Rawle Eastmond It Is Time To Go You Good And Faithful Servant

Rawle Eastmond MP

The imbroglio at the Alexandra School conspired to push Barbados Labour Party (BLP) politics from the national radar. Who can fault the BLP strategy to quietly squeeze political mileage from  the perpetual turmoil associated with government. Ironically it was the selection of the flamboyant Noel ‘Barney’ Lynch on the weekend to represent the BLP in the constituency of St. Michael South which served as a reminder that a few issues are simmering on the BLP side.

One of the issues, the revelation that long serving BLP candidate Rawle Eastmond was asked to participate in an open nomination to select the candidate to represent the BLP in the upcoming general election. Bear in mind Eastmond has been the representative for St. James North for 20+ years. Observers are left to conclude that the BLP intends to ‘retire’ Eastmond despite his willingness to run for another term. There is speculation that Eastmond’s encounter a few years ago with diabolical forces, the fact he is a Mia Mottley sympathizer or Arthur wanting to insert his man are among the reasons for the BLP wanting to give the shove to Eastmond. If we are to judge from Rawle Eastmond’s recent public statements on the matter,  he intends to caucus with his constituents at the end of the month to decide the way forward. He has spiced up the controversy by alluding to the need for the BLP to make changes to prevent vote padding which would act to his disadvantage in an open nomination. This is a very serious charge to be made by a long serving BLP member.

What has been interesting to date is to observe how party leader Owen Arthur has conducted himself through the process. A quote which is attributed to him on the matter: “There is a distinction between the leader of the party and organs that are required to deal with these things. This is a matter that falls within the jurisdiction of the executive and the national council of the Barbados labour Party” . Does anyone believe that Arthur is timid about using his influence within the party?

There is precedent in BLP politics to suggest that Arthur has not been afraid to back a candidate in the nomination process. The most visible case is in 2003 when William Duguid, Jessica Odle and Kerri Symmonds fiercely competed for the nomination in Christ Church West to replace Henry Forde. Political pundits would recall that Kerri Symmonds was known to be Arthur’s pick. Like Eastmond, Duguid and Odle refused to be intimidated by Arthur and Symmonds had to withdraw. The rest as they say is history. Rawle Eastmond can take heart from that case. The difference maybe that a young and energetic Duguid was able to mobilize a well oiled PR campaign which eventually earned him the nod.

Does Eastmond have the energy to confront Owen Arthur as leader of the party and the BLP party machinery to win the battle to represent St. James North? Is the BLP willing to encourage a confrontation with Eastmond which might have the effect of offsetting the Eager 11 issue  in the minds of Barbadians? We will soon know.

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  1. Qoting David “There is speculation that Eastmond’s encounter a few years ago with diabolical forces”

    Dear David:

    Is the Demon Rum a diobolical force?

  2. Wait Rawle you want to fall down in parliament.??

    Time up Left D F_in place wid dignity and stop being a spoil sport

  3. This situation is not without its mistakes, bleeps and blunders, In 2008 Eastmond made a decision not to run iin the next elections, and three persons decided to put their hat in the ring. It is clear that the three would have canvassed the constituency and would have brought in members to the branch for their own purposes, Some would be more persuasive and better at joining members than others. Members therefore would have joined with out the sitting member knowing who are be the new members. These names would go to HQ where a list of new members would be prepared and an updated list would then be the list. An MP cannot determine who should join or who should not join and the membership of the branch is not his call. The list cannot be padded if all the members are from the St. James North Constituency. If a person who supports the DLP decided to join the branch so that he could get a person elected,then to beat in an election thar would not be the first rtime this has happened in Barbados politics. But to say that the list was padded would be an error if all the members on the list were from St James North. And so Mr Eastmond must come and explain fully what he means by a padded list.
    Mr Eastmopnd has given examplary service to his constituency and the BLP, that is without doubt and so you must ask why at this time there is a contested nomination. There are always nominations in the BLP but sitting membedrs hardly get a challenge, and members are allowed to retire on their own volition. Not so in the DLP. Some members have been retired and even come back after retirement in a subsequent election. I think that Rawle was retiring for health reasons in 2008 and I think that this should be the only reason why he should not run. I understand that he wants to run again because he thinks he has overcome his health challenges. He should take it easy and think about his future, His work was commendable and his strwardship to the BLP and his constituency and country worthy of praise. As this is a political issue I expect that sinister motive and innuendo will come to the fore but I think that common sense must prevail and if I had to adviise Rawle I would say there is no I in team. Think on these things

  4. I think it is a sad day in politics when a faithful serving servant of the BLP is treated this way. Just goes to show politics is all about the politicians, When will we as voters get rid of this type partisan politics and start holding these politicians accountable.

