Happy New Year 2012

By Khaidji

Have you remembered to say a pray

Amidst the troubles of the day

Praising our Saviour for your health

Putting this before pursuits of wealth

Your health is His Blessings bestowed on you

Not mere chance, luck or a fate you drew

Exalt Him dear friend for the grace of life

When even your days seem bombarded with strife

You are Blessed with His gift so use it wisely

Enjoy each day, eat, drink and be merry

A time might come when joy turns to sorrow

Remember His promises will come through tomorrow!

Auld Lang Syne

Agnostic man ask how great is your God, how great

Until then I always answered, who else could create

Life on earth and its many varieties

Do the things that still elude our brightest authorities

Learned men look to dispute

Assertions that in God all things take root

No creation theory convinces them that God was or is here

Got no proof they say to quell their doubts anywhere

So this time I paused and asked Lord what should I do

You are so great you created all greatness and you

Never ask for more than Man to care

Every great deed we owe to you, especial this coming New Year.

Auld Lang Syne

All those promises people make on Old Years Night

Usually vanish in a blink or by the first daylight

Loyally some are made but generally

Drunks after bingeing promise their litany

Lots call them resolutions

Absolute changes to their inclinations

No looking back but before Valentine’s Day

Goals that were set are soon lost away

Set reachable goals and let others know

You need all the encouragement from friend or foe

Never give on realistic targets whatever the despair

Enthusiastically strive and you can have a Prosperous New Year

Auld Lang Syne

All who started out, from days long gone

Under all the pressure, come greet this new dawn

Loads of pressure once unbearable you see

Don’t even put a flicker to cause a worry

Life’s snags you maneuvered for yet another year

And like a winner negotiated things brought to bear

Now see my friend, you were seldom alone

Give praises for who were there when you weren’t on your own

Share your glory, your winnings with those bringing you through

Year’s havoc and the uncertainties too

Now it’s behind you, ahead lies new prospects, new things to share

Enjoy Old Year’s celebrations and have a Prosperous New Year

43 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2012

    • A positive message for Barbados tourism it begs the question why the hell is this video not on the BTA website.

  1. @ David

    “Why is it not on the BTA website?”
    …you mean why it is not a paid ad on CNN?

    ….because in the abundance of water the fool is thirsty….

    • @BT

      They did ok to get them here but they need to close it by spreading the word.

      Judging from the number of hits on the Youtube video it is an incomplete transaction.

  2. David and Bush Tea. You are joking,right? lol

    Sadly we have Tourism offices in North America so the staff must know the advertising value of the video.

    • @Hants

      We can only judge by the lack of hits on the Youtube and the low play in the local market.

      We have 130 BTA employees in Barbados.

    • @Barbados Tourism Authority

      Come on guys whether we like it or not tourism is all we have.

      We need to have the energy and smarts to maximize in this sector.

      Especially so in a global recession.

      Come on!

    • The power od social media, here is feedback from the Chairman of BTA:

      Anthony Guppy same reason they didn’t exploit the road tennis promo with andy murray. they operate on 8/5/260 (maybe less ) schedule instead of 24/7/365. that and they still not using social media to it best use most of the time is days to weeks catchup for them.
      6 hours ago · Like · 1

      David King This is awesome stuff don’t let St. Lucia or other islands suffocate us from this market. Let us do a social media blast with this info. Pick a day next week and let all Bajans on FB, Twitter, blogs blast this video along with the road tennis. Let us bloody DO IT!
      6 hours ago · Like · 1

      Anthony Guppy indeed sometimes it seem people do more social advertising than the bta.
      6 hours ago · Like · 1

      David King Here is the Road tennis Vid;

      the game is the game: challenge 1 – Andy Murray, Example and David Haye take on Road Tennis
      the game is the game: challenge 1 video Andy Murray Vs Bajan Road Tennis adidas …See More
      6 hours ago · Like ·

      David King ‎@Barbados Tourism AuthorityCome on guys whether we like it or not tourism is all we have.We need to have the energy and smarts to maximize in this sector.Especially so in a global recession.Come on!
      4 hours ago · Like · 1

      Bajan Gill Long video but very nice
      4 hours ago · Like

      Adrian M. Elcock Thanks David and Anthony for your constructive comments! What I will say to Anthony’s point is that the power of social media IS the people and NOT just the BTA. That’s why I repeatedly ask Barbadians to engage in the new media process and continuously post positive pieces on Barbados. Whether the BTA has an arsenal of people in the social media department or not, we will never be able to get everything right, but if we engage all Barbadians in the story, then the power of Brand Barbados is unstoppable. Since the new Board took office in April we have expanded our facebook community three-fold because we have engaged Barbadians more than ever before, and the end result is that it allows David and you to get the story out even if we missed it. The issue is that we all work for Barbados and not just a small group of people at the BTA. We did spread the message of sthe road tennis video and we did sponsor and host the DAllas Mavericks photo shoot, which we insisted be filmed in a community setting (Clapham) and not just the typical sun sea and sand. This was also in the New Media space. However, whether it made YouTube or not I am not sure, but if it didn’t we will get it out there. As David knows, I don’t usually publish publicly to articles but would rather guide him to where the relevant information is, but I thought this was a perfect opportunity to better explain the intention of our request for public engagement if we didn’t do it better before. So that being said, Happy New Year, and let’s all put our heads together for a positive And fully engaged 2012! I love Barbados bad bad, and I know you do too!
      4 hours ago · Like · 1

