Congratulations Senator Caswell Franklyn

On behalf of the BU household sincere congratulations are extended to BU family member and Head of Unity Workers Union on his appointment as a Senator. Go forth and do the people’s work you faithful son of the soil.

The other Opposition Senator will be appointed in a couple of weeks.

Up and On!

David – BU blogmaster


127 thoughts on “Congratulations Senator Caswell Franklyn

  1. The people punished the dlp because they were sick and tired of the dlp austerity measures and now here on BU all are expected to follow and appreciate a blp plan formulated on harsher policies by the IMF.
    I dont think so.

  2. @ miller
    That can be achieved by demanding the new government uses its current ‘popularity’ to set up an intellectually well-equipped investigative body to try to recover some of the many millions of taxpayers’ hard-earned money siphoned from the Treasury via the fatted calf trough.

    The only truth from shut-in David BU the BLP yard fowl is that the revelations by Mia are a sequel. Return of the Fatted Calf. David Thompson’s diclosures on the BLP in 2008 were just as scandalous. The empty $30 mil land fill at Greenland is hard to beat on the corruption scale notwithstanding Mottley’s exaggerations. Chipmunk teeth Dale Marshall switching from US$ to BDS$ to excuse millions in cost overruns on the ABC left us perplexed. Mere samples of the infelicities of the exiting 2008 BLP.

    Its hard to believe Mia. Her father cried and choked up strange for a grown man on the accusation of tax waivers. It is either it was so or not ,so why the tears. Mia must answer on that tax waiver charge. BLP politicians who issued bounce cheques before entering Parliament bought mansions, top of the line cars and plantations within a few years in the House of Assembly. Fingers point in both directions.

    We want to see the declared assets of parliamentarians as promised by Mia. Start with George Waltoon Payne. Edmund Hinckson’s assertions on him are fresh in memory. The 30-0 is a poisoned chalice Mia hasn’t fathomed. No DLP to blame. Yard fowl David BU continues to pin guilt on the DLP giving Mia a pass but it wont work. DLPites are encouraged to invade this blog let their voices be heard in competition with BLP yard fowls miller, prodigirl, artexass, dribbler , wax man bush tea the brass bowl and their enabler- in -chief yard fowl David BU. Up and in b%#ch!

    • @Dunks Gripe

      Didn’t you forget the 70% that voted for the BLP?

      #hardearswunnawunhearownway pwunnaginefeel

  3. Owen is being given his business..

    “Owen Arthur has been advised to “see politics and leave it” after repeatedly failing to minimise the appeal of Mia Mottley. Regional political strategist Hartley Henry deemed Arthur the 31st casualty of the May 24 General Election, saying the former Prime Minister suffered as humiliating a defeat as the Democratic Labour Party (DLP). Henry said a politician of many years’ experience like Arthur should have been able to decipher for himself that, like his efforts, the DLP campaign was a lost cause.”

  4. So wonderful to see my point being proven…not enough maturity in the current crop of politicians/ministers etc to control a sovereign nation in totality..

    It gives me no pleasure to say that seeing that both sides can publicly accuse each other of theft and grand larceny from the public purse and pension fund and anything else they found to thief in the last 24 or more years…from their own people…

    ….and still they keep saying that the known corruption and thefts cannot be proven, which means both governments developed a system together to hide those thefts…

    But nothing stays hidden in this high tech world anymore.

  5. But Harley your blp would suffer the same fate as the dlp because of the Big Lie Mia told the electorate
    Also bear in mind the mandate given to Mia was more so a blp mandate as many Dees did not go to polls
    Good luck at your next crossing
    The Dees would be watching

  6. @Mariposa
    Since you claim many Dees did not go to the polls, you really did not see the cross line in the D that turned it to B, good luck, keep watching

  7. I see Dale Marshall already making excuses about integrity legislation and it’s inability to to be retroactive when proclaimed….in bringing to justice the corrupt criminals in the exgovernment….Marshall pledges in the newspapers to hunt them down, until he does and we see some if not all of them charged, no one will take him seriously.

    for his information some time back it was revealed that there are laws already existing on the statutes books dealing with corruption, theft, there is also recently passed legislation dealing with money laundering, forfeiture of property, fraud..etc…just grab those laws and get to work..

    ..there is enough of a local legal frame work in place to bring to justice these criminals when their ill-gotten gains have been tracked down….there is a framework in place to have international police and others start following the money, Marshall and the present government do not have the resources needed to do this job, it is best left to international agencies who do..

    in saying that, is the current GG any relation to Michael Lashley exgovernment minister, because that should not prevent a thorough investigation of his actions as a minister and all the allegations of corruption and misappropriation of the people’s funds at NHC and then at Transport Board, as well as the recent Weare matter with him and Sinkler, etc….and many more allegations which have been made from the time he was appointed those two portfolios.

  8. Does the AG even realize that the framers of the draft amendment, which is not yet proclaimed, re integrity legislation, are the ones to make the law retroactive..I have seen it done before re immigration legislation.

    in one jurisdiction….legislation before being proclaimed law in 1996 was made retroactive for those with criminal records in other jurisdictions, which amazed me, so anything to do with making people pay for crimes, sometimes crimes they already paid for, can be made retroactive….

    ..why do bajan AGs make it seem like following the rules and procedures to benefit the population…is so difficult.

  9. “My nest pick for Senator would be Lynette Eastmond because she will bring a new perspective to the House.”

    I support your recommendation given her intimate knowledge of the nuances of Government and particularly International business and to which her skills were put to use for the benefit of country in restoring the reputation of Barbados as country in good standing when threatened with blacklisting by the OECD.

  10. @ the Sage Annunaki


    Whuloss man you killing me…

    “…Not one but three (3) stupid persons; namely, “ac”, “angela Skeete” and now the “Manypussy…”

    De last one is class

    @ Brother Hants

    You see what I mean about thinking up a name that breeds derision and discredits your opposition?

    You think dat Manypussy going be able to shift that name? And its context?

    Class one!

  11. Sincere Congratulations Brother Franklyn. Also congrats to the BU family on what is a victory for the free press.

  12. Anybody heard yet who is Bishop Atherley’s choice for the 2nd Opposition senator post? Only one of the Media houses seem to be treating the matter as worthy of reporting, i.e. the Advocate.

  13. re
    Sincere Congratulations Brother Franklyn. Also congrats to the BU family on what is a victory for the free press.



  14. Caswell

    Do you know what the amendment to the constitution says? I am not seeing what the change reads .

    • T. Inniss

      I am not surprised that you have not seen the amendments, neither have I.

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