The DLP Must Go NOW, Man Call De Election, Ya Killing We – Part 1


As I have said many times before “I am for what is best for Barbados and right “NOW” that is the BLP under the leadership of Hon. Owen Arthur, period”. I am a Barbados Loyalist Patriot who puts country first and second a proud supporter of the BLP.

For 14 long years the BLP has managed the national affairs of Barbados in an effective manner, which cannot be said for the last 4 years under the current DLP administration.  While the BLP administration was “not perfect” under Owen Arthur’s leadership challenges where confronted, unemployment was driven down, and the average bajan family was in much better shape than today.

The DLP would like Bajans to believe that “the global recession” is the blame for all our challenges, but this is NOT the case.  What is to blame is the DLP “RECESSION OF IDEAS AND VISION” in these challenging times which can only be fixed by “CALLING THE ELECTION”.  In soccer when you keep passing the ball to a striker who keeps missing the goal, you don’t keep passing him the ball; it’s time to pass the ball of government leadership back to the BLP.

To speak in an academic language the PM can understand below is the DLP report card on DLP manifesto promises long “GONE”:

1.      Lower the cost of living – “F”
2.      Improve access to property ownership – “D”
3.      Health care for all – “D”
4.      Education for the 21st century – “F”
5.      Family First – “F”
6.      Empowering our young people – “F”
7.      Enhancing the role of Women – “F”
8.      Treasuring our Elders – “F”
9.      Sports for All – “F”
10.   Social Security Improvements – “F”
11.    Making our culture work for us – “F”
12.   Hassle Free Service – “F”

Let me stop here…. To save the rest for Part II.

While the BLP is focused on putting money in the pockets of average Barbados, the current DLP administration is focused on taking money from Bajan family pockets to build what they call a “society”.  The question then becomes a society of what, “POOR PEOPLE”, NO THANKS.

There is one thing that Owen Arthur critics CANNOT say, his approach to solving national challenges does not involve the “wait and see” approach being taken by the DLP party for the last 4 years.  Beyond the school teacher ramblings of our current PM which is getting us as nation nowhere FAST, is the urgent need for LEADERSHIP.  The PM seems to be on a different planet, walking aimlessly across green pastures with his eyes to the sky.

“Unfortunately the sun is in PM’s eyes and if we don’t watch it he is going to “SLOW walk Barbados right off a CLIFF” The Barbados Labour Party did not WIN (4) of the last (5) general elections (see wiki stats below) by “chance” and did not reign over some of the best economic times in Barbados by “waiting to see”, this is why it is so difficult to watch the NON-PERFORMANCE of the current DLP government in meeting Bajans  “real world daily needs”.




15 Jan  2008



21 May 2003



20 Jan 1999



5 Sept 1994



Independent of your party loyalty the BLP slogan “RESCUE, REBUILD, RESTORE” is EXACTLY what is needed now in Barbados;

  • We need to RESCUE Barbados from poor governmental DLP leadership and lack of strategic focus and vision.
  • We need to REBUILD the Barbados economic with focus on low middle class Bajan families, and the small business community.
  • We need to RESTORE national pride and confident in our future as a nation and people.

The DLP slogan of “we want to create and society and not just and economy” beyond how nice and sweet is “sounds” is total and pure NONSENSE.  So let me get this right – the world is in an economy storm, but the DLP wants to focus on creating a society (huh), I was of the thinking that creating anything these days takes money hence an economy.  Any DLP supporter reading this blog I am open to an explanation of the slogan that makes sense, key words “makes sense”.
The DLP blaming of all our challenges on the global recession as an excuse to “wait and see”, “not act”, “not respond”, “not innovate”, “not lead”, “not govern”, “not defend Bajan families” must END.


Part II coming soon……

0 thoughts on “The DLP Must Go NOW, Man Call De Election, Ya Killing We – Part 1

  1. Is there anymore of Barbados left for Owen Arthur to sell?
    I’m sure his magical powers will find something.

  2. So what have you been promised by the BLP ?

    Usually we overseas Bajans get “pomises” from the travelling political salesmen when elections coming up.
    You seem very impatient though.

    We already know that PM Stuart will call the election when it suits him so you have more time to plan your Business venture.

  3. @Sid Boyce,

    There is always “plan B”.

    Move Highway 1 half a mile inland like they did at Sandy Lane and sell all that land to the Rich and Famous.

    From the Lazeretto to Sandy lane. More betta Resorts an Villas.

  4. David I have an acquaintance (not a friend ) who just bought land and is building a villa in the Bahamas.

    The Rich still looking for “places in the Sun” an Owen an Co know nuff rich people.

  5. The daily Austin menu – As usual a hot air sandwich garnished with lies, BLP spin and an unhealthy serving of yardfwl on the side!

    If only the US, UK, Eurozone and all the Caribbean economies like Jamaica, St. Lucia, Dominica, Antigua (all currently in IMF programmes) could figure out like you Austin that they could blame the DLP for everything then they would surely bolt out of recession.

  6. WHAT kind of Prime Minister Freundel Stuart really is though ??
    CAN you really believe this man is a Prime Minister ?
    CAN you get him to read Patrick Hoyos in the Sunday Sun
    CAN Barbados take five(5) more years of Freundel Stuart and the DLP ????

  7. DID the Rihanna Concert make a profit or not –Liars ???
    IS there a phase 2 to the ALexandra fiasco -Liars ??

  8. @DAvid
    The recession didn’t affect some affluent people. Their appetite is still quite large for real estate at high prices.

