Dennis Clarke, Please Provide the NUPW Membership with a Proper Reason to Strike!

Submitted by Danny Gill
Danny Gill - NUPW member

Danny Gill – NUPW member

With regard to the recently retrenched workers at the NCC, a meeting for National Council of the NUPW was called. The General Secretary, Dennis Clarke, spoke to issues emanating from that retrenchment. These included, as he indicated: a breach of a Cabinet Policy of “last in first out”; breaches of the Employment Rights Act; an unwillingness by the NCC to sit and discuss the situation; beach of the CTUSAB Protocols; breach of an ILO Convention 158; and the appearance that the retrenchment process was biased in the favour of employees who could be viewed as constituents of the Minister with responsibility for the NCC.

What peeked my attention during the meeting was when I was asked by a fellow Councillor if I had received a call alerting me of the meeting. I replied in the negative. When the General Secretary began his list of grievances with the lamentations about people who could continue to attack him on the front page of the Nation Newspaper or on the blog, I realized why I possibly did not receive any calls from the NUPW on my cell or landline to alert me of the meeting.

From what I heard coming from the General Secretary, I had some concern that if the NUPW was not careful, the rights of those retrenched workers at the NCC would not be protected. Having sat down with the Labour Office, the General Secretary’s next move in the process must be a complaint to the Chief Labour Officer requesting that the Tribunal be set up to resolve the impasse between the NUPW and the NCC. The General Secretary seems to be of the belief that a meeting chaired by the Minister of Labour would have some impact on the impasse, but the Minister of Labour is not the administrator of the ACT; that power resides in the Office of the Chief Labour Officer. The only part of the Act that makes any reference to the Minister is in respect to making regulations.

Furthermore, when the NUPW makes the complaint to begin the process to convene the Tribunal, the Union has to make a case as to why its members have been unfairly dismissed. This is where the General Secretary’s arguments get very, very weak. His main defense, by what he said, lies in the fact the Cabinet of Barbados has posited the policy of “last in first out”, but what the NUPW has to clearly demonstrate is that this policy applies to Statutory Boards. For the purposes of the Employment Rights Act, Statutory Boards are treated in the same way as the private sector. Furthermore, the Act absolves ministries from its domain.

The NUPW has also to clearly demonstrate its political bias thesis, for many of the employees who went home were from St. Lucy, the constituency of the Minister’s fellow Cabinet Minister. Emotional outbursts by Wayne Walrond shall not be enough. Furthermore, the Act provides that before workers are dismissed that consultations must be conducted with the workers or their representatives at least six weeks before any one is dismissed. If that process did not occur, that may be the only ground for the NUPW to prevail in a case of unfair dismissal.

The General Secretary seems settled on the point that the retrenched workers were not given the proper paper work at the time of their retrenchment. However, if that is the basis of the Union’s complaint, those NCC worker shall remain retrenched, for the Act provides for the Tribunal only to order that proper documentation be provided, but in that case, no decision to reinstate would be possible. Obviously what the Union wants is a decision to rehire, but that can only come when the Union makes an appropriate complaint which would logically lead to such a decision. Given the current course, the General Secretary is taking, and if the process is not handled correctly, there is a possibility that even with a strong case, the NCC workers can remain retrenched.

As I sat there, it was clear that apart from the emotional hysteria and collective bargaining wishing and hoping that the General Secretary had not, or could not, make a solid case for strike action to be taken against the NCC or in the wider public service.

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  1. The Sunday May 18, 2014 edition of the Barbados Advocate carries an article on page 9, written by R. E. Guyson Mayers: “Unions inviting Government to fall on its own sword (2)”, makes interesting reading.

