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  1. Hants
    As I was about to celebrate this bit of good news, I saw the scorecard of the second inning of Barbados vs the Leeward Islands
    29, 27, 3, 0, 0,1, 0, 2, 0 8, 1
    Let rearrange them
    0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 8, 27, 29 (sum=78)
    Mean 78/10=7.8

    Let’s look at different averages since the arithmetic average (mean) can be influenced by extreme values (29 and 37)
    Most frequent (mode) = 0
    Number in the middle (median ) = 1
    Would you want to see Barbados bat?

  2. I can be rightly accused of making negative comments about the level of WI cricket and soccer. I cannot retract those statements but let me add the following…
    It cannot be refuted that performance of the young Barbados CARIFTA team was stellar. Go youngsters. Keep on aiming high and trying to reach the stars.

  3. Life can be cruel.

    I was in the positive zone and then I read Barbados junior hockey team was “hammered 20v-v0v by Chile in their opening game”?

    Talk about mood change.

    Where was the coach? That idiot should have been fired during the game. He should have not allowed the young team to take the filed after the half-time score was 9-0.

    It is time Barbados make use of a mercy rule and abandon games before the score reaches 100-0. Somebody needs to tell these coaches/players. It’s not just a hotel and a plane ride… it’s national pride.

    Suggestion: Change ” Barbados National Team” to “Barbados B Team” and keep the “A Team” off the field.

    For consistency, the “A guy” has now been demoted to the “B guy”. 🙂

  4. Why non-competitive sports can be beneficial for your kid
    Barbados should engage more in non-competitive sports like yoga
    This attitude of contentment is called Santosha. Derived from two Sanskrit words, “Sam” which means complete, altogether, entirely and “Tosha” which means content, satisfaction, acceptance, being comfortable. As such, Santosha means completely content with, satisfied with, accepting and comfortable with.

  5. https://barbadostoday.bb/2023/04/12/suki-holds-slender-lead/
    I consider myself an aficionado and an expert at the game of checkers. I have four or five good checkers books in my possession and a very strong game on my computer,

    I play a game against the computer every now and then. I would not mind having a game with Suki. I can promise you, the score would not be 20-0 or 11-0. Perhaps, I should start training …

    Computer trained Citizen Challenges and Chomps Checkers Champion

  6. This sports report is brief.
    Female cricketers from Barbados ended a tournament unbeaten.
    A surfer guy representing Barbados in a competition turned his back on the island though was NOT eliminated in that competition and went off to participate in a different competition
    National pride/representation: tek de money, show up, barely go through the motion of competing and leave early

    I just bought a surf board… I wanna represent

  7. I love soccer. I was watching this CONCACAF tournament when I saw the names T&T, Jamaica, St kitts and Nevis and Qatar.

    Qatar? That has to be a flipping typo. How could anyone make such a mistake?

    I looked at my keyboard to see the relative position of the Q and the B. Then I count the number of letters on Qatar and those in Barbados. Then I got out a map and looked at the countries in North America, Central America and the Caribbean and as I expected there was no Quatar.

    Google, here I come… I read that Qatar was invited. Does Barbados soccer suck so much that they would invite strangers after knocking us out of the competition.

    Oh! A few days ago there was a big match between Mexico and the USA. Would you believe that Barbados and Honduras had the nerves to schedule a match at the same time? Where? In the USA.

    Needless to say, that game was postponed. Also, these two loser nation had some expensive tickets.

    Can you imagine Barbados playing a home match against a next nation and Grenada and St Vincent scheduling a game here at the same time. Can you see the ignorance.

    I hear a group of CARICOM islands are planning to celebrate July 4 as a holiday.
    Well, we lost Halloween
    Thanksgiving day is being stolen.
    I hear them talk of Founding fathers giving them a constitution…

    Jesus! I give up. I will no longer try to understand the thinking of the Caribbean man… Jenkins, here I come.

    • The Barbados versus Honduras match was postponed because the Honduras officials complained about the conditions.

  8. @Hants
    The PM has been quoted as saying that all big projects must past through her, so while most people would think that details about a new stadium would be under the purview of the Minister of Sports the PM would beg to differ.

    Forget Sports Center and watch CBC, yesterday Randy Harris the President of the BFA was on the local channel explaining why the match was cancelled with Honduras something about the condition of the field and accommodation. At least that was his explanation but football in Bim is in a sorry state and leadership is part of the problem.

  9. “The Barbados versus Honduras match was postponed because the Honduras officials complained about the conditions.”