    Freundel ain’t care how much hot air ya blow. He will call it when ready so prepare these post for another 9 months… Just by the way though, your report card is overly biased.

  9. the same old “dribble” haven’t we heard this all before! and to think Austin is talking about a Part 2 to this mundane dribble . BLP version of :Entertainment and CULTURE:” with Patrick Hoyos as dessert! wuhloss! Where are the BLP solutions! i hope part 2 would give the DLP audience a PREVIEW!

  10. While Austin chastises what he calls a “wait and see” approach.
    Suppose ,just suppose the BLP had taken a wait and see approach on :
    Greenland – Taxpayers would have been saved 40 million
    Gems – Taxpayers would have been saved 200 million
    Barrack Building – Tax payers would have been saved 40 million
    Hardwood Housing – Tax payers would save at least 2 million
    Carnival Destiny fiasco for Cricket world cup – 30 million
    That is about 300 MILLION DOLLARS in mistakes and wastage
    I could go on.But what is truly amazing is the SAME people are coming to the electorate to be put back in. No apologies, no new ideas,nothing.

    Let common sense prevail my friends. Do not be fooled by yardfowls like Austin – The BLP has nothing new or innovative for Barbados. They don’t have any thousands of BLP tourists out there waiting for an election to come to Barbados and with this piss poor group of BLP candidates , the BLP certainly will not offer any solutions.
    But keep trying Austin, a few gullible people on mars might actually beleive you.

  11. i agree, call the elections and let the country vote. what do you guys have to fear? in the DLP’s eyes they are doing a great job. the public supports the DLP in everything it is doing. what could you do in the next couple months that you could not do in the last 4 years? call the election and let bajans return you to office and shut up the BLP and their supporters. simple really.

    but the PM can’t. he knows his ass is grass. so he will milk it out to the bitter end. if there is one thing he has made clear is this.

    the PM we have now will go down in history as being the worst PM this country had at this most important time in our history. for me it has nothing to do with DLP or BLP but this guy does not have a clue and don’t want to get or buy one. he is hurting this country greatly with his laid back style. this is not the time for that kind of incompetence.

    i was informed that gas is going up tonight and its going up in a big way, you really believe the driving public care about DLP or BLP when they have to put gas in car tomorrow?

    the DLP will lose the next election. that is a given. how much they will lose it by is the only question. they are doing nothing, NOTHING to ease the middle class and poor of this country so could any of you DLP supporter tell the same middle and poor class why they should ease the DLP at the polls.

    you guys could call me what you like, i’m a bajan first and as such, i don’t get to eat off the DLP or the BLP “fatted calf” . i have to work my ass off to feed my family, so i know for a fact that they are many other like me who see that this government is doing nothing to help me and persons like me who only want a chance to make a living. i know they see the DLP party supporter living high off the “calf” but the lesson that you guys miss is that is while the BLP did the same thing, others in the country were able to make a living as bajans and not party supporter alone.

    deal with them facts.

  12. !? what kind of cool aid you drinking?

    “Greenland – Taxpayers would have been saved 40 million
    Gems – Taxpayers would have been saved 200 million
    Barrack Building – Tax payers would have been saved 40 million
    Hardwood Housing – Tax payers would save at least 2 million
    Carnival Destiny fiasco for Cricket world cup – 30 million”

    did you not your party not win the last election on this stuff? with all that said the DLP can’t manage the country. good or bad the BLP manage the country and persons were able to make a living. would you jokers address that? in fact never mind, the voting public will address it for you when the time comes.

  13. @ David(not BU)

    The Facts are wether B or D you still have to work your ass off to make a living and the FACT is that you have a job! There is no pie in the sky or heavenly manna falling from above Why you think that OSA released himself from the debate under the disguise of waving the “unity ” flag.because he would have to burden the responsibilty of giving answers and that he could not afford to do> the BLP has no ANSWERS! nor Solutions however if relieving the past 14 years make you feel good <Dream on! Dream ON!

  14. Hey my friends,
    I just found the BLP report card on the following issues in a time when resources were plentiful and thought I would share it with you.
    Here is the BLP report card :
    1. Lower the cost of living – “F”
    2. Improve access to property ownership – “D”
    3. Health care for all – “D”
    4. Education for the 21st century – “F”
    5. Family First – “F”
    6. Empowering our young people – “F”
    7. Enhancing the role of Women – “F”
    8. Treasuring our Elders – “F”
    9. Sports for All – “F”
    10. Social Security Improvements – “F”
    11. Making our culture work for us – “F”
    12. Hassle Free Service – “F”

    Teachers Review:
    While on the surface BLP like most other students in class during this period appears well dressed and doing well. When one looks at the subjects above ,one by one , clearly BLP was failing. He spends a great deal of the day chastising other students while not providing any ideas or solutions in class.
    Many students have also reported him for abusive language and vindictive behaviour .

    BLP has argued that his average is good and should be promoted but average is RELATIVE.While student BLP boasts that he was a top performer, I disagree. The entire class was passing and BLP’s average was helped by the fact that the subject which accounts for the majority of his average was a very very easy exam with virtually everyone who sat the exam registering increases.Therefore BLP is not as strong a student as he boasts and clearly given the favourable environment provided for him, BLP wasted his opportunities.

