Fighting Back Against The Crime Threat

Commissioner Darwin Dottin

Commissioner Darwin Dottin

The recent tragic attack on two Canadian visitors which occurred on Long Beach was a reality check for Barbados. Our heavy dependence on a good reputation in the tourist market has been placed under threat in the aftermath of the vicious attack. The good reputation as a low crime destination which Barbados has enjoyed over the years has provided the goodwill to absorb the negative result from the attack. Barbados like tourist dependent destinations cannot afford to experience a rise in any illegal activity targeted at tourists especially given the prevailing global economic condition.

We wish the victims Luana Cotsman and her mother-in-law Terry Schwarzfeld, of Ottawa well!

Canada falls into our top two tourist markets. While it is easy to make the point that criminal activity may occur anywhere and at anytime, when it does occur the experience is always negative.The reality check caused by the recent attack is a reminder that Barbadians must be eternally vigilant to ensure that each citizen wears the badge of island protector with honour.

Barbados relative to the other Caribbean countries is a low crime jurisdiction. The balance between managing the Barbados brand and reporting crime presents obvious challenges for the media. As Barbados transforms to a ‘cosmopolitan place’ the new environment will present challenges. This new environment is already showing signs of threatening the stable country which Barbadians have taken for granted for so long. The government MUST start to take decisions in the interest of Barbadians and reprioritize the fixation successive governments seem to place on regional obligations.

To the government’s credit it has responded quickly to the public outcry at the incident which occurred at Long Beach. Barbadians have known for years about the criminal activity which has occurred and likely to occur at Long Beach. Unfortunately it had to take a vicious attack on tourists to galvanize focus on the need to rollout creative security strategies in that area.

They are some who would say that the focus should be on making all of Barbados safe and this would be the true and ideal position if resources permitted. Barbados at this juncture in our economic development must do all that it can to protect the reputation of Barbados as a low crime tourist destination. If that good reputation takes a big hit so too the high standard of living we have come to enjoy.

The Barbados government may want to take this opportunity to evaluate the one-sided contribution tourism makes to our economy. Is there scope to diversify the economy? Is this a national discussion we should be having?

We take this opportunity to encourage Barbadians and others everywhere to report and tips to the authorities which may lead to the apprehension of criminals. You should call the Royal Barbados Police Force Hotline at (246) 429-8787 or go to the Crime Stoppers Website where tips can be reported anonymously for rewards.

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  1. The last thing I would like to see is police in uniform patrolling the beaches. There are far more subtle ways of doing things. That having been said, take a good, serious look at the Chief. Lawyer or not does this human being look like someone that instils confidence?

    My two favourite topics. The police and the media people. Megalomaniacs.

  2. Crime is crime, so even though tourism is important to Barbados, the continued differential in responses by those in authority limits the success in the overall fight.

    A safer Barbados for all should be the mission, crimes against locals should merit the same alacrity imho.

  3. But the underlying problem is this; can the police or BDF patrol every square inch of coastline at every second of every day? I think we all know the answer to that.

    I am sorry, like everyone else is, that this has happened but the sad thing is that irregardless of how many police patrol these areas you will still get crime.

    Maybe it’s that we’ve sold Utopia to our guests. Maybe we’ve established a false sense of security which belies the fact that this country is victim to crime, just like anywhere else.

    Would there have been this outcry if it were locals that had been attacked? Or would it have been “Wuh dem did doing ’bout dey walking ’bout pun dah empty beach?”

  4. What about the brutal attack on an American woman on the boardwalk at 1 pm a week ago last Wednesday? It was reported to the police, the tourist board and Crimestoppers but not a word have I seen in any newspaper, blog or e-news. How many more are there like this?

  5. Our local Police Force is into reactive policing & not being proactive.Our Police love to solve crime and not to prevent it.

    It is unfortunate what happened to that white Canadian tourist,however if that person was a Black tourist or a local Black Barbadian would the hype & hysteria be there.

    Where are Richard Sealy,Dr Denis Lowe or any of our MP’s when Black people of Barbados are subjected to crime on a daily basis.

