Oh NO, Dennis Clarke!

Danny Gill is a member of the NUPW

Danny Gill is a member of the NUPW

I am responding to the attention grabbing headline carried on the front page of the Thursday, April 17, 2014 Nation Newspaper :- “CLARKE HITS OUT”. In that piece, which was accompanied with the additional headline No Solidarity on page 3, the General Secretary of the NUPW has been reported to say that the appointed and assumed “safe” members in the NUPW showed little or no interest in caring about their fellow comrades who were sent home or being sent home in the recent retrenchment exercise. He went on further to indicate that even when the prospect or discussion about striking to support their fellow comrades was put on the table or introduced, many of the appointed and “safe” civil servants hid beneath the burden of having a “mortgage”. I must take strong exception to this story. For the most part, it appears to be some sort of “public relations” face saving gimmick for the General Secretary Dennis Clarke. It also could be an attempt by him to explain away his failure to effectively lead the union in a time of crisis. It is an affront to all members to be “scape goated” for Mr. Clarke’s considerable failings.

I have been on the National Council of the NUPW for more than four years. The National Council is the NUPW’s highest decision making body outside of its Annual Conference. During my tenure, there has been no discussion or even a hint at striking against the current administration.

The only instance at the NUPW when this talk of taking striking action came up was at the meeting with the first batch of retrenched temporary workers, and the General Secretary Dennis Clarke played down the entire idea much to the chagrin of the participants of that forum.

At the meetings of the National Council when the prospect of the retrenchment exercise was predicted by the General Secretary, all of the members of the Council were very concerned, as most of them would have experienced the trauma of the 1991 exercise. Meeting after meeting the National Council would have supported the many “fool hardy “ measures concocted by the General Secretary because all of us thought they could have saved some of the temporary workers from going home.

Contrary to what most people think, Dennis Clarke cannot call any strike action on behalf of the NUPW. His role is to announce that the National Council has taken a decision to “call its members out on strike”. He has no authority to call for any strike action whatsoever. Furthermore, I continue to remind Dennis that he is employed by the membership of the NUPW, not the other way around.

At a time when the other union leader is seeking an apology, it would be appropriate for Dennis to tender one to the entire union’s membership for casting them in a very poor light and also casting aspersions on the characters of the entire “appointed” public service. At this time, the NUPW needs to rebuild its image as a vibrant champion for all public workers. However, I believe that it would be well-nigh impossible to do so with the current General Secretary as its head.

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  1. Nation BLP:

    You have the whole of the Advocate to yourself. Remember, you once instructed your members not to buy Advocates because, as you said, it was the BLP paper. But is belongs to you now with the chairman ship of Invest Barbados. Hence, you criticism seems pointless.

  2. Prodigal
    As David pronounced, Stuart spoke tongue in cheek when he said his cut will affect his standard of living!What a bunoh of hogwash,as Philip Greaves would say it.This man who got 3 taxpayer paid degrees at UWI has decided to kick down the ladder and deny his brethren the honour.This man whose every need is taxpayer funded can look in our faces and say his 10% cut will affect his standard of living;which is met in toto by the stupid long suffering taxpayers of Barbados.What an insult!
    Many years ago in the early 60’s Sparrow sang a song Smart Bajan.The song was a parody of the tune made famous by Frank Sinatra ‘Three coins in a fountain’.The song’s opening words “A barbajan smart man by the name of Cephas” are said to refer to none other than the man who became patriarch the honourable doctor and professor,arch high priest and Sugar cane ambassador to the high court of coucou village at cropover.He is supposed to be revered by the likes of that teefing,dizhonest woman,ramdam as she saw in him her likeness of being a smart bajan.
    All these crooks including one fella name durant who swore on the altar of expediency and in the name of the ,most high king of SinJohn,the dead king now reposing at the said sinjohn churchyard,that that teefing dead king will not perish nor die upon his durant watch.Well his watch was a timex because the man dead on his watch ennit.You see people that is what is wrong with Barbados.We have been taken over by charlatans and crooks and liars and thieves and Bajans are paying the price.
    If anyone lsitened to today’s brasstacks and heard the contribution of the former Minister of Tourism Noel ‘Barney” Lynch,the records of arrivals in Barbados sound like a death knell to our tourism.And now they bringing a woman who look like she straight out of a cave to run the pappy show!Lord have mercy on Barbados.Once again,I am asking Ross to say a prayer for Barbados and its revival to a state of former years of growth.I cant ask Dunlop nor Frank,nor Austin nor the Hewitt guy.Their prayers will likely not be answered as they belong to the Fatted Calf Brigade and are therefore guilty of aiding and abetting the poor rakey cabinet of barefoot,bagblind hoes in their reign of terror on the good people of Barbados who will never ever support this stinking DLP administration.All wunna gine straight to hell.Repent ye swine!

