Senator Barack Obama, We Congratulate You!

barack obama

The BU household offers profuse congratulations to presumptive Democratic Party nominee to run for President of the United States. Although his opponent Senator Hillary Clinton has not followed the script and cleared the stage for the first African American presidential nominee to take the spotlight, we understand her disappointment. It has been a long and exciting campaign and the world watches to see how one of the world’s powerful countries continue to manage a key element in its democracy i.e. the election of a leader.

Again congrats to Senator Obama, we hope that the Clintons don’t spoil the party!

73 thoughts on “Senator Barack Obama, We Congratulate You!

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  2. Ain’t no stoppin us now we on the move. Congrats to Senator Obama and his lovely wife Michelle, because behind this fine brudah is the lovly Michelle, the next first lady of the free world

  3. Hip Hip Hurrah, Hip Hip Hurrah, Hip Hip Hurrah! Now on to the big one in November!

  4. “Tonight I can stand here and say that I WILL BE THE NOMINEE”.

    There is a difference between the “Presumptive Nominee” and “Nominee”. 😀 DNC rules do not allow for a nominee until the end of August. The celebration you witness last night and the news headlines and TV commentry are contrived to sell you on what they want, not what is.

  5. the way he is talking i would think he was running to be president of israel instead of America,all he and eveyrone on about is he fuhget where he from.

  6. he seems to b talking his ass off and heading towards more wars than bush has already done.did he just not say it is right to go in a country and attack becos they were doing somehting suspected of to b a threat.ohhh what double standards

  7. Obama, I knew you would come out victorious and I am saying further I know you will be the next President of the USA. Congrats President-in-waiting.

  8. BU, I hope that I’m welcomed here and that you are not in the business of firewalling like BFakeP. What are we so happy about? That a brother did get the required amount of delegates/superdelegates to become the nominee? Oh how I wish black folk would stop waiting for the crumbs to fall from the mater’s table and get off their knees. How long have they been on this earth and still categorized themselves as the “first black” there’s something wrong here. However, the late great USA is about to write her eiptaph and whose gonna read her the last rites, a brother. Ain’t that special. Barack and Billary are the opposite side of the same coin as John McCain and the holder of that coin is the puppet master who controls all. None of these jokers are independent. This “democracy” is nothing but a charade. Oh how I pity the masses with the wool over their eyes. Every four years they are worked into a frenzy. Who benefits? Now ain’t that something to cheer about. None of these three can wait to up the ante. Who’s gonna be next? Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia? Are we all enjoying this bloodshed? There is a sinister force at work here on planet earth that wants to lead the human race into more slavery and extinction. In the US the president is never elected by “we the people” this is done by the delegates who are controlled by the “brotherhood” who are controlled by the “puppetmaster.” Be careful what you wish for.

  9. I just hope people voted for the policies and not because he was black, or voted for Hilary because she was a woman. Color/sex shouldn’t be an issue here, they are voting for a new President not the first ‘black’ or ‘first’ woman.

  10. President Obama has reached that position because he earned it. His policies are progressive. What is secondery is that he’s black. The clintons thought that the white house is theirs. Congats Barrack and I’m waiting to OFFICIALLY call you PRESIDENT OBAMA.

  11. We shouldn’t forget that Obama is the co-sponsor of legislation that would pressure the offshore industry in Barbados. We wish him well as a black man but whether he can wriggle within the US government system is left to be seen.

  12. Mr Obama has named former Deputy Attoney General Eric Holder to the team who will help to select his Vice Presidential running mate. If the name Eric Holder sounds Bajan well it is!

    ” Holder was born and raised in a working-class section of Queens, New York. His parents had both emigrated from Barbados. By virtue of his scholarship, he was accepted into the academically elite Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan, and after graduation he enrolled at Columbia University.” – from

    Should Obama win, Mr Holder may be the next US Attorney General. (I couldn’t resist – notice Mr Holder attended an academically elite public school! LOL)

  13. Is Eric Holder an illegal, Gabriel, check him out and deport him if you’re not sure.

    Sure sounds a foreign name to me.

    Some of his family may be lawbreakers, you cannot be too careful.

