Thank GOD The Windy Season Only Comes ONCE Per Year, Why, Kites with “Bulldogs”

Submitted by Annoyed Visitor

I’m sure it originated out of Africa, must have, every Massi Warrior needed to scare his dinner to death rather than use skill to hut same. Now today there are Bajans that think their neighbors need to be harassed with noise pollution day and night so they can show off their Kite (Chinese manufactured) flying skills ( kite comes with instructions).

Do our island visitors think this practice is acceptable, not from what I’ve been hearing at hotel pools, bars, beaches, restaurants etc. Most find this kite flying with noisy bulldogs most annoying and disturbing. I heard one lady state that she phoned the Hasting Police Department to complain and was told if it’s not interfering with aircraft then there’s “NOTHING WE CAN DO”. About what I’d expect from the Barbados Police Department knowing Bajan mentality. Like the saying goes “Barbados has a rule for everything and enforcement of nothing”, think I’m wrong, just check out today’s Nation Newspaper for a list of outstanding Income Tax and VAT business’s and individuals that remain uncollected for several——– years.

If Barbados has any ambitions of being classified as a First World Country then they have to step up to the plate and “WALK THE TALK.

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  1. What you need sir is another kite with a razor attached to the uppder string, fly it near the other one and yank hard, problem solved. Bit of effort, but you yourself may have some fun while doing it.

    This was a challenge in the old days, cutting others’ kite strings.

  2. Duh doan want dem pun de beach playing cricket

    Duh doan want dem in de sea swimming in front duh hotel.

    Now duh want to tek way duh kite too ?

  3. @annoyed visitor
    Buy earplugs . As a visitor we welcome you. But it not your right to tell us what to do. Nextyou would want a law enforced banning an age old tradition on the island.We islanders love our kite flying at this time of the year and are gung ho and competitive in doing so. It is part of our culture, Leave us alone .!

  4. I’ve been feeling threatened by these non-nationals who are gradually cementing themselves in MY country and is telling us what we can and cannot do. Whether tourists or non-natinal resident in Barbados, we have our culture just like you have yours, we can’t tell you to change your, don’t try changing ours; when you’re in Rome do as the Romans do. My problem, too many of the traditional things that we used to do as young children are being lost by not transferring them to our children. Instead of curtailling some of them, we should be encouraging our children to be creative and build on what we used to do as young children. Like the song said” don’t try to change us or rearrange us .”

  5. David I was born in Barbados and spent the first 20 years of my life in Barbados.

    I fly kite, pitch marbles , play beach cricket,roast flying fish and breadfruit pun de beach, hull waves, fish,went crabbin and all the things Bajan teenagers do.

    The price of progress must not eliminate the wholesome activities of young Bajans.

    I would like Bajan youngsters to enjoy the same things I did when I was their age and that includes staking out yuh kite from evening till next morning.

  6. @ac

    If the tourists leave us alone, then the country would collapse. Remember its the tourists and offshore banking income that pays the majority of the bills !

    “Nextyou would want a law enforced banning an age old tradition on the island”, done, abolition of Slavery, you can thank me later.

  7. @Scout

    Unfortunately the Romans have moved in and taken over, progress you know.

    Don’t feel bad its happening all over the world, tomorrow your girlfriend/wife/outside women may have to wear a Hijab, welcome to the world of cultural integration.

  8. @Wild cayote

    Judas! i am not quite ready to sell out my rights for thirty pieces of silver!
    Next you would be saying that it is alright fuh dem to take over the country. because they pay de bills don’t give them the right to tell the citizens what to do! You are the type that would sell yuh soul fuh a dollar without even thinking about it just to pay the bills. You are a spineless gutless CAYOTE! With no respect or concern for the country. To You I Say “Leave Us Alone! Traitor!

