Mottley And Arthur At It Again

Leader of the Opposition Owen Arthur (l) Mia Mottley (r)

Owen said no to a private request for a meeting from Mia to discuss the Rawle Eastmond matter,  Mia went public with the request and Owen said no publicly. Political pundits can draw some easy conclusions from what has played out so far. Mia felt obligated to intervene on behalf of sitting Member of Parliament Rawle Eastmond who is a known sympathizer. Mia wants to align herself with the concern by Eastmond that there is ‘padding’ of the membership in St. James North. Mottley has been on the frontline pushing for constitutional reform of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP). Her act was also symbolic, to let Arthur and cohorts know that as a senior member of the party she will not be treated or ignored like a Johnny come lately.

The simplistic interpretation of events as they are being played out in St. James North: it is an internal party matter which should be left to the branch executive to apply the by laws of the BLP. A deeper understanding must be viewed through a political lens, that is, a public display of the widening fracture in the relationship between Mia and Arthur.

It should be obvious that Mia Mottley and Owen Arthur are not singing from the same hymn book. With a general election on the horizon this cannot be good news for BLPites and the electorate at large. The question being asked by interested observers is what caused the fracture. More importantly, what is preventing the fracture from healing?

There is the memorable UWI press conference when Arthur critiqued then leader of the opposition Mia Mottley. Many interpreted what he said ‘publicly’ as chastising Mottley about he alleged lifestyle. Political pundits know – despite Arthur’s denials – he left the door open to return to lead the party. It was always a matter of when he would return.

When Mottley was deselected – a borrowed term from Albert Branford -there was another press conference which highlighted concern how BLP funds were spent under Mottley’s tenure as party leader. Tennyson Barker was selected to investigate and prosecute we all recall. Since casting the slur on how Mottley managed party funds all has gone quiet. BU does not recall Mia Mottley’s response to Barker’s claim.

Finally there is a view that The Mottleys have a since of entitlement that Mia Mottley should be Prime Minister of Barbados.  Many blogs have been featured on BU on the subject of Mottleyism. Despite all the reasons given why Mottley has become a Black sheep, general public is none the wiser why a lack of confidence developed in Mottley as leader which resulted in parliamentary colleagues redirecting their support to Arthur.

BU does not get it. There is something missing from the debate. What is it?

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  1. @ CLONE
    Your last paragraph verifies, that you are still speaking of the streets of China where you and and ” all fumbles” visited while we the people were left here embattled .What nonsense you talking man, one out of every 5 persons (like me) hungry this morning.You see all I could afford was a bowl of porridge and was thankful.YES, I live in a heights.. yesterday it was sardines, tomorrow “DLP soup”= catsup water and sugar.and I got a medium paying job as a semi professional.

    Because you see some still managing to meet the car payments (like me) and topup a cell phone don’t mean we are comfortable.You see I am honest, as I know you experiencing the same thing.Bite ya lip and smile when you are on the outside. ALL of us are in the same mess.And please don’t write me back talking of (GER) Global economies recession.GER..didn’t impose 2.5% Vat even after warned it would KILL what little growth the country was managing back in 2009.

    As to Greece, shows you haven’t done your homework. Greece a small country in the Mediterranean is but a pawn in the BIG scale of things of EU posturings.But that is what happens when you believe everything you read.. and scream when the crowd screams.Barbados is no member of a Caribbean United Front… we can’t look for bail-outs if you understand lil economics.

  2. This is a Man versus Woman situation
    It playing out every time
    Mia vs Arthur
    Mary vs Broomes
    Women looking to take over at all costs at the risk of destroying the world.
    The end of the world as we know it is nigh
    By the end of the world , I don’t mean destruction Armageddon style but change through destruction of one and construction of the other

  3. “Women looking to take over at all costs at the risk of destroying the world.”

    Porter go an haul yuh rass elsewhere. Yuh mussee come thru a botsy! Go poop somewhere else.

  4. Sargeant said
    A lifelong friend once told me that the Leader is a vindictive man and Miller wrote in another forum that he hopes to regain office to exact revenge (Darcy Boyce are you listening?) . Is it true that the “enemies list” is continually being updated?.

    And there are no vindictive leaders you know of in your party?

    islandgirl said,

    because she is a brilliant articulate and PM material. She shines above all of the BLP candidates. I can see that you have a deep hatred for this woman and that is causing you much pain. You really want Owen to expel her? Then you really want to destroy the BLP! What manner of beast are you?

    I would never call you a beast, I do not know you nor you me. Because I have another view of a situation than you, you call me a beast. Where is your kindness? I do not hate Mia, I have no hatred in my heart even to those who do me wrong! I was an ardent supporter of hers and did not like how she was removed. However, when I got to find out what caused the removal and watched her behaviour in the party since then, I have doubts about her loyalty.