  14. David,

    I honestly wish that I could share the enthusiasm for Obama’s possible assent to the US seat of power… but try as I might, I can’t.

    I have not been able to rationalize in my mind why an obviously intelligent black man, born in another country, would even wish to become president of a white country with a long history of racism, a serious recession on hand, insolvable problems with energy prices and at least two life draining wars….

    …not to mention that the USA has reached new lows in international popularity.

    Can You David?

    I am tempted by suggestions that this is all a nefarious republican plot to ensure that their candidate comes up against Obama rather than Hilary.

    I wonder how many of the ‘democratic delegates’ supporting Barack were really republican delegates who ‘changed sides’ for the opportunity? (and can also ‘change back again at the opportune time?) -What a system 😉

    So in November, when white America is called upon to vote between a white, warring Vietnam vet (read that as ‘tough hero’ in US of A) and a black, Kenyan, academic ( know full well how to read that….)
    what exactly do you expect?

    ….my other problem is quite a personal, selfish one. (…of which I am somewhat ashamed- but I must be honest)…

    As one of the majority race here in Bim, and given the history of friction between the races I am not to sure that I would be very welcoming, (and certainly not voting), for a white, foreign born candidate who is selected to lead one of the local political parties at this time… (but bring ‘Lowdown’ and I will be his campaign manager 😉 )

    What vote what?!?

    If I don’t see it as fair and desirable here, how can I see it as positive in the USA when the shoe is on the other foot?

    Back to Obama,

    ….another thing I cannot rationalize is his ‘change theme’ speeches in the context of the financial and fuel supply chaos that his country is facing.

    What change what?!?

    It is obvious that things will change -THERE IS NO CHOICE for the USA or even the world now. The question that he needs to address- is how will the USA ADJUST to being poor and ‘third world’ in the next few years…… and more importantly, if he wants to be the one to lead THAT change.

  15. Question for the BU…

    Who do you think will be better for the present energy crisis, Obama or McCain? Would it make a difference? (I already know BT’s answer).


    that “testing the waters” put on USO at $100 brought huge returns today (USO was >$106 when purchased)…

    Date – 5/28/2008
    Trade – IYS RV – 2008/06/21 put on UNITED STATES OIL FD LP at $100.00
    Qty. Purchased – 30
    Price – $2.95
    Fee – $72.49
    Total Cash Value – $8,922.49 (Endgame profits… remember 🙂 )

    …and today

    Date – 6/4/2008
    Current Price – $3.90
    Total Cash Value – $11,700.00

    …thats a 32.2% return ($2,850) in just a week.

    What do you think ST… is it time to “dive in” yet? 🙂

    … for consideration:
    * US gasoline reserves up 3 million barrels at end of last week, as demand there continues its slide
    * Right now more than a quarter of the world’s gasoline is HEAVILY subsidized, preventing demand destruction… but not for much longer…
    * India hit the break point today and announced removal of subsidies. Indonesia announced price hike of 28.7% from this month. Taiwan is announcing a 20% increase… others to follow (watch what happens in China immediately after Olympics)
    *the subsidies in emerging markets and the developing world have artificially held down inflation (which is already high as it stands due to food prices) and exaggerated inflation in developed countries. Expect a reversal of this situation and strengthening of US$ as these subsidies fall in emerging markets.

  16. Bush Tea:

    You said it:

    As one of the majority race here in Bim, and given the history of friction between the races I am not to sure that I would be very welcoming, (and certainly not voting), for a white, foreign born candidate who is selected to lead one of the local political parties at this time… (but bring ‘Lowdown’ and I will be his campaign manager )

    No racism in Bim what Bush Tea What???? Friction of the races………who provokes it???

    Apart from all of the above. Barack Obama has transcended the vicious racism found both in the United States and Barbados.

    That is the greatest change that any one could ask for and the most important.

    I honour him and his historic bid to become president of the USA.

    The “crab in the barrel” mentality of most Bajans is really sickening.

  17. MME if you forced us to pick one it would be Obama. However we have to qualify our comment by saying that we are not sure one man will be able to resist the lobby interest in the USA. On the flip side if we are idealistic we should believe that it sometimes takes one man to plant an idea which can energize the country and the world. Is Obama that visionary leader that the world has been waiting on?