    A white tourist lady got attacked and all sort of damage controls must be put in place.We do not give a damn when Black People suffered similar misfortunes but a white woman had a unfortunate incident and all of us are panicking.

    It seems some people lives valued more than others.Our leaders are still locked in the colonial mindset.Richard Sealy is the chief among them.

  6. Why should the efforts of the ”BPF go to protecting the ‘tourist?” Is that what your average bajan live for, or slave for everyday — to protect that damn tourist? What about the locals who smell hell daily? Look how many Blacks are disenfranchised and discriminated against and even murdered in the same countries from when these ‘tourist’ came and absolutely nothing is done about it? Why should bajans lose sleep over a ‘tourists’ being attacked? If this was a world where MAAT ruled I would say yea, lets protect them, but do they protect Black people? To hell with the damn slave mind-set! Look out for your own first.

    Anonymous…..What about state-sanctioned murder against Blacks in AmeriKKKa at the hands of the cops who are hardly ever convicted? Why don’t you highlight that too!

  7. We should try to scale down the rhetoric and replace it with commonsense. With the best will/plan in the world crime will exist. Let us accept that if Barbados develops the reputation as a crime destination like Mexico currently has for example, the conversation we are currently having will not only be about escalating crime but we would have to toss in high unemployment as well. Some issues we have to be pragmatic while at the same time dealing with the esoteric.

  8. David……What rhetoric? Do you think Mexico is undergoing a crime wave by accident? This is all orchestrated because it will lead to a specifically, intended outcome. How long have we been using ‘commonsense’ and getting the same results. This issue with tourist attacks and the rude boy culture are just symptoms of a bigger problem.

  9. Thanks for raising this subject David. It would be interesting to know what your readers’ solutions are to the rising tide of crime in Bim!!

  10. Hopi wrote “Anonymous…..What about state-sanctioned murder against Blacks in AmeriKKKa at the hands of the cops who are hardly ever convicted? Why don’t you highlight that too!”

    Dear Hopi: Since you are an American living in America, why don’t you work at fixing American’s problems.

    In case you did not notice this is Barbados Underground, not America Underground.

  11. …..J/Harry Keen……FYI, I am not an ‘American.’ My identity supercedes such. Didn’t Anonymous mention an attack on an ‘American woman, as if she should be given some damn priority? Bet you too caught up in your arrogant know-it-all arse to see the relativity. And no, I’m not here to fix amerikkka’s problems, I’m here to fix my own and that of my offspring and the only way I can do that is with self-knowledge. You got a problem with that? How are you gonna solve the above-mentioned problem? Or are you just here to nit-pick?

  12. @Hopi

    Understand the argument you are raising but in Barbados the solutions will be challenging given the lack of leadership combined with the influences of outside cultures(USA, Jamaica). National pride has been surrendered in Barbados for an “anything goes” culture. We have to start some where Hopi.

  13. David….What is the cause of the surrender of the ‘national pride?’ for the ‘anything goes’ culture?

    • Not sure we have the answers Hopi. There is the blurring of national boundaries, referred to as globalization, not to forget the influence of tourism and immigration. Some may even mention the large percent of the population educated at foreign universities, TV of course. All these things perhaps combining to dilute national culture – morals, mores.

  14. It would be interesting to know what your readers’ solutions are to the rising tide of crime in Bim!!
    Despite the talk that everyone has I do believe that the RBPF does a relatively good job.

    However, the problem is the Whoyahknow Mentality. Many Bajans know some “outstanding” members of this society who are deep in the criminal underworld but nothing is done because of Whoyahknow.

    Police may get a tip but depending on who the investigating officer may be it might not progress because of Whoyahknow.

    Whoyahknow can get you out of almost anything!

    Aside from that, we must ask ourselves some questions:

    1)Are we prepared for having a heavily policed state like Antigua where tourists are interrogated on their plans for the evening (even though its for their own good)?

    2) Do we continue to put faith in a justice system that fails to follow up on prosecutions in a timely manner?