    In his article, Mayers suggested that in the past unions led the workers as opposed to recent times where “the workers largely determine where they want to go and the ‘leaders’ obey.”
    Further in the article, he goes on to state: “ When the very people who elected the current ruling party are sent home, leaving those workers who wish the Government ill in place, what will be the future of the party?”
    “A union’s obligation must be to its members, but how the interest of its members are protected and advanced require wide societal knowledge, understanding the political environment, as well as the economic realities in the country. The first in last out call by the Opposition and unions is obviously designed to force the ruling party to fall on its sword. While some departments have engaged in that folly, a little spine would obviously force the unions to a fight which they can only win if the government does not fight back. Even if the Government were to lose the fight that the unions are forcing it into, the winner may be the Opposition, but not the unions.”

    It would interesting be interesting if Caswell Franklyn were to read this article in its entirety and give us his opinion.

  2. Guyson Mayers is an avowed member of the DLP. Remember he fired the Commissioner of Police and the case now in court. If the members were leading the unions, from the time Denis Lowe talked that foolishness about sending home people, there would have been strikes. Guyson Mayers does not know what he is writing about!!

  3. well the public servants “rights”vs the right of govt to provide financial security for the country by retrenchment would make an interesting test case in the court it stands now a final resolution seems far fetched as legislation in favour of employees blocks the way.from where i sit with the blp stoking the political fire.the govt has very little chance of compromise outside of seeking wcourt approval as release.which binds govt to am agreement with employees which threatens the financial security of the country

  4. Kerrie Symmonds must be very very careful. For if Kerrie continues to call the names of those people that Denis Lowe is alleged to have working at the departments in his ministry, he and the BLP open up themselves to similar treatment when they want to employ people too. These things have a way of coming back !!!

  5. Caswell whats the last report on the NUPW/BWU and NCC position .
    2)How will that fight be affected now that you have taken the NHC worker case to a higher and rightful position

    • I read in the Barbados Today that the General Manager, Keith Neblett, reported sick so the meeting did not come off. It appeared that instead there was a meeting of the mutual admiration society which lasted for an hour.

      Mamoney was clearly upset because no one informed NUPW that Neblett was sick prior to the meeting. On the other hand, the BWU spokesman declared that they were informed during the day.

      I will not comment on the nastiness that NUPW and BWU did to the workers at NHC while discussions with the Chief Labour Officer are ongoing.


    • As one person stated on Facebook last night this matter is playing out like a bad kung Fu bad actors and all.

  6. David:
    If what Caswell said is true, it means that the NUPW does not have the members at the NCC to be recognized as the representative union. I always wondered why the Minister and the Chief Labor Officer met with the NUPW and the BWU SEPARATELY!!

    The BWU has already accused the NUPW of attempting to poach its members in this dispute. I believe that the BWU really has to watch its back, especially with Ma Money and Clarke!!

    Could you believe that the manager of the NCC sick but Ma MOney and Clarke talking about disrespect!!

    As I have said constantly the NUPW shall suffer badly from this episode. The BWU is the only union trying to follow the process!!

  7. Eric:
    It means that the people who Caswell is representing shall get either rehired or paid fairly what is due to them. However, the 3 months according to the law have run out for the NUPW members and they shall remain fired with all the attendant disadvantages. BECAUSE DENNIS DID TAKE THE MATTER TO THE TRIBUNAL!!


    David | May 23, 2014 at 7:10 AM |

    As one person stated on Facebook last night this matter is playing out like a bad kung Fu bad actors and all.@

    Yes David,, there is a lot of ” Fu” going on,

  9. David

    This is too good to keep to myself. Word circulating in New York is that Neblett would be made the fall guy in the NCC debacle. He will be removed and replaced with Derek Alleyne from UDC. My sources in the Big Apple are not often wrong. No wonder Neblett took sick: that is enough to affect the constitution of even the toughest among us.

  10. Caswell Franklyn | May 23, 2014 at 10:19 AM |

    Caswell…….. you are seldom wrong or proven wrong.

    Months ago you informed all and sundry that there will be a retrenchment of public sector employees… Sinckler et al called you a liar. Then on December 13, 2013 the same Sinckler announced that 3,000 civil servants will be retremched.

  11. David:
    What Caswell is speaking about the Deputy would not be enough. It seems as if the government side is panicking. It is now quite clear that most of the workers retrenched came from the NUPW, so the government side needs a strong man. Here comes Derrick “Theophlus full bred DLP” Alleyne to the rescue.