  5. @true to form I could not have said it better.@ bajejun what foolishness are you talking.Some polititians need the electorate to send them a clear signal that it is time to go.They run one time too many lose and then ride off into the sunset.Eastmond did in fact signal at the end of the last election that he was steeping out of elective politics and people started canvassing the constituency from then.They would have a right to encourage membership to anyone interested in supporting the party generally and more specifically those who would have indicated their intention to support them,since you could not vote at nomination unless you had membership.EVERY branch does this and EVERY nomination candidate does this.Has Rawle not ever encouraged or invited people to join the BLP ? If he has not then maybe he has wasted much time in the constituency in this respect !!

  6. @ island gal

    The problem with that reasoning is that the constituency representative is to be able bodied and be mobile .. he will be required to “serve the people.” I do not think Mr.Eastmond.health will allow him to do so…I think you need to look into his health history….We in st James South love ..him but we think of his interest as well…time to pass on the baton Rawle

  7. St. John South constituent

    You really do not know your constituency.
    Rawle Eastmond is the MP for St. James North
    This is just another case of trying to satisfy Owen Arthur desire to have Clyde Mascoll in parliament because he Owen Arthur is also old and maybe sick too

  8. Can’t Eastmond change his mind and more particularly who has the final say about ones health? In this case it seems the party has made the determination.

  9. To David:
    I disagree; Rawle can choose to participate in the nomination and if he is successful then he can be the candidate. The BLP can not tell the constituents who to vote for.

  10. After Owen served 14 years as PM and fought numerous elections he is now insisting that according to the BLP constitution all candidates have to go through the nomination process to contest the election on the Party ticket. Where was the Constitution all these years? In a back office gathering dust? I think that Mia had some choice words about the Party ignoring the “Constitution” when she attempted to run for Office at the last convention. It has been customary for all sitting MPs to run again unless they decide to step aside and this insistence on following the “constitution” is just another ploy to get rid of Eastmond.

    Forget diabolical, the words of the day are hypocritical or sinister.


  11. From what I understand, Mr Eastmond had indeed decided to step down and was walking the constituency with the person he was grooming to take over from him. When others began to show an interest in the constituency,

    Mr Eastmond changed his mind and left the person he was grooming in limbo. With his health issues and all the embarrassing public fracas with a mistress, certainly, he should have the good grace to retire now. But it is his right to run again.

    The BLP’s constitution does require every one to be nominated each time and it is done even if as a formality. The branch members will decide his fate.

  12. @ clone

    Such is the love for Mr.Eastmond..that we in Sandra’s constituency….hold high regards and wish well for everybody incld.. our brothers up North..
    As you shall soon see,, we view both North and South’s welfare as One..we shall be having one BIG meeting to be announced soon…you in St John are also most welcomed..stay tune..

  13. The fact is that a nomination process will take place, not a candidate imposed on the branch from the executive of the party like the DLP did in St Thomas and Christ Church West!!

  14. leave Mr. Eastmond alone. He is one of the remaining Gentlemen in politics today. He should be allowed to remain. Is mr. Arthur not also having health problems as well. Which of us after fifty don’t have health issues? How many public and private sector workers have health issues and still function effectively/ if we were to retire them all where would it leave Barbados? Using this mans health to rile him out is discrimination to the highest.