    3)Can we get rid of Whoyahknow?

  15. David…… Wouldn’t you say that this diluting of national culture – morals & mores is all part of some sinister global plan? From the get-go was the society really deeply grounded in any cultural norms/morals that could withstand such an onslaught and if not shouldn’t we fully examine our ‘culture’ that could be so easily swayed with each passing wind?

  16. Give me an Office of Professional Responsibility that works. Give me a Police Complaints Commission that works. Give me a sensible Police Commissioner that would think twice about saddling up storm troopers in riot gear to attack protesting UWI students and I would say that we have gotten to base one in dealing with crime in BIM.

  17. ‘Tourism Monkey’, thank you for that enlightening reply although it does n’t appear to have made much of an impression on the other posters here, yet, it strikes me as having the strong ring of truth about it!!

    BAFBFP, don’t forget that we’re of British tradition and I think we’re looking for a British/Barbadian style solution, not an American one!!

    ‘Tourism Monkey’s diagnosis makes emineint sence to me. The question now is how we resolve the problem!!

    David, I’d be interested to hear more from you about the “American and Jamaican influences” and how you think we might stop their infiltration of our small nation!!

  18. Rather than haphazardly throw about all of this ” crime information”, Someone In Bim. should gain access to the crime statics ( public records ? ) And post them here. I for one would like to see them. Has crime risen, or is it a matter of reporting, and perception ? FACTS PLEASE
    I see a lot of the, ” if it were blacks, would there be an out cry” type of thinking.
    Rather than throw out raciest statements, based on nothing other than supposition, show the case in point, the statistics, etc. If racism is important to you , and I hope it is. Why would you take a tact that can only inflame, rather than improve ?
    To 199’s, and Davids concern about outside cultures, and the control of their influence.
    If you openly invite mass numbers of people from another culture, to come to your country, ( tourism ) note that this does not apply to Jamaican rude boys. Then you have to accept that there will be influences brought with them. And locals will do things to make their guest as comfortable as possible, so they will come back, and spend more money. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.
    Everyday brings a ” one world people” closser to the norm.

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  20. I see a lot of the, ” if it were blacks, would there be an out cry” type of thinking.
    Please note that in my post I mentioned “locals” because I am sure that if were “Bajan White” people the response would have been the same (Wha dem did doing out dey?)

  21. 199,
    No, I’m saying that they, ” rude boys” were not invited to Bim. to join in and enjoy a wonderful country. They just showed up looking to make money. And seem to have rather a, ” screw you ” mentality.
    And BTW, On my visits there I found the PSV’s to be VERY annoying, even with just thier passing, no way I would ride another after the first experience. I recall thinking, ” what is wrong with these people, do they NOT want riders on these buss’s ?” The Z’s weren’t that bad, ( by US. standards). Their sound systems were limited to portables.
    Not only are the PSV’s a bad influence on the youth of Bim, but on the tourism industry as well. If I wanted the head bang Reggie party down and dirty Jamaican experience,….I would have gone to Jamaicaaaa mun !!

  22. Daniel….why should bajans measure their standards by a US yardstick? Who the hell do you think you are? Isn’t it the same US yardstick that has the world in turmoil today. You think that PSVs are a bad influence on young people and tourism? How about bold face lies that bombs the future out of young people as well? Bet you don’t think that affects young children!

  23. …….’If I wanted the head bang Reggie party down and dirty Jamaican experience,….I would have gone to Jamaicaaaa mun !!

    ROTFL………Yeah right… would have gone to JA is right……BUT…I bet you you would stay in Negril or New Kingston……..guess why you would not go to Portmore or Tivoli Gardens .

  24. Hopi,
    You’re a twit. You only try to pull people into confrontation and don’t merit a response, twist someone else’s words. Other than to say you’re right about the US. I’ll have not to do with you.

    What do you know of me ? Why would you expect me to view the world through the near sighted vision of a tourist ? Staying, or even being inside of the whitewashed walls of tourist town isn’t my way of communacating or interacting with people. When in Bim. I stay at one of the 60-70$ BB, guest homes, I prefer Spightstown. If you know of some place cheaper, please let me know. And I only use the bus’s. Why are you being so judgmental ?

