Almond Resort Inc Should Be Asked WHY By Barbadians

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Can anyone explain why a hotel operating in Barbados in the year of our Lord 2011 would believe they need to apply for work permits for the positions of Director of Food and Beverage, Executive Assistant Manager and Director of Hotel Operations? The question is being asked against the background of a nation whose number one business has been tourism.

BU has come to the conclusion that the practice of issuing work permits by the Chief Immigration Officer is a routine matter. Now that the hullabaloo has abated regarding how immigration matters were being dealt with in Barbados under the previous government, things have quietly returned to a business as usual culture.

Can the Chief Immigration Officer explain why the positions above and others we have seen in the local media in recent weeks are being entertained?

What is so special about the jobs advertised by Almond?

Are Barbadians objecting to work permits being issued?

Is the Chief Immigration Officer obligated to make public disclosures on how work permit processing is done?

Let the record show BU objects to the above positions being filled by Almond Resort Inc.

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  1. David

    I was just about to post a comment about that issue but I also noticed on the same page another firm “Creative Designs” has also served notice that it is requesting a work permit for a “Planner”.

    It must have been serendipity that you have a post on Education at the same time as these ads but they provide a perfect illustration on the deficiencies of our Education system, unless there are “other” reasons for the failure to employ Bajans for those roles.

    BTW Almond Beach is also applying for a work permit for an Executive Chef.

    What does a “planner” do? Shouldn’t the ad from Creative Designs be more specific?

    • @Sargeant

      We really need transparency on this matter.

      It has been going on for too long to the point where a reasonable conclusion is there is hocus pocus behaviour involved.

      To top it off the head of Almond is head of the Barbados Tourism Authority.

      If there is one company which should be operating without question, it should be Almond.

      If the company is a media agency one can only assume a planner is someone who crafts the story boards. But why should we have to guess as you stated?

  2. @ David:
    I have spoken about this sometime last year. I find it very mind boggling that with all the educated Barbadians with degrees, not one of these people can fill any of these positions.
    This to me seem to be very strange that the head of The Almond Beach is also the head of Barbados Tourism. Having both of the positions seem to put things very much in the favor of the hotels. Using the excuse that whatever has to be done will be for the good of Barbados and tourism; This seem to be a no win situation for any Bajans having what’s required for any of these positions; Like I’ve said before, and will continue to say it. Bajans holding positions like what has been posted isn’t going to happen since this so called white man seem to be running just about everything at this point and time in Barbados. But if you really want things to change, you have to step up to the plate by refusing to accept being treated less than outsiders. Since the powers to be isn’t do too much to be of help in this matter. If all who is in the hotel industry call in sick, and they feel the pinch of the shoe for not having the workers to run the hotels. Things then would have to change. To gain what you want, you have to sacrifice for the good of the cause; Don’t go back to slave and master this is 2011 and this should never be going on any longer; Call me whatever, or whoever you want to. But truth be told if nothing is done. Then their will be **NO CHANGE**;

  3. It would be interested to find out if similar positions are available in the Almond Hotel branch in St. Lucia and who holds these positions there. Barbadians will only shout and scream for seven days and they know this, that’s why it can only happen bout here. So much for the government who promised to rectify these matters. We got a good first term out of the BLP, a moderate second term , and an awful third term; the DLP’s first term is turning out to be like the BLP’s third term, we are back to what was happening when we threw out the B’s

  4. I send Almond an Email . However the citizens cannot wait for the government to take on these Hotels. The government is dependent on them for foreign dollars and would not bite the hand thatfeeds them. However if WE the citizens would become more proactive and form WATCH DOG groups which would challenge and look into the going ons of the BIG HOTELS it would make a major impact in on the game is played. Letters and phone calls is one a way of starting, Maybe david can be helpful in putting such info on the blog.

    • @ac

      You should also send the Chief Immigration a note suggesting that Bajans must be available in Barbados to this job.

  5. Almond has a problem attracting local personnel. Many who have worked there will never go back because of their Almond experience. Ask them and they will tell you that it is no place to work. Too many people know how Almond treats its staff. Taylor is not liked by many, so those from outside will not know this. They will come and will leave as soon as they can. It is a revolving door.

  6. @ David.

    Seems like that is the case with Almond. I really don’t know how a man like Taylor has been allowed to remain where he is for that many years. Now that Almond has new owners, let us hope they will see the light.

  7. Almond is not going to see the light as evident in their response to seeking non nationals to hire for positions. What light,!

  8. @David sure will!It would also help if you post some of these addresses or give a link as easyaccess! anyhow it would take more than one letter of protest to have an impct! I am appealing to everyone on BU to send letters of protest and tell family and friends to go the same. Once the ball gets rollingthose in government would get the message.”We are Mad As HELL and not going to take it any more,” So stop the talk and walk the walk.