      Sanna Allsopp · Friends with Agyeman Kofi and 92 others
      Hi David, Thank you for your kind words about the film! We (Studio Caribe) only recently completed it. We really would love people to share it as much as possible. The link you have is obviously a full documentary and we will be trying to get it aired locally and regionally as well. As Adrian has mentioned, the film’s aim was to promote all of the prime tourism aspects, (as well as the Beach Calendar) but to also delve a bit deeper, to tell the real story – hence the story on the Clapham Bulls and the Nightingale orphanage.The BTA commissioned this documentary as ‘behind the scenes’ with a difference . It has had a couple of thousand hits on youtube .There is a shorter trailer which we will post I and link you all in too.Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!
      3 hours ago · Like · 2

      David King Thanks Adrian for feeding back to the people. On a parallel note:”Didnt the MVP of last years NBA Finals win a trip to Barbados?It was advertised throughout the games in Dallas. He was even supposed to give a clinic to the young players here, along with losing finalist LeBron James….what happened?”

  3. Sadly, its another classic case of not exploiting an opportunity. There you have it, a professionally made high definition video and yet no-one seems to be there to expose it to our potential audience. What do all those people do at the ‘ad’ agency in Kansas and if they keep missing the objective in a recession, get rid of them and get someone locally who appreciates the business (and rewards).
    From day one it should have been posted on the BTA website, day two on the Mavericks website and day three on every fan website possible. At the same time someone should be looking at all the other possible links.
    But no, ‘we’ sit on it for over a month at a peak booking period.

  4. I believe the BTA has hard working individuals but the Internet should be their focus.

    Like most people I know, I do not walk into a Travel agency to buy an airline ticket. I go online.

    The BTA must focus on getting potential Tourists to a Barbados focused website where they can book their vacations.

    The BTA and Consulates have events where Bajans show up primarly for the free food and to chat.

    How about giving them Bumper stickers and sun visors to put on their cars with the Barbados.org and a phone number ?

  5. Given That Toronto has a team (The Toronto Raptors) that plays against the Mavericks, seems like an opportunity to use the video to promote Barbados at a Raptors vs Mavericks game.

    lets keep talking people. The BTA may find one of our suggestions useful.

  6. David
    I watched the video and felt it could have given the BTA lots of advertisement in the Dallas area especially since Dallas Mavericks are the NBA Champions.

    The sad reality is that the Minister of Tourism would have satisfied his constituents by having Clapham and Carrington Village Basketball teams involved and no more thought of what the activities of the cheer leaders could have done for the country.

  7. Clone wrote “lots of advertisement in the Dallas area”.

    The Mavericks play in the NBA and every city they play in should be targeted.

    The BTA has paid professionals to market Barbados.

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  9. Hmmmmnnnn the video made its debut a month ago smack dab in de middle of de Independence celebrations so in the words of Island Girl “people still have to live” so leh we enjoy we celebration, then its off to Xmas and New Years so to ensure we don’t “Cock up and dead” we gwine continue with we celebrations “ Ah come fuh de promotion” “wah video yuh want? 100 days” ( slight corruption to an old Bajan folk song- Good Morning Miss Hessie)

  10. Didnt the MVP of last years NBA Finals win a trip to Barbados?
    It was advertised throughout the games in Dallas. He was even supposed to give a clinic to the young players here, along with losing finalist LeBron James….what happened?

  11. Very refreshing that the BTA Chairman responded to BU, but sadly totally missed the point. If you (the board) and management make the decision to invite the Maverick cheerleaders down to Barbados, presumably pay for their flights, arrange their accommodation, transport them etc., and then commission and pay for the production of a video, there must be a plan b. However many weeks this was arranged in advance and then not follow through with exactly where and how the video was going to be used and how the overall total cost could be justified. This is simple common sense at the best of times but absolutely essential when the BTA budget is being dramatically pruned. This may just be one of the consequences of having so many people on the board that simply do not understand tourism and what makes it work.
    It’s not by any means the first time, the Mount Gay Round Barbados Race is another example of the time it took to edit and produce a film and place it on YouTube, despite having one of the worlds leading image makers on the yacht Elena. Another is the Barbados Food Wine & Rum event, where a quality video of the first years event could have driven additional paying visitors for the second year. Tourism officials quoted between 200 and 300 persons specifically came to Barbados for the 2011 event, perhaps the BTA chairman could explain the ROI on that number.
    How exactly 130 BTA employees could be described as a ‘small group of people’ totally mystifies me when so many tourism workers have experienced loss of employment, reduced working hours or depleted income. Has there been any reduction of BTA staff or loss of earnings?