    I give up. I have invested time and effort in making you an independent thinker but you continue to fall for these petty excuses. This is the last time I will translate for you.

    Translation: the idiots in Honduras realized this was a big mistake before the idiots in Barbados did. Field conditions was cited as the reason . Other reasons considered were weather, the smoke in Canada, sargassum in the Caribbean sea and distance from China.

    I give up. You are on your own.

  10. Don’t get it wrong.

    I love, respect and admire the blogmaster, but I also love trying to mangle his comments and taking a cheap shot. That’s my nature. I am who I am.


  11. Maloney is no baloney.

    “Of course, it is an amazing result to finish P2. I really had to work hard for it. Starting P7, it was always going to be a difficult race.”

  12. Wow… drew with Brazil and knocked them out!

    What a change taking place in women’s soccer … Canada also knocked out and US scrapped through by literally a few inches.

    I can just hear the Jams now; Messrs ICC we want our OWN cricket team too! 😎

  13. Why do I have to clear cookies, change my location and come up with a fake id.

    Too much censoring Mr blogmaster.

  14. “These difficulties resulted in Jamaica receiving support from fans through crowdfunding due to inadequate support from their federation. Nearly USD $100,000 was raised for the team through two fundraisers.”

  15. Well, if your posts are not appearing it is quite possible the site is recognizing you in some way.

    A cookie is a piece of data from a website that is stored within a web browser that the website can retrieve at a later time. Cookies are used to tell the server that users have returned to a particular website.

    So I clear my cookies, pretend I am from Mars and give myself a new name

    • @ Kiki
      Get ready for AI in your donkey.

      No one needs any cookies to recognize your posts…. the smell is detectable from afar.

      ..and don’t blame the Blogmaster, ask Bushie how he doing it… LOL
      You know how long the bushman was gunning to put a ban on your donkey…?

      Instead of changing your name and pretending that you are from Mars, …why not just write something coherent, – and ADMIT that your donkey is indeed Martian….


  16. Don’t make me draw a card like a black magician
    The battle get hotter than the egyptian sun
    and the battle we a shotter we have to weigh by the gram

  17. It appears that the Somalia select its sprinters using the same criteria our folks use
    Who ya know
    Who knows ya
    Who is ya fadda
    Who is ya mudda
    Can you move without assistance?


    Jaiswal to Hope, SIX runs
    Shai Hope finishes it off in style! Jaiswal tosses it up just outside off and Hope gets low to mow this down the ground. West Indies have done it! They have won the decider and the series!

  19. Paramount Prince has won the King’s Plate to earn the first jewel in Canada’s triple crown.

    It was the third win for jockey Patrick Husbands BSS

  20. At last!

    We have a competitor who has demonstrated excellence for at least the past three years. It makes my old heart sing when I can support a Bajan who is performing at the highest level.

    This achievement is not something that can be faked or won by a popularity vote; this is Sada lining up against the best of the very best and emerging triumphant. She did it not once but twice.

    I have been following the different races of this young lady and admiring the increasing level of her performance. Indeed, she can be a model for all of our children as she demonstrate what dedication, application, training and belief in self can do.

    Go Sada, all true Barbadians are behind you.

    You go girl, blaze your name across the world.

  21. Am excerpt. Let me comment.

    Keep them off the national teats. They are free to pursue on their own, but what we are seeing here is mainly self interest and self promotion. Barbados or local organizations should not put a dollar in this.

    Don’t let 555 silence you.

    “Currently, we are working with the Skateboard Association of Barbados as we identify individuals who would be interested in transitioning from ground to ice. The BSA is in the process of seeking membership in the International Skating Union (ISU). One of the requirements is to build your team of skaters who may just be starting out, or have been skating for many years,” said Tracey.

    “There is no need for skaters to relocate or change what they are doing now. It’s about seeking out those individuals, and helping them with a journey. Given the lack of diversity in the sport of ice skating, this is a great way for Barbados to get the exposure and bring that diversity to the sport, just as similar to the Jamaican bobsled team (1988 Winter Olympics). We plan on doing the very same thing to put Barbados on the map as being represented in the winter sports,” she said.

  22. The Florida Panthers are a professional ice hockey team based in the Miami metropolitan area.

    The BTMI could do a study to see if an ice rink can be built and used as a training camp for Canadian hockey teams.

  23. I disagree.
    I don’t think the base (audience or players are there). Florida will attract people from all over including Canada, northern states and migrant from other countries.

