Congratulations Senator Caswell Franklyn

On behalf of the BU household sincere congratulations are extended to BU family member and Head of Unity Workers Union on his appointment as a Senator. Go forth and do the people’s work you faithful son of the soil.

The other Opposition Senator will be appointed in a couple of weeks.

Up and On!

David – BU blogmaster



  • I don’t agree with your position @ 8:52 a.m. on Mariposa – an obvious DLP supporter.

    I thought you were a bigger man or woman than that.

    I can understand you being diametrically opposed to Mariposa’s view but surely that is what democracy and free speech promote.

    Sure she may get you vex at times but if the blog is for everyone why keep singling out Mariposa,Fractured blp or pointing out that its is ‘Waiting in vain’ posting in another name?

    I see no such anger directed at those BLP posters who can be downright offensive,vulgar and repetitive..

    I am really hoping that on this blog we will all endeavor to get along and live and let live.

    Having observed this blog for a while I have noticed that if you are not a strong person you will eventually become sheep and fall in line with the blp thinking of the likes of Prodigal,Miller,Enuff,Watchman,Are We There Yet,Tron, etc etc.This is evident when I read the postings of some familiar names who used to wield their instrument from left to right without any excuses – now all of them are trotting out the same tired old speech of the blpites.

    Your response to this post which is given purely as an alternative view will be very instructive.


  • Ok so i supposed Caswell voice would give prominence to the workers
    Yeah sound all well and good except his condemnations and negative mouthings drawn upon promises to the workers not delivered by Mia can exaggerate the debt problem tremendously as Mia seeking resolution most likely would seek additional funding from her new managers the IMF who in turn would be the final arbitrators
    We do have a problem of debt accumulation which must be solved and the unions demands cannot help to turn the tide of debt resolution if Mia is forced to seek funding from international financial institutions to pay wages and salaries
    Interesting times ahead.Franklin would soon find out the hard way where and who is carrying the big stick


  • As a side note.I love diverging opinions.So far I have had cause to agree with Miller,You David multiple times,Tron on a link he provided,Hal Austin,GP and on and on..

    Variety truly is the spice of life.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Hal, respectfully but who has the opinion that the IMF is an easy way out other than idiots, JAs and brain dead nincompoops!

    Don’t we all know of Jamaica’s foray to IMF and the many others.

    You sat in London and like the rest of us was captivated by Argentina taking on England in the Falklands war…all very awesome…then the Belgrano was sunk. Just like how their economy sunk leading to difficult times after IMF intervention .

    Unlike you and the DLP sychphant most here are not so …whacked to think anyone is fooled of an easy way out from our sunk situation requiring the painful IMF conditions they impose to initiate any refloating.


  • T .Innis!…. do not sweat your head over David assine response to Mariposa.
    He has now found himself tied to unbelievable austerity plans after ten years of castigating past govt for less similarties. The reality of the path wherby Mia is taking barbados would be long and harsh and there is no turning back.Every and all social policies which were implemented under the dlp govt would be under attack when all else fails to bring the balloning debt under control
    All the hooting and hollering would make litttle diffference as the end game by the IMF would be to pay off barbados debt owed to financial institutions
    David now is becoming a tin horn dictator of the blog in his effort to protect Mia from opposing views
    Not unexpectedly


  • T. Innis speak your speak you would be called a ten times over
    The fact remains that David wants to engage a narrative with a formula that speaks to ten years of corruption which cannot be proven. Spending and govt increasing debt without detailing the whys and how.
    History has a way of correcting and putting everything into it right context
    In a true historical perspective it would show that barbados was in a slippery slope of uncontrollable debt management before ten years ago


  • @ T.Inniss

    The Watchman did welcome you to BU, and also suggested your expressed shocking views should be highlighted on FB since you seek agreement for your opinions


