Owen Arthur: It’s Unfortunately Time To Take The Gloves Off

Submitted by EnoughIsEnough

Opposition Leader Owen Arthur (foreground) and Deuty Dale Marshall (background)

As a realist it is clear to me that in order to WIN the next general election the internal BLP drama between Owen Arthur and Mia Motley must be resolved.

Each day the drama continues diminishes the party’s ability to effectively focus on regaining government from the hands of the DLP. As a BLP supporter it is time for BLP leadership and Owen Arthur to take the “GLOVES OFF” and give Barbados publicly the “REAL” reasons why MM should not and cannot lead the BLP party or Barbados … being a question of “LEADERSHIP and MORALITY” not “GENDER” as many would have you believe.

This approach against “our own” is unfortunate and will initially surely cause some heightened political pain for the BLP.  OA is the only one in Barbados with the political clout and weaponry to withstand the MM
counter attack which is sure to come.

There is a fear of reprisal component to going up against MM and her cronies that many are not prepared to risk especially in a tough economy where jobs are important.  This “cultivated” fear component which is a part of the MM political mode of operations, is in itself a factor in the reason why MM should not lead the BLP party or Barbados, NO matter how brilliant she is.

I understand the historic effort of seeking to become the first female PM in Barbados, however we expect our elected officials to put the people of Barbados “FIRST” before personal glory seeking first.

I like many welcome the day that a “woman” will lead our great nation as PM, unfortunately MM is not that woman.

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  1. WIV | November 6, 2011 at 10:58 PM |
    “You must understand there are a lot of Stanfords around as the Finance Minister stated Barbados is not a Banana Re;public ……….”

    But WIV, Barbados is fast slipping into the status of a banana Republic! How do you explain the CLICO scam and the continuous protection of the racketeer from the arms justice by the powers that be? This kind of overt protection racket is par for the course in slimy and slippery backwater states not so-called democratic countries where the rule of law is generally adhered to But Barbados today is a place where the Law is honoured more in the breach than in its observance. How can you explain the blatant breaking of the law with regard to the illegal sale of policies CLICO and the perpetrator(s) are allowed to sip champagne, hobnob like a cockroach at every yardfowl party while a boy on the block liming with a spliff in his hand is immediately hauled before the courts and sent to Dodds for just breezing. Maybe if he had a bottle of ESAF and a box of Embassy where heavy taxes are paid into Treasury to help pay for the champagne flowing political gatherings the block boy would be seen as a law abiding citizen.

  2. Miller etc.

    Insider, are you a Christian, do you go to church?
    Your good book says that you should bear false witness?
    If you are querying the veracity of his statement then the same test should be applied to all the statements made about this subject.

    My personal belief is that when Clyde saw how the stars were aligned against him he engaged in some negotiations with OSA to cushion his transition from LOP to Opposition member. Those negotiations would have to be against the backdrop of Clyde still Opposition Leader which may lend credence to the impression that he was passing on confidential party info, how else could one explain his emergence as Junior Minister?

    N.B. I notice that in all your criticism of politicians you seem to have a soft spot for Clyde, even calling for “fire and brimstone” to fall from Heaven upon the head of “Party Insider” ,we know you don’t believe in the concept of Heaven what gives?

  3. Sargeant | November 7, 2011 at 9:17 AM |

    If the DLP members of Parliament see Clydie as a traitor and a spy why not use the evidence collected from the forensic audit into the Hardwood Housing Affair to bring criminal charges against him. This would allow the DLP boys to score two goals by effecting this move before the next soon coming general elections. The first goal would be to shut up Clydie and thereby eliminate the constant criticism and glaring exposure of the incompetent management of this country’s financial and economic affairs. The second goal would be to make OSA look like a real fool for backing and sponsoring a person charged for using public funds for personal gain. OSA would find it almost impossible to hide the shame. This scandal along with the $75,000 cheque would certainly be the political death knell for “this pain in the side of the DLP” left only for Rev. Jones the demon slayer to carry out the final committal.

    I have sympathy for Clydie because I believe in the principle that a man is innocent until proven guilty. The accusations levied against the man have not so far been proven as true. But justice has a way of vindicating the innocent by removing the chief accusers from the court of retribution.