  9. There is no point in objecting unless you or someone you know is suitably qualified and experienced to hold the position advertised. Objecting on principle will not cut it. Neither will meaningless statements like “I find it very mind boggling that with all the educated Barbadians with degrees, not one of these people can fill any of these positions.” It’s as if somehow holding a degree automatically qualifies someone for a senior position, especially one that requires specific skills and experience. If you want to know what the problem is, it is that too many people in Barbados think that gaining a degree is the end of the process when the reality is that it is just the beginning.

  10. Frankly I am amazed there does not appear to be Barbadians available to fill these positions. BUT I am equally suprised that no-one (or Government agency) has built a website where ALL vacant tourism positions could be advertised, so that qualified Barbadians living and working overseas might be tempted back.
    I understand that the TIRF (taxpayers) monies were intended to maintain employment.
    As Almond received substantial amounts of this fund, is it now going to be spent on employing non-nationals?

  11. @Peltdownman

    You are correct from a technical position but a demonstration of public outrage will not do any harm.


    Under our ‘menu’ at the top of the page and sidebar ‘government contacts’ for most departments is listed. We will continue do our small part.

  12. @Peltdownman

    There is no point in objecting unless you or someone you know is suitably qualified and experienced to hold the position advertised
    How likely is it that one would know someone who has applied or is a suitable candidate? Indeed I think that someone who has applied may be loathe to object for fear of being unduly harassed if they did get the position or being blackballed by other Tourism operators. Perhaps the onus should be on the Organisations that want to hire non nationals to prove that they have exhausted all avenues in their search for a local candidate.

    Creative Designs wants to hire a non national “planner”, what the hell does a “planner” do? We need some transparency in these matters.

    There may be a need to hire non nationals, but four at the same time for Almond Beach? Something smells rotten here.

  13. As a Hospitality Industry professional, I can say without fear of contradiction that all of those positions can be filled by locals.

  14. I agree with the comments of Island Girl when she stated that Almond Resorts will have difficulty in attracting qualified & competent Barbadians to work with that company because of the leadership of Ralph Taylor.
    I worked with Ralph Taylor when he was the Assistant General Manager of Rockley Resort in Golf Club Road Christ Church.Ralph Taylor lived opposite me for a number of years and I know that individual very well.He is the epitome of the perfect “House Nigger’He treats his Black workers the worst possible way.
    Because of my many years in the tourism industry,I know many hotel workers and I know quite a few who are either past or present Almond workers and I can say those workers have nothing good to say about the conditions the workers have to endure at Almond Resort.
    It is amazing that Ralph Taylor is the chairman of the Barbados Tourism Authority.a board appointed by a Black government minister who solicited and got the support of Black voters and those Black workers in Barbados are subjected to the worst possible treatment at the hands of Ralph Taylor the chairman of a government appointed board.That is an indictment on the part of the minister and the government by extension.
    I am not surprise that Ralph Taylor and Almond Resorts have the gumption to advertise for all of those “normal jobs” that many ordinary Barbadians can easily filled.After all our elected members of parliament are setting the trend.
    I know for a fact that almost all of the members of parliament on the government side with the exception of Steve Blackett have at some time or another seek to get work permits or in some way get immigrant status for many non-nationals. Even Brandford Taitt wanted the late Prime Minister to issue a work permit to a non-national to perform the duties of looking after the hair of an expatriate.He wanted the late Prime Minister to give the non-national the work permit on the basis that because of the limited numbers of that particular ethnic group in Barbados, no one was available to perform that task.The late Prime Minister flatly refused. Chris Sinckler is one of the most dangerous politicians in Barbados.He is the chief culprit in trying to get work permits and immigrant status for many non-nationals.My sources are usually correct and I would challenge Chris Sinckler, Brandford Taitt or any of the parliamentarians on the government side to challenge my postings.
    The Chief Immigration Officer I know is trying her best.she has refused to issue work permits to a family member of the late Prime minister who has a catering business and that individual wanted to work permits for three (3)Chinese chefs.She refused indicating that we have enough chefs coming out of our hotel school who are capable enough to perform those jobs.
    I believe Almond Resort is testing the waters and I will be surprised if work permits are granted for the jobs advertised by Almond Resorts.

  15. @Negroman

    Are you saying President Brandford Taitt – who on the election platform at Haggatt Hall- referred to Stanmore Crescent as Berbice South is guilty of doing what you stated?

    Don’t believe it!

