An Open Letter To My Fellow GUYANESE

I support the APNU because it is the only party that will set Guyana on a path to development and modernity – I therefore urge all voters; particularly my family and friends, and all the youth of Guyana, to vote for the APNU on election-day – November 28, 2011

CGID President Rickford Burke

I emphatically endorse the “A Partnership for National Unity” (APNU) and the candidature of Mr. David Granger for President and Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine for Prime Minister.  I urge all voters; particularly my family and friends, and all the youth of Guyana, to vote for the APNU on election-day – November 28.

The PPP has turned Guyana into a crime-ridden, narco-state that is floundering in 20th century perils of economic and social stagnation, underdevelopment, infrastructural collapse, ethnic and political polarization and corruption at the highest levels of government. Clearly, they have set us back 20 years.

I have endorsed the APNU because now is the time for change. Change the PPP to move Guyana forward, as one people with one destiny. Change the PPP to realize a bold, new vision for national harmony, security, and economic and social development. Change the PPP to reset our nation on a path to modernity. Only the APNU can meet this challenge to provide “A Better Life for All Guyanese.”

Representing the widest possible cross-section of citizens, APNU comprises ten political parties and civil society organizations. It’s multi-ethnic, multi-cultural leadership and support-base are a genuine reflection of the full mosaic of Guyanese society. Thus, it is uniquely suited to be entrusted with the future of Guyana.

Hugh Desmond Hoyte, one of Guyana’s two most successful Presidents famously espoused this ultimate vision for

Late Hugh Desmond Hoyte, Former President of Guyana

Guyana: “Ours must be the task to fashion a vibrant and wholesome society, at peace with itself and at peace with its neighbors. We must fashion an economy that creates wealth, spurs development and provides continually expanding conditions for all of our people to live comfortable fulfilling lives. Then we must fashion a state resting squarely on foundations of democracy and social justice where, within ever enlarging bounds of human freedom, the rule of law reigns unchallenged.” This is a profound statement of intent which is embodied in the APNU’S COVENANT with the people, and should become our nation’s creed.

An APNU government will restore and defend your inalienable right to freedom and justice for all and uphold and enforce the laws of Guyana equitably. It will declare war on crime; reform and equip the Police Force to pursue and prosecute criminals, including drug lords, and restore our society to conditions of peace and security.

The APNU will make the private sector the engine of economic growth. It will create new industries and a competitive business climate to attract record levels of investments. It will build a world class highway system to link South American to the port of Georgetown, enhancing trade and commerce.  APNU will also cut VAT to 10%, cut income tax for workers and ensure billionaires pay their fair share of taxes.

It will build new ports, a deep-water harbor, railway network, high-speed internet systems and make our towns hot-spots. The APNU will construct a modern international airport and electric grid; using green technologies like wind turbines, solar panels, geothermal systems, bio-gas, etc, to power an industrialized economy. Such modernization will create good paying jobs and help eradicate poverty.

The APNU will make historic investments in education.  It will build modern schools and equip them with modern technology to create a first-class education system; drastically increase teachers’ salaries; reestablish prime vocational and training centers; restore the nation’s promise to provide our youth with full access to tertiary education, and adequately fund and staff UG to bring it back on par with UWI.

A Granger/Roopernarine APNU government will provide every Guyanese with quality medical care; build a modern network of hospitals and clinics throughout Guyana, including the hinterland regions, develop an elaborate 911 emergency response system and establish modern ambulance and fire services.

The APNU restore the rule of law, as this is the foundation of every modern, orderly society. It will end political interference in the judiciary to assure its independence. Government officials will be made to obey the law. This will represent a transformation from the PPP’s narco-state to a modern, orderly, developed society.

APNU Presidential Candidate David Granger

The PPP has been Guyana’s biggest disaster in history.  We have had to endure 19 years of their reckless governance and we are sick of it. Ronald Gajraj, Bharrat Jagdeo and Donald Ramotar’s PPP placed your life in grave danger by surrendering the government to Guyana’s most notorious criminal and drug lord, Roger Khan and his phantom death squad. Roger Khan’s phantom gang has killed hundreds of citizens. Yet the PPP has failed to bring them to justice. No one has ever been arrested for these gruesome murders. Is this the kind of government Guyanese deserve? NO WAY!

