Caribbean Region Spends Millions On CWC 2007 But The Three Musketeers Make Millions

The wife and I decided to pay for the premium CBC MCTV channel “Sportsmax” so that we could follow the exploits of the West Indies team in England. Let me say that I was not keen at the idea but the wife is an avid cricket fan for reasons which we can discuss on another occasion. Just imagine our disgust on the weekend as we sat on the sofa following the spirited performance of the Sarwan led team, BAM, football appeared on the screen out of the blue. We consoled ourselves that it was a glitch which would sort itself out in short order, but after ten minutes we knew that something was up. A call to the CBC confirmed the unthinkable-the test match broadcast would be interrupted to broadcast the FA Cup football. Imagine our horror, the mid-day expectation of a relaxing time with the wife on the sofa eating cheese and biscuits with tall glasses of mauby was now shattered, both of us are no football fans.

Anyway the good news is that unlike cricket a football game will rarely extend past 2 hours so that our disappointment was sooth later in the afternoon. However the incident has remained in my mind for the reason that as a cricket playing nation we are getting it completely wrong as far as broadcasting cricket in the region goes. Can anyone imagine football in Latin America or baseball in the USA being interrupted by a lesser sport? How is it that our national sport, King cricket has now been relegated to cable and the largest media group, Starcom Network in Barbados which boast of 100,000 listenership has decided to not bring coverage for economic reasons. Why is it that a region that is reputed to have spent close to one billion dollars to host CWC 2007 not take the required decisions to permit the broadcast of cricket to a wider cross-section of its citizens so that the momentum from CWC 2007 can be taken advantage of? So many questions came to mind that BU just had to “dump” on our readers tonight before hitting the sack.

It is no secret that at BU we feel that cricket is dying – for reasons mainly associated with our changing society- and the money spent on CWC was just too much. A few articles can be found on BU explaining our position to death. Back to the thrust of our concern on why the Sportsmax cable channel would interrupt cricket to deliver football. We were told that the company owns only one channel and a decision was taken to interrupt the cricket to satisfy the football fans in the region. We suppose that if we were in the shoes of Mr. MacIntosh who is the CEO of IMC, the parent of Sportsmax, we might do the same for economic reasons. This paradox which occurred on the weekends clearly illustrates that as a region we have it all wrong when our national team would be playing the first test of a series at Lords and a privileged few with cable which includes the Sportsmax channel would be the only ones to witness the event in Barbados. The fact that we had to suffer the interruption of football we have since taken in stride as the sign of a changing time.

What struck us for six was when we did a search on the Internet to read-up on Sportsmax and stumbled on the following nugget of information:

Now, McIntosh is right where his heart’s desire is ­ back home mixing hobby with business. He is the managing director at IMC, whose other main partners are former captain of the West Indies cricket team, Courtney Walsh; Dehring, Bunting and Golding’s Chris Dehring and Rousseau. IMC is based in St. Lucia and is the parent company of Financial Channel (FC), SPORTS MAX Limited and Caribbean Sports Marketing with its operations at 14-16 Trinidad Terrace in New Kingston.

Source: Jamaican Gleaner

Now knock me down with a feather! To think that these are the guys who have been thumping their chests as the saviours of cricket but in another role they have secured the rights to our cricket and have chosen to deliver it in a way that will make money for them. To hell with the region and the idea that a reasonably priced cricket package could serve as a fillip to the young boys and girls in the region who should still be pumped after CWC 2007.

7 thoughts on “Caribbean Region Spends Millions On CWC 2007 But The Three Musketeers Make Millions

  1. I think that sportsmax made a decision based on the fact that although cricket is the sportof the region many people are dissillusioned after the world cup and the england matches aren’t expected to be the most competitive.There are however many FA Cup football fans in the region.I personally know of many young people who have turned from cricket in favour of the various football cups and leagues.

  2. Cricket is dying because it is an outdated game. It is out of touch with the realities of the 21st century. It goes on to long, it is too boring on the whole; has outdated imprecise rules that are arbitrarily applied.
    Outcomes are randomly subjected to the vagaries of the weather, the loyalties of the Umpires and the luck of the players. Skills required to compete are so limited that almost any able-bodied person who cannot find a real job can participate and the fans also need to be similarly unengaged in meaningful employment to be able to follow a full 5-day game and 6-week tour.
    With a little luck, players who can actually see the ball and whose body co-ordination is relatively normal can become superstars… ho hum.

    The West Indies ‘team’ is the ultimate oxymoron, since there is no “West Indies” country. What we have is 14 sovereign countries talking about togetherness for the last 50 years while openly resentful of each other. What team what?!

    The only possible concept in cricket that is worth consideration is the systematic process management and clinical and psychological analysis that has been imposed on the game by the Australians to achieve world domination in all spheres of the ‘game’. Using sledging, computer analysis, secret spying on opponents and bribery where necessary or possible.
    But then these are people that understand the concept of all out WAR in everything from Sports to world trade to Iraq…

    So tell me again?
    What is the surprise that our rag tag bunch of otherwise unemployable ‘players’ have been unable to compete? That the Cricket Board (bored?) seem clueless?
    Or that our generally “rum-shop-based” teams of ‘analysis’ have been unable to come up with sensible answers???

    What cricket what?!
    I support the three musketeers.

  3. Bush Tea~interesting comments! I think that we are not that far apart in our views. The point we want to make is simply if Sportsmax has purchased the rights to show cricket then you should show cricket and not deceive the viewers in their expectations.

    accomenta~you are right of course but some would say that by showing the cricket it provides the opportunity to keep it top of the mind and chase the idea that we can improve some day : – )

  4. Surely they purchased the rights from the WICB. Isn’t there just a smidgeon of conflict of interest here? At the very least, cashing-in on inside contacts? It stinks, and it’s a lousy channel outside the international events. They won’t be getting my buck.

  5. My old granny used to say “what sweeten goat mout does bun he in he tail” WICB is the head of cricket in the region and as I see it if a woman or women were on the board it might do a little better. But put men with their ‘dick sizing’ mentality in a room and this is what you get. A ‘let’s see how much more money that you i can get from this to fill me pocket”. They, the WICB are a bunch or money wasting thieving men. That is why Bush Tea cricket is that in the state it is in.

  6. Well, the WI team spent a lot of warm up time prior to the WCC playing football! Maybe that’s where their focus was and their future plans!
    Their concentration certainly wasn’t on cricket.

  7. I with you Isabella, let us put some women on the WICB. I’m betting that the whole dog will be dead in 2 years.
    Then maybe we could move on with some real sports where players actually sweat and where players require some special skills in order to be selected..

    God created women to speed up such things. You know how long Adam would have taken to eat that forbidden fruit by heself?

    I am also an advocate of more women in political life for the same reason. The sooner the Lord comes and clean up this mess we have, the better for everyone involved…

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