A BLP Stalwart Working Behind The Scenes

We searched online for images of the man but surprisingly given his popularity we struggled to find many. Luckily we found one on the the Barbados Forum site extracted from the Nation newspaper when they covered the recent BWU and Barbados Port Authority dispute. Click Here to view a recent image Mr. Nichols, again we say thanks to the Administrator over at Barbados Forum.com.

We promised to provide some information about Hallam Nichols, one of the many men behind Prime Minister Arthur. His background is that of a salesman of heavy duty equipment which we understand he became very good at while working at the now defunct PLANTRAC in the 80s and early 90s. This is when his relationship with COW and Rayside took shape because as you would imagine they were the clients that earned him his most attractive commissions. He has been dubbed by the BFP posse as the bag man for the PM and has been rewarded for his loyalty with the appointment as Deputy Chairman at one of the most prestigious government statutory boards on the island. He has always been a fiercely loyal member of the Barbados Labour Party but his meteoric rise has come definitely under the Arthur tenure. Our source confirms that he currently manages his own companies which are involved in many things – from wine to iodine. As a neighbour to the beleaguered Keith Rayside his house has been frequented by the who is who of politics and the business community in Barbados. It was not unusual for Beverley or Marquita and others to be seen liming at the Warrens residence back when times were good. Perhaps the most famous meeting orchestrated by the politically savvy Nichols was when he facilitated a meeting of the then Minister of Transport and COW at the height of the white shadow controversy – tensions were rampant back in those days.Reports suggest that the man is a loyal BLP supporter and good family man.

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  2. Hallam and a couple others are called in some circles the untouchables as even the boys in khaki are afraid to even mention their name, and that is a fact. It will always be that in Barbados, due to immense powers and privilege the PM and by extension his cronies enjoy.

  3. Hallam Nicholls supplies the Barbados water Authority with pipes. Do you know what his profit is? Our water can be supplied cheaper if things were different.
    What about his purchases for Public Works and parts for Transport Board buses?
    Why is a person who is a major importer sitting in such a pivotal position on the Port Authority Board?

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