  15. There are more important things than making a living David (not BU). It is amazing the level of selfishness that Bajans spurn out daily. The recession is hurting not only Barbados but the entire world and those not being affected are not necessarily the rich but the prepared. The bible teaches us there will be 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine and the BLP chose to take its 14 years of plenty and urge the common Barbadian to get a car in front of there house. They should have been encouraging saving and accumulating wealth, instead they preached materialism and greed. Sucking the ignorant into there way of thinking with shiny trinkets and frivolous gadgets that serve no purpose other than to make us feel better than those who can’t afford them.

    There is a need for community now more than anytime before. Bajans need to get off their high horses and start working together for the benefit of all bajans. A change of leadership at this time does nothing. The only thing can fix the world recession is time. Patience as the say is a virtue, and hopefully we learn from our mistakes and are ready for the next recession as inevitable as it will be.

  16. David (not BU)
    Everytime anyone points out the glaring failures and wastage of the BLP in office, the BLP lackies accuse you of looking back.
    But the BLP yardfowls constantly point to economic growth of 1994 – 2008. Is this not looking back also?
    Was this not also decided in the elctions of 1999 and 2003?
    Your memories are conveniently selective.

    The fact is that this election cycle the BLP will run around this country as Austin did in his dribble taking all the credit for the global boom of the late 1990’s and the early 21st century, of course but do not mention the obvious malfeasance and incompetence which was manifested by the BLP over that period,that would be looking back. Please!

  17. @E-Bajan
    “The recession is hurting not only Barbados but the entire world”
    The BLP does not want to hear that truth. They want the Bajan public to beleive that it is all the DLP but people are intelligent and know what is happening.
    The DLP government has acted correctly. The foreign reserves are more than adequate and our social fabric has been maintained.We have retained our investments in our major resource – our people . Education has not been cut or compromised- opportunity for tertiary education to all has been maintained.This has not been the case in England. Barbados is till one of the best places on Earth to live. The DLP government has done well in this current environment.
    Anyone who suggest that there are easier :”milk and honey” solutions that would not call for adjustment is lying for political reasons

  18. !, let me give you an idea of what i’m talking about and i hope you read really slowly so you understand. i’m going to use the the Clico issue because its one of the most pressing in Barbados and the Caribbean.

    i believe Owen has to take the blame for the statutory fund not being up to date in this mess. But Owen came out and gave you a reason why he in not to blame. now you could drink his cool aide and believe him or you could think he is a bold faced liar. that is up to you BUT he address the issue. not only that, he give the government what i believe is a good idea on how to deal the policy holders. (E Bajan, that is something the government ain’t do yet. so a change in government would matter there)

    on the other hand, the PM does not know or have not seen or can’t ask for the report. the Minister of Finance and the PM on the same page for once because he has not seen or can’t ask for the report and this is a most important issue.

    this is what i mean when i say the government does not know or just don’t want to run the country. so give me whatever you will call Owen and BLP and let me see if he can’t fix the problems of the country but this PM and the DLP clearly don’t know what the problems are or how to fix them.

    moreover, there is no line in the sand here at all. even with the Clico mess out in the open, this government behaves like everything is ok. i read the Minister of Tourism talking about Rihanna was not paid a cent and i take him at his word, we have no reason not to BUT Mr. Minister can you tell the country how much Event Premier Services was paid and who own the company? when the government have these big parties, who owns the company that caters for them? can you tell the country if the chairman of the BTA’s (who i have to give a big hand to for seeing Rihanna live) company got any work from the Rihanna show and if so how much? Did any of the chairman company’s does work for the BTA? can you also tell the country if they are plans for the BTA to move office and where will they be relocating to and who owns the new building?

    you see !, its things like this that i’m talking about, one set of people getting rich beyond their dreams and the government just raping the taxpayers of this country to make it happen.

    you can point all the finger and toes at the BLP, people will remember the good times. according to E Bajan, the car in front the house. now that person(s) have to sell that car because you can’t afford the road tax and even if you could you can’t afford the gas but they can look around and see how select people in this Barbados, a Barbados you all point to that in a world WITH a recession and see how some people just living high of the “calf”, you really believe person(s) will want to hear the DLP bring back up the things of the 2008 election?

    i wish you and the DLP luck my friend because like the PM and the DLP, you don’t have a clue.

  19. “second a proud supporter of the BLP.”

    You have your order mix up.

    You are really first a supporter of the crooked Barbados Labour Party and all else follows.

    I am not easily fooled by jokers like you. You Barbados Labour Party supportese are operating on the premise that Bajans are dumb and stupid.

    We will not return to our vomit(BLP) anytime soon.

  20. Just look at this thread and what do we find:-

    The usual suspects


    David (not BU)

    Prodigal Son


    The same crooked Barbados Labour Party jokers in competition with each other to try and out crap each other

    This article is the crappiest thus far.

    They are trying to fool Bajans that if you love Barbados dont forget the BLP. As though we can forget the excesses of their corruption when they were in office.

    The Barbados Labour Party want us to believe that if they speak a lie often enough, then it becomes the truth.

    Yeah,, right!!

  21. If the political rhetoric is any thing to go by perhaps Prime Minister might consider contracting a political scientist and or PR person. He should remember perception is reality in politics.

  22. wait MR. CCC, your head could right? you could called anybody a crook light of when we see David Thompson had his hands deep in C;ico cookie jar?

    but forget all of that BS CCC, deal with what i put on the table. you can’t and you will not. only BS from you.

  23. “deal with what i put on the table”.

    What is it that you put on the table?

    Where on the table?

    I cant find it!!!