    She comes to meetings and makes an entry just to disrupt the meetings, during the St John by election, I witnessed her at the College Savannah meeting, enter to get maximum attention and then she and her entourage left, the same thing at Carters, she stood away near to where I was, Glyne Murray had to come and get her, she spoke and left. She sits away from the group in Parliament, she is ALWAYS seen in the company of the DLP MPs, she does not support her party’s position, playing she is taking the “high” road.

    I care about the party, the party is bigger than her. The only way she can ever become leader again is if she is the only BLP to win her seat next election.

  5. Prodigal Boy you bess men sure sure you hold on to your seat. I hear the folks in St. Joseph ain’t too happy with you and what the Gang of Five are doing to Grantley’s party.

    Just saying. So don’t shoot the messenger.

  6. I expected such a response from the despicable islandgal246.
    Bonny Peppa gone (Long Live Desmond Bourne)
    so islandgal taking her/his place in nasty behaviour.
    nasty nasty wretched behaviour, a disgrace !

    You can not tell the truth about women
    you are supposed to accept everything a woman does because she is a woman

  7. @ Old Onion Bag

    I will like to agree with you 100% with your comments dated 2 February 2012 @ 7: 05 but let us take it a bit further is Mia Mottley not involve in the Four Seasons Project? What would benefit her most? To see a BLP return to power or to have the DLP remains. It clears that the BLP would not back the project as fare as placing NIS funds at its disposal as the leader has gone on record as saying that the project, in his opinion, is a private investment project. On the contrary the DLP is about to pump B’dos $50 Million of Barbadian hard earned dollars into the project, and more if needed. Is this the reason why Mia is trying to beak every thing in the BLP, making it look as if she is innocent and pure of all the acts? Maybe she wants to cast a doubt in the electorate minds that the party is not ready to govern. Well as she said we will Wait and see what the future holds. But let me say to Mia you are heading up a slippery slope be careful you are heading into quick sand and there is no rope around this time.

  8. If Mia is hoping to destabalize The BLP to govern then she is puerile and not of leadership material. If Mia believes that she can win and her cohorts can win and then she can become leader then is is fooling herself. No one is this group will be willing to make Mia leader based on her behaviour. Mia’s present behavour shows that she understands nothing about people and less about leadership. Imagine you want to be a leader and a man whom she said was one of the best debaters in the House and one who could talk on amy subject and now she wants to speak for him when he did not invite her, That is disrespect to Rawle and shows that she thinks she can take over when she is not invited. The BLP has a Monday evening meeting and all Parliamentarian are invited , there is the placve to raise all issues and concerns. Can some one say what are the concerns with the list? Mia has been made to look silly and stupid and hoping to get sympathy where there is none but OSA dealt with it swiftly and correctly and she had to back off.What will she think of nexr? If she goes or she comes it would be the same. She has denuded herslf of any real sympathy and shows that she just hoped to be a trouble tree. She has been properly rebuffed. Think on these things

  9. In the news today, we heard that Rawle wrote and requested a meeting with the Leader. The meeting was set and he did not turn up.

    How did the Nation know that this meeting was to take place that they could have called him when he did not show up. The executive member said yesterday on Brasstacks that they had an executive meeting with Rawle, he sat near to a window and was on his phone all the time. Next thing a member went outside and was faced with a photographer. So he is using the media to discredit the BLP.

    His behaviour is certainly questionable, first he could not remember asking for a meeting, next the opposition leader’s spokesperson said that the letter was hand delivered by his PA. Now Rawle claims that his signature was forged. So how could he confirm to the Nation that he knew of the meeting if he never requested one??

    Is Rawle alright upstairs???

  10. old onion bags,

    Are you sure, but wait all of us regular bloggers thought that Bonny Peppa was female??

    If so, my condolences to his/her family although I did not care for Bonny Peppa’s language. You should inform FS.

  11. @ Prodigal

    Come to think of it you right..cuz all we are aliases in here…I hold on that JC

  12. It certainly seems strange that Rawle Eastmond would deny knowledge of the letter. Frankly this immature politics being played out by both sides need to end.

  13. @ As informed in the First Blog on Rawle…here I said” Rawle was exhibiting very erratic behavior(female)…I still stand by…..and he knows his mind is playing tricks….hence he agreement to set aside and walk with a possible trainee.But all this Media play is loyalty to Mia as a parting shot.
    Tek it light..all go play out ..cuz some people on very slippery ground.

  14. Who told Rawle Eastmond that the letter where he invited OSA to meet was done on January 30,2012? Is he going to fire his personal assistant?

  15. Caswell you talking absolute and utter nonsense.Rawle IS not alright upstairs anyone can see this.There are forces at play here that you know nothing about.Poor Rawle being manipulated by self serving interests.I am disappointed by his actions.

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