    Derrick has a way to make people like him; although he was sending home bare BLP people from the UDC, they all loved him or his bullshitiing. His role is to let the NUPW down gently but the workers shall remain retrenched!! His other role, as he testified at Eagle Hall corner during the elections, is to make sure no harm comes to the DLP!!

    Poor Clarke and Ma Money!!

    • @Caswell

      You got to be joking. Appointing Dereck from where we all sit is a clear conflict of interest given his relationship with the NUPW. What does the recent polling of the NCC by the Laboir Office say?

      Like we quoted, a bad Kung Fu movie.

  12. @ Artaxerxes
    Caswell …you are seldom wrong or proven wrong
    Don’t talk shiite now Artax…… After doing so well for so long….
    Caswell is a man after Bushie’s own heart….but lemetellya….. Caswell is a close associate with being WRONG….!!

    Alexandra – Caswell wrong
    BUP – Caswell wrong
    Getting expelled from PWCCUL – Caswell wrong
    That photo in a suit in the Nation – Caswell wrong…

    Shiite man Artax, you think Caswell is Bushie or Wuh…?
    Caswell’s HEART is in the right place and his mouth has no cover…..but he is NOT always right.

    ….any jackass could see that the DLP would have to lay off people…even Sincklier….he was just intimidated by Caswell and is wont to talk shiite when pressed…..

  13. The Merry go around continues. The PM has stepped in. But this thing went to the Cabinet and I understand that Maxine was given a dressing down. She shouted at the reported after the cabinet meeting!

    I am confused are the unions doing a demonstration to call for workers to be sent home. If the retrenched ones are called back then others have to go. This is crazy and Caswell like he right this is not collective bargaining this is collective BEGGING!!

    • @Lemuel

      We need the unions if they are serious to expose the political involvement of minister Lowe at NCC.

  14. David:
    I would be most surprised if the management of the NCC could produce a file or correspondence where Denis Lowe instructed them to who to and who to send home!

    There is why the NUPW and BWU case gets very weak. You can not sit and look at a list and extrapolate what the unions believe happened or transpired!! The management of the NCC shall fall on the political sword and protect any malfeasance by Lowe. Hence, the workers shall remain retrenched and the unions shall lose another round!!

  15. David:
    Another thing, the Minister has the RIGHT to review any list of workers who are being sent home. The NCC management has the responsibility to engage the unions as to criteria for retrenchment. The unions have a right to consult and agree or disagree. Both Clarke and Trotman both indicated they had consulted.

    Both unions now are begging the PM to get them out a collective bargaining jam which they constructed themselves!!

  16. Lemuel and David I keep saying that there will not be any strike ,from New York I am hearing that MA-Money begging to be sent to England as a Government Represenative .. Welcome Ambassador Slappie

    • @lemuel

      The evidence is in who were not set home i.e. plot NCC employees on a scatter graph by constituency. Stats don’t lie.


    They are looking up to there Masters that are in charge of greedy money, WB,IMF, They will do with the Slaves as the Masters say, All blacks dont have a brave heart. If they dont make a stand they all shall fall down down down ,
    The PONZI ran out of money to play the land fraud , Elections game, The PARTY is now over, and to see what the parting was hiding, Food and drink done , time to clean up and go home empty handed,
    The People first Part 2nd or even 3rd.

    Enjoy the PAIN , Feel the PAIN , after the pain and you have time at home, Please think ,and think hard and well,
    We call it an AFTER ACTION REPORT.
    Beatrice Henry and Violet Beckles are real Queens of Barbados. Hidden from the True Life history books ..
    Now the DLP crooks looking to ship you all off to TnT where they are killing lawyers and their own people and to Canada as SLAVE LABOR.
    Tell both parties to (FRANCE) go where they want to send you first, for they not doing JACK in BIM

    BUT the people from Canada / TnT come to Barbados and get work permits bought and sold by both parties, .Bajan”s need to work first and fill the gaps with others from other countries,
    Advil any one?

