Was Lieutenant-Colonel John Nurse Responsible For The Glendairy Riot And Burn-out~Why Was He Protected By Mia Mottley?


PRISON OFFICERS were asked to sign a petition seven years ago, aimed at urging authorities to rescind the appointment of Lieutenant-Colonel John Nurse as Glendairy Prisons’ acting superintendent. This claim was made yesterday by a temporary prison officer who joined the service after Nurse had taken up his position, but had heard about the petition in 2001. In fact, Arleigh Stoute said he knew a colleague who had actually signed the petition.

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Many Barbadians continue to ask why has Lieutenant-Colonel John Nurse remained the prison boss for seven long years in the face of strenuous opposition from the warders in his command. After witnessing the unprecedented burning down of the island’s only prison, the publics outcry has risen. BU is forced to ask the question, can a manager who does not have the confidence of subordinates effectively manage to achieve the goals of the job? If the answer to the question is no, the next question is what should management do about it? Relying on feedback, observation and discussions with people close to the prison, BU know that Nurse uses outdated autocratic, dictatorial and sometimes rude qualities which we can write; generously describes his management style. Many say that it would have contributed a lot to why hell broke lose at Glendairy Prisons on the 29 March 2005.


In February 2007 a Commission of Inquiry started its work to determine what caused the riot at Glendairy Prison, it seems to BU that it was done because it just happened to be the politically correct thing to do. We say this because Barbados has a long history of the politicians spending our tax dollars to provide golden handshakes to party “faithfuls”. What else can we say if we are all aware of the many reports which gather dust on the shelves in our Ministers of Government offices, the outcome of “Commission of Inquiries”. A good example is the dusty St. Joseph Hospital Report which in the opinion of BU was used to neutralize Brandford Taitt who was aspiring at the time to make the big comeback to politics. Believe it or not BU thinks that Brandford Taitt returning to politics to fill the void left by David Thompson would have been a 100% better choice than Clyde Mascoll.


Back to the issue.


The public of Barbados is currently witnessing the farcical situation, some would say that it rivals what transpired in the final minutes of CWC 2007, of the prison boss being subjected to public scrutiny and sometimes ridicule by his subordinates while still in office. Which well run organization do you know about where the CEO would have to participate in a 360 Inquiry held in the full view of the public glare. AT BU we are not surprise at some of the evidence we have been hearing. Despite BU’s view on the irrelevant leadership style of Nurse, we place full blame on a system (government) which would allow this to happen. How effective can Nurse now be when he has to go back to Harrison Point prison to govern a prison which operates in less than ideal physical conditions and a hostile and untrained workforce to boot.


Barbadians watched their televisions in horror at the daily press briefings which were DOMINATED by the then Attorney General Minister Mia Mottley. During that period the man in charge Lieutenant-Colonel John Nurse was not allowed to speak. It is worth mentioning that the convenient transfer of the Hon Mia Mottley to another ministry has provided an escape from any embarrassment which will inevitably develop out of the ongoing Commission of Inquiry into the burning down of Glendairy Prison. Again the comparison has to be made that any well run company in a time of crisis it is the CEO who must speak to any issues on the operations and not the Chairman. It this case the Chairman was Hon Mia Mottley and the CEO was John Nurse.


So the big question is why was Lieutenant-Colonel John Nurse not allowed to speak. To answer this question we have to factor that Nurse may have had a big chip on his shoulder which grew when he did not get the Chief of Staff position at the Barbados Defence Force, remember that Brigadier Rudyard Lewis retired. Do you believe that the two Cawmere boys were beaten to the position by Alvin Quintyne, a Parkinson boy? Seems that Jeffrey Bostic is trying his hand at politics nowadays, but this story is not about him.


At BU we have concluded that the truth to this tale is simply, John Nurse and Mia Mottley are good buddies and the Mia Mottley strategy of bombarding proceedings at the press briefings was to protect Dear John. She does not want her good friend to be the fall guy. The fact that the current Attorney General is a Cawmerian like Nurse must be comforting. At the end of the day Barbadians did not need a Commission of Inquiry, which will waste tax payers dollars, to know that the tension created by John Nurse’s leadership style would have been the spark Glendairy needed to explode.

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9 thoughts on “Was Lieutenant-Colonel John Nurse Responsible For The Glendairy Riot And Burn-out~Why Was He Protected By Mia Mottley?

  1. terry donaldson~instead of peddling your wares all the time don’t you think you need to start posting something of additional value to the topic?

  2. I see Jenny the woman that Mia bit her privates off is back in Barbados and looking good not sure how she is feeling but we are all happy that she is out of hospital and back in Barbados again.

  3. the parkinson is no different from the cawmerians, all 3 in additon to the secunt in command lodge boy are similar leadership styles

  4. it was only to hold 350 prisoners and there was over 1000 when i left ,.. i read something like ” the prison holds over 1100 prisoners,.. where did this come from ?? a prison with buckets to piss and shit in for 3 men in a 8 by 10 cell ,…IF you were lucky you could get a bunk and and other things made out of wood ,..but they have an insect called a chink ,..they bite your skin and suck your blood and breed fast ,… no matter how clean a person was ,..a chink could come over and nest in his wooded cell. So many deaths from the head nurse not caring ,.. heck ,.. i seen a Guyanese prisoner fall down dead right in front of me ,…10 minutes before that he was at the hospital in the prison talking to her and begging her ,.. she shooed him away telling him not to be so foolish and if he keeps it up she would get him locked up ” in he cell ” The same with a souyh african prisoner Tjaart Hall , he died from no medical attention ,. it didnt matter how old or young you were ,.. if you got sick,..may God help you , because as far as they were concerned ,..so what if a prisoner died ..Like i said before , things got a lot worse for the prisoners ,..and even for the guards there ,.. by John Nurse ,..he wanted to fire all the good guards and get his goon squad in there .I must say something too ,… Terry said ” when his councel did come and see them ” well,… it was all Nurse’s idea of getting them in less and less so word never leaked out again in any way ,.he even got the foriegn prisoners mail read and reread , just to make sure ,.. well Nurse , i guess you never thought that we would care about anyone there as soon as we ,..or I left too ,… i still think about the ppl i spent time there with and the good guards that had soul and heart ,… my # there was 4796 , a canadian , i worked in the mechanic shop with frank carter and the guys ,..good bunch they were. I am glad i made it out of there ok ,.. nut i mean what about the well being of my fellow prisoners there .//bajan,ect . God bless ,…Mark J.

  5. yeah ,.. all Nurse cared about was to show off his flamboyant colors ,.. look cool in his brand new Rover and not worry or care about the well being of the prisoners ,.. he just want to beat them down even more. Your a shitheel John Nurse.

  6. after the riot. we were sent to an army camp. john nurse came in one day and made it clear that we could not contact our family by phone or mail i then ask him what about our family thay need to know where safe he just repeated him self that man dont care about anything but him self. i my self wrot to him about a guard who tryed to break my arm i had a big narsty bruse nothing was done about this. john nurse should have naver being in charge if it was not for that man. the riot would never had happen. prison is prison if you do wrong you go to prison NOT HELL like he run the place.

  7. go to mary deadman. glendairy survivors group and ask me any question you like

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