    Sending down fire and brimstone from the Sky according to the judeo-christian story book is a figurative interpretation of your god’s way meting out justice to those who lie on others. But sometimes the innocent get in the way.

    As above, so below!

  4. The Sunday Sun of 6th November states that it is not yet a done deal with respect to the financing of the Four Seasons Hotel using NIS money. It would seem from the report that The Board would not be in favour of using NIS funds .for the project. It further goes on to say that if the funds had to be used that the MInister may have no choice but to use the powers under the NIS to direct the Board to give the much need funds.

    I think if we have to go the way of a directive from the Minister it would be an unfortunate necessity. I say an unfortunate necessity because this project started with all the blessing of the government and it was seen as a successful private sector project. There was some objections form the then Opposition but it was mild and it would seem then that the project had universal acceptance. The then Opposition went on a rampage against foreign direct investment. In my view the investors would be skeptical of the position of this government., but the die had been cast. The mouthings of the present government would have in a large way contributied to the slow response of the many investors.. This project has suffered from the confidence of investors as well as the constany changes which the princicpals of the project have made.In a depressed economic state. Some changes where inevitable and some of these changes would have caused some consternation.
    The way how the government has handled the porject is also been very suspect. The on again off again nature has been a major problem and the Minister has been unable to be taken at his word. We deserve better than that and so we have a dilemma . The porject started out as avery credible and exciting one. There is too much to lose if this project is abandoned
    and so it is clear to me that the government needs the money, but I would not like the Minister to have to give a directive. This would be political madness. Both the Opposition abd the Government must now agree to go forward together and say to the people let us work together. Let us agree to let the Four Seasons get the finance It is a political imperative and a financial necessity. I am interested in hearing your commentsThink on these thinks

  5. I all for four season to get it financing just not thru the nis if they must then with at least a government guarantee as the other loan to four season was. I would prefer the government to be bold and decisive and take up total funding of four season themselves, but they don’t seem to want to do that. They may have people who make complaints but if the project is as good as they profess it is then they shouldn’t wait on anyone and take the lead and do all the funding themselves.

  6. The speed with which Mascoll transferred to the BLP has been a talking point by many. If what Party Insider is saying happens to be true then it becomes a credibility issue. What was the relationship between Arthur and Mascoll while he was Opposition Leader?

    On the Hardwood issue it has been said by people in the know that there was no evidence found to prosecute anyone.

  7. @anthony have you heard Robert Bobby Morris the representaive ot the

    powerful BWU he clearly announced BWU backs the investing of the NIS surplus funds, ie money earmarked for investment, into the FOUR

    seasons project. He did not mince words he said money invested in 4S would create jobs and the same the workers have to pay a portion back into

    NIS. It’s better than money sitting in the bank as unemployment climbs and international brand foriegn direct investment takes flight.

    • Hello

      Do not be fooled: Did Mr. Morris say that he was representing the views of the BWU? I would rather think that those were the views of Mr. Morris the DLP elder. He has a record of putting party first. You should recall that it was Bobby Morris who sat in the House of Assembly and allowed his party cut unemployment benefits and severance pay for workers who they were planning to fire in 1991.

  8. The info on why Clyde Mascoll was removed changes from whom ever Dem to whom you speak. After Mascoll gave up the Presidency, Thompson took the opportunity to make his moves aided and abetted by the so called elders.

    Thompson knew that he could beat out Freundel. Fruendel knew this and so he laid out his famous 17 point indictment on Thompson. As expected, Freundel lost the presidency and so the master plan was put in place by the elders to force Mascoll to give up as Leader of the Opposition. Remember that Peter Wickham told Thompson to go after the Leadership of the Opposition. I was on a flight to London soon after Thompson won the Presidency and both Wickham and Thompson were on the same flight, it could have been purely coincidential but I suspected that they were away to plan strategy.

    When Mascoll would not resign as LOP, the elders and Thompson came up with the plan calling Thompson the election leader. So anyway you look at it, Mascoll was screwed. Then came the famous no confidence letter signed by the backstabbers (Micheal Lashley, a lawyer said he did not read it) which they stupidly took to the Speaker of the House instead of the GG. What else was Mascoll to do? You think those operating out of George Street easy?? I hope that Freundel remembers what the so called elders did to him and do not appoint any of them as GG.