  24. @ Carson C. Cadogan | March 19, 2012 at 6:47 AM |
    “Just look at this thread and what do we find:-
    The usual suspects
    David (not BU)
    Prodigal Son
    The same crooked Barbados Labour Party jokers in competition with each other to try and out crap each other..”

    Please Teacher, Mr.CCC, what about me “millertheanunnaki (May 2012)” now re-handled (January 2013)?

    Please teacher, don’t leave me out of your ‘crappy’ list. I want to be the first to rescue the bitch from the abusive hands of its blind owner who does know the difference between a bedroom and a kennel especially when it’s time for the doggie to doo-doo.

  25. @ Miller
    Look don’t mind that NOOK NOOK (c-word) Carson…
    All ya mekkin ee feel good…. ya ain’t know…….
    Carson you like a fart…..good to get out………not good when in company.
    Thanks fart…..Onions running .
    By the way “theanunnaki”..did you get your copy of the JM report ?..makes for enlightening financial reading…Hard to believes these things could happen to pensioners here in Barbados.

  26. @ E Bajan
    Bajans need to get off their high horses and start working together for the benefit of all bajans.

    You are certainly RIGHT…no.1 ,2,3… RID of this menace..called FUNDY..and ALL his associates..include ova n away parasites like you…who are bosses of all bosses of all E- trinkets at the expense of bajans ( by fleeing and not repaying students revolving loans) that could benefit some other no so fortune son or daughter of the soil.

  27. @ old onion bags | March 19, 2012 at 9:04 AM |
    “By the way “theanunnaki”..did you get your copy of the JM report ?..makes for enlightening financial reading…Hard to believes these things could happen to pensioners here in Barbados.”

    NO! At least not an actual copy either in print or electronic format.
    But given knowledge of these matters, experience and familiarity with the players involved (including the executive management and Board members) one can certainly imagine the criminal dealings, financial racketeering and fraud that took place. This is going to be one big cover up because too many big heads in this hypocritical and corrupt and morally incestuous den of thieves called corporate Barbados would roll if Justice were to take its natural course. Why do you think TT is still being paid handsomely? To keep his mouth shut , save his own skin and destroy paper trails. The boy LP is a true general. He has acted as the symbolic fall guy by removing himself from the line of fire while taking a backseat to plan a defensive strategy to stem the onslaught and
    execute countervailing attacking measures. The very well-compensated multi-million dollar former local commander-in-chief is sitting back with all the confidence in the world that his trusted lieutenants would protect him to the very end because of the rises in pay, unofficial monetary and other gifts and medals of promotion he has personally dished out as the CLICO Godfather.

  28. When will the BLP repay the large donation you received for your 2003 election campaign from CLICO?

  29. @ ! | March 18, 2012 at 11:18 PM |
    Everytime anyone points out the glaring failures and wastage of the BLP in office, the BLP lackies accuse you of looking back.
    But the BLP yardfowls constantly point to economic growth of 1994 – 2008. Is this not looking back also?
    Was this not also decided in the elections of 1999 and 2003?
    Your memories are conveniently selective.”

    So “I”, doesn’t your party always hark back to the 1961-62 move to extend free secondary education? What about bringing independence to Bim? And they are quite right to do so. It is their record to display and propagandize, even with a fast disappearing group of voters of the political ‘looking back’ generation of the EWB memories.
    What do you want the BLP to do? They do NOT currently form the government. They can only refer to their record of achievement (in your estimation ‘inaction and malfeasance’) in the recent past but still easily recalled and identifiable in the minds of the voters.
    It is up to the current Administration to build its own record of achievement that the modern voters can see and support at the polls next time around.

  30. And the BLP use of PERCEPTION islike one of magic. it even border lines on the ridiculous to the point of madness where some of the gullible electorate believes the the “golbal recession” has not impacted the Barbados economy and it is a,red herring and a figment of the PM imagination unbelievable!!

  31. @ ac | March 19, 2012 at 10:57 AM |
    “…and it is a red herring and a figment of the PM imagination unbelievable!!….”

    Yes, the same red herring and fickle imagination that informed him that CLICO was a very well managed and financially sound and viable company whose chief is still his pal and coming next elections will not be shunned like a leper but would be expected to secretly put a million or so in the electioneering collection plate.

  32. millertheanunnak(May2012)

    “So “I”, doesn’t your party always hark back to the 1961-62 move to extend free secondary education?”

    We have to in order to remind people such as you that if not for the Democratic Labour Party you would not be educated.

    You would be on some Plantation picking pond grass, or pulling a lighter in Bridgetown.

    Do you recall that when the Dipper wanted to introduce free secondary education in this country it was bitterly opposed by the Barbados Labour Party?

    Grantley Adams asked if you educated all black people who would cut the canes.

    So the fact that you can read C.A.T. and know that it is cat is compliments the Democratic Labour Party. If left to the Barbados Labour Party you would still be in ignorance.

    Or maybe you still are?

  33. @David (not BU)
    You cannot be serious with that submission- are you?
    One of the main reasons you are condeming the current government because according to you certain people are getting catering contracts- ha, ha, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,…lawd have mercy.
    Man, behave yourself.
    You think that if the BLP ever get the reigns of government again, that friends and party supporters will not get contracts – Please !
    According to you “one set of people getting rich beyond their dreams” – Kindly ask HALLAM NICHOLLS for clarification of this statement. BLP Hypocrites!

