etc.

    If Public Workers had allowed themselves to be influenced by his criticisms then they would not now be facing the kind of external criticisms that they are…..

    Most of all, Caswell have BALLS.
    Even at school he was undaunted when big able fellows wanted to put some licks in his behind….

    But Bushie will be the first to admit that if you have something to hide – KEEP AWAY FROM CASWELL 🙂

    • Bush Tea

      Thanks! That is the best testimonial I ever had. I have saved it.

  37. Caswell Franklyn wrote “David Simmons who embrace that aspect of my personality and used it to keep himself on track.”

    You really want us to believe that David Simmons needed you “to keep himself on track”.

    They should have made you Chief Justice.

  38. @ Caswell Senator Kerri-anne Ifill…. I apologize for the fool. He is not well.

    @ Bush tea
    Who ever gives you the right to think you are so big and mighty to cast aspirations on people as you so wish (Caswell,Kerri anne ) .
    You seems to think you are God’s gift to mankind. In case you don’t ..for the short time I have been in here ..everybody is your problem,
    You are becoming so lame with you self impose stupor. To be the commentator of something nasty for anyone you feel ( you are not well ) you don’t like.Just because you feel like the Head of the Senate is incompetent..because you feel like Onions is over bearable ..because you feel like now Caswell is a natural pest….Oh bug off bush man ..who gives a damm what a bigot like you thinks.

  39. @Onions

    The BU household values the contribution and opinion of Caswell and Bush Tea very much. In fact their comments/blogs are always recommended reading.

  40. Oh ..OH ?
    My humble apologizes to the ‘BU family ‘ if I perchance….offended any of you…the truth matters..

  41. “For the cause that lacks assistance, The wrong that needs resistance, For the future in the distance, And the good that we can do ” Thanks
    George L Banks. Happy Easter family….. forgetting my manners

  42. @ Caswell
    Caswell is an asset to any organization in which he takes an interest. He is a pest, a nuisance, and a bother. He is paranoid about the intentions of others and he automatically thinks the worst about people in position. Trust Bushie
    The Viceroy speaks…. mere mortals listen….his word is his sorry

  43. anyhow if yuh got something to say yuh gotta come wid clean hands and no personal agenda or vendetta if not no one gonna take yuh serious

    @ ole onions
    you going to church be sure you asked for forgiveness fuh all dem things you said about fumble stuart
    Happy and blessed Easter to all BU

  44. No ac gf
    I will do no such thing… …may I remind of you (Bushie) “Revenge is a dish best served cold .” Its Easter Sunday and the third day….enjoy

  45. CROOKS? Ask Franklyn where the credit union money is, why he never took it back. Is that not crookedness ? BU family, as you call yourselves. The problem is not wanting to shut any boby up. Sure, he like all the other not it all shall have their say, here of else where, but when we come to equity come with clean hands. otherwise dont be pissing all over people while holding some pius position as if you are some saint sent to guard the honour of the poor. Who will guard the so-called guards. He is absoutely right that what the oppositio did was not right. But they all do it and its not the first time because i have received correspondence from both B and D that was political in nature in on service envelopes. In fact i received invitations from the BLP when Franklyn was PA to David Simmonds inviting me to political functions (social not hardcore) in government mail. was that right NO, does it make this instance right ABSOLUTELY NOT. Should it be stop OF COURSE.

    No one in their right mind can argue with that, but consider the source of the rubuke: a man that stole the credit union’s money. Yuh can’t be a little bit dis-honest and a crook can’t be lecturing a theif on his moral imperfections. It like the devil trying to condem sin. So BU you could up hold that hypocrisy, fortunately I don’t.

  46. Finally, my post has clearly demonstrated a feature of these blogs that in my view clearly compromises their ability to be taken seriously in their attempts be credible sensors of our leaders. the quick and un-hesitating defense of the in-defenseable in Franklyn’s case with the psuedo eulogies to him shows that many in the BU family want to hold politicians to one standard while applying a different one to themselves and their fans.

    I tell yuh!

  47. @mission impossible

    Good to read your admission that both political parties do it. This is the point which concerns BU. You are obviously new to BU because Caswell dealt with the credit union matter you raised months ago under one of the BPWCCL blogs. BU will always ride shotgun for those who come to the blog using their own names. If he stole money form the credit union they have recourse to the law courts.

  48. @mission impossible

    You can define credible how you like, it explains why the blogs continue to be read even by you apparently.

  49. @David

    Off topic there is an interesting article today in the guardian it makes for interesting reading regarding the racial divide and the impact it has lend itself into the news media in reference to trayvon martin case . Very interesting must read maybe you can reference article here on BU

  50. @Caswell

    On a more constructive note, the Commissioner of Inland Revenue (think it is ) is quoted in the press agreeing with a point you have made on BU that the entertainment allowance was not the government’s or Sinckler’s to take away. Hmmm. This was in response to queries if/when the tax on entertainment should be reinstated.

  51. LOL @ onions

    Bright an early this Easter morning you trying to pick a fight that you are sure to lose…?
    What revenge best served cold what??! …..take care you don’t get yours served hot hot hot. LOL. You don’t know any better than curse one of BBE’s boys? You better take ac advice and go to church.
    ….anyway, Bushie already beg for a break for you – “as you know not what you do”…. In fact you seem to know not ANYTHING. 🙂

    Perhaps by now you may have figured out that the Bushman has known ( and admired) Caswell for decades. Bushie knows Caswell almost as well as Caswell does (better in some ways as the AX matter should demonstrate). Bushie’s assessment of Caswell is simply HONEST and FRANK and Caswell would verify such.

    He is by no means PERFECT (certainly not as perfect as Mission Impossible) but he has a SPECIAL RARE GIFT that makes him very valuable to any organization interested in good governance.

    On the subject of GOVERNANCE, perhaps you truly miss the symbolism of the PM’s appointment to lead the Senate. In this case you are again forgiven for not knowing what you say….

    Onions, maybe you should get back to your yard fowl style comments where you are obviously much more learned.

    Re Cricket:
    Congrats for being able to sneak into the Press Box yesterday. For once you are correct that Bushie would not be seen there. You see, the Bushman tends to frequent the Executive Lounge at such events. perhaps next time you are sneaking about you should pretend to be an attendant there, and you may get to meet Bushie…. 🙂

  52. Oh Bushie
    You are a bucket of laughs…What are the BBE boys.? Is that Rum Drinkers Anonymous in French ? What does that means anyway ? Educate me.. I thought on the AX blog you professed to be the son of a fisherman from Speighstown, where you used to pitch marbles with Jeff “the mess” Broomes…pardon my ignorance here… as I seek no fight with you..I being a Yard Fowl and you a Palin cock…Fa real doa are you ona DEm one foot soldiers boys from the NUPW or what ?

  53. @MI

    Finally, my post has clearly demonstrated a feature of these blogs that in my view clearly compromises their ability to be taken seriously in their attempts be credible sensors of our leaders.

    Whooaa there, it seems that you hold the blogs to be some paragon of virtue, the people who post on the blogs are just a mirror reflection of the rest of society and come complete with biases, prejudices and not so well hidden agendas.

    Treat each post with some healthy skepticism and you’ll be fine.

  54. Oh Sarge
    How well you vying for the spot of my academia scholar… the Miller…where is he anyway ? Three days now….and I am being shadowed by a bush man….with a salmon tot dog…damm

  55. @ David
    i was referencing the guardian. newspaper maybe you can read the article under the headline: John Derybshire Fired” i have a problem trying to linked it here

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