    For Barbados, tow or three players with parents as audience. Money could be invested in shoring up other established ports.

    We need to stop catering to a special few and invest in the many.

    We should never lack the courage to call self serving BS when we see it.

  24. We cannot take every model and apply it to Barbados. Population, size of nation, cost of project, just who is benefiting have to be key variables in the model.

  25. Americans don’t have the upbringing knowledge skills from playing football as a national sport from school days but they make up for it with their level of fitness and players abroad have improved their standards greatly

    Not sure what Geezer 2 is on about again but don’t care anyway.

    This vid is dedicated to my brethren Ngoni of Misty in Roots
    I just realised he died in 2021

    Jah, Jah
    Jah, Jah
    Deliver the poor and needy, out of the hands of the wicked.
    Deliver the poor and needy, out of the hands of the wicked.
    Jah, Jah
    Foundations of the earth are out of course
    Man so blind, they neither see nor understand
    They walk in darkness
    They walk in darkness
    Jah, Jah
    Deliver the poor and needy, out of the hands of the wicked.
    Deliver the poor and needy, out of the hands of the wicked.
    Jah, Jah
    Jah standeth in the congregation Jah rules among the gods.
    How long will ye judge unjustly, and accept the persons of the wicked?
    Defend the poor and fatherless,
    Do justice to the afflicted and needy.
    Jah, Jah
    Deliver the poor and needy, out of the hands of the wicked.
    Deliver the poor and needy, out of the hands of the wicked.
    Jah, oh Jah
    Jah, oh Jah

  26. Barbados women’s soccer team are in action tonight against the Dominican Republic.

    Go Bajan warriors.

    I do not support NY teams as they would win a big game, you would again fall in love with them and then they would rip your heart out with loss after loss.

    At this time, against my better judgement I am in full support of team Barbados. Hopefully, I can watch a full game.

    Go warriors

  27. 1/1
    Was very disappointed with the team. The game should have been postponed.
    Firstly, there was a problem with the ball which had to be changed.
    Secondly, when a player kick the ball you could see water flying into the air. Too much water was on the ground.

    What really irritated me was the response of the Bajan players was quite different. It was as if changes were made to the team

    At one stage I saw a DR player hustling towards the goal and a Barbadian defensive following her at a snail pace. This was not the same level of the

    What came to mind was the Somalia runner who ran the slowest 100 meters ever at an international meet. The runner was a relative of a high-up official.

    These are national teams representing Barbados. There is no place for an undeserving girlfriend or relative on a national team. It affects team chemistry.

  28. Suki pips Jack for title

    It was always coming down to something special.
    The Scottish town of Stonehaven was treated to some high class draughts all week, and the final day of the 2023 Scottish Open produced the expected fireworks yesterday, where two Barbadians kept fans of the sport mesmerised with their play. When the dust settled, former world champion Ronald ‘Suki’ King was the one with the biggest smiles. A jawdropping cliffhanger is the only way to describe the final stages of the Open, as ‘Suki’ lived up to his name by pipping John ‘Jack’ Francis for the prestigious draughts title.
    Yesterday, in Stonehaven on the country’s northeast coast, King trumped Francis on ‘honour’ points after the pair ended a week of play inseparable, tied on 34 points.
    Kent Layne, the other Barbadian of the group, finished fifth on 21 points, missing out on fourth place to Scotland’s Joe Sloan who beat him via honour points.
    At the start of yesterday’s play, Francis, on 20 points, led ‘Suki’, 18, by just two points as the two tussled for the top spot. Francis had been cock-a-hoop all week, securing bragging rights with a victory over his arch-rival King in the early stages, as he leapt to the top of the leaderboard.
    However, King remained resolute and undeterred, pulling out all the stops to claim a full 16 points from four 2-0 victories to close out the tournament. One game win is worth two points.
    Francis also recorded four victories, however, he drew one game in a 1-0 win, which meant he dropped two valuable title-winning points. Francis’ final-day results were 2-0, 2-0, 2-0, and 1-0 and kept him atop the standings, but without the trophy.
    At times overly confident, a now dejected Francis spoke to Saturday Sport yesterday after the final reckoning.
    “It really went right down to the wire. Both of us finished on 34 match points, but Suki got 166 honour points and I got 160 honour points. I still feel that because I beat him I should have been declared the overall winner on virtue of superiority between us, since I did beat him,” said the disappointed 62-year-old.
    Francis did challenge the final decision, but that was overturned by the tournament’s stewards.
    “This morning I beat Irish Grandmaster Frank Morgan 1-0, and then this evening I dispatched another Irishman Sean Donelly 2-0 to complete a very satisfying performance after losing just a solitary game – the very first to outgoing champion Shane McCosker who finished [third] on 30 points,” concluded Francis.
    Francis was sponsored by the National Sports Council (NSC), while King had financial assistance from the NSC and Jordan’s Supermarkets. (RY)