    The truth is we see Obama’s elevation has improving the face of the black image across the diaspora.

  18. Bush Tea, Senator Obama was born in Honolulu Hawaii, USA. The USA has had a history of racism, especially against black people, however, in spite of it all, black people have prevailed and survived in the USA. Without black people the USA would be a BORING country, for it is black who have contributed immensely to building of America, whether it is music, fashion, medicine, yes Dr. Charles Drew did invent blood plasma, new farming techniques, education, why black people founded 160 colleges in the days when we were prohibted from attending so called white colleges, why all black Wiley College even won the national debating championships in 1932 against Yale University. Madame CJ Walker who started her hair products company became the first black female millionare, and I can go on on and on, but the jist of it is that we are a strong people, we survived in the most brutal of systems, and in some instances even flourished. So with that I am extremely excited that come November 8th I will be able to vote for Senator Barack Obama. I can hardly wait for the day to come. I just want the day to come and he safely in the White House with the family working on affairs of atate.

  19. The spin doctors have been hard at work in the USA.
    They would have you beieve that Obama is weak among white voters. This is far from the truth. Blacks make up only 12% of the population. The majority of votes he received came from whites

    He will certainly be the next president of the US as he is seen as a breath of fresh air.
    The problem is: HOW LONG WILL HE LAST?

  20. Yes we are 12%, but there are a lot of white appearing people in America that have black genes. Lots just ask Oprah and she will tell yuh.

  21. The blackman’s biggest enemy is the blackman. Most of the time, it is because of envy. If we keep doing this,we would always be suppressed.
    Rise up blackman/woman support each other let us regain the power our ancestors had. Read our history.

  22. Bajanboy // June 5, 2008 at 8:34 am

    I have always believed that schools teach too much irrelevant information, and some of the courses taught are not taught well. Five years learning a language and students still cannot function in a native speakers environment.
    Scout wuh yuh saying? I know you are not talking about Black on black crime right? 😀 One thing that can be said about Barack Obama is that he got this nomination without affirmative action, a good thing no doubt, but tell me again why it is ok for Blacks to vote for a person base on skin colour and whites are guilty of something bad for doing the same?

    What do you mean by this:
    The truth is we see Obama’s elevation has improving the face of the black image across the diaspora.

    …..Do you know that most Africans living in America do not subscribe to this idea of “Black” as an identity. Africans see themselves via their language, culture, not their skin tone as African Americans do. To my mind to be “black” as defined by America, is too cheapen who you are, that’s why i do share in the suppose nostalgia that Barack’s presumptive nomination supposedly brings, but if it means that blacks can now see that while there are still racist views, and people in America it is no longer a cohesive barrier, in fact i believe it wasn’t a barrier for some time now. Being “Black” by American standards is only skin deep, and this does not begin to tell the collective story of who we are.

    To rest of the world who some claims to be watching as if America has something to prove that they themselves have already done, I say check your own checkered history on how you have treated to your own darker skin citizens.

  23. Everytime black folk see someone of their skin color raise their head, they feel good about themselves. This mindset is so assbackwards. At this rate blacks will always feel like nought. Put yourself on a Pedestal. Just being YOU/ME/ I AM is validation enough. Take that energy and run with it. You don’t need another being to validate you. Transcend this prison mentality reality.
    Color,gender,age, ethnicity,money, class, education, religion…… are all social constructs used by the unseen hands i.e brotherhood to control the masses. These are not reality. Stop allowing them to program our thinking. We are constantly being played and pitted against each other. At this point in political history the color of Barack’s skin is secondary, its the Agenda that’s of importance. He is not yet the figure head and he’s already pledged his allegiance to one of the most repressive states on earth “israel.” That in itself should tell you who pulls the strings. The New World Order is stepping up its plan on humanity. The US, Canada and Mexico are about to be merged as one with the amero as the new currency. The whole world is merging and this is not for the benefit of we the people this is about getting all under one umbrella to make it easier for them to rule us. They keep us distracted with frivolities while they screw our nuts tighter and tighter. They are busy building prison camps all over the US right now. In California you can buy one house and get the other free. All the crises i.e food, gas, war, foreclosures are all engineered by these criminals. Visitors fr the UK, Japan and other countries now have to give the US authorities 72 hrs notice before they visit. This is not a joke. The US elections is a side issue. The power does not rest in the hands of any US figure head. (Check with Queen Elizardbeth and the Vatican). They are about to take away our “illusions of freedom.” All these wars and crises are about consolidation of power. Arm yourselves: visit and purchase some of his materials and listen to as well as mike rivero. Also try to get some info from credo mutwa via david icke, will shock you but analyse it and check it against your “reality.”