  18. David:
    The PM has instructed the unions to go to the Employment Rights Tribunal. This has been said by the article above by Danny Gill. Again, Caswell is right; the unions were begging again!!

  19. Danny Gill—Thanks you tried your best to save shame and disgrace of The NUPW but you seem to have forgotten that Dennis Clarke and Walter Maloney are two big FOOLS /
    What the workers should do tomorrow is to start singing petitions to get the two of them out of the Organisation and please carry the whole Executive also
    I told you that there would have been no strike–Caswell was right and he made the right move for the NHC ex-workers
    Now NUPW continues to be the laughing stock . I can imaging market vendor laughing from the River in cheapside to River Bay in St.Lucy ”
    The continuation of the Great Betrayal of the Traitors

  20. Mamoney and dementia Clarke, why wunnah got the union is such disrepute. The founders of that organisation must be angry in their greaves. Clarke, please go home. Go home for the sake of the organisation and also to save shame from your face. Then again you have no shame.
    I feel the deputy would have done a better job and not the debacle you Clarke just executed. Shame, shame on you.

  21. Eric:
    What has me is what can Ma Money Maloney and Dennis tell these workers tomorrow. Maloney may get his diplomatic job, but the workers shall see bare hell. The next fight shall be the attempt by the NUPW to poach workers from the BWU, but I know that Trotman aint now come to that game.

    When the unions go the Tribunal again they do not have a case and shall not win any thing. Dennis Clarke is not telling the NCC workers how he approved of the sending home list but the NCC can prove it!!

    • When I heard in the news that the union was asking the Commissioner of Police for permission to march, I knew that the dispute was all over. I suspect that they were hoping that the COP would have refused to grant permission and then they would have an excuse for not marching. I believe this because trade unions do not require police permission to march.

      By the way, I have heard reports which suggest that the PM referred the matter to the Employment Rights Tribunal. He has no such power. The only person who has authority to refer a matter to the tribunal is the Chief Labour Officer. In this case, however, the unions have not made the appropriate application so there is nothing to refer to the tribunal.


    • Press Statement issued by leader of the Opposition Re: Referral of NCC Workers to Employment Rights Tribunal

      I have deliberately kept quiet while the events at the National Conservation Commission (NCC) have been unfolding over the last 3 to 4 weeks. I was of the view that the Government and the Unions should have been allowed to follow political and industrial relations processes to bring justice to the 200 workers being victimized by the NCC.

      The Prime Minister’s statements today are a public confession of his failure to use the weight of his office to correct the illegal and unconstitutional actions of the NCC.

      I therefore have a duty to speak.

      Two options were available to resolve this matter. One was legal. The other was political. The legal route is protracted and will consign the workers to a prolonged period, without money, and of course it may well be subject to appeal to the Court of Appeal.

      But there are also existing deficiencies in resorting to procedures under the Employment Rights Act. Just to mention two:

              1. Although the Act was passed in 2012, the Minister of Labour has not made Regulations as required by section 49.

              2. The Employment Rights Tribunal was established in July 2013 but no prescribed forms have been published to assist employees in filing complaints in a standardized way. An aggrieved employee can begin a complaint by any method. This is unsatisfactory.

      The Tribunal is simply not ready.

      I am shocked that the Unions have agreed to go to the Tribunal at this stage when they must be aware of the further delay that is bound to ensue by invoking the procedures under Part VIII of the

      Act. The Unions started the political process by involving the Minister of Labour and now the Prime Minister. They have

      abandoned that process, shifted gears and reverted to the legal process – all to the emotional and financial detriment of the workers.

      I had hoped that the Prime Minister would have rejected the improper, discriminatory and unfair decisions of the NCC, which are outlawed by the Constitution of Barbados and the Administrative Justice Act. The NCC is NOT an independent republic. It is a statutory board accountable to the people of Barbados through a Minister. The Prime Minister himself is sworn to uphold both the Constitution and the Laws of Barbados. He must act decisively. He cannot pass the buck to the Chief Labour Officer when the crux of the matter is the conduct of Minister Dennis Lowe in this unsavoury affair.