    Freundel, now you are boss and have the power, do not forget what they did to you.

  9. When in opposition, the Dems made the Four Seasons project a political talking point.

    I feel that the Dems never expected to win the election, they never behaved like a party in waiting. They had the formula to win but not to govern. Had not for the dangerous lying Leroy Parris and the lying dead king, the Dems may have lost again. Thus they came into government totally unprepared, with the exception of the dead king, none of them had any experience as David Ellis surprisingly revealed today.

    I agree that the project should be finished and taken out of the realm of the political sniping before Four Seasons tell them to take their highly respected name off the project. I agree with “anthony” that NIS funds should not be used to finish this project but instead the government should guarantee a loan from a local bank. The head of the Banking Association said that the banks are awash with money. But I do not think that Chris Sinckler’s word means anything to anyone now. From conversations I hear on the cocktail circuit, not many of the big ups in this country have confidence in Chris Sinckler, they say he is out of his depth.

    By the way, why did Chris Sinckler not respond to Peter Boos or Hillary Beckles who practically called Sinckler a liar!!!!!!

  10. millertheanunnaki(May2012)

    Have you read the Barbados Advocate toady?

    ## S&P lowers J’can outlook
    ## Canada disappoints shedding 54 000 jobs in October
    ## Australia central bank fears impact of Europe crisis
    ## Singapore airlines says half-year profit down 62 percent
    ## AIG CEO defends company amid huge losses
    ## RBS investment bank to shrink as EU debt woes hit Q3
    ## Squeezed Britons to cut Christmas spending

    Looks like the Whole World need the Magicians in the Barbados Labour Party, don’t you think?

  11. Prodigal Son

    “By the way, why did Chris Sinckler not respond to Peter Boos or Hillary Beckles who practically called Sinckler a liar!!!!!”

    Our PM called Owen”seethru”Arthur a liar during the budget debate, I am yet to hear him make a sensible reply to him.

  12. Prodigal Son | November 7, 2011 at 3:52 PM | ”
    “By the way, why did Chris Sinckler not respond to Peter Boos or Hillary Beckles who practically called Sinckler a liar!!!!!! ”

    Because he does not have the devil-given skill to lie and bullshit with numbers! He might be able to waffle his way with high sounding words but in the world of high finance and economic alchemy (quackery) numbers and jargon are the tools of communication to those with common sense and basic understanding of business.
    The Country’s CFO is a square peg in a round hole. This country requires someone who is comfortable in this role especially at this crucial junction. David T should have been a bit less vindictive and followed his own advice of wrapping the oneself in the flag by appointing the other David E to handle the financial and economic affairs of state. Freundel seems not to have the guts to rectify this glaringly politically destructive and nationally detrimental faux pas. If Doctor David was in this position Leroy P would have emigrated or hiding under a rock like a slug by now. To the very end David T did everything in his power to protect his bosom buddy Leroy even if it meant letting lose a monkey to handle the financial guns of state.

  13. Sinckler did respond to Boos he indicate Boos and the WC legacy people had $30,000 or was it $300,000 , a large figure anyhow in consultancies but the legacy benefits were invisible to the naked eye as Chalie Hinds would say ,look Boos the Pope woman, Decaires and them live sweet off World Cup the only legacy poor Bajans get from WC is seeing the Boos of this world continue to live sweet life and Muscle Mary owning a plantation. I done talk.

  14. Carson C. Cadogan | November 7, 2011 at 4:18 PM |
    “Our PM called Owen”seethru”Arthur a liar during the budget debate, I am yet to hear him make a sensible reply to him.”

    You really need some palliative psychiatric care the same way a terminally ill cancer patient needs morphine
    The issue is about Chris Sinckler not responding to Peter Boos or Hillary Beckles!
    Now how Mr. Arthur get in here? You seem to be possessed by the demon called “Seethru”. Does he ride you at night and left you asking for more?
    The question is repeated for your benefit: “By the way, why did Chris Sinckler not respond to Peter Boos or Hillary Beckles who practically called Sinckler a liar?”
    Answer the question, nuh, or you don’t like Chris (even CCC hates Chris)!