  24. Obama’s Mother was white and came from Kansas, he said she was the most influential person in his life, his father went back to Kenya, so he’s mixed race anyway, and anyway it shouldn’t matter at all! or have we conveniently forgotten the white half, like we forget that there were white slaves, white servants etc etc, time to drop this color issue.

  25. HOPI i share some of your points, I depart on your view of Isreal, and on Obama pledge to them. There is politics of elections and there is politics after. Obama is the American socialist wet dream, I prefer to believe that your views are really his views, but he must get elected first.

    ….Since his skin tone is not of importance to me, i cast my eyes on his propose agenda as i do all politicians, and it is here that i will not vote for him.

    Correction in previous post:

    To my mind, to be “black” as defined by America, is too cheapen who you are, and that’s why i do NOT share in the suppose nostalgia that Barack’s presumptive nomination supposedly brings.

  26. Whether Obama preaches his Blackness in the Presidential campaign, and we know he can’ t for political reasons, he is a BLACK man. Black people across the world all feel a sense of proud at his achievement to date. This has nothing to do promoting race but more so remembering how the Black American has had to emerge from the 60s.

    A previous commenter said it all. Obama could not have gotten the nomination unless White people were prepared to follow. A great achievement by a young man who has shown glimpses of being visionary.

  27. Gabriel the Horn Blower:

    While I am totally in support of Barack Obama for President, blowing Eric Holder’s horn may be unwise……… don’t tell me that Bajans’ corruption permeates the world………………read this:

    Obama’s Scandal-Tainted VP Chair
    Thursday, June 5, 2008 10:48 AM

    By: Dick Morris & Eileen McGann

    On his first day as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama made his first clear, serious mistake: He named Eric Holder as one of three people charged with vice-presidential vetting.

    As deputy attorney general, Holder was the key person who made the pardon of Marc Rich possible in the final hours of the Clinton presidency.

    Now, Obama will be stuck in the Marc Rich mess.

    If ever there was a person who did not deserve a presidential pardon, it’s Marc Rich, the fugitive billionaire who renounced his U.S. citizenship and moved to Switzerland to avoid prosecution for racketeering, wire fraud, 51 counts of tax fraud, tax evasion (to the tune of $48 million), and illegal trades with Iran in violation of the US embargo following the 1979-80 hostage crisis.

    Seventeen years later, Rich wanted a pardon, and he retained Jack Quinn, former counsel to the president, to lobby his old boss.

    It was Holder who had originally recommended Quinn to one of Rich’s advisers, although he claims that he did not know the identity of the client.

    And he gave substantive advice to Quinn along the way. According to Quinn’s notes that were produced to Congress, Holder told Quinn to take the pardon application “straight to the White House” because “the timing is good.”

    And once the pardon was granted, Holder sent his congratulations to Quinn.

    In 2002, a congressional committee reported that Holder was a “willing participant in the plan to keep the Justice Department from knowing about and opposing” the Rich pardon.

    It is one thing to reach back to Obama’s pastor to raise doubts about his values. But it is quite another to scrutinize the record of his first appointee.

    It couldn’t be a bigger mistake.

    © 2008 Dick Morris & Eileen McGann

  28. Some weeks ago, I read the comments of David Thompson as a politcian of mixed race speaking of the challenges of Obama in the American context. He said – I think quite rightly – that in the Caribbean we are able to deal more maturely with issues of race and persons of mixed background do not suffer from disability the one drop of blood theory.

    We tend to judge politicians of mixed race by their alliances. By this I mean that race is assessed in a broader context of socialisation, relationships and power alliances rather than in simple black and white terms. That is why Tom Adams, David Thompson even Owen Arthur whose grandfather was a white land owner in St. Lucy, Bree St. John et al are judged in a different context to Obama.