  15. Oilman whether it was a good decision or bad Thompson wanted to die in office and no one had the guts to make him retire. Most right thinking people in office would probably step down but not Thompson. He couldn’t bow out because of sickness death was the only way he wanted to leave office.
    Doesn’t Owen Arthur have something wrong with him? Doesn’t Frundel have something wrong with him? Stupse. I am sure many if not all of the politicians in Barbados have something or the other ailing them. Sickness has no boundaries nor does it belong to a certain class or profession.
    This is a prime example on how the aged are treated on this island, they are kicked to the curb and spat upon by the stronger ones.

  16. Islandgal

    Come now….if you have three race horses…..the first won you plenty money for 20 yrs odd,,poor fellow now being up in age …showing signs of age, limping ..erratic behaviour..The other 2 are young ..also winning races well respected on the track…THE GOLD CUP RACE coming up ..you really want to win but you have doubts about your 20yr old filly form and condition to endure thru this race..Which ONE you would enter ?

  17. HDean ……your are so correct about Rawle…..”He is one of the remaining Gentlemen in politics today. ”
    My father and Rawle were friends for many many years, Rawle was one of the pallbearers at my father’s funeral. He is a good man and there are very few of them left today. So wunna leff he out fuh muh! He is a sincere and kind person and is humble. These are rare qualities we find in people today. A true Gentleman he is.

  18. So island gal

    If you really care about him….let him retire..are you aware of how much work a parliamentarian rep has ?

    Like you want to kill the man. This work causes heart attacks to young men far less a senior.
    Let him enjoy his money….go fishing with Uncle Jeff ..he needs a fishing partner

  19. Solution Masta…..So what about Owen? What about stuart who has collapsed on the platform due to diabetes. Do you realize that when some people retire they die more quickly than when they stayed on the job? Look at Mara Thompson, has no potfolio and she drawing a big salary for doing nothing! She will be considered quite a young politician.

  20. Rawle….why you don’t step down doa….somebody has to set down for you to get the seat right ?
    This is a most selfish attitude….but the constituents go speak…

    Mara got nuff $$ in St.Lucia too…. along wid a CLico wife…mout shut bosie

  21. Rawle is a very decent politician, when he won the seat it was under the DLP government and though in oppsition, he was able to stamp his position within the constituency. Today he is the most respected politician in Parliament. However, Mr Eastmond is a sick man and needs to retire,last elections he was only able to hold two meetings and spoke for just 10 minutes at one of them, that is why Austin husbands was able to run him that closely. After saying all that a man has got to know what he is capable of doing and he and he alone must decide if he should retire or try again; the constituents will decide if they still want or need him.

  22. @ David
    Point exactly …last time Rawle was seen with a prodigious hopeful, that he would get to know people when Rawle exit. Since then Rawle like he has changed his mind and also was seen and associated with very erratic behaviors(female), prompting that something was very wrong.

    Is Rawle ill or not is the serious question we are asking?

  23. “associated with very erratic behaviors(female), prompting that something was very wrong.”

    So what do you call the Symmonds fella who slashed his wife’s car seats ( if I have that name right) isn’t that erratic behaviour?

  24. Owen Arthur wants to retire Rawle Eastmond to make a safe seat for Mascoll – plain and simple ! Mascoll believes that he is God’s gift to Barbados and must be given a constituency that ” suits his profile”, ie : where he does not have to work!
    If Mascoll declares himself a candidate too early, he would have to go into the field and he would also probably lose his weekly propaganda column so he is trying to play uninterested while the plan is being orchestrated- the same thing Arthur did with Mottley.It is a shame that after Eastmond worked so hard for the BLP, he is treated so shabbily and remember he is not a candidate trying to win a seat like Abed, he is a sitting MP who is still in his right mind.

  25. Sorry…I am ‘rule and Rawle illiterate’ on this. But what ARE the rules for constituency nominations in the BLP set-up? Certainly Rawle seems a charismatic figure and I do not see how we can possibly speculate about his health. That is a matter for him and the local party organisation. The incident referred to was some years ago wasn’t it and he has been re-elected since then. So what is the point of draggng that up? But there is surely no divine right to serve is there?

  26. When Rawle comes out and say….I am finish with politics every sense..this is just a ploy

    using the old slang: All we Beak Brek.

