Submit using CONFIDENTIAL email

BU has received several requests over the years to provide an avenue to allow anyone to submit reports in a confidential manner. Some may want to submit evidence of government corruption, highlight the perennial issue how some lawyers continue to rip off Barbadians, police brutality, immigration and customs abuse as examples.

  • An easy way to communicate confidentially is to use a Remailer like – click this link
  • Those who want to set-up to communicate 2-way can register an Anonymous Account – click on this link
  • Others may prefer to use the Send Confidential Link or to use BU’s email address – click on this link

Almost 5-years after establishing Barbados Underground the need to expose how ‘business is done  in Barbados’ has heightened.

0 thoughts on “Submit using CONFIDENTIAL email

  1. Something is not right here: our confidentiality post comes out like the above which was not ever intended. Such was intended as a post to be a later commentary. What is happening at BU?? Can you do some thing with this post please sir/madam!!

    This is clearly not what we intended.


    • @PDC

      You submission is long and BU household has not had the time to read it before posting.

      Again you are advised to keep submissions to below 750 words to avoid delay in posting.