  12. @Adrian Loveridge,

    go to the link I posted above “Hants | January 1, 2012 at 2:03 PM | ”

    That link should be posted on the visitbarbados.org website unless there is a good reason not to.

  13. Adrian M. Elcock Missed the point completely. My God, Jamaica produces world class sprinters, and Barbados continues to produce qualified Square Pegs …

  14. Hants,

    Thank you. I saw your link and that re-inforces exactly what I said about waiting a month. In reality it was a lot longer that that.
    I have tried several times to constructively point out about the many defects on visitbarbados.org but there has been either no response or greatly delayed response. I was told sometime ago, that a local company had been hired to check the spelling mistakes, lack of geographical knowledge, wrong contact information etc., on the website but still doesn’t seem to be kept up. They still have hotels listed that have been closed for over a year. When I asked, what was called MMG Worldwide, the ‘ad’ agency, I was told eight of their staff work on the BTA website, which I found very suprising.
    I am afraid that I do not have the influence to post the Mavericks video on either FB or visitbarbados.org but I am sure Mr. Elcock will take care of it.

  15. From what I have observed for many years the BTA including most bajans their head is high and their ass is low. Now is a perfect time at the start of this year they should shit, let it all out or get off the pot.

  16. @ Adrian

    You cannot give a compliment to the BTA even when its chairman reaches out and tries to put forward their side of the situation/issue.

    The fact is that Mr. Loveridge just complains and complains, he knows everything and how to do everything, yet when he was made a director of the BTA , the Minister of Tourism had to revoke his appointment because he was obstinate and objectionable rather than being progessive and pragmatic.

    A word to you Adrian, if you’re not part of the solution you’re a part of the problem. Any fool can identify the problems, fews can find the solutions and help implement them.

  17. Homepathic,

    You really could not be farther from the truth.
    Were the eight OTHER directors revoked for the same reason including those with decades of PROVEN tourism experience and success only to be replaced with people that have absolutely no idea of how tourism works?
    I don’t want to mention their individual names but its a matter of public record and you can easily judge the ability and achievement.
    Not a week goes by without me suggesting something that could and probably would benefit Barbados and it you look back at our record you will see that.
    My motivation has always been , that I know we can do things better.
    So who really is fooling around?

  18. When I become Prime Minister of Barbados the ‘Homeopathic’ types like the one appearing here on this blog would simply disappear without a trace …!

  19. @ BAFBFP

    “When I become Prime Minister…………” GET REAL

    That notwithstanding, I don’t think you should wait to make me disappear. The question though is, would I disappear as person or did you mean you would not allow me to have my own opinions and contribute to the blogs?

    On a final note, your contributions on these blogs are usually misinformed or inaccurate or both plus to boot boring.

  20. Homeopathic

    You have a problem with my comments, take me on. I will wipe the dirt with your asinine points of what ever you chose to refer to them as. No when I become Prime Minister, you would be asked to disappear with the knowledge that the asking would only be a formality …!

  21. @ BAFBFP

    I have no problem with your comments, there is enough space on these blogs for even fools. You need not look far or wide to see which catagory you fit into.

    “It is the peculiar quality of a fool to perceive the faults of others and to forget his own” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

  22. Homeopathic

    Maybe Marcus Tullius is himself a fool. You sir criticized me first. You got the ball rolling. What did you expect. I is a Bajan. You insult me I insult you back. The only difference is that I am a lot more confident about my opinions than you. I never have a need to quote anyone …

  23. Sad, Hell no, but little, that is actually my opinion too, but this woman here don’ behave so. She is mek too much noise and push me off regular talking about a weapon of mass destruction or some shite so … She want swapping out !

  24. @BAFBFP

    Let me rephrase, sad little creepy and perverted person. Do you blow your own trumpet regularly, must be easy to keep tuned that way, no?

  25. And by the way, if you is a woman, I hope you know allot about blowing and tuning trumpets … I obviously gave a bad first impression …!

  26. Now you see, David now gave me a compliment. I never profess to have an intellect of any merit. I just don’t like being challenged by nincompoops, or their relatives …

  27. @ BAFBFP

    Clearly by your own admission, you are a ningnong. Is that what you expect of all women, the afinity for blowing and tuning trumpets?

    If only one of your parents blew a trumpet rather than spraddle a cat, you might not be here in this realm as a living (albeit creepy) thing.

  28. Almost another week goes by and neither of the videos have been posted on visitbarbados.org or the BTA FaceBook site.
    2011 sporting events are still listed on the website.
    Is it still a national holiday in Kansas?

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