  34. CHECK THE REPORT BELOW out of a Jamaica on page 13 of The Barbados Advocate , Monday ,March 19, 2012:
    Taken from a report by Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Hon. Phillip Paulwell:

    “He(Paulwell) noted that high electricity rates are mostly the result the high price of oil and there is no instant quick fix,”because if there were,it would have been applied already.
    The Minister made a plea for businesses to strive to increase efficiency and practise conservation methodsto assist in tackling the challenges of high energy prices.”

    THAT IS THE REPORT IN JAMAICA. The BLP yardfowls want Bajans to beleive that it is because of the DLP that consumers and businesses are facing higher electricity costs in Barbados and the Caribbean.
    Do not be fooled by the propaganda.

  35. @Carson C. Cadogan | March 19, 2012 at 11:07 AM |
    “You would be on some Plantation picking pond grass, or pulling a lighter in Bridgetown.””

    Bu the same blacks educated at poor people expense (not free) are still working on the plantation and pulling lighters. What do you call working on the tourism plantation pampering people from overseas? What do you call working under tremendous stress in the commercial and financial companies owned and managed by Trinidadians and Canadians? Glorified plantation field workers and air and seaport porters along with “cabbies” instead of ‘coachies’!

    “So the fact that you can read C.A.T. and know that it is cat is compliments the Democratic Labour Party. If left to the Barbados Labour Party you would still be in ignorance.”

    Not only can I read C.A.T thanks to the DLP but I can also see a D.O.G in bed with C.C.C. Thank goodness for the BLP for allowing me to own a mobile phone so I can use the DLP given reading skills to look up the emergency number for the RSPCA to report a case of dog abuse by a bitchy yardfowl called CCC on the animal farm in george street.

  36. Yeah miller and also the 75 thousand campaign check that OSAput in his personnal account maybe the nation and Hoyos can give the electorate full facts and truthful details because oeople on the steet still what toknow how that check end uo in OSA bank account.

  37. millertheanunnak(May2012)

    Do you remember the old Bajan saying, ” the more the monkey climb, the more he show he tail”.

    The more you talk the more you validate the truism that all education is not common sense. No wonder you support the crooked Barbados Labour Party. Birds of a feather flock together.

  38. millertheanunnak(May2012)

    “What do you call working under tremendous stress in the commercial and financial companies owned and managed by Trinidadians:

    Strange that you opposed employment in Trinidadian firms. Your Lord and Savior Owen”Seethru” Arthur is on record as saying he welcomed Trinidadian investment in Barbados and he wanted more.

    Which party was it that sold BNB shares to the Trinis?

  39. The next general election will be fought primarily on which party is perceived to better manage the economy, the CLICO matter based whether a resolution is found will add to voter decision.

  40. millertheanunnak(May2012)

    You call Bajans who work for Trinidadian companies “Glorified plantation field workers”.

    Well, well, well, can you refresh our memories under which Political Party in Barbados all of these companies changed hands and became according to you “Glorified Plantations”?

    If by chance the Political Party happens to be the Crooked Barbados Labour Party then we have another reason to ensure that they remain on the opposition benches for another five years.

    By golly they have turned us into FIELD WORKERS AGAIN if I am to be bold enough to use your twisted reasoning.

  41. millertheanunnak(May2012)

    I will always say without any fear of contradiction, one has to be a special kind of Human to be a supporter or member of the crooked Barbados Labour Party.

    Every single day of life you are proving that to be correct!!!

  42. @David
    I was once inclined to think “it’s the economy stupid” but recent events make me wonder if it won’t be a bit more complex.

  43. @Miller
    So sorry that I am unable to give as much time as before to CCC ac ! and the joker lot as Onions mekkin $$$…I see you got them catsprattled though..all they talking around in circles by the BU audience …no fools….THE DEAD KING DID IT all for them ($3.3 million)….Ac you got D more sense of the lot…you went to Carters yet, for your staff ? I hear other DLP-ite buying them out FAST…my gf there tell me Carson got his Friday…lol…he talking but he dun prepared..he already buy desert boots as well.

  44. Fantasy of Fantasies that is the long and Short of the BLP . CLICO is trhere only hope of having victory and the problem is that the man who there are accusing of thiefing is dead. and so far they have not been able to dig up any dirt about PM so the firing shot is to tell the electorate that PM STUART is a liar because he said the report was not avaiable to him. HOw low can the BLP go with this kind of nonsense .and to think they want the electorate to take them seriously is UNBELIEVABLE!

  45. it must really pain some of you to know that this PM could not even win a 3 man run with himself, he and Stuart.

    the man can’t motivate anyone. how he going to get the public to vote for him to be PM?

    i have to ask but does it make you less of a crook of you are alive or dead? ac, ! and the joker known as CCC, you’ll really got a heart to be pushing that crap. if you believe the DLP is doing a good job defend your party but you can’t, all you all could do is call people name make baseless points.

    CCC your call for the BLP to give back the $75K is priceless and bold, pity the DLP can’t come up with ideas like this to move the country forward. where is the call to find out what is the roll the dead David Thompson played in the $3.3 million? and how much times did things like this happen?

    i can’t wait for elections to call and get you jokers from around the place because after this lost, you’ll will never should your faces or names around these parts again.

    your comments reflex how the DLP is running this country. pitiful bunch of jokers the lot of you are.

  46. ! | March 18, 2012 at 10:18 PM | … That is about 300 MILLION DOLLARS in mistakes and wastage…

    That is called economic stimulus, not wastage.

