LIME (Cable & Wireless) Being Squeezed By Scammer: Are Barbadians Being Told The Truth?

phonescamBarbadians who read the Nation newspaper yesterday would have learned about a scam where LIME (Cable & Wireless) customers are being targeted by fraudsters. The way the scam works: a LIME customer receives a text or call from a telephone number in the range 00 88213 213505 which could result in the customer being billed up to USD15.00 per minute. LIME (Cable & Wireless) was quick to make it clear that calls and text messages to these numbers (00 882) will be billed at the applicable international rate.”

In the absence of an investigative media, a Fair Trading Commission (FTC)  which is customer centric and a passive consumer advocacy environment, Barbadians have been left to wonder who are to look after their interest in cases highlighted by this latest scam.

Fortunately some of us have the Internet.

The Opera Telcom scam perpetrated on Barbadians last year and featured exhaustively on BU and Barbados Free Press was done with the help of the discussion forum, The Scream. The Scream is a UK based online forum dedicated to exposing information about ISPs.  We must confess that the discussions can get very technical.

Luckily for Barbadians they have taken a keen interest in the latest scam which seems to be targeted at LIME (Cable & Wireless). The first nugget of information which should interest Barbadians is that the LIME (Cable & Wireless) customer database may have been hacked by fraudsters. It  may explain why only LIME customers are being affected and not Digicel.

Secondly, we want to take issue with the statement which was issued by LIME (Cable & Wireless) reported in the Nation newspaper “calls and text messages to these numbers (00 882) will be billed at the applicable international rate.” According to The Scream the telephone operator does not keep all that money. According to the international carrier agreement it has with the foreign operator it routes the call to, it must send that operator a portion of the take.” The gist of the quote confirms that whether LIME (Cable&Wireless) want it or not they will be receiving revenue from the fraudulent calls. It is therefore untruthful for LIME (Cable & Wireless) to issue the statement that customers will have to pay applicable international rates. The honest statement would have been to indicate  that LIME customers would benefit from adjustments after the redistribution of the the international carrier commissions received by LIME (Cable & Wireless).

For members of the BU family who are interested in the origination of the 882 number, here is what The Scream has posted:

88213 is a virtual country code assigned by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to Telespazio S.p.A. of Rome, Italy about 10 years ago. All numbers starting by 00 88213 are controlled directly or indirectly by Telespazio. They are intended for special calls to the Emsat network vis satellite. International carrier agreements allow your local telephone operator to charge whatever has been agreed to for this international satellite service. Could be as high as 9 euros/minute, maybe even more.

THEREFORE, NEVER, EVER CALL ANY NUMBER STARTING WITH 00 88213 …unless you really know who you are calling!

Here is the link to all the information about this scam. We invite the journalists in Barbados to do some work after reading what our friends over at The Scream have posted.

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106 Comments on “LIME (Cable & Wireless) Being Squeezed By Scammer: Are Barbadians Being Told The Truth?”

  1. Tell me Why December 4, 2008 at 4:57 PM #

    @ ALL

    What are you opinions about the new wireless internet – SIEMENS SE567 WLAN? I have one that always going off-line. The worst thing is this piece of equipment always running hot.My neighbour’s equipment melt and distorted by the excessive heat. We need to voice our displeasure with this inferior equipment, no wonder these people nett $91 million.


  2. David December 4, 2008 at 5:05 PM #


    You don’t have to buy a wireless modem from LIME.


  3. Tell me Why December 4, 2008 at 5:31 PM #

    You don’t have to buy a wireless modem from LIME.
    I did not buy the modem from them, it was an updated model. I am of the opinion that this replacement is a cheap 3rd world reject.


  4. DISTURBIA 2 December 4, 2008 at 10:27 PM #

    @ Disturbed….Chantelle is that you my friend, the niece of the personal assistant to VP of HR. Are you one of the 2 to be left in HR????????????????????????????


  5. PISSED OFF December 4, 2008 at 10:41 PM #

    @Disturbed I would be defending my company as well if I came from working Directories to an Admin job and @ present not knowing what your job title is unless you count in sending out birthday greetings. Please get a grip. The company you holding so close to your heart is bullshitting it’s employees and it’s customers or have you not seen that. YOU STILL ON DE LIST. NO FRIGGIN COMMITMENT LETTER FOR YOU CHANTELLE!!!!!