  25. daniel……. You still agreed with the twit, didn’t ya? You nitwit! You say I’m confrontational, I say I refuse to be told what to think or how to think. Figure you can thread this piece with your ‘Up North know-better-than-y’all’ attitude and talk down to people boy? Get a grip of yaself. Be off!

  26. I’m would not for one instance suggest that the incedent with the Canadian ladies was not done by a bajan. I furture wish them a speedy ans complete recovery, since not only does it not nice for Barbados but Canada, Toronto especially< is one of the nicest places I visit in North America. However, tourists has to realise that this is NOT Utopia and as suvh they cannot drop their guard completely once they arrive at the air or sea ports . Also, with the influx or rather invasion of so many nationalities of people in this little confined space call Barbados, we do have ALL degrees of people. We have become like a mini N.Y and that is one place that my guard is always up and on FULL alert. Let’s not fool ourselves, Barbados is no longer the same country it was ten to fifteen years ago and unless and until we realise this we would be fooling the tourists and ourselves. Let’s stop burying our heads in the sand and accept that we have lost the Barbados that we once know and loved, GEM of the caribbean. Plus let us treat ALL crime in Barbados with the same level of importants. Incedentally, they are some tourists that we welcome to our shores that are just as or more criminal minded than those we know about. The Barbados Police Force is NOT equipped tp handle the level of crime that is emerging in this country.There must be a link between the Police and Immigration

  27. Let’s stop burying our heads in the sand and accept that we have lost the Barbados that we once know and loved, GEM of the caribbean.


    Scout, it would be interesting to hear why, in YOUR opinion, this has happened!!

  28. 199
    You would have to be in Barbados and experience what I’m talking about. I don’t know how old you are but even if you’re thirty years and over and not visit Barbados for a five to ten year period, the BARBADOS that you would encounter would not be the last one you left . People not friendly anymore, if you’re walking the street, they would just bounce you out of the way for them to pass, no-one or very few now say words like, excuse me, thank you, please etc. Coupled with that the accent you hear on the street is no longer a bajan one but 60% guyanese, 25% other, including Vincie, Jamaicie, Loucian, Chinese and a few others, the other 15% bajan. The court report in the newspaper follows the same trend, the schools are loaded with children of various nationalities and some strange names. Even in your neighbourhood, and villages almost all in Barbados , have mainly guyanese living there and in their numbers. This is a totally different country than not only what I grew up in but that was here just a few short 15 years or so ago. Not that we didn’t have non-bajans living here before but the large influx now left you wondering when you put down your vehicle and mingle among the people, if you are really in Barbados. It is getting scarry, since some of the remarks you hear from these people is hostile to bajans and Barbados.

  29. Scout, you are taking this thing really serious. Be careful, you might get heart a attack! Go see a doctor. Better yet, seek God – He made all of us. Non of us are here by accident. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosovere believeth in Him shall have everlasting life – He did not die only for “Righteous” Barbadians – He died for the entire Human Race – All Sinners – to which Trinis, St. Lucians,Vincentians, Guyanese, Chineses, Indians, Britons and all other nationalities belong. Let us seek solutions to problem, instead of bashing a people or a natioanlity. Rememer the world is round – when it is night in one part of the world, it is dark in the other, and so the cycle continues.

  30. Optimist,
    I find your view to be much more on point, than those concerned with color, or on which side of a line someone drew on a map you were born.
    One world, one breath, one people.
    If God wanted lines all over the earth…He would have put them there .

  31. Scouts comments only seem to be directed to what he has seen in the way of change, such is the evaluation of all things. Once upon a time there were only native Indians on the Island.
    I didn’t get any since of judgmentalisum from Scout.
    In a way, none of us live in the place we were born, and grew up.

  32. Optimist & Daniel

    Why not direct that line of thinking to the people of Europe & Asia.