  47. @David (not BU)

    “CCC your call for the BLP to give back the $75K is priceless ”

    You are really out of it if think that $75,00.00 was all.


    You are living true to your name, creator of myths and God of the underground.

    You are in good company with the Barbados Labour Party gangsters.

    @David (not BU)

    $75,00.00 is a drop in the bucket in an election campaign,

  48. As I said here on BU before, they are files the contents of which will be made public all in good time.

    Remember position is the art of gunnery!

  49. One of the biggest disasters of the BLP was how they destroyed the Barbados Water Authority (BWA). When the BLP came in 1994, the BWA was not in the red and after 14 years of mismanagement, the BLP in 2007 was bankrupt – no major mains replacement programme. nothing.
    Is is not amazing that the same people who mismangaged these entities like BWA are trying to present themselves as saviours with magic powers to make every thing right?
    Barbadians will not be fooled by the BLP propaganda.

  50. what happen to freedom of speech which was highly touted as a badge of honor on BU. it seems like somebody is pulling BU coat strings as of recent.All issues are relevant as long as there are factually True and not made up by halftruths and innuendo. THE PM said that thiswas going to be a battle however it is going to be a war PERCEPTION vs. FACTS! and the electorate is qatching and watching very carefully! BLP BEWARE!

    • @ac

      Your comment is simplistic to say the least. BU’s record is an open book.

      The comment to CCC had to do with him posting 5 or 6 one-liners which has the effect of crowding the conversation.

      Had nothing to do with free speech.

  51. @David not BU

    “Did any of the chairman company’s does work for the BTA? can you also tell the country if they are plans for the BTA to move office and where will they be relocating to and who owns the new building?”

    I have heard this same thing but refuse to believe that the Dems could be so blatant with their nepotism.
    There’s also talk going around that the queen may not run and that Fumble may switch. Just waiting to see!!

    • @ac

      You can never accept an explanation can you?

      Even if it is reasonable in the circumstances.

      All those times CCC disrespected BU by dropping names where was your voice?

      You may have the last word, as usual.

    • @Appollo 13

      It appears the next general election is shaping up to be one of the most interesting ever.

      The biggest disappointment for BU is that the DLP has not rolled out transparency legislation but instead has become embroiled in controversy fueled by CLICO.

  52. “Are these kind of issues resonating with the public?”

    you know some how David i don’t think any of those guys will see what you ask and answer it. the DLP has fail to do what they said they would do.

    are we as a country not facing ANOTHER downgrade under this government? who is addressing this? not the Minister of Finance. not the PM.

    what about the cost of living? if as was said if 2008 it was high, what is it now? you know i would wish i was a member of the BLP, i would be the DLP’s worst nightmare. i would play/show/print all the comments that was made or said in the 2008 election and than ask 2008 or 2012?

    DLP cat sprawl.

    the sad group here BU only answer to that would be to call the BLP crooks. but once again i would ask the incompetence DLP in 4 years how many files the DPP get under the DLP lead government to put any of the BLP crooks behind bars? even something like that they believe so strongly they can’t get done.

    the DLP comes with these week comments and are doing nothing to help Barbados. i think they know they will be kicked out when the elections are called that that is why its every man/woman for themselves.

    they have to know, just listen to bajans.

  53. AC and CCC.
    You keep lamenting about $75 thousand given to Owen but you haven’t mentioned monies that David or the DLP would have received since as we all know, CLICO was more in bed (play on words) with the latter two. So stop the small talk and let us know how much the big fish received.

  54. The Dems could shout as loud as they want. The next election will be won on the economy and who can better manage it. Bajans are hurting and we get party hacks like !, ac and CCC prostrating themselves on this blog. Many Bajans cannot feed their familes or pay their bills for their utilities and you all talking nonsense on this blog. People will vote on who is better able to help them get and keep money in their pockets by providing jobs. This is all I hear the folks saying. So DLP hacks, continue spewing your vitriol.

    In 2008, the DLP could prance up and down this country shouting, time for change and an unsuspecting electorate believe them with all their pie in the sky promises. But the DLP has a sorry record, have done poorly, have not kept not one of their 100 day promises and so they will have to answer. They have a sorry record wich they have to defend.

    In light of the revelations on the crooked deeds of David Thompson, you all are certainly of a special breed to criticise anybody. Did not your parents teach you that if you live in a glass house, you should not throw stones.

  55. Let’s back track to the 2008 elections. The Dems would have won the 2008 elections without holding any Mass meeting since we all know, the electorate would not give the BLP another five-year term. Even Barrow who did a lot for the country was refused a four peak. So forget the stupid talk that the Dems beat the BLP. As a matter of fact, I voted for the Dems because I too was cautious in not allowing a party to be too cocky and laid back. However, this election will be exciting with nuff fraudulent financial surprises.

  56. @tell me WHy
    the big fish is dead and i am not in the business of excavating dead bodies to find the truth. like everybody with a lot of comm sense i await the full and comprehensive details . unlike you and others who have already made up your minds but what the hell. BLP way of doing business throught the art of DECEPTION!

  57. The big fish what……nuttin but a common arse THIEF…..mekk Cawmere SHAME SHAME… Mona Lisa downnin she face when D staring starts …FUNDY….by keepin she u no better….talk now bout DECEIT miss ac…stench stinkin up D,…

  58. the big fish is dead and i am not in the business of excavating dead bodies to find the truth.

    AC, why would I wish such a thing like that to my blog buddy. Don’t you realise that 3.3 million was exposed without exhuming any body. Just wait for the other bombshells regarding CLICO soap opera.