  9. Wild Cayote
    Unfortunately, the Romans have moved in and taken over.
    Cayote, I feel sorry for you, if the Romans have taken over by you, I’m still in charge of my dynasty. I have been living on agricultural land for a very lond time, quite recently, a guy got his agricultural land sub-divided and now my new residents wants me to sign a petition to have a chicken farm on one of my neighbour’s Agricultural lot closed down. Obviously, I refused and now they stop speaking to me, i understand they are going ahead and putting a case in court. I was burning a section of my land to plant a crop and they called the police to have me extinguish the fire, again the police told them they can’t stop me and they claim the laws in Barbados has to be modernised. There are certain things that happen on agricultural land, if they were overseas and didn’t know what they were buying , it’s just not my fault and no-one will come into MY country and tell be what I can and cannot do.

    • Unfortunately Barbados can’t surrender to tourism in 2011 but expect to practice the customs of the 60s when all we had were sugar cane fields and grass pieces.

  10. @ac

    When Barbados stops begging for handouts from USA, Canada, EU, UK etc. den we can say leave us alone. At the present we need their support, financial, tourists, expertise, food just to name a few. When and if we are ever in a position to fully STAND ON OUR OWN FEET then we can dictate, right now however we must show respect. Remember we have not been self sufficient in this country, ever.

  11. @Scout

    Sounds to me like the Romans are already in your neighborhood sub dividing lands, making new rules etc. It’s only a matter of time until your girlfriend/wife/outside women may have to wear a Hijab, welcome to the world of cultural integration. I did not say I liked whats going on, however I realize some changes will happen, it’s called progress.

  12. @The Scout

    You did burning cow itch ?

    My farduh (bless he soul) newes to farm 15 acres till he dead an I neva see he burnin nutten.

    He newses to grow vegetebles an flowers.

    Wuh you growin pun you lan?

  13. Dear Wily Coyote “Remember we have not been self sufficient in this country, ever.”

    Care to explain yourself?

  14. Dear Hants and the others:

    I had a Canadian tourists explain to me once how her holiday in the Caribbean was ruined becasue the birds woke up so early and their early chirping woke her up and greatly annoyed her. This is a true, true, true, true story.

    Another truth is that some tourists are as miserable as yesterday’s stale piss.

    Nothing you can do shor tof sealing them in a sterile hermetically sealed contained will ever please them.

    Don’t we all remember the U-tube video of rats trunning all over a restaurant’s tables in New York City?

    Isn’t New York still the restaurant capital of the world?

    Look as long as it is cold as ass in the Northern Hemisphere the tourist will want to get their sorry assess out of the -30 C weather for a while. So as long as it is cold in the North and warm in Barbados some will come.

    That is another TRUTH.

    And it is better if the miserable ones don’t come back here anyhow.

    I bet that Mr., Mrs. Miss or Ms. Misery even while complaining is trying to find out how he or she can come to live in Barbados permanently.

  15. Actually I agree with the ”Visitor”,but not with his preamble. These giant kites with their over sized and over amplified “mad bulls” are annoying. Some of us may have become accustomed to such noise, ie on the way to being deaf, but to persons who come from a relatively noise controlled environment, this noise is a nuisance. So too are those motor cycles with their silencers removed and and cars with modified engines which you can hear on our highways all hours of the night. As a people we have to learn to respect the rights of others, otherwise we can talk until we turn blue in the face, we shall forever remain a Third World Undeveloped Country.
    And for those who do not think that we need visitors,well the Royal Navy , in spite of what the BritHC said, has pulled out of our waters. Lets see how fast and how easy it will be to replace the RN,without crawling to the USA or Canada.

  16. The ones who like being in a hermetically sealed container can take a hermetically sealed cruise ship where they are hermetically sealed in with the germs of 4,000 complete strangers.

    But no kites buzzing overhead.

    No birds chirping early in the morning either.

    No cocks crowingeither I suppose.