    @Sharon Brathwaite
    And other possible canvassing BLP candidates are Doug Skeete and a lawyer fellow. Edmund Hinkson.how Mascol get in this ?

  27. So when, I want powa at any cost Owen, get rid of rawle, Cynthia next, then Mia. This man owen really powa hungry.

  28. Muscle Mary Lynch change his mind on running against PM Stuart.
    Muscle M tell the public he done with politics and going to Miami to work in tourism then he tell we he didnt get no US visa. Why didnt he get it?
    Anyone knows if there is a criminal record in MM background. Look how Muscle get nominate for St. Mich South..
    Why cant a much more able politician like Rawle Eastmond change his mind.
    Owen is nearly 70 years old. Time for you to go and rest yourself See Thru. Leave Rawle Eastmond alone if Owen kicks him out I will not be voting for the BLP. Its not fair to Rawle when the BLP is in so much strife and full of mercenaries and selfish failures.

  29. The fact of the matter is the branch choses the candidate.So if there is a quarrel it is with the PEOPLE the members of the branch.I don’t know what all this talk is about .Now Cynthia Forde sticking her mouth in …and for what reason?There are no perpetual candidates in the BLP everyone has to be renominated.Everyone of them in Parliament has to go through this process.If there is anyone out there who knows different bring the evidence.

  30. Cynthia Forde must state if she had to be renominate by her branch to be a candidate in the last election. A contested nomination is a new thing in the BLP but it is not farfetched. What Cynthia must state is whether or not she thinks she should be challenged. I seem to recall that she said bring them on when it was suggested that her position would be challenged. I support Rawle to win the nomination if challenged . If the branch believes that he is unable to continue and it tells him so then he should withdraw without making it seem like a jproblem and with the present situation it seems like we have pawns in this game.. It would be a pity if Rawle is being used. Think on these things.

  31. Forgive me if I am wrong, but David, by this leading article, you seem to want to stir up trouble for the BLP where there is no problem. Criticize them when they do nonsense but not in this case.

    This is a storm in a teacup. If the BLP’s constitution state that every candidate must be renominated, even if it is just a formality, what is the problem? Dave Marshall’s nomination is on February 12th. Owen Arthur’s is in March.

    There is so much more happening in this country that needs debating. Like the bandit chaser, Irene Sandiford Garner holding up a long piece of paper last Saturday saying that on it was a list of the government’s achievements. I would really like to see the paper up front to see what was on it. I am writing up a list of their failures for this blog soon.

    Politicians on both sides need to know when they have outlived their usefulness and learn to move on gracefully. Much as I have always admired Rawle, after all the embarrassing fracas with him and his mistress fighting him and beating up his wife which ended up in court and on the Nation’s front page, I did not think that he would offer himself as a representative again.

    Cynthia Forde needs to give way as well as Gline Clarke and make way for new blood. In my humble opinion, they have nothing more to add to the political life of Barbados but to maybe win a seat and sit on the back bench!!

  32. @Prodigal Son

    Not at all, Rawle Eastmond is making it and issue and he seems to have commanded the support of Cynthia Forde which makes it worthy of a little discussion on BU.

  33. @David
    Forgive my ignorance but is it “normal” or is there a precedent for a sitting MP to go through a branch nomination process?

  34. Anon | January 27, 2012 at 9:03 AM |
    The internal warfare in the blp getting worse will it ever end .

    You are right Anon…and when PM Stuart release the dossier that Mia gave him about Owen…then all mayhem will break out.

    Let Owen run his mouth. I hope he is paying attention to Avinash Persuad’s latest comments about him !

    Owen is a toothless dog !@

  35. Thanks David.
    Makes for an interesting story now that a fellow parliamentarian has thrown in her support. the BLP would do well to avoid “distractions” on their quest for the crown.

  36. Who the hell cares what Persaud says. With all his credentials, he seems pretty incompetent in his efforts to convince people to invest in this project. That speaks volumes.

    Who cares what dossier Mia allegedly gave Freundel, the BLP has a lot more on Mia so she better hush her mouth. Whilst you are spinning your web, tells us about a certain DLP MP and the US Embassy.