  3. Gabriel

    For a moment here I thought Deeds had changed his handle to Gabriel. Gabriel you have to endure four more years. Try thinking of it as a prison term. Do one day at a time.


  5. @Lemuel
    The bias of the Nation BLP newspaper is obvious to all who would see.
    How can you justify having the BLP “advisor” and spokesman Clyde Mascoll as the Nation newspaper’s chosen columnist on economic matters and think that he would be independent?

    How can you have former BLP MP as the guest columnist on parliamentary affairs and think that you would get a fair analysis?

    How can you replace BLP supporter Pat Hoyos on Sunday and the only other columnist in the whole of Barbados the Nation BLP newspaper could find is former BLP Senator Glyne Murray?

    Do you not see the trend. The Nation newspaper functions as the Public Relations department of the BLP.

    • It seems the NUPW and BWU have had enough. It will interesting to see how this NCC issue plays out.

  6. Nation BLP

    I see your point but I have been around long enough when the BLP was saying the same thing about the DLP support in the Nation Newspaper.

  7. David:

    It will be interesting to see if Dennis Clarke would now advise the NUPW members that they should at least go on strike action to right the wrongs being meted out by “I do not believe in last in first out” Denis Lowe. Could it be that Trotman could call for strike action against his beloved DLP?

    If what Wayne Waldrond was lamenting and the other workers were saying is true. Denis Lowe needs a strike in his ass quick, quick!

  8. As an Observer of the situation , I believe that the action of NCC flies in the face of protocol and principle and if the Unions allow the action by NCC to pass, they could as well surrender and shut down.

    The action by NCC makes a mockery of Trade Unions in Barbados and if they get pass the Unions with this action , then they can get away with anything subsequently.

    The DLP Government has to be the wickedest Government Barbados has ever seen, the wickedest, the most heartless, the most un-caring and the most incompetent. How can they face the electorate .

    The funny thing is that some persons have the audacity to ask if elections were to be called and the DLP win back again , what would happen . The nerve to even think this tells me that there is a something seriously wrong in the Country because it is impossible to think that after the folly that this Government is doing that they could face the electorate with even a minute thought of winning. The people in Barbados will have to show Dem a sickle.

  9. Lemuel;

    Bet yuh Denis Lowe wins out. With the PM its just meaningless pretty words to be ignored by his cabinet if they wish to do so.

  10. I recall OSA referring to this sorry bunch of DLP politicos as a bunch of wild boys.I recall too,OSA referring to the DLP members of the house as making the chamber a poor rakey parliament.
    I recall too that the present speaker in response to a question put to the chamber stated as a matter of fact “I think the Yesses have it”
    I recall too that one of the DLP cabinet members shouting across the floor
    of parliament and stating “Wunna had wunna time.This is now we time!
    I recall too a minister of water named Denis Lowe saying on TV boldly and with great conviction that “we will have a team in place by x time so that when a pipe ‘burses’…..meanwhile in St Joseph,the constituency reelected a
    Labour Party candidate and is suffering water woes for ever since then as punishment.
    I recall the St Philip South constiuency was won by the Labour Party but 2 boxes turned up out of nowhere and Ariel the spirit declared” I see money passing….but no one has been taken before the magistrates up to this day.
    And his philipian neighbour and bossman Froon said he saw money passing too and no one has been taken before the magistrates up to this day.
    Then Crisp Sinkler reported to a hushed assembly that his life was threatened and no one has been taken before the magistrates up to this day.
    Now we are told by none other that the king of porn that buhbaydus need the lord.When there are people who speak such abhorrent untruths day in and day out,the country bound to suffer lack of confidence and investment.
    It is obvious that moring talk and evening talk not the same for this DLP administration.We will see what teeth these unionists so called do to “vindicate the cause of the workers” to use their hackneyed phraseology.
    And I support the opposing party in the House in not saying a pang on the unfolding drama.Let the DLP fatted calf brigade stew in their unholy mess.Worse is yet to come ’cause they know not what to do.