  • Eliminate public service jobs gained by political means or where the job is used as a 2-4 hour break
    Collect overdue taxes of all types and other amounts owed to Barbados Government
    Recover all amounts taken from Government by illegal means
    Recover foreign currency held in unauthorized overseas accounts
    Reduce the public service through privatization
    Enforce the laws of the Country


  • You are fee to disagree with the blogmaster as you have done. What the blogmaster will not tolerate 24/7 is dishonesty and maliciousness from ac or anyone ac, mariposa and all the names she goes by is a JA and a yardfowl. You should not forget the issue at hand: it is that she posted a few comments with links which went to Spam and instead of being courteous and ask the blogmaster to make a check she proceeded to bray about freedom of expression being curtailed, tom dick and yardfowls are allowed to post on BU within reason, the record is there. The blogmaster will not let some JA to harp incessantly dishonestly that commeters are not free to express themselves here. There is a reason we dont want ONE commenter using MULTIPLE monikers sometimes on the same Rh blog.

    Do you know a couple of weeks ago the blogaster visited a facebook livestream and posted a few questions about policy of the government, then minister ronald jones started to engage and she and a few others who were quick to ridicule the blogmaster- go back to your cave etc.

    Stay in the lane!


  • David you are being disingenuous. There are blp yardfowls who have changed monikers many times and you have never called them out.
    Now using words like malicious and mischievous attaching such intent to dlp supporters placed you in the
    same catogery as those you


  • Caswell Franklyn

    The blogmaster has reviewed the comments posted in the social media in response to Caswell’s nomination to be an Opposition Senator. The support is overwhelming. The ball is in Caswell’s court now. We will borrow from BU family member Observing- “walk good”Caswell.


    I am indeed humbled by the outpouring of goodwill that I have received since the announcement of my appointment as Senator. I realise that much is expected of me and I will endeavour not to disappoint.

    Rest assured that I will continue as I am. I see this appointment as giving me another avenue to serve the people of this country.

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  • Trying three times to post a link and never once it has been posted sends a message
    You go figure David. Huh


  • Sincere congratulations to Caswell Franklyn.


  • I believe Caswell’s appointment as a Senator is an excellent choice, especially if he can be a member of the Public Accounts Committee.

    After reading about these last minute deals and “anomalies” by the former Stuart administration, it would be a travesty to have any member of the DLP in parliament to “investigate” the public accounts of that administration.

    I also believe Caswell is an excellent choice and will perform an excellent job.

    My nest pick for Senator would be Lynette Eastmond because she will bring a new perspective to the House.


  • Time would soon tell how sincere these congratulations by the blp yardfowls are heartfelt and meaningful as soon as Caswell attack the blp policies and there draconian plans which would mean job losses and cut in wages for the civil workers


  • Mariposa please feel free to accept or disregard my humble advice.When your post does not appear immediately just kindly ask the blogmaster to check for and release your post from spam.

    I have noted your information on Jamaica and I will check your recommended site at a later date.

    Please continue in that vein and continue to critique as you see the need to, but please try to work where possible with the blogmaster.


  • Perhaps the BLP yard-fowls will respond similarly to how the DLP yard-fowls responded when “Caswell attacked the DLP policies and their draconian plans which would mean job losses and cut in wages for the civil workers.”

    And if it’s anything similar to the enormous contempt for Caswell that you, Fcuktured BLP and the other DLP yard-fowls have shown in this and other forums……..

    ……….he will not have anything to worry about because he handled you guys well.


  • T. Inniss with all due respect i have adress this problems over the years on the blog . however i noticed that during the election cycle several of my comments were not posted which in turn made cause for me to change my moniker which would then activate my comments to be posted
    I am not a stupid person.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Caswell Franklyn June 3, 2018 6:59 PM
    “Rest assured that I will continue as I am. I see this appointment as giving me another avenue to serve the people of this country.”

    One way, Senator Franklyn, that you can loyally serve the people is to try to lighten the financial burden of trying to get Barbados out of the economic quagmire it now finds itself.