  16. Yes David I mean Sir Brandford Taitt, President of the Senate.
    We have some scheming politicians on both sides of the political divide.Because of political expediency,they say the things we want to hear at the appropriate time,but in essence,they do not believe and neither do they practise what they say on the political platform.
    We are about to hear a debate of the new immigration policy that was in the works for a period of time.Prime minister Stuart said recently that the draft on the new immigration policy is almost ready for debate and in a short period of time, it is going to be brought to the House of Assembly for debate.I cannot wait to hear the hypocrites from both political parties get up and talk pretty in the House on the immigration issue..
    Barbadians are being taken for a ride by the government and it seems as business as usual where this immigration issue is concern.
    The more things change,the more there remain the same.

  17. What an interesting set of responses, especially Islandgirl and Negroman who basically told it as it is. Very few ‘in the know’ Bajans would want to work at Almond Resort and ‘in the know’ means all involved in leisure and tourism. The main, perhaps only, problem with Barbados is a lack of gumption when it comes to holding folks properly accountable for their transgressions – like all small societies y’all so scared of being found out y’selves that y’let real villains get away with crap. Just shape up, see and hear what’s obvious – then get rid of Taylor from both posts (he’s a friggin’ disaster as a tourism representative) and limit permits to provable ‘absolute’ necessity – maybe then you’ll get some decent food and service at Almond provided by content, happy LOCALS.

  18. @ Sarge
    Creative Designs is a Grenada-based construction company that apparently opened its office in Barbados in 2002, so it has a regional background. Their application for a work permit for a “planner” obviously hinges on what type of “planner”. Maybe they just want to bring in one of their own countrymen. I don’t think that this one is a controversial as the Almond Resorts applications, but I have also heard the stories about what it’s like to work up there.

  19. Its about time bajans start getting they act together, and stop letting non-nationals take the jobs from them.whoever in immigration that giving out these work permits should be fired. start protesting & you will get results.

  20. What is ironic, is that so many tourists see the best dining experience (aside from ‘fine dining’ per se), as Oistins fish fry. They have restaurants where they come from, they want bajan.

    Other restaurants such as Pisces, Champers, Tides all have excellent dining, the best and are their chefs not local?

    Is their food and beverage not locally managed?

    The Resident General Manager of the accepted best hotel in the island and world rated, Sandy Lane, is a Barbadian.

    But, you say that a second rate hotel, (fourth rate compared to Sandy Lane), cannot find a local Executive General Manager?

    That is hard to believe.

    We must get away from a culture of thinking that one must bring in people to run things.

    It is not a reality, it is a culturisation.

    On top of that, such a mentality creates an attitude among the junior members of staff or people potentially qualified of ‘I can’t get promoted, they always want people from away, so what the heck’.

    It is short-sighted and unnecessary.

    The ONLY way one could see the above being granted, is if the hotel identifies in writing, a candidate shortlist of current staff that they currently employ who are being trained as potentials to take over in a specified number of years, whether two or three years, from the overseas person who is on contract.

    At that point one from the list will be chosen, or alternately, one person already employed as an assistant to take over in a specified time.

    After that, the permit should not be renewed. If one from the list is not given the position as stated on file, the hotel should provide explanation, with a rebuttal from the individual.

  21. Everyone one up in arms and vex about Almond’s request for work permits to bring in non-nationals to fill vacant positions, when there are qualified Barbadians who could do these jobs.

    Well do not complain to the politicians, because they are also of the view that there are certain jobs that Barbadians are not qualified for. Were there no Barbadians who could manage the Queen Elizabeth Hospital or the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation efficiently?

    Where was this zeal when Swede, Lars G. O Söderström was appointed as General Manager of CBC in 2008, and Trinidadian, Dr. Dexter James as CEO of the QEH. I guess that the supporters of this administration would say that these appointments were in the interest of the island. Maybe the case is similar for Almond.

  22. Well all you huffers and puffers. Travel advisor website you can write a review on Almond. I did writeone<only doing my little part .Time for action.

    David can't find an e mail address for Immigration Officer!

    Mr. Immigration. I am looking at you. You had better send some official to see the submission of lBarbadian Applicantsand Yes find 3 persons of Barbadiansheritage to fiill that job!

    • @ac

      You are correct, the Immigration Department seems to be one of the few departments not listed.

  23. Ms. Erine Griffith, Chief Immigration Officer (Ag.)
    Address: Careenage House The Wharf, B’town
    Tel #:434-4100 Fax #: 426-0819

    PS in charge of immigration

    Mr. Philmore Best (PS ag. Defence and Security and Immigration)
    Gov’t Headquarters,
    Bay Street,
    St. Michael

  24. Thanks anthony!


    Hopefully this government and others would have learnt a lesson as far giving away tax dollars is concerned.

  25. Dave, plese! i definitely caan c red pun green!! i can c green pun green but not red pun green!! please help!

    • @TMWNN

      Dave, plese! i definitely caan c red pun green!! i can c green pun green but not red pun green!! please help!