  11. As the horror story of the dismissals of the NCC workers was being read on the 5.30 news this evening, I was driving through Pine Gardens. Passing me was a beautiful Audi driven by none other than Dennis Clarke. I said to myself, I really wonder if he is listening to the news!

    On the 7 pm news on DLPTV, we sqw him and Walter Maloney complaining about the treatment meted out to these workers. Can you imagine that? I heard a worker who was dismissed form the NHC said that on the day they were dismissed and when workers were fainting and breaking down, Walter Maloney conveniently was not in his office at that time.

    The joke is that Dennis Clarke said tonight, he would take the matter as far as Geneva. One of my children asked……………..does he even know how to spell Geneva? LOL!

    My heart hurt when I heard the two ladies on the 6.30 Ellis show. One has two children, one of whom has serious challenges, their father also lost his job at Casuarina and she has a parent to look after too. The other lady has a parent to look after as well. It was heart wrenching………….and we have a ignorant PM who opened his mouth and talked nonsense…….when last he checked his own payslip……….he was lamenting a consequential fall in his standard of living.

    What a heartless jerk!

  12. Lemuel –WalterMaloney seems to have forgotten that Dennis Lowe send bus loads of drainage and ncc workers to vote for him —he is calling for the Chairman head if his brothering law was still chairman would he has said the same see how buying votes in any election can affects the people later —Maloney you buy the votes with DENNIS LOWE help see how the workers at drainage and NCC have paid

  13. Erice

    I also noticed that Ma Money did not attack Denis “I do not believe in last in first out” Lowe. From the time Lowe made that statement, a strike should be in he tale.

  14. “Freundel is a good example of a politician whose actions and pronouncements need to be carefully dissected by commentators instead of their giving him a free pass in relation to a vaunted and perhaps mythical honesty and morality that is not clearly evident. Imagine today he spouts some rhetoric about his MP’s and their assistants leading from in front in now taking a 10 percent cut well after the public servants has borne the brunt of the layoffs and other significant cuts and reversions. Imagine he also intimates that his personal 10% cut that he has to look at his salary slip to recognize has been made, will affect his standard of living. This is from a man who really has no need to touch his salary and perks given that the major items that affect others’ standard of living, such as food, transportation, shelter, etc., are all provided to him gratis by the taxpayers of this country.

    And no journalist laughed in his face.”

    GOOD POST ARE-YOU-THERE and can you imagine the Prime Minister indicating to a journalist that in discussions between the BWU and the NCC , the NCC was making sure it did not dispose of its most able bodied workers and was discussing the option of retiring workers over age 60 and the journalist did not even laugh in his face by asking the Prime Minister if he was therefore considering the option of making way for the more able bodied in his Cabinet like Mr Sinckler or Mr Inniss or Mr Lashley.

    I still cannot understand the song and dance about the Prime Minister”s pyhrric pay cut if my understanding that the 10% paycut encompasses ALL Parliamentarians is correct.

  15. Lemuel | April 30, 2014 at 7:05 PM |
    “The PM did give his word, but Denis lowe doing as he like”
    Lest you forget the Prime Minister is prone to changing his tune and Mr Lowe probably knows better than us that his word is not necessarily his bond.