  15. Carson C. Cadogan | November 7, 2011 at 4:12 PM |
    Your regurgitation of the doom and gloom outlook certainly supports and reinforces my reasonably objective assessment and prognosis of what is in store for the Barbados economy in the coming months. Faced with these dark clouds on the horizon and the maelstrom just behind don’t you think it would be in your party’s best interest to secure at least another 3 years at the dwindling pig trough by calling an early general elections (before May 2012)?
    This advice is given FOC but if you want more insight into the future happenings in your party you would have to pay the obeah man by doing one thing: Throw Leroy P to the wolves and let justice take its course!

  16. millertheanunnaki (May2012)

    The only one who take millertheanunnaki (May2012) seriously is millertheanunnaki(May2012), you are sounding more desperate by the moment.

    Just like your Barbados Labour Party and power hungry Owen”seethru”Arthur.

  17. Carson C. Cadogan really ought to keep silent. His contributions reflect poorly on the DLP; it is even worse if he is an operative directed by the powers that be to frame his defense of their party in the manner which he does.

  18. Carson C. Cadogan | November 7, 2011 at 6:36 PM |
    You are experiencing your biggest nightmare. A thorn in your side! An eagle that soars way above your yardfowl pen in George Street. Every time you raise your chicken brain head above the fowl coop I will swoop down and drag you off with my talons to be dropped in a vat of “seethru” with the label “blended and bottled by OSA March 2012”.

    Why don’t you call for a straw poll to choose from the following:
    Who makes the greater positive contribution to the bloggers’ environment?
    (1).Carson Cesspit Cancer-dogan
    (2). Joe & Jenny Bloggs?

  19. Miller etc.

    I have sympathy for Clydie because I believe in the principle that a man is innocent until proven guilty. The accusations levied against the man have not so far been proven as true
    Naïveté doesn’t become you does it? With all the intellectual vigour that you bring to the discussion don’t you understand that politics is just another variation of war? The politicians are not playing tiddlywinks neither are they observing the Marquis of Queensbury rules. You will be hit below the belt and after the bell is rung and hit often.

    Mascoll may be all you say he is but I think that the Bajan public will always be suspicious of a politician who changed horses in mid stream with such alacrity.
    It was as if he was living in a parallel Universe with two different personas, one day the DLP persona was discarded and the next day the BLP persona emerged, or as Billie Miller saw it the Ugly Duckling that was in the DLP emerged as the Beautiful Swan of the BLP.

  20. you forgot prodigal son to mention the letters the elders wrote to mr mascoll asking him to step own. they were published in the papers. so this spy thing published by party insider is pure rubbish meant to besmirch the character of true grassroots person who rose to prominence from humble beginnings. the truth of the matter is that persons of mr mascoll’s ilk are only suited for second places in the negrocratic dlp scheme of things.

  21. i am record as saying that mr mascoll’s decision to join the blp even after the embarassment he suffered at the hands of the party he led was ill-timed and foolhardy in that it was bound to provide political fodder for his political opponents who demonise and destroy anything that seems tom threaten the reputation of the institution in george street; but didn’t mr barrow pluck mr kenmore husbands from the opposition benches and make him minister of agriculture? didn’t mr barrow pluck miss mottley’s father from the opposition and made him consul general in new york triggering a by-election as well? mr mascoll is not the first and i am sure will not be the last under this sysem of bankrupt governance under which we operate.

    • @balance

      You need to be balanced!

      Was this the same Mascoll who days previously was anti-GEMS, anti-Arthur, anti-BLp in his capacity as OPPOSITION LEADER? Now there is the difference.

  22. yes prodigal son especially coming up to the election time, the dlp operatives aided and abetted by the moderators especially mr. marshall bombarded the airwaves with negative comment about four seasons( the cuuting don of trees to make way for the project, crane over the road and foreign investment generally; then there was the bwu grabbing the headline with their opposition to the chinese labour involvement in the project; their subsequent removal i feel would have been an influencing factor in the sudden detrimental about turn by investors since labour costs would have already been factored in. around in the

  23. Sargeant | November 8, 2011 at 1:24 AM |
    “With all the intellectual vigour that you bring to the discussion don’t you understand that politics is just another variation of war?”

    This corporal is still learning the ropes and has not yet completed reading the “PRINCE”. I am at chapter V111 “Concerning Those Who Have Obtained A Principality By Wickedness”.

