More Questions Than Answers About The Man Behind CWC 2007

Christopher DehringAlso a founding partner, Mr. Dehring has extensive experience in the financial services industry, ranging from credit financial analysis to investment management, with a particular specialization in corporate finance. His financial advisory and fund raising assignments have spanned several sectors of the Jamaican economy including insurance and financial services, manufacturing, tourism, agriculture and government. He was a licensed securities dealer in the Jamaican capital market and has acted as an advisor to several agencies of the government on capital issues. Mr. Dehring has also advised private companies on their raising of capital, financial structuring, mergers, acquisitions and corporate strategy. He was CEO at DB&G until 1996 when he was seconded to the West Indies Cricket Board. Mr. Dehring has taken a leave of absence from the Board of Directors until June 2007. He is the CEO and Managing Director of ICC Cricket World Cup and he will be extremely busy preparing for Cricket World Cup 2007

Who is Christopher Dehring and what recommended him to the position as Czar of CWC 2007. His mentor appears to be past president of the WICB Pat Rousseau a Jamaican lawyer who has done very well financially. It is rumoured that several of the deals around West Indian cricket in recent years have involved these two Jamaicans. How is it that this man was able to persuade Caribbean governments in nine countries to spend millions to ensure that CWC 2007 became a reality?Perhaps the burning question is to what extent has Chris Dehring directly profited from his association with CWC 2007? Is it unethical if he has profited? As CWC 2007 continues to unfold and respective governments ask the questions which should have been tabled from the outset perhaps Dr. Davies threat to take ICC to court will open the proverbial can of worms. Up to now Chris Dehring has been making all the right utterances even in the face of a CWC 2007 which is very low on the totem pole of being successful.

1 thought on “More Questions Than Answers About The Man Behind CWC 2007

  1. Got this note by email:

    According to Chris, CWC revenue is $101.3m.(all receipts in).
    That divided by 9 nations…does that mean Barbados and other
    islands would get 11.2M? Good returns on $500M for the rock.

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