  16. BALANCE–10 percentage of Minister salary and an unemployed person( who was laid off) who has given up the greatest .
    I do agree with what you have said in the above post .

  17. How much more humiliation will be inflicted on the NUPW and the BWU by the government of this DLP?

    Can anyone imagine any employer under a BLP led government could ever tell the BWU or the NUPW that they would not acquiesce to a meeting to discuss workers who were sent home contrary to standard industrial procedures?

    Hell no, the duke of york would have shut down this island forthwith. But if you sleep with dogs, you have to get fleas!

  18. Can anyone tell when has the PM ever kept his word? Lemmie you sound as if you really want to believe in the PM.

  19. Island
    i believe that each man should be given a fair chance, but the more the PM continue to play these big word word games the more it is frustrating to give him that chance. Nobody here has yet to prove that Freundel is not overwhelmed by the political and financial situation he finds himself in. To be honest he inherited the situation and it seems as though he felt Chris Sinker knew what he was doing.

    There is still a mystery as to why the sugar strike was called. Was something denied to the Grand Duke of York. If it was Toni Moore shall not see the chair of the BWU any time soon.

  20. Lemuel -who will be the next general secretary of the NUPW my understanding from a who has just returned from NEW YORK is the Walter Maloney and Dennis Clarke has been suggesting to council members to appoint Cedric Murrell –please remember the statement that Dennis made at Cedric retirement function ,that he was glad that Cedric was going on retirement ,but Dennis should remember that Roy Trotman selected the same Murrell who turned like a snake and bite The Duke of York –the selling of public workers seems to be the real purpose of nupw

    • In light of the retrenchment exercise ongoing affecting public workers, NUPW’s base, how will membership respond to an election of officers?

      On Sunday, 4 May 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  21. Lemuel

    I can’t help but to support your current view regarding the political atmosphere on the small island of Barbados.

    And, perhaps, you’re correct in assuming that the PM, prescience the Finance- Minister knew and was quite capable of addressing the rather difficult economic challenges.

    But, then again, perhaps, the Finance- Minister underestimated in his mind, the reality of the economic challenges confronting the infinitesimal economy of Barbados?

  22. Eerice;

    When the NUPW chooses a General secretary, it better be someone with backbone. That would rule out Cedric Murrel. He has already sold off the health benefits program and he and his directors get over $600 per month. The NUPW does not have a yen in it although it was step up with the members money. Dennis is yet to produce the non existent share certificate for all the members to see. Remind that Grace is already on record as saying that the share certificate does not exist.

    • Interesting the font page story today about the three tractors which need repair located at the landfill. One wonders who is the private contractor benefiting as a result. ALSO if such poor management of three tractors whither the WTE plant? The drivers assigned to the broken tractors, what are they doing? A la Andrews?

      On Sunday, 4 May 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  23. Lemuel

    So far all I have heard from the opponents of the DLP agenda is an incessant vituperative critique devoid of any workable solutions to address the current crisis with a quick dispatched. Listen! I heard a young man not to long ago on Utube, pouring out his soul regarding the current suffering, this crisis has brought to bear upon the underprivileged and disadvantaged masses in Barbados. And his words somehow registered with me in a profound way because I myself used to be where he is at now. And finally, I have always found some difficulty in understanding those folk such as ( David, Bush Tea, PG etc) who sits in they armchairs and spew they high sounding rhetoric and cynical puffery as though government is some kind of a utopian ideal yet to be achieve. David, this great ideological struggle between the haves and have nots, will not cease to exist until Jesus comes back to claim his world brother. It all about Jeremy Bentham, Utilitarian principle of promoting the greater good for all people, not just wealthy.

  24. David

    And we know from historical testimony, that the BLP caters to the Haves and the DLP has always and continues to cater to the Have – Nots.

    • Dompey

      You really should say that the DLP has a history of creating the have nots when they are in office.


  25. Dompey;

    What historical testimony what!?