    I went to a political meeting in the last election and heard Trevor Prescod trying to push the idea of race as an impediment in David Thompson’s leadership. But it was so hollow as to be foolish.

    Ikael Tafari was of mixed race with blue eyes. David Commissiong is of mixed race but treats this as a disabiliity such that it totally nullifies his effectiveness. Bobby Clarke is clearly of mixed race.

    I was disappointed in Prescod because it showed his ignorance of the Caribbean civilisation. It also went down badly with the crowd who, I think, had made judgements already about David Thompson.

    A few nights later David Thompson took him on in a way that could not happen in the United States. He pointed out that their fathers grew up together in the Haggat Hall/My Lords Hill area and he explained ome things that night that suggested to me that he is comfortable with who he is and does not need to wear his mixed race on his shoulder as a badege and he will not accept it as a disability.

    Presocd was defeated that night in my view.

    While we sweep much too much under the carpet in relation to race, I am proud of how we deal with race in the political environment.

  29. Politically incorrect

    OOPS …wow. The US general election hasn’t properly started and the “dogs of war” have been unleashed.

    Mea Culpa

    I have always felt that most Caribbean mixed race people have no illusions as to where “home” is – not with Cousin Africa nor Cousin Europe. With nothing to prove to anyone, they are the happy children of the Caribbean.

  30. I think it is caviliar of you to say to be “Black” as defined by America is to cheapen you, for as you and I know that Senator Obama’s victory in this Democratic primary is the culimination of a 400 year struggle for basic human rights, and as such is the celebration of the legacies of all of those who have fought a good fight, such as Dr. King, Dr. Mary McCloud Bethune, Bishop Issac Lane, John H. Johnson, Walter White, Mrs. Rosa Parks, and I can go on and on. We fought for our rights, and as such the rights of poor people, Native people, Hispanic people, handicapped people, all these people have enjoyed the benefits of our civil rights movement, which is now their civil rights. So for most of us Senator Obama’s win is a a celebration of the Legacy of all those who have fought the good fight for all people.

  31. Congrats to Obama in winning nomination in racist USA. He must know he is in great danger from assasins. It shows however there has been progress on the race front in racist USA. In Barbados we have Cow Williams who never lets us forget he is largest landowner and big tycoon. This white Cow fellow has several rich companies in our little black country and would you believe he has no black directors or senior managers in 2008 nearly 200 years since the abolition of slavery.

    In the forty years of moving the earth to please Cow has not found one of his black countryman who can be an asset in his lily white board rooms. What is even more odious is that Cow is a tycoon and big land owner because of the money he made from black taxpayers.

    Meanwhile his like thinking money grabbing, boasting ,talkative brother Bizzy says blacks are looking for handouts in their own country. Congrats to Obama and to USA for making inroads against racisam . Will we ever see the same among the bigoted white plantocracy , landowners and commecrial elite in our black nation.

  32. Last Poster, our story is still unfolding, so with that, my advice to you is to Keep on Keeping on. You say your little Black country, but is it really so, for Barbados is just as mulitracial as any other country in the Americas. Anyway, we celebrating the elegacy of our dear and departed ancestors who in spite of racism, endured, and I mean which people you know of on this earth that can endure such harshness, but at the end of the day celebrate life with such gusto, and in some instances some of us did not have much, but we loved , shared, and celebrated, and as you can see from Barback the fruit does not fall far from the tree, because he and Michelle carry on the vision of hope, love, all wonderful attributes instilled in us by our ancestors though the years. We have lost many heroes, but these legendary heroes live on through Senator Barbak Obama.

  33. Poster with weird she she handle what are you on about? Break down whatever it is you trying to say in English.

  34. Politically Incorrect

    Dick Morris was a close Bill Clinton adviser until he resigned in disgrace from Bill Clinton’s reelection campaign for allowing a prostitute to listen in on a conversation he had with the then President. Since then he seems to have developed a pathological hatred of the Clintons and by extension the Democratic Party. In his frequent appearances on Fox news with Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity he always focused his vitriol on Hillary and now that she is out of the campaign I am not surprised that he has shifted his focus to Obama.