  59. if the PM goes to St. John, i think he MAY win that seat but the BLP could make an ease case that these people are just looking out for their own self interest, also if he does that he surely give up the seat he is holding now because once again persons could be made to think he give up on them and it would not matter who he put in that seat they will lose badly. having said that i believe he will lose badly anyway.

  60. PENSIONERS…remember these are helpless pensioners tell me are these nothings but staged ACTS of a self portrayed sophisticated Latin lingoed gentleman ? Pardon me…. if incorrect.. I rather be a tailor any day,… pomp melts away when not matched with true empathy and leaves nothing but a show goat.

  61. @tell me Why

    Where in the report does it categorically states that DT stole 3.3mil from CLICO and hid it for his friend Parris as being insinuated by BLP deceivers and agents of LIES ! Tell me ! where in the report is any such conclusion inthe report ! unlike your general who took the campaign funds and pocket it for his personal use. any again if what you say is true why haven.t CLICO sued DT estate for recovery of such Funds it is about four years ago and by now they would have if the story was TRUE. but then again the only topic the BLP have to keep them going is CLICO and in a few mouths that would be off the table and by then you sorry bunch would be scrambling to find a new issue !

  62. David (not BU)

    Remember our PM has never won a seat twice! This prospect suits the kingmaker as then he would be back in business.

  63. ac,

    You do not know if Thompson’s will has even been probated as yet! So how could anyone bring a claim against the estate? So stop posturing, your argument is weak and you cannot defend the truth laid bare in the Judicial Report, it is indefensible however you try to spin it especially in the light of the campaign slogan ” I will not lie, cheat or steal.

    Dems are just so ashamed that when the dead king was shouting to the top of his lungs that the BLP was corrupt, he was at the top of the list of every thing that is corrupt.

  64. No way Hose…ac you maddie tonight..CLICO off D fire.? NO.girl it now start..
    We know D heat HOT but lil girl…..d fans on til 2013.. You cud trust mah wis 2 biscuits on this ONE…besides the PENSIONERS got to get paid..YA FORGET ?

  65. HAS any of you heard the latest word on the street is that the DLP is the worse government ever in the history of governments ???
    HOW many seats will the DLP win in the next general election if they call one ???
    DONT you know that word on the ground is that they will win none and that by a strange twist of fate Mara Thompson will not be able to secure St. John ???
    DONT you know that based on will transpire within the next two weeks that Freundel will call elections and announce the date right after April 12??
    HOW I Know ??
    DO you think Barbados can take five nore months of Fumble and the Fumblers???


  66. David (not BU)

    “they know they will be kicked out when the elections are called”

    You are living in a dream world. The DLP has done a wonderful job of keeping the ship of state afloat in spite of all the challenges.

    Five more years on the opposition benches for the BLP.

  67. just asking

    “HAS any of you heard the latest word on the street is that the DLP is the worse government ever in the history of governments ??”

    How is it that you are the only one hearing these things?

  68. AC.
    You keep harping on an enemy receiving funds. Do tell me how much his buddy, bosom pal and confidante received?. BTW, we can wait for the second part of the report for the amount.

  69. @ CCC
    I recommend you visit Swan St. Broad St.Carrington Village,Bus Stand,Baxsters Rd. Westbury..come outta town nxt….at your own peril..ONE TERM ..cuddear….time you take your headS out d BUSH OR SANDS.

  70. Really though with such power hungry political animals like Hurtley Henry, Donvaal, Physical Deficit , Lashley the Wok and others…how come no one has step forward and revived the Eager 8 (now) and wrest control of this “dying ineptitude?” Boys and girls take Onions foolish got nothing to lose….anything at this stage is better than the present..unless you like Carson and ac and want to believe anything.Time is running out FAST.

  71. but what i do know that for sure CLICO has not filed a law suit against DT or leroy PArris who is still much alive after 4 years afterall Leroy PARRIS as pereceived by BLP stole CLICO money! BLP AMAZING! HALF TRUTHS and innuendo!

  72. @ ac
    Shame….crying shame……that you would seek to defend such …..deserving WILDERNESS material YOU! ….so much for your pereceiving-ness..shame on you

  73. @ ac | March 20, 2012 at 5:49 AM |

    I am beginning to side with you regarding this CLICO fiasco.
    I am beginning to suspect this is just one big able move to discredit your damned L party.
    The same players who have leaked this so-called Leroy P & D T shenanigans to the press are the same players who are still engaging the services of one of the financial brains behind the alleged scam and false assets accounting and reporting.
    How can the perceived leakers have judiciously managed to convince policyholders through their mouthpiece BIPA to continue paying premiums only to see much of these same premiums being diverted to pay a man to keep his mouth shut and to continue to cover up the financial mess.
    BIPA, for June’s sake, can’t you see you guys are being taken for a ride in the same Mercedes that the Thorny man continues to drive around in at your expense.
    Why don’t you ask the players now in charge of your CLICO affairs to explain this state of affairs- keeping people on the payroll doing nothing but who are clearly associated with the deep financial doo-doo you find yourselves in? The more you continue to give this dying patient called CLICO your financial lifeblood the more the vultures and undertakers with their planted gravediggers would divert it like vampires for their personal aggrandizement.

  74. David (not BU) | March 19, 2012 at 6:16 PM |
    I can’t wait for elections to call and get you jokers from around the place because after this lost, you’ll will never show your faces or names around these parts again
    Your comments reflex how the DLP is running this country. pitiful bunch of jokers the lot of you are.
    I can tell you where you will find them….. up in Carter’s Lumber Yard..