    That can be achieved by demanding the new government uses its current ‘popularity’ to set up an intellectually well-equipped investigative body to try to recover some of the many millions of taxpayers’ hard-earned money siphoned from the Treasury via the fatted calf trough.

    There are many committed and deeply concerned professionally–suited individuals who might be prepared to serve on this body on a voluntary or gratis basis.

    We just cannot standby and see our country raped so blatantly and not do something about it even if some form of financial restitution is the only option available.

    Let us start with the ‘known’ suspects whose shenanigans have been discussed on BU.

    Let that investigative body be charged with the authority to look into the final treatment of that $1.5 million paid by the BWA to one Hal G for a simple straight forward procedure which any final year law student could have completed “before the cat could lick his ears”.

    We will be watching this Mottley’s administration in the same way Nazi Hunter Simon Wiesenthal tracked down the players in the Holocaust.


  • Ok Mariposa @ 7:39 p.m.


  • Yes Miller, we are TIRED of doing these sequels every five years.


  • Somehow I feel some persons will get a stroke when they realise that all this ‘corruption’ and stolen money is not all that this new govt has hyped it up to be.

    Millions stolen they are alleging – really – millions? hmm


  • We make life too simple when we consider opposing views as belonging to a yardfowl. I see several who make comment for and against both sided


  • Sides


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Mariposa June 3, 2018 7:39 PM
    “I am not a stupid person.”

    You are right there!
    Not one but three (3) stupid persons; namely, “ac”, “angela Skeete” and now the “Manypussy”.

    Please go back to being the simply acerbic cretin “ac” and we will not be too confused even if get one of your more intellectually-gifted alter egos do the occasional blogging.


  • Yes the blp yardfowls would continue their agenda based on unproven Allegations of corruption to distract
    However most noticeable the 1 million waiver drawn on taxpayers monies for Mottley father and by whom would never be mentioned


  • @ T.Inniss

    Your advised to Mariposa is too late, the result is still DLP no say in the house, or upper Bay St. you should move the ACs to middle Bay St


  • Miller dont worry about who i am. My thoughts continuing would not be duplicated in any way shape or fashion as to be directed by you or the blogmasters impressions
    Just sit back and fasten your seat belt because all those freeness thathave been promised by Mia would soon be put in their proper perspective when the IMF takes their place at the blp table as controlling managers of the blp and country andthere will be nothing you can do about it
    Btw how many buses she promised to buy
    Yeah right .
    Oh btw Caswell influence would be reduced to the size of a grasshopper. Think on those things


  • Caswell,

    Congratulations, well deserved and surely one who will speak with conviction and knowledge

    If only some of the other appointments could be more substantiated.

    Unfortunately, I see one name mentioned who is completely useless.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ T.Inniss June 3, 2018 7:45 PM
    “Somehow I feel some persons will get a stroke when they realise that all this ‘corruption’ and stolen money is not all that this new govt has hyped it up to be.
    Millions stolen they are alleging – really – millions? Hmm”

    So what are you telling us, T I?

    That the millions ‘allegedly’ stolen by the last BLP administration headed by the famous outlaw OSA were just figments of your widely fertile imagination?

    Is that why poor Mascoll’s character was screwed by the Hardwood scandal?

    What about the millions paid out to build the money hole in Crab Hill?
    What about the millions in tax waivers granted to friends and families as you keep maliciously alluding to despite being proved to be demonstrably false?

    My friend it is not what you or I assume but what the Auditor General’s reports highlight.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Mariposa June 3, 2018 8:03 PM

    Glad to see that one of your more intellectually-sane hired pens is responding to the miller’s exposure of the many ac persona.

    The buses and the garbage trucks will be bought from the NSRL collected since 2016 as promised by the fired MoF, that stinking liar and crook.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Miller re “My friend it is not what you or I assume but what the Auditor General’s reports highlight.”

    A hearty LOLL. Oh how wrong you are. It is all about ‘alternative facts, ‘my sources are right, your are excrete, ‘facts don’t matter if they paint my position or party negatively, ‘my bellicose is bigger than your bellicose’…etc etc.