    • @Prodigal

      BU tried to confirm this Visa rejection business and have received denials.

      What is interesting is that before Persaud assumed the post of Executive Chairman of Paradise he was very strident in his criticism of government policy.

      Nowadays not a squeak out of him on the subject.

  37. I well remember his criticisms of even the DLP government’s first budget. But today he is singing a different tune because it suits his agenda.

  38. Nomination Day for St.James North is set for next Sunday 5th february
    Rawle is still on the list of candidates…..the constituents will have their say…may the best man win.

  39. Stick to your guns Rawle, show the “short-me-crutch” Owen that you are not making any sport.
    Tell him vote rigging will never be tolerated in this country.

  40. This man Owen”seethru”Arthur is so power hungry it is frightening.
    He is operating a scorched Earth policy within The Barbados Labour Party.

  41. @Carcon C. Cadogan

    The only maligning group that Rawle pointed out were the DLP and its scheming and underhanded operatives.

  42. To make the contest fair I think the BLP should postpone this contest and give the combatants more time. Three persons were in the field and would have joined members. Rawlle would not have had the time to canvass all the members on the list., or even to solicit members to the branch..

  43. @all
    Did Rawle publicly come out and say a while back that he was done??

    IT also seems he’s willing to face nomination, on the condition of a “purged” list. How should a branch executive go about a transparent nomination process given allegations from an incumbent. This may only represent one seat, but based on the signs in the coming election one incumbent seat for Arthur and co. could be the difference between 16-14 or 14-16.

  44. I believe what is happening in Rawle’s neck of the woods, took place in other areas as well. Padded lists all over the place.
    I don’t put anything past “seethru”. He is power hungry!!!!

    Muscle Mary said loud and clear, “I dun wid politics” now he in the Bayland begging people to vote for him.

    The Americans know what a crook he is and refused to grant him a work permit. That was very humiliating for a former Minister of “seethru’s” Government.

  45. well well well. the pendulum, has swung back. I was never a fan of a third party but clearly our two established parties making a mockery of this thing and taking we for jackasses….stupse.

    • @Observing

      On the face of it you have to agree with Arthur, why would he allow this matter to play out in public?

      Mottley is politically naive to expect otherwise.

  46. only one side of the story was told that was Owen! the other side has not been heard that of Mia. ! the saga continues not heard the end yet! wait for the whole truth not the one Owen told!

    • However one spins it, it is an internal party matter should not be played out in the public as salacious as it it for the public.

      This goes for both parties.

      It serves as a distraction at a time when more important issues abound.

  47. A clear indication that Owen Arthur understands leadership, Mia misunderstands strategic positioning, and Rawle has overplayed his hand. The astute Arthur will take no hostages; he has hinted that if they want to commit political suicide, let them do just that.

  48. @David
    I think it’s just sad when the media has to be the conduit for communications between the highest leaders of our land (political, labour, business etc.).

    If we as grown men and women in a mature society, with a proud history and tradition, can’t see it fit to pick up a phone and call or sit at a table and drink a brandy or go puff a cigar and sort shit out, what the hell do we really expect from our people???

  49. Where is that OLD WINDBAG..oops I mean OLD ONION BAGS on this story of NO Mia !

    Mia just put another nail in Owen’s coffin.

    I guess by the time PM Stuart reveal to the country the details of what transpired at the Pegasus Hotel in Jamaica….it would be all over.

    Stay tune to this station.

  50. I cannot understand what Mottley would expect. Why would Mottley believe that she can speak on behalf of Rawle in this matter? Rawle is a veteran politican who can speak lucidly on any topic. She has to realise that she is no longer a leader in the party. She cannot divide the party in her own mind and she must understand that she has no standing in this matter. My question is does she feel she should have a monination in her own riding? or should she be given a free pass? Cynthia Forde said earlier that she is willing to take on all commers so Cynthia understands the rules . That,s why she says he is supporting Rawle to win..As I have said before there should be a postponement of the contest so that Rawle could canvass all those in the list while he himself is able to solicit new members so that the fairness of the contest is clear and apparent.