    I hold no special brief for the political simpleton called Clydie; just sympathy for the fool who is being used by OSA to achieve his goal of revenge and carry out this mission of vendetta on those who shamed and humiliated him in and out of parliament. The “short man” syndrome would be practised at its highest level if OSA wears the crown or carries the sceptre once more in the oft promised Republic.

    But I can tell you one thing, Sarge! I like to observe the blood sport taking part in the pit from the gallery, taking potshots at both teams because I know that at the end of the daily performances politicians are just puppets to big vested interests. The CLICO cover up is a glaring case of politicians circling the wagons to protect their financial benefactor and social “kith & kin”. Politics, like Religion, is a game like chess and the “people’ are just the pawns on the board manipulated by the other “superior” estates of the realm with the Fourth looking on like a referee and reporting on the daily scores and injuries sustained in the pit.
    Sarge, do you belong to the 2nd Estate (you will have to be like Colonel Buggy) or are you just like me- a breakaway cyber member of the modern 4th estate?

  24. @Miller etc.

    If I was a member of any Estate the words “of lowly” would precede it. As this is the second time you wrote about OSA’s need for revenge I am reminded of the old Chinese proverb which states “He who seeks vengeance must dig two graves: one for his enemy and one for himself”

  25. Sargeant | November 8, 2011 at 9:14 AM |

    “He who seeks vengeance must dig two graves: one for his enemy and one for himself”
    D’accord! Only problem here is that second grave would have to be a mass grave! (LOL!)

  26. and likewise david was all the others who crossed the floor of house or changed party affiliation to suit their own ends two of whom i have named; so why vilify mr mascoll alone? iam balanced in giving two sides of the story. i repeat – mr mascoll’s decision to join the blp so soon after he was stabbed in the back might have been ill-timed and disastrous to himself politically given the devilish nature of party politics in barbados but at least he did not prove to be a lap dog to whims and fancies of institutional politics like mr kellman and to a lesser extent mr estwick.

  27. Carson C. Cadogan | November 8, 2011 at 12:47 AM |

    “Wow, I am really got your goat. That is wonderful!!”

    You are right CCC (the man with the same initials as that starting our sweet Rhianna’s favourite “C” word. I can just hear Rhianna singing “Carson C. Cadogan, My Sweet
    C !C! C! “)!
    You truly got my goat! Even my Cornwell jackass likes a piece of CCC the Jenny’s C.
    But be careful of the “Bull Cow” called Leroy the Pansy. (S)he is running behind you so don’t bend down and expose your asse(t) or you might see red just like the state of the Treasury under your party flag.

  28. @balance

    Trying hard to balance your argument. Are you saying Kellman et al are lapdogs but Mascoll isn’t for according with BLP positions which days before he was vehemently against?

  29. Is George Hutson a bully or is he a bullshitter? There are some serious questions that Barbadians have to begin asking when a Minister of Government attempts to silence what in his views are criticisms or do not appear favourable to his kind.
    The following appears in Business Monday.

    Business Monday: Watch your words


    MINISTER of International Business, George Hutson wants the leaders of organisations in Barbados which are supposed to be politically neutral, to be careful with comments they make about economic sectors.

    Hutson made the call on Friday at a news conference while reacting to a media query about recent statements made in connection with the island’s International Business Sector.
    The Minister said he took seriously the comments made since they portrayed the sector in a negative manner.

    “When people make comments like those it reflects negatively on the industry and the same objectives they are trying to achieve, assuming the criticism is intended in a constructive way, can actually work to be negative because everything that you see in the printed press is on the Internet,” the Minister said.

    “If people within the industry project the industry negatively, then it is going to impact on the vision or thought of the persons outside of Barbados. So we have to be careful when we are making statements, particularly statements that have no factual basis,” Huston told the media at his Warrens, St. Michael office.
    The Minister said as well that persons also have to be careful about turning away investors.

    A flurry of comments in the media in recent weeks portrayed the International Business Sector as losing out on vital foreign investment and potential jobs because of bureaucratic red tape.
    Said Hutson, “we know that when people are politically involved and so on, make statements, we know there is a political motive behind them. Comments may be made by a politician and done so for political purposes”.

    Noting that an election will be held in Barbados in about 12 months, the Minister said persons associated with organisations in Barbados, that are supposed to be neutral politically, need to be careful that they are not crossing the political line and running political agenda. “Because once you do that you open up yourself to political attacks”.

