BU If The Next General Election Was Held Tomorrow, Who Would You Vote For; DLP or BLP?


The people of Barbados spoke loud and clear in the last election for change they could touch and feel. Their vote came after hearing all the “right stuff” as detailed in the DLP manifesto. However what was lost in the excitement of the historic moment was an analysis of whether the promises in the DLP manifesto could actually be fulfilled.  At this point the answer appears to be an honest and disappointing “NO”, but don’t take my word for it go review the DLP manifesto and see what was accomplished to date “not much at all”.  The blaming of the global recession for all our challenges in Barbados as a reason to “not act” in defense of Bajan families on a wide range of issues, gets weaker by the minute.

As a political observer the logical question that comes to mind is whether “today” the people’s choice of a DLP administration to bring about desired chance was a good choice, again the answer is been proven as “NO”.

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Whether you like it or not the BLP has put Barbados back on track historically at key moments, we are at one of those “moments now” and we simply need the BLP running this country again.

I’m not a political strategist but if the BLP can tame MM, produce quality candidates, take on a visible people first oriented campaign, demonstrate compassion for the average Bajan family, and insert new blood in it’s ranks, the BLP will WIN the next election.  However what remains to be seem is if BLP leadership can accomplish the above.

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  1. it would be sound logic to sound minded people. for the yardfowls of both parties not so much but time will tell all.

    the party with a path forward and a good PR campaign will win the next election.

  2. Former Opposition Leadet Mia Mottley’s quest to take over the chairmanship of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) has apparently failed.

  3. @ Scout
    And had the ‘Contractor’ hired a ‘non-storm’ carpenter (and don’t tell me that was impossible) what would have been the outcome? You have not yet negated my argument: Being an artisan is not a prerequisite for being a good ‘Contractor’.

    FACT: Currently one of the best and most successful MEDIUM sized building Contractors in Barbados worked in accounts before becoming a builder. Initially a SMALL firm, some of its early house building contracts were with government including UDC.

    “It is like equating a driver with only a licence to drive an automatic car with a driver of a container truck.”

    Notwithstanding the different levels of skill required for driving the two vehicles, to get from point A to B is accomplished through the same basic actions and in accordance with the same road regulations.

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