    Source: Nation

  29. Bajans could be proud of Suki King.

    “World Championship titles
    3-time world champion (3-move version): 1994, 1996, 1997
    9-time world champion (GAYP version): 1991, 1992, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2006, 2008”

  30. “It really went right down to the wire. Both of us finished on 34 match points, but Suki got 166 honour points and I got 160 honour points. I still feel that because I beat him I should have been declared the overall winner on virtue of superiority between us, since I did beat him,”

    Nobody likes a bad loser.

    I suspect the rules for scoring and awarding championship victory have been established for years. Instead of ‘The better won’, this Irish crooner start to sing sad songs.

  31. I noticed her jeans had some holes in them. That money should give her a few good jeans 😂.

    I like this young lady.
    Great move by the authorities in Barbados.
    Mia 👍🏿
    You go girls.

  32. For the record. Barbados suffered a 5-0 defeat. I fell asleep in the middle of the game and was unable to update you during the game.

    Next game is on Monday. A return match.

    Do you mean to tell me that this is the best squad Barbados could find? A funny thing happened as I was watching the game. All of a sudden the Barbadian players seem to be bow-legged or have knock-knees.

    Do you know how they like to shut the diaspora out, well the licks are so hot and frequent that the coach bawling to have overseas players.

    Don’t go. The coach would probably play one or two overseas player and then blame them for the loss

    Suck – 2= still Suck

  33. I consider myself as a level-headed fellow in search of a cheap joke. I am passionate about soccer and track and field.

    I can take a good knock without losing my cool, but like the average man I like a winner. I know we will lose a game or two, but I cannot accept that we will lose every game.

    Every frigging game? It takes me days to regain my sanity after each soccer match.

    If Mia came out and said “Barbados is withdrawing from all soccer competition” I would sing her praises everyday.

    I am now convinced that the only way our men can break their losing streak is to stop playing. God, they are awful.

    I am losing it. I am losing it. My head is starting to hurt. Tears are begging to flow.
    Dear God, you promised me no more than I can bare and then you gave me this soccer team.

  34. The US play their brand of football and call themselves World Champions.
    We should have kept road tennis to ourselves and call the winners ‘World Champions’

  35. @TheoG
    I noticed her jeans had some holes in them. That money should give her a few good jeans
    How times have changed! As a little boy if you walked around with holes or patches in your pants you were looked down upon as for girls it was unheard of, now it is a million-dollar enterprise.

    Which reminds me

  36. LOL
    “Every frigging game”….?

    Wunna TOO FUNNY…. !!!
    But there is a bottom line, it is called LEADERSHIP….

    If you encourage and entertain jokers as leaders, because it meets some shiite quota of females, bullas, block men, children, popular brass bowls, or any such demographic, you can be GUARANTEED piss poor results….
    Be it in sports, eddykashun, finance, housing, government, the church or just in a family.

    Leadership for SUCCESS requires a level of WISDOM, and is best judged by PRIOR PERFORMANCE.

    …so a fella who has led a successful social group is a VERY MUCH BETTER bet as a successful Board chairman than some shiitehound who just happened to have gone to HC…. or who is family to somebody.

    A woman with a successful family and well adjusted children is a FAR BETTER candidate for higher service to the community, than some buddy imported from Canada.

    Instead, we have opted for the EXACT opposite in leadership –
    …and wunna expect to WIN? ….at anything?

    Wunna aint see FAILURE yet……

  37. https://barbadostoday.bb/2023/10/24/hms-dauntless-call/
    A team of keen naval footballers was soundly defeated (1-0) by the Barbados Defence Force (BDF).

    At last, we have found a team that we can beat. We should ask that the Dauntless be stationed in Barbados and play the naval team every weekend.

    Go BDF. The only football team that found the goal in the past 60 games.
    Don’t go correcting me. It feels like 60 scoreless games.

  38. Hants,
    Bolt is a Caribbean man.
    His gold medals will not be counted in our tally of gold medals.
    It is not the WI soccer team.
    Our boys need to win their own games.

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