    The narrative is always about the others never about me. Thus, ‘DLP’s corruption is just over hyped distraction BUT the BLP corruption on VECO, Crab Hill and Edutech now THAT is corruption…. or of course this investigation is a witch hunt, why are you not investigating the DEMS Russia collusion’.

    A hearty ROFLOL always because Auditor General reports, exhaustive US Senate reports or anything independently reviewed has ANY merit ever…as long as it’s about ME!


  • “The narrative is always about the others never about me. Thus, ‘DLP’s corruption is just over hyped distraction BUT the BLP corruption on VECO, Crab Hill and Edutech now THAT is corruption….”

    I have to agree with your comment 1000%.

    But what comes after?

    I recall the hype surrounding the “mess” the DEMS said they found on assuming office in January 2000 and “had to clean up” before they could implement their policies.

    There were (and still are) references being made to Greenland, Dodds, Edutech, Crab Hill police station, etc…….yet, after 10 years and 3 months in office, the DEMS have not held anyone in the BLP accountable.

    Let’s see if this BLP administration will hold anyone from the former DLP administration accountable for alleged corruption…….

    ………or the if cycle continues.


  • The people punished the dlp because they were sick and tired of the dlp austerity measures and now here on BU all are expected to follow and appreciate a blp plan formulated on harsher policies by the IMF.
    I dont think so.


  • @ miller
    That can be achieved by demanding the new government uses its current ‘popularity’ to set up an intellectually well-equipped investigative body to try to recover some of the many millions of taxpayers’ hard-earned money siphoned from the Treasury via the fatted calf trough.

    The only truth from shut-in David BU the BLP yard fowl is that the revelations by Mia are a sequel. Return of the Fatted Calf. David Thompson’s diclosures on the BLP in 2008 were just as scandalous. The empty $30 mil land fill at Greenland is hard to beat on the corruption scale notwithstanding Mottley’s exaggerations. Chipmunk teeth Dale Marshall switching from US$ to BDS$ to excuse millions in cost overruns on the ABC left us perplexed. Mere samples of the infelicities of the exiting 2008 BLP.

    Its hard to believe Mia. Her father cried and choked up strange for a grown man on the accusation of tax waivers. It is either it was so or not ,so why the tears. Mia must answer on that tax waiver charge. BLP politicians who issued bounce cheques before entering Parliament bought mansions, top of the line cars and plantations within a few years in the House of Assembly. Fingers point in both directions.

    We want to see the declared assets of parliamentarians as promised by Mia. Start with George Waltoon Payne. Edmund Hinckson’s assertions on him are fresh in memory. The 30-0 is a poisoned chalice Mia hasn’t fathomed. No DLP to blame. Yard fowl David BU continues to pin guilt on the DLP giving Mia a pass but it wont work. DLPites are encouraged to invade this blog let their voices be heard in competition with BLP yard fowls miller, prodigirl, artexass, dribbler , wax man bush tea the brass bowl and their enabler- in -chief yard fowl David BU. Up and in b%#ch!

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  • @Dunks Gripe

    Didn’t you forget the 70% that voted for the BLP?

    #hardearswunnawunhearownway pwunnaginefeel


  • Owen is being given his business..

    “Owen Arthur has been advised to “see politics and leave it” after repeatedly failing to minimise the appeal of Mia Mottley. Regional political strategist Hartley Henry deemed Arthur the 31st casualty of the May 24 General Election, saying the former Prime Minister suffered as humiliating a defeat as the Democratic Labour Party (DLP). Henry said a politician of many years’ experience like Arthur should have been able to decipher for himself that, like his efforts, the DLP campaign was a lost cause.”


  • So wonderful to see my point being proven…not enough maturity in the current crop of politicians/ministers etc to control a sovereign nation in totality..