  6. FASHION POLICE December 4, 2008 at 10:46 PM #

    What I can advise you to do is to let LIME give you some new uniforms cause it hurts me to see you walking bout everyday wid dem tight ass skirts and you leg rubbing nuff to burn down de contact centre b4 we get we money.


  7. Time to Lime December 5, 2008 at 8:27 AM #

    That is just wrong fashion police. You did not have to go there ! Cudear, lets change the subjuect, talk about modems and LIME please…..I shame!


  8. CALLING OUT C ON DE SHITE SHE TALKING December 5, 2008 at 8:34 AM #

    @ DISTURBED!!!! C (she “works” in de Contact Centre) you really should be ashamed of yourself. You really talking like you went school @ Combermere fuh trute. PISSED OFF said all I wanted to say. All de ass you did was answer directory enquiry calls & dem use to got you good. Every damn minute you complaining bout de same customers & frustrated @ de same C&W or LIME, (whatever de dogs calling demselves) when you has to answer calls. We all know de company underhanded. I was one dem rob. I work 6 days & NEVER get time & 1/2 / overtime. I work nights & NEVER get night differential. I work shift & NEVER get rota. So when you get in here & talk your c==t I know dat all you trying to do is suck up & get a permanant position in de ppl new organisation. Right now you are working in a position that has no job description. What de f==k do you do for de ppl money when de day come?????? NOTHING!!!!! So you will have no problem defending the company that pays you do NOT one fuck. We dont mind a company doing what it has to do. What we are angry about is the manner in which they are doing it.


  9. Sad Bajan December 5, 2008 at 9:46 AM #

    I am a little late to the discussion but let me make my two cents worth even if it is worth a lot less.

    I trust nothing which comes out of the mouth of anyone who are associated with Lime or whatever name they have chosen. I firmly believe they are scam artist has always been and will always be. I would not be surprise if first this scam is bogus and second if someone directly related to Lime is responsible for creating it. Notice they have not mentioned (unless I missed it) anywhere, where persons money would be refunded in the off chance that you were a victim of this so-called scam.

    However, I don’t feel for silly Bajans who after being robbed by them for so many years and after having a choice still chose to throw good money after bad.


  10. Disturbed! December 5, 2008 at 10:05 AM #

    @Calling Out C On De Shite She Talking- It is quite sad when persons can get so violent for no reason. it is also quite obvious you have something against poor C. Wonder what she ever did you. Must ask Ed or Ricky who this young lady is so someone can take her under their wing! Better yet Donovan knows all our old comrades so will definitely link him!

    @ALL- i am figuring that all if not most of you here work with poor C or at least know her through association.Its a pity to tell the truth because you are correct. if she works in the centre everyone knows that she has BEEN SERVED as well tsk tsk…but other out here have too. My department is sitting on eggs waiting to hear who is going to be going, and YES we are going to get touched as well because THE ENTIRE company will regardless of age, sex, association or salary.We have all been given our walking papers indefinitely, but rest be assured we will all get them. Fortunately, she seems to have enough common sense somehow to keep her head above water UP AND ON!!!!!(Obviously a Combermerian!)

    Needless to say I will search for her and let her know not to eat anything from her fellowmen because it is quite obvious that bitterness has consumed the whole lot of you lol. Sorry to see that you have tried to defame the young lady, especially since i would hate to believe she is as endowed as I am in certain places ;), and if we are talking Contact Centre, I could probably be your father But now that I see who is talking I expect no better.

    Please see ROK ” I can see that you are a man of standards; just don’t be a fool for anybody else or in you efforts, hold up the wicked, otherwise you should ask yourself what you are doing??? ” I so thought you guys figured out who it is by now lol.

    Unfortunately I can’t speak to what the young lady does or does not do but I am sure her appraisal will speak for itself if your department does them.I wont speak to the “little girl issues” since it is personal attacks on the young lady who, unfortunately, isn’t here to defend herself, so when you people get back to the mature stage on talking about issues link a brother. I suspect most of you are women too (at least I would hope so), but Chris, I do agree arguement is good for the soul.

    In addition, it is utterly sad that you people attck others but bitterness seems to RULE! Poor Don is just doing his job as others do, yet you want his head on a platter. When will you young people grow to hell up!!!ALL OF US will be out there looking for a job soon, and yes, i too gave some of my best years to this company, almost eleven, but I can tell you one thing, i ain’t do nothing wrong, and I aint trying to be bitter with nobody. you guys need to educate yourselves with what is happening out there in the world of work and realize its not only LIME, this shit happens everyday! Hopefully, when you guys leave, you will find something to occupy your minds that is constructive instead of attacking people who make something of themselves in life.