    That was unadulterated spinning by the likes of Cammie Tudor and the superb propaganda machine of the DLP. Both parties catered for the haves and have-nots in different ways. There was and is no difference between the two in that regard. The DLP propaganda was transparent to anyone who thinks or was in a position to view their actions and fruits throughout the years.

  26. Dompey

    I your verbal battle with Bush Tea, Georgie and David, you have to know what you believe in and stand your ground, if you are not grounded the Bush Man shall tear at your foundation of sand.

  27. dompey | May 4, 2014 at 10:45 AM |

    And we know from historical testimony, that the BLP caters to the Haves and the DLP has always and continues to cater to the Have – Nots..

    Dompey that is another myth the present circumstances notwithstanding. Show me the HAVE-NOTS who have benefitted from the trough of public monies in the last six years and I will show you the haves

  28. Dompey seems not to know that EVERY major project, EVERY major contract doled out by the government in the last six years have been given to two white men……..despite the election promise by the dead king that 40% of all government contracts would be for the poor black man.

    Not even COW or Bizzy got much of the spoils. You think this government we have sweet???………they took Bizzy for a good ride. Bizzy delivered Butch Stewart with his Sandals and Beaches to these wildboys, hoping that his WTE project would have been given approval and what did the bastards do………….they stabbed Bizzy in his back………. went behind his back and gave approval to an unknown suspicious entity called Cahill.

    And the “igrunt” donkey has the audacity to say that the DLP caters to the have nots. They certainly do……they tossed a lot of them out of a job in the worst way anyone could be ever be dismissed………..that’s catering to the have nots alright ……DLP style. Poor people breaking down and crying at the way they were treated.

    I am still at a loss at who told permanent secretaries and heads of statutory boards that they could treat people so callously? Where were the personnel officers? Have they ever heard of he human part that is supposed to be in Human resource management?

    My goodness……talk about catering to the have nots!!!!!

  29. Lemuel:

    Why is the NUPW going to the labor department ? To what end? As far as I understand the NUPW should calling for the Chief Labor Office through a complaint to convene the Employment Rights Tribunal to deliberate on this matter of the NCC workers.

    • Lemuel

      You are so right. Clarke is just trying to make it look like he is doing something. A meeting with the Chief Labour Officer under these circumstances would serve no practical purpose.

      The new Employment Rights Act binds statutory boards. Clarke should refer a complaint under section 42 of the Employment Rights Act. The Chief Labour Officer is then required by law to “use his best endeavours to achieve, by means of conciliation, a settlement of the matters raised by the complaint”. Failing that the Chief Labour Officer must refer the matter to the Employment Rights Tribunal whose decision is final.

      As it stands from the evidence, the NCC, like most other statutory boards, have breached the procedure set out in the act and would most certainly lose any case. The major unions do not want to embarrass the Government so they are refusing to file cases where the workers would certainly win. All this talk is just for show.


  30. @ dompey May 4, 2014 at 10:45 AM |

    “And we know from historical testimony, that the BLP caters to the Haves and the DLP has always and continues to cater to the Have – Nots.”

    You really believe that hog wash you spewing? The DLP spent hundreds of thousands of dollars leading up to, and during the 2008 election campaign. They brought in reggae and gospel artiste for the young and old respectively; had bill-boards, live-streaming, projectors…… it was a show.
    Lest we forget, they also spent what could be described as millions of dollars during the 2013 election campaign, if you include the certain purchases [e.g. the purchasing of votes].

    Pray tell me, in the absence of the DLP winning the lotto, getting a healthy inheritance or finding money, how were they able to finance these campaigns?

    You can rest assured the $100 contributions from the “HAVE-NOTS” could not have financed these campaigns. Therefore, one can safely conclude that the “HAVES” would have made some healthy contributions to the DLP’s cause. What do they get in return? Surely you must agree that, similarly to the BLP and under these circumstances, the DLP has to cater to the “HAVES”.

  31. Cecil McCarthy in his column today indicated that going to the Tribunal has a time limit of 3 months on it. I wonder if Dennis Clarke and his crew are playing for time?

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