Obama Trumps Donald, The Royal Wedding Gives Thumbs Up To The Institution Of Marriage – Add The Reported Death Of Osama bin Laden

Donald Trump (l) President Obama (r)

Along with all that is happening on the world scene minute to minute  two occurrences stood out for BU last week. There was the Royal Wedding and the challenge by Donald Trump to President Obama to produce his birth certificate to prove he is a bona fide American. The fact that both matters have hogged the media space confirm surely we live in times where news is greatly influenced by its celebrity nature, that is fluff over substance. News reports suggest 12,000 media workers were assigned to cover the royal wedding. Most of the USA Cable Networks gave the Donald Trump Obama birth certificate Obama story top billing this past week.

The UK Telegraph reported that the royal wedding will cost the UK economy the unconscionable sum of £5billion. Bear in mind the UK economy is still in the throes of a severe economic depression. The large expense possibly speaks volumes to the importance the English still regard he monarchy. What else could it be?

After the pomp and ceremony was done at Westminster Abbey on Friday, April 29, what resonated for the BU household was the compulsion to reflect on the institution of marriage between a man and a woman. It is a traditional institution which has seen its diminution in a world where cultural relativism has taken deep root. Perhaps the lesser role now played by the Church in modern day society and the bastardization of the institution of marriage has been a natural consequence. If there is one positive BU hopes prevails out of the royal wedding would be to reinforce the importance the institution of marriage plays in building strong family units.

To the other event:

As if Sarah Palin was not enough the US political system has conspired to suggest that US celebrity Donald Trump would be a worthy Republican presidential candidate, thus giving the possibility that he could potentially become president of the USA. A strategy the publicity seeking Donald attempted last week was to resurrect the birth issue which has dogged President Barack Obama since assuming the presidency. Surprisingly there is still a healthy number of Americans who do not believe that Obama is an American and therefore eligible to take up residence on Pennsylvania Avenue.

What was distasteful about what Donald Trump did was to insinuate that Obama benefited from affirmative action to gain entry to Ivy League Harvard. Bear in mind Obama graduated magna cum laude from what is regarded as the most prestigious law school in the USA and he was named editor of the Harvard Law Review, the institution’s highest student honour. The fact that the US media would give currency to this bout of stupidity by Trump speaks volumes to how minorities are regarded by the White elite in the USA. How the hell did Obama become president any way? No doubt Trump is hoping to piggyback on the rising sentiment fuelled by the Boston Tea Party et al coat tail.

Some in the USA have pulled the race card regarding how Trump has treated with Obama issues in his early foray to be the Republican nominee for president. BU believes though he has demonstrated a level of stupidity, which causes one to seriously question how he was able to accumulate the significant wealth he is reported to have.  Obama was able to have the last laugh at the Donald last night at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

The logic as to why why Donald got the airplay he did.  The logic as to why the British government would outlay such a significant sum at a time when people are being sent home. Both explain the illogic of many things currently wrong with the world we live in today.


  • The man wiv no name!! | May 6, 2011 at 4:55 AM |

    You would soon change your unpatriotic-tune, if America threatened to send every Barbadian working and living there back home! Just bear THAT in mind!!

    Hate to feed the troll but here goes…..

    That above statement is the most asinine to date and it will NEVER happen in the USA or Britain.
    Think about it Troll….both countries would come to a screeching halt!!
    Both countries were and are built on the backs of immigrants, go back to your dwelling under the bridges in England (lots to choose from) and stay there until you are summoned .