    All Presidents have the option of pardoning convicted felons at any time during their Presidency but most tend to do it on their exit from office. If you are rich and connected and know the right lawyers who have the right connections then you stand an excellent chance of receiving a pardon unless your crime was particularly odious. This one hit the fan because Marc Rich was pardon the pun rich and well connected and his spouse was a Democrat fund raiser and friend of Bill and Hillary. Wait and see who Dubya (George W) pardons when he leaves office. Talking about pardons why is Luis Posada Carriles the alleged mastermind of the Cubana Airline bombing freely walking the streets of Miami sipping on Cuba Libres. The Bush Administration never put him on trial so they don’t have to pardon him, at least Rich was tried and convicted.

  35. Watcher, In a nutshell, we have had to fight for our rights, and as such there have been some great leaders who were at the forefront of our struggle, namely Dr. King,. Dr. King was taken from us in his prime, but as you can see the legacy of Dr. King is alive and well due to the fact theatSenator Obama is poised to become the next US president. He is a son of our movement and as such he is carrying out Dr. King’s I have a dream. Now Watcher if yuh nuh unduhstand duh den you either trip-in or yuh a just arrive in Barbados from Guyana. And my name is an Amhamic name from Ethiopia, like Dr. Ikael Tefari. Bye

  36. By the way Watcher I have lived in the USA for 44 years moved here from the Southern Caribbean years ago, seen it all, but I tell you this I have never been so giddy in my life as I am now that Senator Obama is at the doorsteps of the White House, you can say his winning the party nomination has give me a new attitude. yuh kneo dat Patty LaBelle song., thats me.

  37. Sargeant and Gabriel the Hornblower:

    This is not about partisan politics neither is it about “covering” for one of our own. I’m a Bajan too but one with their eyes WIDE open.

    As stated: I am a Barack Obama supporter. Not because he is a democrat, not because he is not a Republican but because he is a man who has not allowed partisanship or COLOUR or his father’s home country to PREJUDICE his behaviour.

    What I shared has nothing to do with Dick Morris’ relationship with whoever or George Bush’s failings.

    It’s time for us as Barbadians to admit if one of our own has failings too. It has nothing to do with COLOUR but everything to do with CHARACTER.

    Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

  38. Politically Incorrect

    No sweat my brother. I was just “bigging up” a descendent of Bajans. I don’t know much about Mr Holder but I was surprised how quickly the ‘dirt’ was dug up once Mr Holder’s name was mentioned. The political “dogs of war” reference was not about you but commentators like Dick Morris.

    As a Bajan living in Barbados, the candidates in the US elections are only of “academic” interest but Mr Obama’s candidacy does have a certain appeal to it given the long struggle of Black people in the US.

    What is of concern is that there may be a military attack on Iran in the near future which could destabilise the whole world. It is my belief that regardless of whoever is President, there are forces with an imperial mindset who dictate US policy .

  39. Agreed Gabriel.

    I do a lot of research and try to be objective.

    However, having said all of that let us salute and applaud Barack Obama for rising above. For his Statesmanship, his humility and his generosity to the Clintons who were less than all of the above in their campaign against him.

  40. Politically Incorrect

    The question is did Eric Holder do anything illegally? He is a lawyer and opened doors for a client, that’s what the high powered lawyers do in Washington and elsewhere. The article wasn’t about Eric Holder as much as it is about Barack Obama and in the next few months the Republican press will be going all out with their attacks. They have been on guilt by association trip and now they are trying to associate him with Marc Rich.

    We should be wary of who is providing the information

  41. Gabriel the Horn Blower

    I take issue with the statement “As a Bajan living in Barbados, the candidates in the US elections are only of “academic” interest”.

    Whether one lives in Barbados or not one should be concerned about who is elected as the next President of the USA. Would the world be a different place if Al Gore had defeated George Bush in 2000? I don’t think that Gore would have attacked Iraq and who knows whether the current economic situation would be different.

    It doesn’t mean that a Barack Obama’s Presidency will be economically beneficial to Barbados, after all the Democrats will likely look to curb all the tax loopholes in the offshore investment field while the Republicans will not take any measures to prohibit the creation of personal wealth.

