Corruption Behind The Walls Of Glendairy Prison

is150-198.jpgIs there any doubt that Nurse was the wrong man for the job at the time he was appointed? Who would appoint a career military man to manage an overcrowded prison supported by an untrained, unruly and underpaid group of wardens? We have already alluded in a previous article that it was a political appointment, the Nurse – Mia connection!

Over the years, we have read all manner of stories which have caused us to wonder if Glendairy prison was a penal institution. There were escapes from the prison with alleged outside help. Do you remember the Colombian convict who quietly disappeared after being sentenced by the Courts of Barbados? There was the female prisoner who was mysteriously impregnated; female and male prisoners according to prison policy are separated so the culprit pointed to a prison warden being the sperm donor. What about Juman who is said to have enjoyed comforts during his time at the prison which was unheard of in its history. We had prisoners who mysteriously died while in custody. The list is endless to describe the inefficiency at the prison over the years. To Nurse’s credit, he implemented security measures which stopped the absurd break-outs but that is all.

Although BU feel that Nurse is the wrong man for the job, the blame must surely be placed on the government which appointed him in the position. The lack of a comprehensive penal reform system promised by the former Attorney General David Simmons that he would assist in a more efficient management of our prison population. We think this is at the root cause of many of the issues at the prison and our judicial system. In the year 2007, our lone prison is not a place where rehabilitation can take place. We have heard stories where a magistrate preferred to condemn accused persons to the Psychiatric Hospital to avoid having to send them to “Station Hill”.

marshallnurse.jpgIt is no secret, according to our source, that the environment in our prison has become susceptible to corrupt behavior by the very officials appointed to oversee it. This was also mentioned by a Commissioner in the ongoing prison inquiry in relation to late payment of salaries to some wardens who have not been paid in some instances for up to two months; a situation which would no doubt breed corrupt behavior. According to our source, those talented prisoners who produce the beautiful art which we view on display from time to time have suffered at the hands of a scam which has been happening for years. The policy of the prison is to share with the prisoner some percentage of the sale of any paintings sold. We have been told this has not been happening, and in many cases the prisoners have received nothing for art sold. Also occurring is the manipulation of the final price of the painting which differ from the official price of the art, e.g. agreed price on painting X but sold for x+%, and the % pocketed by the corrupt officials at the prison. This practice, according to our source has been the entrenched way of doing business for years under the watch of Daphne who is now retired.

The blogs and most public opinion focus on corruption by government officials; but corruption in Barbados has become endemic as a way people attempt to support unsustainable lifestyles. The fact that some prisoners had to suffer the incarceration for their crimes and on top of that suffer the corrupt system within Glendairy is something which civil Barbados should be very ashamed.

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12 thoughts on “Corruption Behind The Walls Of Glendairy Prison

  1. Whilst Colonel Nurse might have had a hand is some of the mis-managment of the Prisons, but did he have a hand in the corruption that exists. I have heard the story quite repeatedly that apparently Ms. Jiggetts was not all she was cracked up to be. Kisses go by favour I suppose when you have a personal playground.

  2. i was a prisoner there ,..tons of corruption and bullshit , John Nurse is a total f;n idiot , the prison got worse when he got in ffs .I’m suprized we didnt burn that cesspool down when i was there. who am I ?? do some homework ,i said my # was 4796 ,.as far as Frank Carter goes , .. i worked with the man , sure he did a crime , but he done his time ever since and should be on parole , i am a canadian ,… worked in the mechanic shop ,,lots of the officers were pretty good ,.. just a handful did a lot of dirty work , such as getting someone beat up or just did it themselves ’cause he has something against a prisoner,…the food there is kife,… whoever heard of boiled rice and fish every day ,.. malnutirition all the time ,…chinks biting you up all the time ,..nobody on the outside was really aware what was going on because Nurse is full of deciet and lies,..i had to hand it to Robert Brown for getting that letter through . at least there were officers there that cared for us ,..not like the other wicked demon officers there. i’de like to sit and chat with y’all sometime ,.. i am glad of one thing though ,..i been clean of dope ever since my incarceration on June 2 1999 – feb.28 2003 and still am clean of drugs ,..praise God !! ….Mark J # 4796 EX PRISONER OF GLENDAIRY. burn in hell John Nurse you stinkin’ dog