    In many Europeans countries measures are being put in place to limit the number of Non-Europeans people in many Europeans countries.Likewise the same policy is in place in many Asiatic countries.

    Can anyone tell me what is the percentage of Non-Chinese people living in China.I do not know the answer and I am curious to find out.

    Why is it when Black People try to do things to protect themselves and preserve their heritage we have these christian hum bugs like Daniel & Optimist to come with us with their christian hog wash.

    Daniel & Optimist go with that line of reasoning to the Israelis,Palestinians,Chinese & Europeans and see if those people will be receptive to the bull shit the two of you is espousing.

    Optimist & Daniel go and tell Europeans to open up Europe to Non-European people.Tell Chinese to open up China to Non-Chinese people.Tell Israelis to open up Israel to Non-Israelis and tell Palestinians to open up Palestine to Non-Palestinians.

    Hum-bugs like the two of you always want to come and dictate to Black people what we should do and not do but you all do not have the courage to tell the other races what they should do or not do.

    Daniel & Optimist Barbados is Black people country and Scout is right in his defence of a Black Barbados.

    We do not want any rat catcher/mango seller Pakistanis & Indians in Barbados.Neither do we want the Indo-Guyanese human germs.

    Barbados is for Black Barbadians only.The rest of other ethnic groups could go and disappear

  33. Negroman,
    I am not a Christian, one doesn’t have to be affiliated with any religion to believe in the equality of mankind. Or his right to walk wherever he wants on the earth.
    If you’re logic were true, should not Barbados be for Carribindians, not for the Blacks that displaced them ? Or perhaps the Spanish the first non- carribs to arrive. Maybe the English then, they were on the Island before Blacks. THEN the blacks were brought over from Africa, Their native land.
    So how do you chose where to draw the line of, who should be where ?
    Do you think the White Bajins of English heritage should preserve their heritage ?
    Bigots never cease to amaze me. If anyone is qualified to know what a “human germ” is………’s them.

  34. Just thought everyone would like to know that the Lady has now officially DIED.

    I absolutely cannot believe how absolutely inept the Barbados Government is.How many more tourist will have to die before this Government gets the message.You cannot pussyfoot enforcement issues !

    This has now officially become another Antiguan incident in the Caribbean.
    “OTTAWA — Terry Schwarzfeld, the Ottawa woman who was attacked and robbed while on vacation in Barbados last month, has died.

    Schwarzfeld and her daughter-in-law, Luana Cotsman, from Guelph, were attacked by a lone man while walking on Long Beach, in the island country’s south end, during the afternoon of Feb. 28.

    Schwarzfeld was struck in the back of the head with a hunk of wood. She was flown back to Ottawa, unconscious, and died Wednesday morning.

    Cotsman is recovering from her injuries.

    The man fled after the attack, and police in the Caribbean country recently announced a reward of $10,000 Barbados dollars (about $6,400) for information leading to his arrest.

    Officials are also installing police kiosks at Long Beach, where the attack occurred. “

  35. Yeah,I just saw the news reports here in the U.S.I think now is the time to call Government & let them know this is absolutely unacceptable on all levels.

    You cannot pussyfoot enforcement issues by hiding behind a “managed migration policy”.This is now officially another Antiguan incident

  36. What is unacceptable, Jay? That a tourist should be the victim of some hapless lout/crazy ? What has the government got to do with this…ensure that there are no criminal-minded individuals in Barbados?

  37. It is indeed very sad news, may she rest in peace.
    Well said Juris, this is not a you versus us situation, we are all part of this event, we all should show compassion and sympathy someone who came here as a visitor was attacked and has died as a result of that attack do not gloat on it Jay it is very, very poor taste.

    This is not a BLP or DLP event this is an event that affects all Barbadians and the family of this visitor.

  38. DanieI, I agree about Negroman he is obviousIy a bit deranged but I cant heIp finding his taIk of “hum bugs” rather endearing I cant heIp wondering what they are Iike! Iike a mixture between a firefIy and a tree frog? As for “human germs”, as an insuIt it somehow Iacks impact! I can understand Scout’s point of view, when change happens so suddenIy it is a shock. Anyone been to Iondon IateIy?