    @ Disturbed

    Please stop using multiple IDs and stop the you know what. We welcome good discussion but stop abusing the previledge.



  11. CALLING OUT CHANTEL December 5, 2008 at 10:07 AM #

    chantel jones is DISTURBED


  12. CALLING OUT C "DISTURBED" December 5, 2008 at 10:27 AM #



  13. CALLING OUT C "DISTURBED" December 5, 2008 at 10:28 AM #



  14. FASHION POLICE December 5, 2008 at 11:11 AM #

    Let me apologise to C, ur right let’s not go down that road. My humblest apologies. Let’s go to the issue @ hand, let’s give her a trophy for answering dq in the shortest call time (after doing it for 4yrs u should know all de #s without having 2 search). Next let me applaud you for going down to de wire wid your beloved LIME. Last but not least for trying to fake who you are and pretending you’re someone else, but a little point to you. There were a total of 5 Combermerians in the centre. Two of the males took packages, so that leaves 3 C,M and J(sup). It would then mean that it has to be 1 out of 3. Can’t really see the other 2 defending LIME. hmmmmmm. So if u don’t work in RCC don’t pretend that you know what goes on in there, don’t act like you have a clue because you don’t. We were never a part of C&W and it has been proven we are no longer wanted in LIME. They took the agents’ ideas and used them to train the Lucians & whoever else getting jobs. So should we feel ok about the way they treated us? NO. When staff in the RCC worked their asses off they Dodd & Donald were plotting to kick our A***S OUT THE DOOR. Management stated clearly redeployment was a means of giving the agents hope when there was none. So proud ‘Combermerian’stand tall defend the company that takes bread from the mouths of blacks. Really sick and tired of wunna that feel wunna went school somewhere and others didn’t. Ppl in de center went from Harrison’s to Grantley Adams and could still read a bill balance.


  15. Disturbed! December 5, 2008 at 11:41 AM #

    @ Fashion Police- the point on Combermere was to indicate why the level of dedication so get off it!I refuse to have that conversation with you because it is quite irrelevant to the topic at hand.

    Back to the issue- You don’t have to work in the RCC to know what is going on there. That is the problem, you guys always thought no one cared and that you were treated the worst. I can bring technicians to talk about their plight, credit management, even IT! I have people in my department that have worked here for years much more than myself and they have seen transformation galore! That centre is what? 8 years? 9 years? You guys haven’t began to see anything as yet!

    I too had to call the centre on many occassions to get assistance with my ADSL and i will admit one thing, the agents had the knowledge! I am not supporting black people getting the bread taken from them, if you were reading, you would see that I also indicated I too would be on the breadline even though I have’nt gooten official notice as yet. This mess is not just about the RCC its also about all of us out there who will soon be going home.

    My emphasis on this whole situation is that people think positively about what they will do going forward. think about themselves as individual and stop harping on the obvious. A guy in my department is making himself sick over this transformation and even though that is expected, I spend everyday talking to him to calm him down so he wouldn’t kill himself. I want you people to understand this is the end of a job, not the end of the world. And in my specialty area it will be much more difficult for me to get a job, probably have to leave the island to find something decent!

    It pains me to know that now I cannot walk accross the yard and ask a favor in the centre, instead i have to HOPE who answers me in St. Lucia knows what the hell they are doing and help me.But what does fretting do? We are all leaving, we are all going home and Dodd and whoever else in the UK will be gettign richer while we look for new jobs. whatever will be will be!All i’m saying, you go to another organization, prepare for the same mess or even worst!


  16. Anonymous December 5, 2008 at 11:42 AM #

    Entering late in the discussion. LIME, C&W BARTEL. All they did was to change their name. They didn’t change the fact that after 7days the customer disconnected but when they pay the bill cannot be reconnected. They have not changed that your service is out for days and when it is finally fixed you cannot get back your money. They have not changed that they give you inferior products and still bill you every month for a service noone can use. So come up wid every name possible, but at the same time offer TOP SERVICE.


  17. Disturbed! December 5, 2008 at 11:45 AM #

    Oh and I’m off to a meeting so you guys enjoy without me. Don’t think I will visit here again either. conversation is getting monotonous and attitudes are flying for all the wrong reasons.