    But we see how people from 30 countries attended a party at Hugh Hefner’s mansion and now more that 70 of them sick as dogs.
    Ligionenella or something from a maybe from a fog machine which induced germs deep into the lungs of people from 30 different countries.

    But no kites buzzing overhead over there.

    No birds chirping early in the morning either I suppose.

    Some people so foolish.

    • The fact we are debating this issue shows how much our society has changed. The easy simple, we can fly kites just don’t ‘stake’ them out.

  17. Look Nationalist:

    The Royal Navy was in Caribbean waters to keep marijuana and principally cocaine out of British noses.

    You really think that any Bajan needs to import marijuana when marijuana grows so well here.

    And you really think that we are the principal market for the South American cocaine producers.

    Methinks that the Royal Nave has cut off its nose and will spite British features (in the case of coaine injury to British noses maybe literally so)

  18. Wild Cayote
    Once, so time ago, an indian and a woman in a hijab or whatever they call them things that hide their face, came into my driveway and wanted to purchase a ram from me. I told her I don’t deal with anyone that I can’t see their face. She was the one transacting the business with me, she said it was their custom, so i told her my custom also is to see the faceof whom I’m dealing with , she just turned and walked back into the car and the two of them left. What I’m trying to say is , none of them can try their scrap with me. When I’m gone and my offspring allow them to take over this country, well, it would be their fault.

  19. @Random Thoughts

    “Remember we have not been self sufficient in this country, ever.”

    Care to explain yourself

    Very Easy,
    first 1492 the island was under Spanish control and SUPPORT,

    1625 – 1644 English Colonization and SUPPORT,

    1644 . 1700 . Sugar, Slavery and SUPPORT under the British,

    By 1720 Barbadians were no longer a dominant force within the sugar industry. They had been surpassed by the Leeward Islands and the Jamaica. British SUPPORT,

    1807 – 1838 . Abolition, rebellion and emancipation under British SUPPORT,

    1939 – 1961. Barbados is a British Colony with full British SUPPORT,

    1961 -1966. Barbados was first occupied by the British in 1627 and remained a British colony until internal autonomy was granted in 1961. The Island gained full independence in 1966, and maintains ties to the Britain monarch represented in Barbados by the Governor General. British SUPPORT,

    1967 – 2011. Barbados now independent but now highly subsidized by Britain to maintain economic stability. Over the years British economic support has decreased, however during this same timeframe Barbados has become more dependent on assistance from USA, Canada, EU, China, Cuba and numerous CARICOM countries. Basically the country has never been self sufficient and cannot hope to ever be self sufficient. WE need assistance from other world countries just to survive. Think I’m wrong, no petroleum, no electricity, no water, no water, no survival. Not to mention we import the majority of our day to day food. Barbadians have to realize that they have no natural resources, limited industry, limited agriculture and today is totally dependent on tourism, off shore banking and off shore real estate sales for their livelihood.

    Did you ever think why Barbados, as a location, was not fought over by the French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese etc. like other Caribbean Islands, fact is Barbados was considered as an undesirable land of poor soil quality, lack of fresh water and viewed as of little value.

  20. Several commentary’s show obviously distaste for tourists, Bajan’s have to remember it’s your government policy and as such your policy that tourists, off shore banking are here and the associated dollars they bring totally support this country. I personally would not want to go back to my grandparents days of hard work, survival living, poor medical, limited education etc. These tourists and other off shore institutions have raised my standard of living which I’ll fight tooth and nail to maintain it. If the BULLDOG has to go then it’s GONE.

  21. Oh shite Wily it looks like I got my history all wrong.

    I always thought that the labour of the black slaves (in Barbados and many other sugar growing areas) produced a high value crop, sugar (I hear that in its heydey which lasted for at least a couple hundrd years that sugar was more valuable that cocaine is now) which made Britan rich.

    So I always thought that Bajan labour, Bajan soil, Bajan sunshine, Bajan rain, Bajan ingenuity, suported the British people.