    I am not an economist so perhaps one of the “experts” could weigh in on the economic ramifications for Barbados in the event of a Democrat or Republican Administration.

  42. Sargeant:

    Going down the lawyers’ ( better known as liars, just replace the awy with an i ) road is a slippery slope. “Opened doors for clients” Sargeant. Come on now. We all know what that means.

    On the other hand to Barack’s further credit he graduated from Harvard Law School but took his training and worked in and for the community — to help people. Commendable! Speaks volumes about the man. A few more of that “profession”, especially of that “profession” in Bim should do the same.

    Barack did not “practise law” , btw a misnomer if I have ever heard one

  43. Ebony ran an article on Mr. Eric Holder a few years back. They said he was an upcoming assitant US attorney.

  44. Sheshemini:

    What does that mean?

    Who did he know on Ebony’s decision makers that may have influenced that article?

    I think David is always exhorting us to be careful what we read in the Mainstream Press, there are always biases and special interests.

    Again, because Ebony is a magazine for people of colour does not exempt it from that category.

  45. Sargeant

    Can’t put it any other way. After who ever wins the US election I still got to take the garbage out, get the children to school, pay the mortgage and keep the missus happy. I try not take myself too seriously. LOL.

    (btw I DO understand that the actions of the US will effect the world (me included)).

  46. I wish we would stop climaxing on Barack Obama and politics in general. The word POLITICS means Many Blood Suckers. As for Eric Holder he was the deputy atty-general for Bill Clinton and him and Bill conspired to and did pardon one of the filthiest fraudersters, Mark Rich who happen to be a big campaign donor. These things never happen by accident. Eric Holder then said he just wanted to crawl under his covers and hide, now I don’t know if he was really contrite. But this is one big con game. Irregardless of the next president, we’ll still be screwed. Watch their actions. Its too early in this game and too late in our history to be feeling this false sense of pride.

  47. The fight to change or as some would say dismantle Washington politics cannot be tagged to one man’s presidency. That’s unfair. What Barack’s election to the biggest job in the free world represents is HOPE!

  48. David
    Do you really believe that being the President of the USA is the the biggest job in the free world ?

    Why are we to hope in Obama?


  49. Congratulations indeed! Why not congratulate the whites who are the reason for his successful election?

    And why do we call mixed race people ‘black?’ – you should hear Tiger Woods.

    And where would the ‘Negro Race’ be today if hadn’t been transplanted into the Western World?

    Time to stop this silly ‘race’ talk and see people as PEOPLE.

  50. Incedentally, do you know that Eric Holder is a second generation barbadian? Both parents are bajans.

  51. I don’t support Barrack Obama because he’s black, I support him because of his message. It is time we see each other as human being, this black,white, Indian, etc. must come together but it is a long way off. Blacks are a lot more interested in coming together than the other races, that’s why I commend Obama for moving the legacy of Martin Luther King forward. I have relatives in the USA and they tell me that the blacks youngsters are beginning to raise their way of thinking.

  52. Why do we trivialize the fact that a Black man has won the Democratic nomination for the highest office in the USA? Even Whites in America are congratulating themselves and America because his nomination shows that great strides have been made since conditions which gave rise to the civil rights movement less than 50 years ago. We can preach the ideal position of the need for our world to be colour blind but it is the accomplishments of people like Obama who maybe able to able to establish rainbow coalitions that will translate that ideal or dream to a reality.

    Don’t forget that the last man to do it was White and he was assassinated by fringe elements in the USA for his trouble.

    We hope for mankind that Obama is able to continue on his journey.

  53. Politically Incorrect, I did not put two and two together regarding Eric Holder until I saw his name here in the blog. I heard them mention his name on the news as part of a Vice Presidential team, but it just slipped me, so when I saw his name here, I said oh, that Eric Holder and I remembered the Ebony article. I gather the late Mr. John Johnson was the one that made the final decision of running the Eric Holder article in Ebony. It was a nice article and it showed pictures of Eric and wife and baby. I believe the article said the wife was a doctor at Howard University Hospital. Scout the article in Ebony did not mention that Eric Holder was a Barbadian, they made it sound like he was American. Yes I have always wondered why we call mixed race people black myself. You shoudld hear Chelsea Smith the last year Miss USA lambasting in Ebony sayin she is half white and half black. And I guess Tiger who was married to the white lady in Barbados says he is Chinese, black and white.