      It seems you maybe having a problem with resolution, you should ‘play’ with the settings on your monitor.

      If you need help check with Bimbro!

  26. @TMWNN ”The man wiv no name!! | March 9, 2011 at 3:20 AM |
    Dave, plese! i definitely caan c red pun green!! i can c green pun green but not red pun green!! please help!”


    The, stop ogling those pics of Ri Ri in GQ.

  27. as side not to this is it QEH is look to replace ishamel having taken out ad for consulting cardiologist (paediatrics ) or to increase it compliment of person with such training ?

  28. @ David and Crusoe

    Leff the Man wiv no name alone. He been behaving. I’ve been watchinbg him closely. He cant hide from me, he, he, he!

  29. in an article in Barbados today there is a featured article highlighting Almond Beach search for non-nationals to fill opening vacancies. The article deems it”concealed racism.”

    • @ac

      The media house won’t admit it but they read the comments on the blogs to feed their stories.

      Keep sharing your views.

  30. What is also very disturbing is that some commentators have tried to make this issue into a racial situation. Ralph is not exactly white or light skin and the fact he is in such a high position does not suggest that whitey is blocking locals. Brandy aint exactly cloroxed.
    It was very interesting that RT is disliked by quite a few on this MB. Maybe this is justified, but what proof is there that he is a house N? Why cant his so called failings be due to some other frailty, without racial overtones?
    It occurs to me that if you can find locals to accomplish given roles that they would be paid less than outsiders and the process of employing them would certainly be much faster. As a business person myself, this does not make sense. I would fire RT if this is all unneccessary, BUT then that would become a racial issue wouldnt it?

  31. These kind of tactics are not new to the Hotel industry . There failure to put Bajans in management positions have been going on for years and nothing has been done or said aboutit. There are overseas Bajans who have studied hotel management and on their return to live here applied for management jobs in the hotel industry and have been denied. This have been a blatant and sucessful effortby those in charge of those business to deny blacks high profile jobs in that industry. Having one or two blacks in a top position is not good enough . Something stinks to high heavens

  32. Moneybrain

    yuh got too much money on yuh brain. You ent know RT so stop talking pupp. Eff dat likkle black boy from St. George cudda bleach he skin white he wudda dun dat alreddy.

    Anyways he sinking fast, real estate ent selling and de dets piling up.

  33. Actually I do know RT, as we were members of the same club many years ago. However, nowhere did I say that I have seen him operate day to day, nor did I suggest your points were invalid. So why I am I talking excremently? My point was the invalidity of the racial slant since money is NOT black or white and profits in the longer term is the objective of business. I have made money with clients of every racial group and absolutely assure you that it spends or invests the same way!
    Please answer why it makes sense to hire expats if locals can be hired faster and cheaper? Why would blackmen in high positions encourage racial bias against their own? Surely there are blackmen in high positions that would raise a big stink over this?

  34. @Money Brain

    Some blacks in certain high leveljobs are being used as tokens as they are not about to rock the boat . There job is foremost and nothing else matters. In a way he is encouraging racial bias. Have you heard RT say anything in regards to the Hotel industry hiring locals at top level management . I don’t think So!Yes they can also get cheap workers from outside. Check the Latinos . They come a dime a dozen. If this was the USA. Almond Beach won’t even try this hypocrisy. Almond Resorts be damned!

  35. Taylor is a pompous ass … The product of the good old BS&T mind set. No self respecting Black would work for him …!

  36. After reading the first 10 replies it is obvious that the views of Barbadians are so blinkered to the fact that you only want Barbadians for local jobs, this I can understand but with the lack of skills in certain key positions and the poor lazy attitude of Barbadians how is this going to help the country with its main import….. tourism? Im a worker from overseas doing a job that a local could do for sure but a similar business has 5 people doing what I do….. 1 overseas V’s 5 locals do the math people!! you have a wonderful country that was built by the British, farmed by the British with “slaves” from Africa, Ireland, Scotland, England, Spain etc and then the next generations became Barbadians… yes all these workers were classed as “slaves” but this was not a color or race issue, the white men from Britain received some of the worst treatments from the Plantation owners who led, taught and made Barbados a leader in Sugar production, did Barbados not benefit from any of this? ….. any way my rant over, open your minds and STOP blaming color.

  37. i because they want some of their friends to come and party here with them.
    i believe that is about it.
    these English think they still own Barbados.
    hey drop some money in some immigration officer hand and job done.
    it is called corruption for money.

  38. I have experience in bar and Lounge management for Best Western and have worked in other restaurants and bars in Barbados .
    I recently sent an application to Almond resorts .
    I am Barbadian , I have not got a response.
    I live in Canada but would love to come home to a job at Almond resorts
    I am a so called white Bajan , I wonder if that is the reason !!?? Hmmmmm

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