    How could I have got it so wrong?

    You mean that Britian at the height of Empire was so loving and so generous that even though they realized that Barbados and Bajans were useless peices of shit, that the British Empire carried on SUPPORTING our foreparents and us from 1625 to 2011?

    Those British people must be the most wonderful people in the word.

    One of these days I’ll have to go visit them and thank them personally.

  22. Wild Cayote appears to be one of those “white people lackies”, he/she seems to be willing to lick “foreigners” backsides for his survival, well go ahead, it takes alot to make this world and I hope one of them fart hard on you. Take it with a mile, they are the ones that are giving you a good life.

  23. David
    El Verno Del Congo sang Welcome the morning sun, just don’t try to change us or rearrange us, we love simplicity. There are certain things that young people do especially boys, for example, stake out kites at night, roast breadfruit, in my day tief cane, plus raid the neighbour fruit trees moonlight night, these are normal boy things, some have become too dangerous but PLEASE the more normal things let children be children. I’ve been in USA and during summer children were out on the street ALL NITE playing street basketball and very noisy, that’s their culture and I learned to adjust, I didn’t try to change them, I was only there for a few weeks, therefore when the tourists or visitors of any kind come here let them adjust too, why must we always try to please everyone and displease our own?

  24. Wily Coyote as they say; throws in the towel, waves the white flag, bowls out etc. I’ll bring up this discussion up again in say 5 to 10 years and we’ll revisit our comments to see what and whom has changed.

  25. After the kite issue. Then they will be another thing they want to change. Right now is a good time to say NO!NO! NO!. Eventually they would get the message and LEAVE OUR CULTURE ALONE.

  26. @Random Thoughts ”I bet that Mr., Mrs. Miss or Ms. Misery even while complaining is trying to find out how he or she can come to live in Barbados permanently.”

    Listen, some peop[le are perennial complainers. Even some bajans. I personally know some like that. If they had a hundred punds of gold, penthouse on the ocean, people doing everything for them, and not have to work, they would STILL complain.

    Complain, complian, xitch about this and xitch about that.

    Miserable xss as tail.

    I run from them people.

    And you k now the joke. They cant see the woods for the trees, because the xhit they complain about, is and will be nothing if in the big picture, the middle east goes to pot.

    Then, we going see how barley grow…or not.

    By the way, where you think the British warships gone? Of course, you know they could and would never admit it, you know what that would do to the oil price? It would shoot past 200 and keep moving.

  27. Random Thoughts
    you in easy a’tall. ya got ma cryin.

    an a betchya when dese peeple cannn find nutton ta complain ’bout dem gun complain dat dem in got nutton ta complain ’bout. fa tru.

  28. Now that Wild coyote has gone.
    Has anyone ever had a big kite stake out over their house right through the night?
    I am a bajan accustomed to kites but a stake out kite aint easy on your night’s rest.

  29. @Charlie
    “”A stake out kite aint easy on your night”s rest.

    Neither arecocks crowing in the early morning hours. Yuh want to ban them too!

  30. you guys say that the cops said they cannot do anything about it yet police from another station told my neighbour that they will come and cut it next time he has it out.Is it legal to do that?

  31. cops from another station than the one mentioned above came and told a neighbour of mine that they will come and cut it the next time he stakes it out at it legal for them to do this?

  32. AC
    Sometimes the cocks crow at night too but they go to sleep eventually not the kites. I like when the cocks crow in the morning because they wake me up, so no problem.
    Flying a kite at night was never a Barbadian tradition.

  33. I got a BICO truck dat is pass my way every odder flippin’ day wid he music blaring … I call management twice fah he rass an’ dey tell me dat de children love it so..! I call de police and get laugh at … reassuringly of course! Now I got a Bajan solution … Big Rock! Wha’ is de penalty fah dat dese days …?

  34. I certainly remembered my brother and his friends flying thier kites all day and staking them out for the night at sunset

    My brother migrated to England in 1960.