  75. You would make a GREAT Republican. Anything bad that is happening NOW, is not because of THEN right?

    News for you, there IS a Global recession.
    Barbados doesn’t belong to Barbados.
    And “we” still owe Barack MILLIONS.

    All the DLP fault though.

  76. To think that the very few people who have been posting under this blog and who have been doing so in a very partisan and rabid manner, could possibly be believing – based somewhat on, the soundness, or lack thereof, of the charges and counter charges that they are making – that they hold some of the keys to the outcome of the next general election in Barbados – would indeed be flattering to any one, if they were to be thinking this way.

    To think the average young/person, especially, would come on this blog site and read what comments these same very few people are putting forward and believe that this really ought represent the long term direction in which Barbados would be heading – would indeed be an unfortunate situation, if they were to think this way as well.

    The truth is that there are far far more people/younger people who DO NOT support both these old discredited corrupt factions in this country than those people/younger people who do so.

    With the core support base of the DLP and BLP decreasing and decreasing – over the years – right now the core support base of these old ramshackled parties are fewer than 10 000 – the fact is that it is the average young/ person that MAINLY holds the MAJORITY of the keys to the long term political future of this country.

    It is from within this sphere, that there must be formed more newer political parties in this country that must take control of the direction in which this country goes in the long term, away from the rank foolishness that is the
    DLP and BLP, and must take control of the direction in which this blog is heading in the long term, away from the sterile noxious DLP/BLP-to-and-fro-back-and-forward foolishness that passes for political discussion of this blog.


  77. Speaking of the MASTER MAGICIAN OSA how can one forget when he blew 2.4 million dollars in a scheme in Nigeria supposedly to built SOLAR Water heaters. nothing ever became of the project and the money disappeared into thin air. there was never any accountabilty as to what happen. after all it was borrowed money !

  78. Wait AC, you mean the current opposition leader Owen Arthur was incompetent with taxpayers funds, the same one who will save the world from recession and bring cheap oil from some where on venus and bring thousands of tourists from the yet to be named country?
    Those who want to be fooled by the BLP will be fooled.

  79. @ ! | March 21, 2012 at 7:48 AM |

    If he ,OSA, does make these grandiose promises he will be taking many leaves (even plagiarizing) from the DLP manifesto and taking the lying art form to a higher level of deceit. Good thing King David is dead or otherwise King Arthur would have had to summons Merlin to the rescue instead of Leroy.

  80. And how can one forget how OSA accused MIA of theifing money from the campaign fund that OSA said was fully funded whenshe took over the leadership of the BLP now OSA wants people to belive that after all his lies and perceptions that he heaped on MIA that all of a sudden there is LOVE and UNITY among them two. OSA is a pathologtical LIAR and should be thrown into the SEA OF FORGETFULNESS! DT misdeeds if their be any is just a drop in the bucket when compared to OSA.and there is more

  81. @miller what a sorry a….s reponse to the fact that OSA blew millions of dollars in a Nigerian fraudenlent scheme off the backs of hard working taxpayers. You people must remember that OSA being in power for 14 years is more likely that the amonut of dirt on him there would not be enough shovels around to dig. and there is plenty of dirt out there believe me!

  82. CLICO will not go away ac..try as you its on Brass tacks even in the Senate today….Nigeria talk is bare boo….girl you fa real ?
    Deal with the problem we need a LEADER….Eager11 has shown they are no help there in that Department either.
    We have pensioners awaiting their money to BUY FOOD and MEDICINE and you talking bout Nigeria..look gf .. panty hoses showing….you are way off bases by miles…pissy poor.

    Adrian Clarke’s song ….”aint sayin nuttin”


  83. Hands off the steering wheel for years but you still want to blame the BLP for the wreck. We get nowhere like this …. Forget CLICO for a second … what about the DLP PM we have that is living in the land of oz.

  84. Honestly every party does non-sense from time to time, a political fact of life … all we can hope as voters at any given time is a party with a low non-sense level… the DLP is on “non-sense overload” … and the BLP ends the non-sense going forward.

  85. Austin, the BLP is lying to the people of Barbados. They are telling people that the global economy and gobal rise in oil prices should not effect The Barbados Economy.BLP Lies!Only a fool would believe that.
    You cannot compare a Barbados economy when our tourism source markets are booming to a time when they (UK, USA) are extremely sluggish.
    Owen Arthur has not put forward one single idea or solution. Barbados should not be fooled into thinking that the BLP has a magic solution. This is the worse set of BLP candidates ever presented to this country.

  86. @ NationBLPnewspaper | March 22, 2012 at 7:30 PM |
    “You cannot compare a Barbados economy when our tourism source markets are booming to a time when they (UK, USA) are extremely sluggish.”

    But Ba Liar posing as a newspaper, both Minister Sealy and Senator Gilkes openly announced that tourism is doing well with record number of arrivals. The Rihanna concert was the greatest shown on Earth from which Bubadas benefited tremendously. The Chairman Elcock and Maxine McClean both confirmed that the numbers support this exceedingly profitable event.
    Are you then saying that these people are strangers to the truth?

  87. yuh see the BPLItes defending another “mud raker” the NATION alias “DIRTY RAG”not surprising they defend the general too because the two are of equal character! and have the same traits in common guilty of assainating people’s character Exhibit A MIA

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