  • @AOD

    Tuh be precise, we Dennis Kellman look mo’ like Obama Snr and Obama Snr son dan the Prez does!!! LOL . Effin yah was tuh superimpose in yah mind a picture of the Prez late mudah an a picture o’ FMD, yuh jes en goh ask!! But ah read dat de Prez did in trute born in Hawaii but he mother, Obama Snr and dis Davis man mek some agreement tuh hide up de real faduh issue, causin Davis did already marred and dat dah is de real reason fuh de berf certificate tuh get hide way, and dat dah’s also why Obama Snr tek off when de Prez did a lil boy. De Prez like ‘e only fine out dis ting when he did a young man . But ah also read dat the Davis guy did mentoring de Prez in ‘e growing up days. But when you check out all ah wuh Davis achieve and compare dum wid wuh de Prez achieve suh far in ‘e life – a body cud see dat de apple drop right undah de tree. De scary ting is dat the communist traits dat Davis had may be get han down too. But, de moh uh come tuh onstan deze days nuttin much doan suprise me . Check out some mo pictures an even Google Frank Marshall Davis and see fuh yuhself.

    Ah jes fine out dat somebody dun ah morph uh the pictures:


  • Interesting that allegedly Alquida ops are saying OBL was killed, BUT supposedly there has been serious fraction for sometime and so OBL is NOT critical anymore. These people are NOT stupid so OBL ‘s demise should have been planned for at least 10yrs ago by minimal standards of planning logic.

    To my conspirator believers, it seems that some think that OBL was NOT killed BUT has undergone major plastic surgery and has replaced Barry Obama. LOL!

    Many Americans have lost faith in BO, BUT this is because they seriously thought he would have the POWER to implement CHANGE. The Pres is basically a figure head and has to answer to the real powerful elite, JFK (wgoremongering risk that he was) did NOT obey and paid the price! BO is not going to make that mistake, it is enough to be concerned about racist Southerners.


  • @BAFBFP | May 6, 2011 at 9:24 AM |

    ROFLMAO…….BAFBFP | May 6, 2011 at 9:24 AM | Calm down nuh eff we cahn see yuh pint doan bust a blood vessel! We doan know de facts dat yuh got but we gine believe what we want tah believe. All govvaments corrupt, sum mo dan udders. Hey we all depend on dem one way or anudder. Dem does use we and we gine use dem.


  • What was america suppose to say to Pakistan .”Hey guys we coming to get the Most Wanted Man in the World”.

    The mastrmind is gone > Al Al Qaeda has signaled t o the worldthatthey haveaccepted his death.
    To al Qaeda and Ben Ladin supporters I saythe following: Allah -Ho-Akber!


  • Hi AC,

    The ‘mastermind’ is not dead. The money man and figurehead and ‘CEO’ is dead. The ‘mastermind’ Zawahri, is very much alive, apparently.

    @BAF, some of us do not believe everything we are told, but there are specific circumstances that require action, which we would agree with.

    That is all.


    No, people have lost faith in Obama because instead of rationally thinking that he would attempt and work on change during his term, as much as he could while battling the retardant forces, including the right-wing media, political powerplay in Washington etc and knowing that it would not be easy (which he said bluntly), they irrationally expected him to be the modern day equivalent of Merlin, expecting him to make baked turkey from roadkill, in no time.

    When he came into Presidency, the economy, domestic policy and international policy were all in a state of shambles.

    Such takes much effort and time to remedy, sadly the US ‘fatfood mentality also expected ‘fastfood’ politics, which is impossible, let alone unreasonable.

    So, coupled with a right-wing media, we now have a state where people are not satisfied, because they still think that the US is the world’s most powerful economy and can afford to remedy issues at the pull of a switch.


    Maybe Trump will be best for them, especially when he starts to turn to aides, generals, Fed Chariman and says….

    ‘You’re Fired!’


  • ****LIGHTBULB****

    Maybe…just maybe the next US pres ‘Trump’ can be a reality show?

    We could all tune in nightly while he makes decisions and decides the future of the US and its world impact!!!

    Trump would indeed be the ‘best actor for the role’.

    And maybe Simon, Paula and Randy could be the ‘judges’ who help Trump decide which generals and aides to keep or ‘fire’.