    He also spoke about the relationship between the Barbados International Business Association (BIBA) and government, noting the close association with his Ministry. “BIBA is an integral part of the International Business community in Barbados,” Huston said while also noting that it is represented on the joint Policy Working Group that advises his Ministry on policy matters, and on the Treaty Negotiation Team. BIBA also gets an annual subvention from Government.

    The Minister said as well that Barbadians need to understand that the things they did in all sectors of the economy can at times impact negatively on those sectors.

    He reasoned that the type of services rendered to persons coming into the country could very well influence their decisions on whether to invest here. (JB

  30. @ George C. Brathwaite | November 8, 2011 at 1:36 PM |

    G H is a bullshitter of the highest order. He is certainly not a bully. Even if he says” boo” to a butterfly it would not fly away! His handling of the Redjet fiasco is typical of the kind of competencies this misfit brings to such an important portfolio with strategic relevance to this country’s economic survival.
    He finds it easier to “threaten” those well-meaning contributors whose criticisms are merely intended to sensitize the policy and decision makers about the serious shortcomings that are preventing further growth and development of this vital sector. Stop pointing out these deficiencies of we will withhold the subvention!

    The question to put to the man in charge is this: Is the claim that Barbados has missed out on $ ½ billion worth of FDI and possible 2,700 jobs totally untrue and only intended to make the DLP government look bad? Then if the answer is that it is a whole load of rubbish then the CEO of Invest Barbados should be fired immediately. After all, he is the one who disclosed this information. Is he lying and thereby pulling down your government? Of course, you should know that Invest Barbados is a statutory corporation fully funded by the taxpayers of Barbados so far to the tune of over $100,000,000.00 (ONE HUNDRED MILLION TAX DOLLARS) and with nothing to show for it. But then again you might not be aware of these things since you have no control over the entity which is by law mandated to promote and attract international business and facilitate foreign investment.
    Mr. G H, is this entity a law unto itself only answerable to its chief advocate and political campaign advertising sponsor who is ensuring the DLP keeps its election promise of “you advertise my back and we will sort out the kickback in return”? No wonder you don’t know what’s going on within the sector!

  31. @Enuff

    Simplicity comes in many forms and many doses; I understand exactly what the individual was saying. It is about time that the DLP supporters take the heads from beneath the sand and come to the realisation of most right-thinking Barbadians that the DLP administration has been a dismal failure. Indeed, this has to go down on record as the poorest administration since 1966 and perhaps only rivalled by the post-Barrow administrations that effectively left a legacy on how to mismanage the economy.
    I, like many Barbadians was inspired on the possibilities for change; never in my wildest imagination did I foresee that the current administration and especially since David Thompson would have been as paltry as they have been. It is much more than leadership; it is about a party that sees party paramountcy as its main objective and achieving such at all cost. If BU readers would recall, in the address by Freundel Stuart in his then capacity as President of the BLP (I think it was 2005 or thereabouts), he practically stated that was his exact intention. Need I say more?

  32. once again david politicians switch sides for their own ends. ask hammie la. mascoll was pushed. spin it as much as you like;the evidence is there for independent commentators to analyse. i repeat his decision to join the dlp was ill-timed, ill-advised and foolish and detrimental upto now only to himself.now, at least he had the guts to leave the party and not subject himself to the humiliation which mr kellman especially suffered at the hands of an institution he claims to love and to a lesser extent mr estwick. iyou have a better name than lapdogism then reveal it.

    • @balance

      If Mascoll was strategic he would have discern that it was not his time.

      He will pay a heavy price for that misjudgement.

  33. it is good to know that mr george hutson has awakened from his slumber. i thought he was living abroad.unfortunately just another square peg in a round hole fostered on the public by an anachronistic political process.

  34. he has paid it valready david because of the brutality of the dlp party machine but at least unbiased history would portray him as a man who did not stand for shit. he was right to leave the dlp but politically incorrect to join the blp.it was an error of judgment and he is suffering for it but most great men suffered.

    • @balance

      It will be interesting to see how he retrieves what little political ambition he has, a shame really.