    It gives me no pleasure to say that seeing that both sides can publicly accuse each other of theft and grand larceny from the public purse and pension fund and anything else they found to thief in the last 24 or more years…from their own people…

    ….and still they keep saying that the known corruption and thefts cannot be proven, which means both governments developed a system together to hide those thefts…

    But nothing stays hidden in this high tech world anymore.


  • But Harley your blp would suffer the same fate as the dlp because of the Big Lie Mia told the electorate
    Also bear in mind the mandate given to Mia was more so a blp mandate as many Dees did not go to polls
    Good luck at your next crossing
    The Dees would be watching


  • @Mariposa
    Since you claim many Dees did not go to the polls, you really did not see the cross line in the D that turned it to B, good luck, keep watching


  • Yeah watchman
    Sometimes a bad thing can turn to be a good thing.
    Yu watch


  • I see Dale Marshall already making excuses about integrity legislation and it’s inability to to be retroactive when proclaimed….in bringing to justice the corrupt criminals in the exgovernment….Marshall pledges in the newspapers to hunt them down, until he does and we see some if not all of them charged, no one will take him seriously.

    for his information some time back it was revealed that there are laws already existing on the statutes books dealing with corruption, theft, there is also recently passed legislation dealing with money laundering, forfeiture of property, fraud..etc…just grab those laws and get to work..

    ..there is enough of a local legal frame work in place to bring to justice these criminals when their ill-gotten gains have been tracked down….there is a framework in place to have international police and others start following the money, Marshall and the present government do not have the resources needed to do this job, it is best left to international agencies who do..

    in saying that, is the current GG any relation to Michael Lashley exgovernment minister, because that should not prevent a thorough investigation of his actions as a minister and all the allegations of corruption and misappropriation of the people’s funds at NHC and then at Transport Board, as well as the recent Weare matter with him and Sinkler, etc….and many more allegations which have been made from the time he was appointed those two portfolios.


  • Does the AG even realize that the framers of the draft amendment, which is not yet proclaimed, re integrity legislation, are the ones to make the law retroactive..I have seen it done before re immigration legislation.

    in one jurisdiction….legislation before being proclaimed law in 1996 was made retroactive for those with criminal records in other jurisdictions, which amazed me, so anything to do with making people pay for crimes, sometimes crimes they already paid for, can be made retroactive….

    ..why do bajan AGs make it seem like following the rules and procedures to benefit the population…is so difficult.


  • charles skeete

    “My nest pick for Senator would be Lynette Eastmond because she will bring a new perspective to the House.”

    I support your recommendation given her intimate knowledge of the nuances of Government and particularly International business and to which her skills were put to use for the benefit of country in restoring the reputation of Barbados as country in good standing when threatened with blacklisting by the OECD.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Sage Annunaki


    Whuloss man you killing me…

    “…Not one but three (3) stupid persons; namely, “ac”, “angela Skeete” and now the “Manypussy…”

    De last one is class

    @ Brother Hants

    You see what I mean about thinking up a name that breeds derision and discredits your opposition?

    You think dat Manypussy going be able to shift that name? And its context?

    Class one!


  • William Skinner

    Sincere Congratulations Brother Franklyn. Also congrats to the BU family on what is a victory for the free press.


  • Are-we-there-yet

    Anybody heard yet who is Bishop Atherley’s choice for the 2nd Opposition senator post? Only one of the Media houses seem to be treating the matter as worthy of reporting, i.e. the Advocate.


  • ” Two Government Senators announced by Prime Minister Mia Mottley are still not in a position to take their places in the Upper House.”


  • Georgie Porgie

    Sincere Congratulations Brother Franklyn. Also congrats to the BU family on what is a victory for the free press.




  • Caswell

    Do you know what the amendment to the constitution says? I am not seeing what the change reads .


  • Caswell Franklyn

    T. Inniss

    I am not surprised that you have not seen the amendments, neither have I.

    Sent from my iPad


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    I posted this on your other column but it has not shown there yet

    But I ascribed credit to you there as well


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