      It was Mr. Lowe who stated publicly that he had the list of persons to be sent home for review. He was the one who placed himself at the center of the process and in a position to usurp the functions of the Board and Management of the NCC.

      The Barbados Labour Party is reliably informed that there were three versions of the list and the final version was settled on National Heroes Day. Included in that version, were workers who had given long service and some of whom are sole breadwinners. On the other hand, persons employed almost exclusively from Mr. Lowe’s constituency and hired during his tenure (including members of his family and relatives of certain persons in the management of NCC) are retained.

      This is disgraceful, unfair and reprehensible.  It is nepotism and political butchery bereft of any regard for due process or legal propriety.

      The Prime Minister should have castigated the Management of NCC for their conduct in refusing to attend last Wednesday’s

      meeting and flouting the directive of the Minister of Labour to provide the Unions with the criteria for retrenchment.  The Country would wish to hear from the Prime Minister whether he condones

      that type of behavior, which disrespects good industrial relations practice.

      This matter must now be resolved.

      1. The victimized workers must be reinstated. And if the Government insists on cutting public expenditure by sending home people, then transparent criteria consistent with the Social Partnership Protocol and indeed promises last year of the Prime Minister himself, must be followed.
      2. Minister Dennis Lowe must be fired for presiding over the disgraceful behavior of the NCC.

      3. And the Board must also be removed for its complicit role in this nasty affair.

      We call on the Private Sector, the Trade Union Movement, Civil Society and the public of Barbados to join the BLP in calling for the swift action that is now necessary.

      In failing to resolve this matter today, Prime Minister Stuart has shown himself as being incapable of taking decisive political action and he has yet again bolstered his reputation for dithering, fumbling and indecisiveness. It is a political cop out by him – all to avoid disciplining one of his Ministers yet again because of an unworkable Parliamentary majority.

      This is a watershed moment for the Public Sector workers in Barbados.  A political charade and farce have gone too far.  

      Barbadians deserve more respect from a Government for whom they voted to represent their interests. Once again, this Government has failed its people.

  22. Lemuel —I am here en joying the grand children company but its amazing how big people can be so foolish to be lead astray by ma-money Walter Maloney and that one foot Dennis Clarke now it looks like the NUPW will have a court battle on its hand for failing to represent the NHC workers .
    do any one remember the URDAN sell out ,NHC,,GAIA, BRA,DRAINAGE UNIT and the most DAMAGING when DENNIS CLARKE admitted that he did not go for an increase salaries and wages for members hoping that Government would not lay off workers but once that traitor was betrayed ,he then said that he will put increase back on the table .
    Those traitors recommend measures and CHRIS accepted then to increase taxation on the same workers who cannot escape them –taxing Gas the small man cannot escape but the none tax of diesel means that the companies and business go free ‘
    What has become of the Jeff Broome affair has the NUPW put the Government in court as Dennis Clarke claimed that he would have done.
    Has the NATION news been banned as Dennis Clarke Claimed he would .
    Lemuel -Ma-money deserves that Diplomatic job -he has the qualifications for such .
    A masters in Freeness
    Phd in lying
    Doc in slapping butts(NHC employees now sent home )
    Doc in misuse of NUPW Credit cards
    masters in changing hotels and none refunding the difference to the UNION .
    Doc in getting Funds from Government and NUPW to go to Gevena for the same trip

  23. Eric:
    I just love those qualifications for ma Money!

    On the other hand, it is really scandalous that workers in the NUPW and BWU can be so out of tune with a basic knowledge of the legislation under which they have recourse in the event of an unfair dismissal. if Dennis Clarke and Green had concentrated more on bring this knowledge to the workers instead of arranging seminars to meet and greet to ensure Ma Money won the elections, the workers would be better off today!!

    What is in the Nation today is no resolution; it is a break for the unions to be told that they have no case by the Tribunal. These workers at the NCC shall remained retrenched. The only point the PM is correct on is that they would receive due compensation.