The PPP has turned Guyana into a narco-state; refused to extradite drug dealers and other criminals wanted in the United States and ran one of the most corrupt governments in the world. Their ministers have built hundred-million dollar mansions, which they cannot afford on their government salaries, while ordinary citizens remain in poverty.  Now they want another term to control the nation’s treasury? NO WAY!

They have destroyed public service unions; refused to increase government workers salaries; attempted to divide us by race; governed as an ethnocracy; discriminated against certain citizens and destroyed our national cohesiveness. Now they want another term to further polarize Guyana? NO WAY!

Why should Indians to vote for the PPP when they have refused to create a stable political environment for their businesses to flourish, failed to improve their standard of living, failed to provide them with jobs; failed to develop their communities and failed to protect them from criminals. If they failed to protect their own Minister – Sash Sawh, will they protect you? NO WAY!

They ask African Guyanese to vote for them but they have been trying drive us back into slavery and have declared that none of us is qualified to be an ambassador. Similarly, they are asking Amerindians to vote for them. But they have failed to invest capital resources to develop Amerindian communities, failed to provide them with potable water, roads and housing, and have failed protect their rights and their lands?  TELL THEM NO WAY!

Why should women vote for the PPP when some in their leadership, including President Jagdeo, have demonstrated palpable disrespect for women, and under the PPP women have suffered the worst forms of domestic and sexual abuse in history; have become underpaid and under-represented in society, suffer a decline in maternal health care and have seen their equality eroded? NO WAY!

Why should our youth vote for the PPP when they have taken away their right to a free education, neglected and

APNU's Prime Ministerial Candidate Roopert Roopnaraine

politicized the University of Guyana, destroyed the education system, abandoned vocational schools, allowed recreational facilities to deteriorate, neglected sports and the arts and failed to give then jobs? NO WAY!

Why should seniors vote for the PPP when they have driven them into grinding poverty, refused to increase their meager pension and social security, failed to provide health and elder- care services and construct senior housing; relegating them to second-class citizenship after they have served society? NO WAY!

Clearly the PPP experiment has been a disaster for our country. The enduring image of the PPP’s Guyana is one of death squads, rampant criminally, drug lords, hundreds of unsolved murders, a moribund economy, joblessness, endemic despair and pervasive poverty. You have the power to end this PPP nightmare on November 28. VOTE THEM OUT AND TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK!

The APNU will restore national harmony and security to our streets, guarantee economic and social development of a modern Guyana, and create well-paying jobs to bring about “A good life for all Guyanese.” If this is the future you envision for yourself, your children and for all of Guyana, then on November 28, as patriotic citizens you must vote for change. APNU and David Granger are that Change! VOTE APNU!

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  1. On the assumption that this is all true and fair it becomes apparent that the PPP was unbelievably worse for Guyana than Forbes L Burnham. How can Guyanese be expected to believe in God with leaders like this??????
    I have always said that Guyanese are a really good people BUT the only thing I question about them is how come they never put Forbes into permanent sleep years before his eventual demise. Now it would appear that there are other names to be added to that question.BASTARDS!

  2. this is so true. burnham was a night mare for this nation. Hoyte was the most successful leader. he was displaced for racial reasons . in guyana we vote race and so even though hoyte tried we had become fed up with burnham;s shenanigans. but i never thought that anyone could have been worse than the pnc. they have shocked me. when i voted for them in 92 it was for a change. when I am in a crowd i am ashame to acknowledge that i was one who clamoured for a change. so i live a life as if i am dead. i have learnt to die to my self. so now i only live for god.

  3. why don’t they split guyana in 2. A black guyana and a indian guyana. Let the amerindians and portuguese and asians pick where they wanna live.

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