  3. yes he is the wrong man for the job. my name is mary deadman i am british i went to barbados in 2003 and got caught carring drugs i was sentanced to 5 years i know what i did was wrong but thanks to john nurs. my prison sentanced was like a living hell after the riot (wich i think was caused by john nurs he as no idia how to run a prison that is why the riot happened)after the riot we all was sent to an army camp where we were treaded like a prisoner not like something you would scrap of your shoe. untill john nurs came in and said we all cant writ any mail or get mail or make any phone calls to let our love ones know we were safe be for i was arrested i met alot of bajan people but with people like john nurs who is on a power trip he give barbados a bad name get rid of him. if some one gos to prison treat them like human not a peace of shit and john nurs will always treat people like shit. all his worried about is how he look and the money he gets GET RID OF HIM

  4. mrs farral (EVIL BITCH) like john nurse. she mad our life a living hell. she would walk around with the inmates fags in a bag. knowing we were dieing for a smok.if we ask her for one of our fags she would smil and tell us to go away still holding the fags. also she the one that use to lock me up for no reason at all she would only started shift. one time my husband told me my dad past away i started to cry and she lock me up. she did not like the inmates. she would let us know by locking us up for no reason. and she can lip read i was saying somthing to some one so no one could hear me the gaurd farrel looked at my lip and came over and said to me go to your cell i then said why she said you know why cos i said to my friend she a cunt and we was talking about some one else not any of the guards. appart frome ferrel and a cuple of othere guard. there were some okay you can count the nice one on one hand

  5. as you have all read my wife mary deadman was in glendairy i have been reading up about john nurse. no wounder the prison riot kicked off. im british iv being in a lot of prisons. if john nurse run a british prison the way he did in glendairy prison the prison would kick off that cunt left me not knowing where my wife was and if she was okay. after a good few months and i couldnt fine out about my wife if she was dead or alive no one would tell me where she was. know this is to you john nurse if i ever come to barbados and i was put in prison there i would end up getting hang cas beleave me i would have you what give you the right to stop a family knowing a person wife or mothere from knowing were there love ones are. barbados goverment get rid of that no good cunt john nurse

  6. Why everyone blaming John Nurse for corruption and the burning of thr prison he was not the one who lit the match nor did he bring it there. Now lets be reasonable before he came there was corruption, beatings, stealing rapes you name it it existed at Glendiary when criminals run a prison and person incharge let them get away wwith it now he then brought change and as we know the fucking ungrateful bajans donot appreciate change u all blame others for your stupid mistakes now lets stop being asses when a man commits a crime against someone tell me what should be done a man rapes your daughter, mother, sister even son goes tp Prison and what think honestly would u want to happen to me I AM SURE THAT YOU WANT THE F**KER PUNISH but on the other hand if the rapist was your father, brother son or husband then the tears would be for him you cannot blame one man for the actions of many and I believe he has make a difference at the Prison .

  7. hjohn nurse as put a stop to us writting to our family.and phone calls yes what we did was wrong but dont treat us like cunts. im glade im out of that place i will never turn back a living hell and that was in 2003 2006 and i still have dream about horrable place

  8. john nurse punish us inmates. by we couldnt write to our family or make phone call i dont give a f**** he made our life a living hell. i know i was there. it is easey for people to say john nurse not a bad man. well i know he is

  9. I was in Barbados prison in 2003 and came out in 2006 and Barbados prison realy has messed my head up still and we are in 20015 a very bad prison to be in

  10. john ryan aka ian john deadman March 28, 2010 at 10:57 AM #
    Seeing that you have been in and out of many Prisons, when John Nurse retires, with your vast experience ,the job is yours.

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