    Bound to be popular worldwide, even kings and prime ministers would tune in…if only to see whether they will receive an embargo the next day!

    Imagine the broadcast rights???


  • @ BU Bloggers
    This is truly a bloggathon with the usual indoctrinated/indoctrinating spew.

    AAh Yes! The constant feeding of the WHAT!

    I am becoming aware that not many of you are prepare to digest the WHO and the WHY….or what’s REAL and What’s NOT

    Well see if you can stomach this.

    Qu autem falli decepi Let HIM who will be deceived be DECEIVED
    Prove All Things And Hold Fast To Which Is Good & True!!
    God, Dog? No.
    Yhwh; Yahwey; The All mighty; All That Is? Yes
    Je-sus (earth pig)? No, Yashua Ben Yosef? Yes
    Religion? No
    Faith & Belief? No
    Knowing? Yes
    Spirituality? Yes
    Obama is the President of the USA? No
    Obama is the President of the US? Yes
    The Bible commission by Emperor Constantine and censored by the Council of Nicea 325 AD at the exclusion of book of Enoch etc? Yes
    Did the Greek corrupt our language definitions? Yes
    Is the Bible a plagiarism of the Book of the Dead? Yes
    Is the Bible the Book of the Son? No
    Is the Bible the Book of the Sun? Yes
    Does Holy Bible translate Helios Biblos meaning recordings of the Sun? Yes
    Are there many symbols in and on church buildings referring to astrology? Yes
    Did all religion originated from the same source? Yes
    Is love religion? No
    Countries? No
    Earth? Yes
    Race? No
    Humanity? Yes
    Slavery? No
    Freedom? Yes
    Is the Education system a lie? Yes
    Is the Banking system a lie? Yes
    Is the Religious system a lie? Yes
    Is the Media system a lie? Yes
    Is the Health system a lie? Yes
    Is the Government system a lie? Yes
    Is History a lie? Yes
    Are we alone in the Universe? No
    Legal? No
    Lawful? Yes
    Is remedy for wrong doing complicated? No
    Is the legal system; Democracy;rule by the people a flawed system? Yes
    Is the Lawful system; Republic; Rule by the Law a just system? Yes

    Now run along and put your hand on eyes and ears

    Take care of yourself and each other!


  • Oops…okay, who left the gates open again…????


  • Somewhere an institution is short of one idiot.


  • The man wiv no name!!

    *ss-licker, you’re a confirmed idiot n iv nothing more to say to u.


  • and to all of the above @my turn 2speak ISAY NO!


  • Jenkins is missing a patient and a computer.


  • Myturn2speak | May 6, 2011 at 7:35 PM |
    Well done (other than for the God references)


  • Make that two!


  • @ BU Bloggers
    Love & Light to you all!
    So I guess that was too much, TRUTH overload?
    Prove All Things And Hold Fast To That Which Is Good & True!
    what a beautiful principle that is!
    TRUTH never needs defending but is cursed or edified by our words or actions!
    A belief is a contract that must expired as being True or False. The world is very old in the teeth…..and that expiration date of many of those beliefs is upon us.
    We’re entering the Galileo effect, so, who wants my head?
    There are many humble individuals who truly wants to change this world for the better, not just for this misguided generation, but for the generations to come.
    The emancipation from mental slavery requires courage of will and the yearning for the unadulterated TRUTH!
    We can have our fill of tonsil tennis and become worlds greatest world smiths or be the change we truly want to see in the world.
    LOVE IS THE ANSWER……It is time we love the TRUTH!
    Because the TRUTH will set us free! (from a great book)


    Take care of yourselves and each other!!


  • @ BU Bloggers
    Aah Yes, The purging has begun!

    1. First, it is ridiculed
    2. Second, it is viciously attacked
    3. Thirdly, it is accepted as being self-evident

    I see some of you are displaying stage ONE and TWO…..
    Well done, stage THREE is a lot closer ahead.
    By the way, ONLY a FOOL attempts to stop the “turning wheels” of wisdom!
    Love and Light to you all!