  39. @Juris

    It is unacceptable for any government to be laxed when in comes to enforcement issues when it comes to rising crime.From since when have you heard anyone being mugged @ 4:00 p.m in the afternoon in Barbados ?

    This not just some damn simple mugging,it is a MURDER.

  40. Jay……’Yea i just saw the news here in the US.’ In your neck of the woods, have you ever posted the info of your local, state & federal government as being culpable in the attack on or in death of any black person? Have you ever done that? You miss-step-n-fetch-it are so damn ready to indict the GOB and by xtension the whole country for the action of one or maybe two individuals. When other local bajans are killed by another fellow bajan do you get so irate and excited? Always willing to sell out ya damn birthright for a morsel of bread. TRAITOR.

  41. Many of the
    South American countries
    are using the Caribbean territory as
    pawns in the drug trade.
    So with Jamaica, now with

    I’ve watch a program with Anthony Bourdain recently
    where the Colombians were proudly showing off their
    violence reduced society .
    They have simply gotten smarter and relocated the chaos and mayhem elsewhere to people who sell their own country out due to poverty and ignorance for a quick profit.

    The South American
    drug battle grounds, cartels and
    carnage of the 80s and 90s is
    now deep in the Caribbean and We will have to stay alert to combat it from happening in our back yards.

    The same with drug, firearms and smuggling attempts led by intra-Caribbean gangs now, and they get their goods & financial backing from South America.

    Be wary of South Americans,
    including Venezuela and Russians – who suddenly want to align themselves with Caribbean bearing gifts.

    Why does South America & Russia want to become dictators to the Caribbean and infiltrate the Caribbean’s politics now at this point in time? Venezuela has one of the highest Murder rates in South America, You’d think they’d repair their own home first, before attempting to control the Caribbean!
    Russia is helping the drug cartels in

    Then it’s the control of world wide Oil factor.
    Trinidad has Oil, but it did not reduce the gangs and murders there.

    South America wants to make inroads into your country’s structure,
    imbed their ideaology and change the Caribbean’s Laws and
    export their gangs, arms and violence to your territory freely.

    It’s a very smart move on their part, while they are still supplying the contraband, they are
    reaping most of profits from it’s sales, but the Violence & Carnage is
    exported and thrust on the smaller Caribbean Islands.

    Their Countries can produce export and live in relative peace. While
    The “dirty work ” and killings goes on in the Caribbean, tourism will go down
    and the economy will be wreckes the islands full of drug dealers
    and to those that succomb? Drug users committing crimes against it’s own population. If Jamaica is our friend
    why are the hell-bent on exporting
    their drugs to other islands in the Caribbean?

    Do You See It? The Intra-Caribbean
    & South American Drug dealers are making their move to export their
    mayhem on other islands, Are We ready for it??

    Murders fall in J’ca but rise in T&T

    Jamaican fined $5,000 for drug possession

    J’cans held ganja spliff in Antigua

    Drug mule begs for mercy

    Bid to sneak out $5m in cocaine fails

    Eastern Caribbean Nations Vulnerable To Drug Trafficking!
    he U.S. State Department`s 2009 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report claims that
    Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines remain susceptible to drug traffickers from the South American continent bent on marketing illegal drugs to markets in the U.S. and Europe.

    `Illicit narcotics transit the Eastern Caribbean mostly by sea, in small “go-fast” vessels, larger fishing vessels, yachts and freight carriers,` states the latest report.

  42. I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Government and people of Barbados to extend our deepest condolences to the family/relatives of Ms.Terry Schwarzfeld and to wish a ‘hurried’ recovery to Ms Luana Cotsman.
    I know that it is a most unfortunate incident and you can be assured that our Authorities will leave no stone unturned to protect not only Locals but Visitors alike, to see that such criminals are brought to justice. In this changing world, we know that criminals are becoming more obnoxious and will not hesitate to ‘shed blood’. While this may be true, we can still boast that our crime rate is one of the lowest in the Caribbean and our island is still one of the safest in which you can relax and enjoy a friendly, hospitable vacation.
    I hope that this will not tarnish your desire to return to our little “Gem” with its white sandy beaches, Harrison’s Cave, which is the world’s 8th Wonder and all the other tourist attractions including our flora and fauna.
    Our people are still very warm and friendly despite this unfortunate incident and we would like to extend a warm friendly welcome to all Canadians and other visitors alike.
    We are indeed sorry.