  51. She has kept quiet for a long so much so it was thought that she has learnt her lesson that she does not own the BLP. She has been publicly associating mainly with the Dems so what does she expect? Does she want news to give to them as someone above alleges she has done. If she needed to speak to the leader privately, why did she had to make it public, all she needed to do is to attend the Monday night parliamentary group meeting!

  52. RE
    Tareddy | January 31, 2012 at 9:27 AM |

    The BLP full up wid some power hungry lowlife dogs, who pays gangsters to do dum dirty work.

    And the DEMS are sqeaky clean paragons of virtue??!!! Dont insult people’s intelligence, the skulduggery in the Dems goes back to its origins….remember Harold Blackman’s public put down of Sandi, Richie Haynes and his men, the downfall of Sandi by his own men, the public cursing between the dead king and Kellman, the dead king and Mascoll and most recent the eager 11.

    Tell me who have the most gangsters???

  53. Prodigal Son | January 31, 2012 at 12:43 PM

    tell me who have the most gangsters???
    Owen Arthur and the BLP by a long shot !

  54. @ Wizard
    Hush…….Hush…..Hush…come Sunday all will be hushed.
    We must all realize that we live in a democracy.Everyone must learn to conform.This whole shambuzal is nothing more than political rostering Playing this out in public, is just healthy banter.Come Sunday all should be back to normal.
    It just shows what yard birds would choose to pick up when they can find no issues.When the bell rings…others will have,..for sure.. nuff .
    Boy what you call onions name for?…. thought you dug up something.

  55. I hope everyone realises this dearth of consistently effective and commanding leaders who can communicate, motivate and inspire doesn’t bode well for Barbados on a whole. Just read a few of Barrow’s speeches for leisure..ironic that their content is as relevant now as it was then….and inspires more than anything heard recently… go figure.

    Rawle and Mia should accept the result of the nomination or carry clear proof of padding to the executive, then Arthur, then the press if necessary as a last resort. This Nation Newspaper message passing is pure bollocks.

  56. Whoever uses the Bible to tell a committed servant of any constituency that it’s time to go is a fool because that is flying in the face of God or purporting to know when a servant of the people should go. That is a matter for God first (nb David Thompson – may his soul find favour with God) …and the servant next. Keep out of matters that do not call to you and me.

  57. And while we are at it, well then…is Owen ‘new blood’? Some of you are ‘real’ thinkers! I say: let the old and the new move on together! Don’t we have a lesson in too much new blood in the current government? Thank God for Fruendel …only if the new blood would learn to follow rather than trying to upstage; but that too will be resolved as is happening in the “old man’s” favour.

  58. From Nationnews.com “Arthur also said he would not be meeting with Mottley regarding any other issues.”

    So is Arthur saying he will not meet with a duly elected member of parliament who is an outstanding member of his party?

    Time to go Mia. Your constituents will forgive you.

  59. You notice it too Hants. Owen adamant he isnt meeting with Mia period. What manner of leadership is that pray tell.

    His party member wants to meet with him on matters of utmost importantance to the BLP and he refuses to do so privately or publicly.

    The eager 11 story was child’s play in comparison to Owen’s dictatorial short me crutch man modus operendi.
    Mia , Cynthia and Rawle should cross the floor and send Owen and his cronies six feet under politically speaking next election in 2013.

    • Note David of BU comments are posted next to a BU logo.

      Next blog to be posted shortly deals with the Mia Arthur matter.

  60. @the real BU David
    Y not do a blog and wrap everybody together for fun. All is d sam sh#**. 11 v. Freundel, Freundel v. BAPPSS, BSTU v. Broome, Mottley v. Arthur, Rawle v. the party, Sinckler v. Sinckler, Worrell v. The facts.

    Uh mean geese. These are our leaders. Stupse I say again.

  61. Owen Arthur is the Leader of the Opposition, he is not the Chairman of the BLP. Hence, Mia is seeking a meeting with the wrong person if it is to discuss the candidacy or non-electability of Rawle Eastmond. Thought lawyers would have known that the Chairman and his executive are the only ones capable of giving those aggrieved an ear.
    No wonder Owen is the leader!

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