    So certainly this tradition is at least 50 years old.

    And confused believed that “police from another station told my neighbour that they will come and cut it next time he has it out.Is it legal to do that?”

    I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn which Iscan sell you. Gimme $5 million US$ and we gone clear.

  35. @Charlie
    See i hate dem cocks crowing in the early morning . but yuh know what that too is part of barbados culture.Yes from ever sense i can remember people have staked out kites.!

  36. Charlie
    I’m in by 60’s and in the village I come from staking out a kite at night was the norm, my older brothers and village boys did it before me, I did it but unfortunately I didn’t do it with my son and now I regret causing him to lose that part of being a bajan lad.

  37. I am also in my 60’s , came up as a a real country buck, and up to when I left these shores towards the end of the ’60’s ,I cannot recall seeing, or rather, hearing of kites being staked out at night.
    Noise and Smoke are now somewhere near the top of the list of our biggest health hazards facing us today.

  38. sumting dat does really really piss me off is dese Jehovah Witnesses dat feel dat it is dem God-given right to knock pun my rasthole house, bram,bram, bram, as hard n steady as dem feel til dem hear sumbody inside. dem doan kno if ya inside sick, if ya work de nite-shiff, or ya havin sex. dem does get me real cruellllll. I plan ta open my window or door de nex time n tell dem strait n plain, ‘ lemme tell wunna sumting see, when wunna-all cum in dis neighba hood, pass dis fcuking house strait or i gun thra sum stale piss pun wunna scunt’.
    BAF, you feel i would get lock-up fa dah affense? I serious as bumba-clawwt.

    i feel when a fella wanna sleep, he does sleep. jus so. tink of de bull-kite as a ‘lullaby’. or count de bzzzzzzzz’s til ya drop off. LOLLL

  39. @ Nationalist, we were staking out kites in the fifties and sixties.
    They were not very loud because our biggest kites were about 24″ long.

    Bajans were not as anal retentive back in the day.

    Making and flying kites was a great pastime for me and my homies.
    There were no patent kites to buy so you made your own.

  40. thank God fuh the windy season! always an excited time of the air> The contest for the biggest kite and the itzy bitzy pieces that go into making them. this a work of art that has taken months to achieve. Watching grown men trying to hoist this monsterous kite in the air with lots os string and a tail the size of a 747 attached. .WOW look at them kites .stake out all night and hoping nobody steal yuh kite . Love Kite Season.

  41. anthony
    one a my disgustin brothas (jus like me) tell me dat dis is de best way ta turn way dem Jehovah Witnesses if ya is a man:
    ‘Open ya door naked as ya born’.
    I almos dead laffin.

    girl, i eat kite-paste (flour n water) anuff when i did growin up n my brothas did mekkin dem kites. ta dis day my gutz still harddd. LOLLL

  42. No i didn’t eat kite paste . But i like cluma-chery seed . I eat dem. I used like to smellthe kite paper . My father did a good job of making kite. This is nostalgia at its best and now they want to take it away from a generation of people who look forward to this time of the year!Sigh!

  43. Ha ha ha … dis t’read is so funny …

    Peps I try dat naked trick wid a bunch ah dem only tah fin’ out that dey was a seven year ol’ girl chile in de pack … I feel bad up ta dis day … fah real! I spoil dat chile fah life …!

  44. I have great difficulty remembering the term “bulldog” kite.

    I used to make kites in the 50’s, 70’s and early 80’s first for myself and my friends and then for my son’s friends in the neighborhood.

    I remember making “singing angels” but not “bulldog” kites.

    Can anyone tell me when the term “bulldog” came up? I know the “bull” was the name for the “semi oval” piece of kite paper that was stuck on the cord part of the kite skeleton and made the noise. Was that what the term “bulldog” came from?