    Over and Out.


  18. Anonymous December 5, 2008 at 12:13 PM #

    @Disturbed..And in my specialty area it will be much more difficult for me to get a job, probably have to leave the island to find something decent!
    This is your quote…How is it you have a specialty area and is one of the lowest paid in LIME. Hope all goes well @ your meeting lowest pd in specialty area.


  19. Chris Halsall December 5, 2008 at 12:32 PM #

    @Disturbed!: “Don’t think I will visit here again either. conversation is getting monotonous and attitudes are flying for all the wrong reasons.

    To quote Monty Python: “Run away… Run away…

    This has been an amusing distraction from the fundamental issue at hand…

    Can anyone report that you’ve recently received one of these dropped calls?

    Or have we killed this scam? (Without, I might point out, any help from the provider?)

    Can anyone report that they did call the number? If so, have you taken this up with the provider and the FTC?

    And I must thank Disturbed!, for once again bringing this article to the top of the “Popular Articles” list. Perhaps (being Machiavellian) that was their intent…


  20. Chantelle L Jones December 5, 2008 at 4:31 PM #

    Woweee only today i had a conversation with a colleague about the attitudes, mentality and nasty ways of some people in my department. little did i know they were at it again! Thanks to Chaia for drawing this blog to my attention.So where do i start…

    @Calling Out Chantel Jones…get my name right when you want to talk it!

    @Disturbed you are a very very bold individual and I hope someday to have the guts you do to “go against the norm”. Actually that is what got me my bad name as it so seems. I came to this company 5 years ago, didn’t know a soul, and I sat and did what was requested of me…that was a problem.

    I answered the skillsets I was asked to answer to keep service levels a certain way…that too was a problem.

    I applied for a job within the centre that EACH AND EVERY employee had the chance to apply for and i got it…so that, needless to say was a problem too.

    I met my objectives, came to work each day and early at that…and that was a SERIOUS issue! So you see Disturbed, i created my own demise by having good work ethics, being dedicated like yourself and not mixing with some of the unproductive idividuals in the department.

    I do have a few friends in the department, but I keep a very limited number of persons close to me so that was an issue too. I never had my business to spread so that too was an issue.

    Now I refuse to address specifically those who have decided to TRY to defame my name, because i have ALWAYS been a bigger person and WILL CONTINUE to rise despite the cowardly comments. Funny enough I can tell exactly who most of these persons are male and female but strangely enough, noone has EVER had the GUTS to come to my face and tell me what problem they have with me.
    Why? Maybe because nothing is ever legitimate. Sad but true. So when you guys have the guts to step out and be men and women and tell me to my face what you think about me, don’t try to be the “big bad wolves” of this blog!

    @Disturbed, I too have been given my walking papers like all these jokers here, and to be honest it is not fair to say just let it go becuase until reality hits home and you experience these things for yourselves, you can’t know how people feel. everyone is different and will react to things differently. i for one do not wake up each morning to be upset, but something may happen that gets me to that level. so where i understand you emphasize a positive attitude, be careful with how forceful you are because you can be telling me that I should not feel bad that the company I worked for just made millions in profit but is still sending me home…it can’t work. In addition, when people thrive on bitterness, there is very little you can do to change their minds or their attitude.

    I am glad to see that I am so “loved” and that people took their time and effort to try to make bad for me, but who Jah bless no man shall curse so BRING IT ON and i will continue to say i am loved by many , hated by a few and confronted by NONE !!!!!!!!!!

    @Chris, a customer called today saying they got called again from the number so if something has been done, by the company or otherwise, it is still affecting some customers.

    Goodbye and God Bless!!!


  21. J December 5, 2008 at 6:41 PM #

    Disturbed wrote “All i’m saying, you go to another organization, prepare for the same mess or even worst!”

    Maybe not.

    It is possible that C&W/LIME is a worse than average service provided and employer.

    There are good places to work out there. I hope that you find one.

    But a little piece of advice.

    Never, never, hold your customers in contempt.

    We are not as stupid as you believe.


  22. Madman December 6, 2008 at 12:04 PM #

    @ All

    Please do not read the this blog and assume that all workers in the Contact Centre act the same way. Some of us can actually argue a point without specifically putting down anyone. I believe the persons here are very argry at this point and they are directing their anger @ the wrong person.