  35. it was an error of judgment and he Mascoll suffering for it but most great men suffered.
    You postulating Clyde Mascoll is a great man Lord come for your world. balance you are unbalanced or Malick with Teeth.

  36. @ George Brathwaite

    I don’t know who are the DLPites with their heads buried in the marl, but I maintain the Minister ent mek no sense with these statements:

    “If people within the industry project the industry negatively, then it is going to impact on the vision or thought of the persons outside of Barbados.”

    ““When people make comments like those it reflects negatively on the industry and the same objectives they are trying to achieve, assuming the criticism is intended in a constructive way, can actually work to be negative because everything that you see in the printed press is on the Internet,”

  37. George Hutson will go down in history as one of the worse ministers the DLP ever foisted on this country. Maxine McClean is running a close second. The man just looks wrong when you look at him and he inspires no confidence in what he says.

    How could a CEO of a statutory body come out and criticise his boss like that if he was not totally frustrated. GH’s response was piss poor. When the PM did his so called cabinet reshuffle, GH should have been fired.

    On his handling of the Redjet matter, GH’s hands were tied because he compromised himself by allowing the CEO to wine and dine him, staying at the CEO’s mansion in Ireland and driving around the CEO’s expensive vehicle. So when the CEO began to scream about the delays and the run around he was getting, it was that GH was not delivering what he promised and did not seem to understand the term “quid pro quo”.

    And you tell me that the people of Barbados will put up with this DLP for another five years! I dont believe it.

  38. @Enuff
    Based on your last response, it is now clear that we are on the same page. The ‘subject’ in English can become tricky when we use pronouns. Nevertheless, GH is a dismal failure in his ministry; I know nothing of the man, so I keep my arguments to the portfolio for which he has responsibility, but his inactions have led to the very criticisms he would rather not hear.

  39. prodigal son if mr thompson from all accounts was considered a great barbadian; then mr mascoll is equally entitled to be called a great barbadian. i challenge you to put their credentials to the test with respect to meaningful contributions in their lifetime to the progress of barbados. i respectfully submit that however slight mr mascoll would have contributed more. so malik might very well get teet .

  40. BIBA has provided some poor advice to the Barbados Government over the years, sometimes at great embarrassment to the Government. Keep in mind that BIBA is controlled by representatives of those who seek benefits for their operations and investment from the Government and that the best interest of Barbados is not their primary concern.

  41. Ask some of the former Directors of International Business, under both BLP and DLP, for their thoughts on BIBA.

  42. balance | November 8, 2011 at 10:50 PM |
    Have you considered the contribution made via the development of CLICO?

  43. @ One for George | November 8, 2011 at 11:05 PM |
    “BIBA has provided some poor advice to the Barbados Government over the years, sometimes at great embarrassment to the Government.”
    “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!”
    If this is the case, “Georgie Porgie likes porkie pies”, why has the government continued to support this incompetent parasitic organization through an annual subvention at taxpayers’ expense? Or is it a case of one bunch of idiots teaching another so there is no light to shine? Pass the money please for our next cocktail (eat up & drink up) function to which your invited as our learned guest speaker!
    Why pay a quack to prescribe poison to a patient unless you want to see it dead!

  44. @ Christopher Halsall | November 9, 2011 at 6:53 PM |

    Come to think of it he was an AMA approved drug pusher to the well- heeled but carrying a personal debt burden of Greek proportions and a Hispanic taste in women. MJ wanted to go to entertain the gods but was waiting on a Judas of Asclepius to sell his soul for greenbacks by providing the elixir and paraphernalia needed for the astral flight to paradise.

  45. One for George | November 8, 2011 at 11:15 PM |
    “balance | November 8, 2011 at 10:50 PM |
    Have you considered the contribution made via the development of CLICO?”
    @ balance, please answer the one that George the dragon put to you!
    You are making us miss out on lots of laughs on Georgie!

  46. one for george’ your comment made contribution via the development of clico’ if you mean by mr thompson as the corporate lawyer of clico and who was their mouthpiece expostulating on the soundness of the company when the shenanigan was exposed and who signed off on a ten million payout for clico when the letter i received from the judicial managers yesterday does not give me much hope of getting back my 30.000 dollars for which i was paying clico for over 20 years then how would i ever forget mr thompson’s contribution to the public of barbados via clico especially with mr parris still living high off the hog.

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