    Staking out was always part of kite flying as far as I remember. Even now there is a kite keeping noise above my house but we have learned to ignore them or just don’t hear them because of the other competing noises of modern life, at least early in the night.

  45. ac I got a Valentine Kite, it shape like a heart, wid a tail, an’ not only does it have bulls, but it got two horns too jus’ like a bull… It too noisy to fly though ..LOL

  46. BAF
    LOL, ya hopeless.

    clamma-cherry seeds? sus croissssssssss. no bosey.but as chil’ren ya use ta eat sum shoite hear n nabody in ded yet.
    i tryin ta pictur dah kite dat BAF got fa you but i cannnnn get um figga out.
    nutton doan stop me from snorin causen i does got on my musik playin lowwwwwwwww n dah is all i does got on too; me radio.nutton mo. whenevva ya turn in de nite, i reddy fa ya. i in scare-ed.

  47. @BAF
    Tanks dear! all dat matters is de heart . I luv a loud beatting hear!

    @ Bonny P

    I can’t sleep through no thunder storm. Or snorning! Ain’t BFP sweet after all de years he got me a valentine wid bull. I thought he supposed to be de bull!

  48. @confused. Illegal or not it would be irresponsible of the police to just cut the kite,as it could end up in a power line causing a major power outage.

  49. ac
    doan get BAF rong, he is ‘de bull’. de udda ‘bull’ is jus he back-up. jess in case.

    My darling, ya got ma brekkin dung n holing up ma clothes.Good ting nabody in home wid ma. ya got ma cryinnnnnnnnnnn.ya is de wuss. I luv ya badddddddd. I did gone fa a while causen de ‘puta’ did down. Had ta get a whole new system. But i gun be gone again soonly causen i gotta get surg’ry pun de eyez. Hopefully I gun be able ta see you betta. ya too swoiteeeeeeeeee. Keep in touch, Hun.

    how de Police would find de kite ta cut de kord? dem kites does be miles away, i tink. de body dat um bodderin could go n cut de kord too. I doan even kno how ya is do um.

  50. Dear confused:

    No it is NOT legal for the police to enter (without a warrant) on to private property and cut somenody’s kite.

    You think that this is a police state?

    The police can only enter with a warant intoprivate properties with a search warrant given by the courts.

    Or if they can enter if they have reasonable and probable reason to believe that a crime is about to be committed.

    And kite flying is NOT a crime.

    You should stop calling and annoying the police. They can do NOTHING for yo in this instance,

    You can cut the kite yourself if it is bothering you instead of worrying the police with nonsense.

    But if the kite owner finds out that you cut his kite cord, then the IRATE owner will probaly deal directly with you and won’t even bother to call the police. And by the way if you cut somebody’s kite cord YOU can be charged with causing criminal damage to somebody’s private property.

    The senaky Bajan way to cut a kite cord is to make a kite yourself, one that is bigger and better that the one annoying you, the attach some razors to your kite, and fly your kite near to the annoying kite and cause the razors to cut the annoying kite’s cord.

    Then haul in your kite, and dispose of the razors before the other owner find out that you cut his kite cord and I’ll repeat the IRATE owner will probaly deal directly with you and won’t even bother to call the police. And by the way if you cut somebody’s kite cord YOU can be charged with causing criminal damage to somebody’s private property.

    I repeat this for you confused because I get the feeling thatyou are a true, true foreigner and are truly confused.

    This is Bajan culture, including dealing with annoyances in a sneaky way because after all that same annoying kite flyer may be a friend or relative, or the son of the woman who cooks your food or minds your children.

    And one NEVER offends one’s cook (nor child minder)

  51. Bosun (in responding to Confused) wrote:

    “@confused. Illegal or not it would be irresponsible of the police to just cut the kite,as it could end up in a power line causing a major power outage.”