    But how could the PM know before the Tribunal meets its decision on this impasse?

  24. i read that stink bomb of a response to the PM intervention……another stoking of the poltical fire by the BLP…


    Caswell Franklyn | May 25, 2014 at 10:11 PM | @

    Are you the only one that have the Rule Book,?
    Are you the only person that read the Rules?
    Are you the only one that type the Rules?
    Are you the only one who stand up for the Rules?
    Is the Rule Book out of Print?
    Do each member have the Rule book or chain of Command?
    Do the members even know the Steps to be followed when things dont move or fail?
    1199 Union members had the signed agreement and the Union Hand Book.
    What do the Union members get to read once hired in Barbados?


    If So,What in the Hell are the other reading or , are they just feeling.
    maybe it depends on the payoff? the sell out ,
    Maybe they are paid not to do nothing or read nothing or say nothing to their Masters ,

  26. Ac:
    Go and ask Fruendel, how he know before the Tribunal has met the outcome and what the Tribunal shall decide?

  27. David: Some people have been appointed. The Chair must be attorney. It is a three man or woman panel for the sitting of each case. I do not have the names to hand. Contrary to what Mia and Cicely Chase are saying its rules are established in the functions of the Commissions, like the commission of inquiry. There is no need to write regulations. These pieca lawyers bout here like they simply can’t read and understand!!

  28. Is it true that Tracee Codrington, Mitch Codrington’s daughter, (same Mitch Codrington lawyer of the NCC) is chair person of the tribunal? Tell me it aint so. But when you tell me it ain’t so mek sure yuh telling me de trute

  29. Well, it is interesting that now Dennis Clarke of all people is like the PM telling the Tribunal how to conduct its business.

    The problem with the NUPW is that it has to put a case to the Tribunal showing how the Employment Rights Act was breached to the ill will of its members. This why Dennis and Ma Money prefer to go a begging to the Minister and the PM because they have no case to put. What they have is simply emotionalism about who come from where!!

    Finally, there has never been any model of industrial relations called “gentleman’s agreement or volunteerism”. Even to closely look at the terms they make no sense at all!!

  30. David:
    Denis Clarke and Ma Money keeping a NUPW Council meeting on Thursday; I thought the Council had given them permission to march, strike, sick out or whatever they please.
    I am hoping the meeting is not to bring the Council up to speed; the Nation has been doing a better job than Dennis ever could!!

    • @Lemuel

      Maybe the purpose is to update the executive on the insurance business? What about the buyers club?

  31. David ;What buyers club are you specking about ,the one where Walter Maloney was telling people that the Government was going to help them ,are they still paying $500 per month to IDC and as far as the insurance business is concern does it belong to NUPW or ICBL ? may be Caswell can help us .

  32. David don’t spoil my vocation –buying club was just another way for Dennis and Walter to get funds out of the Union I shall be back on the 2rd hoping to meet Caswell Franklyn he will shock to know me —I don’t know Lemuel but love his work

  33. David:
    Dennis Clarke was on the news lamenting that the Tribunal has not contacted him as yet. But the poor man and his team have not started the process by lodging a complaint with the Chief Labor Officer.

    Furthermore, Dennis is insisting that all the Tribunal has to do is review the list and it is going to rule in his favor. But Denis has to put a case showing where his members were done bad by the actions of the NCC as their actions relate to the law. This is a case that Dennis does not have or can articulate!!

  34. Lemuel this is not a case where he can call his friends such as the council meeting and tell them how to vote before the meeting starts -as a matter of fact I was on the phone specking to a friend of my from the NUPW,reminding her to pay some bills for me when her brother said to her the NUPW just call to say the her was invited to a council meeting and that Dennis had said how he wanted him to vote on an issue .
    So lemuel don’t worry time will tell only time will tell –remember I said NO strikes

  35. Eric:
    They did not call Danny Gill. But what Dennis Clarke does not know is that Gill knows whatDennis is doing is contrary to the rules of the NUPW, which stipulates that ALL Council Members MUST be told in writing or by phone. If they do not want court action in dey tail they better be very careful how they tread!!