    My family and I have visited Canada on many occasions and found it to be a very beautiful, clean country.Niagara Falls are simply awesome, especially at night.

    May God grant her eternal rest and the family strength.

    “Through all the changing scenes of life,in trouble and in joy, the praises of my God shall still, my heart and tongue employ”.

  43. It is unfortunate that the lady died,however where are the bleeding hearts when Black People & other Non-White people are murdered in this world.

    In the September 11,2001 attacks a few thousand people died and Irag,& Afganistan had to pay and is still paying with lost of thousands upon thousands of their people life including children for that attack.Where are the bleeding hearts for the unfortunate Iragis & Afganistanis.A similar fate is happening to the Palestinians in Palestine at the hands of the Israelis.
    In London recently a Brazillian national was killed by the British Police and a few years ago a Black boy Steven Lawrence was savagely killed by a bunch of white hooligans.Where are the bleeding hearts for the those 2 deaths.In the USA Black people are murdered almost daily at the hands of white murderous police officers and I hear no outcry from the bleeding hearts on this blog.In Barbados we have Black People being murdered and I do not see our parliamentarians showing any great concern for the lost of Black life in Barbados.

    In this world it seems that white life values more than any other ethnic group life and when a white person dies in unfortunate circumstances the whole world must weep for the white life gone.The opposite is true for other ethnic groups lives

    Black people especially the colonial imprisoned ones always jump to the defence of white people and worry and care more about those white people lives than even their own Black people lives.

    It seems we will never learn.

  44. Hopi
    Wait, dah is de “ambassadorism’ dat you an Scout ‘tek-way’ from we girl Riri? (dat Riri name ting is sickening).
    Trust you ta get tings done.
    Tanks, anyway.

    I weep whenever a life is lost, especially prematurely or tragically, regardless of colour, class or creed. So I know dat you don’t include me wid dem anti-black ‘bleeding-hearts’. Rite? You is still my main squeeze doe, like um or not. Dat is after Hopi doe.(teehee)

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  46. Give me an Office of Professional Responsibility that works. Give me a Police Complaints Commission that works. Give me a sensible Police Commissioner that would think twice about saddling up storm troopers in riot gear to attack protesting UWI students and I would say that we have gotten to base one in dealing with crime in BIM.
    A disgraceful incident the iron fist in the er iron fist.
    Among those manhandled were several young women
    It just shows we Barbados Police can be tough and effective especially when they are faced with desperate offenders.

  47. Wunna see dah lil boy dat dah hole fa de Canadian tourist death doe? Lord have mercy. He in loss he ‘mudda’ feachers yet. lord mek peace. He want a good ol bajan ‘cut-ass’ and I would gih he one if I could. It is sad for both families man. sad, sad, sad.

  48. As a Barbadian living in the United States,I konw for a Fact the the Royal Barbados Police Force have some of the best human being anyone would want to meet, and the reason I know this is that I grew up behind District a police station as a boy and I could say without a doubt that my association with the police made me the man I am today. Now the police have a hard job keeping law and order in Barbados, and so far their have done a good job, Because all in hear about Barbados is good thing in America; and the public in Barbados need to commend them for the job that their are doing. Thank you

  49. Negroman, March 18, 2009 at 11:50 AM:

    “We do not want any rat catcher/mango seller Pakistanis & Indians in Barbados.Neither do we want the Indo-Guyanese human germs.

    “Barbados is for Black Barbadians only.The rest of other ethnic groups could go and disappear.”

    Thank you, Negroman, for your contribution to humankind’s knowledge.

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