    Take care of yourselves and each other!


  • @ BU Bloggers

    Bring on tomorrow let it shine

    Let the sun coming up on a beautiful day, It’s yours and mine

    We can make a difference, it’s not too late

    Bring on tomorrow, we can’t wait

    I sat in an audience tonight watching my two boys performed the FAME musical at the Belgrade Theatre; one cast in a lead role and the other supporting.
    The above were lyrics to one of the songs. Apparently the Fame cast made it up for the show.
    I was immediately inspired.
    I was so proud of my boys and their performances.
    Because of them I know the world must change.
    “We can make a difference it’s not too late, bring on tomorrow we can’t wait”. (Fame Cast)
    Change Is Coming!

    Take care of yourselves and each other!


  • @Myturn2speak

    If ya ask a madman to count de number of mad people in the village he wud tel ya it is too difficult a thing to do an that it wud be easier to count de sane wuns.

    Write on ‘Mytern2speak’

    In an abundance of water the fool is thirsty…
    Alas a thirsty animal would quench it’s thirst from dirty waters

    Write on ‘Mytern2speak’

    Gibran Kahlil Gibran tells us in one of his stories about two people meeting in a mental institution. After conversing for some minutes’ one asked the other:
    Why are you in here?
    The man replied: “It is like this; my mother wanted me to be an engineer like her brother, my father wanted me to be a Doctor, my auntie wanted me to be a lawyer and my uncle wanted me to be a politician so I came here where I can be myself.
    Then the one asked the other why are you in here?
    The other said: Oh no! I do not belong in here…I am a visitor.
    And the the man commented: ‘So you are from the madhouse outside these walls.’
    (The story is not retold verbatim but it is to the nearest account)

    The moral of the story is that it is: all the r*ssole people on the outside that are responsible for the people in the asylum…there are in there to be protected from the lunatics on the outside. In fact, there’s a theory in physicians circle that the ‘incarcerated’ are not the ‘mad’ per se but usually someone in the immediate environment of the ‘victim’.
    Don’t leh dise BU buggers get to you yeh
    Take care Coventry man.


  • FrankTalk | May 8, 2011 at 9:56 AM |


    If ya ask a madman to count de number of mad people in the village he wud tel ya it is too difficult a thing to do an that it wud be easier to count de sane wuns.

    Write on ‘Mytern2speak’

    In an abundance of water the fool is thirsty…
    Alas a thirsty animal would quench it’s thirst from dirty waters

    Write on ‘Mytern2speak’


  • @Franktalk,

    That is quite insightful. I honestly know at least one individual, who is as you describe i.e. in the madhouse on the outside, functioning in society, to all intents and purposes successful, but I have most serios doubts as to their sanity, having witnessed some extradordinary displays of behaviour, both subtle and hysterical.

    And note that I said…at least one……Lol

    Life is an interesting thing.


  • @David

    It seems the US went into Pakistan, a sovereign country, with the objective to assassinate bin Laden if we accept the report. We have learned that bin Laden was unarmed. Any comment about a country built on laws but would operate in the matter they did?

    I missed some of the earlier comments because I was at the Home Office visiting those near and dear to me and seeking for some R & R but instead I got the R word “Rain” (this is supposed to be the dry season isn’t it?) but I didn’t let it dampen my enjoyment.

    When Obama was on the campaign trail he said that he would pursue OBL even if it meant going into Pakistan to do it and he lived up to his word. No one succeeds like a politician who keeps his promises. What should he have done?

    David, would you let us know how you would have resolved the issue


  • By acknowledging that this whole thing is based on a lie. Asshole


  • @ Crusoe

    “…I honestly know at least one individual, who is as you describe i.e. in the madhouse on the outside, functioning in society, to all intents and purposes successful, but I have most serios doubts as to their sanity, having witnessed some extradordinary displays of behaviour, both subtle and hysterical.