    Dennis and Maloney said the Council had given them the green light to take action; what vote is Dennis talking about. May be it is the vote to allow him to work to 70 years!!

    When someone I know asked Danny what the Council decided, Danny told the person he left before any vote was taken. Apparently Danny told Dennis the matter MUST go to the Tribunal but Dennis told the Council that Danny Gill did not know what he was talking about!! Although Danny Gill had a copy of the Employment act at the meeting and was reading from the relevant sections!!

    I am sure that Dennis Clarke is biting his fingers nails wondering if Danny Gill is coming to that meeting to kick his ass all over the room!!

    • The NUPW stated it expected the matter to be resolved by Friday by the Tribnal. Yesterday in the news it was stated that the matter has not been called by the Tribunal as yet.


      Note that the BWU has been reported to have ‘triggered’ the process with the Tribunal therefore is it necessary for the NUPW to do the same?

  36. David:
    The BWU triggered the process but the NUPW has not. The NUPW as I said has no case. Dennis Clarke model for collective bargaining and industrial relations is to go into a room a call people friend and then BEG. Before the Tribunal Dennis has to show where the NCC broke the law; he can not!!

  37. DENNIS CLARKE and WALTER MALONEY –what is the decision of the Tribunal , today is Friday decision day according to Dennis Clarke .

    • Eric

      You must first file a complaint before the tribunal can hear it. Did Clarke file a case? The answer to that question would tell you why there was no hearing.


  38. How the Lowe doing , he had to take a cut in salary, now it look like he going to take a a cut again , because the BIG MONEY from kick backs that was hidden in Mother Bank A/C ,now she dead, Bro and Sis want some , so how low is Lowe?

    • Watchman

      Couldn’t you do with $5 million? But then again you might not have a rich mother.


  39. @ Caswell
    My mother work on a Plantation not on the beach were things wash up in bags, but as we know garbage can sale for millions to the right buyers, you feel Cane garden will get a good face lift or some the money will go to a Park ,Heights . maybe low back to USA ,what you think?

    • Watchman

      $5 million divided by eleven would give each person $454,545.45. That does not leave very much for any facelift.


  40. One would have to agree with the assessment that the PM took the wind out of the unions sails with the going to the Tribunal decision. However, other statutory Boards have to do the retrenchment thing.

    What is clear is that Dennis and his crowd need to take a fresh posture for this cricket game of current industrial relations calls for much more that jumping up and down shouting and shaking your fists!!

  41. Lemuel please I have my bags packed and will be home tomorrow ,but Dennis Clarke is a fool and its is said that fools never learn I have been told that he called a council meeting with out inviting all of the council members ,does he know that that should never have happen but that how he and Maloney have been acting -calling they yard fowls to vote in their favour while those who shall questions their motives are not invited
    Now Caswell Franklyn has been the only one fighting for the workers ,while the others have been betraying the workers and then the Government has betrayed the traitors -but remember a traitor has no home -he sell for the biggest bidder such as Dennis and Walter Maloney ,now this whole affair has blown up in their faces ,but please recall that I had said long ago about the secret meeting at Gov Head Quarters where Maloney hide his car behind the building ‘.
    NUPW has betrayed the members at NHC ,NCC, Drainage Unite ,BRA and others its time that the member strike back and STOP Paying and subs to that Organisation .
    An organisation that cannot represent them but have sold them out .
    One wonder what will be the next surprise coming from them ?
    Caswell what other foolish and stupid things coming that will surprise the members ?

  42. Eric

    I heard that Danny Gill turned up at the meeting and questioned why he was not invited to the meeting. I understand that he threatened to take them to court if they persist in calling meetings and not informing him.

    My source told me that they were planning to write off Maloney’s excessive cellphone bills but when Danny turned up, they only discussed minutes for four hours.