    @ Chantelle, people do not dislike you because you have good work ethic, people sometimes dislike your attitude which sometimes seems similar to that of mgt.

    @ Disturbed

    Your comments confuse me. In your 1st post you seemed to want to suggest that customers are some how foolish. LIME has hundreds of subscribers each and every one of them should be treated with respect and be valued as important. That is the problem with LIME and the attitudes of many of the workers there who do not have to speak to customers on a daily basis.Lime on one hand tell us the customer is King while on the other hand they continue to roll out and agressively promote inferior products where demand exceeds supply and try to cut cost by distributing poor quality phones, modems and other types equipment just so that executives and shareholders can enjoy the profits. Why since the upgrading of or DSL systems recently has the quality of service to customers dropped drastically? New modems distributed and yet more complaints. Something is just not adding up.

    E.G: They rolled out netspeak knowing that the speeds they intially provided could not handle the product and customers would not get proper service.
    They aggressivly promote balckberry without providing adequate customer service support. When you call in LIME with a blackberry issue there is hardly anyone there to help you. They distributed zhone modems after the technicians advised them that they were inferior and they overheat and continued to provide them to the majority of customers until it became a legal issue and they now are changing them…to another brand of inferior modem lol.

    I too glad I leffing dis place.

    To fight against a company such as this for the service that you deserve the customers should use their voice, the only voice the company listens to…Money TALKS. Instead of begging for credits do not pay the bill,protest by speaking collectively about the poor service, that is the only way they listen. Your letters just get tossed in the trash.

    NB: Barbadian customers bring the most money to C&W but we are treated the worst. Try to figure out why! The customers in other territories act while we just talk!


  23. JC December 6, 2008 at 12:45 PM #

    Madman I LOVE YOU you kept it real orm the time you opened your mouth!

    Bajans DANGEROUS!

    Lime or Limp should be taught a lesson, bajans are something else. People need to get with it even me!


  24. JC December 6, 2008 at 12:53 PM #

    Disturbed! // December 4, 2008 at 1:52 pm


    That comment that you made was for real?

    How heaven get into this conversation when poor people cant eat?

    You fro real!



  25. Madman December 6, 2008 at 3:55 PM #

    @ JC…I hope that customers out there use this re-branding of C&W as an opportunity to force the company to change. These executives have it in their head that they can exploit the consumers and still reap the profits as in the days of the monopoly. These people know they have to offer upgraded technology…which costs money (e.g 3G mobile services , ect…) in order to remain competitive. Therefore to maintain their profit they must drastically cut costs (e.g send home workers) They will spend the necessary funds to offer these new services with out spending what they need to spend to improve the poor service already provided. They will trap you into spending more with them while providing less. When the profits start to decrese, as they will because of the poor service and increased competition, these big execs will bail, with their hugh bonuses in tact leaving a company which has gone through a complete demerger and is now ready for sale. There is now LIME caribbean, C&W international, eventually when business is no longer lining their pockets with gold, they will sell LIME Caribbean to a competitor, like AT&T did for digicel, thats how the story goes. These people are not interested in making it better for customers unless they are forced to do so. We have to strike now, while the iron is hot to get the service we pay for and deserve! Not only for companies like LIME but all other companies in Barbados who are taking us for a ride!


  26. yo January 7, 2010 at 11:52 PM #

    too long,come on.


  27. Cher December 31, 2013 at 7:59 AM #

    I too received about 2 Text messages requesting me to “call me back at this number”. One of the numbers I recorded as 002392204658. Not knowing any of my contacts with that number I was suspicious, I placed a magic jack call to the number. I got a recording from Veriizon that the number is not in service. My sister in the US checked also and got a similar message.

    Thanks for the information. I have not heard any notices from LIME but I was not about to take chances and use my mobile phone with such a number.


  28. Cher December 31, 2013 at 9:12 AM #

    I forgot to mention that these messages were received last week and on Monday of this week.


  29. Colonel Buggy December 31, 2013 at 3:25 PM #

    I also received messages on that same day. Dialing Code 239 is that of Sao Tome, an island in the Gulf of Guinea. Checking this scam on the web, revealed that many Bajans were targeted last week. And those other people further afield who responded were connected to a an audio sex site, and are expecting a huge telephone bill next.


  30. David December 31, 2013 at 3:52 PM #

    Has LIME made an announcement? Many have been complaining about these calls originating from area code 239. What is their Fraud Department doing about it?


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