Study Finds Link Between Vaccines And Infant Mortality

Some in the BU family have argued over the years a study should be undertaken on the effect administering vaccines in Barbados is having on the population. In the absence of hard data the popular argument will become the overriding one, that is, without vaccines many diseases would have taken root and threatened the health of the nation.

Here is yet another study titled  Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine dosesroutinely given: Is there abiochemical or synergistic toxicity?.  It is also highlighted in layman language on PrisonPlanet website which has sought to give currency to the belief by some that there is a ‘link between higher vaccine doses and infant mortality rates in the developed world’.

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0 thoughts on “Study Finds Link Between Vaccines And Infant Mortality

  1. Well, it is expected that some will still fight up against the evidence as in the above comment. I can’t understand why we as a people have so much confidence in people who have always sought to destroy us with their evil plots.

  2. David?
    What’s the point of this article, the link you post in your comment with little or no fanfare exposes the “headline article” for the pathetic quackery that it is.

    Because of the anti vaccine movement more children are dying because of mumps and measles, diseases that should be all but extinct.

    People who decry vaccines live in a world where no one suffers from smallpox or polio. That isn’t an accident it’s because of vaccines.

    One of the matters that pediatricians must now discuss is whether to decline to treat unvaccinated children as they place other people at risk. The two links below give the arguements….

    These junk science purveyors continue to seek to link Vaccines and autism despite the study being thoroughly discredited (and withdrawn by the journal that published it, and repudiated by all but one of the people who were associated with it) and it their refusal to accept all scientific evidence that there is no plausible link they place their children and other people at risk.

  3. It is not that vaccinations may not be a good thing, it is that these people are devious. See the video below. This man swore that he in all conscience could never have used the Chimp, yet all his workers testified that the chimp was the only animal he used. They testified to killing the chimps and giving the scientists the kidneys of the chimp. Western medicine just cannot be trusted. They really only care about the billions and trillions. That is what make them dangerous. More dangerous is the fact that they target our children. Doctors can refuse to treat people becuse they did not get a vaccine? I see. They make the laws, right… without ever facing the polls, right? So vaccinations are mandatory? hmmmm…. I don’t go to them at all and I can show people how to avoid doctors. You don’t need them and your children surely don’t but if you feed your children the crap, then you feel you have no choice. It is like shooting yourself and then trying to plug the hole, when all you have to do is throw away the gun.

  4. Actually ROK in Barbados they are mandatory, your child cannot go to school without the required vaccinations.

    I quite frankly find it amusing how people can make statements like “Western medicine just cannot be trusted.” and not recognise that they enjoy the results of that medicine that they so vehemently reject.

    Infant mortality rates in Barbados are some of the lowest in the world thanks to Western medicine. No longer do you hear about people having 8 babies to have 2 of them survive to age 5.

    Polio, smallpox and whooping cough were once thought to be part of the “human condition” now they are eradicated or all but eradicated by Western medicine.

    Life expectancy in Barbados is at a historical high level due to Western medicine.

    Measles and chicken pox once consider “childhood diseases” are now preventable thanks to “Western medicine” and before you say they are not serious look up what the complications can be.

    Law such as the requirement for vaccination are not based on “political appeal” but on scientific evidence. It is not subject to the whims and fancy of political opinion. They are also based on the simple fact that vaccinations are safe, effective, public health measures and the statistics prove them to be. A trumped up study by a hack with an axe to grind does not change that.

  5. David,

    Putting “both sides of this debate” is vesting one side which is supported by every public health agency in the world, masses and masses of scientific data that has been subjected to rigourous peer review. Against another side which has loads of passion but lacks any scientific data that is capable of withstanding even the most rudimentary scrutiny.

    When you say “putting both sides of the debate” it ignores the fact that “one of these things is NOT like the other”

  6. @ David,

    it is sad that much scientific debate is framed in a way that ignores “the weight of facts” Global warming in the US has become something that you “believe” in as if it were a matter of faith. The scientifically accepted evidence overwhelming points in one direction on the issue of Global warming.

    A similar thing can be said about vaccines. Scientific evidence OVERWHELMINGLY indicates that vaccines are safe and effective and result in positive outcomes.

    Barack Obama was born in the USA. The facts OVERWHELMINGLY point to the fact that this simple fact is indeed factual.

    However in each of these cases there is a group that for it’s own reasons (some well meaning some not) choose not to accept what is generally accepted. The news media in trying to “present both sides of the argument” imbue what is often a lunatic fringe with legitimacy. In an effort to be fair and balanced they often present the two sides as being equivalent when they clearly are not.

    The danger of this is that ludicrous arguments that could be dismissed out of hand are now presented as having some legitimacy other than the fact that “it’s written down somewhere or the other”. Time must be taken to detail why it’s junk science, This takes time and resources.

    In the case of the autism debate years were spent trying to prove or disprove a causal link to vaccines because of a study carried out by a quack and financed by a lawyer suing vaccine companies. In the meantime parents chose not to vaccinate their children and some children caught measles and some died deaths that were easily preventable in every way.

    To present “both sides of the story” implicitly presumes that the story has sides. Matters of opinion have sides, matters of fact do not.

    Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.

    Human activity has resulted in an increase in global warming.

    Vaccines are safe and effective.

  7. David
    For the last six months I have been teaching an Embryology course in which we have discussed the issues of infant mortality. It is very amusing to come here today and read the rantings of the illiterates who suggest that there is a relationship between vaccinations against the childhood diseases as well as against rubella and infant mortality….seeing that this not a problem at all.

    Why does the braying jackass not read the annual reports of the Chief Medical Officer of Barbados for the last 50 years and note what the IMR is in Barbados and compare it with the annual birth rate.

    Why does the braying jackass then not investigate the causes of deaths that compose the IMR in Barbados before spewing his faecoliths on the pages of BU.

    Why does the braying jackass then not investigate the NUMBERS OF VACCINES GIVEN TO CHILDREN BORN IN BARBADOS IAND COMPARE THEM WITH THE ANNUAL BIRTH RATE IN THE TIME PERIOD CITED, BEFORE he makes his effluxes via his oral shelves of Houston.

    Whereas the editorship of BU has the right to post articles that it considers worthy of discussion, should not the readership not revert to commonsense when they seek to engage in discussion…….especially when they evince little knowledge or common sense in discussing facts that are available for one’s research and perusal?


  8. DAVID



  9. Try going to sub-saharan African where children die in their thousands from illnesses such as measles because the parents cannot afford/have no access to vaccines.

    People in western countries often come up with vaccination scare stories – probably because they don’t children routinely see dying before they even reach 5 years old.

  10. ROK wrote “Western medicine just cannot be trusted.”


    Without it I would be dead. Not even Lizard soup or green tar could save me.

  11. My personal observation is that the drug companies are bad, but the anti-vacc crusaders are worse. The drug companies misrepresent data and choose emphasis to suit themselves; but the anti-vacc crusaders make up data, and lie.

    This blog has lost credibility with me. It’s not enough to say “Here’s info, you decide”. People trust you. You have a journalistic responsibility to at least note the massive conflicts of interest of the “authors” of the first “study”.

    Your irresponsible presentation makes the title “study” seem credible, and the second link seem like an afterthought; where in reality, the title “study” is near-criminal, and the second link is essential reading.

    Shame on you! I won’t be sharing this link!

    Barbados needs bloggers to stand up and make the real facts known, not merely to parrot the propaganda of the evil and the deluded!

    • @I&I

      Your slip is showing. Is it a credibility issue when CNN host anti-vac crusaders?

      Could spend some more time with your comment but we know your agenda so go your way rejoicing.

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