    Now what about kites, staked out overnight thus left unattended, which fall when the wind dies down (which it often does at night)? The telephone cable to my home has been damaged by kite string slicing through the insulation. Whenever there is heavy rainfall the water apparently seeps into the line causing disruption to the service. When I was a boy I was instructed to fly my kite away from power lines and thus away from peoples’ homes. I was also instructed to not leave my kite up overnight. There are obviously different Bajan “cultures” in existence. One which is considerate of others and another which doesn’t give a damn about anybody else. Defend your “kulchah”.

  52. i think u guys misunderstood me. I am not the one complaining of peoples kites, i am asking due to the fact that the police came to my neighbours house who flies kites at night and told him plain and simple that look we will come and cut your kite the next time u leave it out and we get complaints but then when my neighbour instructed to tell them that they were 10 others flying and how can it be his when the rest were keeping more noise, the police told him yuh got talk for me i gine cut it right now.Anyways i know guys who had theirs by the police already and when yuh try to mek a point to d police, they want lock yuh up for some foolishness.Oh yeah they bring d person who complain along with them to show where d house was but then turn round and claim that they follow d kite cord

  53. Speaking of another flyer. I live in the Ch.Ch area and since the passage of Tomas, I hardly see any ‘House Flies’, the few around are very small. This is worrying ,as this could be a sign that overuse or exposure of some chemicals in this area could be the underlying cause.

  54. police can’t cut nobody kite. there is no law against having bulls on the kite. If any one dem police cut my kite I am goona put two bulls on dem called lawyers and that ain’t no bull.

  55. Nationalist
    you seem to like flies dat you missin dem. i hate flies. i sorry dat de african snail din suffa de same fate as dem flies. dem tings does scrawl my skin man. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    LOL, murdahhhhhhhhhhhh, ya baddddddddd.

    “Kalling all Kite-Police, Kalling all Kite-Police’.

  56. @Bonny
    you know wuh i hate is people talking loud on a cell phone! dem cell phones gotta go ! a real noise hazard! Some people need to go to cell phone school and get a certificate of validation before they allow to buy and use a cell phone. It is madness out here. It is like living in lala land!

  57. @Bonny
    but bonny de kite BAF got me fuh de valentine. I flew dat one yesterday and talking about noise.i had to take my own advice and buy de earplugs . It took 7 men to hoist dat ting. anyhow i luv de de men even suggest that i put a parachute at the end so dat when it come down it won”t crash .

  58. ac
    girl, cell-fones is one a dem necessary evils dat i cannnnn leff home widout. i gotta got my cell wid me jess in case I brek dong pun de road or get a flat. all dese years i driving n still cannnn change a tire. so i would be in shoite-street if anyting happen wid me pun de rode n i widout my cell. my job entail nuff drivin or walkin. but eff I anyway n sumbody tawkin loud pun dem whun, i does mek sure dat dem see me lookin at dem rale stink n turnin up my mout. i doan drive n nuse minez doe. U got a Blackberry too? I got a Bajancherry.

    it tek 7 men ta hoist BAF ting? I luv a man dat is well-blessed. Bless you BAF.

  59. ac
    girl, cell-fones is one a dem necessary evils dat i cannnnn leff home widout. i gotta got my cell wid me jess in case I brek dong pun de road or get a flat. all dese years i driving n still cannnn change a tire. so i would be in shoite-street if anyting happen wid me pun de rode n i widout my cell. my job entail nuff drivin or walkin. but eff I anyway n sumbody tawkin loud pun dem whun, i does mek sure dat dem see me lookin at dem rale stink n turnin up my mout. i doan drive n nuse minez doe. U got a Blackberry too? I got a Bajancherry.

  60. ”police can’t cut nobody kite. there is no law against having bulls on the kite.”

    Incorrect, public nuisance can be addressed.

  61. Would like to know how to make a singing angel kite – just to open a can of worms 🙂 any ideas, any pictures? don’t worry, we won’t leave it out there all night long 🙂

  62. DAVID,

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