  54. People can sometimes be whatever they “think” they are.

    Some years ago completing documents for a student, I enquired of ethnicity? after a slight pause, he said white. He was darker than me..I could not understand it… I put white on his document. No one in the class thought he was white, but was I to have an argument with him to convince him he was black…time and experience would be the ultimately judge of that.

  55. Yardbroom, This was told to me by a mixed race lady from my home country in the Caribbean. This mixed race lady was sponsored as a domestic in the mid 60’s from back home. She needed a social security card so the white American boss took her down to the US Post Office to fill out the form. She filled out the form, and in the area for race she wrote coloured. The man reviewed the form before turning it in, and upon seeing coloured as race he told her to change it to white. He said back home you are coloured, but they don’t know the difference here, so just be white from now on.

  56. Sheshemini
    This student was one of only two black students in the class; all the others were white.

    I could have tried to explain certain issues to him, but it was the first week of term. I wanted to have as good a relationship with him as with the other students, sometimes it is best to learn through experience.

    The lessons thus learned, are more permanent.

  57. The Nation newspaper article reports that Eric Holder’s father who left Barbados when he was 12 0r 13 met and married his wife who was born in New Jersey of Barbadian parents does that still make Eric Holder who was born in New York a Bajan?

    Personally I think we are the only country that is quick to try to identify with anyone who might have a trickling of Bajan blood in them as a “son/daughter of the soil”

  58. Well Yardbroom, I see what you mean. I don’t know if you have ever seen the movie Imitation of Life? Wonderful movie that deals with race issues in pre civil rights America. I always cry at the end when Mahalia Jackson lifts her voice in song to the Lord at the funeral. What you mentioned about the student made this movie come to mind.

  59. 100% bajan wrote

    The Nation newspaper article reports that Eric Holder’s father who left Barbados when he was 12 0r 13 met and married his wife who was born in New Jersey of Barbadian parents does that still make Eric Holder who was born in New York a Bajan?

    Personally I think we are the only country that is quick to try to identify with anyone who might have a trickling of Bajan blood in them as a “son/daughter of the soil”

    We do not consider folk to be Jews only because they were born in Israel? Do we?

    So why must you necessarily be born in Bim to be Bajan?

  60. Events of yesterday seem to have paved the way for a Clinton and Obama peace pipe session which should see the transition of Clinton supporters to Obama and the process to heal the party going into November. No doubt it will take some time for the hard feeling on both side of the fence to thaw but thaw it will when the Democrats realize that there is a big prize at stake.

    Of interest to Barbados and our politicians and aspirants alike has been the way Obama and Clinton have generated interest in the process of elective politics in the USA. Women, independents have been falling out of the woodwork. In Barbados we have seen a reversal where our people have become so cynical and disconnected about and from the process that if it continues could lead to an undermining of our current system. We need for our political parties to attract the right kinds of people to serve. The old way which the party machinery has been use to regurgitating politicians needs to be revisited.

  61. Well David, not I, but many black folks here in America saw Buba Clinton, ah mean President Clinton as our first black president, so with that, and when all is said and done I am sure the Clinton’s will go into high gear for Senator Obama.

  62. SheShemini
    I have also seen Imitation of Life. The first time I saw it as a young man, I was annoyed with the daughter.

    Later, I saw it at another level and understood how the environment in which a person lives, can condition their way of thinking about themselves.

    It is indeed a good film, it is repeated on televison from time to time. Like you, I certainly would recommend a viewing.

  63. Obama is the man of the century in my eyes. I’ll tell you why, he married a black woman!


  64. It seem every little thing Obama does that appears to be a mistake on his part or by association, he’s dragged over the coals. Yet McCain is either being very forgetful or liar and his associate are saying awhful things like the remarks made me the priest about Katrina and God’s punishment to those people and about Hitler and the holocust ordained by God. These are serious statments and to this day McCain has not disassociate himself from this man. Yet they want to crucify Obama for an eratic Rev Wright. It’s time we look pass race and colour, that is premative thinking. I only see race when other one wants to deem me inferior and exploit me.

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