    And note that I said…at least one……Lol”

    Yes the ‘effect’ is called ‘Driving you mad.’ Don’t let the buggers get to you…you know what to do.


  • @Sargeant
    The unusual rain which Barbados experienced is now explained, good to know you still were able to enjoy home base.

    To you question, don’t you think having hunted bin Laden for so many years that some attempt should have been made to allay the kind of doubts which are being raised? Obama and his cohorts would be in the best place to answer your very good question.


  • Frank Talk

    How is it that there are individuals like yourself who are quite prepared to sound intelligent on peripheral points but prefer to remain mute on the important issues..?.


  • There are functional drunks as well as functional Lunatics. Many are found in leadership roles in the private and public sector.


  • @ BAFBFP
    Is sounding intelligent and being intelligent mutually the same?
    Sounds like I am not living-up to my name eh
    . Well brother! on the important issue of Osama bin Ladin’s death; I made my point clear here: FrankTalk | May 4, 2011 at 9:30 AM and as far as I am concerned that is my firm unalterable belief and there’s no point in getting in to any other debate with others who holds opposing views. I Will add this however: Any system or government that is established on fraudulence and aggression has to be maintain by fraudulence aggression until such time that it is brought to its knees by its own sickness…that is, when its people reach the point where they are sickened by ‘their’ own sickness and yearn for change.

    The system/government in question that I am talking about, (USA) almost reached that stage two years ago when the world breathed a sigh of relief as the young and reasonable hearts of that nation voted for a ‘Candidate’ who spoke eloquently about ‘CHANGE’ a candidate whom they thought would give his best at remedying the ills of the nation.

    A revolution took place in the United States of America…a revolution like none other that had previously occurred on the planet. Americans, causation (white) Americans put a ‘black’ man in the white house…hoping that he would blacken it up, at least, a little to bring to the nation ‘Some of that ‘Good ole-time spirit and inspiration that help the broken and down-trodden people (Slave people) to pick themselves up and march-onward to the present. They wanted it…wanted it badly to exorcise the daemons of slavery-guilt that were haunting and turning their American dream into a nightmare

    What happened is plain to see. Time and space would not permit me to continue much further.

    Hardly a glance or a gesture was cast at the appalling disparity that crippled and is still crippling many, many African American.

    If you don’t know how to take care of your own house how can you seek to take care of other’s?
    And by that statement I am not singling-out African American house but I am referring to the general ‘American’ house.

    James Baldwin – the African American novelist and essays says – (and he should know) (without disrespect to him) ‘…Any compromise a man makes to a system that he does not believe in, that man loses some his masculinity’. The boy in the white house seem to be “DRIVING FOR MISS DAISEY” Do you know the film, where a black chauffer sits in the front at the wheel taking instructions from the white lady in the back? That was in the days when black people in the USA were referred to as ‘Boy’

    Alas it was clear from the inception, when he re-appointed Clinton’s old team that it was going to be Government ‘anew’ but not new.

    I feel sorry for the good-hearted and young people of the United States of America – unless another miracle happens between now and the next two years – I say the people of the United States of America; for the rest of the world who depended on USA for leadership are seeing now that there no reliable leadership to depend on there.

    BAFBFP there’s a maxim that says better to remain silent and assumed to be stupid than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt. I am looking to you to hold my back.
    Afta all it is you that cause me to open me mout.


  • @ islandgal246

    What about dysfunctional drunks and lunatics in leadership roles?


  • DAVID @ BU



  • Well no one can’t say that “The Donald” is stupid. Unlike many patrons of his Casino he certainly remembered the line from this song:
    You got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em,
    Know when to walk away and know when to run
    He has abandoned his run for the Presidency, I had penciled in his debates against Obama as a must see in 2012. Here’s hoping Palin is a go.

    This is one time I’m in favour of cruel and unusual punishment


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