  43. The bottomline is simple. Neither the NUPW nor the BWU is interested in carrying the labour fight to the Government. Firstly, the Government made the statement of “A LIST” to be given to both unions before any terminations of employees. The union failed to act. The NHC send home workers without consultation. Again, the union failed to act. The NCC send home the majority of workers who were employed over 6 years. Again, the unions failed to act. As a matter of fact, the NUPW had the clearest opportunity to strike after the acting Minister of Labour had reservations pertaining to the way workers were sent home. Again, the unions made a mess of their position, or should I say, the PM made a mess of the unions. This is the fundamental reason why the Government has no respect of Labour Laws since none of the Unions seems not to have read the Employment Rights Act.

    • @Tell me Why

      You only need to listen to what PM Stuart had to say when he asked the Chief Labour Officer to hand the matter to the Tribunal. They were missteps and as soon as these missteps were obvious the matter had to go to the Tribunal to validate a corrective steps. Instead the BWU and NUPW played Barbadians for fools, including the workers who pay dues.

      On 1 June 2014 23:31, Barbados Underground wrote:


    • David

      I believe that the unions fear the tribunal because they would have contributed and agreed to those missteps in private. I can recall the general secretary of BWU publicly saying that the NCC was a model for other statutory boards to follow after the consultation process was completed.


    • Sill flabbergasted the government promised to share a list of workers to be retrenched, did not deliver and there is no fallout from it.

      On 1 June 2014 23:50, Barbados Underground wrote:


    • David

      The Government and the decision makers in the unions unions have one thing in common – they are all DEMS whose main goal is to keep the DLP in power. As a result, the unions are merely shadow boxing: they will score no real hits by design.


  44. @David
    I agreed with you , did you hear Sir Roy on BWU viewpoint on VOB this evening ? the. man has no shame, on his sick bed talking to gabby and still think Barbadian and BWU members are foolish , the bosses at BWU and NUPW sale out the workers to the DLP lead government for personal benefits , but a Knighthood don’t save a man from his life time of MISSTEPS ( PM new word ) Sir Frank had many missteps and he lost his legs before he die , what a punishment for a Knight crawling on your ass ,

  45. It seems the final analysis by union leaders is to get a knighthood or an ambassadorial post whilst the hard working poor contributors who pays union dues are abused and discarded by employers and laughed at by Union leaders. It’s time for the workers to make a statement – only hitting tar will show the government we can’t tek the lies, deceit, abuse and the destruction of our island home – Barbados.

  46. Tell me why good ideal wrong target hit the Unions by with drawing their subs.
    GOVERNMENT IS paying the monthly rent for CTUSAB so a with drawal of subs from all Unions except UNITY and the joining of UNITY will show other unions that we need and want good representation regardless of which party is in power –so I say stop paying subs –Caswell has Walter repay that 18000dollar bill as yet
    and refund the GEVENA hotel bill

  47. David:
    Politics have become so entrenched in unionism that it is time to stomp it out. General Secretaries and Presidents must be put in a position where they must declare their loyalty to the unionism and not their political party of choice.

  48. Eric:
    Fumble Stuart is a boss. With one meeting, Dennis Clarke and Ma Money Maloney are no longer on the font page of any paper or featuring on news updates from radio stations. Every thing is quiet, quiet on the western front. Fumble Stuart really a boss.

    Is it true that Fumble Stuart told the NCC boss Neblett that he should not have taken directions from Minister Lowe, and that is why he misstep!!! Is it true that Suckoo should not have been leading anything because her people were sent home and Donville and Sinker people too!!

    To show he is a real boss, Fumble Stuart turn around and tell the Tribunal how to RULE!! Yet, I have people on BU saying that Fumble aint a strong leader!!! As Fumble would say all ah wunnah need to come and get wunnah hands dirtied and then wunnah here can decry he!!

  49. Caswell, Lemuel and Danny
    where was Dennis Clarke and Walter Maloney this afternoon in regards to the N C C issue ?

  50. Caswell whats the position with your cases before the Tribunal will you be seeking to renew open discussions

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